Fox News Live: Trump impeachment hearing Day 5 - Fiona Hill testifies

  • Published on Nov 21, 2019
  • The fifth public impeachment hearing will feature testimonies from Fiona Hill, Trump's former top Russia adviser and David Holmes, Political Counselor, U.S Embassy - Kiev, Ukraine. Chairman Adam Schiff is expected to gavel-in at 9 a.m. ET. #FoxNews
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Comments • 1 180

  • charles Mc Carthy
    charles Mc Carthy 23 days ago

    That is a witch.

  • Crunch Hardtack
    Crunch Hardtack Month ago

    Those idiotic democrats have just peed in the whisky and crapped in their own lunchboxes. 2020 a complete landslide for Trump. And say bye bye to the dems in the house. I can't wait.

  • Marie Woods
    Marie Woods Month ago

    2020 Trump for sure

  • Rae VH
    Rae VH Month ago

    How can you be a judge, witness, and juror? This is incredibly biased! They're trying to get him out before 2020 because they know he'll win!

  • Jason Raser
    Jason Raser Month ago

    It's a new era in politics with the invent of the internet and most recently social media. We must not loose the confidence of other nations because one or two had influence over American voters. Please take this into consideration president Trump sir. We are all still here thank God.

  • Bebe Peroy
    Bebe Peroy Month ago

    My take about this is they want to impeach the President before 2020 and take him out the office so if people rise up they will say that people do not believe in the law and the Constitution.😤

  • Joann Giddens
    Joann Giddens Month ago +2

    These so called professors of law need to go back and stop TWISTING THE TRUTH about what took place. President Z asked PresidentT about the corruption Trump was waiting to give our hard earned tax $ to a proven corrupt country before he released it, and to make sure that other countries should be pitching in To help as well. He never said one time that he was holding the money back if they didn’t do something for him. Not like Joe Biden did and bragged about it on TV. Wake up America. This president is looking out for the people. He doesn’t even take a paycheck from us. ❤️🙏🏼🇺🇸👍PRAY FOR OUR PRESIDENT THAT THE TRUTH WILL BE EXPOSED. 🙏🏼

  • goodalle1987
    goodalle1987 Month ago

    So funny to see Schiff say "my collegues don't understand what hearsay is... they think that because we weren't in the room hearing the evidence and are learning it from you, it's hearsay; but you have direct evidence!"... um, yeah, Schiff, here is what hearsay is: when your witness hears something from someone about an event and testifies accordingly; or when your witness hears something from someone who hears something from someone who was there... it's hearsay.
    The testimony of someone who was actually there is direct evidence, while the testimony of someone who was told what happened from someone who had direct evidence is hearsay. Way to create a million straw-men in your closing speech to try and confuse the masses; it should be illegal to create such a final statement as it purposefully dissuades the general public.

  • Angelina
    Angelina Month ago +1

    The case against tRUMP hinges on his Bribery/extortion scheme, evading the emoluments clause for personal gain, tax evasion and use of Oval Office power for his benefit, rather than for the national interest!!!

  • Angelina
    Angelina Month ago +2

    Poised, calm, cool and collected, Ms Fiona Hill was exceptional with her factual testimony!!!
    A true patriot!!

  • Lu Ha
    Lu Ha Month ago

    Trump for 2020

  • Laura A. Diaz
    Laura A. Diaz Month ago +1

    Doesn't start till 37:00
    After they break for the 1st time it will pick up again around 4:35.
    So, almost 3 hrs of dead time if you don't fast forward through it.
    Both Holmes' and Hill's testimony is quite damning for trump.
    There is no other logical way to see it, unless you choose to blindly buy into outlandish interpretative commentary from sketchy, biased evening sources.
    The End.

  • Reub Pru
    Reub Pru Month ago +1

    And still they---of course, have NOTHING!

  • great outdoors
    great outdoors Month ago +2

    Sane America wants this perverted president behind bars

  • Corinne Backman
    Corinne Backman Month ago

    You know what the big stuff is Schiffty? It’s the children and babies being trafficked and worse!

  • Pablo Gonzalez
    Pablo Gonzalez Month ago

    What a joke was all this charade

    • Laura A. Diaz
      Laura A. Diaz Month ago

      Did you actually watch the entire thing? I know it's painfully boring at times, but worth it.
      Holmes and Hill put nails in trump's coffin.

  • D B
    D B Month ago +3

    Schitty schifts entire Parody goes like this....
    Heard it from a friend who
    Heard it from a friend who
    Heard it from another you been messing around!

