Judges Can't Believe His Voice on American Idol | Idols Global

  • Published on Apr 5, 2019
  • Watch Alejandro Aranda on American Idol 2019, as he sings two songs, one on his guitar and on the piano. What did you think about his audition?? Let us know in the comments below...
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Comments • 944

  • lefteris1976
    lefteris1976 3 hours ago

    trent reznor, chopin and bach... WOW WOW WOW WOW. A GEEEENIIIUUUSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

  • lefteris1976
    lefteris1976 3 hours ago

    katey perrys questions to him were pathetic and fatuous. he answered with grace and intelligence.

  • lefteris1976
    lefteris1976 3 hours ago


  • N
    N 6 hours ago

    First Song?

  • Argyris Andreou
    Argyris Andreou 14 hours ago

    I think he is a genius. Also a savant.

  • Serge Leonard Raguini
    Serge Leonard Raguini 22 hours ago

    No, im the lucky ones, because i found this gem.. utube recomms been good this time

  • Jamal Stephon
    Jamal Stephon Day ago +2

    When your Sims4 character is Maxed on their piano, and guitar skills.

  • Jimmy Lo
    Jimmy Lo Day ago

    He doesn’t need auto tunes to become great 👀

  • GForce
    GForce Day ago +1

    I'm actually happier from watching this. And kudos to the posts here too, Classy is still sexy (ehhhHmmm Millenials you listening?) i still havent seen the typical keyboard jockey with a negative critique. THAT is f***kN Awesome. But this guy, holy guitar balls, he walked in, played like that, sang like that, and then has 100% confirmation in his voice with Trent Reznor/Chopin/Bach as musical idols. That guy just proved his IQ is well above the typical person and their ability to cover 3 specific people and why, if you know the music talents of each. He did all 3 in that tryout....WTF!!! Hashbrown WINNER or whatever that saying is, I haven't tweeted in my life and not going to start, but HASHSTASH WINNER.

  • BoZo
    BoZo 2 days ago

    Wow the performance was so good that he had them all praising him like he was a god

  • Psych Gray
    Psych Gray 3 days ago

    sooooo gooood

  • Paris Gomez
    Paris Gomez 3 days ago

    His humbleness is everything

  • Dangitdanger I
    Dangitdanger I 3 days ago

    What impressed me was his guitar playing OMG!!!

    BONEVASIUS SIWE 4 days ago +1

    When you are best in guitar and piano and just put some voice on them, that's art.

    BONEVASIUS SIWE 4 days ago

    When you are best in guitar and piano and just put some voice on them, that's art.

  • Jackson Harris
    Jackson Harris 4 days ago

    The show is over already just someone give him the fucking award

  • JustinSteereMusic
    JustinSteereMusic 5 days ago

    One word: GOLD.

    BONELESS PIZZA 5 days ago +1

    alejandro "ALEJANDRO"

  • Luron Iosefa
    Luron Iosefa 5 days ago

    It's his humbleness that gets me. One of my number 1 audition. God bless brother.

  • Gavin P. Brown
    Gavin P. Brown 5 days ago

    I haven't heard ANYTHING like this guy! WOW. Im a fellow musician and I can see from that certain point of view, that it takes a certain kind of musical soul to pull of what he did, not just on guitar but then on piano(?!) Just.... WOW!!

  • Damon Shattuck
    Damon Shattuck 5 days ago

    I think his singing actually woke Luke up from his nap.

  • lori ann Costello
    lori ann Costello 6 days ago

    His voice is so high....unexpected

  • Jonathan Perkins
    Jonathan Perkins 6 days ago

    John Mayer x Ed Sheeran

  • Chrono flames
    Chrono flames 6 days ago

    imagine them hyping him up this and giving him 3 no's next round[

  • z Scariot
    z Scariot 7 days ago

    Those hands have a freakin mind of their own.. HOOOLY SHT 😶😶

  • Bry Pom
    Bry Pom 7 days ago

    Who thumbs down this? Racist Trump supports ? This guy is a savant or somethin !!

  • Bry Pom
    Bry Pom 7 days ago

    It's not his voice per say it's the whole package his guitar and piano are next level shit !!!

  • Diaz Pradipta
    Diaz Pradipta 7 days ago +9

    Browsing on youtube for 2 hours in the middle of the night and then end up watching this for 10x times!
    This probably the best the greatest ever audition I've ever watch! This guy is a fvcking genius musician! Absolutely pure genius! If i could press like button 1000x times, i would!

  • Ella Warren
    Ella Warren 8 days ago

    I can’t stop listening to this😍 I’m so mind blown how he can play guitar that amazingly and sing soooooo great at the same time!🤯

  • Anonymous Hackers
    Anonymous Hackers 8 days ago

    Dude Katy lowkey acted like psycho obsessed with this man 😂 she didn’t take her eyes off him and talked to him in such a serious way. She was def falling for this man lol

  • impulseMusic
    impulseMusic 8 days ago

    ALEJANDRO don't need this show he need a good recording contract not to rip him off

  • Auto Montage MO
    Auto Montage MO 9 days ago

    I hope he gets a record deal cuz that's a hit.

