8 Awesome Grocery Bag Hacks To Try Right Now

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  • Kloe-belle Yabut
    Kloe-belle Yabut 2 months ago

    Did anyone notice that the throw up is ramen.like if you are watching In 2017

  • Jagannathanklkklk Rao
    Jagannathanklkklk Rao 2 months ago

    Are you a lefty

    STZJO 3 months ago +1

    uh i am still confused from the magic box thing

  • Rachel D
    Rachel D 5 months ago

    Plastic bags are banned where I live.

    • kayla roeten
      kayla roeten 4 months ago

      Rachel D
      Here in netherland if we want the store to give us a plastic bag we have to pay for the bag

  • Eric Wejman
    Eric Wejman 5 months ago

    Dog waste bag for dog owners

  • A Ghost
    A Ghost 5 months ago

    In the bathrooms we use them as trash bags

  • Positivity Channel
    Positivity Channel 6 months ago

    You are very helpful i have been using a lot of these like the security thing i got the things

  • random person
    random person 7 months ago

    *thumbnail is at* 3:02 *your welcome*

  • Mackenzie Colwell
    Mackenzie Colwell 7 months ago +2

    A lot of cities don't recycle plastic grocery bags if they are put into the regular recycling bins. Please look up if your city recycles them or not. If not, you have to take them to a bag center in a grocery store. Sam goes for any soft plastic packaging such as wrappers, sealing plastic, shipping air bags, etc.

  • Denmark
    Denmark 7 months ago

    wait why am I watching this? I live in California where we don't have free grocery bags....

  • Poorvi Sharma
    Poorvi Sharma 7 months ago

    "Hey, we all have skeletons in our closet!"
    Me: Finally! Someone! What? What's wrong about having skeletons in your closet?

  • Gratchel Adioson Eiseb
    Gratchel Adioson Eiseb 8 months ago

    do a video on boxes

  • Nova Alumina
    Nova Alumina 8 months ago

    Tfw you have youtube socks

  • Aimer Coal
    Aimer Coal 8 months ago

    Paper or Plastic?
    Me: Or
    (But my actual opinion is none)

  • Kushagra Tiwari
    Kushagra Tiwari 8 months ago

    He said "junk in the trunk" if you know what I'm saying

  • Lauren Made Videos
    Lauren Made Videos 8 months ago

    Our Wal-Mart doesn't have paper bags only plastic. In fact most Wal-Marts in Mississippi don't.

  • AJAY S.
    AJAY S. 8 months ago

    Nice video

  • TheDarkSeraph
    TheDarkSeraph 8 months ago

    That bag hack doesn't work in Texas. Damn wasps down here see it as a challenge or a place to build a nest

  • TheDarkSeraph
    TheDarkSeraph 8 months ago

    the obvious trash bag

  • Vansh Gandhi
    Vansh Gandhi 8 months ago

    an inch is 2.54 cm (not 2.45 cm)

  • satinderjit4
    satinderjit4 8 months ago

    That ice cream is really good

  • Elijah Williamson
    Elijah Williamson 9 months ago

    We use a bag to hold bags 😂

  • Kanzah Rizvi
    Kanzah Rizvi 9 months ago


  • flarecat!
    flarecat! 9 months ago

    1:49 yep thats me LOL

  • Dylan Baker
    Dylan Baker 9 months ago

    1:09 Is that a Kane County Cougars magazine? I live in Illinois and go to their games alot

  • spiderxz
    spiderxz 10 months ago

    omgjust subs so useful

  • Shahjehan Khan
    Shahjehan Khan 10 months ago

    2:56 was that a TVclip Sock?

  • victor sels
    victor sels 10 months ago +1

    Or you can just be eco friendly like the whole netherlands by taking re-usable bags to the supermarket and not take any plastic bags. Consider the next generation to be on a green planet....

