$47 Taco Vs. $1 Taco

  • Published on Mar 26, 2017
  • "This is closest thing to drugs I've ever experienced."
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    Miguel Martinez
    Armando De La Torre Jr.
    Bryan Fyler

Comments • 22 067

  • J.C. Kersh
    J.C. Kersh 3 hours ago

    I'm afraid to show my Mexican grandmother the first four minutes of the video because she might hit my computer with her shoe and start swearing in Spanish at what that restaurant calls a 'taco'.

  • Bryan
    Bryan 5 hours ago

    They're always getting so deep when they describe the food lol

  • Angel Ramirez
    Angel Ramirez 8 hours ago

    Why do they remind me of goku vegeta and piccolo

  • Cynthia Perez
    Cynthia Perez 12 hours ago

    Adam is me in class, silent lol

  • Cupcake Forever
    Cupcake Forever Day ago

    Go big or go home

    *A few seconds later*

    Serves a tiny little taco

  • Cupcake Forever
    Cupcake Forever Day ago

    Where u getting those 1 dollar tacos thoooooo

  • Amara K
    Amara K Day ago

    The place that I love for tacos have 6 something dollars for 5 mini tacos and it's amazing

  • Elijah Alarcon
    Elijah Alarcon Day ago

    Only Mexicans know how to make tacos

  • Amina Rashed
    Amina Rashed Day ago

    The last one is a shawarma? 😂

  • Lara Mudallal
    Lara Mudallal Day ago

    1$ taco here: EAT ME IM CHEAP!

    mY one dollar taco:


  • JuaN Ojeda
    JuaN Ojeda 2 days ago

    The first one isn’t a taco.......

  • Arianna Benoit
    Arianna Benoit 3 days ago +3

    First thing wrong with the $47 taco is that it's $47....enough said.

    2ndly, It is served at a restaurant that focuses on American classics. Do not disrespect the origin of the Taco by associating it with the same place that created the vile substance of kraft cheese.


    4thly, He said "Go big or go home"..................... GET OUT

  • Thatonekid
    Thatonekid 3 days ago

    I’d rather buy 47 of those $1 tacos

  • It's Pyqro
    It's Pyqro 4 days ago

    0:02 Steven: **casually eats a tAcO lIkE a sAndWich**
    Me: *...this man needs to be educated ;~;*

  • UrgotMidOnly
    UrgotMidOnly 4 days ago +1

    Imagine paying 47$ for that xd

  • CSX Enterprises
    CSX Enterprises 5 days ago +3

    “This is the closes thing I’ve ever ate that is close to drugs”

    I thought This was family friendly

    MISS MIA 5 days ago

    Oof your making the caviar sound so good I’m allergic 😢😢

  • RussoBrite Games
    RussoBrite Games 5 days ago

    BIG lesson The Cheaper it is the bigger it gets

  • Morgan Kelly is ugly

    3:36 tah gayyyyy😂

  • Faizan Max
    Faizan Max 6 days ago

    Food is cheap gives you taste like a friendship and costly food always gives you taste like a motherly cooked

  • Jesse Luna
    Jesse Luna 7 days ago

    Real tacos r Mexican tacos 🌮 like if u agree

  • Bi18yaoi
    Bi18yaoi 7 days ago

    the first one that is not a taco, I know what a taco suppose to have and don't have. That is not a fucken taco.

  • zayuury _
    zayuury _ 7 days ago

    That expensive taco wasn’t a taco.

  • Not Fluxs.
    Not Fluxs. 7 days ago

    Watching y’all eat makes me gain 10 pounds.

  • Mimi Sab
    Mimi Sab 7 days ago +2

    Lol even the title is flip flopped 🤠🤠🤠😂😂

  • Neurotic _FX
    Neurotic _FX 7 days ago

    It makes me mad that they went backwards.

  • Eskymo1984 eats
    Eskymo1984 eats 7 days ago

    Do worth it burrito

  • BLUE
    BLUE 7 days ago

    You can’t put Diesel in a gas car

  • Charlie Boy
    Charlie Boy 7 days ago

    I'm offended by the first "taco"

  • Yahya Bana
    Yahya Bana 7 days ago

    This series is the only good thing about Buzzfeed

  • Bernardo Hernandez
    Bernardo Hernandez 8 days ago

    Lol. I just ate at Leo’s on Sunday. It was aight.

