Game Theory: Will PUBG SHUT DOWN Fortnite? (Fortnite PUBG Lawsuit)


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  • 5 sub sin videos :v
    5 sub sin videos :v 7 minutes ago

    *WW3 has begun*

  • Ivan K
    Ivan K 7 minutes ago

    Fortnite as before this video lol

  • Arsenic Catnip
    Arsenic Catnip 8 minutes ago

    I D O N T L I K E F O U R T N I G H T (go ahead and try the comments under this)

  • Justin Davis
    Justin Davis 8 minutes ago

    Does anybody even actually play Pub g?

  • Zaper Mations
    Zaper Mations 8 minutes ago

    I like both games equally but i feel like bluehole made a bad move. because epic games may have created a battle royale game but they added some things that arent in pubg like the building and it seems like battle royale has become a genre for a game like zombie games for example.

  • just a commentor
    just a commentor 8 minutes ago

    14:44 "Proceeds to block out North Korea, cause you know"

  • Liangelo Ball
    Liangelo Ball 8 minutes ago +1

    Well I guess H1Z1 can also sue PUBG, considering PUBG stole much more from H1Z1 then Fortnite stole from PUBG....

  • tristan kielly
    tristan kielly 8 minutes ago

    Hahahaha... what noooooo

  • HumorVault Memes
    HumorVault Memes 8 minutes ago

    Ok all you pubescent boys,
    Fortnite was released as Survive The Storm in 2012 officially, the developers had then stated they had been working on the idea of Battle Royale in 2015, PUBG was released in 2017, even if Fortnite Battle Royale was not released until 2018 it doesn’t mean Fortnite is copyrighting PUBG when developing started before developing on PUBG

  • randomupload er
    randomupload er 8 minutes ago

    What a bout h1z1 aren't they the first battle royale game to jump out of a plane and get guns.

  • Hawaiian Porkchop
    Hawaiian Porkchop 8 minutes ago

    Fortnite PUBG

  • Geraldo Baez
    Geraldo Baez 8 minutes ago

    Didn’t rust have a battle royale before all of them and wasn’t there also a old movie called “battle royal” so blue hole can’t sew epic games

  • Darth.Vader
    Darth.Vader 8 minutes ago

    Lol yea it’s true, fortnite has the same idea, but such a totally different game

  • L.A. GAMING Romero
    L.A. GAMING Romero 8 minutes ago +1

    The one with bitter lake is rules of survival

  • Gamer 1218
    Gamer 1218 8 minutes ago

    NOOOOOO! But i play Rules of Survival

  • joeysworldtour
    joeysworldtour 8 minutes ago

    8:52 Sorry mat but thats jesus

  • The Phenomenal Viper
    The Phenomenal Viper 8 minutes ago

    3 on trending congrats

  • Nmk Vhyper
    Nmk Vhyper 8 minutes ago +1

    didnt pubg copy fornite because they addded emotes but fornite created emote first

  • Dizzy Rewind
    Dizzy Rewind 8 minutes ago

    If Fortnite is forced to be taken down. I will uninstall pubg and never associate myself with it again

  • SecretsAddiction
    SecretsAddiction 8 minutes ago

    First of all If they got sued i Wont like it i wont hate it but Pubg would die aswell because they would remove unreal engine to the game

  • Equake20
    Equake20 8 minutes ago

    But didn’t PUBG directly copy H1Z1?

  • H Wasnesky
    H Wasnesky 8 minutes ago

    not to hate on fortnite, but

    *pubg has cars and jeeps and motorcycles
    fortnite has shopping carts*

  • Robert R
    Robert R 8 minutes ago

    MatPat you forgot to say that its totally ok because fornite identifies as pubg thus we cannot tell them they are not and pubg would be suing themselves

  • hector tapia
    hector tapia 8 minutes ago

    I want them to win I don't like fortnite.

  • Angel Ortega
    Angel Ortega 8 minutes ago

    Just get to the point

  • Dashing Prince
    Dashing Prince 8 minutes ago

    Bluehole is a bitch

  • Abraham Gonzalez
    Abraham Gonzalez 8 minutes ago

    The 2.9k dislikes are pubg fans

  • TheHotcrumbs
    TheHotcrumbs 9 minutes ago


  • kaneki - Minecraft games and more

    Wait I got a theory maybe pubg is sueing other battle royale games and saying they copied them they probably just want to be the most poplaur game but how is it being copied it's a cartoon, no blood, no naked people so can someone please tell me how is fortnite copying pubg!!!

  • Imagine Wagons
    Imagine Wagons 9 minutes ago

    H1Z1 Im pretty sure could just sue both but h1 is dead

  • NE0N3X
    NE0N3X 9 minutes ago

    I think Activison should file a lawsuit against EA and DICE for making a shooter game, and minecraft should file against terraria for having blocks, company of heroes should sue Call of duty for having guns

  • Troll Theprankbrothers
    Troll Theprankbrothers 9 minutes ago

    When fortnite got the mobile thing pubs did after

  • alandunaway3000
    alandunaway3000 9 minutes ago

    Konami has tried that already and lost.

