• Published on Sep 12, 2018
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Comments • 5 550

  • Cat Logical
    Cat Logical 2 hours ago

    3:31 I see a soldier holding a sword

  • Sophia Justice
    Sophia Justice 16 hours ago

    3:30 looks like a dude riding a horse

  • Lay Z
    Lay Z 17 hours ago

    Ya ya self not toy box yaaaaa lol 😂

  • BrianGaming
    BrianGaming 18 hours ago +1

    At 3:24 I saw a Knight with cool shoulder plates and he is holding a sword rushing at someone

  • Dalton Gallagher

    the second one looks like a army guy to me

  • Lydia Benton
    Lydia Benton Day ago

    Video: Click me I'm dark!
    20 seconds in is Jazza playing with a dino
    I love this channel so goddamn much

  • Brandy Curtis
    Brandy Curtis Day ago

    It looks like a dragon grading a crystal.


    7:39 Uhh I see an elephant.....

  • sagalindhe
    sagalindhe Day ago

    Wasn't the challenge to just use the siluette and not draw other stuff to it 🤔

  • Pugs Not Drugs
    Pugs Not Drugs Day ago

    6:46 to me that looks like a mouse wearing a dumbo hat

  • Night Mare
    Night Mare 2 days ago

    Please sub to meet my goal is 50 thank you

  • Night Mare
    Night Mare 2 days ago +1

    3:24 who else sees the side of drifts mask in fortnite hidden in it

    COCO GAMING 2 days ago +1

    5:48 yes you did nail it

  • It's SpideyIThink
    It's SpideyIThink 3 days ago

    11:13 me in a nutshell

  • WowStopV
    WowStopV 3 days ago

    I hate the title.
    I really do.

  • ResentedCow 3173
    ResentedCow 3173 4 days ago

    You should make art with fruit!! I don’t exactly know wha that would look like though...

  • Preston Martin
    Preston Martin 4 days ago

    Do a piece completely with your left hand!

  • Tommyometer
    Tommyometer 4 days ago +1

    3:35 looks like some sort of dragon/butterfly standing on a pedestal
    6:34 looks like an elephant or camel

  • Bina is dope
    Bina is dope 5 days ago

    My videos are derpy

    GORIAN DERI 5 days ago +1


  • Gnana Ramadugu
    Gnana Ramadugu 6 days ago

    The elephant and the higlighter looks like a tri ceratops

  • CreativeCandy
    CreativeCandy 7 days ago

    I do have a dinosaur, raAhh!!
    I love you, Jazza, you’re too adorable for the art world

  • Bear Rader
    Bear Rader 7 days ago +1

    In the first silhouette I see a wind up solider with a dragon head shaped gun and heavy feet!

  • Jake Hagerdorn
    Jake Hagerdorn 7 days ago

    U was wondering what are the best drawing markers? that aren’t ridiculously expensive like copics. 😂

  • Shelby Zummack
    Shelby Zummack 8 days ago

    For the second one I see an army guy jazza

  • starzie
    starzie 8 days ago

    also, try plushie making?

  • starzie
    starzie 8 days ago

    aww, jazza's pregnant with a baby girl!! best of luck to you for a second kid!

  • Atsuko Kage
    Atsuko Kage 9 days ago +1

    *_11:00_**_ can I find this on iTunes?_*

  • Mr Blank
    Mr Blank 9 days ago

    @3:13 I saw a guy with a flamethrower, wearing a military helmet, Face Wrap, Mid run and Reload. Either I have a creative mind or a violent one.. Either way I'll roll with it.

  • Mr Blank
    Mr Blank 9 days ago +1

    @1:42 So... That's how Junji Ito makes his nightmare fuel!