  • rhonda haynie
    rhonda haynie Month ago

    Were was this guy when Obama was president what happened to the taxpayers money when the last president ran off with the aid money

  • Suriya Stoltzfus
    Suriya Stoltzfus Month ago

    Fox News is the real Americans people. Wake up liberals 🤢

  • Reub Pru
    Reub Pru Month ago

    If Trump was going to bribe Ukraine with threats of holding back aid then why did Trump ask him to do him a favor?
    I mean if you're holding someone's feet to the fire to get them to act, what's the point of asking them nicely for a favor during the process???
    That make zero since!

  • Sean Devine
    Sean Devine Month ago

    President Trump needs no help winning the 2020 election, proof he's not guilty.

    • Oblithian
      Oblithian Month ago +2

      Just, think about what you've said for a moment.
      You think being re-elected (which although likely, hasn't happened yet, and isn't a guarantee) is proof of innocence in a question of whether or not he did X?
      If something that intangible and based so much on opinion (both yours in estimation of the election outcome, and the public's should your estimation come true), wouldn't you be suggesting that these recounts of events that are corroborated by multiple people (who were selected by fellow Republicans for their positions) and physical records of communications regarding those events, as well as recorded statements by the president and his personal lawyer themselves, make for more substantial proof of wrongdoing?
      At the very least we would have to admit that these are not good people for their roles or are corrupt enough to slander the president in such a thorough conspiracy. Which would make fact that the president has not been "hiring the best people", which is also made obvious by the whitehouse leaks, "lyin Comey", his former campaign chairman, and many of the other people who have quit, failed in their jobs, or been fired. So the fact the president has been hiring and partnering with corrupt individuals is now directly conflicting with his promise to "drain the swamp". So if he was lying about that, could he be lying about not doing this? What if The President was actually trying to play us all for fools and in fact did the opposite of most of his promises? What if he brought in more corruption to gain more control for himself and has no interest in the wellbeing of the hard-working American?

  • Gargi Bansal
    Gargi Bansal Month ago +3

    Crimea and Georgia were annexed in Obama era, and these corrupt Dems say Trump is soft on Russia. Hill is an evil witch

    • Laura A. Diaz
      Laura A. Diaz Month ago

      What is your opinion on Holmes's testimony.
      Quite damning.

  • jmkpns
    jmkpns Month ago

    All this crap when we have aging infrastructure.

    • Oblithian
      Oblithian Month ago +1

      I thought the president made everything great again... wait the pyramids are great and they're old as hell. Maybe its great after all.

  • J McD
    J McD Month ago

    …..Arrogance.....That's what I call it....Arrogant Democrats who feel that they have some divine right to pursue their personal and baseless hatreds instead of doing the job that the citizens voted them into office to attend to, and who pay their generous salaries and retirements evidently to NO avail...…........ The Independents have it in their power to put these pouting, whining, petty, useless officeholders OUT of government and force them to get REAL jobs that they can hope will support their useless asses in the luxury to which they have become accustomed...….I sincerely hope the Independents will do their duty...…..

  • Raven R
    Raven R Month ago

    Adam Schiff should be arrested, The Democrats have done nothing but bring this Country to the Brink of hell. I can’t wait until the sealed indictments are opened and these traitors arrested and executed for what they did to this Country. They deserve to be executed and nothing less. Disgraceful

  • Ayumi Indah
    Ayumi Indah Month ago

    Lis yum

  • Greg Gory
    Greg Gory Month ago +3

    Hmmm...Schiff seems pretttttty nervous about something this time around...

    • Greg Gory
      Greg Gory Month ago

      @Laura A. Diaz I would've gone with Repubicans

    • Laura A. Diaz
      Laura A. Diaz Month ago +2

      @Greg Gory "Democraps" as opposed to the "Republiturds?"😂
      I thank God that after 35 years of being registered as a Republican, I left the Republican party in the summer of 2016.
      I thank God I'm still NOT a Democrat.
      Both parties are full of sh--.
      So your silly names for them are pointless to me.
      I stand for truth and I don't filter it through any propaganda-glazed, party lense.

    • Greg Gory
      Greg Gory Month ago +1

      @Laura A. Diaz if you mean damning to the Democraps then, yes, you're correct.

    • Laura A. Diaz
      Laura A. Diaz Month ago +1

      Good thing it's not about him then.
      What they need to be concerned about is Holmes and Hill's actually testimony.
      Quite damning.

