Boeing 747 Cockpit View - Take-Off from Miami Intl. (MIA)

  • Published on Dec 16, 2016
  • This video shows the full start-up, take-off RW09 and manually flown departure from Miami (KMIA/MIA).
    Filmed from a KLM Martinair Boeing 747-400ERF.
    With about 9 hour to go the flight was heading to Amsterdam.
    Recorded with: Sony Handycam, GoPro HERO3 Black.
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  • Stuart Anderton
    Stuart Anderton Day ago

    TOP TIP: watch in reverse to learn how to land a plane.

  • Seifeldin Sameh Salama Saber Abdelhamid

    Witch plan is these????

  • Harvey Egna
    Harvey Egna 2 days ago

    Is that a yellow post it note?

  • gipsy perez
    gipsy perez 3 days ago


    ATTRI ATTRI 4 days ago

    First time flight amazing view

  • Junior 917
    Junior 917 5 days ago

    Откуда такой шум? Они на ракете летят?

  • The Heir
    The Heir 5 days ago

    Pilots, saved me billion times since I’ve been into flights everywhere billion times and they landed take off safely all the time !! Bless u guys!

  • Gretsch86
    Gretsch86 6 days ago

    I have been on a few flights and noticed this happen on this takeoff where the takeoff thrust is actually less than the climb thrust. Here they are using a de-rated takeoff setting (around 98% N1) then the climb setting is 100.7%. Is there any reason for this other than noise abatement? Normally they seem to throttle back or keep a similar thrust setting for climb compared to takeoff but I have occasionally noticed a throttle up when climb thrust is selected.

  • Black Swan
    Black Swan 6 days ago

    11:00 Nice view of the beach and nearby high rises towards the front left

  • Native Daydream
    Native Daydream 6 days ago

    Okay but can they parallel park?

  • MindSeed
    MindSeed 7 days ago

    My dream since I was 5 was to become a pilot, I am now 14 and I still believe it’s going to happen, well I’m going to try my hardest. I watch these videos of these amazing pilots, and I can only dream of that for when I’m old enough

  • German Aviation
    German Aviation 7 days ago +1

    Pressed LNAV like a boss.

  • Andy N
    Andy N 8 days ago

    Yes Pilots are highly intelligent, but don't forget the nice man and woman working in the Airport Tower. They are giving all the instructions not just for the one departing but the one arriving as well... I can't imagine the stress of doing that job over and over. so thanks to the Tower employees as well.

  • Julien Robin
    Julien Robin 8 days ago +4

    7:50 The sound of the engines is magical

    MAUREEN WILSON 9 days ago +1

    This is fascinating! These guys are amazing. Got to be on your game for this job!

  • Edward Lovette
    Edward Lovette 9 days ago

    takeoff is the fun part of flying but also the most dangerous part.

  • Kronix
    Kronix 10 days ago

    Thank you guys for doing the Wright thing.

  • MC Phe
    MC Phe 10 days ago

    ကြၽန္​​ေတာ္​ သည္​ ​ေလယာဥ္​မႉး ျဖစ္​သည္​။

  • mrobofco
    mrobofco 11 days ago

    I like my pilots and doctors with grey hair

  • Navy Night Ranger
    Navy Night Ranger 12 days ago


  • Roxanne Straathof
    Roxanne Straathof 12 days ago

    I enjoy watching these video's, yet I don't like flying. I even take pills for it! Much respect for pilots. they have a lot of responsibility. As a duchy I always fly KLM, feels safe for me XX

  • Luis Angel Campos
    Luis Angel Campos 12 days ago

    Me imagino que debería ser muy bonito viajar en un avión,algún día podré hacerlo.

  • Abhigyan Ashutosh
    Abhigyan Ashutosh 13 days ago +4

    Today was my first flight... IT scared me hell AF during takeoff 😰😰😐

    • Sonne und sonne
      Sonne und sonne 13 days ago

      Abhigyan Ashutosh oh yeah I Can totally understand that but i really enjoyed my first flight though 🤗

  • O Tal Do Tiago Borges
    O Tal Do Tiago Borges 13 days ago

    Pra q serve o sinto de segurança?

