Blind Girl Describes My Face to a Police Sketch Artist!

  • Published on May 30, 2018
  • I learned so much with Molly and made an amazing new friend! Who wants to see her take me shopping and style me?!
    Check out Molly's video!

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Comments • 31 763

  • Nicole n Cliff Alexander
    Nicole n Cliff Alexander 3 minutes ago

    Gabbie is a giraffe

  • Alexis Lewis
    Alexis Lewis 21 minute ago

    You also have wavy hair instead of straight

  • Kiys_ Lifestyle
    Kiys_ Lifestyle 35 minutes ago

    She's in a DOVE COMMERCIAL!

  • Hoofs and Horses
    Hoofs and Horses 40 minutes ago

    Anybody else skip thru the video to see what it looked like?...

  • Fuzzy Pig
    Fuzzy Pig Hour ago

    I thought it said blonde girl

  • Oof Bow
    Oof Bow Hour ago


    Is she really blind?

  • AshleyPlays456/ Ashleythefungirl

    The picture looks actually like Mama June 😂😂

  • Maren Sophia
    Maren Sophia Hour ago +1

    This is literally the coolest video idea Ever

  • Cody Miles
    Cody Miles Hour ago

    How does she happen to make perfect eye contact with the camera, paper and the people around her. I vote fake blind for likes

  • Fatemah Teima
    Fatemah Teima Hour ago

    Ate you sure she is blind because she can look at peoples faces.

  • eden marie
    eden marie Hour ago

    youre gorgeous!!!

  • eden marie
    eden marie Hour ago

    girlllll, im new and im lebanese too

  • loltodo :D
    loltodo :D Hour ago

    Molly makeover!!!!

  • The Eiffel Tower
    The Eiffel Tower Hour ago

    How many times did Miles hit puberty...

  • Jeymi Romero
    Jeymi Romero 2 hours ago

    How does she see the comments if she's blind??

  • Tammy Hockenberry
    Tammy Hockenberry 2 hours ago

    I wonder if she is actually blind because she looks directly into the the camera lens and she looks directly into gabis eyes. Who else has that question?

  • The Gotkids The Gotkids

    Sub to me and I’ll sub to you

  • youngKay Urban thomas
    youngKay Urban thomas 3 hours ago

    Gabby! Put your beek away!

  • Shaun Boyle
    Shaun Boyle 4 hours ago

    she's not blind

  • 4 Alien's
    4 Alien's 4 hours ago

    I love ur videos

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 5 hours ago

    When I was in 4th grade, I read a book about Hellen Keller, I actually really loved that book

  • sendhelpimdumb ;-;
    sendhelpimdumb ;-; 5 hours ago

    So is it Lebanese or lesbian.

  • avigail della
    avigail della 6 hours ago +2

    She guest it almost correct! It looked like her

  • Caitin Beesley
    Caitin Beesley 7 hours ago

    Molly/Mollie: *we don't......*
    Gabbie: *WHAT!?!?!*
    I died by the way Gabbie said that

  • Lauren Hastie
    Lauren Hastie 7 hours ago

    Front and side is a GIANT HUGE MASSIVE art

  • Doctor Me
    Doctor Me 8 hours ago

    I doubt she's blind ... she's making direct eye contact with Gabbie and the camera ... every single time !!! That CANNOT be luck by chance at all ...

  • Elena Sakki
    Elena Sakki 9 hours ago

    OMG is it just me or does Gabbie look like Nairobi fron la casa de papel!!!!! (but you know like a blonde version)

  • prarthana e
    prarthana e 9 hours ago

    Omg she's Soo pretty....but how does she know colours if she is blind?

  • Mirosalmar
    Mirosalmar 10 hours ago

    Why is the guy so hot? Sorryyyy. You are probably a great artist too🌟

  • Dl gymnastics
    Dl gymnastics 11 hours ago

    I dont think mollie was not born blind because she nows the colors

  • Nicht Ich
    Nicht Ich 11 hours ago

    I can’t accept that she’s blind. She does not behave blind at all. Plus it’s a shame because she’ll never see how good she dresses...

