Karrueche on Wearing An Eyepatch on TV & Her Makeup Line 💄 Ridiculousness

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • Karrueche would only do half of her makeup when she had to wear an eyepatch, and people would often ask if she needed to go back to Hair and Makeup.
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Comments • 166

  • poison_ gaudy105
    poison_ gaudy105 14 hours ago

    2:21 had me dying😂

  • Michael D'Anna
    Michael D'Anna 3 days ago +1

    Chanel is way hotter than this no name guest...........

  • youtube employees suck

    1:22 I think it went right in her mouth😝

  • The Badguy
    The Badguy 10 days ago

    Damn chanel looking good Asf

  • Schwartz Augustave
    Schwartz Augustave 11 days ago

    You should have billie Eilish there

  • Smoke King
    Smoke King 12 days ago

    Damn Chanel looking good af on this episode.

  • Duong kuac
    Duong kuac 17 days ago

    Hey Robb I need a job man 🙏🏾

  • Isaac L
    Isaac L 17 days ago

    Damn Chanel 😛😛😛

  • Hooper Boston
    Hooper Boston 19 days ago

    She have some Russian words on her outfit

  • Jesse Andrade
    Jesse Andrade 20 days ago +2

    The all seeing eye on her shirt. We all know who shes a slave too

  • Edgar Martinez
    Edgar Martinez 22 days ago +1

    Dam she bad

  • Lee Roy
    Lee Roy 24 days ago

    I love channel but bruh she needa be roasted bad looking like she in black face

  • Boii537
    Boii537 25 days ago

    Karrueche 😍

  • Quanneisha Brooks
    Quanneisha Brooks 25 days ago

    Okay Channiqua.....

  • Nathaniel Eggar
    Nathaniel Eggar 25 days ago

    Chanel trying real hard to be black in this episode lol

  • A. C
    A. C 28 days ago +1

    Damn was up chanel!!!!!!

  • Highkoos
    Highkoos 29 days ago +11

    I haven't watched ridiculous in a minute, Chanel became black lmaoooooo

  • ShaneThaProdigyy
    ShaneThaProdigyy 29 days ago

    Thought I had to say something about Chanel's, but then

  • Chance X
    Chance X Month ago +1

    They both look hella cute like 🖤🖤🖤

  • Swapmeet sheriff Don Knott expert

    She's a mini tan mom!

  • Michael Ross
    Michael Ross Month ago

    God shes gorgeous

  • knite_EL
    knite_EL Month ago +1

    All the comments are about Chanel.... My guy Karrueche....😊🥰 Lord have mercy!!!!!

  • Monrovia Morrison
    Monrovia Morrison Month ago

    Asian pussy stew anyone? 1:43😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Monrovia Morrison
    Monrovia Morrison Month ago

    Karrueche laughs just like Nicki Minaj and I love it 1:37

  • litrentaart
    litrentaart Month ago

    I see two nice looking women of color

  • Israel Vinson
    Israel Vinson Month ago

    She's soo fine she's cute

  • Jaun Schambreel
    Jaun Schambreel Month ago +1

    Damn to think this was breezys chick

  • Danielle  Rice
    Danielle Rice Month ago

    I was trying to see where u showed my girl n her son that's a goat 😍😍😍

  • De Duz
    De Duz Month ago

    Chanel looks like she dressed for bomb ass new year's Eve party n Kar still look better lol

  • Dayle Harper
    Dayle Harper Month ago

    Chanel is so fine

  • Matt McCall
    Matt McCall Month ago

    OMG she's sexy as fuck

  • Michael Higgins
    Michael Higgins Month ago

    Chanel looks like J Lo

  • Edgar Hernandez
    Edgar Hernandez Month ago

    Karouche... I can’t believe hoes these days. there making it look easy to get famous. She’s not even all that fine

  • T A
    T A Month ago

    Such a talentless person 😐

  • Ty Hall
    Ty Hall Month ago

    Look like chanel used a lil to much broze

  • LongliveNip
    LongliveNip Month ago +9

    Wtf??? I've never seen Channel like this what is she doing lol? I mean I get stepping your game up but come on you can't be the same shade lol

  • LongliveNip
    LongliveNip Month ago +5

    She's ridiculously so beyond beautiful wow she's amazing 💯😍😇💙👸🌹💍💖🏁

  • Dgrimz G
    Dgrimz G Month ago +12

    channel west coast look like she order up a 18 wheeler full of tan in a can spray🤣

  • Tk Hannibal
    Tk Hannibal Month ago

    S/O Breezy

  • Lyly divina
    Lyly divina Month ago

    Karrueche is so beautiful. I need her top.

  • The Matrix
    The Matrix Month ago +1

    The most beautiful-Karrueche Tran

  • godj16
    godj16 Month ago

    Damn her abs better than mines.

  • Mylik tha Geek
    Mylik tha Geek Month ago +7

    Nice to see this shows still go in strong!

  • nOT tHEE
    nOT tHEE Month ago +1

    She smashed Chris brown 3000x and he bust in her mouth 2000x

    LOONEY TUNES Month ago

    Yup its a confession come arrest me now and let me prove you wrong. So i can further expose the truth. THIS IS A CONFESSION I DNT NO WHAT I AN CONFESSING BUT I AM

  • john denver
    john denver Month ago

    Why u on karreuche instagram?
    - soulja

  • Jordon Ramirez
    Jordon Ramirez Month ago +9

    My high ass thought i was watching the whole show for a second

  • Jamal Johnson
    Jamal Johnson Month ago +2

    Ok Chris... I dont blame u at all my Brotha

  • Tru Silent
    Tru Silent Month ago

    white girl Turns Black syndrome

  • C W
    C W Month ago

    Chris Brown fucked up!

  • One nacho 123
    One nacho 123 Month ago

    Chanel before this show. “Wait, who is going to be on today?! I’m going to need 2 extra make up people to try to keep up with this hottie... don’t put us in the frame together..” 😂

  • Mason Robillard
    Mason Robillard Month ago +1

    Suuuure you dont judge people lol

  • Harley Thomas
    Harley Thomas Month ago

    Wearing a eyepatch is awesome. I should know lol.

  • Bryan_ryon
    Bryan_ryon Month ago

    You're not funny

  • Meeklo One
    Meeklo One Month ago +1

    What happened to channel ????

  • andrew Gee
    andrew Gee Month ago +1

    karrueche is so fine

  • McNoob
    McNoob Month ago

    lol, double twist over, end over shot

  • And what about it?
    And what about it? Month ago

    Karrueche’s laugh is adorable

  • Lx l
    Lx l Month ago

    1:45 u welcome

  • Straight Spittin
    Straight Spittin Month ago

    Dem pants tho ^_^