• Published on Sep 12, 2018
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Comments • 5 770

  • Amethyst Nicholson
    Amethyst Nicholson 12 hours ago

    I say an army man

  • But Nuster
    But Nuster 16 hours ago

    Crap you do sound like Stewie

  • stephen paul jenkins
    stephen paul jenkins 22 hours ago

    This video is DARK... get it cause it’s shadow art just me o^o

  • Vonn Jacob Orio
    Vonn Jacob Orio 2 days ago

    That shadow with a santa and a scissor could have been an Angry tree that has his leaves burned

  • Oliver Smith
    Oliver Smith 2 days ago

    in English, the plural of apparatus is apparatus or apparatuses

  • jo wheeler
    jo wheeler 2 days ago

    (the hole is the eye)

  • jo wheeler
    jo wheeler 2 days ago

    its a humming bird at 4:15 !!!!!!!!!!

  • Ibrahim Ersaly
    Ibrahim Ersaly 3 days ago

    Things that have stopped you some day may become your greatest achievement. message delivered jazza, thanx

  • BeBestInGames 211
    BeBestInGames 211 3 days ago

    The animal is a jazzpatar

  • Erik Rivera
    Erik Rivera 3 days ago

    that is a frog sciying whith a wound

  • Erik Rivera
    Erik Rivera 3 days ago

    the hair is the hand a frog skying

  • Captain Pålegg
    Captain Pålegg 3 days ago

    Will the picture you ended on be available as a print? Because I'd buy it.

  • Mayze Khun
    Mayze Khun 3 days ago

    3:26 looks like a poster from a movie. To the left there is soldier with a gas mask and an SMG. To the right I see a person behind a mask and you can see his shoulder.

  • ange 5 mac
    ange 5 mac 4 days ago

    0:21 ITS A DIMPALADOMPILS ali a intro plays

  • Smite
    Smite 4 days ago

    3:26 I see an army man holding his gun.

  • nick thorn
    nick thorn 5 days ago

    Who els saw a rubber duck in the 2 one

  • Yzavela Garzon
    Yzavela Garzon 5 days ago

    For the surfer I first saw a witch on a broom

  • Emily Haverland
    Emily Haverland 6 days ago +1

    Jazza is about to have a new baby and he already has a 3yr old son
    Jazza: we're all going to die

  • AJ Rayo
    AJ Rayo 6 days ago

    Dude's got some nice tone in his singing voice. Leave some talent for the rest of us, will you?!

  • Aaron DeCmp
    Aaron DeCmp 6 days ago

    I see a lamp on shadow number 2.

  • Steltha RAD
    Steltha RAD 7 days ago +1

    Me: reads title
    Advert pops up: video of a woman on a boat
    Me: so that's why it's dark... 😆

  • jeolban hälfte
    jeolban hälfte 7 days ago

    Your voice would be PERFECT for Christmas songs. Ugh. I need that to happen.

  • GR 21
    GR 21 9 days ago

    3:49 a soldier in a turret

  • Joey Van Hofwegen
    Joey Van Hofwegen 9 days ago

    Its bufford from phinius and fern

  • why_ death
    why_ death 9 days ago

    6:21 is a alien blaster

  • why_ death
    why_ death 9 days ago

    3:50 is a soldier shooting to the left

  • Dusty Hmm what is my last name?

    Sing with Jazza

  • Im a person I think
    Im a person I think 11 days ago +1

    I saw an army person from the lines on the last one

    NATURE4INFINITY Wolfy :3 12 days ago +1

    I know... MARSHEMELLOW SCULPTER! :3 plz?

    NATURE4INFINITY Wolfy :3 12 days ago +1

    13:24 it looks like a.... PIG COW HORSE! AWSOME JOB! Jazza :3

  • Peppermint Studios
    Peppermint Studios 12 days ago

    I used to play your “ snobby gentleman background music “ I was coming budgie music for my parakeet Captain. He died recently and when I heard this I felt sad 😞

  • Firebite
    Firebite 12 days ago

    6:25 a six chin lmao

  • Happy As Me | DIY
    Happy As Me | DIY 13 days ago

    I saw a solider holding a gun!

  • Demon Lord
    Demon Lord 13 days ago


    Jazaa 2018: "The leg.....of the other leg."

  • Unedible Apple
    Unedible Apple 13 days ago +1

    Why do all the characters you’ve drawn remind me of adventure time?

