Boeing 747 Cockpit View - Take-Off from Miami Intl. (MIA)


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  • Ibrahiim Rob
    Ibrahiim Rob Day ago

    Between them and death just a second 😮😣😲🤤😦😩😈☠

  • Ghost Balls
    Ghost Balls Day ago

    Is there any need for so many buttons &knobs

  • Schwarze999
    Schwarze999 2 days ago

    take offs are the best part of traveling so exciting

  • UnitedWEstand??
    UnitedWEstand?? 2 days ago

    I wished pilots got paid more money then they actually make..

  • therealrene
    therealrene 3 days ago

    How the hell did it take off? Looked like it was barely moving

  • tintuu
    tintuu 3 days ago

    I want to take off the flight and fly passengers from Miami Intrntl Airport to Bombay Intrntl Airport ^Wears hat^

  • Daniel Warren
    Daniel Warren 6 days ago


    BETO ELIAS 6 days ago

    Imagenes Espectaculares 👌👌👌👍🏼👍🏼👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏

  • Cid Campeador
    Cid Campeador 6 days ago

    Cargo City, Miami Florida

  • Lava Collecter
    Lava Collecter 6 days ago

    flying airplane

  • Нина Кононова

    2018 ?

  • Douglas Fox
    Douglas Fox 6 days ago

    These pilots are so under Paid...Massive Skills and them gauge clusters are mind boggling ..I guess flying is in there scares me just to watch this impressive video...No, I don't fly anymore since 1980's and never will as long as I live

  • Douglas Fox
    Douglas Fox 6 days ago

    Car 2 point seatbelts in an aircraft that goes 500 mph...your not going to live 99.99 % of the time if crashed

  • harley bilter
    harley bilter 6 days ago

    Wish they were explaining what the heck they are doing step by step and switch by switch.

  • lil overdose
    lil overdose 7 days ago


  • suwita winata
    suwita winata 7 days ago

    capten & capten

  • Ifly_94 !
    Ifly_94 ! 7 days ago
    Subscribe to my channel. Meant for aviation enthusiasts

  • Allison Benton Queen of Ice

    I don't know why I felt so nervous watching this. Never had this view before. Really amazing. Hats off to Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers. ✈✈✈✈🧡

  • vrx Cld
    vrx Cld 8 days ago

    Scary job, Imagine hopping that something doesn't go wrong during every flight. I would much rather be the pilot than a passenger so that I am in control.

  • Tommy Blur
    Tommy Blur 8 days ago

    Am I seeing two captains flying the plane both of them seem to have four stripes 🤔😊🤷‍♂️👨‍✈️✈️

  • kurt avery
    kurt avery 8 days ago

    my heart is pounding just watching this 😂

  • General R. E. Lee
    General R. E. Lee 8 days ago

    what's that noise that sounds like a electric drill or screwdriver?

  • Taylor Kolbek
    Taylor Kolbek 9 days ago

    I'm a little afraid oh heights but I feel safer on a plane

  • Scott Winne
    Scott Winne 9 days ago

    If god intended for man to fly .He would have givin him knowledge to build machines the fly. AMAZING.

  • Mac attack zach
    Mac attack zach 9 days ago

    7:46 the moment you've been waiting for...

  • Barefoot Prof
    Barefoot Prof 10 days ago

    Jeeze it sounds like a 2 cylinder John Deere

  • Barefoot Prof
    Barefoot Prof 10 days ago

    There are people in this world wayyyy smarter than I am

  • Niamh Miles
    Niamh Miles 10 days ago

    I don't like look of that sticky note on the dash! :)

  • Mary Nakawoza
    Mary Nakawoza 11 days ago

    This is like my best part of flying. Take off!! And wow how much skill and brains these guys have!!!!

  • david wall
    david wall 14 days ago

    747 Queen of the skies 🥰

  • vinayak vinayak
    vinayak vinayak 14 days ago

    Yoooo 2 captains

  • Dody Abimanyoe
    Dody Abimanyoe 16 days ago

    Just shoot the run way you son of a bitch

  • Liam Osgood
    Liam Osgood 17 days ago

    how do you know if there is a Pilot at a party? don't worry, he will tell you ; ) much respect for sure!

  • nobody noname
    nobody noname 17 days ago

    Pilots r hands down the coolest people on earth. And brave and most of the times good looking.