  • Summer Neblett
    Summer Neblett 8 days ago

    Oyamel Covina Mexicana is a good Mexican restaurant in DC with some good tacos

  • Mr. Wyrzykowski
    Mr. Wyrzykowski 9 days ago

    they drive slower than my grandma

  • Incognito Mode
    Incognito Mode 9 days ago

    2:13 Every time you call that thing a taco a Mexican dies. 🙁

  • Kim Barbeau
    Kim Barbeau 9 days ago

    That first thing is NOT a taco

  • Tue Minh Le
    Tue Minh Le 9 days ago

    47$ for a nacho like potato chip with fish eggs and one bite 😂😂😂

  • ignacio martinez
    ignacio martinez 10 days ago +4

    “Go big or go home....”

  • Klaudia Qunaj
    Klaudia Qunaj 10 days ago

    imagine making your living like this 😍

  • Chelsea Brincat
    Chelsea Brincat 10 days ago

    Worth it boba would be amazing

  • MLGAsians
    MLGAsians 10 days ago

    I’m hungry for tacos now :D

  • Vanity Noedel
    Vanity Noedel 11 days ago +2

    Adam reminds me so much of Lil Dicky lol

  • HYDRO_ Mxrcy1es
    HYDRO_ Mxrcy1es 11 days ago

    Wonder what gordan ramsey is thinking right nowif hes watching this

  • Alejandra Bolio Castañeda

    Why didn't they do the taco episode at México? Is there any episode where they try mexican food here in México?

  • Raymond Phung
    Raymond Phung 11 days ago

    I love cheese

  • Gunner Kanaziz
    Gunner Kanaziz 11 days ago

    Get Gordon Ramsay as a special guest to judge food with you guys

  • GirlsAndJam
    GirlsAndJam 11 days ago

    "It's gonna taste like your jokes... Corny." There he goes..

  • Your future boyfriends

    Who wacth this after wacthing smosh

  • Si Sierra
    Si Sierra 11 days ago

    I am definitely one of those people that takes a bunch of little naps during the day instead of actually sleeping at night 😂

  • oK
    oK 12 days ago +1

    Not a taco

  • Ibrahim Riazi
    Ibrahim Riazi 12 days ago

    Tell me why Andrew looks like a baby Bob Ross in the thumbnail

  • Nicole Gracie
    Nicole Gracie 12 days ago

    Am I the only one see andrew like sebastian stan

  • Alfie Simmons
    Alfie Simmons 12 days ago +1

    I am I the only one who doesn't like tacos.

  • IceDew!
    IceDew! 12 days ago +1

    The thing is that they are so lucky to have the best food every day

  • EPIC Films 4 life
    EPIC Films 4 life 13 days ago


  • Tammy Tang
    Tammy Tang 13 days ago

    I’m surprised they didn’t just go Taco Bell

  • some guy
    some guy 13 days ago +4

    Hell, theres 87 cent tacos in Mexico

    • shadowpoetrk
      shadowpoetrk 9 days ago +1

      Hell, there are 33 cent taco's at Del Taco on Tuesdays.

  • pixelParty
    pixelParty 14 days ago +2

    So we’re just going to ignore the fact that Andrew said that they all spooned in their group nap in the beginning of the video?

  • m l
    m l 14 days ago +13

    47 dollars for that little thing?!
    taco bell here i come

  • Long Đoàn
    Long Đoàn 14 days ago +22

    How to make a 1000$ weed :
    Put caviar on top of the 5$ weed

  • Lemen303
    Lemen303 15 days ago +3

    This is my DREAM I think I'm going to cry..

  • Sinai Nigoche
    Sinai Nigoche 15 days ago +3

    I swear Andrew is so cultured than he let's on and I love that he got a Jarrito with that $1.25 taco it honestly makes the experience so much better also I'm shook Adam can handle Chile rojo 👀.

  • Karina Rodriguez
    Karina Rodriguez 16 days ago

    Any Latinos getting bothered by how there say Al Pastor? And how they literally ate it by itself without cilantro or onions like oof that got me

  • NoahCurry30
    NoahCurry30 16 days ago

    2:24 does anyone know the name of this song?

  • Moriarti Demonfire
    Moriarti Demonfire 16 days ago

    The last one was just doner but worse

  • lol
    lol 16 days ago

    1:34 like it wasn't already ridiculous enough,they halve that potato chip EVEN FURTHER.

