The Samsung Foldable Smartphone is Real...


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  • HappyClown
    HappyClown 45 minutes ago +1

    Flip Phone 2.0

  • Patar
    Patar Hour ago

    The end phone is going to be a scroll, that pulls out of a roll, where the computer and power supply is in the roll, or I guess the future so weaved into the screen and you just roll it up yourself, like a paper phone, bend it around you for super widescreen view, with a tiny hole for a charger port, it knows it's orientation so you roll it up and the screen get vertical and thin and tracks your face, roll it up for phone calls, lol

  • Aditya Bhatt
    Aditya Bhatt 5 hours ago

    1st you should have that phone and then do unbox it is not good,😢😢

  • iTube763
    iTube763 7 hours ago

    I won’t be compelled to purchase a bending smartphone for $1,500 to $2,000 dollars they are going crazy with these prices. You could get a decent used car for that much from a little old lady from Pasadena!

  • 8-Bit Barbarian
    8-Bit Barbarian 9 hours ago

    I actually purchased an Axon M when it launched after watching your unboxing of it. I returned that phone within an hour of activating it. The twin screens was a cool concept, but considering I was using a Sony Xperia Premium at the time with a 4k HDR display, going back down to a very dull 1080 was a let down. In addition to that, the phone was painfully slow. I experienced lag while texting and the phone struggled to keep up with just a few low-end tasks. For a phone that was being touted as some multitasking godsend, it was a disappointment. Maybe I just had a faulty device or maybe that particular product line was just much better as a concept because the execution left much to be desired. Ended up grabbing a Note 8 and I've been satisfied ever since. Not sure I will jump to the Note 9 just yet.

  • EMazing
    EMazing 10 hours ago

    All these years we’ve been trying to forget flip phones existed. Way to go Samsung 😂

  • Vision Peer
    Vision Peer 10 hours ago

    I personally love iPhone but this year was nothing but fucking joke, nothing new ... Yet innovation? Id love to see this actually happen so apple knows the meaning of "innovation"

  • Johnathon Wheeler
    Johnathon Wheeler 10 hours ago

    8.3k iPhone sheep are here

  • Carlos    Ezra Canedo
    Carlos Ezra Canedo 11 hours ago

    $1,700 , for a phone ? lol

  • Ahmed .G
    Ahmed .G 12 hours ago

    i would prefer a phone to mini phone transaction instead of phone to tablet transaction.

  • eri
    eri 13 hours ago

    bend test will be fun on this one

  • thang le
    thang le 13 hours ago

    A bendable phone? Please apple already did that with the IPhone 6

  • Luis Quartz Universe
    Luis Quartz Universe 15 hours ago +1

    Samsung galaxy x.......... where have I heard that before?

  • steve young
    steve young 15 hours ago

    The new iPhone x max retails for under #1,500 so why should I buy a folding china made phone for $2,000

  • Muhammad Mota
    Muhammad Mota 15 hours ago

    Can't wait you samsung to release it and after 2 years apple copy it and call it innovation
    Fuck apple

  • S_H_V_E_R L_U_N_A_T_I_C

    Nice clickbait white privilege

  • Sean McClelland
    Sean McClelland 16 hours ago

    I'm definitely not going to get that foldable phone so when I reach an upgrade at next year I'll be getting the note 9

  • Zombie Warlock
    Zombie Warlock 16 hours ago

    Just get the iPhone 6 :D

  • musting76
    musting76 16 hours ago

    The new Fab-let

  • kamau exom
    kamau exom 16 hours ago

    The movie "HER" had a foldable smartphone also.

  • raul menedez
    raul menedez 16 hours ago

    Imagine having a flip phone in your ear calling some one in 2019

  • Fenne Verrecas
    Fenne Verrecas 17 hours ago

    The Apple cult will still say apple’s better

  • 土萠ほたる
    土萠ほたる 18 hours ago

    I hope Samsung continues to sell in this higher price range, unlike Apple they still try to make the phones worth our money.