    • Crystal Curtis
      Crystal Curtis Month ago +2

      I agree. Much more defensive (this time)

  • Janis Whipple
    Janis Whipple Month ago +1

    Omigosh!! He’s paraphrasing testimony now! He can’t tell the truth to save his life! There’s a special place in the afterlife for some of these folks.....they won’t be so smug when that time comes. 😡🤢🤮

  • 3702
    3702 Month ago +8

    Fiona Hill blew it up! I’m surprised I still had a house after watching her testimony.🤣

  • J. Delgado
    J. Delgado Month ago

    My money going to waste because of these gaddam Democrats

  • J. Delgado
    J. Delgado Month ago

    Lol this Holmes guy hahahaha I swear...da

  • George Tanner
    George Tanner Month ago

    Nunes Rocks!

  • George Tanner
    George Tanner Month ago

    Smere campaign shifty?

  • Pete 913
    Pete 913 Month ago

    Quid Pro Quo translated for trump. Quit Bro, Go.

  • Berto
    Berto Month ago

    Imagine growing up with sense,logic..Cognitive brain function...Then willingly supporting this fool into presidency......Are y’all okay?need to talk?

    • Berto
      Berto Month ago

      drksoldier1 oh cmon thats all you’ve got?

    • drksoldier1
      drksoldier1 Month ago

      It's clear you didnt grow up with any of those things.

  • Porter Maxwell
    Porter Maxwell Month ago +1

    Fiona Hill demonstrates her Marxism in everything she says.

    • drksoldier1
      drksoldier1 Month ago +1

      She needs to be charged immediately.

    • drksoldier1
      drksoldier1 Month ago +1

      She lied on the stand and said she wasnt a globalist. She literally works for "The Globalist" and for George's foundation. Just type in Fiona Hill globalist in google and look at the top result.

  • Ray Ursillo
    Ray Ursillo Month ago


  • Karolyna B.
    Karolyna B. Month ago

    HOLMES /////// WHAT A PILOT OF SH.......T!!!!!! omg give me patient to listen to this whining so call "human been" crying child , irresponsible , arrogant and ignorant why people like this are working those jobs!!!!

  • John Milton
    John Milton Month ago


  • HJ
    HJ Month ago

    Mueller Report
    No Collusion = 150+ Russian Mtgs - DJT claimed, there were none. He knew of none.
    No Obstruction = 10+ counts.
    Anyone attacking the witnesses(DJT's own people, BTW, and Republicans), or the whistle blower for that matter, is embarrassing themselves. Talk about stalwart Americans willing to put their necks on the line for what they believe in, constitutional values. Like checks and balances. And to share the same talking points as V Putin; well, I’m sure there’s nothing to read into there. That is, here, in V Putin’s FOX America…

  • A C
    A C Month ago +1

    Corruption comes from both sides of the party. Follow the money.

  • Mick Downs
    Mick Downs Month ago

    All the GOP need now is for Devin Nunes to be found to have been part of the conspiracy to smear the ambassador. He met the Ukranian mobsters in Kiev. Is he also being paid by some Russian oligarch?

  • Nicki nurse
    Nicki nurse Month ago

    OMG!!!! You people HAVE TO GO LISTEN TO THE TRUTH!! That is not what happened. THERE IS NO EXCUSE IN A FREE PRESS SOCIETY TO ALLOW THIS LIAR TO TELL YOU THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT TOOK PLACE. Fiona Hill scolded the GOP senators for spreading Russian Propaganda. She told them in no uncertain terms AGAIN, who was responsible for the election meddling in 2016...RUSSIA & she warned that they are presently at it again for 2020. She reminded them of the security briefing that they were all given & asked them to stop helping Russia & hurting America by assisting Russia by spreading fictions that originate from the Russian security services. You set HER straight? Any Trump supporter helping make Russia great again is a traitor at this point. Ignorance is no excuse. Go watch the real hearing on ANY other non propaganda state run station.

  • Smilen 2
    Smilen 2 Month ago

    Vote out all these republicans who obviously don't care about us or our country. This administration are evil and dangerous. Putins puppets will get caught and many will be in prison. We must act now before its to late. Bernie is the only one who will get all this corruption OUT but he can't do it alone. Vote out republicans and vote for someone who will back Bernie 100%. Get rid of electoral college. Republicans want it because they Can't win the people's vote. Our country is going backwards. Don't believe these republicans lies !! Do your own research. The VA is so mad that these republicans Want the whistleblower to come forward. That's dangerous and that is why they have protection!! Don't let evil win over justice I don't care what party Lock them all up if they are supporting this corruption!!!!! Bernie 2020 for the people 🔥✌️❤️🌊

    • drksoldier1
      drksoldier1 Month ago

      Bernie the communist is going to save America by taking away all of our pesky rights. We cant be trusted with them. Hail Bernie.

