Mystery Makeup Monday: Beauty Guru Picks!

  • Published on Jun 4, 2018
  • Mystery Makeup Monday is back!! I hope you guys enjoy this weeks theme :) shout out to James Charles for helping me fine tune this idea! (he did something similar during christmas :) )

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  • Alissa Ashley
    Alissa Ashley  Year ago +8132

    *PSA: please don’t consider it “shade” if someone isn’t on the wheel please. It’s literally not personal, just because someone isn’t on there doesn’t mean I don’t like them. I just put the first 14 people that came to mind*

    • Graceyygal
      Graceyygal Year ago +1

      Alissa Ashley loo

    • Angel Voss
      Angel Voss Year ago +6

      Wendy Kuma lol right? Anyone who’d call it shade and cause unnecessary drama is stupid

    • Katelyn Lehnert
      Katelyn Lehnert Year ago +6

      You are the sweetest person! Only miserable people who have nothing better to do than talk shit will think you’re throwing shade and they’re irrelevant

    • Yonnie Love
      Yonnie Love Year ago +1

      Alissa Ashley what was the bronzer that you used

    • angyeliz
      angyeliz Year ago +13

      Alissa Ashley the fact that you even have to say this is sad. Feel better

  • Leilah Gobir
    Leilah Gobir Year ago +1

    I loved this concept! So unique and so fun to watch

  • Carolina Vazquez
    Carolina Vazquez Year ago +2

    Looooooove it!!!!

  • Nikita Randle
    Nikita Randle Year ago +12

    I know you said you didn't care for the lashes but I actually thought that they were pretty for that look....just my opinion 🙂

  • Mel Campos
    Mel Campos Year ago +2

    Love mystery Monday’s

  • Kristen Varghese
    Kristen Varghese Year ago

    I love this!!! 👌🏾😊 you definitely don’t look crazy and I’m so happy mystery makeup Monday is back

  • Karma Kelley
    Karma Kelley Year ago

    your shirt has my name on it, hey girl hey.! 😂💕

  • Blair Federhart’s

    Omg, I love the black background.

  • OfficialKennedySimone

    loveeed how this look turned out! & the falsies look good on you sis, but i definitely know what you mean about how they feel heavy lol

  • BlaccSnow Whyte
    BlaccSnow Whyte Year ago +1

    I love this look. I've been feeling yellow as of late so this is everythingggggg!!!!

  • Lauren Nyack
    Lauren Nyack Year ago

    this is such a cute idea! nice way to bring back Mystery Makeup Mondays :)

  • Alondra Huerta
    Alondra Huerta Year ago


  • Colipopkola
    Colipopkola Year ago +2

    You look so good! Glad these picks worked in your favor!

  • Tiff J
    Tiff J Year ago

    aww... poor Ill-issa...

  • Isabella Merhi
    Isabella Merhi Year ago


  • Gaea Thomson
    Gaea Thomson Year ago

    This is such a cool concept! Loved this :-)

  • Ariyanna Tamiel
    Ariyanna Tamiel Year ago

    I love this look

  • Zoe Bucks
    Zoe Bucks Year ago

    This why I fwy and your TVclip channel Bc you’re always coming up w something no other TVclipr would think of. Pure entertainment & informative. Love it!!

  • Se'Janee Andrea
    Se'Janee Andrea Year ago

    I’M SO HAPPY! I love these! 😍😍😭😭❤️

  • Flavia Perkins
    Flavia Perkins Year ago

    Very creative video! xx

  • Gaby Schwingshakl
    Gaby Schwingshakl Year ago +6

    sick name should be ILL-issa

  • aqua
    aqua Year ago

    Jame's Charles come thru with the favorite pick

  • aqua
    aqua Year ago

    Jame's Charles come thru with the favorite pick

  • Morgan Shae
    Morgan Shae Year ago

    when she turns into a floating head at the end

  • radleyisaac
    radleyisaac Year ago

    i was scared at first that it was going to be james charles and I was like oh god I don't think I want this

  • Sheyna Sishitharen
    Sheyna Sishitharen Year ago +3

    THE EFFORT I tell you!! No one can match up to Alissa's craft and determination!