  • Leafy Potato
    Leafy Potato 17 days ago

    Please include Adam more i love him

  • Makayla Takang
    Makayla Takang 17 days ago +5

    if they only ate the caviar without the taco shell the price would go down to $45

  • Makayla Takang
    Makayla Takang 17 days ago

    as soon as you add caviar or truffle the price goes up by $20000

  • xokace x
    xokace x 18 days ago

    tocobell is better than those FaKe TaCoS lIkE whY evEn mAkE a nOn-TocO fOr 47 DOLLLARSSS

  • ovo richkid
    ovo richkid 18 days ago

    How could you not go to TACO BELL?

  • 1000 subscribers without any video challange

    *"Go big or go home"*
    **Serves the smallest taco....**

  • Pogi Joish
    Pogi Joish 18 days ago

    After this watch smosh's $1 vs $1,000,000 taco

  • F1rezzz
    F1rezzz 19 days ago

    At the last spot, how did they understand the guy if they didn’t have the captions?

  • owiSaka
    owiSaka 20 days ago

    they actually edited the cheapest taco in slow motion lol

  • SSB Gogeta
    SSB Gogeta 20 days ago

    caviar is too salty

  • jungle llama
    jungle llama 20 days ago

    Can we stop putting gold and cavier on foods just to make it expensive

  • Vincent Lopez
    Vincent Lopez 21 day ago

    They always make Adam eat awkwardly

  • M Choppy
    M Choppy 21 day ago

    Pringles with caviar

  • Adam Hause
    Adam Hause 21 day ago

    I would rather have the 1 dollar taco

  • H4M2
    H4M2 21 day ago

    What does Adam do at the back of the car?

  • Senor Frijol
    Senor Frijol 22 days ago +1

    Ayyy showing some love to my moms hometown Yucatán with that cochinita pibil 🇲🇽🙌🏼😁

  • Sarah Liao
    Sarah Liao 22 days ago +21

    Booiiiiii that "taco" at the beginning is really just a fancy chip... they don't even use corn!

  • K Tots
    K Tots 22 days ago +6

    I looooove the guy in the back. His taste test cameos are hilarious. He doesn’t say a word

  • Fernand El Helou
    Fernand El Helou 22 days ago

    “The way you cut the meat is like doing kabobs” Idiot it’s Shawarma

  • SongbirdRen
    SongbirdRen 22 days ago

    Or I could go to Taco Bell and get a chalupa.

  • Real Jougan
    Real Jougan 22 days ago

    That Isn’t a Taco that is literally a Pringle with caviar on it

  • MMAS
    MMAS 23 days ago

    Pretentious caviar taco

  • Draconis Potter
    Draconis Potter 24 days ago

    I think, the boys also felt dissappointed at the first look of the caviar taco

  • Crab Rave
    Crab Rave 24 days ago +15

    They just spent $150 for some lays and Nemo’s siblings

    • Aishwarya Jha
      Aishwarya Jha 17 days ago

      @Crab Rave Rounds to 140 but I like the way you think

    • Crab Rave
      Crab Rave 18 days ago +1

      Komal Sarma combined. They got three. That rounds to around 150

    • komal sarma
      komal sarma 18 days ago +1


  • john perry
    john perry 24 days ago

    what is up with the sound guy

  • Maneuvering Bachelor
    Maneuvering Bachelor 24 days ago

    I love how homie just ate the taco alone and how he just chills in the back ha

  • 75CHEM
    75CHEM 24 days ago +1

    me seeing the thumbnail: "is tHat cAviAr????"

    RUSHIL JOHAR 25 days ago

    Drive ready nap. That's a job worth

  • Dasha Holland
    Dasha Holland 25 days ago +2

    Modesto California 50c tacos👏🏾

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 25 days ago

    Why are you getting pressured when you are just eating a 47 dollar taco

  • HUSSEIN saleh
    HUSSEIN saleh 25 days ago

    Lebanese people can like this 🇱🇧🇱🇧

  • PaperParody
    PaperParody 25 days ago

    Smosh made a remake haha

  • Elsa&lisa
    Elsa&lisa 26 days ago

    Okay what’s worse the $2500 soufflé at petrossian or that bite of caviar taco for $50? If I was eating caviar I’d just eat caviar.

  • Nagah Zaki
    Nagah Zaki 26 days ago

    A rare fish and you eat their babys

  • Mike .t
    Mike .t 27 days ago

    White peoples kill me all the time 💀💀😂😂