  • Vibeguy1052
    Vibeguy1052 19 hours ago

    Apple after copying Samsung's folding display: now to introduce are new piqued mesh display the best in screen tech

  • The OG Paul Molnar
    The OG Paul Molnar 19 hours ago

    At that price tag o hell no. But in say 5 years when competition is moving in with the product maybe. I agree very heavily that this device will be far from perfect, but if it’s there and they stake the claim early. The market for it is basically there’s for the picking.

  • Big MD
    Big MD 20 hours ago

    if they're gonna place it pricewise near or a tiny bit lower than the iphone xs, then they are going to win big time. the only draw back for me to not buy this phone, would be android. and i don't mean that it's a bad os. it's to nosy. i don't want google to know everything about me and my life. a phone like that with an linux based os like ubuntu touch would be the killer.

  • Avneet T.
    Avneet T. 20 hours ago

    What's the purpose of tablets then? This is dumb tho

  • Avneet T.
    Avneet T. 20 hours ago

    Let's call it Samsung FlipFlop

  • Its_Nighttmare
    Its_Nighttmare 20 hours ago

    Damn Samsung taking ideas from Apple because Apple did this with the iPhone 6

  • chris gallon
    chris gallon 21 hour ago

    I don't care the price, I wouldn't buy it if the battery sucks

  • Henry V.
    Henry V. 21 hour ago

    Not the first Gen, maybe the second generation. There is a big diff between lab testing, may a few dozen alpha units in the wild, versus mass distribution.

  • PythonWarrior
    PythonWarrior 22 hours ago

    Dude are you studying data to support your points of views ?

  • PythonWarrior
    PythonWarrior 22 hours ago

    I am waiting for the inbuilt inside the screen finger scanner, yeah this is Inoovation that I am ready to pay 1000$ for ! Plus a 5 ‘’ that can unfold and become 10’’ wow ! I am really waiting for this to ditch my iphone 8Plus for good and say F***You Apple !!!!!

  • Marcel Arias
    Marcel Arias 22 hours ago

    🙅🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️🐉🤣 what the heck

  • Sungwook Min
    Sungwook Min 23 hours ago +1

    Y'all are saying Samsung copied Apple. Tell me in what way did Samsung ever copy Apple?

    • no name
      no name 13 hours ago

      Err, price tag

  • Preston Bunch
    Preston Bunch Day ago

    see flip Samsung is terrible

  • WOohoo PLAYZ
    WOohoo PLAYZ Day ago

    The reason Apple isn’t doing good is because Steve job isn’t here.

  • SG 1033Z Timelapse/Hyperlapse

    I think it feels like a old Nokia phone

  • Cohen Mack
    Cohen Mack Day ago

    No I’m not paying for the “flip phone “

  • Gregory Dearth
    Gregory Dearth Day ago

    Why fold? Why not just be flexible enough to have a nice curvature? My curved LG Flex 2 was a wonderful phone. The vibrant P-Oled screen and octacore processor were a great mix. And the feeling of pocketing something curved is superior to the feeling of a standard large slate. Even the case that activates the smart-screen (when closed) was pretty cool, and it definitely turned heads. That phone could also be completely flattened (if you wanted to) and it survived abuse a lot better. If you placed it face down, the curve kept most of the surface NOT in contact with the ground. There are so many good reasons for a curved screen smart phone that I am just astonished cell phone manufacturers have seemed to just passed that tech by and are now going to just fold the whole damn phone in half. It is like the evolution of the smartphone skipped a step, spending only a very brief second with one or two models by LG, exploring what is certainly a good idea.
    Another screen tech that just sort of fizzled out is the no-glasses-needed 3D displays. WTF?! There is so much potential there to revolutionize the flat interface. But at best, the phones that used such a display merely used another stock Android. USING 3-d to make an interface intuitive takes a lot of imagination and thus programming skill, but it would certainly set any company that dared to challenge the paradigm apart from (if not above) the rest. Instead of flat icons on a flat screen, perhaps with a desktop image that has some photograph with depth, you could have icons floating or rotating, with folders in a drawer that look like folders in a drawer you could flip through, with phone numbers that pop up for caller ID without obscuring the face of the caller, with mapping that shows street views with depth...
    But sure, lets ride this roller coaster of tech even faster and pass by perfectly awesome innovations as if they never existed. Meanwhile Apple will just pump out another big phone with a pretty metal body and basically the same rain-bow-colored interface it has had for nearly a decade. LOL