  • Tunde Kwantu
    Tunde Kwantu 13 days ago


  • Dashmysha Bellane
    Dashmysha Bellane 13 days ago

    that's sad that's all I'm going to sayme:how is that old man...

  • Kevin Novidi
    Kevin Novidi 14 days ago

    #team art

  • Leigh Lasley
    Leigh Lasley 14 days ago +1

    You saw a surfer, I saw some dude in a weird armour sitting in a tree or something. We must have very different minds lol

  • Boxaxel
    Boxaxel 15 days ago

    on that last one I saw a witch on a broom with a basket hanging from it. Her cloak is flaping the wind.

  • Adrian Espinoza
    Adrian Espinoza 15 days ago

    Singing with jazza ??

  • Jayde Wardle
    Jayde Wardle 16 days ago

    I thought the second one (that you swapped for the surfer) looked like a soldier holding a gun but he's a chess piece

  • Imelda Kurniadi
    Imelda Kurniadi 16 days ago +4

    0:02 I guess you could say my approach is pretty light-hearted

  • Z.A gacha
    Z.A gacha 16 days ago

    The (EPIC) one, I saw a man with a gun and at the back, it was his bag, and I was kind of sad that you did not see it, because it was going to be AMAZING

  • Bydand Tom
    Bydand Tom 16 days ago

    granpa on a bong? no?

    • Bydand Tom
      Bydand Tom 16 days ago

      waaaaaaaaaaaaaait, waaaaaaaaaaaaait, waaaaaaaaaaaaait you mother flumper, grampa changes you to a rock off!

  • Gacha LWS
    Gacha LWS 16 days ago

    8:46 it’s hitler

  • Deian
    Deian 16 days ago

    That got very real... LOL

  • Manu Ebi
    Manu Ebi 17 days ago

    the Michael Bublé of picture art?

  • Kayla Cole
    Kayla Cole 17 days ago

    Omg you have a beautiful singing voice!

  • Mimasana
    Mimasana 17 days ago +1

    Me : mentally crying
    Jazza: why did this get so dark...
    Jazza: wait! *turns off light* now it’s dark!!!
    Me: ....why...?

  • Bryce Schreiber
    Bryce Schreiber 18 days ago

    sloppy man looks like Mr Beast

  • Gap Nation
    Gap Nation 18 days ago

    We need more of these!!!

  • J Kid Plays
    J Kid Plays 18 days ago

    That is an obvious gun

  • Julie Labryga
    Julie Labryga 18 days ago

    What cant he do!!!

  • lementime
    lementime 19 days ago

    Third one really looked like a train!!

  • Fluffy Da Muff
    Fluffy Da Muff 19 days ago

    3:39 i see a army man holding a cow lol
    edit: i got it right?*watches* wat?!-

  • Michael Hendrick
    Michael Hendrick 19 days ago

    What do you see when you look at this: A DRAGON

  • Life Of A Cinnamon Roll

    7:00 it couldve been a junkyard

  • Deven Davis
    Deven Davis 20 days ago

    Jazza: I have toys for adults. Bit strange
    Dirty mind people: (0_0)

  • Jameko Pak
    Jameko Pak 21 day ago

    6:22 I saw a woman in a sun hat

  • Bossboyslade
    Bossboyslade 22 days ago

    6:55 a truck with luggage on top only me I guess

  • Paige
    Paige 22 days ago

    the second shadow shape (the one with the cow and the scissors) looked like an army guy holding a gun on the left side and then his pack on the right side to me

  • Ethan Sheely
    Ethan Sheely 22 days ago

    At 3:33 I see a soldier holding a gun with like equipment on his back

  • Jess Hough
    Jess Hough 22 days ago

    The demonstration drawing looks like it could have been an undertaker character
    It would probably be onion-san’s best friend 😂 😂

  • Coolming GT
    Coolming GT 23 days ago +3

    I hope there will be episode 2 soon In the future. Like if u agree

  • 26Ainsley Oliver
    26Ainsley Oliver 23 days ago

    Your already tracer!

  • Grace M
    Grace M 23 days ago

    How did he not see groot in the first one

  • wiggly fruit
    wiggly fruit 23 days ago

    At first i thought that the title was a pun...
    because shadows...ya know
    but its not
    what have you done jazza?

    Btw I'm wondering if this is some twisted version of the roarshack test

  • BlopBloo
    BlopBloo 23 days ago

    Uhm. You. Can. Sing. What.

