Can a Fuel Additive give you Better Fuel Economy? (with PROOF)

  • Published on Aug 28, 2015
  • Can you get better fuel economy with a fuel additive? In this video, we make TVclip History by testing a fuel additive to see if it will actually give you better fuel economy. I sent out 20 bottles of the fuel additive to my subscribers to test their fuel economy. They went a total of 56,000 miles and the results are in! Here is the product I used:
    The test was proven to be statistically significant using a T-test by subscriber SX L after dopping the volvo outlier which means we got an average of .54mpg increase.
    Can a Fuel Additive Give you More HP:
    Does Seafoam Actually Work in a car:
    Does Gumout Actually Work in a Car:
    Data sheet from this
    Graph from this test:
    Let me know if you got an increase or decrease in MPG if you try CleanBoost Maxx (updated Aug 29th 2015)
    # of Increased MPG: 24
    # of Decreased/no change MPG: 15
    After video Testers:
    rockman547- BMW- Decrease in mpg
    Preproto- Fiat- Increase
    chris ce- Increase
    Kevin Bridgman- Chevy Cavalier- Increase
    JerseyPrepper- Dodge Caravan- No change
    OfficialxElias- Subaru STI- Increase
    OfficialxElias- truck- no change
    djspbb- increase
    jdmmonsta- sti- no change
    kenny1234587doesMC- Vette- No change
    Luscious Matterhorn- GTO- no change
    Juan Cardenas- Saturn- decrease
    David S.- Increase
    paNic RELL - VW- Increase
    Jay Bizz- Increase
    Tanner Howell- Increase
    MODDED exe- STI- Increase
    Lazaro Hevia- C4 Vette- No Change
    _Husky- Dodge Daytona- Decrease
    Smashsify-6.0 powerstroke- Increase,
    Smashsify-6.6 duramax- Increase
    Smashsify-cat 3406e- No Change
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  • Christopher Barrett

    I think you answered the question when you talked about the Volvo. It looked like all the cars were older that you tested so they probably cleaned their fuel system to get better MPG scores with the additive

  • AmyirtanTolgakrky

    Modern Fuels have all additives what the engines need

  • LethalTv
    LethalTv 2 days ago

    "before I show you this dadda..."
    The WHAT?

  • Zoraiz Bin Faraz
    Zoraiz Bin Faraz 3 days ago +2

    1:47 that's not 106 miles it's 109 miles

  • Kaptain Lightcoin
    Kaptain Lightcoin 5 days ago

    So chances are, you’ll get a mile or two in better mileage. But then there’s the price of the product itself. So that negates any benefit. It’s a solid pass.

  • S.A.D Amila Madusanka
    S.A.D Amila Madusanka 11 days ago

    I think Werth brand is doing better. I usually use (abro) it's cheap and little bit increase the mileage and minimize the emission.

  • Rajesh Ramaswamy
    Rajesh Ramaswamy 14 days ago

    I went to the elementary school in cheesequake, NJ.

  • Anya Temkulkiat
    Anya Temkulkiat 14 days ago

    my dad tried this in his lexus rx and we didn’t see any difference in mpg

  • SimpleX 1337
    SimpleX 1337 22 days ago

    Hello ChrisFix, Thumbs up from portugal! I have a Opel Corsa model B or "Vauxhall Corsa model B" 1.4CC 90HP that I used an injector clean and fuel additive to see the difference at the results.. but I tested in a different way, my mechanic told me that to see if I have an problem with injectors I had to fill up 20 galons "half of the car deposit" and use a full bottle of additive and injector clean "same product". The point I got in this test I made off and it is more a question that I have.. Should we use an injector clean additive for our cars once in a while? It will damage anything to our cars?.. Im am new at this and I think my Corsa has a problems with injectors or fuel sistem.. Because 7 galons of gasoline worths like 70 kms only total driving it to economy gasoline. Can you help me with this question that I have? Do fuel additive and injector cleaners kill our cars wen used to much? Do we need to swap fuel filters after use it? Whats the best way to use injector cleaners? How many miles does it need to run to use again an injector cleaner? thanks alot

  • Aiming Wanderously
    Aiming Wanderously 28 days ago

    I've never been a fan of judging mileage by "filling up". What is filling up to you, to me, to the next guy? Until the pumps clicks off? Until the nozzle is full all the way to the top to the cap? Too many variables with this method says me. Put only 2 gallons in an empty tank and drive (with a gas tank in your bed/trunk). Mythbusters used tanks with specific amounts of fuel, this would eliminate the variables.