  • j mat x
    j mat x 9 days ago

    What's his Instagram

  • David Bowser
    David Bowser 9 days ago

    Yeah this dude was totally coached to say he didn't really play the piano. They knew he could play and that's why they asked him to play a 2nd song.

  • Ashley Peters
    Ashley Peters 9 days ago

    "Thanks homie" 😂 just gotta love this guy

  • atcfisherman
    atcfisherman 9 days ago

    As Lionel said, unbelievable.

  • Jason Coombs
    Jason Coombs 10 days ago

    Most important, she told him to stay humble!

  • suuslen
    suuslen 10 days ago

    Nice guitar work easy litstening

  • Michael Mustin
    Michael Mustin 10 days ago

    I can’t look at Luke Bryan and not see Butthead from Beavis and Butthead.

  • Laura Galvan
    Laura Galvan 11 days ago

    Where is he now? Hes great! This is talent❤

  • Betty June Miria Te Oka Reti

    Good OLD Forest GUMP ..😂😂😂😂

  • A Slo
    A Slo 11 days ago

    This guy should have won. American Idol is rigged 100%

  • Charli Blake
    Charli Blake 12 days ago

    “Trent Reznor, Chopan and Bach”!?!? Pretty sure I’m legit in love w this dude🤯🥰😍

  • Charli Blake
    Charli Blake 12 days ago

    Wow!!!! I’m sold!!!!!!!🤗🥰😍

  • David alonso Álvarez
    David alonso Álvarez 13 days ago

    He sings very nice but he plays piano and guitar like a super boss. His guitar´s skills are too much.

  • Kristina
    Kristina 13 days ago

    He is so hot.

  • kill_masta14 MaciasMendoza

    U just won 10k!! thanks homie.

  • Didier Bizimana
    Didier Bizimana 13 days ago

    That kid is greatness and a blessing to music... Stick to your deep love and respect for music. Lionel summaries best, no such like him

  • alan carlyon
    alan carlyon 14 days ago

    This guy comes out of the woods like a gnome and sings and plays like awesome man, the judges are like - wtf in which we all understand their reaction, then this guy does not even know how good he is!!!!!!Brother we wish you all the best that comes your way!

    • Concerned Citizen
      Concerned Citizen 14 days ago

      He does play like a savant or virtuoso but his singing voice is undeveloped like a green banana. He'll need more time to bring that up to par with his other skills. And, he'll have to conquer his fear of flying if he wants to be more than a 'local talent'.

  • Master Minds Here
    Master Minds Here 14 days ago

    1:22 strings swinged in to my heart... Man such a talented man and humble end the ending in guitar... I wish this song was of hours.... Respect for the male judge... Awesome

  • Musaad alsamej
    Musaad alsamej 14 days ago

    Fack that's shit

  • sniperlif3
    sniperlif3 14 days ago

    The judges kinda made him seem, meh. He was great, a country star as the judge automatically ruined most people. Katy is bleh. Gotta get people who know music or know people at a minimum. Katy get stuff thrown at her, and country is basic. Sorry for country lovers, I don't mind it, but it is easy. Been told I was great at many fests, where I was singing better than the artists. Got brought on stage a few times.

    • Concerned Citizen
      Concerned Citizen 14 days ago

      The judges are music-committed, obviously, their whole lives, which you have little respect for as a lightweight.

  • Trevor Marshall
    Trevor Marshall 15 days ago

    Play something with Balls elvis!!

  • Shashi Menon
    Shashi Menon 16 days ago

    He is great!

  • ajsilva78
    ajsilva78 16 days ago

    Gosh... Katy Perry is so so so beautiful...

  • Moonbeam Tipi
    Moonbeam Tipi 16 days ago +1

    He was so shy and humble. Unbelievable with this brilliant talent.

  • Nick Ramey
    Nick Ramey 16 days ago

    Dude can play no dought.. Got a cousin that can play like that

  • Mifos
    Mifos 17 days ago

    Dude will never wash another dish in his life. It's a god damn shame that one of the most talented musicians alive washes dishes in America.

  • Sirskateboard44
    Sirskateboard44 17 days ago

    he's so good he hurts me

  • United Differences
    United Differences 17 days ago


  • Glizzy Kevin
    Glizzy Kevin 18 days ago

    He looks like little chubby version of Dave Franco

  • ProwseOfficial
    ProwseOfficial 18 days ago

    Woah, this guy man!

  • B C
    B C 18 days ago

    John Legend merges with John Mayer

  • Martin Jordan
    Martin Jordan 18 days ago

    He has a fantastic sanging voice

  • Joan Cahill
    Joan Cahill 18 days ago +1

    Well done ; gorgeous man; best of luck not that you need it xx

  • Bewitched Angling
    Bewitched Angling 19 days ago

    Thanks homie...

  • Junior Gomez
    Junior Gomez 19 days ago

    Blake was like
    Damn he’s more talented then me

    • Ggg
      Ggg 18 days ago

      Junior Gomez who’s Blake

  • sleiman vieira machado nunes


  • Real Play51
    Real Play51 19 days ago

    He was my favorite idol. Hope he goes far. He should have won.

  • caloyjp
    caloyjp 19 days ago

    I quit haha