  • beanboozle'd
    beanboozle'd 10 months ago +1

    succ my ass

  • Abhinav Mishra
    Abhinav Mishra 11 months ago

    hey its 2.54 cm for the rest of the world

  • An Oshawott's Ideas
    An Oshawott's Ideas 11 months ago

    I sew and I have actually made a yellow bag that has a phone/wallet pouch!

  • Kaleb Moniz
    Kaleb Moniz 11 months ago


  • Corinne Brown
    Corinne Brown 11 months ago

    If you have an over abundance of plastic bags, call your local high school and ask to speak to the severe special ed teacher. Chances are he or she needs them they can be used to send wet clothes back home or to living facilities, help dispose of soiled diapers (I know, they end up not recycled but the diapers are not recyclable and it's much safer for people that have to transport this stuff to land fills). Public school budgets don't cover bags for this.

  • Captain Cough
    Captain Cough 11 months ago

    The wasp-nest bag kind of seems like you're inviting more wasps, or at least giving them a larger hive to live in. There are very good reasons to kill wasps.
    Everything else in this was fantastic.

  • Dao Minh Khoi
    Dao Minh Khoi 11 months ago

    At 2:56, there is a TVclip sock.

  • bella50008
    bella50008 11 months ago

    Science! this is great ..Thanks!!

  • Willow LaFrenier
    Willow LaFrenier 11 months ago

    Don't put plastic bags into the recycling bin

  • Jacob Guerra
    Jacob Guerra 11 months ago


  • mitchell mccormack
    mitchell mccormack 11 months ago

    hey theres Caden Stevens at 1:46

  • Collin McCarthy
    Collin McCarthy Year ago

    I barely have any socks

  • Awesome Angelique

    3:29 😍

  • RadioHamPrepper
    RadioHamPrepper Year ago

    The fact that you're a Bills fan earned another sub

  • Dai Young
    Dai Young Year ago

    0:52 r e f r e s h e

  • Sophia Nguyen
    Sophia Nguyen Year ago


  • Augustino J. Saporito

    this guy is so cool

  • Tony Flores
    Tony Flores Year ago

    that laundry basket for groceries was such an eye opener.

  • UnAlpha
    UnAlpha Year ago

    does anybody even do any of this stuff

  • Madeline Pollock
    Madeline Pollock Year ago

    If you have a dog, you never have enough.

  • Wsriser
    Wsriser Year ago

    Who's watching this without socks

  • AllyIsAwesome
    AllyIsAwesome Year ago

    For the first one my mom puts a bag inside a bag inside a bag inside a bag and on......

  • Yorshua Santacruz

    Do live in New York?? "HouseholdHacker"

  • Drake Cook
    Drake Cook Year ago


  • Naddy Blanc
    Naddy Blanc Year ago

    I live in California and now I have to pay ten cents for a plastic bag but it's good for the environment I guess

  • The Thunderbolts
    The Thunderbolts Year ago

    I do not have skeletons in my closet.

  • Leo Bradshaw
    Leo Bradshaw Year ago

    Nib the Pacific Northwest plastic bags are not considered recyclable

  • Mr Waffles
    Mr Waffles Year ago

    paper m8 yea

  • Lunax Univerce
    Lunax Univerce Year ago

    I have a question... Did he just go shopping just for this video or did he think this was a perfect time to go

  • Ieishdragyn
    Ieishdragyn Year ago

    funny, I shop Fred Meyer, too.. wish they had plastic bags still, great trash bags.

  • Jwillz Jwillz
    Jwillz Jwillz Year ago

    Paper or plastic? How about both

  • Brian Nguyen
    Brian Nguyen Year ago

    Can you use thick string instead of a bungee string

  • Demetris Gavrielides

    I will never be able to use theses hacks now😭😭😭

  • yogi bear17
    yogi bear17 Year ago +1

    The grocey bag is a safe like if u agree

  • Mary Howard
    Mary Howard Year ago


  • Reg Dunlop
    Reg Dunlop Year ago

    I get carsick, thanks for the hack about the bags!

