Boeing 747 Cockpit View - Take-Off from Miami Intl. (MIA)


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  • gggggggg
    gggggggg Day ago

    Always impresses me, they make it seem so effortless. Flew in a few 747's, really makes me wonder how the hell something that big can go up in the air

  • Celestine Maureen

    How the hell do they stay at the center line??

  • njabire peter
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  • spectryl
    spectryl Day ago

    I think I'm in love with the pilot.....

  • Chemistry Atomistic
    Chemistry Atomistic 2 days ago

    Very soft take off

  • Head Coach
    Head Coach 2 days ago

    Most "pilot-friendly" panel in the sky. Easy to use.

  • WildNapkin22
    WildNapkin22 2 days ago

    I Love aeroplanes

  • orbitalspin2011
    orbitalspin2011 2 days ago

    Thank you for posting 7762 times!

  • Oakleyworld
    Oakleyworld 2 days ago

    what if he has the runs in the middle of takeoff?

  • Wendy Torres
    Wendy Torres 2 days ago

    I love that feeling of taking off. Every single human being should experience this.

  • Old Blackstock
    Old Blackstock 3 days ago

    I'm 50 + and I've never been on a plane. I've always wondered how it looks from the cockpit. It's still amazing that those huge planes can fly and land so smoothly.

  • Moises Ruiz
    Moises Ruiz 3 days ago

    Alguien habla español ?

  • CMG
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  • Garrra Fer
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  • Royal3Cheez
    Royal3Cheez 4 days ago

    I hate flying. Watching this video is giving me anxiety. Seriously my pals are sweating just thinking about being in that seat.

  • 18winsagin
    18winsagin 4 days ago

    Old Badass Guys Rule Right!!

  • R H
    R H 4 days ago

    I was going to Take my cat on a plane ride but then I though no I won’t take my cat on a plane ride. We didn’t then go on the plane ride

  • myofficegoes65
    myofficegoes65 4 days ago

    That APU has quite a large amount of bleed air to be able to start two engines at once!

  • MegaCessnapilot
    MegaCessnapilot 4 days ago +1

    I miss flying the big jets. Taking off in a 747 is like taking off in a 4 story building.

    • Wil Andersen
      Wil Andersen 4 days ago

      Yes, the 747 was tops for me as well... My Dad worked for Northwest Orient back in the day...Got to fly the 47 to Tampa in '74... The L1011 was another rush... What gorgeous aircraft...

  • md nahean galiv 2006


  • MDT
    MDT 4 days ago

    07:54 orgasmic engine......

  • Tanoy Ch
    Tanoy Ch 4 days ago


  • jeffery wade
    jeffery wade 4 days ago

    man that's a noisy plane

  • Stuart Cracraft
    Stuart Cracraft 4 days ago

    Is this why my favorite director Stanley Kubrick never flew on a plane after he left America and landed in the U.K.? I'm fine with that having been in an airplane crash. Nuts to this kind of thing. Count me as Dr. McCoy not wanting to spread my molecules in the Transporter.

  • dog shiber
    dog shiber 5 days ago

    God bless the pilots that are flying. God bless the people flying with planes. God bless 'MURICA.

  • David Hughes
    David Hughes 5 days ago

    These two wankers don't like each other

  • Doreen Fawcett
    Doreen Fawcett 5 days ago

    Wooooooooooooooooow what a machine amazing 😉

  • Portia Zwicker
    Portia Zwicker 5 days ago

    It doesn't seem like it's going very fast at all once it lifts off.

    • Wil Andersen
      Wil Andersen 4 days ago

      Portia... Looks are deceiving... The cockpit is 3 stories off the ground...

  • Jose Antonio Martinez

    Amazing video! I will be taking a flight with my wife next week :)

  • Raymond J.
    Raymond J. 6 days ago

    Where was their destination?

  • R Ski
    R Ski 6 days ago +2

    Sure beats sitting in that dam Miami Traffic.

  • Scruff Scrofula
    Scruff Scrofula 6 days ago +1

    I love how they know all the gauges and controls, but still need a yellow sticky note to tell them the plane number!

  • Back Up
    Back Up 6 days ago

    Pilots are amazing people 🙏🏼👍👏🏻

  • Felix
    Felix 6 days ago

    always wants to be a pilot in my dreams, but unfortunately.....

  • oofer kid
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  • madhu karan
    madhu karan 6 days ago

    Knob airlines 😁

  • Wally G.
    Wally G. 7 days ago

    These guys have bull balls and nerves of steel. That’s all.

    • Wally G.
      Wally G. 6 days ago

      R Ski. You’re so right.

    • R Ski
      R Ski 6 days ago +1

      You've just described the ones that land fighter jets on carriers.