    • Aiming Wanderously
      Aiming Wanderously 15 days ago

      @ChrisFix True dat. This was meant more for others reading performing similar tests, not a dig on you my friend.

    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  27 days ago

      Thanks for sharing! There is always a better way to doing an experiment but there is only so much a single person can do.

  • Brian Dady
    Brian Dady Month ago

    Ok here's a question; my Jeep TJ with it's tractor like 4.0 inline six pings and knocks like crazy on the 87 octane and loses about 4 mpg. Since this additive added power (assuming it did so by improving octane) would this be a viable money saver 87= $3.15 91=$3.67. Given the 4.0 jeep is fairly low compression I would expect to see a lesser power gain but maybe just enough to make the gas "better"...thoughts?

  • Lakienphat La
    Lakienphat La Month ago

    it'll broke your battery ifyou had a electric

  • Robbie Jessop
    Robbie Jessop Month ago

    2018 Dodge Challenger Hellcat-No Change

  • Dr Din
    Dr Din Month ago

    A 1mpg difference with a std deviation of 9+ is statistically insignificant.

  • Adam Weaver
    Adam Weaver Month ago

    Also do you have an LT1 vette?

  • Adam Weaver
    Adam Weaver Month ago

    Probably depends on your ECM and sesnors.

    • Adam Weaver
      Adam Weaver Month ago

      I commented before the end but i agree with you chris

  • Suqeakthehamster
    Suqeakthehamster Month ago

    Rip indiana

  • Yasiel Mesa
    Yasiel Mesa Month ago

    Keep in mind that you actually added fuel by adding the additive and based on the car type 35-45% of a gallon (bout the volume of the additive) it can equate to a mile or more. Also driving speeds make a difference 50-55 mph is the true optimal driving speeds based on us exhaust regulations that are preprogrammed on the computer of all us cars.

  • CreativeUserNme
    CreativeUserNme Month ago

    Haha I love the RX8 but the fuel economy is HORRIBLE 😂

  • Ray S
    Ray S Month ago

    Do you know the torque for Lt1 valve covers on the studs and button tops?

  • Kinky Nothing
    Kinky Nothing Month ago

    Great. Now find 23 more people to do a dyno test because you re one person, it doesnt tell the whole story :)

  • Kris Bassett
    Kris Bassett 2 months ago

    Would be interesting to try in a few carbureted cars.

  • Gamemaster 405YT
    Gamemaster 405YT 2 months ago

    Does your corvette have a trunk?

  • Edward Trickett
    Edward Trickett 2 months ago +4

    Fuel additives do work but they aren't miracle workers
    They mainly clean fuel lines, injectors and combustion chambers
    If you use good quality fuel, don't do too many short journeys or if you do occasionally take your car for a longer drive. You will find that your car on the whole has pretty good fuel economy.
    However if you use low quality fuel, don't service your car frequently and do lots of short trips. Your fuel economy will suffer.
    I use a fuel additive 3 to 4 times a year. I use good fuel and I do some longer trips but I find that the additives help.
    I have a 12 ref 1.6 TDCi Ford Focus
    I average 53MPG
    I find my MPG drops to around 47 MPG prior to using the additive. I use the additive in accordance with the instructions and usually when I'm doing a long journey.
    My fuel economy always returns.

    • Shame iz dank
      Shame iz dank Month ago +1

      Edward Trickett i didnt do highway testing but i average 18mpg in my 08 jeep grand cherokee in the city/country after i used chevron techron. Before i was lucky to see 16 mpg so the techron definetly did clean some stuff up inside. But my car gets a rated 17 city anyway lol.

  • TheTribe666
    TheTribe666 2 months ago

    Hey Chris fix , can we please try the amsoil fuel additive p.i. Performance improver , I'm a big believer in amsoil oil products , but I'm looking for the best clean out and mpg gains , I have used it before and not sure if it is the best one , thank you

  • GregoCatal
    GregoCatal 2 months ago

    Would fuel octane make any kind of difference?

  • sanel b
    sanel b 3 months ago

    Thatcar looks so sexy

  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams 3 months ago

    So, just a idea here. Product says it makes it burn cleaner and with less emissions. So, taking into account how your computer gets feed back from sensors. If your fuel is burning more efficiently. The computer could be getting a leaner reading, even though it may not be true and could be opening the injectors longer to counter act that reading. Which would result in minimal MPG difference. Because yes, it is burning better which gets better economy and power. But now it's spraying more fuel.
    So, I would be curious the type of set up that was in the Volvo that got a additional 11 MPG

  • PetrolHead Brasil
    PetrolHead Brasil 3 months ago +1

    Me: "Honey, I'm going out for a car test, using the Volvo, at night, ok?"
    Wife: "How is the hooker!?"