  • Missy L.
    Missy L. Year ago +2

    Ailing Alyssa

  • TerieAP66
    TerieAP66 Year ago

    Yes I love this series

  • Carmen Lo
    Carmen Lo Year ago

    So happy mystery makeup Monday is back!!!! I've missed it. I hope u feel better soon!! TRY BLACK SEED OIL IT BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. I've been using it everyday n it gives a boost of energy n lets u sleep gd. Once u get used to the taste it is WORTH IT!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • kara s
    kara s Year ago

    alyssa achoo-ly

  • rocte shares
    rocte shares Year ago +3

    ahsicka 😂

  • Makeup by Delilah Noelle

    I LOVE the lashes on you!! Yasssssss!!!!!

  • Tsaiyana Smith
    Tsaiyana Smith Year ago

    I love the brows, they looks so fluffy and feathered

  • Donna DeQuire-Rios

    Absolutely marvelous and so enjoyable to watch

  • Kemmiko Miles
    Kemmiko Miles Year ago

    I love the entire look. Manny's pallette the colour choice wow! The Nars liquid blush....heck everything chose for you looks beautiful.

  • Tsaiyana Smith
    Tsaiyana Smith Year ago

    Your voice is so calming. Love listening to your videos 😊

  • Brooke Shields
    Brooke Shields Year ago

    Okay first of all your nails are 🔥🔥. I love your tats so much they look so good on you! Alsoooo was I missing that you have dental jewelry?

  • Sarah T.
    Sarah T. Year ago

    👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💖💖💖 gorgeous!!!

  • Regine Wilson
    Regine Wilson Year ago

    Alyssa you are such a beautiful women in all aspects I aspire to be! Love your energy 💓

  • Ana Farias
    Ana Farias Year ago

    Loved this video... Hope to see more like this... Your look came out beautiful....

  • Hanna DeSmedt
    Hanna DeSmedt Year ago

    you could be ILL-issa



  • Sonya
    Sonya Year ago +1

    You used to liiiive for Lilly lashes in Miami lol

  • Melanie Goodridge


  • Lashi
    Lashi Year ago

    U look amazing!

  • Red Le Clerc
    Red Le Clerc Year ago +1

    I looooooove this eye look!!!!

  • Jazmin Esquivel
    Jazmin Esquivel Year ago

    OMG!!! I LOVE THIS!!!! ♥️♥️♥️

  • Keeyuh
    Keeyuh Year ago +249

    I missed Mystery Makeup Monday 😩❤

  • Lah Body
    Lah Body Year ago

    🙌🏽❤️every time I follow your videos my eyeshadow always look bomb. You look hella good!

    MUA MICHAELA Year ago


  • Deidre Blake
    Deidre Blake Year ago

    Pretty Pretty look .. I love the lashes ♥♥

  • Allysaa
    Allysaa Year ago

    I’m so happy mystery makeup Monday is back I loved this concept for it!

  • Ivie Ervin
    Ivie Ervin Year ago

    What a pretty look!!!!!!!! This is like an orange lemonade look!!! So perfect for summer!

  • Stephanie Sims
    Stephanie Sims Year ago

    It came out stunning

  • A Study In Silver

    I really love how that blush looks on you. Amazing that all the different products/shades worked so well together and not looking crazy patchwork. Great video concept.

  • danita e
    danita e Year ago

    Hey, does anyone know what type of case she has?

  • Shina Evans
    Shina Evans Year ago

    What lip moisturizer r u wearing!!?

  • K breeann
    K breeann Year ago


  • Jeanie Luna
    Jeanie Luna Year ago

    I love it!!!! Gorgeous!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • TayyKenn
    TayyKenn Year ago

    I likey a latte! A LOOK!

  • Cassiesophia
    Cassiesophia Year ago


  • Tabbithe Urvina
    Tabbithe Urvina Year ago

    love this video idea! you look so beautiful such a great idea!

  • Adriana Antonio
    Adriana Antonio Year ago

    Lashes look really pretty

  • almendra zavala
    almendra zavala Year ago

    I really like the end up look 😍💕 niceee

  • Jessica Palmer
    Jessica Palmer Year ago

    Yay! I'm so glad mystery makeup Monday is back! 🤗

  • Shina Evans
    Shina Evans Year ago

    I love ur hands on the face look ☺️☺️ like a lil baby

  • Kayla M
    Kayla M Year ago

    This idea is amazing!!! I want to see more beauty vloggers do this, I’m obsessed.

