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  • Blake Denney
    Blake Denney 21 hour ago +1

    I will be for shadowing this

  • Jake-Blitz
    Jake-Blitz Day ago

    The shadow u ended with looked like a guy fighting in a war

  • G&LMemes69420
    G&LMemes69420 Day ago

    The one from rabbid peach was a noose in my mind

  • Open water Diver

    On the second shadow I saw a soldier

  • Slater8r
    Slater8r Day ago

    At 3:30 I saw a trophy

  • hi_im_jc 123
    hi_im_jc 123 Day ago

    he says he hates a certain mustache, so I say I APPROVE OF YOUR STACHE!

  • Noah Gatti
    Noah Gatti Day ago

    3:30 I see starletzia

  • We love to Draw
    We love to Draw 2 days ago

    OH MY GOD ITS A DINOSAUR AHHH!!! AHHH *forgets he's not a child anymore*

  • Sam S
    Sam S 2 days ago +1

    You are awesome ☀️

  • Night Slayer
    Night Slayer 4 days ago

    And the 3 one i saw a boat

  • Night Slayer
    Night Slayer 4 days ago

    The 2 one i saw a dinosaur if you turn it araund

  • TotatoChip
    TotatoChip 4 days ago

    me: i saw a dragon! :D
    Jazza: I see a wird gentleman :D

  • HarveyZJ
    HarveyZJ 4 days ago

    To be honest I saw a person like charging with a sword

  • Kyle Jackson
    Kyle Jackson 4 days ago

    6:24 Those Chins

  • Tiffany Geary
    Tiffany Geary 4 days ago

    That first one though...

  • Ben Collins
    Ben Collins 5 days ago

    The last one was obviously an army dude with a Gun in his hand and a Shield and sword on his back

  • Jeff Killian
    Jeff Killian 5 days ago +1

    Can u find the 😃 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😃😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 if u find it leave a like

  • João Vitor
    João Vitor 5 days ago

    Can't wait to see the next 17 videos on this subject! huahauahuahaua

  • Madeleine Carter
    Madeleine Carter 5 days ago

    the one you ended on looks like an army man shooting a gun

  • KMasterworks
    KMasterworks 6 days ago

    I feel like Jazza plays with his son’s toys more than his son does...

  • Dreamy Cats
    Dreamy Cats 6 days ago +4

    “I am an adult.” Said the guy who drew a cushion butt man and played a small scene as him. 😂

  • zooker gamer
    zooker gamer 6 days ago

    Pantball gun art

  • Sujinda Ross
    Sujinda Ross 7 days ago

    12:08 it kinda looks like a unicorn to me

  • Roxi Foxi
    Roxi Foxi 7 days ago

    4:18 *_why for me it looks like llama pinta from fortnite_*

  • Mikah Prather
    Mikah Prather 7 days ago

    you should do a epic pointillism piece

  • Scota06 Scott
    Scota06 Scott 8 days ago

    Jazza should do a giant spray paint challenge

  • Jawi
    Jawi 8 days ago

    Minute 7,its a gun i think

  • Sebastian 102809
    Sebastian 102809 8 days ago

    The one when the guy spilled the wine on someone else u could have make it a elephant

  • matthew neal
    matthew neal 8 days ago

    The one with the cow and Santa looks like napoleon on a horse.

  • 8unnylover
    8unnylover 9 days ago

    At 3:30 once you mentioned the mouth and eyes, I saw it as the mouth and eyes of a cat like mask, with all the other random stuff being either hair or weapons that this assassin has.

  • Elijah Langebartels
    Elijah Langebartels 9 days ago

    Right away I saw a soldier with scissors in his backpack.

