TESLA Model 3 vs BMW M3 Track Battle | Top Gear

  • Published on Apr 29, 2019
  • Four challenges - a drag race, 0-100-0, hot lap, drift off - a point for each, one overall winner. And it’s all because Elon posted a tweet last May claiming the Model 3 Performance would wipe the floor with the BMW M3 on track. Was he right? Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos: bit.ly/SubscribeToTopGear
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Comments • 5 741

  • Sergio Vega
    Sergio Vega Day ago

    lot of but hurt bmw owners in the comments : they should just make a video themselves

  • Andrea Valenti
    Andrea Valenti Day ago

    You should do the same test with an Alfa Romeo Giulia quadrifoglio. BMW M3 cannot compete with Tesla.

  • treefittysampi
    treefittysampi Day ago


  • Kelly CC
    Kelly CC Day ago

    They need 275 staggered rears for the Tesla to beat the M3 in drifting.

  • Richard Poller
    Richard Poller Day ago

    remember though that it takes like 20 minutes to heat the battery for that speed ,like to see what it would do without that as most people dont drive around normally in insane mode PETROL BMW FOREVER!!!! dont get me wrong i like tesla and i think elon isa cool dude but BMW is and always will be boss in my eyes

  • Janusha
    Janusha Day ago

    Ofcourse electric wins... The Tesla is built with the BMW as a benchmark, so obviously its going to "beat" it. Cadillac does the same. They buy BMWs and then race their cars up until it beats the BMW.

  • Robert Rose
    Robert Rose Day ago

    Tesla vs. Top Gear
    The Tesla Team March 29, 2011
    On Tuesday March 29 Tesla sued the BBC television programme “Top Gear” for libel and malicious falsehood.

    When Top Gear reviewed the Tesla Roadster, the episode that aired contained lies and misinformation about the Roadster’s performance, behaviour and reliability. Tesla reluctantly took legal action after its repeated attempts to contact the BBC, over the course of months, were ignored.

    In the episode, Tesla Roadsters are depicted as suffering several critical “breakdowns” during track driving. Host Jeremy Clarkson concludes the episode by saying that the Roadster doesn’t work.

    Specifically, Top Gear misrepresented that:

    The Roadster ran out of charge and had to be pushed into the Top Gear hangar by 4 men.
    The Roadster’s true range is only 55 miles per charge (not 211).
    One Roadster’s motor overheated and was completely immobilized as a result.
    The other Roadster’s brakes were broken, rendering the car undriveable.
    That neither of the two Roadsters provided to Top Gear was available for test driving due to these problems.
    The breakdowns were staged and the statements are untrue. Yet the programme’s lies are repeatedly and consistently re-broadcast to hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide on BBC television and web sites, and on other TV channels via syndication; the show is available on the internet, and is for sale on Top Gear DVD’s around the world.

    Tesla wants people to know the truth, and correct the public’s misperceptions. The Roadster and its EV technology, as well as EVs generally, have been unfairly and viciously maligned by Top Gear.

    Tesla simply wants Top Gear to stop rebroadcasting this malicious episode and to correct the record, but they’ve repeatedly ignored Tesla’s requests.

  • Will Zhang
    Will Zhang Day ago +1

    We need roads which can charge car.

  • Rob M
    Rob M Day ago

    Pure crap!

  • Charlie Walker
    Charlie Walker Day ago

    Great snippet. However, who is saying Elon is crazy? The man is a genius and a true visionary.

  • shadi andrew
    shadi andrew Day ago

    They should let people know that Tesla if driven to limit or close to limit you gonna get overheat messages and its gonna cut on its maximum power quite drastically also battery its still somewhat bad if you drive to maximum its about 54% of it on 60-70ish km which is terrible considering you need to wait 30-40 min on a supercharger if that's available to you (all those claims are tested by me). I'm not hating on tesla i think its a cool car but its not ready for all this "spot" driving style.