  • Mohammad Hossain
    Mohammad Hossain 13 days ago +1


  • Matthew Bortz
    Matthew Bortz 13 days ago

    Fuckin beautiful

  • Gibby Cash
    Gibby Cash 14 days ago


  • Tsireletso Lentsa
    Tsireletso Lentsa 14 days ago +2

    I believe that with the help and faith in Jesus, everything is possible....

  • Grant Mailhes
    Grant Mailhes 15 days ago


  • Edwin Ngetich
    Edwin Ngetich 16 days ago

    Can someone get a scholarship to pursue aviation or are there any available scholarship at the moment??This is a very cool video😍😍

  • Nite Gamer
    Nite Gamer 16 days ago +1

    The sound of my ps4

  • JerryAndFriends
    JerryAndFriends 16 days ago

    I’m flyers not a plane on Saturday it’s a program for 5th grades wish me luck

  • vishe307
    vishe307 17 days ago

    I’m not a pilot or anything but 2 captains? I know it’s just a ranking system but is the guy in the right seat technically a captain or is he the first Officer even though he has 4 stripes?

  • Kelly Goodman
    Kelly Goodman 17 days ago +1

    so i’m watching these plane videos cause i have major anxiety when it comes to flying but seeing the pilots check everythings okay before they take off and all the comments under the video really helped so thank you:)

  • Shaylee Gebhart
    Shaylee Gebhart 17 days ago

    Supposed to go on vacation in May but I think after this video I’ll just cancel it 🤣

    DUCK DROP 17 days ago

    I shot a guy in Afghanistan while he was looking up in the air at an airplane.

  • Daniel Florin
    Daniel Florin 17 days ago

    Hold my beer please

  • Sayyed Firoz
    Sayyed Firoz 18 days ago

    Salute u sir......

  • Julie Parrish
    Julie Parrish 18 days ago +1

    Watching this made my hands sweat!!

  • Abhijeet Shirwal
    Abhijeet Shirwal 18 days ago +30

    Pilots have a big responsibility. I loved this video😘😘

    • German Aviation
      German Aviation 7 days ago +1

      Not including BCF’s or ERF‘s.

    • MONEY/SUCCESS 10Million
      MONEY/SUCCESS 10Million 16 days ago +1

      Yea I wouldnt want all that responsibility of not trying to crash and kill hundreds of people

  • n!tromy
    n!tromy 18 days ago

    Always at this time I get recommended flight videos. I’m already homesick. Stop TVclip stop torturing mE

  • steve jones
    steve jones 19 days ago

    Foster Brooks could learn from that!!!!

  • Nicholas Dwyer
    Nicholas Dwyer 20 days ago

    noisy old bird

  • Errorist
    Errorist 21 day ago +7

    One of my dreams right there! Just gotta graduate high school first, so i could start working on my dream! Summer, come faster please :)

  • Sarnab Das
    Sarnab Das 21 day ago

    Nice 😉

  • wingman boi
    wingman boi 21 day ago


  • wingman boi
    wingman boi 21 day ago


  • wingman boi
    wingman boi 21 day ago


  • Alejandro Basaldúa
    Alejandro Basaldúa 23 days ago +92

    Pfff, it's not so hard. You just have to press W, and then the Downwards Arrow to elevate. I've done it thousands of times in GTA.

  • Drew A
    Drew A 23 days ago +1

    All that technology and they still use post it notes that’s so rad

  • Royal Legend
    Royal Legend 23 days ago


  • nguyen huh
    nguyen huh 23 days ago

    Tuyệt vời

  • future shock
    future shock 23 days ago +1

    looks easy enough, amazing

  • Hector Cortez
    Hector Cortez 23 days ago

    7:42 They seem to move so slow from the cockpit view, but if you focus on the left you get the common passenger view.

  • Steven Coffone
    Steven Coffone 23 days ago

    Airbus 320 family ❤️

  • Abu Hashem
    Abu Hashem 24 days ago

    Smooth lift off

  • Christina Tedla
    Christina Tedla 24 days ago

    It’s still mind blowing that such a machine can fly

  • Cristiano Ronaldo G.O.A.T

    "yeah go ahead" is the capt. a Trinidadian? ahaha

  • Uh Oh
    Uh Oh 25 days ago +3

    This job takes an extreme amount of intelligence, honor, boldness, patience, mental stability and talent. Hopefully all pilots have safe flights.