  • andrew brunton
    andrew brunton Day ago

    This guy is annoying. Quit following him folks. He's a showboat.

  • jake ksi
    jake ksi Day ago

    ya flip phone

  • Already‏Depressed‏Lapis

    Give me a Samsung with iOS software and I’m sold

  • Justin
    Justin Day ago

    No thanks. Got my Note 9 and it's been very useful at work, making good on its promise for productivity. That said if the Note 10 or 11 has this fold functionality with comparable battery life I'll be all over it.

  • J Games
    J Games Day ago

    Take a shot everytime he says "Technological Advancements"

  • Toby Parnwell
    Toby Parnwell Day ago

    lol I could see his password

  • PJ DiMuzio
    PJ DiMuzio Day ago

    We should call it... a flip phone

  • xXjiangamerXx
    xXjiangamerXx Day ago

    Nintendo ds

  • ΘΘ4ȿighƚ
    ΘΘ4ȿighƚ Day ago

    I think I should care and be all excited about a folding display..... but yeah, whatever.

  • Tom Horwood
    Tom Horwood Day ago

    "Fold it open"?? Jesus Christ, the world is getting dumber...

  • trollolololulz
    trollolololulz Day ago +5

    Didn't Apple already do this? The iPhone 6 I believe...

    • Ayan
      Ayan 8 hours ago +1


  • android 95203
    android 95203 Day ago

    My mom always said she wants a smaller phone for travel but she likes a big display for videos. This would be perfect

  • Jerbot77
    Jerbot77 Day ago

    I love the concept and would definitely buy one, I'm just worried about how fragile it will be.

  • Mark Hoffman
    Mark Hoffman Day ago

    There is kit enough new phone technology for me to get a new phone every year. I'm a 2-3 years phone user....

  • Study & Game
    Study & Game Day ago +4

    When Samsung creates a bending phone, it's an amazing advancement. BUT when APPLE makes one then.they are cheaping out and it becomes the end of the WORLD!

    • Calvin Johnson
      Calvin Johnson 9 hours ago

      +JustAryan they can't

    • JustAryan
      JustAryan 12 hours ago

      Nope, not true
      World would appreciate apple if it did that

    • no name
      no name 14 hours ago

      That's right, wouldn't be the case if they kept their hands clean, you know what I mean...

  • NoMansSkyIsMyDaily

    Flip phones are coming back, SHELTER NOW!!!

  • Eccentric Dreams

    Wouldn’t that mess up the resolution/pixels of the phone in the long run?

  • I don't know
    I don't know Day ago

    D S O F T H E F U T U E R

  • Matthew McCabe
    Matthew McCabe Day ago

    Halp someone stole my phallet

  • Rodger Princeton

    but will it explode?

  • DoopleDop
    DoopleDop Day ago

    Iphone predates the folding smartphone with their Iphone 6 Xd

  • Dena Montgomery
    Dena Montgomery Day ago

    Part recipient firm mqwgvth long past sure northwest downtown

  • FoodColouringSpecialist


  • Hasan Usta
    Hasan Usta Day ago +1


  • FishPony 1211
    FishPony 1211 Day ago

    How the fuk do u put a case on a folding phone!? Might as well sell the phone to me pre-cracked and save me the trouble. Smh

  • Ousel
    Ousel Day ago

    I think asus had a good idea with the phone going into a tablet

  • Anchor BRO
    Anchor BRO Day ago

    I h8 ur clikb8s

  • Pasha Deinecko
    Pasha Deinecko Day ago

    1900$? Cmon baby, apple be f*cked with 1k, will see what you show :D

  • Ntando M
    Ntando M Day ago

    I would not buy a foldable phone. I do not need it. What's the point?