  • Leonard Taylor
    Leonard Taylor Month ago

    The little horn cast down the truth to the ground Daniel 8 twelve. Is Donald Trump the final Anti Christ of the Bible ? the lawless one , the man of sin .

  • gareth jordan
    gareth jordan Month ago

    According to recently-released financial records, the Secret Service was forced to spend $50,000 per month at Trump’s own properties during a 5-month span in 2017. Considering the fact that his trips to his own resorts has barely changed since then, it is fairly safe to assume that tens of thousands of dollars are being funneled back into the President’s pockets each month.

  • Joel Sattler
    Joel Sattler Month ago

    The people who created the Ukraine conspiracy hoax
    are the same people who wrote
    "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"

    • drksoldier1
      drksoldier1 Month ago

      George was a traitor and being against him is the exact opposite of anti-semitic!

    • drksoldier1
      drksoldier1 Month ago

      She's actually an author at "The Globalist" her profile is right on their website. She worked for Open Society too. Her resume buried on the Brookings Institute website says so. Here it is 😉f d 😋p . v c _ l l i h _ 7 0 2 0 7 1 0 2 _ p f / 7 0 / 6 1 0 2 / 🙂s d a o l p u / 😏t n e t n o c - p w / u d e😇 . s g n i k o o r b. w w w /🤫 / : s p 🤫t t h 🤔🤨😉 Except that's backwards and with spaces and faces.

  • clueless but trying
    clueless but trying Month ago +1

    Fatso Republican staffer (what's his name?) finally loses his battle with boredom and goes down for a nap at 6:03:46, right behind self-serving windmill "dr wenstrup". That's how bad the river of sh*t flowing from the Republican "defenders" is: even people paid to be there get terminally turned off.
    I am not saying Democrats don't do the same thing when they are trying to distract the country from properly evaluating their worthless corrupt candidates like Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. Today just happens to be the Republicans' turn.
    Worthless president, worthless candidates, worthless political parties, but the screenshot of this video playing fullscreen is priceless: I am going to use it as background on my desktop. At least until I run into something more hilarious.

  • Sissy Christ
    Sissy Christ Month ago

    Mrs. Hill part of the deep corruption connected to Soros, Clinton's Biden's, and Obama. Money laundering using our tax dollars, covered it up, & they used our money in Ukraine in their foundations and other corporations! Fact!

  • Richard Cory
    Richard Cory Month ago

    The whole impeachment inquiry, as well as the Mueller inquiry boils down to one single issue, whether Russia, or the American people, should have the final say over American foreign policy. Like many other Fox watchers I think Putin's Russia should have the final say as that is more likely to restore the imbalance of power following the end of the Cold War.

  • Deborah Barrow
    Deborah Barrow Month ago

    No one of the accused can prove they didn’t do it. So why are the Republicans pushing Russian disinformation that Trump gets straight from the mouth of Putin instead of believing our security and intelligence agencies?

  • D A
    D A Month ago +2

    The title of this video should be: Fiona Hill rips apart the Republican and FOX news.

    • drksoldier1
      drksoldier1 Month ago

      Mr George S was a traitor and being against him is the exact opposite of anti-semitic! We all know where Ms Hill's loyalty lies.

    • drksoldier1
      drksoldier1 Month ago

      it turns out she really did work for open society too. Her resume from brookings institute stating so is right on their official website. Here it is 😉f d 😋p . v c _ l l i h _ 7 0 2 0 7 1 0 2 _ p f / 7 0 / 6 1 0 2 / 🙂s d a o l p u / 😏t n e t n o c - p w / u d e😇 . s g n i k o o r b. w w w /🤫 / : s p 🤫t t h 🤔🤨😉 Except that's backwards and with spaces and faces.

    • Celeste Walter
      Celeste Walter Month ago

      D A wow the interesting part is she is skilled at interviews,a skilled orator with a huge ego, go back and watch to see who realized her weakness & stroked Fiona just like Schiff did to get answers!

    • drksoldier1
      drksoldier1 Month ago

      Fiona hill lied on the stand and then despicably tried to say it is anti-semitic to question her lie. She literally works for "The Globalist" just type fiona hill globalist into google and look at all the top results. If no one is above the law she needs to go to jail. Lock her up!!!!!!!!

    • Guy Smith
      Guy Smith Month ago

      You must have watched a different hearing. Hill is a disgruntled ex-employee who is angry that she had to resign because she decided to not get on the Trump Train.