  • Kenneth Montgomery

    I Tesla Just Can't drift properly

  • Jawn A
    Jawn A Day ago

    Clarkson would put this guy to shame drifting it around the turn

  • Nikki Mussett
    Nikki Mussett Day ago

    Didn't appear to thrash the M3! early shifts in manual, Tesla time confusing! was that including coming off the track or re take?
    Looks of a vehicle has got to be one of the most important features! Tesla looks like a fat 1990 Honda prelude whereas M3 looks fresh!
    I don't see the contest point? should be i8 or i3

  • Rollan
    Rollan Day ago

    What's the range of the Tesla when you're pushing it? I bet it's less than 100 miles.

  • TheVerbrennerFan
    TheVerbrennerFan Day ago +1

    2:07 he even breaks to slow down the tesla. Joo, if you use the break, there are some lights burning in the back mister professional.

  • Vinícius Silva
    Vinícius Silva 2 days ago

    The M3 made 0-100-0 in a short space, why the Tesla wins?

  • Karolis Noreika
    Karolis Noreika 2 days ago

    Did someone steal Top Gear's youtube channel and uploaded a video with fake actors?

  • Sebbuz11
    Sebbuz11 2 days ago

    How much did Elon pay you?

  • S Schroeder
    S Schroeder 2 days ago

    Electric car quickness, but that qt mile trap speed is not great.

  • johnlikoy gmail
    johnlikoy gmail 2 days ago

    He is bad in both driving and talking

  • fghftghfghgf
    fghftghfghgf 2 days ago +7

    Did anyone else feel he wasn’t really giving full effort with the lap time in the BMW? And I’m really not a BMW fanatic.

    • clu4u
      clu4u 2 days ago

      fghftghfghgf, only BMW fanboys

  • Aref Eshghi
    Aref Eshghi 2 days ago

    11:23 What?! We all know who is the crazy (and lame) one here! :)))

  • Ernest
    Ernest 2 days ago +2

    I'd never choose silly electric tesla over great sounding and even better looking RWD M3.

  • Burs
    Burs 2 days ago

    You guys should ve got a performace car that doesn t react like a muscle car sometimes, you know what i m saying and where goes my point

  • Mindaugas Baltutis
    Mindaugas Baltutis 2 days ago

    When you got paid from tesla to promote tesla, wait, what if bmw paid them?

  • Twinzh
    Twinzh 2 days ago

    does he even know what drifting is? -.-

  • Marc beebee
    Marc beebee 2 days ago

    So tesla can't be faster if you crashed, 50 percent. BMW will get you there 100 percent of the time

  • S M
    S M 2 days ago

    It’s Tesla not Tezla .

  • Mensch Meier
    Mensch Meier 2 days ago

    Dudes, have on mind, that the Model 3 is a "normal" car. Is not a race version or made for ppl who want to be the hero at the traffic lights. And between the Model 3 and M3 is a lot of money.

  • Ben
    Ben 2 days ago

    I thought it was silly they'd put a Tesla Model 3 against the BMW m3, maybe the Roadster would be capable on track but didn't think the Model 3 would be. I also didn't know they had a higher performance package for that car. I thought it was supposed be the cheaper Tesla for everyone kinda thing.
    The 0-100 to 0 test is interesting but you really should have separated the acceleration and braking tests, it seems like the BMW lost for acceleration but probably kicked the Teslas butt for braking distance. Teslas total time came out shorter most likely because the advantage in acceleration and it takes longer to accelerate than to stop (usually).

  • Shreknj
    Shreknj 2 days ago

    First of all: the driver is not suitable for running on the track, secondly: he is not objective in his assessment, thirdly: take the test who will overcome the distance of 400 miles faster :)

  • Warren Flay
    Warren Flay 2 days ago

    It's funny... after listening to him going Oooh before every sentence whilst driving on track, I started to hear the commentary in Frankie Howerd's voice! Ooooh lovely

  • Bert 88
    Bert 88 2 days ago

    Best thing are the butt hurt BMW fanboy comments. Man BMW has really gone downhill, total garbage, ROFL!

