$47 Taco Vs. $1 Taco

  • Published on Mar 26, 2017
  • "This is closest thing to drugs I've ever experienced."
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    Miguel Martinez
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  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 2 days ago

    Not a taco.

  • The Dragon Greilzrasdanth

    Do a burrito jefes.

  • Caac
    Caac 2 days ago

    That $47 taco ain't no taco

  • andrian831
    andrian831 2 days ago

    Everytime I watch this video, I always skip the $47 taco part

  • Hibiki Tunku_Farazil

    Hotpots worth it in China pls have hi chilli

  • slimey drip
    slimey drip 3 days ago +1

    That's not a taco.. It's a pringle with lentils no cap

  • Madman Mad boy
    Madman Mad boy 3 days ago

    You should try them in mcallen

  • dead man
    dead man 3 days ago

    This is culture appropriation you should stick to your peoples food...

    Jk I'm the hardest mexican conservative alive

  • wiseguy1305
    wiseguy1305 3 days ago

    If you pay $47.00 for a taco ...jump into a volcano.

  • Aiffel Zaky
    Aiffel Zaky 4 days ago

    I love how quite the camera guy is.

  • Cesar A
    Cesar A 5 days ago

    Should have went to avenue 26 tacos in Lincoln heights, to get $1 tacos

  • Irish Lass
    Irish Lass 5 days ago

    Thats not the cheapest Taco, A small restaurant in my hometown Waukegan has em for 50¢ a piece

  • Fries101Reviews
    Fries101Reviews 5 days ago +1

    Why Not Roy Choi's Korean Tacos in LA i hear those Tacos are Goood

  • Benji Yang
    Benji Yang 5 days ago

    The expensive one is not worth it for its size.

  • c p
    c p 5 days ago


  • Jae Valle
    Jae Valle 6 days ago

    Love Leo’s!

  • Harry CHEUNG
    Harry CHEUNG 6 days ago

    bloody mexicans

  • キングデス
    キングデス 7 days ago

    T A C O C A T

  • ɱɨɕɦɛƚƚɛ // -

    nothing beats like a $1 taco. period

  • Emily Serna
    Emily Serna 8 days ago

    Steven is a hamster! 😭😂😂😂

  • Phuc Nguyen
    Phuc Nguyen 8 days ago

    It’s the wrong WAY!

  • ReVenge Thrasher
    ReVenge Thrasher 9 days ago

    :25 what did bbn he say

  • Kaylee Marie Gil
    Kaylee Marie Gil 9 days ago +2

    I feel like the cheaper food has more of a homey feel

  • heyits adi
    heyits adi 10 days ago +1


  • Bado Pena
    Bado Pena 10 days ago

    Are they gay?

  • sepehr kashi
    sepehr kashi 10 days ago

    thats called good content

  • c0at hanGer
    c0at hanGer 11 days ago

    step 1: go to Vegas for tacos
    step 2: eat some bullshitass taco
    step 3: disregard the best taco place in the world
    step 4: go back to LA and eat more bs tacos

  • c0at hanGer
    c0at hanGer 11 days ago

    goes to Vegas to for tacos
    totally disregards thee best tacos in the world, that just so happen to be served in Vegas

  • Alexthecutiepie
    Alexthecutiepie 12 days ago

    Legend says this is the only video that has the expensive price first

  • Andy Casimir
    Andy Casimir 12 days ago

    They should've travelled to Mexico for this.

  • Paul domenech
    Paul domenech 13 days ago

    I saw dat dude scoop out dat caviar with a plastic spoon

  • Hunger Games Lover
    Hunger Games Lover 13 days ago +1

    *tiny kitchen has left the chat*

  • Megan Guerrero
    Megan Guerrero 13 days ago

    You guys should do burritos now. That would be good.

  • Funnel Cake
    Funnel Cake 14 days ago +1

    Nooooo I was able to hear Adam at the very end. It was so fun when he said things In a really low tone where you could barely hear him.

  • Shey Desai
    Shey Desai 14 days ago

    adam never laughs so hard so i got the chills.

  • Joseph Shim
    Joseph Shim 14 days ago

    Why r they all so small?