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame Month ago

    Chelsea Manning is lockedup for alot less than Trump, Bush, Obama & Clinton get away with

    • drksoldier1
      drksoldier1 Month ago

      I was close Obama didnt pardon manning but did commute manning's sentence at Assanges request. Manning is free.

    • Sheeple are Lame
      Sheeple are Lame Month ago

      @drksoldier1 At this stage even if Assange got a queens pardon it wouldn't make a blind bit of difference

  • James James
    James James Month ago +3

    Impeach TRUMP 4 What?

  • J Clark
    J Clark Month ago +19

    Nixon: "I am not a crook."
    trump: "I'm a crook, so what." Republicans: "We're all crooks, get over it."

    • drksoldier1
      drksoldier1 Month ago

      @Lake Nicaragua Real Estate except everything Trump has done has been in the interest of the public who elected him to do exactly those things. Also he has never claimed to be above the law. If that was the case he would have shut down your investigations before they ever started (he knew they would lead nowhere though). The Democrats are sure trying to put a stop to investigations into themselves though.

    • J Clark
      J Clark Month ago +1

      @Lake Nicaragua Real Estate Basically, I agree with you. Our constitution will stand strong against the criminality of the likes of these trump-Republicans. These elected pukes will be prosecuted for many years to come. Justice is slow, but sure!

    • Lake Nicaragua Real Estate
      Lake Nicaragua Real Estate Month ago

      I'm sure the framers of the US Constitution did foresee a president this criminal.
      About 130 years before the declaration of independence, England experienced a power struggle between Parliament and the king at the time, Charles I, who believed himself immune to any prosecution.
      Charles was accused of treason against England by using his power to pursue his personal interest rather than the good of the country.
      The charge stated that he, "for accomplishment of such his designs, and for the protecting of himself and his adherents in his and their wicked practices, to the same ends hath traitorously and maliciously levied war against the present Parliament, and the people therein represented", and that the "wicked designs, wars, and evil practices of him, the said Charles Stuart, have been, and are carried on for the advancement and upholding of a personal interest of will, power, and pretended prerogative to himself and his family, against the public interest, common right, liberty, justice, and peace of the people of this nation."
      Sound like anyone we know?
      Over the first three days of the trial, whenever Charles was asked to plead, he refused, stating his objection with the words: "I would know by what power I am called hither, by what lawful authority...?" He claimed that no court had jurisdiction over a monarch.
      Parliament disagreed, and chopped off Charles' head

    • Reub Pru
      Reub Pru Month ago

      @David Millington
      I think from the smirk on his face he's planning a book deal---his minute of fame.

    • David Millington
      David Millington Month ago

      @Reub Pru is Sondland a Never Trumper? Why did he say Quid Pro Quo

  • iamplay
    iamplay Month ago +7

    best part so far in these hearing was finding out that ambassador sondland was not boning dr hill
    edit: or was he 🤔🤔.
    edit:nevermind i believe it is so and i feel it is and i heard from a guy who heard from another guy who overheard someone talking on the phone to another guy that it is so
    and it is my understanding and that makes it a indisputable fact
    i rest my case 🤫🤫
    edit: FYI i identify has a lawyer from outer space so don't be a bigot

    • iamplay
      iamplay Month ago +2

      @drksoldier1 😉

    • drksoldier1
      drksoldier1 Month ago +3

      That's the most accurate summary of these hearings I have seen. They look so ridiculous.

  • Justme
    Justme Month ago

    Mr. Homers opening falsehood was putting his own side to sleep I see. See behind him.... Don't blame her..

  • FF Film Crew
    FF Film Crew Month ago +1

    The more you look like a grabbler and weasel the higher you go in the government.

  • FF Film Crew
    FF Film Crew Month ago +2

    I'm outraged not one of these House members were woke enough to ask what gender pronouns that woman Mr. Holmes or man Fiona Hill preferred to be called.

    • Scott Parker
      Scott Parker Month ago

      @Guy Smith why doyou "thinks" that?
      Is it because she killed?

    • Scott Parker
      Scott Parker Month ago

      What do you think she prefers?

    • Guy Smith
      Guy Smith Month ago

      I thinks Fiona prefers "his, him and he."

  • ecilopaveht
    ecilopaveht Month ago

    REPUBLICANS, Disrupt the Democratic party and register as a democrat for the primary. Make sure that Warren or Sanders will not have a chance to be the DNC nominee. Throw the DNC in to chaos vote for Andrew Yang who is an outsider, worst case you would end up with 1K extra a month instead of a 42% sales tax for medicare for all....