  • Philip Clarke
    Philip Clarke 25 days ago +4

    nothing but respect and best wishes for every pilot..

  • Rose A
    Rose A 25 days ago

    Hapo kwa cock pit nimesoma nikatoka bure..let me stick to my lane.. being a passenger..pilots kudos guys God grant you His mercy as you take care of this responsibility

  • Marc Lévesque
    Marc Lévesque 25 days ago

    bad cameraman

  • June B
    June B 26 days ago

    Take off speed looks so SLOW!!!

  • Roman Reigns
    Roman Reigns 26 days ago +1

    pretty cool trailer for flight simulator 2019

  • macieksoft
    macieksoft 27 days ago

    Boeing 747 aka queen of...
    ...Derated takeoff...

    Pltu KEBAN AGUNG 27 days ago

    I want be pilot but our family dont have More money, Indonesia spend much money if u want to flying school

  • renkol100
    renkol100 27 days ago

  • Kevin Millet
    Kevin Millet 27 days ago

    I’m watching this because I’m about to go on a plane ✈️

  • Angeles Alvarado
    Angeles Alvarado 27 days ago +1

    I’ve had a fear of flying my entire life. I’ve been on a plane four times, but each time I have been insanely terrified. I’m trying to watch/do everything to get rid of this phobia, and this video actually helps a bit. We’re in good hands in the air, I’m just being irrational.
    If anybody has suggestions to get over my fear of flying, please let me know! I’m willing to do anything to travel the world.

    • darinia22
      darinia22 27 days ago

      Angeles Alvarado visit It helps some.

  • Ronnell Littlejohn
    Ronnell Littlejohn 27 days ago

    How they know which way to go

  • HB R
    HB R 28 days ago

    Ok it's not as easy as it seems

  • Time traveller
    Time traveller 28 days ago

    anyone never been on plane ?

  • Francisco Javier
    Francisco Javier 28 days ago

    If see you curvature horizon the flag planet earth.people exist??? Not understand

  • Francisco Javier
    Francisco Javier 28 days ago

    Si se ve la curvatura de la tierra en el vuelo a.30 mil.pies...por que habra tanto terraplanista???

  • Charlie Harrison
    Charlie Harrison 28 days ago

    What is the pay for these drunk pilots

  • Alex Frenchcore
    Alex Frenchcore 28 days ago

    One posit... 🤣

  • 飯田輝朗
    飯田輝朗 29 days ago


  • Robbie lanvin
    Robbie lanvin 29 days ago

    I got anxiety watching the takeoff

  • Caerule
    Caerule 29 days ago

    Is a 747 cockpit any different than, let’s say, a 737 or 777 cockpit? Or how are they different?

    • Caerule
      Caerule 7 days ago

      German Aviation ok. Thank you!

    • German Aviation
      German Aviation 7 days ago

      Caerule The 777 and 737 are completely different than the 747. Let’s start with basics, well of course the 74 has 4 engines, while the 2 have only 2.
      The 777‘s IRS alignment only requires one press of a button, the 737 requires IRS L, following C and R (same as the 747). Technology advances every day, and so does the same with Aviation. Since the 74 is old, and this variant is over 20+ years of age, it requires more work than the 737 and the 777.

    • Robbie lanvin
      Robbie lanvin 29 days ago

      +Caerule ohhhh okay thanks

    • Caerule
      Caerule 29 days ago

      Robbie lanvin you don’t have to be scared of flying. The chances of getting into a plane crash are 1 in 11 million, and even then, dying in one is 1 in 7.5 million.
      I’ll clarify what I said. The 737 is the most widespread airliner out of its contenders, such as the fact that there are 10000 737s compared to a thousand variants of other airliners. Therefore, because it’s so widespread, the crashes are more common.

    • Robbie lanvin
      Robbie lanvin 29 days ago +1

      +Caerule all I know is that im scared of flying

  • fahe shae
    fahe shae 29 days ago +1

    Jesus guide all planes to right and safe way Amen

  • Michelle Collins-betz

    The pilot Sully who landed the plane on the Hudson River is so incredible along with his co pilot, terrific job, all souls saved, that sticks with me respect ✊

    • Michelle Collins-betz
      Michelle Collins-betz 26 days ago

      Kurt Vonfricken cheers I shall look for them

    • Kurt Vonfricken
      Kurt Vonfricken 26 days ago +1

      Michelle Collins-betz
      I think they did, however it happened in 1989 and we didn't have the 24 hr news cycle back then. You can find many videos about it here on YT.

