$47 Taco Vs. $1 Taco

  • Published on Mar 26, 2017
  • "This is closest thing to drugs I've ever experienced."
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    Miguel Martinez
    Armando De La Torre Jr.
    Bryan Fyler

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  • Brayan Rebolledo
    Brayan Rebolledo 6 hours ago

    Bruh finally someone that talk Spanish 😂

  • Fernando Rey
    Fernando Rey 18 hours ago

    Who else thought that the taco was so big it was prob gonna be hard to eat but ones they zoomed out they where like: 😑😱

  • iiijess.roblox
    iiijess.roblox Day ago


  • Sascha Toboso
    Sascha Toboso Day ago

    Why caviar???????
    I think Better wagyu taco than caviar .-.

  • Mirjana Nalbandian
    Mirjana Nalbandian 2 days ago

    Why everything in USA that is expensive has to be with caviar, gold or truffle?...or all those stuff combined? I simply do not understand

  • Don't Reply
    Don't Reply 2 days ago

    Why didn't you just use later footage as in the cheaper supposed first ones as the first piece of footage...

  • AGC
    AGC 2 days ago

    Am I the only one who noticed they ate the expensive food then the cheap one like wtf it threw me off a bit ngl

  • Lito B
    Lito B 2 days ago

    I feel disrespected by that horchata

  • Mjewels93
    Mjewels93 2 days ago

    Is this just me or did the middle place's tacos just look revolting tbh

  • D Daisy
    D Daisy 2 days ago

    rlly thought that was a pearl taco at first

  • Emerald Princess
    Emerald Princess 3 days ago

    Adam is too cool for me

  • sniker wink
    sniker wink 3 days ago

    I would rather just go to Taco Bell honestly

  • sniker wink
    sniker wink 3 days ago


  • JoyBoy King
    JoyBoy King 3 days ago

    I can go prepare my own feast for $47 while drinking a beer 😒

  • MrMother Sole
    MrMother Sole 3 days ago

    Love the Wayne’s World Reference

  • Trey Tison
    Trey Tison 3 days ago

    I'm on board with the caviar and cream but serving it on a potato chip is.... questionable.

  • indian fitness dude
    indian fitness dude 4 days ago

    If adam told
    Adam:It is good
    Trust me buy it😄😄

  • Akash Sathyamoorthy
    Akash Sathyamoorthy 4 days ago

    k a pringle with fish eggs, what else is new?

  • Jake paul
    Jake paul 4 days ago +1

    who else just looks at adam while there in the car

  • Game Metta2
    Game Metta2 5 days ago

    Taco bell has entered the chat.

  • Cayden Thao
    Cayden Thao 5 days ago

    I’ve watched almost every one of these videos, and I have never said “it doesn’t feel like it’s worth it” until seeing this $47 taco.

  • ULTRA BlueDrawing
    ULTRA BlueDrawing 6 days ago

    Forget Tomato Town!
    It’s Taco Town now!

  • Alana Webster
    Alana Webster 6 days ago

    The $47 taco, is a tiny chip u can make at home tbh

  • Amy Yany
    Amy Yany 6 days ago

    Did Steve admit he did drugs before? 3:20

    • Amy Yany
      Amy Yany 5 days ago

      Jesi Marie yes but how did he know what drugs taste like?

    • Jesi Marie
      Jesi Marie 6 days ago

      He said it was the closest thing to drugs he’s ever eaten/done in his life, which means he hasn’t done drugs

  • Faizah Bhaiyat
    Faizah Bhaiyat 6 days ago

    That th7mbnail though😆

  • Thelegend 319
    Thelegend 319 7 days ago +1

    Go big or go home will never be an excuse to charge so much for so little

  • battlefield 1gamer
    battlefield 1gamer 7 days ago

    Takes a 10cent chip adds 47 dollar caviar and now you have an expensive dish. What BS

  • littlesquidgaming
    littlesquidgaming 7 days ago

    The cultural gradient to the cheapest taco, the best taco was the simplest.

  • Jeremy Bacharach
    Jeremy Bacharach 8 days ago

    adam the wizened

  • Violet Baudelaire
    Violet Baudelaire 8 days ago

    These guys have no chemistry with each other...