  • Matthew XxX
    Matthew XxX 9 minutes ago

    If this gets a legit course case, then so should Call Of Duty get slammed for illegal gambling to minors aka DLC supply drops slot machine

  • Ninja Warrior
    Ninja Warrior 9 minutes ago

    If PUBG wins, it’s a disgrace to gaming. It means that Battlefield could get sued by COD as well...etc. it doesn’t matter which game is more toxic or “cancer” . it’s that Bluehole is a joke for a company because their game has less players than another. Merely having a similar concept/same concept idea shouldn’t be a legal case. I dislike Fortnite and PUBG but I’m shocked that Bluehole can be so shady.

  • Max McCann
    Max McCann 9 minutes ago

    Korea wasen't even a country until August 15, 1948. Seems misleading.

  • Family disappointment
    Family disappointment 9 minutes ago

    There are some old animes from 1995 that korea copy and made a serie that is on netflix wtf korea

  • Shadow 40015
    Shadow 40015 9 minutes ago

    You know that many people review your videos and take them in consideration for making decisions? You just decreased their probability of winning

  • Seth Budrik
    Seth Budrik 9 minutes ago

    Why is PUBG so pissy? They aren't really loosing money since they are on separate consoles. I mean, there might be competition on the PC, but the only reason why I feel like they are suing is because they can, which is a BS move and a dick move to the gaming community in general.

  • Mar Mar Mew!
    Mar Mar Mew! 9 minutes ago +1

    Let’s face it. pubg copied fortnite.

  • Jiwoo Kim
    Jiwoo Kim 9 minutes ago

    As a south korean, i can truly say that nobody here will care that much because literally nobody plays fortnite here

  • Joshua
    Joshua 9 minutes ago

    What ever happened to H1Z1????????

  • DovahKeech
    DovahKeech 9 minutes ago

    Really appreciate your work man!

  • TimmyGreat12 Wang
    TimmyGreat12 Wang 9 minutes ago

    Pubg is stupid. Not only is the gameplay boring, they are also weak, and dying. The see that, and decide to use loopholes and other stupid things to sue fortnite, to get more popular. If pubg sues fortnite, Im Going to spam them hate. Pubg even copied Battle Royale from somewhere else. A japanese movie, called Battle Royale. BOOOOOO

  • SweetHotSauce
    SweetHotSauce 9 minutes ago

    Go PubG

  • Gabriel Brasileiro
    Gabriel Brasileiro 9 minutes ago

    They took out the shopping cart

  • TrueFandom Trash
    TrueFandom Trash 9 minutes ago

    they just gotta get the writer for Phoenix Wright for their lawyer

  • Thatonememe Ojla
    Thatonememe Ojla 10 minutes ago

    If fortnite goes down ali-a gonna be homeless

  • ayman rashid
    ayman rashid 10 minutes ago

    This is the sixth fortnite video on this channel. Stop milking mate

  • The_Legitbomber
    The_Legitbomber 10 minutes ago


  • Mr Bubbles
    Mr Bubbles 10 minutes ago

    I'm surprised Tencent was not mentioned in this video.

  • Blocky Shapes
    Blocky Shapes 10 minutes ago

    So... ummm... (buffering)


  • Gladitron Games
    Gladitron Games 10 minutes ago

    Fortnite rules

  • hi spidyman0705
    hi spidyman0705 10 minutes ago

    Me and my friends want u to make a video on the bunker in fortnite

  • Kim Josh-un
    Kim Josh-un 10 minutes ago

    I like how at 14:42 the red skips over North Korea. THANK GOD I'M NOT AFFECTED

  • Rainbow Sprinkles
    Rainbow Sprinkles 10 minutes ago

    Why must they copystrike each other tho. If they made a game where pubg players and fortnite players could fight each other in a 50v50 style match, everything would be ok

  • Platinum Viper
    Platinum Viper 10 minutes ago

    If fortnite die Ali-A bout to be asking for change

  • Coolgames64
    Coolgames64 10 minutes ago

    If it's happening in Korea, why did we spend half of the episode on the American copywright system?

  • PizzaPlays YT
    PizzaPlays YT 10 minutes ago

    Dude, Fortnite may have copied Pubg. But Pubg copied H1Z1, and Epic made Fortnite and H1Z1. So Epic should shut down Pubg.

  • TropicalSneaker
    TropicalSneaker 10 minutes ago

    I've spent so much money on fortnite if it gets taken down at least give me my money back

  • Mason Awesome
    Mason Awesome 10 minutes ago

    Good job matpat you did make it interesting I love this channel

  • Tabula Rasa
    Tabula Rasa 10 minutes ago

    If PUBG wins this, couldn't Epic totally revoke Bluehole's access to their software? Isn't PUBG ran on Epic's architecture?

  • nikki Inc.
    nikki Inc. 10 minutes ago

    Hey where's Austin?