  • jpaleas
    jpaleas 2 days ago

    Hahahahahahahaaa I loved the part where the Tesla went into lawnmower mode!
    They can make them faster they can make them refined they can make them ........oh whatever they will never be a BMW !

  • blablablablauk
    blablablablauk 3 days ago

    yawn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!

  • Ron Lee
    Ron Lee 3 days ago

    Unfair comparison. A computer vs. a real car. Sorry not a real challenge.

  • wagner silva waguim
    wagner silva waguim 3 days ago

    Americanos deixem um joinha para o BRASIL

  • wagner silva waguim
    wagner silva waguim 3 days ago

    Briga de um centenario com o futuro, by, by combustiveis fosseis.

  • Wayne72LEVRAI
    Wayne72LEVRAI 3 days ago +1

    Sound: 1 - 0 for BMW
    Feeling: 1 - 0 for BMW
    Look: 1 - 0 for BMW

    Electric cars are not the future because battery are shit (short life, very expansive and extremly polluting for environment).
    And top of that we use lithium, lithium are rare and we don't have enought of it in the all world to replace ONE TIME all the cars of the planet (and lithium is used in a lot of things), if somebody discover a new type of battery maybe ok (scientist try to do it for decades now, without any success), but for now, all cars in electric are nothing but a dream.

  • basilis hellas
    basilis hellas 3 days ago

    Electic cars is the future bitches!!!!!!!!!

  • dooovde
    dooovde 3 days ago

    Why does the Tesla have dentist chairs?

  • Antonio Calimero
    Antonio Calimero 3 days ago +4

    Top gear is only show..
    Amateurs on TVclip are much better.

  • David P
    David P 3 days ago

    Good comparison and review between two evenly matched car. No doubt EV's and the Tesla Model 3 Performance is the future and new present. It would have been nice to stop the BS caveats at the end and just properly call it the win it clearly was for the Tesla. It's a far better car on the track and as an every day run around (plus vastly cheaper to run annually). Let's just be honest and stop throwing caveats that "oooh well you can drive sideways like a dick in the BMW" and seriously pretend that point is remotely equivalent to acceleration, braking and handling (aka "car performance"). As a Tesla Model 3 Performance owner, I would never, never go back to crappy petrol cars, they're awful, slow, smelly by comparison and feel like driving through syrup they're so slow.

  • oniatdlp
    oniatdlp 3 days ago

    James May can drift better.

  • ScorpionP2C
    ScorpionP2C 3 days ago

    this made me be sure to skip anything topgear channel posted recently as I meander the old vids... I dont mind a change of crew but this is just a fail on every level from camera to client

  • Mubeen Jahangir
    Mubeen Jahangir 3 days ago

    Driving Tesla around the track is like playing forza motorsport with no sound.

  • Adelchi Pelizzo
    Adelchi Pelizzo 3 days ago

    I get it, it is just another toy. Nothing new, in the early year of 1900, 40% of cars was electric.

    • TheSlideshowtube
      TheSlideshowtube 3 days ago

      So what makes the bmw NOT a toy? The noise? The creatures killed by it's fuel byproducts?

  • iamneallyons
    iamneallyons 4 days ago

    The tesla is a beast.

  • Jakub Kotýk
    Jakub Kotýk 4 days ago

    This new Top Gear is so boring compared to the old one...

  • Grzegorz Kowalczyk
    Grzegorz Kowalczyk 4 days ago

    You know what? Let's do a Le'mans 24h endurance test and let us see how it will go mate.

  • Ransom Merenaalto
    Ransom Merenaalto 4 days ago

    Hej drives worse than my blind mother.

  • Péter Futó
    Péter Futó 4 days ago

    FAKE Top Gear!

  • DDtheJetPlane
    DDtheJetPlane 4 days ago +1

    This isn’t Top Gear.

    VIII7VIII7 4 days ago

    Какой то олень, который ничего не умеет.

  • Iadt s
    Iadt s 4 days ago

    Is it just me or shouldn't a presenter of a car show either have good driving skills or humour ?