  • Hector Corona
    Hector Corona 15 days ago

    there are better tacos in Morelia MICH they are tacos al pastor

  • Meagan Cole
    Meagan Cole 15 days ago


  • Saikot Khan
    Saikot Khan 15 days ago


  • marty mcdemarco
    marty mcdemarco 16 days ago

    the meat for taco al pastor is like shawarma

  • Joseph Caro
    Joseph Caro 16 days ago

    Any fellow Mexicans think the $$$ is wack.

    • Joseph Caro
      Joseph Caro 16 days ago

      I know right

    • Diego
      Diego 16 days ago

      They need to redo this and go to Mexico

  • Joseph Caro
    Joseph Caro 16 days ago

    I live in Vegas and I’m Mexican so one of the best tacos in Vegas is Lindo Michoacán.

  • ice 2 big
    ice 2 big 18 days ago

    Adam is so kyot:

  • Brianna Vasquez
    Brianna Vasquez 19 days ago

    Who's gonna get full off of that one piece of chip

  • Kyiona Palacios
    Kyiona Palacios 19 days ago

    Impress??? With the size of that? Lol!

  • Angel
    Angel 20 days ago

    that first one isn’t a taco it looks like one of the food toys my neice has

  • FB I
    FB I 20 days ago +1

    Caviar looks tasty but tastes like vagina

  • FireBalls Fireworks
    FireBalls Fireworks 21 day ago

    Chef: go big or go home
    **Brings the tiniest taco ever**

  • Nichele Ryles
    Nichele Ryles 22 days ago

    Their descriptions are pure art

    • Nichele Ryles
      Nichele Ryles 21 day ago

      The Bibble what?! Clearly. But apparently I think the quotes are amazing.

    • The Bibble
      The Bibble 21 day ago

      Nichele Ryles it’s just quotes from the video

  • Cesar Salad
    Cesar Salad 22 days ago

    What is uni creme fraiche?

  • Timmy Chiu
    Timmy Chiu 22 days ago

    The name of this episode starts with the more expensive one, then the cheaper one. Breaks the tradition of all other videos.

  • Real Jougan
    Real Jougan 22 days ago +2

    Who tf would pay for a 47$ Fake taco abomination

  • Swuffer Production
    Swuffer Production 23 days ago

    When the food is really expensive why is it small, most of the times?

    • The Bibble
      The Bibble 21 day ago

      Swuffer Production the ingredients are expensive so they make it as small as they can to not waste all of the ingredients

  • TheJaybrone
    TheJaybrone 23 days ago

    Should have had taco de sesos.

  • Jeff Lam
    Jeff Lam 24 days ago

    wow!! so cool

  • TomTom
    TomTom 24 days ago

    (is born*
    Mom: "Aw, he's so cute!"
    Steven: "I want to experience life and spend lots of money and not make commitments."

  • Hot Chilli
    Hot Chilli 24 days ago

    $47 glorified potato chip smh

  • scumbi
    scumbi 25 days ago

    Where are the gloves??

  • xd DeandaSavageBean _
    xd DeandaSavageBean _ 25 days ago

    Imagine being able to eat different foods for a living

  • Jessie Ortiz
    Jessie Ortiz 25 days ago

    The best tacos are the ones that cost 50 cents

  • Jessie Ortiz
    Jessie Ortiz 25 days ago

    That is not a taco ..
    Taco has a tortilla with carne Asada with celantro and onion and spicy salsa

  • kondo iiall
    kondo iiall 25 days ago

    Pretty sure that's lays with caviar

    BRELISH 25 days ago

    Fuzz Beed

  • im not inappropriate im not weird

    Tacos need to have meat

  • im not inappropriate im not weird

    Street to tocos are better and have more flavor like if u agree

  • Aminul Chowdhury
    Aminul Chowdhury 25 days ago

    I was starving when I saw this

  • Jose De dios
    Jose De dios 25 days ago

    Go to an authentic mexican taco truck

  • Phoenix Chung
    Phoenix Chung 26 days ago

    taco shells are made of corn not potatoes

  • Paula Burgess
    Paula Burgess 26 days ago

    Tbh, I would be disappointed if it wasn't Tuesday

  • Dr. Mastery
    Dr. Mastery 26 days ago

    It's not even a taco. Don't you think this just insults the Hispanic culture?