  • RhysDX
    RhysDX 9 days ago


  • Frida Kristianne Haugen Varskog

    is he ok

  • blazin blade
    blazin blade 10 days ago

    I saw like a WWII game cover on the second one before the elephant

  • King Games
    King Games 12 days ago

    12:18 I saw groot from Guardians of the Galaxy

  • gaming with patrick
    gaming with patrick 12 days ago

    I see a country and kevin the cube at the end

  • Johnnie Lockhart
    Johnnie Lockhart 12 days ago

    on the first/last one, I saw someone sitting on Charzard

  • Steven Chammas
    Steven Chammas 12 days ago

    That so funny drawing

  • Queen Spazz CAT LIFE GAMING & MORE

    If you're Austrailian,
    Jazza, the best artist of Austrailia.

  • Sofia B.
    Sofia B. 12 days ago

    3:36 I saw a general or a soldier

  • C H
    C H 13 days ago


  • Dominick Bianchi
    Dominick Bianchi 13 days ago

    The weird shape with the cow looks like a army mat shooting a. Gun

  • Magic Card Tricks
    Magic Card Tricks 13 days ago

    I saw a soldier holding a gun with a radio on his back on the last shadow.

  • Vivian Plays
    Vivian Plays 13 days ago


  • Eddie Hernandez
    Eddie Hernandez 13 days ago

    On the first one i saw a evil unicorn with a simery sword

  • Ace Spades
    Ace Spades 13 days ago

    2:31 . . . I see Gerard Way in Thr Ghost Of You.

  • Payton McKnight
    Payton McKnight 14 days ago

    4:23 I saw a drunk duck with a crown on its head

  • Damian NYX NYX 100
    Damian NYX NYX 100 14 days ago

    You kind of rode

  • Zion J.
    Zion J. 14 days ago


  • Cora dreamer
    Cora dreamer 14 days ago

    6:21 I see a weird water gun

  • The Weird One
    The Weird One 14 days ago

    3:33 for some reason, I can see a soldier aiming a gun at something 😂
    9:46 water gun!!!

  • Twistedpredator games
    Twistedpredator games 15 days ago +1

    The animal at the end is rare dingo horse

  • Beatrix Poley
    Beatrix Poley 16 days ago

    The song was so sad but so lovely.

  • 1115Rainbow1115aj
    1115Rainbow1115aj 16 days ago

    6:35 I see a cannon or a train rotated to the right once

  • 1115Rainbow1115aj
    1115Rainbow1115aj 16 days ago

    4:24 for some reason I see Loki (Loki from the avengers “Thor’s brother”) holding onto a pole..... ;-;

  • 1115Rainbow1115aj
    1115Rainbow1115aj 16 days ago

    3:17 I see a soldier facing left holding a gun with an army hat and some sort of shield behind him, and he’s like hiding behind a rock

  • Cora Myint
    Cora Myint 16 days ago

    3:30 I see a soldier with a gun of some sort.

  • shawn 1013
    shawn 1013 16 days ago

    am i the only one who surprised and impressed to the fact that he sing the song spontaneously with a decent voice...?

  • Kevin The Cube
    Kevin The Cube 16 days ago

    I see a airsoft player with robo legs

  • maddie ames
    maddie ames 16 days ago

    That last one just kept getting better and better!

  • Rachel Iven
    Rachel Iven 17 days ago

    You sounded WAY too happy when singing about the guy begging for death.

  • Lillie Gouldthorpe
    Lillie Gouldthorpe 17 days ago

    The one with the knight on horse back and the truck, you could have made it a train!

  • xxl _
    xxl _ 18 days ago

    The second one with santa was an army man in my eyes

  • Jack Checkley
    Jack Checkley 18 days ago


  • Jack Checkley
    Jack Checkley 18 days ago

    3:35 It’s GROOT

  • Fawn Doodles
    Fawn Doodles 18 days ago

    I saw a youtubers who can sing compilation, and I can't believe you weren't on it

  • Naja Kim
    Naja Kim 18 days ago +2

    Here Jazza was tryna figure out what to draw while I'm seeing things

  • Sisters Review
    Sisters Review 18 days ago

    I like his song its has a very catchy tune

  • Mya Costa
    Mya Costa 19 days ago

    “OH My GOod It’S A DInOSaUr AHHHhh.......??? AhhhhhHHHh

  • Panda and Hot Chocolate

    1 I see a ninja steeling a cow head

  • Spicy UniCron
    Spicy UniCron 19 days ago

    3:30 I saw a dragon

  • Angelina Stuve
    Angelina Stuve 20 days ago

    Jazza cant get his fat little fingers in the tiny spaces. 🤣

    Sorry Jazza. I had to.

