Nintendo Switch Lite Durability Test! - Will the cheap switch survive?

  • Today we are going to test the durability of the New Nintendo Switch Lite. Grab a tempered glass screen protector to cover that plastic screen here: The Nintendo switch lite is a slightly smaller, and slightly cheaper version of the Nintendo Switch released 2 years ago. Why should someone buy the Nintendo Switch Lite? The lite is definitely more portable. But the normal sized switch has a few more features. Which Nintendo Switch would you rather have?
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  • wesker1
    wesker1 Hour ago

    it hurt

  • Alen Alenastik
    Alen Alenastik Hour ago

    Is it normal if the game card straps are erasing(as more I open and close it)?

  • Unicornlatte 12
    Unicornlatte 12 Hour ago +1

    This video hurts me so much because I’m getting one so soon 😖

  • Lil Peppa
    Lil Peppa 2 hours ago

    Imagine you’re so rich you can buy a whole game console and intentionally ruin it...

  • ប៉័ងគុជ Gaming

    Me : Saving Money to get 1
    When watching this video
    me : Talking to my self ( What if he give it to me )
    what if when i play some of those stuff happen on my switch lite when i get 1
    its hurt

  • Norman Reedus
    Norman Reedus 4 hours ago

    Do you give the "destroyed" one to kids that aren't able to buy one or do you give it to people who fix it?

  • My Cat Smudge
    My Cat Smudge 19 hours ago +1

    2:33 When it sounds exactly like the Nintendo Switch log on sound 😂

  • Mineturn
    Mineturn 21 hour ago

    The console is literally less portable

  • Roberts Strods
    Roberts Strods Day ago

    Yahaha! 5:06

    REWIND Day ago

    The thing is a korok but I think everyone knows that

  • edjackson deus e fiel

    Quando a pessoa tem muito dinheiro ficar doido

  • Waskomsause
    Waskomsause Day ago

    Everyone here was having panic attacks over the damage being done to this switch, and I'm just here like.

    "Huh, so it's pretty strong? nice, least it isn't super flimsy"

  • dayanna torres
    dayanna torres Day ago

    this hurts

  • Liamtherandomguy 20

    It’s a korok. Duh.

  • Parker Morgan
    Parker Morgan Day ago

    2:33 sounds just like the nintendo switch logo

  • cookiiecriispcake YT

    Dude it actually. Hurts. I got a switch lite for my bday, and I got turquoise. I'm treasuring that switch like its worth 10m pounds. Im watching my switch get destroyed

  • Graciela Maria
    Graciela Maria Day ago

    2:37 Spider-Man?

  • sebrw2005
    sebrw2005 Day ago

    yes I use a pen knife to play the switch

  • 17epsilon
    17epsilon Day ago

    My body hurts after this.

  • Mohamed Argham
    Mohamed Argham Day ago

    Do not destroyer
    Not power
    Not charge
    Not games

  • Miki200_
    Miki200_ Day ago


  • Jose Aguilera
    Jose Aguilera Day ago +1

    This gives me anxiety 😬

  • Oswotjocker
    Oswotjocker Day ago +1

    Give me the switch idc if its damaged :(

  • Yassine El amili

    Ps4 is best

    • Josiah M.
      Josiah M. 23 hours ago

      Yassine El amili It sure is. I have the PS4 Slim and Xbox One. I definitely think my PS4 is way better than my Xbox One.