  • Vanessa Lee Reyes

    I’m do glad it’s back! Woohoo I loveeee this series. U go girl

  • Zoe Kenya
    Zoe Kenya Year ago


  • reikun86
    reikun86 Year ago +1

    This was such a fun challenge. :)

  • Adam Oaknine
    Adam Oaknine Year ago

    that lip on you is so frickin good

  • Shina Evans
    Shina Evans Year ago

    Asickly 😭😭😂😩

  • tamara gates
    tamara gates Year ago

    Dang and Shayla didn’t come to mind lol

  • Alexa Marines
    Alexa Marines Year ago

    where'd you get the "karma says" shirt? it's so cute!

  • Haley Carson
    Haley Carson Year ago

    these girls have money lmao 💕💕

  • Stacey Daugherty
    Stacey Daugherty Year ago

    Alissa Ashley gameshow host! I love this video idea....its so original and cute!

  • Angelica Guzman
    Angelica Guzman Year ago

    You’re gorgeous !

  • Shelby Sandlin
    Shelby Sandlin Year ago

    A queen!!! This really is soo creative ❤️ the eyeshadow looked so great on you too😊

  • Sporty Spice
    Sporty Spice Year ago

    This look came together, my favorite is the eyes i have to get that palette!!!

  • Sara Salinas
    Sara Salinas Year ago

    You should have your blood drawn to make sure your not anemic if you are feeling sick all the time. Most women that say that are usually borderline anemic and feel better once they increase their iron. Try eating dark leafy greens everyday but you should go see your doctor.

  • krystal young
    krystal young Year ago

    What does your short say

  • Devin Hernandez
    Devin Hernandez Year ago

    Okay I love this!! 😍😍😍

  • Nusshki
    Nusshki Year ago

    Idk if you mentioned it but what brush are you using to apply your bronzer? And that eyeshadow look is bomb! I've been looking for a vibrant yellow eyeshadow but the struggle is real!!

  • MakeupWithAuri
    MakeupWithAuri Year ago +2

    I remember the first mystery makeup Monday

  • 1994
    1994 Year ago

    Living for the black background

  • Nathalie Mentor
    Nathalie Mentor Year ago

    This is so fun and original, lol love it

  • Shaquanda M
    Shaquanda M Year ago

    So beautiful 😍

  • Sarah Mhmd
    Sarah Mhmd Year ago


  • Gaby Cordero
    Gaby Cordero Year ago

    Wow this was Thomas idea!

  • Candi D
    Candi D Year ago

    This concept was so creative! And fun. Your make up turned out beautifully. I'm living for this NARS liquid blush and I HAVE TO TRY IT!

  • Halle Peña
    Halle Peña Year ago +1


  • Summer Harada
    Summer Harada Year ago

    Yay mystery makeup Mondays are my FAVORITE

  • Sometimes it snows in April

    karma says.....? what?!

  • storiesinthedust
    storiesinthedust Year ago

    ok this look is perfect beginning to end. that yellow look on you is UNREAL

  • Abigail McBean
    Abigail McBean Year ago +3

    I missed MMM Alissa. Glad you brought it back ❤️

  • Jessie Rose
    Jessie Rose Year ago

    Slayed it as always

  • Shakira Gonzalez
    Shakira Gonzalez Year ago

    Asicka 😂😂😂

  • Kate Regier
    Kate Regier Year ago +3

    this was suuuuuch a fun idea for the video, and loved the sponge bob nod... I died laughing

  • Cynthia Alvarado
    Cynthia Alvarado Year ago +1

    Oh my goodness Alyssa oh my goodness love the way it came out every person that helped you did awesome you're of course the bomb diggity just love you so much in the way you teach me things hope you have a blessed night and love when you do these on Mondays please continue doing so good night

  • Mahogani
    Mahogani Year ago

    This was so cute!!!! I loved trying to guess what Jackie was going to tell you to use. I knew she was going to say a Nars blush!
    Also just want to mention how blessed you are to be able to text Queen Jackie and Nikkie the highlight ninja Tutorials!!! Amen. 😂