  • Kailer Canlas
    Kailer Canlas 8 days ago +1

    The expensive one is literally just a salty vegetarian taco

    • Kailer Canlas
      Kailer Canlas 3 days ago

      +ne mau oh yea you're right, I was just talking about the onions and other stuff

    • ne mau
      ne mau 4 days ago

      Kaviar isn’t vegetarian it’s fish eggs

  • Kailer Canlas
    Kailer Canlas 8 days ago

    I just go to tacobell

  • Arlene Daposala
    Arlene Daposala 8 days ago

    they started with the most expensive one

  • Tiffany Core Jaramillo

    I think i have a crush on Adam... ❤️❤️❤️

  • Patricio Sanchez
    Patricio Sanchez 10 days ago

    A huevo, vivan los tacosssss!

  • XxmusicXxplz
    XxmusicXxplz 10 days ago

    Horchata with cold brew sounds really good

  • 「 Butterfly 」
    「 Butterfly 」 11 days ago

    You could choose between a $47 potato chip and 47 $1 tacos.

  • Nick Anderson
    Nick Anderson 11 days ago

    The ☝️Bite Taco for 47 DOLLARS! R U SERIOUS 🤦‍♂️

  • AXE_ possible
    AXE_ possible 11 days ago

    Is steven gay?

  • tony guanatos
    tony guanatos 11 days ago

    Cheapest all the way.😎

  • Adrian McDaniels
    Adrian McDaniels 11 days ago

    "Ive wanted to be married since I was born."

  • XO
    XO 11 days ago

    that looks like an alien taco

  • Anxietoad Arts
    Anxietoad Arts 12 days ago +1

    Literally the comments:
    50% yelling at the $47 Taco for having caviar/ and or how it's a potato chip
    50% yelling about how it wasn't even a taco
    Do I agree with them? Yes.

  • Hazard!
    Hazard! 12 days ago

    Man nice curved potato chip with fish eggs inside *what a taco*

  • MusicLife Youtube
    MusicLife Youtube 12 days ago +2

    "I've been wanting to be married since I was born." Favorite line ever.

  • BhUpEn NaIk
    BhUpEn NaIk 13 days ago +1

    Hey guys choco here

  • Marcus Pierce
    Marcus Pierce 13 days ago +2

    You have to do south Texas for tacos. Everyone knows this.

  • Ricky Dream
    Ricky Dream 13 days ago +6

    The cheapest items seems to be the best

  • τD-Boreal
    τD-Boreal 13 days ago

    8:26 I love this man I swear

  • Potato
    Potato 13 days ago +1

    Am I the only one thats going to talk about how their champagne costs $45 dollars *a glass*

  • Grayson K
    Grayson K 13 days ago

    I can't believe I watch this garbage. Buzzfeed makes Satan look like a cuddly puppy. Buzzfeed makes Cthulhu vomit eldritch churnings. I am so ashamed.

  • Bryan Eli Khoury
    Bryan Eli Khoury 13 days ago

    Imagine you drop the 47 dollar 🌮 taco. Ohhh that would be ooof

  • valerie seraphina
    valerie seraphina 14 days ago

    1:08 that's not a taco that's a pringle!

  • Gina Napravnick
    Gina Napravnick 14 days ago

    Are u like a hamster person 😂

  • AV3R3ST
    AV3R3ST 14 days ago

    that tacos a damn scam

  • Ricardo Valenzuela
    Ricardo Valenzuela 14 days ago

    Steven stop trying to cheers Andrew 😂

  • Calico Bunny
    Calico Bunny 14 days ago

    “You’re paying for a great price if you want to impress a friend”
    Bish if I was given a tiny Pringle with fish eggs to eat instead of an actual taco I would’ve killed that friend

  • Luna Lugosi
    Luna Lugosi 14 days ago

    That first taco does not look appetizing and $47 for that baby thing thank you next 👎🏾

  • Andrew Johnston
    Andrew Johnston 14 days ago +3

    When you realize that the Champaign cost $2 less than the taco


    Why is when they take a bite of the most expensive one is so dramatic

  • Corey L Teague
    Corey L Teague 15 days ago +10

    $47 taco literally made from a folded potato chip? 🤦🏾‍♂️ I’m not saying anything else. I might cuss..

  • McChicken Noodle
    McChicken Noodle 16 days ago

    Jack in the box sells 2 tacos for 1 dollar and their hella good

  • Reshzin Orvyn
    Reshzin Orvyn 16 days ago +4

    I think my favorite character is the camera guy. He is the personification of relatable. No talking, no fancy quips, no looking into camera, just a dude that has the sole singular purpose of enjoying their food. I respect that

    • ne mau
      ne mau 4 days ago

      He is called Adam

  • AnimeJo Bro
    AnimeJo Bro 16 days ago

    Why didn't you go to Taco Bell first?

