Inside The Giant American Freezer Filled With Polar Ice

  • Published on Aug 23, 2017
  • Welcome to the US National Ice Core Laboratory in Denver, Colorado, where there's a giant freezer filled with 20km of ice cores from Greenland and the Antarctic. Here's why.
    Thanks to everyone at the US National Ice Core Laboratory! You can find out more about them here:
    The Ice Core Laboratory is supported by the National Science Foundation:
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott  Year ago +4743

    This was really cool.
    ...I'm sorry.

    • baylinkdashyt
      baylinkdashyt 6 months ago

      I'd like to take a moment here to thank all the friendly Canadians for explaining why his speech wasn't generating any frost.

    • fitemecunt
      fitemecunt Year ago

      Should you be tho?

    • hydro78878
      hydro78878 Year ago

      wow just wow

    • Limerence
      Limerence Year ago

      Tom Scott Don't be!

    • sarge1176
      sarge1176 Year ago +1

      Looks like some in the comment section have... zero chill

  • Neo Android
    Neo Android Month ago +1


    *Laughs in Finnish*

  • Matt Fuller
    Matt Fuller Month ago

    No Tater Chips In The Break Room Guys!!!

  • Stan Stanminson
    Stan Stanminson Month ago

    I watch these videos with the captions on. I need them because I can't hear anything anyone is saying because my volume is turned down so low.

  • Louisa Rafferty
    Louisa Rafferty Month ago


  • MaxVidyStudios
    MaxVidyStudios Month ago

    is this where they make ice cubes for my fizzy beverages?

  • Skitarii Soldier
    Skitarii Soldier 2 months ago

    Does anyone know what that piece of equipment made by MSA is?

  • Ben Rei
    Ben Rei 2 months ago

    at 2:53: Pi = Pie

  • Tilted Salt
    Tilted Salt 2 months ago +1

    That’s where it’s all going!

  • Panzer_Slasher125
    Panzer_Slasher125 2 months ago

    i live near there

  • Ginger Ninja
    Ginger Ninja 2 months ago

    The only place in America where they pronounce the world Antarctica properly. 👍

  • Evans
    Evans 2 months ago

    my tax dollars are going to freeze ice.....k.

  • DFW rider
    DFW rider 2 months ago

    how did you get them to let you in?

  • Inq V
    Inq V 2 months ago

    That's that cold here in Canada.

  • cheeseman
    cheeseman 2 months ago

    we had -50F windchill 2 weeks ago and my eyelids were fine after spending 5 minutes wiping snow off my car in only a winter jacket and jeans.

  • Bernhard Schmidt
    Bernhard Schmidt 2 months ago

    Earth is only just over 6,000 years old

  • Lance Nostrum
    Lance Nostrum 3 months ago

    Radioactive dating can sometimes lead you the wrong way

  • nightsage217
    nightsage217 5 months ago

    Question: do we have information of atmosphere chemistry that is as bad as ours?

  • kairon156
    kairon156 5 months ago

    ooh. I somehow missed this video. :)

  • Vade
    Vade 5 months ago

    Damn, how are humans so smart

    ZIR JAGER 6 months ago

    this is actually awsome

  • Mace
    Mace 6 months ago

    What a cool video

  • baylinkdashyt
    baylinkdashyt 6 months ago

    The US Strategic BRRRR Reserve.

  • Xx[Beat It]xX
    Xx[Beat It]xX 6 months ago +1

    1:07 Please don't slam the door.

  • PBMS123
    PBMS123 6 months ago

    Americans need to realise it's ANTARCTICA, or AN-TARC-TI-CA (or ANT-ARC-TICA depending on enunciation) NOT ANT-ART-ICA It's like ARCTIC, there's a C before the T

    • Pastell
      Pastell 3 months ago

      Big deal, it's a minor difference in dialect, it doesn't matter.

  • Okami Ninten
    Okami Ninten 7 months ago

    Would these scientists be considered Geologists? Or is there a certain name for "The study of ice"?

  • Shadow Fox Nixill
    Shadow Fox Nixill 7 months ago

    0:39 What's "East Antarctica"?

  • AlissonSv2
    AlissonSv2 7 months ago

    When you see ice beeing stored in a cardboard box... you know it's cold!

  • CurbsideUnderwood
    CurbsideUnderwood 9 months ago

    I had my eyelids freeze like that once when I lived in Chicago, not fun

  • Pulse VII
    Pulse VII 9 months ago

    Never went somewhere colder?