  • Jeanette
    Jeanette 7 days ago +1

    Few have ridden on the 747, yes amazing.... 1977 flight from Munich Germany to New York. Thankful for the privilege

    • Wil Andersen
      Wil Andersen 4 days ago

      Nothing less than breathtaking... Love the 47...Thanks, Northwest Orient for the memories...

  • SickTuberGamer
    SickTuberGamer 7 days ago

    Take off at 8:17. Thank me later!

  • Alexander Calder
    Alexander Calder 7 days ago

    Absolutely amazing. I still don't see how 'lift' is sufficient to lift a giant plane like a 747 into the sky. I can see it for a super-light Cessna....but for a 747? Seems to defy some natural law of gravity!

    • Alexander Calder
      Alexander Calder 6 days ago

      Of course. I understand the concept of lift. What I'm amazed about is that the lift is sufficient to raise a gargantuan plane like a 747.
      +Arnold Palthe

    • Arnold Palthe
      Arnold Palthe 6 days ago +1

      simple really, the wing is curved on top and flat below. Air flowing over and under the wing create a difference in pressure as the air over the wing has a greater velocity than the air under the wing. This creates a decrease in pressure above the wing and when this difference exceeds the weight of the plane, it will be pushed upward.

  • Jabulani Dube
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  • Jorge Salas
    Jorge Salas 8 days ago +1

    300+ million dollar machine... some of the most advanced electronic flight and display systems in the world... and it all hinges on a yellow sticky note with JUST the right numbers you need at the right time... 7762

  • Player Insano
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  • dan r
    dan r 8 days ago

    So amazing!

  • cooldog60
    cooldog60 8 days ago +35

    It did not look like he was going very fast when he took off.

  • matt8863
    matt8863 8 days ago +2

    12:00 Are they over 250kts below 10,000ft??

    • R Ski
      R Ski 6 days ago

      Then why did you reply.

    • matt8863
      matt8863 6 days ago

      I didn't know that, thank you.

    • Reghardt van Rensburg
      Reghardt van Rensburg 6 days ago +1

      Indicated Airspeed can sometimes read higher - depending on headwind.

  • Ray Britt
    Ray Britt 8 days ago +1

    my dads day no computer assist

  • Michael Mettle
    Michael Mettle 8 days ago

    Take off is from 7:20

  • Stephanie Marlies OSTL

    Wow!!! I never think that is it so LOUD !!! Awesome!! Thank you for loading up :D

  • nutsackmania
    nutsackmania 9 days ago +1

    V1 still looks so slow out the window, probably because of the scale of that thing.

  • Chad Portenga
    Chad Portenga 9 days ago

    The skid marks right at the near end of the runway look pretty dicey! Would not want to have been on THAT plane!

  • dreamsongs1761
    dreamsongs1761 9 days ago

    How do you turn the front wheels of the plane? Pedals on the floor?

  • Ineta cepukyte
    Ineta cepukyte 9 days ago

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    RUDY MINOR 9 days ago

    That shit looks scary as hell

  • Eric B
    Eric B 10 days ago +1

    That thing was rattling so bad at at rotate that I couldn't even hear him say rotate damn it that thing sounded like a holy crap I wouldn't want to fly that thing

  • Hat Trick
    Hat Trick 10 days ago

    Nothing like placing your hands on a throttle QUADRANT.

  • rvhawkeye
    rvhawkeye 10 days ago +1

    So cool. From what i saw on the instrument panel on the left they were up to 4200 feet by the end of the video.

  • Harri Kemppainen
    Harri Kemppainen 10 days ago +8

    Just another day for them...

  • Jackyblue67 Same
    Jackyblue67 Same 10 days ago

    Wonder how much they get paid an hour & the stewardests too.

  • roxanne legrand
    roxanne legrand 10 days ago tant que médecins de soins palliatifs du département du Nord, ... o Docteur Marie Agnès JULIENNE ... o Docteur Anne VANBESIEN.

  • Zuba Luba
    Zuba Luba 10 days ago

    Parabéns pelo vídeo

  • merve orhan
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  • Vipin Kumar Prajapati
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  • Proj3ct Truth
    Proj3ct Truth 10 days ago

    Very loud cockpit. It's like having a hundred vacuum cleaners going off at once.
    And I thought the noise in business class was bad.
    How are they supposed to work in such a loud environment hours on end, day after day.
    These pilots must get migraines and headaches quite frequently.
    I know the airlines are trying to save weight & fuel, but there needs to be a lot more soundproofing in planes.

    • Hat Trick
      Hat Trick 10 days ago +1

      Earphones help....I want to hear all those sounds (noises to you). There is a familiar sequence. I expect to hear (and feel) certain sounds at certain times. If I don't, it gets my attention IMMEDIATELY.

  • Barry Chickini
    Barry Chickini 11 days ago +1

    A pilot fried of mine once said he forgets about all that ‘airplane’ behind him until he gets up and looks down the aisle and thinks Holy Crap..look at all that !