  • Lovro Pirkl
    Lovro Pirkl 4 days ago

    BMW has its weight in the engine while just for example Opel has it in the construction

  • jay visva
    jay visva 4 days ago

    I only watched 5 minutes of the video. I can safely say that I wasted my time. I will never get that back because of this crap video!

  • Patrick Lee
    Patrick Lee 4 days ago

    "If I need to charge up my car quickly, I can just drive 45 minutes to the supercharger, wait 90 minutes, and drive back home again 45 minutes."
    Wow, the automotive industry really has come a long way. I remember the times when you drove 5 minutes to the next gas station, filled up your car in 2 minutes, and that was it. Thank god those times are over.

    • a mystery
      a mystery 3 days ago

      It's actually capable or 30 minutes for a full charge and the Tesla plans the the route so you stop for 10 minutes or so and carry on and stop another 10, and enough time for a quick meal and toilet, besides £1.70 Vs £70-£90, which makes more sense?

  • Dimetri Drossos
    Dimetri Drossos 4 days ago

    my problem with the look of the model 3 is the back end, like when your drifting the car and you see the back end doesnt look very good... i think it just looks to high up in the back but most everywhere else its a good looking car

  • Matt Seals
    Matt Seals 4 days ago

    Your data is quite significant.

  • Sanket N
    Sanket N 4 days ago

    11:26 "MAYBE".....really??

  • Stephen Strong
    Stephen Strong 4 days ago +1

    gas cars will be a distant memory soon enough!! Tesla FTW

  • Catcabbage Iheartballs

    This is unwatchable without Clarckson

  • Rob Koolen
    Rob Koolen 5 days ago

    First learn to drive a bit before doing such a test, or leave it to others.
    With electricity you have to iron and cook eggs, not drive a car.
    When I want to play with an iPad I lie down on the couch.

  • Byron Ortega
    Byron Ortega 5 days ago +1

    What about a neutral driver ? I am with Tesla but he is too lol

  • SunsHoops Is Life
    SunsHoops Is Life 5 days ago +12

    Teslas can beat a Lamborghini or Ferrari off the line

    HO LEESH IT 5 days ago +1

    M3 competition vs Tesla Model 3 performance


  • Arjan Jongstra
    Arjan Jongstra 5 days ago

    You let the tesla wins

  • Siddharth Nagar
    Siddharth Nagar 5 days ago +28

    A guy who TALKS while driving, is NOT a great driver

    • Siddharth Nagar
      Siddharth Nagar 2 days ago +1

      @clu4u you salty bitch, fuck you xoxo

    • clu4u
      clu4u 2 days ago +1

      Siddharth Nagar, he’s better than you. He says he’s an intermediate driver on track, are you buttsore that the Bimmer got whooped? It’s a video for gawd’s sake.

    • Ciprian Zaharia
      Ciprian Zaharia 3 days ago +1

      good one :))

    • Adelchi Pelizzo
      Adelchi Pelizzo 3 days ago +1


  • Mike Phang
    Mike Phang 5 days ago

    Is he the new Hamster? Honestly I can see him and Harris plus hmmmm someone Clarksonish... Suggestions?

  • Noel Bodie
    Noel Bodie 5 days ago +1

    This is not top gear but reverse gear

  • Richard Little
    Richard Little 5 days ago +4

    He missed every apex in both cars. Hard to do.

    • ScorpionP2C
      ScorpionP2C 3 days ago +1

      I was thinking that, I would miss about half but I wouldnt let people film me like this... person.

  • Sushrut Phutane
    Sushrut Phutane 5 days ago

    I’m sorry but where’s Matt?

  • Andrew Sousa
    Andrew Sousa 5 days ago

    they hired someone who probably hasn't even seen top gear to play as the host. First time seeing this new top gear and last.

  • Manny F
    Manny F 5 days ago +1

    Why start the hot lap with a standing start? You gave the tesla the win just by doing that.

