Can a Fuel Additive give you Better Fuel Economy? (with PROOF)

  • Published on Aug 28, 2015
  • Can you get better fuel economy with a fuel additive? In this video, we make TVclip History by testing a fuel additive to see if it will actually give you better fuel economy. I sent out 20 bottles of the fuel additive to my subscribers to test their fuel economy. They went a total of 56,000 miles and the results are in! Here is the product I used:
    The test was proven to be statistically significant using a T-test by subscriber SX L after dopping the volvo outlier which means we got an average of .54mpg increase.
    Can a Fuel Additive Give you More HP:
    Does Seafoam Actually Work in a car:
    Does Gumout Actually Work in a Car:
    Data sheet from this
    Graph from this test:
    Let me know if you got an increase or decrease in MPG if you try CleanBoost Maxx (updated Aug 29th 2015)
    # of Increased MPG: 24
    # of Decreased/no change MPG: 15
    After video Testers:
    rockman547- BMW- Decrease in mpg
    Preproto- Fiat- Increase
    chris ce- Increase
    Kevin Bridgman- Chevy Cavalier- Increase
    JerseyPrepper- Dodge Caravan- No change
    OfficialxElias- Subaru STI- Increase
    OfficialxElias- truck- no change
    djspbb- increase
    jdmmonsta- sti- no change
    kenny1234587doesMC- Vette- No change
    Luscious Matterhorn- GTO- no change
    Juan Cardenas- Saturn- decrease
    David S.- Increase
    paNic RELL - VW- Increase
    Jay Bizz- Increase
    Tanner Howell- Increase
    MODDED exe- STI- Increase
    Lazaro Hevia- C4 Vette- No Change
    _Husky- Dodge Daytona- Decrease
    Smashsify-6.0 powerstroke- Increase,
    Smashsify-6.6 duramax- Increase
    Smashsify-cat 3406e- No Change
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  • daMan
    daMan Day ago +2

    Doesn't help Hondas but helps Toyota's

  • Bruno Mansonaty
    Bruno Mansonaty 9 days ago

    You cant feel 11hp? You joking right?

  • Business Raptor
    Business Raptor 10 days ago

    Let's see that standard deviation yo

  • Gem 808State
    Gem 808State 12 days ago

    Hmmmm, I had thought about putting an additive, but perhaps it's not yet necessary. Great vid, you're awesome for including subscribers in the test. Very informative =)

  • Jake Dangerfield
    Jake Dangerfield 21 day ago

    Love the work put in to actually test it. Have you tried BG44k?

  • superperior
    superperior Month ago

    This is a super cool experiment, awesome that you had viewers help out!

  • Manop Udomsri
    Manop Udomsri Month ago

    11 MPG increase, impossible.
    You should cut out those top increase + those top decrease.
    That's might made your result more believe-able.

  • rendezvous009
    rendezvous009 Month ago

    Just take it easy on the accelerator and the brakes you will get better fuel economy. Urban and highway driving also makes a difference.

  • John Phillips
    John Phillips Month ago

    nice work chris

  • George Ortiz
    George Ortiz Month ago

    What happens when you put more than one bottle in the tank?

  • Ford F-150guy01
    Ford F-150guy01 Month ago

    Can you try it on a 04’ f-150 Lariat 5.4 Trition 4x4 to see if it works to try it out

  • The Mythology
    The Mythology Month ago

    Chrisfix is a joke !! Not a real mechanic !! This guy doesn't know how to rebuild engine and transmission. All he does are basic and easy to do. I'm pretty sure he doesn't know how to rebuild transmission and engines . ! UNSUBSCRIBING for good!

  • Steel bear
    Steel bear Month ago

    Could it be, the clean boost gives better fuel economy to a little bit older cars with not so much computers and electronics?