  • NightLights0n Xx
    NightLights0n Xx 10 days ago

    I thought he saw a dear not a surfer

  • Basic Arnie
    Basic Arnie 10 days ago

    12:08 a witch holding a wand across her sholder

  • Kasen Olson
    Kasen Olson 10 days ago

    On the last one the shadows outline could have been a soldier with a plasma gun

  • Lucy Taylor
    Lucy Taylor 10 days ago


  • Tim. bass
    Tim. bass 11 days ago

    As royal blood would say ‘how did we get so dark’

  • Anthony Serna
    Anthony Serna 11 days ago

    At 3:28 I see a samurai

  • The_ Archer1202
    The_ Archer1202 11 days ago

    Those legs looks wonky. I totally saw a soldier in that first one but instead you made legs mclork

  • Hermione Pineda
    Hermione Pineda 11 days ago

    Pause at 0:14 🤣😂🤣

  • bluelephantshay k 2 channel

    I like your singing, its good even if the song you were singing was depressing.

  • Crazy Comic 2,000
    Crazy Comic 2,000 12 days ago

    For the last one I saw Bob Ross holding a canvas riding a bull,statue

  • Sara Smit
    Sara Smit 13 days ago +1

    "Strange contraption constructions" that was a strangely satisfying sentence

  • Super S4m
    Super S4m 13 days ago

    3:27 I see an army soldier

  • WhatOkay
    WhatOkay 14 days ago

    What an amazing voice why can you do anything what the heck

  • Flux games TTv
    Flux games TTv 14 days ago

    I’m going to have a sister like you’re kid

  • Isabel Unrein
    Isabel Unrein 14 days ago

    On the second one I see an old man wearing a backpack riding a very long legged doggo with a pig square stuck to his butt

  • Mankala Mankarsam
    Mankala Mankarsam 14 days ago

    11:00 yay...

  • Kaiya Hockenberry
    Kaiya Hockenberry 14 days ago

    Me: ooh! It could be a little kid with one of those twisty straws!
    Jazza: it’s a dying man with tubes attached to him as he suffers, begging to the heavens for death.
    Me: ............................that too...

  • AnnaAwesome
    AnnaAwesome 14 days ago


  • mobile destroyer
    mobile destroyer 15 days ago

    Well that's depressing

  • OI BOI
    OI BOI 15 days ago +1

    I've done harder things before
    *that's what she said*

  • Jayden Hillman
    Jayden Hillman 15 days ago

    At 8.42 look on his head it is a axe I thought that it’s a kid friendly show no it’s not

  • LifeByD
    LifeByD 15 days ago +1

    At 3:20 I see a chess piece. The section at the bottom is the base of the figure. The pole is the knight’s jousting stick. The iron-shaped top section is the knight’s helmet, and the shape to the left, the horse’s head. What d’ya think, Jazza?

  • Melissa Taylor
    Melissa Taylor 16 days ago

    One of them started looking like Waluigi to me before they were worked on.

  • Miracle Clarke
    Miracle Clarke 16 days ago

    For the first one I saw a statue

  • Gary Richter
    Gary Richter 17 days ago

    I can’t even trace shadows as good as you....

  • Allyson Peck
    Allyson Peck 17 days ago

    OMG you should draw famous TVcliprs like jacksepticeye or PEWDIPIE etc it would be amazing and make the jazza avatar in the middle ❤️❤️

  • KawiiCAT 3000
    KawiiCAT 3000 18 days ago

    8:44 is it just me or does the character look like hittler

  • Insy Craze
    Insy Craze 18 days ago

    Second one- soldier

  • Gavingaming247
    Gavingaming247 18 days ago

    Congrats on your baby

  • Bentley Qualls
    Bentley Qualls 18 days ago

    It could be be aunt margery

  • Anežka Zapletalová
    Anežka Zapletalová 18 days ago

    Do this in life time! 😃😍

    BATTERY POWER 19 days ago +1

    I see a very cool super hero Ray gun 6:21

    BATTERY POWER 19 days ago +1

    Shadow art anime reference jutsu

  • Emma Manna
    Emma Manna 20 days ago

    10:42 One of my elementary teachers had one...

  • Asyssant
    Asyssant 21 day ago



  • Junior Bugz
    Junior Bugz 21 day ago +1

    At 3:30 I see the drift skin from fortnite and a soldier

  • Plushie Plushie Tube Tube

    the one at the end looks like a soldier kneeling down with a gun pointing at the top left, and he also has a flag.

