• Published on Sep 12, 2018
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Comments • 5 863

  • dart
    dart Day ago

    Jazza: I'm an adult!

  • Eddward Vincent
    Eddward Vincent Day ago

    The last one you did looks dorkily cute but I did see a abstract bust head...I even drew it, if you'd like to see it let me know, I'm not as good as you but I do try.

  • Morgan Dunn
    Morgan Dunn 2 days ago +1

    Jazza: "...but it will be upbeat for once..."
    Also Jazza 5 seconds later: *draws a hunter killing an animal*
    Me:.....Where is the upbeat part of this.....?

  • l donahue
    l donahue 3 days ago

    The second one I instantly saw a motorcycle

  • Mandy Jonsen
    Mandy Jonsen 4 days ago

    This reminds me of mr squiggle. You should draw it upside down.

  • Gabriella Russo
    Gabriella Russo 4 days ago

    it looks like a unicorn a bit

  • Sir Isac
    Sir Isac 5 days ago

    Draw with your feet

  • junior castro
    junior castro 7 days ago +1

    Jazza: what does this look like?🤔

    Me:ooh ooh i know! Looks like a cow carrying santa with scissor swords!

  • Pug Master
    Pug Master 9 days ago

    pause on 0:14 or pauce and then click on it

  • Luna's Galaxy
    Luna's Galaxy 9 days ago

    The one after the example could be an angry unicorn

  • Evilgirl 54
    Evilgirl 54 10 days ago

    9:43 It looks like a girl scientist from the back who has messy hair bevause she stayed up all night

  • Evilgirl 54
    Evilgirl 54 10 days ago

    6:30 This one if you turn it upside down it looks like an angry person with their hair blowing in the wind

  • Evilgirl 54
    Evilgirl 54 10 days ago

    4:32 If you turn it 90° to the right, I see some kind of space station

  • Evilgirl 54
    Evilgirl 54 10 days ago

    3:27 I see someone riding a motorcycle with a gun and some other equipment on their back, the bike is turning and the guy is shooting the opposite way

  • Allison Franklin
    Allison Franklin 11 days ago

    The droopy things at the base of a chicken's neck are called waddles ;)

  • KiaraWolfsbane05
    KiaraWolfsbane05 13 days ago

    3:51 a statue
    A carno with a warrior riding it backwards with a shield and a lance with the carno's tail looping around to the front with the base of the statue at the bottom

  • AstroAbood
    AstroAbood 14 days ago +1

    0:27 I thought he did that with his hands

  • bush baby
    bush baby 14 days ago

    At 3:48 I see a fishing trophy

  • I'mSoEvil6Espada
    I'mSoEvil6Espada 15 days ago +1

    Your fancy guy voice sounds a bit like Stewie Griffin.

  • Ella Lloyd
    Ella Lloyd 16 days ago

    On the second one you could have done a soldier on a turret

  • TizzyRose
    TizzyRose 18 days ago +1

    6:38 elephant

  • TizzyRose
    TizzyRose 18 days ago +1

    Army soldier?
    ‘This looks like a face’
    :O it does!!

  • K A S E Y
    K A S E Y 18 days ago +1

    3:29 army men gun up with legs apart.

  • SJ _Assassin Teen
    SJ _Assassin Teen 18 days ago

    Save for last. Military guy with gun helmet and backpack or demon cat unicorn
    2.flying wart hog
    3.industry buildings
    4.kid with bunny ears on toy set

  • Inari Inari
    Inari Inari 18 days ago

    Dark context but wow Jazza can sing!

  • Amy Rose
    Amy Rose 18 days ago


  • *ImPugly *
    *ImPugly * 19 days ago

    6:25 when I began to count the chins.......

  • StekinoMai
    StekinoMai 19 days ago

    Slightly upset that the thing in the thumbnail isn't in the video cause that guy whack as hell but the dying man caught me off guard more 😂

  • Hobo Isaac
    Hobo Isaac 20 days ago

    Maybe he's reaching his arms out to his son who he hasn't seen in years

  • Pramod ch
    Pramod ch 20 days ago

    3:43 it looks like an army guy or knight holding a sheild and spear on a horse or cow(cow is kinda cheating)oh yeah and its like a trophy the sharpener acts like a podium.

  • Tiger Wolf
    Tiger Wolf 21 day ago

    Jazza should try body painting. Like if you agree.

  • David Dahl
    David Dahl 22 days ago

    Where you saw a surfer, I saw a succubus sitting on a throne

  • Creeper
    Creeper 22 days ago +1

    ESTE video genial también hola gracias por usar el traductor de Google

  • FortniteSucks Nibba
    FortniteSucks Nibba 22 days ago +1

    3:30 oh damn I see a soldier! You can see his gun (looks like MP5-SD?) And his helmet! That's sooo cool hahaha

  • Karlie Norris
    Karlie Norris 23 days ago

    3:38 looks like a military man with a gun

  • Døg Łover
    Døg Łover 26 days ago

    3:28 I see a man in the military with a gun (the tree) and he’s carrying things on his back

  • fortnite ps4
    fortnite ps4 26 days ago

    But jazz you had one

  • 6752five Ocsoraco
    6752five Ocsoraco 26 days ago

    Me: sees a horse man
    Jazza: dying man

  • Fa Ng
    Fa Ng 26 days ago +1

    6:28 looks like a ray gyn

  • Awesome Mushroom
    Awesome Mushroom 27 days ago +1

    5:09 anybody else see a Moose?

  • Koperstein Norski
    Koperstein Norski 27 days ago


  • Eaaz09 #
    Eaaz09 # 29 days ago

    How is jazza good at singing 2

  • Albedo Rem
    Albedo Rem Month ago

    You look like “Thomas and toys”

  • Roxi K
    Roxi K Month ago

    That cowsanta shape for me looked like a crouching soilder (cows head is a rifle)

  • LIC
    LIC Month ago

    The énd time he tryed i thought a fisher man whit fries for the fish

  • lil Situation
    lil Situation Month ago

    the guy with cleaver is named Karen

  • Tom ThePineapple
    Tom ThePineapple Month ago +1

    So basically he turned the T-rex into Trump XD

  • SquidZeDragon
    SquidZeDragon Month ago

    The Last One Just Says "We Like To Have Fun Here."

  • Wolfette Plays
    Wolfette Plays Month ago

    The first one looks like a Rick and Morty character tbh

  • KillerFinnish WR
    KillerFinnish WR Month ago

    Me: chicken
    Jazza: a surfer

  • NaomiBLoved
    NaomiBLoved Month ago

    the backpack could be a shirt being blown up by the wind

  • Miss Seaweed
    Miss Seaweed Month ago

    3:30 I see a soldier with a gun, a hard hat, a bulky side back, and a backpack. He might also have a sword going through his body...

  • I am Lenny
    I am Lenny Month ago

    I love it in mostly every video jazzy does a cute baby face 👶

  • Der traurige Tod
    Der traurige Tod Month ago +1

    Jazza, that video was....
    The City Center in the World of War III 😂❤

  • mattfuller007
    mattfuller007 Month ago

    I see a soldier on the second one

  • Nulono
    Nulono Month ago

    3:50 looks like someone in an army helmet riding one of those mechanical horses they have at supermarkets.

  • Lily Brown
    Lily Brown Month ago

    *here are his dying eyes*

  • J P
    J P Month ago

    This is incredible🤯🤯🤯

  • AB
    AB Month ago


  • Claire Griffiths
    Claire Griffiths Month ago

    You should be a singer not an artist