  • Mac's Motovlog
    Mac's Motovlog Day ago

    Apple will " invent" it in like 5 years and call it "revolutionary " and the world will lose their minds

  • Hmm Doh
    Hmm Doh Day ago

    Plz experiment how many foils to break it “For sicence”!! XD

  • Vampos the mixel
    Vampos the mixel Day ago +1

    for some reason this reminds me of the nintendo DS

  • Barry Bee Benson

    *that’s a DS*

  • NE 555
    NE 555 Day ago +1

    Apple already made a bendable phone....

  • J McClain
    J McClain Day ago

    New Tech has that New Tech price..and eventually, it will drop to a reasonable price.

  • ApplejuiceAdam
    ApplejuiceAdam Day ago

    Flip phones of the future

  • Phoenix Blemar
    Phoenix Blemar Day ago

    I wish iPhone won't copy samsung again 😒

  • Angel Tovar
    Angel Tovar Day ago

    Holly shit, I hope we get a phone like the movie "Her".

  • Bleach
    Bleach Day ago +5

    New " Foldable Smartphone": Ay bro, can I copy your homework?'
    Flip Phone: Sure, just change it, so it doesn't look like you copied it.

  • Max Bradshaw
    Max Bradshaw Day ago

    Did he just type his password in on video?!

  • AnimeChaos
    AnimeChaos Day ago

    Dropped the phone one time:

    Instand break

  • Michael Nugent
    Michael Nugent Day ago

    In 2 years Apple will "pioneer" the technology and say they did it first.

    E1ƎVATED 2 days ago

    F for Failure , but still that's nice technology but not for real smartphones .. at least for me it's useless for me .. :/

  • Corey Henderson
    Corey Henderson 2 days ago

    You can fold the panel but how the glass screen?

  • Jimmy Bui
    Jimmy Bui 2 days ago

    this will become a great meme

  • sidewalkere
    sidewalkere 2 days ago

    It might be about not having to carry a damn tile in your pocket.

  • xA7mDQ8
    xA7mDQ8 2 days ago

    And you say what apple are scammers just for selling 1000$ better phone now what should we call samsung ?!

  • Starpunk Bethie
    Starpunk Bethie 2 days ago

    I want one so fuckin bad! Sorry not sorry

  • Akani John
    Akani John 2 days ago

    Only tablets should be foldable
    Why would you fold a hand sized phone

  • Scythe 25
    Scythe 25 2 days ago

    We should call it a.......... flip phone

  • Hype VoLtIcZ
    Hype VoLtIcZ 2 days ago

    Samsung x... seems familiar

  • Andrew Dillon
    Andrew Dillon 2 days ago

    If is has the specs and features of at least the S9 or Note 9 then yes worth it, otherwise wait for a few generations and see what happens.

  • dj psycokidd
    dj psycokidd 2 days ago

    Hawuii beat them to it 😂😂😂 they even patented it it’s called the hawuii mate x

  • Vanilla_Essence
    Vanilla_Essence 2 days ago

    have y'all forgot about flip phones?

  • Tanner Barton
    Tanner Barton 2 days ago

    I hope they put it under five hundred dollers

    NAME NAMENAME 2 days ago +3

    The thumbnail gives me iPhone 6 flashbacks...

  • United Kingdom
    United Kingdom 2 days ago

    Is that 3DS

  • Wadsome
    Wadsome 2 days ago

    flextape made a new revolutionary phone...

    *F L E X P H O N E*

  • robertsmith
    robertsmith 2 days ago

    They should make the bend vertically so it would look like a thin bar of chocolate easy to hold because the flip phone square look still use much of your pocket but the bar would use a corner of your pocket