    • Max TwT
      Max TwT Day ago


  • Ehrunz
    Ehrunz Day ago

    it hurts

  • Nohemi Vicente
    Nohemi Vicente Day ago

    Safety 1 alwaya were gloves

  • Mourad Oueslati
    Mourad Oueslati Day ago +1


  • Mourad Oueslati
    Mourad Oueslati Day ago +1

    Fai schifo

  • Lali Yeon
    Lali Yeon Day ago +1

    I wish I could get one....😢 but my father is saying no even if I would pay him everything back in just a few months😭

  • chips
    chips Day ago

    I just recently ordered a switch lite and now having watched this, I feel as if I’m going to mess up and scratch it 😳

    • Dylan Levy
      Dylan Levy 4 hours ago

      Get a screen protector an case your fine

  • Fishy Lemon
    Fishy Lemon 2 days ago

    Im crying in the inside 😭😭😭

  • Tran
    Tran 2 days ago +1

    I don’t know what I expected when I clicked on this video and got my soul shattered when he started destroying the switch

    • Max TwT
      Max TwT Day ago

      Well it is a durability test. You gotta do what you gotta do

  • Bu Bulle
    Bu Bulle 2 days ago +1


    • Max TwT
      Max TwT 8 hours ago

      @Bu Bulle ok than stop throwing a tantrum

    • Bu Bulle
      Bu Bulle 8 hours ago

      Im not a cry baby, I’m a angry baby!!!

    • Max TwT
      Max TwT Day ago

      Ok cry baby

  • Nita
    Nita 2 days ago

    5:11 YOURE CRAZY 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Yvonne Baggio
    Yvonne Baggio 2 days ago

    2:37 Spiderman is that you?

  • Christabel Ramirez
    Christabel Ramirez 2 days ago

    so is anyone going to talk about how when he bent the glass it looked like spider man

  • ́· Mãrk · ́ 12
    ́· Mãrk · ́ 12 2 days ago

    What was the point of buying it?

  • Yazmyne White
    Yazmyne White 2 days ago

    I’m screaming so hard at this video!

  • Noa Zylbershlag
    Noa Zylbershlag 2 days ago

    I am going to make my futures child watch these videos as punishment if he/she is a video game lover!

  • Vn Man b
    Vn Man b 2 days ago

    man his voice makes me annoyed not in a rude way

  • Speaker Bass Tester !

    6:17 When u loose

  • L e a f y
    L e a f y 2 days ago

    The little Guy is a korogu i think 😊
    And my favorite game is Splatoon 2 ❤

  • McPeck
    McPeck 3 days ago

    Super mario odyssey

  • Phoebemoon
    Phoebemoon 3 days ago

    Anybody: So what's your job?
    Jerry: I fuck things up

  • S H I R O
    S H I R O 3 days ago

    I hate rich people, siriously.

    • Max TwT
      Max TwT Day ago

      Ok... There is no reason to hate Zack though this is his job and get is giving it a durability test which is needed.

    • Just a lasagna
      Just a lasagna 2 days ago

      Yeah... Ok... We dont care kid

  • 슈림
    슈림 3 days ago

    저 하나만 주세욬ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ큐ㅠㅠ

  • Jhania Smith
    Jhania Smith 3 days ago

    I can’t finish watching this. You monster.

  • Aaaddd Dddaaa
    Aaaddd Dddaaa 3 days ago

    (When I saw him doing this i got my nintendo and hugged it,i was scared and not comfortable)(like if u realated like i did)

    *me hugging my nintendo*
    Mom:what are u doing?

  • gomaky2005
    gomaky2005 3 days ago

    This is hurting my soul

    • Max TwT
      Max TwT Day ago

      You're hurting my brain cells

  • Tak Lampa
    Tak Lampa 3 days ago

    CEO of not being able to handle a knife

  • uncle lover 1978 11 years ago

    A normal switch is better,

  • uncle lover 1978 11 years ago

    Who would buy this!!!

    • uncle lover 1978 11 years ago
      uncle lover 1978 11 years ago Day ago

      @Max TwT yeah what if the controller breaks? Then you're fucked and the screens smaller waiting for a while to get the 100 dollars is better than this

    • Max TwT
      Max TwT Day ago

      People who want a switch but can't afford it

  • Даниил Чекарев

    WHAT ARE YOU DOING,DEMON!?? (Joke or not?).

  • Angelloops •
    Angelloops • 3 days ago +12

    so.. nobody talks how he’s playing zelda while slowly ripping apart the switch?