  • A Ruby
    A Ruby 11 hours ago

    Do the makeover

  • Tildie Scalé
    Tildie Scalé 12 hours ago

    But the sketch artist didn't know what Gabbie looked like before, did he?

  • Hasna 6 6 6
    Hasna 6 6 6 12 hours ago

    Do not retouch your nose

  • Tildie Scalé
    Tildie Scalé 12 hours ago

    Has Molly always been blind?

    THE TRUTH 12 hours ago

    Why does the blind girl sound like she having voice cracks

  • raqui maza
    raqui maza 13 hours ago

    is it just me or does the guys voice sound extremely low

  • Miracle Plays Roblox
    Miracle Plays Roblox 15 hours ago +1

    Wait, how does molly watch her videos?

  • Sejal Nizara
    Sejal Nizara 15 hours ago

    Is she really blind, becoz she can every tym make an eye contact with the camera n with that lady too, blinds dont do that perfectly eye contact usually.

  • Delsin I
    Delsin I 15 hours ago

    Pls don't sketch for the police lol

  • Shatha Mustafa
    Shatha Mustafa 15 hours ago

    Does Molly kinda see? Love you Molly and gabbie

  • judy mimie
    judy mimie 16 hours ago

    She is not blind

  • Happy YT
    Happy YT 16 hours ago

    She is not blind.

  • Eli Messih _YT
    Eli Messih _YT 17 hours ago

    10:40 is the drawing

  • Mystic Beasts
    Mystic Beasts 18 hours ago

    Your hair is wavier

  • Too Kyoot
    Too Kyoot 19 hours ago

    That guys voice 😫😍

  • Nadya Poisac-Nguyen
    Nadya Poisac-Nguyen 19 hours ago

    wait how does she know that she likes patterns and colorful stuff when she probably doesnt know what color looks like, its like imagining an enire new color, like imagine if a new color just existed?

  • KY Ky
    KY Ky 20 hours ago

    He draws soo good how I can’t even draw a good chine😂

  • Jose Monsivais
    Jose Monsivais 21 hour ago

    How could she watch a video?:27

  • Destiny Dailey
    Destiny Dailey 21 hour ago

    Gabbie picked her nose and wiped on the sofa behind the blind girl

  • Marina Alexander
    Marina Alexander 22 hours ago

    Wait of she is blind how does she read comments watch videos and see your texts

  • Riahs Roleplays
    Riahs Roleplays 22 hours ago


  • Allie Olson
    Allie Olson 22 hours ago

    I kniw that person that looks like the drawing

  • Tanae Gilliam
    Tanae Gilliam 22 hours ago

    He sounds like the guy that says the fitnessgram pacer test voice

  • Bandit Gaming
    Bandit Gaming 22 hours ago

    Make him say “The Fitnessgram Pacer Test”

  • Ka Ka
    Ka Ka 23 hours ago

    So why is she looking at the camera directly if she is blind???

  • Korny Conclusion
    Korny Conclusion 23 hours ago +1

    I just randomly wandered up on this video. Like if you did do.

  • Tranquility
    Tranquility 23 hours ago

    Idk why everyone comments about Gabbie’s nose and how big it is 🙄 You can be beautiful and have a large nose I think it’s unique and just as beautiful as having a smaller “standard” nose. But to each and their own....

  • Jillian Vankirk
    Jillian Vankirk Day ago

    0:26 how did you watch the video...your blind

  • Izzy and brooke
    Izzy and brooke Day ago +1

    She is not blind

  • Avyplays Roblox
    Avyplays Roblox Day ago +2

    "I've watched your videos"
    How are you blind and watch TVclip videos

    • Fluffy Wafflez
      Fluffy Wafflez Hour ago +1

      Avyplays Roblox She probably listens to them, and has someone like a friend or parent explain what’s happening.