    Welcome to Canada.

  • Dkmorley98
    Dkmorley98 9 months ago

    "It's minus 38°C, I've never been anywhere colder." Clearly you've never been to Canada.

  • I.B. Tubin'
    I.B. Tubin' 10 months ago

    It was you!!! You ate the potato chips!!

  • Ryan Levisky
    Ryan Levisky 11 months ago

    No Shirt
    No Shoes
    No ice core

  • Corbin Lewis
    Corbin Lewis Year ago


  • Luke Carter
    Luke Carter Year ago

    Do you actually believe this?

    801CARDLINE Year ago

    That's awesome

  • Liam Dienemann
    Liam Dienemann Year ago

    Can't wait for trump to shut these guys down

  • Nate Barrios
    Nate Barrios Year ago

    I wanna smoke weed and talk about science with this guy

  • Hunter Klein
    Hunter Klein Year ago

    How cool. I remember going to the ice core lab with my dad as a kid (he works at the Fed Center)

  • Derek G
    Derek G Year ago

    With all of the ice that’s melting away because of climate change, it seems that we will be losing a lot of valuable data that could have been collected.

  • Entropy
    Entropy Year ago

    I saw that TIc-Tac-Toe

  • Domesticated_Child
    Domesticated_Child Year ago +2

    Is it just me or does Richard Nunn look like jens bergensten?

  • A Simple Farmer
    A Simple Farmer Year ago

    I guess you could call it *cold storage*

  • 0MindSwept0
    0MindSwept0 Year ago

    In this episode, Tom Scott chills out with some ancient H2O

  • Kevin Sam
    Kevin Sam Year ago

    Richard Dunn looks like Mojang Jebs twin
    Like if you agree

  • Ricardo Rodriguez

    I was confused with the intro for a second. I heard 32°, not -32°. I was thinking "32°? That's where ice forms, it's not that cold." Then it hit me

  • EvMarenZ
    EvMarenZ Year ago

    What if I “accidentally” spill some drink on the ice

  • 李玙
    李玙 Year ago

    You are fascinating!

  • Kevin
    Kevin Year ago

    If it's so cold in that room then why do we not see any condensation from tom's breathing?

  • ayzik -
    ayzik - Year ago


  • dapee
    dapee Year ago

    What? We call that summer in finland

  • Joseph Silvashy
    Joseph Silvashy Year ago

    obviously this "scientist" hasn't been to Ark Encounter, the ice cannot possibly be that old. Get your facts straight.

  • Theodore Winston
    Theodore Winston Year ago

    No shirt, no shoes, no ice cores

  • Pana po’o
    Pana po’o Year ago

    I bet they know that the *flood* from Noahs time didn't exist

  • Mr Corndog
    Mr Corndog Year ago

    not like america does anything about polar ice damage.

  • Anil Pillai
    Anil Pillai Year ago +2

    Don't tell the Trump administration, especially Scott Pruitt of the EPA. He will get down there and torch it all.

  • Grub
    Grub Year ago

    No wonder the polar ice caps are shrinking, if we're taking so many samples of 'em!
    ....That's sarcasm, btw.

  • Christopher Millar
    Christopher Millar Year ago +3

    2:49 did someone play tic-tac-toe on one of the containers?

  • Avana
    Avana Year ago

    Yo, that's the daily winter cold in northern Sweden. Feel bad about me now :(

  • gonatrollya
    gonatrollya Year ago

    You alright there tham

  • ericlikk3091
    ericlikk3091 Year ago

    -3x isn't that cool and will not break your camera, battery......its warm day in canada

  • Greg Haller
    Greg Haller Year ago

    That long haired ice guy was VERY well spoken. He should do voice over work

  • Timothy Herrera
    Timothy Herrera Year ago

    Cool a large freezer of huge otter pops !!!!!

  • yur boi
    yur boi Year ago

    That's some pretty dank ice

  • Дарья Любаева

    Your contacts...
    Just one question: how?!

    MR BOBBERLEEN Year ago

    That guy looks like jeb

  • Hallucinogenichusky

    WOOOW Tom calm down in Canada we all -30 + Winter...

  • Martin Anthonyo
    Martin Anthonyo Year ago

    Are you shiting yourself in that jumper, because i'm not convinced that it's -38 degrees

  • JakeTheGearHeart
    JakeTheGearHeart Year ago

    -35 degrees F is nothing! I’ve had weather wher I live at -50! It’s so cold that if you dump boiling water it will instantly turn into snow!