  • UnderClap YT
    UnderClap YT 3 months ago

    Only one rotary engine

  • diislivedaja
    diislivedaja 3 months ago

    why didnt you use your corvette as your drift car???

    • diislivedaja
      diislivedaja 3 months ago


    • ChrisFix
      ChrisFix  3 months ago +1

      It’s in amazing shape and I wouldn’t want to ruin it

  • Igbo Prince
    Igbo Prince 4 months ago

    Man, I bet the manufacturers hate you. But, hey. It's what you get for making a bad product.

  • Brandon Graham
    Brandon Graham 4 months ago

    What motor is in the corvette?

  • Mark Kropf
    Mark Kropf 4 months ago +1

    Add product before you fill the tank so as to be sure to get said product properly mixed with the fuel. Some vehicles may not have a straight down tube into the gas tank. If the fill tube has the slightest curve or notch in the tube, a half oz of product will remain trapped in the tube.

  • Saif Chowdhury
    Saif Chowdhury 5 months ago

    1MPG is a big deal, not for the commuters but in any commercial vehicles...
    An taxi driver could save upto £1000 per year
    An long distance van driver could see savings of upto £3000
    An arctic could result is saving of £20-30PA when average fuel costs are £100K PA with 5-8MPG average, Fuel costs are usually more than the drivers salary

  • Joe Sib Cars
    Joe Sib Cars 5 months ago

    I have a Volvo mines a V70 Estate 2002 and my miles is 222600 and i had it since August 2012

  • Nick Zethof
    Nick Zethof 5 months ago

    I mean my civic has 80 HP from new.. You can sure as hell feel an extra 11

    SVMSICE 5 months ago

    I’m curious if you threw out the data of the car that had an 11 mpg increase how much lower that 1 mpg change would have fallen?

  • Craig Edward Jensen
    Craig Edward Jensen 5 months ago

    What about engines with a carburettor

  • Sedat Mehmed
    Sedat Mehmed 5 months ago

    In conclusion - it is not economically viable to use it constantly because the price negates the fuel economy. But still i would use it once a year to keep the fuel system clean

  • james casello
    james casello 6 months ago

    Hey Chris, Nice Vette.

  • CoolFluffy2
    CoolFluffy2 6 months ago

    @ChrisFix i wonder if it would be better for older vehicles that dont have as many computer systems. If you do another fuel test like this again i have a 1981 chevy c10 3/4 ton pick up truck and maybe it would do better.

  • Ernest Cazenave
    Ernest Cazenave 6 months ago +1

    The mileage improvement doesnt even pay for the cost of the additive itself so....think this was a waste of time....!!

  • XPatrickFTW
    XPatrickFTW 6 months ago

    I also got an increase, I have a BMW X5 2014

  • big88foxbodyfan
    big88foxbodyfan 6 months ago

    I'd like to see this again but with the doctor diesel cetane boost for diesel trucks and cars. I'm a believer of the hype, but I'd like to see it put to the test on this channel

  • octavio torres
    octavio torres 7 months ago

    Can you make a video testing ef tabs and that kind of tabs? Could be interesting AND air filters (high flow) sorry for my English 😅

  • IBuRn RuBbEr
    IBuRn RuBbEr 7 months ago

    I get the same mpg in my 1.4 ibiza🙄

  • random review guy
    random review guy 7 months ago

    Hi Chris, could you run a test on remaping a diesel. And seen if it improves mpg

  • Murderous Kitten
    Murderous Kitten 7 months ago

    i like how the ONLY significant fuel consumption diference is in European car :D
    P.s. if we take Mazda 626 stats , in terms of money - you spend 37 dolars to save 200 dolars on 20500 dolars ( if 1 litter cost 0.8 dollars in USA ) spend in gass. diference is negligable in my opinion.

  • Phil Nolan
    Phil Nolan 7 months ago

    I think your test provided accurate info. Unfortunately I don't think the results from your group are conclusive, to many uncontrolled variables and possible psychological behaviour with and without the additive. I would like to know what Austin is now getting now that his fuel system has been cleaned? I suggest reaching out to a group of hyper-milers as their driving styles would be very consistant. I know that is not the same as real world driving for the rest of us, but we want a conclusive answer to whether it improves economy and then is the price of the additive worth the gain in economy. Just my two cents worth. I have owned a Nissin Stagea for over 3.5 years and I always have the fuel economy page on the display, and I have been able to noticeable improve my economy with the help of the display, but other times I want to enjoy driving the car and I accept that fuel economy will suffer accordingly.