  • Barry Chickini
    Barry Chickini 11 days ago

    Reminds me of “2001 a space odyssey’

  • Barry Chickini
    Barry Chickini 11 days ago

    It’s all about knowing what buttons and levers to push and pull. Easy_Peasy!

  • Kevin Burns
    Kevin Burns 11 days ago +2

    Is it just me that thinks they sound really rickety and bumpy on the ground?

    • MrGoblin60
      MrGoblin60 4 days ago

      No it's not just you Kevin. I've been in some rattly old planes in my time and it always unnerves me!

  • natty boyo
    natty boyo 11 days ago

    I'd hate to have a job with that much responsibility .. but would gladly have their paycheck! 🤑

  • MLBson09
    MLBson09 11 days ago

    imagine if both the pilot and copilot had heart attacks during the flight. what a fucking nightmare.

    • R Ski
      R Ski 6 days ago

      The Flight Engineer takes over.

  • wanderley apparecido Vieira

    Two captains at the same time ,it's the best ,marvellous yoke, not joy stick ...

  • Jim Pittman
    Jim Pittman 11 days ago

    I wanna put that cockpit in my living room

  • ygg drasil
    ygg drasil 12 days ago +1

    Nice. I never understand why Airbus chose to replace the central yoke or tiller that Boeing has with a tiny little gaming stick in their planes. It seems to me that the most important thing that a pilot does in taking off and landing is handling the planes AoA and direction, why on earth would you minimise it to a tiny joystick off to the side of you.

    • ygg drasil
      ygg drasil 9 days ago

      I don't know. I know the end result is the same but it seemed like in AF447 the little gaming stick off to the side was a big part of the problem, in fact almost the cause of the problem, because what Bonin was doing with sending the AoA to crazy levels could not be monitored by anyone else, so the cause of the problem remained a secret.

    • John Davis
      John Davis 10 days ago

      The side stick control is more intuitive and functions exactly like the yoke. The software makes every plane fly exactly the same. Also the software makes it easier to fly and the manage a flight. In event of emergency the software also you to manage the emergency instead of react to it. Airbus is very well designed and be getting rid of the yoke you have a desk in front of you for charts and your meals.

  • Chris Choir
    Chris Choir 12 days ago

    Looks pretty easy

  • CloudStreets
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  • tyredlie
    tyredlie 12 days ago

    This is on a Flight Simulator, not even real.

    • zyQk
      zyQk 10 days ago

      Haha its definately not a simulator....

  • tyredlie
    tyredlie 12 days ago

    There’s too many pilots who make silly mistakes then crash the plane.

    • R Ski
      R Ski 6 days ago +1

      That's why there are two of them.

  • Travis Maxwell
    Travis Maxwell 12 days ago

    And I thought trying to figure out Madden '18 was difficult.

  • John Hogan
    John Hogan 12 days ago

    MMA was

  • Julie M
    Julie M 12 days ago


  • Aparna Das
    Aparna Das 13 days ago

    Both of are daring this way and exceed to go beyond the limit so this way my opinion is eminent scientists....that's all...

  • Christopher V. Pepe
    Christopher V. Pepe 13 days ago

    great view of flight crew in action. Very informative engine start up, taxi and take off! Thanks for posting!

  • windstorm1000
    windstorm1000 13 days ago

    I'm lost in admiration of pilots. Talk about multitasking. And they also prioritize at same time. Respond to numerous gauges weather conditions, radar, variety of other plane functions physics. Some may say. 'That's their job.' Yes but still incredible.

  • Elf Owl
    Elf Owl 13 days ago +1

    Rattle trap sounding!!!!!

  • Matthew Graen
    Matthew Graen 13 days ago +3

    Thank you for not overdubbing the music of the engines and wind with something else like so many others do.

  • Helvio Pacifico
    Helvio Pacifico 13 days ago +1

    747 - E U A
    Esta na hora de aposentar aeronave.

  • sempre Io
    sempre Io 13 days ago +1

    Very noise ..damn

  • Des Tan
    Des Tan 13 days ago

    This is so cool goodness gracious.

  • diamant8421
    diamant8421 13 days ago

    szedd, szedd , szedd alá

    AL AFIAH 13 days ago
    Above Arabian Sea, In-flight video

  • Solomon Pilot
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    • Solomon Pilot
      Solomon Pilot 6 days ago

      +Arnold Palthe SMART ANSWER !

    • Arnold Palthe
      Arnold Palthe 6 days ago

      Possibly a checkup flight, regular procedure for all airline pilots+Solomon Pilot

    • Solomon Pilot
      Solomon Pilot 6 days ago


    • Cybertronic Gamer
      Cybertronic Gamer 11 days ago

      Solomon Pilot well one is there to take over when the other was has a break

  • Solomon Pilot
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  • Jos Collin
    Jos Collin 14 days ago +1

    Is that a runway or a local street?