  • dabmotha
    dabmotha 17 days ago

    Guisados may taste good but they don't look good.

  • Scorpius
    Scorpius 17 days ago

    Being poor for my entire life thus far, “$47” and “Taco” put together makes me very angry. It definitely didn’t help when I saw how small it was. I don’t care how rare your fish is or how high quality your ingredients are. If you can feed a family of four with $20(we’ve done it), spending $47 on a bite sized taco that can’t even feed one person is completely asinine. How disgusting.

  • Luke Friesen
    Luke Friesen 17 days ago

    Anyone else tripped up by the fact that the price ordering

  • Zeke Harris
    Zeke Harris 17 days ago +3

    you should try the 25,000 dollar taco at a resort in mexico

  • Litttlemac48
    Litttlemac48 17 days ago

    in the title they put the more expensive thing and least expensive backwards

  • Emma Sison
    Emma Sison 17 days ago

    They should have gone across the street to Velarde’s Fruits after Guisados. So bomb

  • Jake Weber
    Jake Weber 17 days ago

    That fist taco looked nasty

  • Pillow X
    Pillow X 18 days ago +1

    7:09 Rejected 😂

  • velvet girl
    velvet girl 18 days ago

    I never been try or look taco at my real life :)

  • Seungwanniee Son
    Seungwanniee Son 18 days ago

    3:55 now I know how TF Blade would look like if someday he would grow a beard

  • Lias Kun
    Lias Kun 18 days ago

    How can he know that it was the closest thing to drug ???

    SLYNK 18 days ago

    Takes the caviar out with a plastic spoon

  • David Su
    David Su 18 days ago

    oh hell nah adam gets his own

  • Moh Games
    Moh Games 18 days ago

    im swallowing my tong cuz im hngry watching them

    ERIC HONG 18 days ago

    my name is bob

  • Andrew Lynch
    Andrew Lynch 19 days ago

    I'd rather eat 3 big beef tortilla taco's than one thing of bite size fish eggs on a potato chip...

  • CatEverdeen
    CatEverdeen 19 days ago


  • Giovanni Messina
    Giovanni Messina 19 days ago

    Can u guys do a caviar episode?

  • Little gray Alien
    Little gray Alien 19 days ago

    why does the guy in the back seat
    look like seth rogan ?

  • TheFireMonkey9
    TheFireMonkey9 19 days ago

    Who wants tacos?

  • graciela vila
    graciela vila 19 days ago

    "You're like a hamster person"

  • alex robles
    alex robles 20 days ago

    How to make a taco for white people

  • Alt+F4
    Alt+F4 20 days ago

    Damn thats some delicious potato chips.

  • alex cortes
    alex cortes 20 days ago

    odio como pronuncio su nombre al 4:42

  • Carolina Dupinet Candila

    You should remake this version in Mexico City! (for sushi for example you guys wnt to Japan) so go to the real places

  • G l o b
    G l o b 21 day ago

    Get a boyfriend that looks at you like the way Andrew look at Steven

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel 21 day ago

    The best taco I ever had was at a food truck on the beach, it is the best thing I have ever tasted!!

  • RNG_ J0K3R
    RNG_ J0K3R 21 day ago +1

    1$ dessert vs 1000$ dessert

    • Vexoph
      Vexoph 11 days ago

      They did that already 😁

  • Daniel Reyes
    Daniel Reyes 21 day ago +1

    Those all pastor tacos 🤤👌🏻

  • Forgotten Ninja
    Forgotten Ninja 21 day ago

    I am starving and I choose to starve myself more

  • klepto
    klepto 21 day ago

    $47 Pringle with fish eggs
    $1 taco

  • Mahi Hoque
    Mahi Hoque 22 days ago

    Its 47$ i must feel like im in haven

  • Avantika Arvind
    Avantika Arvind 22 days ago

    The last one is like a shawarma taco

  • yung_ice 302
    yung_ice 302 22 days ago

    First restaurant ruind tacos

  • Ruben Escobar
    Ruben Escobar 23 days ago

    I think Steven ran someone over at 12:06

  • GarciaFAM0463 ///
    GarciaFAM0463 /// 23 days ago

    Should have went to el Gordos tacos