  • Get rekt Gaming
    Get rekt Gaming 3 days ago +1

    I just got mine so this hurt my soul :(

  • durre plays
    durre plays 3 days ago

    Youre a devil

  • 王怡舟
    王怡舟 3 days ago

    omg after watching I decide to buy a case and also screen protector for my switch😭😭😭Immediately!!!

  • Maddie
    Maddie 3 days ago

    Is it rude to say I get psychopath vibes from this video?

    BABY YODAA 4 days ago

    you call it cheap when I can’t even afford itttttt not all of us 😭😭💔💔

  • Dost Kasapoğlu
    Dost Kasapoğlu 4 days ago

    Hey Jerry send me a nintendo switch please

    • Max TwT
      Max TwT Day ago


    • Dost Kasapoğlu
      Dost Kasapoğlu 2 days ago

      @Just a lasagna well,Iknow but ı dont have any money its too expensive for me

    • Just a lasagna
      Just a lasagna 2 days ago

      He wont, buy your own :/

  • Logan Sampson
    Logan Sampson 4 days ago

    Korok something like that name form zelda

  • Aqib Chatha
    Aqib Chatha 4 days ago


  • Geometry Dasher
    Geometry Dasher 4 days ago

    I’m saving up for the grey one

  • Marshall Matt
    Marshall Matt 4 days ago

    Author don't like blue)))

  • I am a normal Trashbin

    What game is this

  • Hana H
    Hana H 5 days ago

    This vid hurt

  • Alecks
    Alecks 5 days ago +1

    Me, saving up for months to buy a switch lite; This guy: destroying a switch lite- oh I mean durability test! (But seriously thanks for showing how fragile it is 😓)

  • V Shaped Kookies
    V Shaped Kookies 5 days ago

    I feel so uncomfortable watching it but it's really informative. RIP to those switches who sacrifice themselves for telling us to take care of our switch babies. You guys will be remembered.

    Jokes aside, thank you for the durability test, Jerry. Despite all destruction, you explain them calm and soothingly.

  • Michael Guirguis
    Michael Guirguis 5 days ago

    Nintendo Switch ASMR?

  • Loving Temmie
    Loving Temmie 5 days ago +1


  • Elizabeth Stuller
    Elizabeth Stuller 5 days ago

    my heart shattered watching this 🥺

  • Brandon Pardo
    Brandon Pardo 5 days ago

    Yikes lol

  • barty
    barty 5 days ago

    2:36 looks like spiderman

  • natalierimmo _xo
    natalierimmo _xo 5 days ago

    The Korok seed guy!

  • Nathan Lees
    Nathan Lees 5 days ago +1

    I became more uncomfortable with every scratch...

  • Fabio Proksch
    Fabio Proksch 5 days ago

    Can i become the darth nintendo switch

  • Charlie Aurora
    Charlie Aurora 5 days ago +1

    I bet this switch lite was like:*ouuu finally im going to get a new owner that will play with me for hours and have fun with me* The next day:”hi today why are going to do a switch durability test” The switch:🗿

    • Max TwT
      Max TwT Day ago

      Once you put the emoji I died

  • Yulieski Batista
    Yulieski Batista 6 days ago +1

    “That’s gonna be hard to clean up” 💀💀😂😂

  • Josiah M.
    Josiah M. 6 days ago

    This kid is literally wasting his money by damaging a brand new Nintendo Switch Lite.

    • Josiah M.
      Josiah M. 2 days ago

      Just a lasagna You talking to me?

    • Just a lasagna
      Just a lasagna 2 days ago

      Alright can you shut up piece of sh*t?

    • Razey
      Razey 5 days ago



  • Timothy Simmons
    Timothy Simmons 6 days ago

    200$ is not cheap

    • Max TwT
      Max TwT Day ago

      It's cheap for a gaming console

    • Yash Tiwari
      Yash Tiwari 3 days ago

      Timothy Simmons
      Then what is cheap?