The Samsung Foldable Smartphone is Real...


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  • Mirza Monsur
    Mirza Monsur 8 hours ago

    Who’s watching this in 2019 and still hasn’t got a folding phone

  • Rhylan Weekley
    Rhylan Weekley Day ago


  • Lucky007 Tech
    Lucky007 Tech 2 days ago

    Already done by flex Pai by Royale

  • Fortnite is fun
    Fortnite is fun 5 days ago


  • puking emoji
    puking emoji 6 days ago +1

    5 months later I am still waiting

  • Lanz Matthew
    Lanz Matthew 6 days ago

    This is why I like Samsung more than Apple

  • DaEpikDuck
    DaEpikDuck 8 days ago

    15 years later...

    Apple creates a foldable phone that they call an original idea

  • RalfsStuff
    RalfsStuff 8 days ago

    Bending phones don't do anything for me.
    I feel like tablets became somewhat obsulete with phones growing bigger.
    It's not like a 6" display wasn't big enough already.
    Right now I would rather appreciate more developments in bigger power storage than some gimmick most people won't be able to afford anyway.

  • Babu Patra
    Babu Patra 9 days ago


  • Timothy Harrison
    Timothy Harrison 9 days ago

    900 hundred for a note9 was ridiculous no way on gods green earth will I pay 2,000 dollars for a smart phone!! MOST people wont!!

  • Tarmo Loikkanen
    Tarmo Loikkanen 9 days ago

    Huawei is doing them too

  • presence of mind
    presence of mind 9 days ago

    yo fuck apple

  • 100 subscribers without videos? Woah

    SORRY SAMSUNG but apple had that feature like 5 years ago

  • Sara Mustapha
    Sara Mustapha 10 days ago

    Wouldn’t it be less durable

  • jelly blob
    jelly blob 11 days ago

    I thought we were going to see the folding phone.

  • Nicolas Bedard Lacharite

    holograms are the reasons for the technological capability , army had it for years

  • Iblowtreezz _Yt
    Iblowtreezz _Yt 11 days ago

    I'm from the future 2019 this phone does not release until the year 2020

  • That random Guy
    That random Guy 12 days ago

    The iPad Pro is foldable

  • Jeremiah Hays
    Jeremiah Hays 12 days ago +1


    Read more

  • Ro_kly washere
    Ro_kly washere 12 days ago

    Would like samsung to colab with nintendo, bottom the touch pad, top the screen

  • Ro_kly washere
    Ro_kly washere 12 days ago

    This will give alot of nostalgia to our grandparents and other old people

  • gotohell
    gotohell 12 days ago

    I need a phone that can cook Bacon

  • Garrett Hight
    Garrett Hight 13 days ago

    I bet people cant wait to play Diablo immortal on this...LOL

  • Faker Faker
    Faker Faker 13 days ago

    I have a foldable phone, It's called a flip phone dammit

  • Christopher Prosser
    Christopher Prosser 13 days ago

    I dobt want a foldable phone I don't understand the hype

  • Christopher Prosser
    Christopher Prosser 13 days ago

    I will not be getting a foldable phone ever

  • Christopher Prosser
    Christopher Prosser 13 days ago

    Why does everyone want a foldable phone

  • Channel of Khomunizm
    Channel of Khomunizm 13 days ago

    Fold it on 4 colums...

  • Channel of Khomunizm
    Channel of Khomunizm 13 days ago +1

    Warning: May contain rule34 when buying

  • Itz Matt
    Itz Matt 13 days ago

    Well 2019 nothing happened

  • পিচ্চি হিমু

    And this is 2019.
    Where is these floadble phone?

  • Rich Homie Tron
    Rich Homie Tron 14 days ago

    1500$ so we can hide pornhub when someone walks in by folding the screen

  • Felipe Martins
    Felipe Martins 16 days ago

    Esse celular é feito de grafeno

  • The O
    The O 16 days ago

    iPhone X = sell ur kidney too buy it :)

    New Samsung flip phone = SELL 2 KIDNEYS TOO BUY IT! :))))))

  • The O
    The O 16 days ago

    I dont get it...Android fan boys/Girls
    Ar saying that Apples iphones ar expensive.
    Meanwhile Samsung is releasing a 2000$ phone.