  • george martin
    george martin 7 months ago +2

    I will trust Chris's data, since he followed the exact same route. Therefore, any changes in elevation (or traffic conditions, since the traffic was light in both tests) were negated in Chris's test using his Vette.
    I do not know if the other testers used the same testing discipline...

    THE_FAMILY_MAN_CLAN 7 months ago

    You should try archoil

  • Marshall R
    Marshall R 7 months ago

    The biggest loss in mpg was 1.6 and the biggest gain was 11 which is questionable it took tons of porting and polishing and going over every detail of my Volvo yo get exactly that. Overall I think its not making more than a average of .2mpg increase on the chart and even then slit different wether and driving habits make a bigger difference. Good job overall it was worth a try to let us see the results.

  • Yoseob Yang
    Yoseob Yang 7 months ago

    I'll go with the weight reduction strategy instead

  • Sean Rowshandel
    Sean Rowshandel 7 months ago

    How can it possibly make the engine stronger (more hp) without making it more efficient? If it's stronger, you press the accelerator less, and then you burn less gas because of it.
    This experiment is flawed because not only did the additive water down the gasoline causing it to be burned less efficiently but people probably changed their driving habits while doing it. I think they ended up pressing the gas more than usual in order to get the additive to rub against the engine faster at higher rpms because they didn't want to waste the additive by using it only at low rpms and perhaps not getting its benefits.
    Am I wrong

  • Sergio Gomez
    Sergio Gomez 8 months ago

    Hp on Vette before and after would b great!

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown 8 months ago

    inconclusive i don't see much improvement

  • Hugh Jazz
    Hugh Jazz 8 months ago

    dude we're practically neighbors! i shoulda known you were a jersey boy with that pronunciation of "water"....

  • Amateur Car Projects
    Amateur Car Projects 8 months ago

    Try standard gas vs premium

  • Jordan Florian
    Jordan Florian 8 months ago

    If you test this with a paired T test it’s not even close to a significant different so there’s over a 50% chance this 1 mpg difference is due to chance..

  • SuperCookieGaming
    SuperCookieGaming 8 months ago

    that volvo is an outlier and should not be taken into account in total mpg change

  • Jerry 的釣魚打龜日常

    As you say maybe no any change for your fuel economy, but I like those fuel additive to helps clean engine fuel systems. One of my friend got bad fuel economy but after I buy him a fuel additive which said to be cleaning the fuel systems he happy to report that the car fuel economy much more improve just like Austin's car about 9MPG.
    It normally fuel systems problem and getting those thing goes bad with fuel economy, so problem diagnostic still the best way to end up fuel economy problem.

  • BloodAcidPro
    BloodAcidPro 8 months ago

    BTW almost 4 million subs later still didnt do too much additive videos. :D

  • Alex Regalado
    Alex Regalado 8 months ago

    I tried on a 300zx 1988 and got 3mpg !!

  • Nismo 370z.
    Nismo 370z. 8 months ago

    hi chris , so i tested the additive on my 2011 370z nismo with 28k miles on the odometer so the engine is barely settling down for the long run, but regarding the additive my car had 305 rwhp stock and dyno tested in my area. And i saw a 5rwhp increase in my particular car now for the mpg test i saw no gain at all but more a loss of 2.4 mpg when i fully refilled my car. and it was consistent in the mpg loss because i tested 8 times of me using all the gas and refilling again.

  • Alex Montgomery
    Alex Montgomery 8 months ago

    I put gumout high mileage fuel injector cleaner in my 2005 Dodge Magnum hoping it would help get rid of detonation/pinging as I had bad gas... the ping went away for sure and increased my fuel economy. I have a 3.5l v6 SXT Dodge Magnum with 159k on the motor. It seems to have a bit more pep too when you hit the gas.

  • Joshua
    Joshua 8 months ago

    cost benefit is important

  • DeShawn Lewis
    DeShawn Lewis 8 months ago

    Almost like a six sigma project without the gage R&R

  • Sir Podgy
    Sir Podgy 9 months ago

    Is that a ZR1?

  • Doug Zott
    Doug Zott 9 months ago

    This is such a great video its crazy its one of your lowest viewed videos