  • Callum Orme
    Callum Orme 23 days ago

    I think the grandpa on life support was better than the hanging puppy thought of

  • 121_MEXICO_MAN_121 Fan

    3:28 it looks like am asoldier with gun helmet and lots of gear on back

  • Amanda Thompson
    Amanda Thompson 24 days ago

    The first one looks like a statue with a dragon, knight, and ear in a museum. The second one looked like a flying penguin, and the last one looked like a squirt gun.

  • Glenn DeezNuts
    Glenn DeezNuts 24 days ago

    Am I the only one that saw a ninja cat in the first one?

  • Side Account
    Side Account 25 days ago

    The Santa and scissors thing, I saw a sort of samurai soldier in action

  • Sabrina Maurice
    Sabrina Maurice 25 days ago

    Jazza can sing! Is no one going to talk about this?!

  • Santalilcamper
    Santalilcamper 25 days ago

    I use to do something similar to this when I was in school I would just smash a pencil into my notebook randomly and connect the dots and try to make something out of the lines

  • Pixel_verse_
    Pixel_verse_ 25 days ago

    Awesome vid Jazza! Congrats on the baby girl!!

  • Lina Rob
    Lina Rob 26 days ago

    You look Disney

  • OddityArt
    OddityArt 26 days ago

    idk if this is normal but everything i see includes a gun or rifle

  • TeppeZ
    TeppeZ 26 days ago

    I think that 3:42 could be a samurai

  • CrazyWolf 65
    CrazyWolf 65 26 days ago


  • Sucralose
    Sucralose 26 days ago

    The second one he should draw chronenburg morty

  • Mari__
    Mari__ 27 days ago

    The second one ,that he didn't draw...i saw one of those kids toys where you mount a spaceship or a car or a horse and put a coin and the toy goes up/down hoping and the children thinks are amazing...
    The square shadow would be the base and the scissors shadow could be that big thingy warriors carry on justa tournaments and the main part would be the horse and the kid mounting him
    Ah! If i wasn't clear explaining..Like the spaceships Jimmy Neutron uses to fly to space to go after the parents in the movie

  • Jeremy Woo
    Jeremy Woo 27 days ago

    7:26 i saw an elepant

  • TrollTato
    TrollTato 27 days ago

    I don't like how dark this is but its my fault for pressing on it 😂

  • Dumb Kids
    Dumb Kids 27 days ago

    Me: That was dark man........*shivers*
    Jazza: *creeps up* BOI, I BOUT TUH GIT YO PIKLE CHIHN AH BOI!!!!!!!

  • goldenmoondrawer
    goldenmoondrawer 27 days ago

    You should do the draw in 100 styles challenge

  • Jared John Cena
    Jared John Cena 28 days ago

    12:06 looks like an army person holding a gun with a crazy jet pack

  • cb21235
    cb21235 28 days ago

    This video made me laugh. Thank you

  • LarknessMonster L
    LarknessMonster L 29 days ago

    I saw a canyon with a diving board hanging of of it
    You saw a snobby man half dead fighting with a chef with his whine glass because he didn’t like his food.
    My reaction, Oh. My. God. You made a crazy mess of genius Australian man😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣jazzy is AWSOME 😂🤣

  • i love gay meatballs :3

    10:11 r u bleeding?

  • becky hill
    becky hill 29 days ago

    9:48 a grave mine from halo

  • becky hill
    becky hill 29 days ago

    6:51 pile of junk and destroyed cars

  • becky hill
    becky hill 29 days ago

    4:26 looks like a half an outline of a junk deman/wizard

  • becky hill
    becky hill 29 days ago

    hey jazza at 3:34 I see half of a robot

  • thedarkness125
    thedarkness125 29 days ago

    After all I watched the one takeaway I have is that I must now go listed to some Gloria Estefan and feel some percussion to get that darn song out of my head!

  • bigbogboi
    bigbogboi Month ago

    do a no sketching challenge

  • knots nchains
    knots nchains Month ago

    1.trimmings from your haircut?
    2.tea bags
    3.cup rings... left when liquid dribbled down your cup onto paper
    4.fling liquid medium at paper then let dry and make it art!
    5. your children's prints, hands feet elbows, knees...
    6. your prints ( same as above)
    7. "death mask"
    8. pasta art
    9. what's in your recycle plastic and paper bag?
    10. tape.

  • Sergey Pupko
    Sergey Pupko Month ago

    Hello darkness, my old friend.

  • Grim Artistic
    Grim Artistic Month ago

    i didnt know you surfed