  • David Chubay
    David Chubay 14 days ago


  • John Graves
    John Graves 14 days ago

    Mind boggling.

  • Richard M
    Richard M 14 days ago +1

    Flying airplanes was my one true passion in this life. This was my big chance to merge my occupation with my love. I walked into an interview for an airline pilot with a great deal of confidence and enthusiasm:
    “So you want to be an airline pilot?” the interviewer inquired.
    “Yes, sir, more than anything else I have ever wanted,” I replied, realizing I sounded like an anxious adolescent.
    “Well, great, welcome aboard,” the airline executive said.
    “You mean I’m hired?!” I cheered.
    “You bet, we’re glad to have you. Actually, we’ve had trouble finding good pilots to hire,” the exec explained. If I was surprised, it was overshadowed by my joy of reaching my dream.
    “Let’s just go over a few points before you sign on the dotted line,” the company man chortled. “We’re going to send you to the world’s most renowned medical center. They’ll spend two days probing your body orifices, draining and analyzing your blood, and administering psychological exams. They’ll literally take you apart and put you back together. If they find any hint of current or future problems, you’re fired and can find your own ride home.”
    “Gee, I think my health is OK,” I nervously choked out.
    The manager went on, “Good, next we’ll evaluate your flying skills in an aircraft you’ve never been in before. “If we don’t like the way you perform, you’re fired,”
    I was confident with my flying, but this guy was making me nervous.
    He continued, “Next, if you’re still here, we’ll run you through our training program. If during any time in the next 10 years you decide to leave the company, you’ll have to reimburse us $20,000, or we’ll sue you. Also if you fail to measure up during training, you’re fired.”
    The man who had just given me my dream job listed still more hurdles. “Each time, before we allow you near one of our multi-million dollar aircraft we’ll X-ray your flight bag and luggage, because we don’t trust you. Also we’ll ask you to pass through a magnetometer each time. If you fail to do so, you’ll be arrested and jailed.”
    “When you’ve completed your flight, we’ll have you provide a urine sample, because we don’t trust you to not take drugs. Very soon, we plan to take a blood sample to look for more drugs. “Also if you ever fly with another crew member who may have used drugs or alcohol, you must report to us immediately. If you fail to notice that anyone has used these substances, you’ll be fired, have your license to fly revoked, and be fined $10,000.”
    “Every six months, we want you to go back to the medical center for another exam. If they ever find a hint of a problem, your license to fly will be revoked and we’ll fire you. Anytime you see a medical person, you must tell us about it so we can see if you need to be grounded and terminated. Also, we need to examine your driving record, and you must tell us if you have even any minor infractions so we can remove you from the cockpit as soon as possible.”
    “At any time, without notice, a special branch of the government will send one of its inspectors to ride in your aircraft. The inspector will demand to see your papers and license; if your papers are not in order, you’ll be removed, fined, terminated, and possibly jailed.”
    “If at any time you make an error in judgment or an honest human mistake, you will be terminated, be fined tens of thousands of dollars, and be dragged through months of court proceedings. The government will make sure you never fly for any airline ever again.”
    Half our pilots are always on the job at any point in time. “You'll be out of town most holidays, weekends, and family events. 75% of our pilots have been divorced at least once; some even two or three times. You'll frequently be paired with another crew member who rants about how much he’s paying his ex-wife in alimony, and how she's now living in his house with her new boyfriend.
    Smiling an evil smile now, the airline interviewer went on. “Oh, and one last thing to cover. Occasionally, we in management fail to see a trend and screw up royally or the country’s economy falls flat on its face. If as a result of one of those events the corporation begins to lose money, you as an employee will be expected to make up the losses from your paycheck. Of course, management will not be held to the same standards.
    Oh, and one last thing - if we negotiate pay and work rule concessions from you in the in exchange for a better pension plan, we probably won’t fund that pension plan agreement (unlike the management pension plan and golden parachutes) and will likely have yanked it away from you.”
    “Now sign here,” he pointed, grinning as he handed me a pen.
    I faked a sudden nosebleed. Holding my head back and pinching my nostrils, I hurried from his office. When I got to the hall, I began to run. I ran all the way to my car. I figured if I hurried I could still get to the county vocational school before 5:00 and enroll in the industrial welding career program.”

  • Sea Life
    Sea Life 14 days ago +1

    Wow that's crazy he floors it and it only looks like there are going 30 mph then takeoff!!

  • VisualJazz
    VisualJazz 14 days ago +1

    I'm surprised they were climbing out for so long with the engines at 101-102% N1. They were obviously quite heavy, probably a hot day too, judging from the rollout. Wouldn't it still be normal to reduce power past 1,000ft agl to around 90-95% N1 though?