  • Noto rious
    Noto rious 17 days ago


  • Something Enchanted Princess Parties

    Simply awesome!!

  • Ez Pz Get On Your Knees

    i find it sooo oddly satisfying when the planes engine fires up xD

  • Jhonny Alexis
    Jhonny Alexis 18 days ago

    Hola se que eres inglés me entiendes

  • Sony Singh
    Sony Singh 18 days ago


  • one Foood
    one Foood 18 days ago

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  • Israel Kudakwashe Gwasira

    A moment of silence to those of us who used to say, "when I grow up, I wanna be a pilot"

  • Uzair Ilyas
    Uzair Ilyas 19 days ago


  • mukesh kumar
    mukesh kumar 19 days ago

    Great job

  • واثق التميمي

    خرب عراظكم

  • Chris Kalogeropouls
    Chris Kalogeropouls 20 days ago

    How did they get the plane to take off? I didn't see them pull up or down on the handle. The plane just accelerated and up they went.

  • Krushna Chavan
    Krushna Chavan 20 days ago

    They will get holidays or not

  • Anniston BC
    Anniston BC 21 day ago

    I don't know anything about the controls in the cockpit; at 7:27 the plane makes a left hand turn on the run way and the steering wheel isn't moving nor are the pilot's hands on it...what device turns the plane while on the ground?

    • Josh Lehan
      Josh Lehan Day ago

      Foot pedals control the rudder. Large airplanes also have a tiller, to control the steering of the nose wheel. Differential engine thrust, or differential braking of the two rear wheels, can also sometimes be used for steering. On the ground, the one thing that doesn't work, ironically, is the "steering wheel", the control yoke! That only controls the ailerons and elevators, which work very well in the air, but not on the ground.

  • Anubhab Das
    Anubhab Das 21 day ago

    Oooo nice

  • Kesi Hamilton
    Kesi Hamilton 22 days ago

    Two captains..interesting

  • John Andrews
    John Andrews 22 days ago

    *_Near experience of in the cockpit_*

  • Nibu Jacob
    Nibu Jacob 23 days ago

    super train

  • Kamel Naibaho
    Kamel Naibaho 24 days ago

    filter smouck sempurna air planet frizon

  • Films worlds
    Films worlds 24 days ago

    you want more fun start a suzuki hayabusa in racefit exhaust

  • LuolGT
    LuolGT 24 days ago

    Is that flight sim or reality?

  • HighTechRedneck
    HighTechRedneck 25 days ago

    My grandpa was a pilot during WWII. Respect to all pilots for doing the amazing.

  • mytexas days
    mytexas days 26 days ago

    Coolest thing ever. Holy moly the switches!

  • LTGold007
    LTGold007 28 days ago +6

    that front widow is way too small

  • David Karanja
    David Karanja 28 days ago

    How about the engineers who made this machine?

  • JuniorAtThe671 _
    JuniorAtThe671 _ 29 days ago

    Is that faster than my Ferrari spider

  • Manatosh Pradhan
    Manatosh Pradhan 29 days ago

    so nic boeing

  • joannafaith888
    joannafaith888 29 days ago

    I 💖 airplanes. I have flown in varying planes to many cities, nations for over 50 years. I respect the skilled pilots. 👍Sempre Fly!

  • juan zalazar
    juan zalazar Month ago


  • breeze 147
    breeze 147 Month ago

    what speed is at take off it looks like its hardly moving

  • Noot
    Noot Month ago

    Holy crap! They’re flying!

  • David Huot
    David Huot Month ago

    Why not activating autopilot? Lol like to manual flying?

  • Soumya Ranjan Pradhan

    my wish he ki me ek. pilot banu

  • Red Pill Diogenes
    Red Pill Diogenes Month ago

    being a pilot is badass

  • D B
    D B Month ago

    Huge respect !!

    RAHUL B Month ago +17

    God creates incredible humans
    Human creates incredible machines💖

  • Nicolas Barglini
    Nicolas Barglini Month ago

    Como que o piloto faz pra enxergar véi ? Kk

  • Judith Mwanika
    Judith Mwanika Month ago

    amazing wow

  • Keane Lim
    Keane Lim Month ago

    V1,rotate,positive rate. Gear up😍

  • Lydia Williams
    Lydia Williams Month ago

    My father was a pilot. I flew from a very young age so flying never really bothered me like it does some. For a birthday, friends wanted to know where I wanted to go and I said the airport. There's a 747 there and people can go on it, see just how big it was. This must have been in 1970 or '71. The "tour" showed you just how big those engines are, the upstairs cabin. This plane was so much bigger than any other aircraft. Something different to do on one's birthday, but we all enjoyed it.