  • Lavi Moshe
    Lavi Moshe 20 days ago

    Oh.. I see a gun

  • Nadeon
    Nadeon 20 days ago

    that first drawing looks like something from rick and morty

  • Mr Potato
    Mr Potato 20 days ago

    3:35 I am Groot

  • Pheonixwarrior123
    Pheonixwarrior123 21 day ago

    For the snobby wine man I just immediately saw a gun

  • Kailan Foster
    Kailan Foster 21 day ago

    Nice voice!!!

  • Sean Mathew Pinero
    Sean Mathew Pinero 21 day ago

    I can’t wait for a song to be in iTunes xD

  • NerdyBirdie
    NerdyBirdie 21 day ago

    3:30 two things
    Left a soldier with a gun
    Right humanoid cat with horn and closed eyes that is half water

  • Potato The Fabulous
    Potato The Fabulous 21 day ago

    3:35 I saw a fairy wearing a sunhat holding a dog and a fishing rod in her other hand behind her back OR a girl with a skirt and hat holding a dog with a fishing rod stucking out of a backpack

  • Zero Gray
    Zero Gray 22 days ago

    The one that he left for last kinda looked like some pokemon style creature looking over its shoulder

  • Karen Azzopardi
    Karen Azzopardi 22 days ago

    Jazza pls do a flip book

  • notabrony 070704
    notabrony 070704 22 days ago

    You have a beautiful singing voice

  • Dyed Zombie
    Dyed Zombie 22 days ago

    DO KISS ART!!!!!!


    For the first thing (not the dinosaur) I saw a soldier with his gun pointed and a backpack

  • Katrin Raicheva
    Katrin Raicheva 23 days ago

    3:36 Napoleon on a children's mechanical horse ride

  • JELLA!!!
    JELLA!!! 23 days ago

    u should make a line with your eyes closed open them and then make a pic out of that line!!!

  • CoralineDark
    CoralineDark 23 days ago

    With the first one after the trex, I immediately saw a soldier carrying a bunch of stuff precariously like that one popular picture of Link from Legend of Zelda carrying literally everything he owns lol

  • Lia Morley
    Lia Morley 23 days ago

    6:29 I saw a sideways bunny with his long ear and bushy scut, with a mountain in the distance

  • H Bligh
    H Bligh 24 days ago

    I know I'm a little let but for the first one that you could not work out I saw a soldier with a boyonate.

  • PonyTuber
    PonyTuber 24 days ago


  • Jessica Scott
    Jessica Scott 24 days ago

    In the first one I saw a toy army man and a trophy full of art supplies

  • animal squad
    animal squad 24 days ago


  • Aslyn Justus
    Aslyn Justus 24 days ago

    3:25 i see one of those toy green soldiers
    know what i mean??


  • Carmen SCHMIDT
    Carmen SCHMIDT 26 days ago

    I like the derby guy at the start from the dinosaur

  • Carmen SCHMIDT
    Carmen SCHMIDT 26 days ago

    York in Perth or ...

  • M.A Makup Artist
    M.A Makup Artist 26 days ago

    And 12:07 looks like a ninga to me

  • M.A Makup Artist
    M.A Makup Artist 26 days ago

    6:34 it looks like a car that got in a crash and in the back would be a fire truck that pulled up

  • Pitbulls For life
    Pitbulls For life 26 days ago

    Around 3:50 in I saw a army man

  • Bengu Man
    Bengu Man 26 days ago

    4:44 I saw berry benson saying “ya like jazz?”