  • dooplizz layer
    dooplizz layer Year ago

    kip kip

  • AirlessMICRO
    AirlessMICRO Year ago

    This videos are way too short.

  • Ben Russon
    Ben Russon Year ago

    I'm curious, do they have issues with sublimation of the ice?

  • isthis aname
    isthis aname Year ago

    and ppl still think Global Warming(I prefer the term Global Ocean Warming) is a myth.... smh

  • angelipskiss
    angelipskiss Year ago

    I showed this video to my 7th grade science class in order to teach my students on how ice cores can tell us about Earth's history specifically it's climate. They loved it!

  • SOO notAntonio
    SOO notAntonio Year ago

    Why don't we just store all the ice over there so that the ice caps won't melt and we don't have to worry about flooding???

  • Jeff S
    Jeff S Year ago

    0:25 he looks exactly like peter mckinnon

  • Hong Tat Lan
    Hong Tat Lan Year ago

    Is Donald Trump budget cut on science research impacting this institute ?

  • Mace Steffy
    Mace Steffy Year ago

    That guy looks like he listens to Necrophagist.

  • WolfPupHowls
    WolfPupHowls Year ago

    I like cold but THAT is to cold even for me 😂

  • ultra左翼
    ultra左翼 Year ago

    The accuracy of tracing elements and of dating ice-core samples is astonishing. And somehow still many (idiots) deny the existence of climate-change and mankind's effect on the environment because of lousy excuses for arguments from "insufficient data" claims by politically motivated "skeptics" down to "god almighty regulates the climate". While there's tonnes of proof, proof that's non-biased, concrete, accurate sampling of stuff, and still they refuse to listen or open-up their minds while believing every claim, no matter how stupid and made-up it is, a Republican/Libertarian politician or Fox-News anchor puts out there.

  • P0tat07
    P0tat07 Year ago

    Whattttttt did they just run a cylinder of ice through a wood planer??

  • Alitoh
    Alitoh Year ago

    Jesus christ, you make even goddamn ice interesting ....

  • J M
    J M Year ago

    As a geologist I thank you from the bottom of my heart Tom. In a three and half minute video you even touched on oxygen isotope analysis and paleoclimate proxies. Now that's what I call concise!

  • Alienrookie
    Alienrookie Year ago

    Mhhh...watching this while thinking about the ice cream in my hand!

  • OfOJuCo
    OfOJuCo Year ago

    02:50 pi = pie

  • Kian Something
    Kian Something Year ago

    You've just given conspiracy theorists a thousand reasons for climate change. The ice is going there lmao

  • Guitaraholic458
    Guitaraholic458 Year ago

    imagine the power going out and there's a flood of melted ice

  • Felix
    Felix Year ago

    Date: "So what do you do for work?"
    Me: "I maintain prehistoric meteoric ice cores"
    Date: "Oh."

  • dfgdfg
    dfgdfg Year ago

    Richard has a superb voice.

  • wilkatis
    wilkatis Year ago

    -38 degrees? Ha, sounds like a pretty normal winter. Assuming the air is way dryer that we have in Latvia aswell

  • Sandi Hadžić
    Sandi Hadžić Year ago

    Kids in Siberia stop going to school at those temperatures.

  • ekujj13
    ekujj13 Year ago

    I hope Trump closes this place....what a waste of my money.

  • Mark O'Sullivan
    Mark O'Sullivan Year ago

    Great as always Tom

  • global.001
    global.001 Year ago

    Great but as the staff contaminated the sample found to have sodium by not using appropriate protection then how can we trust any of the other samples?

  • Angry Crafters
    Angry Crafters Year ago

    Now here I am in Area 51...

  • Simme Rocky
    Simme Rocky Year ago

    Americans, of course they would do something like this.

  • Brad Smith
    Brad Smith Year ago

    20000 metres, you say? One of the few Yanks that really knows how to chat a guy up.... 😏

  • Foebane72
    Foebane72 Year ago

    If it's so cold, why isn't your breath showing that much?

    • Rob Fraser
      Rob Fraser Year ago

      No humidity in the air so the moisture he expels has nothing to interact with.

  • Flo Kukkakimppu
    Flo Kukkakimppu Year ago

    We both know that the potatoes chips weren't hide at all GEOFFREY

  • k s
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    I love the doodles at 2:50