  • Matilde Purpura
    Matilde Purpura Month ago

    Il volo è stupendo quando partono

  • Matilde Purpura
    Matilde Purpura Month ago

    Bello vedere una cabina dei piloti

  • Cindy Schroder
    Cindy Schroder Month ago

    Cindy Schroder

    FISHBOY ROCK Month ago

    “Dude, these are my buttons to press arbitrarily right here. Those buttons over in the corner, and right in front of you there, are yours to arbitrarily fuck around with. All except that blinking red one right in front of you. Whatever you do, you absolutely do not touch that fucking button!! You wanna know why? Because that’s another one of my buttons to play with and, the reason my take home is twice as yours, three times as much as those crackers up in the tower, four times as much as them hoes in the back, and too much to count more than all them niggas left on the ground. I press it, whenever I get a flashback of all the twisted shit I did to land in the captain seat. Press away!!”

  • avery gentry
    avery gentry Month ago

    Loud and the dang thing was about to fall apart sounded like is that normal?

  • Matrix
    Matrix Month ago

    How do they move and steer the plane in taxiing

  • David Barnett
    David Barnett Month ago

    Wow! What a dead cockpit! No interaction. No radio chatter. No checklists therefore no confirmation. The pilot in the left seat is probably a real hit at parties [sarcasm].

  • Begum Basaran
    Begum Basaran Month ago

    they are the dj's of the sky

  • Vytautas Oliskevicius

    where can i get license? i’m tired driving the truck for 15 years, i need something bigger

  • Angela & fiji
    Angela & fiji Month ago

    I hope they are using sunscreen 😂

  • Fyre
    Fyre Month ago

    (Sees all the switches and buttons)
    Must.... Resist.... Urge.... To


  • LiKe SONN - Fortnite

    sounds like a ps4

  • Vigan
    Vigan Month ago

    It is seriously scary to fly but is so huge responsibility to keep this beast on air. I am really mad on all the airlines that have not good working conditions for the pilots like Ryanair. PS. out of curiosity why the panels keep blinking inside the cockpit ?

    • Félix Moineau
      Félix Moineau Month ago

      Vigan It's only bc of the camera, in real life nothing blinks!

  • Edgar Grande
    Edgar Grande Month ago

    OMG! this guys are heroes.

  • Meral Kornes
    Meral Kornes Month ago

    This is great! My baby falls asleep listening to this, thanks for putting it up, works great for nap time too.:)

  • stevey626
    stevey626 Month ago

    I respect these guys and marines the most. Being a pilot is very interesting and knowing if I ever get a chance to be one, I would get caught up with the amazing views and forget my protocal lol.

  • stevey626
    stevey626 Month ago

    What if a pilot has to use the restroom?

  • lilouu Mcity
    lilouu Mcity Month ago

    like realy

  • lilouu Mcity
    lilouu Mcity Month ago

    they take long to fly

  • Zein Hossen
    Zein Hossen Month ago

    حلووو ys

  • Trudi Atzert
    Trudi Atzert Month ago

    I want to experience this one day

  • sasquatchSGK
    sasquatchSGK Month ago

    flown into and out of Orlando MCO A few times

  • sasquatchSGK
    sasquatchSGK Month ago

    as a railroad worker being in the cabs of locomotives as a conductor,rco operator and engineer and flying in small planes and helicopters this was a view I was always interested in seeing! Awesome. have flown across the USA on vacations and just think its awesome to finally see this!

  • KrotowX
    KrotowX Month ago

    Seen takeoff of the same flight from this airport in rainy night here. Interesting to see how the same look in daylight.

  • mouser485
    mouser485 Month ago

    He hand flew that plane a lot longer than I thought he would have. Very cool vid, I’m a pilot myself but always admired airline pilots, especially 747 guys.

  • kkblazejack
    kkblazejack Month ago

    Thank you for posting this. My grandfather was a pilot for Braniff for 35 years, flying the South American route out of MIA. I miss him sorely, and this gave me a little piece of him back. ❤️