  • Kayly Miramontes
    Kayly Miramontes Year ago

    i like this reusable plastic bag hacks. its saving the environment

  • Mya Marshall
    Mya Marshall Year ago

    the magic phone case thing blew my mind

  • Awesome Angelique

    3:04 😎

  • Bobby Steblein
    Bobby Steblein Year ago

    r u from wny? notice u got buff bills stuff

  • Tj Ryan
    Tj Ryan Year ago

    3:03 how does it work

  • The Blob of Flesh

    Do you live in Montana, grow up there, or have a relative there. I saw the Bison logo in your car.

  • : -
    : - Year ago

    did anyone else hear his eminem references

  • Val
    Val Year ago

    noodles XD

  • Osman Shabel
    Osman Shabel Year ago

    grocery bags can save your life!
    me: *wraps around his face*

  • Osman Shabel
    Osman Shabel Year ago

    sorry but im not willing to pay 5p

  • AfroNinja 321
    AfroNinja 321 Year ago

    I did the plastic bag in a box hack and my mum loved it

  • Thanh Nguyen
    Thanh Nguyen Year ago


    Read more

  • Thanh Nguyen
    Thanh Nguyen Year ago

    half clickbait these are them
    Right Now
    All Caps First Letter
    8 (simple)

  • Maria White
    Maria White Year ago

    You can also take a pair of scissors, cut off the handles, then from the top, or from the bottom cut the bag up to form a long string, then you can do this to many a bag, and use them as you'd use yarn. You can make bags out of the bags, or make mats for basically anything. Just look it up. Some even use them to make simple bedding mats, for those in crisis situations.

  • Puns Of Fun Gaming

    Did anyone else see Batman?

  • خبرتنا على قوقل

    قناة جميلة

  • GAA Goldfinch
    GAA Goldfinch Year ago

    in America, do you pay for plastic bags because in Ireland you do.

    • Denmark
      Denmark 7 months ago

      bitesize builds in the shitty states we do. I may or may not live in one of them....

  • Fehér Hokimaki
    Fehér Hokimaki Year ago


  • Adrian Fowler
    Adrian Fowler Year ago +1

    That's not vomit, it's ramen.

  • Joey Jarvis
    Joey Jarvis Year ago

    Who else sharted when you seen the wasp

  • Blastercoop FTW
    Blastercoop FTW Year ago

    ONE LIKE = 7 wishes
    ONE SUB = 14 bitches

  • 8MoneyIzmyMission8

    I reuse plastic shopping bags a lot. The container trick is one I think I'll use the most from here

  • rainbowdoge 5413
    rainbowdoge 5413 Year ago

    The phone trick uses the same principle that the Jacob latter uses

  • rainbowdoge 5413
    rainbowdoge 5413 Year ago

    The phone trick uses the same principle that the Jacob latter uses

  • Its Kristina nn
    Its Kristina nn Year ago

    by by

  • Its Kristina nn
    Its Kristina nn Year ago

    hi hi

  • Fred Ambrona
    Fred Ambrona Year ago


  • Maggie Harmer
    Maggie Harmer Year ago

    Who has that many socks my socks always go missing


    wow...love the bungee cord !

  • Michele Schumer
    Michele Schumer Year ago

    Or use plastic bags for cat or dog droppings

  • userful1
    userful1 Year ago

    inch=2.54 cm not 2.45 :c

  • Brandon's random Videos

    Who want a free junk in the truck

  • Jennifer Prado
    Jennifer Prado Year ago

    Do more Halloween pranks/hacks.👻

    • CookieMaster
      CookieMaster Year ago

      HouseholdHacker you are the best!!!😁😁

    • HouseholdHacker
      HouseholdHacker  Year ago +1

      Working on that now. We should have several related videos in the next few days. Thanks for watching!

  • Snarlie
    Snarlie Year ago

    everyyy thing that you said "some people do" i do all of those stuff

  • Gabe hadley
    Gabe hadley Year ago

    I'm from buffalo so #billsmafia !