  • BREH1107 _
    BREH1107 _ 10 minutes ago

    Was that the tf2 pan sound effect

  • s savage
    s savage 10 minutes ago

    fortnlte game love

  • CoolDude
    CoolDude 10 minutes ago +1

    Me: Why do I need to know about Confucius and Daoism and all this stuff!?
    My History Teacher: Well some jobs require... Blah blah...
    Me: *Complains*
    Matpat: Pubg sued fortnite.
    Me: Alright it's interesting now.

  • Ryan Piazza
    Ryan Piazza 10 minutes ago +1

    fortnite was created first in 2009 as a zombie save the world game but soon released the battle royale pubg was actually going to use epic games to create a draft of a battle royale game

  • Zebra Gaming
    Zebra Gaming 10 minutes ago

    The only thing fortnite “copied” is the battle royale concept

  • Cool 43 Cheese
    Cool 43 Cheese 10 minutes ago

    if pub booty shuts down fortnite pub g is gay

  • John Prendergast
    John Prendergast 10 minutes ago

    "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" was from jesus not confucious

  • Rimlin85
    Rimlin85 10 minutes ago

    Well the good thing about fortnite going down means ALI-A Becomes homeless

  • Cuti3Littl3Girl
    Cuti3Littl3Girl 10 minutes ago

    Actually, yesterday i was just thinking on how Fortnite and PUBG is really similar but honestly i didn't really like either of those games so i didn't go too deep into it. Thank god TVclip can read my mind, tho!

  • Dashawn Sledge
    Dashawn Sledge 10 minutes ago +1

    Both are good games and I like both

  • InMortal Gamer
    InMortal Gamer 11 minutes ago

    And fortnite is family frendly

  • Shadow Dreamerr
    Shadow Dreamerr 11 minutes ago

    Rules of sirvival any one

    DJ PIZZA 11 minutes ago

    wait........... everyone is arguing about fortnite and pubg but this video is third top TRENDING on TVclip :v

  • Hot Peice Of Toast
    Hot Peice Of Toast 11 minutes ago

    Yo which ever side wins this trial (pubg or fortnite fans) the losing side will blame game theory right? Personally I don't care for either

  • ????Loser
    ????Loser 11 minutes ago

    I hope fortnite loses that game is stupid.

  • ZombieDestroyeralx
    ZombieDestroyeralx 11 minutes ago

    they wont we make 2mill a day on epic

  • Giantgiant hunter
    Giantgiant hunter 11 minutes ago

    comment down below if you have downloaded fortnite or if you still have your degnity

    DARK EMPIRE 11 minutes ago

    I hope they do take fortnite off or get the game to themselves

  • Gabriel Spencer
    Gabriel Spencer 11 minutes ago


  • jerry
    jerry 11 minutes ago

    Number 3

  • Miguel Ray
    Miguel Ray 11 minutes ago

    I hope fortnite gets copyrighted and gets thrown out

  • souptroophat Esplin
    souptroophat Esplin 12 minutes ago

    TF2 theroy please mat Pat
    Please please please please

  • Brendan Murphy
    Brendan Murphy 12 minutes ago

    set the youtube Nazis on forknife #DemonetizeForknife

  • purplemelon56 YT
    purplemelon56 YT 12 minutes ago

    No you dummy

  • Paul Jones
    Paul Jones 12 minutes ago

    go pubg

  • raphael koulenovitch
    raphael koulenovitch 12 minutes ago

    Winner Winner!, Chicken...


  • chewy881
    chewy881 12 minutes ago

    But Epic Games owns Unreal Engine 4 which PUBG uses right?

  • Ace360x .MLG
    Ace360x .MLG 12 minutes ago

    I don't think they're too similar as I've played both and I really don't enjoy PUBG but I think Fortnite is pretty fun

  • Angelika Sauveur
    Angelika Sauveur 12 minutes ago

    hmmmm this intresting. korean courtcases are a whole other system itself so I am interested how this will go down, my ownly experiece wit PUG is mobil because im broke so to me, fornite is more appealing price wise. nothing mobile is better then the pc version. I'm not even going to go into that deep boiling hot comments on what my opion is. IM STAYING SWIZERLAND

  • Paul Jones
    Paul Jones 12 minutes ago

    go pubg

  • Crazy Dave
    Crazy Dave 12 minutes ago

    Soooo in south Korea game ideas are copyrightble??

  • KingstonTG
    KingstonTG 12 minutes ago

    I cant read those red highlights.

  • Dont mind me
    Dont mind me 12 minutes ago

    Im not taking a side in this but i rather fortnite wins because for me the two games are the two sides of a coin. Me and my friends play both games and enjoy both games because one game provides an aspect that the other dosent. If we want to play a game with more serious tone or generally something more realistic, we play pubg. If we are looking to play something a bit more wacky and fun we play fortnite.

  • Cms40
    Cms40 12 minutes ago

    Sooooooooo no one knows anything and everyone waits the court to happen. Yep wasted 15 minutes of my life for someone that could have said everything in this video in less then 5.

  • Stephanie Ventura
    Stephanie Ventura 12 minutes ago

    Well it’s not always 100 players in fortnite