  • X Freemont Bturbo
    X Freemont Bturbo 5 days ago

    Tesla is a wc

  • Kurum Baya
    Kurum Baya 5 days ago

    The second test really messed my mind. I can't work out the simple physics behind it. I need to sleep while my Tesla drive me around first.... in my dreams.

  • Fran Cesco
    Fran Cesco 5 days ago

    Okok meaby this washing machine is faster than a Bmw, but we are petrolheads, do u know what I mean? PETROL-heads

  • The Golf Life
    The Golf Life 6 days ago

    Hilarious. Tesla isn’t garbage but it surely isn’t worth what they cost. I saw a brand new Tesla SUV and the front door didn’t even line up with the rest of the vehicle...

  • 683dxwww
    683dxwww 6 days ago

    When it gets 700km , and recharges in 5 minutes .

  • Tierney Voit
    Tierney Voit 6 days ago

    Who put this guy behind the wheel? Useless comparison.

  • Gabriel Blk
    Gabriel Blk 6 days ago

    Bad driver

  • Łìł_ŠťåÝņĒ
    Łìł_ŠťåÝņĒ 6 days ago +1

    The Tesla is black is the dark shadow of automobile.
    The M3 is white, angel of automobile.

  • myrat jurayew
    myrat jurayew 6 days ago


  • myrat jurayew
    myrat jurayew 6 days ago

    Amk oruspusu boklu tesla simdi bmw yi mi geciyor bisuru sahte seyler bmw herseyde tesla dan yukarida onu herkes biliyor zaten tesla yi reklam ediyorsunuz . Karsi olarak bmw yi kullanmasaydiniz iyi olurdu . Cunku herzaman BMW tesaldan yukarda

  • Kim Jung Un
    Kim Jung Un 6 days ago

    The Tesla has NO GEAR ! Which is what describes the new top gear best .

  • Black Falcon
    Black Falcon 6 days ago

    Can't believe these TG YT videos are still going on. Presenters aren't funny/ trying too hard. Seen Tesla's race loads of cars for years now and tbh, the two types of (petrol heads) buying either an M3 or Tesla are not going to be the same person.

  • haimdel111
    haimdel111 6 days ago

    At BMW, it's late for the brakes and little cutting corners. Learn how to drive a BMW

  • MANN[][][]
    MANN[][][] 6 days ago

    bmw sucks anyway.

  • Stefan Romeo
    Stefan Romeo 7 days ago

    You don’t know how to change gears

  • Justme Asifyoudidntalreadyknow

    Top Gear actually tested another Tesla? I thought that after the "real" hosts banished Tesla from the show?

  • GM EFI Magazine
    GM EFI Magazine 7 days ago +1

    314 mile range? We get over 400 miles out of a tank of petrol from our 5500-lb, supercharged full-sized pickup.
    In other words, that Bimmer could probably go further on a tank of gas than the Model 3 could with its electric range.
    Bimmer sounds better.
    Bimmer looks better.
    Bimmer is a helluva lot cooler.
    We'd go Bimmer.

    ...and we're GM guys.

  • Sjors
    Sjors 7 days ago

    It doesn't matter if he's an experienced driver or not. That means that BOTH cars had a inexperienced driver and not only the bmw.

  • Nikola Dvorak
    Nikola Dvorak 7 days ago

    OMG he is terrible driver.

  • DR. Casanova
    DR. Casanova 7 days ago

    You drive like a girl talk less and make top gear great again

  • Don Limpio
    Don Limpio 7 days ago

    M3 sounds better...At least it sounds

  • Anton Detlefsen
    Anton Detlefsen 7 days ago

    How can you comper awd car to a rwd?? AWD got beter grip, that is why tesla won.

  • Buddy Buddys
    Buddy Buddys 7 days ago +1

    This feels like top gear trying to win tesla back

  • RuiYi GE
    RuiYi GE 7 days ago

    This show is becoming boring, Bravo to the Grand Tour. By the way, stop saying salon, it is called a sedan. Or simply a car.