  • Samantha Muro
    Samantha Muro 27 days ago

    There’s a taco stand that is way cheaper than $1.25 in LA it’s actually JUST a DOLLAR but way worth it

  • Joe Cooper
    Joe Cooper 28 days ago

    That caviar thing is the worst "taco" I've ever seen.

  • xxxspooky xxx
    xxxspooky xxx 28 days ago

    7:08 he got rejected 😂

  • |Xx0T4KUxX|
    |Xx0T4KUxX| 28 days ago

    It's just some fish eggs..

  • Hank Hill
    Hank Hill 29 days ago

    im glad they gave the camera man his annual meal and it was someone spite when they said SPICY HUH

  • Khei Productions
    Khei Productions 29 days ago +4

    Lol I freaked out cuz the title said "$47 taco vs $1 taco" and I was like how is $47 cheap?!?😅

  • cbockiii
    cbockiii 29 days ago

    I love how Adam's not allowed to sit at the big boy table

  • Owen Brady
    Owen Brady 29 days ago

    The cheapest good food is usually what I'm most interested in seeing so this actually makes more sense as an editing decision for me

  • The Harry Potter Kitty Fanatic

    Actually, about how the tacos al pastor were influenced by Lebanese immigrants, the way that the meat is prepared is like shawarma (don't know if that's how you spell it in English), or it could just be that restaurant making it like that, I don't actually know.

  • RaymanChrome I
    RaymanChrome I Month ago

    47 dollar taco, what?

  • Jordyn Fields
    Jordyn Fields Month ago

    Do more taco episodes

  • Ismail Niyaz
    Ismail Niyaz Month ago

    As an islander where we consume a large amount of fresh fish and fish products on a daily basis, the sight of fancy dining restaurants using caviar as an excuse to ramp up the prices of their products always makes me laugh.

  • Skylar Johnson
    Skylar Johnson Month ago

    They should do worth it hotpot.

  • Adrian Renoj
    Adrian Renoj Month ago

    The caption from the last one place annoyed me cause I am Latin American

  • Queen.E Anyanwu
    Queen.E Anyanwu Month ago

    4:19 saaaaaammmmme

  • MrBigbenny23
    MrBigbenny23 Month ago

    i know stephen and andrew are the hosts of the show but my favorite part is the look on adams face as he eats something delicious

  • xd_ Faisal
    xd_ Faisal Month ago

    So the last one is basically a how shawarma is made
    (It is a middle easter way to cook chicken or meat and its so damn good)

  • Lil pump
    Lil pump Month ago +1

    Why didn't you get a conasuda

  • Rico Hilario
    Rico Hilario Month ago

    What happened to the taco fact

  • Rachel Zauber
    Rachel Zauber Month ago

    "I’ve wanted to be married since I was born" lol!!

  • Mollie VanArsdale
    Mollie VanArsdale Month ago

    Why is Adam like my favorite part of these videos😂

  • dAt bOi
    dAt bOi Month ago

    I would be broke if i bought enough of those $47 tacos to fill me up

  • Annisa Ramadhia
    Annisa Ramadhia Month ago

    "I'd want to be married since I was born", very relatable Steven.

  • Juan Guerrero
    Juan Guerrero Month ago +1

    There is this amazing taco place in garland tx it’s in a gas station but those tacos are amazing and cheap for 1.75

  • SuperSonic486
    SuperSonic486 Month ago

    aren't these just tortilla's? i mean tacos are hard and way bigger right?
    or am i just weird??

  • wednesday boi
    wednesday boi Month ago

    you guys should make asmr

  • Valon Izeri
    Valon Izeri Month ago

    The first taco was expencive becuase of the caviar i think

  • A Kommentár Xiszó

    The most expensive you could find? I dont think so

    • Najla Mubarak
      Najla Mubarak Month ago

      They are talking about most expensive in America and i don’t think they wanted to spend that much money this episode

  • Moon Light
    Moon Light Month ago

    One expensive taco is €47
    Two expensive tacos is €94
    Three expensive tacos is €188
    That is a lot
    I think 🤔
    (I added you can try)

    • Najla Mubarak
      Najla Mubarak Month ago

      Its not € its $ they aren’t in Europe

  • Juan Felipe
    Juan Felipe Month ago +1

    How many do you eat? 10... WHAT? 😂