    • Michelle Collins-betz
      Michelle Collins-betz 26 days ago

      Kurt Vonfricken then they should make a great film about him, thanks

    • Kurt Vonfricken
      Kurt Vonfricken 26 days ago +1

      Sully was good, but Capt. Al Haynes that brought in and landed his plane in souix city Iowa with no hydraulics, I would say pulled off the greatest miracle in modern commercial aviation.

  • Jacqueline Dube
    Jacqueline Dube Month ago +32

    How on earth do you read the skies when flying. Much respect to you. So much responsibility. You have so many peoples lives in your hands.Love you guys. Thank you for keeping us safe. We hardly think about the pilots when flying. God Bless you all.

    • The guy who has 29 letters on his name
      The guy who has 29 letters on his name 13 days ago

      They don't look at the view very often, they have navigations just like what Waze do. That pink line indicates if they have to turn but it's more complicated than reading waze.

    • Christiany Pisani
      Christiany Pisani 27 days ago +1

      umm theyre flying a cargo plane

    • СССР
      СССР 28 days ago

      Всегда думаю о экипаже , это достойный труд , приходилось много летать ..

  • Big Ball
    Big Ball Month ago

    See, you don't have to turn off your electronic devices when airplane take off.

  • Jaquan Kersey
    Jaquan Kersey Month ago

    I’m so high this shit got my heart racing 😂😂

  • Joas Westerbeek
    Joas Westerbeek Month ago

    KLM? Or other airline?

  • آژوان سلیمانی

    jon airport and will Cummins opening landing to otuban press release

  • Jaeson Olguin
    Jaeson Olguin Month ago

    a380 better

  • Sibyl OVG
    Sibyl OVG Month ago

    I was thinking: oh they look dutch and sound dutch, and then I realized it was KLM so makes sense. Anyway, amazing video! Really exciting.

  • roy marius
    roy marius Month ago

    Never trust a commercial pilot! They are all part of the round-earth conspiracy! Every single one of these reptilians has been to the outer wall.

  • IveGotta TightAnus
    IveGotta TightAnus Month ago +1

    The 747 is the most gorgeous and iconic aircraft of all time

    • German Aviation
      German Aviation 7 days ago

      Mikro Belic Well Said.

    • Niko Belic
      Niko Belic Month ago

      We’re all gonna cry when it leaves anyone who is truly into aviation will ball their eyes out when it stops flying.

  • mark Davis
    mark Davis Month ago

    The scary thing about this for me I understand what they are doing but I would never take that responsibility of being a pilot

  • Michael Loder
    Michael Loder Month ago

    the captain looks like Clint Eastwood......Go Ahead fly my airplane...if i were you id ask myself just one question did i fire up only one engine or two.... LOL well did i PUNNK!!!
    yes the responsibility to be a captain on a 747 is Amazing these guys are well trained many many hours of flight prep including Flight sim hours and extra training... dont forget some of these pilots were possible military pilots so they bring that experience with them....

  • Zy Xu
    Zy Xu Month ago

    how is it possible to remember so many knobs and numbers

    • Ian M
      Ian M Month ago

      Years of training usually helps

  • Ministry Of Magic
    Ministry Of Magic Month ago

    bad video very harmful for starting pilots

  • Dilip Kulkarni
    Dilip Kulkarni Month ago


  • NoCopyrightSounds 2018

    Só eu que estou de saco cheio das propagandas no youtube?

  • Mohamed Ajmal
    Mohamed Ajmal Month ago

    Fantastic super video 👏🏻👏🏻



  • Kate Herrera Labro
    Kate Herrera Labro Month ago +1

    This is my dream :( just a dream.. Because i know i won't be able to reach that dream. :( we're just poor.

    • Droid Guy15
      Droid Guy15 Month ago

      That's just an excuse that a loser gives. Go and do anything for the dream of your life. You get only one chance at it.