  • Damien
    Damien Month ago

    the only issues is variable control over that many people when were talking a few mpg changing of routes diffrenet tirps diffrenet weather and tempature tire preasure and any little things could come into play. cool test anyways but it would be hard to have any kinda of real answer on a product with a test like this.that guy with the 11mpg increase should have just been thrown out of the test as he surely skewed the numbers quite high on the postiive side

  • Aonoymous Andy
    Aonoymous Andy Month ago

    how you drive makes a BIG difference, I used to drive 75 mph on highways and get 27 mpg, now I drive 65 mpg and get 30 mpg

  • Aonoymous Andy
    Aonoymous Andy Month ago

    I subscribed so Chris could send me free stuff

  • Swaran Bains
    Swaran Bains Month ago

    If you’ve done over 40,000 miles might as well do it once to clean your injectors

  • Tydiggity
    Tydiggity Month ago

    26 mpg on a v8? That’s impressive

  • Ed Cain
    Ed Cain Month ago

    Cheaper to Mix Mid.Grade + Prem.Gas,Still Equals 91 Oct. Do This W/ My 04 Lexus ES330 VVTI ENG. & Gas Mlg.+ Power is 12-15% Better Than Fact.Figures in Handbook, of Using Reg.Gas.

  • Promotions Only
    Promotions Only Month ago

    You should have tossed out the 11mpg reading.
    That said the answer should have been, doesn’t work.

  • AFX Gaming
    AFX Gaming Month ago

    It works, but its counterintuitive because you have to pay for said fuel additive

  • abderrahim kessira
    abderrahim kessira Month ago

    honestly, you could submit this study as a paper to any statistical scientific journal

  • 34486
    34486 Month ago

    If it increases the power output under full load and throttle (max fuel delivery) I dont see why it would not increase the fuel economy as it has 'increased' the energy of the gas or deisel.

  • AaronLegoFilms
    AaronLegoFilms Month ago

    What kind of car is this???

  • Sherri Joubert
    Sherri Joubert Month ago

    New subscriber, chemist and data analysis scientist for 30 years. Also, female. It doesn't work overall, but this was an apples-to-oranges test. You got about a 1 mpg difference with a standard deviation of about 9.4 mpg. That means no statistically significant improvement in gas mileage. A better test would be for each person who did the original test continued for 25,000 miles each without and with the additive and reported the data based on individual vehicles. It will take a couple of years, but you'll be comparing apples to apples. Good first experiment, though.

  • Rabia Moin
    Rabia Moin Month ago

    Nice car

  • Wanted Puppy
    Wanted Puppy Month ago

    Can it fix the 6 mpg on my Ram 1500 SRT10?

  • Dillan Mistry
    Dillan Mistry Month ago +1

    I tried it on my i3 and sparks magically appeared

  • Mick Jager
    Mick Jager Month ago

    Thing I say about the test is the drives with and without were not exact and the drivers probably should have been you know what I mean. I guessing that would have made the test more reliable. So to me the 1mpg average as tested is probably statistically insignificant.

  • Travis T
    Travis T Month ago

    Lol I call bs on that Volvo lol. Fire that guy.

  • Blind River Bill
    Blind River Bill 2 months ago

    maybe the Volvo guy doesn't know math


    first excited hey guys

  • Devir Kesici
    Devir Kesici 2 months ago

    That rotary mdmsmsmz

  • Hyper Matrix
    Hyper Matrix 2 months ago

    Uhmmm. Average 1mpg gain? Yeah...if you consider that the Volvo at the end of the list was responsible for 0.6mpg. That should have been excluded from the list, resulting 0.4mpg gain. Which is just 0.1mpg off from the 0.3mpg you lose in your corvette. The same 0.3mpg that you said was insignificant.
    In conclusion: this doesn’t help fuel economy.

  • Bill Peirce
    Bill Peirce 2 months ago

    Do definitely don't use this.

  • Joshua Mouton
    Joshua Mouton 2 months ago +1

    Need to try out Lucas fuel additive if you haven't already bro and let us know man. I am planning a trip in the winter.

  • Kejora Cinta
    Kejora Cinta 2 months ago

    begore i made 465 hp after i got 1097 hp

  • Adam Skead
    Adam Skead 2 months ago

    I don't think that'll work, i think it's best to change the fuel filter and air filters to remove some of the air restriction

  • Revanth Reddy
    Revanth Reddy 2 months ago

    Thanks for doing this chris. The question for me personally is weather this additive is worth the money for a daily driver like me. 40 dollar 16 oz bottle treats 480 gallons. assuming I get 1 mpg extra, i am getting an 480 miles. which for my car is about 30 dollars worth of gas or less. If I am looking for HP and Torque, this would help. But i guess not for me.

