• Published on Jun 22, 2019
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Comments • 11 337

  • Brayden Tan
    Brayden Tan 3 hours ago

    Paul you still need to microwave it

  • Morgan Bender
    Morgan Bender 7 hours ago +1

    How do you get into slimeotory like if you have a problem with the game cause it won’t let get in the game

  • Random Alexa
    Random Alexa 7 hours ago +1

    Jedah needs to start acting like an adult I’m so triggered

  • ghislain sedegnan
    ghislain sedegnan 8 hours ago

    8:10 Lol i died of laughter

  • Lefty The bear
    Lefty The bear 11 hours ago +1

    I played minecraft on my *xblox*
    I don’t have a *playstore*

  • Christrian Neal
    Christrian Neal 13 hours ago

    If you fall asleep during a movie that means you don't like it or it's boring but y'all are still good

  • Leighton Jackson
    Leighton Jackson 13 hours ago

    Paul should just stop trying to noodles 😐🙄

  • hlynn htet ye mann
    hlynn htet ye mann 16 hours ago

    Ammerah said I have to savatauseher and paul is not a girl

    Like if you hear that too

  • Milton Jenkins
    Milton Jenkins 17 hours ago +1

    Don't get sick again

    SHI MEI HAN 19 hours ago

    I sub Ed and liked

    BTS ARMY 23 hours ago

    Paul: failing to make nodles
    Charlie in the desert video: doing everything that paul failed at doing.

  • Christina Padilla
    Christina Padilla 23 hours ago

    I love the SLIMETORY game Ameerah

  • George Mason
    George Mason Day ago +1

    This is how many popcorn bag Amira‘s mom took from the store

  • Arianny M
    Arianny M Day ago

    When Jeddah she acted like scar pushing Mufasa down a mountain

  • Lety Angel
    Lety Angel Day ago +1

    Me and my sisters 23:32

  • Brisa Delgado
    Brisa Delgado Day ago +1

    This how many times a laugh for jeddah

  • Brisa Delgado
    Brisa Delgado Day ago


  • Ariana Hearts
    Ariana Hearts Day ago

    Jeddah is so dramatic

  • Zahir Khan
    Zahir Khan Day ago

    I love doritos😸

  • Trinity LAM [4M]
    Trinity LAM [4M] Day ago +1


  • kaya world Excitement begins

    22 38 hahah

  • Brianna Jenkins
    Brianna Jenkins Day ago +1

    he awlways trys

  • Julia De la cruz
    Julia De la cruz 2 days ago

    Go team Paul

  • Gacha Olive
    Gacha Olive 2 days ago +2

    This is how many times they think goomba does the stuff

  • Aimee Baldwin
    Aimee Baldwin 2 days ago

    I like how they buy stuff they don’t need 😂😂

  • Montrey Germance
    Montrey Germance 2 days ago +1


  • Itz_nightwolf Julie
    Itz_nightwolf Julie 2 days ago

    Right as you were about to eat your noodles Paul an ad can up about noodles 😂

  • Itz_nightwolf Julie
    Itz_nightwolf Julie 2 days ago

    I’m having chipotle right now

  • Lizeth Montoya
    Lizeth Montoya 2 days ago +1

    Hi I am Lizeth and I am a big fan

  • IsabellaGACHA
    IsabellaGACHA 2 days ago +1

    As many likes this gets is how many times Jeddah has been the first to lose challengas

  • IsabellaGACHA
    IsabellaGACHA 2 days ago

    I got the app as soon as it came out!!

    A MAYHEM FILM! 3 days ago

    Why don’t you get all your supplies before you start a challenge

  • Hector Gamboa
    Hector Gamboa 3 days ago

    Make more nuddles

  • Emily Billmayer
    Emily Billmayer 3 days ago +1

    Paul. Big fans. Like. You tude

  • josko
    josko 3 days ago

    Paul way u not get dorito or cips or somting like tath u just all callenges kents pasta

  • mariah Lynall
    mariah Lynall 4 days ago

    You suckkkkkkkk on it

  • valerie rivera
    valerie rivera 4 days ago

    i love you guys like if you love them two

  • [C&ZGB] Creeper and Zombie Gaming Bros

    How many times they blame it on the cats

  • Just fortnite
    Just fortnite 4 days ago

    7:44 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nancy peled wolf
    Nancy peled wolf 4 days ago +1

    Paul u should stop trying to make noodles and be like Jedda and ameerah bring snacks I know u love noodles but eat them when u r not in a challenge because noodles never work for u leave a like if u agree

  • Nancy peled wolf
    Nancy peled wolf 4 days ago +1

    Do u guys play Roblox

  • Jym Sim
    Jym Sim 4 days ago

    Make your noodle or pasta with a bowl I mean a big bowl before u begin the challenge

  • Jym Sim
    Jym Sim 4 days ago

    Make your pasta or noodle then put them in the bowl a big bowl of noodle or pasta before u big in the channel to:Paul

  • Tasha Tesha
    Tasha Tesha 5 days ago

    i care

  • Rajshree vlogs Talukdar

    You scripted all the dialogues

  • Gacha Girl
    Gacha Girl 5 days ago

    Hahaha j had s fit when she had to sit n pauls gaming chair 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mariam Elias
    Mariam Elias 6 days ago

    You guys should do a last to leave the ball pit wins 10000

  • HelloKitty Random
    HelloKitty Random 6 days ago


  • Angela Rose
    Angela Rose 6 days ago

    Why dose Jeddah act like a toddler sometimes

  • jackie moore
    jackie moore 6 days ago

    Paul when u cook pasta do NOT put it in the fridge so cook em’ and then go get ur splits and hurry k?

  • just potatowo
    just potatowo 6 days ago

    play on 2 speed when its 7:41

  • just potatowo
    just potatowo 6 days ago

    r.i.p paul 23:20

  • just potatowo
    just potatowo 6 days ago +2

    this is how many times the tv got unplugged


  • Meinrado Arguelles
    Meinrado Arguelles 6 days ago

    My daughter is kinda upset cause it doesn't work kinda cause she likess you guys

  • Emma 101
    Emma 101 7 days ago

    I love y’all so much I love amerrah for her slime experience I love Paul because his gaming and Jedda cause her emotions

  • Tyi is a Savage
    Tyi is a Savage 7 days ago

    Couldn’t have Ameerah bought chipotle again

  • Jon Gara
    Jon Gara 7 days ago

    Amira says Doritos like so much it times in the videos

  • Alana Borgella
    Alana Borgella 7 days ago

    Why is there sooooooooo much ads
    7:36 omg she is a grown woman

  • Devin Nebel
    Devin Nebel 7 days ago

    Charlie took the money

  • Yevelal Playz
    Yevelal Playz 7 days ago +5

    This is how much j is not playing or doing something