  • The O
    The O 16 days ago

    1999: Flip phones :D
    2019: Flip phones! :D

  • LJbulletingrid gaming
    LJbulletingrid gaming 17 days ago

    This phone would be exspenceve cuz the phone or tablet software and advancement has been so much effort into it, and that tek its using is really exspenceve. I think this phone is so exspenceve.

  • Dasgath
    Dasgath 17 days ago

    after reaching the galaxy s6 plus i hadnt any reason to buy a new phone. This is the first time i actually see an advantage since i use my phone as a "phone" and also for remote access to other devices. The versatility of the screen makes it apealing, I wonder if folded looks too silly though...

  • MinecraftBossx5
    MinecraftBossx5 17 days ago

    My grandmother had one of these before they were made......

    it was called a flip phone

  • Ninja
    Ninja 18 days ago

    I would only spend $2000 if the phone was like a uncle tobys roll-up and could bend and twist in every direction.

  • JamJamil
    JamJamil 19 days ago

    But why would i want to it?

    IzwanPRODUCTION Jr 19 days ago +2

    me : *trying to fold my money to make it looks like a lot for self pleasing purpose*

  • leak media roblox
    leak media roblox 20 days ago

    Just a 3 D's with Android software

  • Son Of Thanos [frognos]

    I wiLl CalL iT a WhAt tHe fLiP pHone!111!!!

  • Vexoph
    Vexoph 20 days ago

    There is already a Iphone of it..

    if you drop it

  • Jad Sudario
    Jad Sudario 20 days ago +1

    This looks like it can break very easily

    • gotohell
      gotohell 12 days ago

      Then remember to get the extended warranty and take out phone insurance

  • Mehmood Khalid
    Mehmood Khalid 21 day ago

    Dude your videos great and all but apple is goinig to take this info and coppie it will turn into a disaster or phone world war 1

  • Scott OBrien
    Scott OBrien 22 days ago

    *Buys an iPhone*
    *Speaks to an Apple employee*
    "Um sir, I bought this iPhone but there's already a bite out of the apple...may I have a new one?"

  • Coty Mahar
    Coty Mahar 22 days ago

    I created a design I wish they could use

  • Vertix Plays
    Vertix Plays 22 days ago

    Its going to be very expensive as it is going to be made out of graphene

  • UTube
    UTube 22 days ago

    NO never. Garbage

  • Alexandra Lopez
    Alexandra Lopez 24 days ago

    Then apples gonna rip off the same device 5 years later.

  • HerosTheme
    HerosTheme 25 days ago

    At the end of the day a phone needs to be flat and rigid in some way in order to use it. There's no real use for it being flexible other than it being more durable but if it is too flexible it's going to be a pain to use. So more durability means less practicality.

  • botoxmafia
    botoxmafia 25 days ago +21

    I bought yesterdаy in a vеry goоd рrісе here: *vdigіtаl. info*

  • Brody Borden
    Brody Borden 25 days ago

    looks like a Nintendo product

  • Misku3000
    Misku3000 27 days ago

    Nokia was Part of the making of the first prototype and my uncle was doing it

  • Boi
    Boi 27 days ago

    How do you put case to it?

  • I Am The One
    I Am The One 27 days ago

    Flip phone 😂

  • Timberly Jones
    Timberly Jones 28 days ago

    Flexphone never getting bent out of shape... I’ll be mad if they use this

  • Dejarn Hopkinson
    Dejarn Hopkinson 28 days ago

    So the flip phone is coming back

  • Alex Marrero
    Alex Marrero Month ago

    who watching in december

  • King of Games
    King of Games Month ago

    Galaxy s 10/X

  • SquishyPumpkin Music


  • internet boi
    internet boi Month ago

    Seriously? Are they stealing the bending feature from Apple?

  • Syed Haris Rehman
    Syed Haris Rehman Month ago


  • Memes Talk
    Memes Talk Month ago

    Flexing the phone looks even worser. Who even wants to flip a phone?