  • Cristina Dan
    Cristina Dan 21 day ago

    For the second one i saw a soilder and a dog

  • Starglim 02
    Starglim 02 21 day ago

    Cant you do an animal into another animal
    Sorry for my bad english IM from sweden so im not so good yet

  • Christian Mott
    Christian Mott 22 days ago

    I saw a trophy
    At the second cilloet

  • Fireball
    Fireball 22 days ago

    I read dark as dank

  • LittleBig MacBacon
    LittleBig MacBacon 22 days ago

    I think we need to shed some light on your pun @PowahSlap ;D

  • Melissa McNie
    Melissa McNie 22 days ago

    HAHAHA your dude with the Mo looks like Basil Fawltyl...or a Food Critic. Some need an axe in the head hehehawhaw

  • RandomTUBE !
    RandomTUBE ! 23 days ago

    For the 2end O’Neill see a plant and the pencil sharpener is the plant pot

  • Gabe Is a Dude
    Gabe Is a Dude 23 days ago

    11:00 bro you gud singer

  • Khomni Gwobai
    Khomni Gwobai 24 days ago

    On the first shadow i saw a beetle with packs on it. Like something youd see in dnd
    On the last one you did with the time lapse I saw a storm trouper playing the guitar.

  • DarknessRising 111105
    DarknessRising 111105 24 days ago

    You have a nice singing voice

  • Ellen Fairbairn
    Ellen Fairbairn 24 days ago

    Why do you never talk about your imbaresing josiah Brooks music chanel

  • Brayden Peer
    Brayden Peer 24 days ago

    Dark title😎

  • Animal facts with the Oviatt brothers

    In the first/last it could've Bern a junk monster

  • You
    You 25 days ago

    3:34 I see a soldier with a flame thrower aiming towards the top left

  • Isaac Sambo
    Isaac Sambo 25 days ago +1

    What a beautiful song

  • nick jackson
    nick jackson 26 days ago

    In the 1st one I could see you drawing a dragon a unicorn and a plane

  • Hamza Tayawi
    Hamza Tayawi 26 days ago

    In 3:30 I saw kiba from Yugioh

  • Roo Goose
    Roo Goose 26 days ago

    The first proper one looks like a soldier with a gun and a backpack.

  • Hāñńäh Ñįę
    Hāñńäh Ñįę 26 days ago +1

    Draw pewdiepie

  • TheGalacticProg
    TheGalacticProg 27 days ago

    3:40 Jazza: I don't see anything
    Me: I see a samurai with a sword with armor

  • Cheesy McBob
    Cheesy McBob 27 days ago

    Also 11:30 made me wish for the sweet release of death

  • Cheesy McBob
    Cheesy McBob 27 days ago

    Damn, Jazza can sing like a goddess

    CONOR MASON 27 days ago

    The derpy dinosaur one looks like something from Rick and Morty™

  • LJO Xtreme
    LJO Xtreme 28 days ago

    4:30 Yknow, I see a elephant carrying a highlighter!

  • 7D6
    7D6 28 days ago

    4:24 I kinda see the Black ops 2 raygun

  • Queen Wolf
    Queen Wolf 29 days ago

    The surfer dudes fingers look like a burrito. Thank You, Jazza; I am now hungry.

  • Someone has aids
    Someone has aids 29 days ago +1

    I need more

  • World Travelers
    World Travelers Month ago

    When you can spot 10 things in 1 second and jazza spots 1 in 10 minutes

  • Batterson Mikey
    Batterson Mikey Month ago

    you should make a music video

  • KJV Only
    KJV Only Month ago

    Thanks for making my mother laugh! It’s been weeks! Yay!!!
    ❤️ your channel.

  • WideFoxy YT
    WideFoxy YT Month ago +1

    3:28 I saw a soldier on one of those like animal thing where you put a coin in it and it rocks back and forth. Also i saw the soldier holding a gun
    Just a heads up Jazza

  • The alchemy Gamer
    The alchemy Gamer Month ago


  • super slimer dragon

    Family friendly channel jazza big fan