  • Danny Abraham
    Danny Abraham 2 months ago +1

    That 5 cylinder volvo was a serious outlier

  • Dane Taylor
    Dane Taylor 2 months ago

    My motor is from the early 70’s, going from 11 mpg to 12 ain’t that big of a deal

  • Mix Pick
    Mix Pick 2 months ago

    Definitely a thumbs up but can't agree with the conclusion. You gotta throw out the extreme outliers (data points). That 11+ increase is clearly caused by something else and, therefore, needs to be excluded. Still, it's good data and a great experiment to keep "hype" products honest.

  • Big AL
    Big AL 3 months ago

    I've never even seen this stuff for sale before

  • Gerardo Linares
    Gerardo Linares 3 months ago

    Nice Corvette & great on fuel 👍

  • Ryen U.
    Ryen U. 3 months ago

    your Vette get way better mpg than my 94 cobra gets 😂 I average about 12 but it ranges from 11-15mpg

  • Vivid Media
    Vivid Media 3 months ago

    What was the standard deviation of? Mpg?

  • Blake Bradley
    Blake Bradley 3 months ago

    Daily driving with gas only and then with the additive may have given you better results. I did get this product after the Civic dyno, and have seen a performance increase and added economy. I have a 2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport, I noticed more power coming on sooner in the rpm range and the power felt smoother and more consistent. I also went from averaging 24.6mpg to an average of 27.2 mpg a 2.6 gain. This data is from 5 tanks of my normal driving some city and some freeway,

  • Manuel Torres Sahli
    Manuel Torres Sahli 3 months ago

    I know this is a bit old. But just wanted to add some maths to get the most of their effort. Using a simple t-test for statistical significance of the study, the difference could represent a real-life change between increasing 6.65 miles per gallon, to decreasing 4.58 miles per gallon; with a 72% chance that the observed difference is due to randomness. Also, with bayesian estimation, we could predict that about 68% of drivers/cars would get an increase in mpg (between 0.1 and 7.6), while the rest would have reduced MPGs (between -0.1 and -4.8). If we leave out the suspicious last participant on the list (with an 11mpg increase), the chances of improvement fall to 56%, and up to 7.1mpg, while it could be worsened by -6.1mpg. So, if we were to trust the experiment, I would not spend my money on something that has near 50% chance of reducing my fuel economy. Hope it helps! (to save on fuel AND additives)

    EDIT: typos

  • naseem hany
    naseem hany 3 months ago

    The number of likes tells you how crazy is it out there?

  • Weird-Creations
    Weird-Creations 3 months ago

    I have unlimited miles per gallon. But I'll see if i can earn money with my bike with the fuel additive

  • I Yote I Skote
    I Yote I Skote 3 months ago

    There’s still too many variables to be decisive. The route they took and the avg speed of the vehicle really matter when comparing fuel economy. If you cruised just a few mph higher on the interstate it could change mpg enough to matter in this type of test. The test with the corvette is the closest to accurate although it was not stated that you stayed at a predetermined constant speed In both tests

  • Petra J.
    Petra J. 3 months ago

    In newer diesel engines with direct injection you should ALWAYS use an additive and the best quality fuel. Nobody told us, ended up replacing expensive injection system and pump.

  • Apple Lol
    Apple Lol 3 months ago

    Honda Accord 2.4. Same

  • Paddle Shift
    Paddle Shift 3 months ago

    You should have eliminated the highest and lowest scores and then tally up the results.

  • Christopher Barrett
    Christopher Barrett 3 months ago

    I think you answered the question when you talked about the Volvo. It looked like all the cars were older that you tested so they probably cleaned their fuel system to get better MPG scores with the additive

  • AmyirtanTolgakrky
    AmyirtanTolgakrky 3 months ago

    Modern Fuels have all additives what the engines need

  • LethalTv
    LethalTv 3 months ago

    "before I show you this dadda..."
    The WHAT?

  • Zoraiz Bin Faraz
    Zoraiz Bin Faraz 3 months ago +2

    1:47 that's not 106 miles it's 109 miles

  • Kaptain Lightcoin
    Kaptain Lightcoin 3 months ago

    So chances are, you’ll get a mile or two in better mileage. But then there’s the price of the product itself. So that negates any benefit. It’s a solid pass.

  • S.A.D Amila Madusanka
    S.A.D Amila Madusanka 3 months ago

    I think Werth brand is doing better. I usually use (abro) it's cheap and little bit increase the mileage and minimize the emission.