  • salif ford
    salif ford Month ago

    I had this idea!
    ugh all the original ideas are taken

  • How2Not
    How2Not Month ago

    my phone has wrinkles now

  • KezRie Hayudini
    KezRie Hayudini Month ago

    Still not happening

  • Xnny. x
    Xnny. x Month ago

    We should call it a Nintendo

  • Xnny. x
    Xnny. x Month ago

    We should call it a Nintendo

  • 정혜인
    정혜인 Month ago

    I reaaaaaaallly want to buy it....

  • Freaking Cade
    Freaking Cade Month ago

    What about the 3DS

  • Shining Asteriscus Luck

    Yicks, for those prices i could just buy myself a tablet and a phone and save a few hundred dollars.

  • BlessedFool
    BlessedFool Month ago

    $1000 on an all screen phone? Nah more like double for an all screen phone that's ALSO foldable

  • silent duo
    silent duo Month ago

    you have the link for hinge phone

  • KINGPENSWAGER101 gaming/unboxing

    So an high tech flip phone type thing

  • Elvin Lewis
    Elvin Lewis Month ago

    Tough questions. I'm interested's super thin. Gives me twice the real estate seamlessly, and doesn't exceed 1,600 bucks..and, still must fit into a vr headset. If not, it's a non starter.

  • Wesley Thomas
    Wesley Thomas Month ago

    They already made folding phones “flip phones” 🧐

  • PaleMacaroon483
    PaleMacaroon483 Month ago

    The new iPad Pro already does this

  • ECW SounderrR
    ECW SounderrR Month ago

    Well, it's 29th of November and there's nothing about a bending smartphone 😂

  • John Og
    John Og Month ago

    Hell yea ill buy it cant wait

  • Blurryツ
    Blurryツ Month ago

    *W E I R D F L E X B U T O K*

  • Jarpreet Singh
    Jarpreet Singh Month ago

    Where is it Samsung?

  • Mohammad M
    Mohammad M Month ago

    Clickbait, no bending smartphone in video at all.

  • (/°-°)/ UserNames? \(°-°\)

    Its end of november -_-

  • mason McGovern
    mason McGovern Month ago

    Wait, to get this straight, Samsung is already Tracer?

  • Reggie T
    Reggie T Month ago

    If only they would have put a Snapdragoin 835 in the ZTE Axon m... it could have been a thing.

  • XSenpai
    XSenpai Month ago

    Im from the future,it did not happen!!

  • Jynxed
    Jynxed Month ago

    How about the Lenovo phone

  • ian hadlock
    ian hadlock Month ago

    Aren't you guys unbox therapy not rumor therapy?

  • Gaming With Gamerz Ur best boi

    People want a foldable phone to have a bigger screen to ruin their eyes quicker

  • Matthew Rainey
    Matthew Rainey Month ago

    Who the hell wants a folding phone

    • Matthew Rainey
      Matthew Rainey Month ago

      I think its the dumbest idea Samsung has ever come up with

  • Jimmy Gangster
    Jimmy Gangster Month ago

    Who in the hell (apart from rich people) are actually going to get these $2000 phones though? I mean seriously, they're going to end up tipping the balance to the point where people are going to question whether or not they even need a phone anymore with a price like that. Especially considering batteries only last 2 years at best before the phone becomes a vegetable and is useless without a battery swap. In the current state that the industry is now I think instead of focusing on a useless and gimmicky foldable screen they should work on battery technology, but we all know they won't do that because then people will be keeping their devices longer which means less money. Yey.

  • CryptoLocker
    CryptoLocker Month ago

    Wow, Only Giving A Talk Video With Million Of Views, Where's The Phone On The Thumbnail

  • Gelan lennon Garner

    apple did this before...
    in the iphone 6😂😂

  • Christian Buco
    Christian Buco Month ago


  • genesis tacloyan
    genesis tacloyan Month ago

    ok you've lost me at 1:30?

  • no name
    no name Month ago

    Imagine the galaxy f has graphene technology in its battery. It will be light weight and last longer.

  • Jared Champagne
    Jared Champagne Month ago

    Anything with a hinge sounds like a terrible idea, the technology isn’t here to not make that look corny and poorly built. No one would buy that.