  • Jewel Dugan
    Jewel Dugan Day ago

    So is she blind? Like idk she was watching the camera move every time... just a question. And she wasn't feeling around for anything, so idk

  • rosa chavez
    rosa chavez Day ago

    He sounds like the man that says the pacer test like at school

  • Keara Collins
    Keara Collins Day ago

    No way she is blind

  • Riya
    Riya Day ago

    Miles voice is deeper than Pacific Ocean

  • Kendra Olberding

    Pls go shopping

  • Lia :3
    Lia :3 Day ago

    I dont think shes blind because she always looks at the camera and dosent look straight like blind people do.

  • Demecia T
    Demecia T Day ago

    bruh every damn video she is in the video has “WITH A BLIND GIRL” like omg wowwwwwww 😂😂 bih

  • georgina87
    georgina87 Day ago

    It looks terrible! Like totaly unrecognizable and couldn't look like anyone

  • Layla Johnson
    Layla Johnson Day ago

    Draws stick person LOOK ITS LADY GAGA

  • Pink Elephant
    Pink Elephant Day ago

    If she is blind how dose she know her hiar color

  • LifeAs Jasminee
    LifeAs Jasminee Day ago

    Ummm .. Not Trying to be Rude but how is She blind but watch your videos?

  • Random Rachel
    Random Rachel Day ago

    His voice reminds me of...........


  • Frenchess Durham

    This boy that go to my afterachool program said that Molly is ugly😢 then I slapped him in the face

  • Jiaara Lam
    Jiaara Lam Day ago

    How is she blind!!!

  • Aitza Muniz
    Aitza Muniz Day ago

    Are you sure she’s blind? Lol

  • Kadeem Mcdonald
    Kadeem Mcdonald Day ago

    She not blind... 0:39 image is from her watching her videos

  • Nathan Shears
    Nathan Shears Day ago

    I’m sceptical about her being blind

  • Cary Friedrich
    Cary Friedrich Day ago

    Why does she look like yammy

  • noa noa
    noa noa Day ago

    How is she blind?

  • Fade Game
    Fade Game Day ago

    How does she know where the camera

  • Bama girl RollTide

    Her nose is big from all directions

  • Mosca Mosquítez

    I am marrying this man, bye

  • gaming TM
    gaming TM Day ago

    She is not blind .when you just move around with the camera and someone just follow the camera perfectly in the lens... im sorry but i realy don't think she is blind so stop that's bat to make video like this just for views

  • kiwi kiwi the best single

    I have a cat pillow that matches the curtains

  • Ella Osullivan
    Ella Osullivan Day ago

    u thought!!!!!

  • Stephanie Kneller

    Confused.. how does she look directly into the camera and directly at her face if she’s blind?

  • Millie Dolan
    Millie Dolan Day ago

    Such a deep voice though 😂

  • Vanessa Khalil
    Vanessa Khalil Day ago

    How can she read your comments if she is blind

  • luckyDancer100
    luckyDancer100 Day ago

    9:06 that looks exactly like her

  • Yasmeen Baloch
    Yasmeen Baloch Day ago

    She isn't blind

  • Juan P
    Juan P Day ago

    Is she acsly blind

  • Madison Perry
    Madison Perry Day ago

    What an idea for a video!! Quality content 👌👌

  • Miranda Cavaliere

    Miles was cute

  • Ryan Waggoner
    Ryan Waggoner Day ago

    iam blind but can watch your videos

  • dina wolf dur
    dina wolf dur Day ago

    MAKEOVER!!! (Not saying that your ugly at all you is very pretty.)

  • Cc Bee Love
    Cc Bee Love Day ago

    I mean how is she blind idk how I’m confused 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Elizabeth and Kaylee show !!!

    You don’t look 17

    You look 15

  • Charisma Kerns
    Charisma Kerns Day ago


  • cousin central
    cousin central Day ago

    Is it just me or did everyone go to the comment section first?😂😂😂