Scientist laughs at climate change skeptics

  • Published on Nov 27, 2018
  • Katharine Hayhoe, an atmospheric scientist who assisted government agencies in publishing a report predicting devastating damages from climate change, said she in no way benefited financially from helping to write it.

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  • Larry Dye
    Larry Dye Day ago

    So what if the climate change is not caused by the few thousands of a percent increase of man-made CO2? What then? The sky is falling said the little red hen. Everytime a volcano goes off it puts out more greenhouse gases than man does. If you're worried about CO2 emissions stop firing off rockets and ban jets as these are putting out so much CO2. Do we really need the space probes, satellites, GPS, worldwide communications, etc.?Why don't we eliminate all things we possibly can and live in the Stone age? That can be done if we cut the population to 500 million as per Agenda 21 for we all know this sacred dirt of Earth or that special elite few is worth more than the people it supports. I guess the only viable option for now is to continue down the science path to ultimately colonize and make space habitats large enough to support humans in comfort. With the advent of the Information Science Age mankind's knowledge will snowball to realize this eventuality.

  • Tyler Moses TM DESIGNS

    Many of these comments make one better understand America's IQ averages, education crisis, and literacy rates compared to other developed and fast developing nations. It is as if both ignorance and stupidity are rewarded.

  • Rad Matic
    Rad Matic 3 days ago

    Doomsday cults have always been with us. The problem is they are now govt financed.

    • James Pyke
      James Pyke Day ago

      Nope the FF industry fund the government to lie about AGW while collecting a nice 11,900% return on those bribes. And you coal cuck for free? The problem are idiots who believe that FF funded BS and their doomsday cult who claim that if we stop paying the FF industry their $5.3 trillion a year in taxpayer funded billionaire welfare to cause AGW and that somehow lower taxes and cheaper electricity will lead to higher taxes and economic collapse.

      But listening to industry about how good and how safe their product is could never go wrong could it? Just ask the tobacco industry goose.

  • TOG1962
    TOG1962 4 days ago

    I want some of what she's smoking

  • TOG1962
    TOG1962 4 days ago

    She got paid zero dollars. Good

  • TOG1962
    TOG1962 4 days ago

    The answer must be screw more tax out of people.

    • James Pyke
      James Pyke Day ago

      Nope that's the cause. Paying the FF industry $5.3 trillion a year to cause AGW then making the taxpayer pick up the tab for the consiquences and paying more for electricity is the problem. The answer is to remove those handouts and convert from dirty expensive coal to cheap clean RE amd save over $120 trillion in the next 25 years.

  • Mark Petersen
    Mark Petersen 5 days ago

    😂😂😂😂💩💩💩💩💩so you are so clever you don’t even know how important co2 is..what a stupid stupid woman..she’s talking through the hole in her incredibly dumb this woman have NO science to back your ridiculous claims..confusing weather with climate change..duh

  • sadtranz
    sadtranz 5 days ago

    Don't believe the bullshit see Tony Heller for facts

  • Választás sabandóz

    Fake news

  • The Legdartator
    The Legdartator 6 days ago

    Where going to die but half of us think its not real

  • K.Nielsen
    K.Nielsen 6 days ago

    Fuck deniers they are faulty people. they seem to be incapable of thinking rationally.. its like having a house on fire and their solution would just be to buying a new house, or wait on insurance to cover... well i doubt any insurance companies are going to save your consumerists asses when you breath the last amount of air on this dead rock.. Jesus how retarded can they be.

  • Julian Amiet
    Julian Amiet 6 days ago

    Two retards talking isn't going to help you.

  • Canadian Cuck Fighter

    CNN the wasteland of brainwashed liberals and culture Marxist who need to be good people even if it kills the rest of us in the process!

    • Canadian Cuck Fighter
      Canadian Cuck Fighter 4 days ago

      See what I’m saying! That’s an idiom, an illogical idiom but one in the same. So obviously you’re a triggered liberal who watches CNN and believes every word, so tell me how my statement is illogical and fallacious and use facts and not your feelings to back up your position.

    • newo
      newo 4 days ago

      Do you even see what your saying?

  • Johan Van Angeren
    Johan Van Angeren 7 days ago

    The climate science is fraud. Climate change, yes. It would be strange if that stopped after millions of years. Men made change, totally unproven.
    Concentrate on real problems like the plastic in the oceans which for 90% comes from rivers of Asia and Africa.
    Sorry left liberals, the west is not responsible for the demise of the world, it is the third world.

  • doobiewah357
    doobiewah357 8 days ago

    Look up, Clouds ! It must be global-warming !
    Look out, Rain ! It must be global-warming !
    We need money to study this !

  • Jake Lesnake
    Jake Lesnake 9 days ago

    I think she'd been on the Mary Jane before that interview, she's laughing when she says anything - "climate change is affecting us already, today - hohoho - polar bears - lol"

  • codyjones109
    codyjones109 11 days ago

    IT is happening NOW! The Midwest is seeing huge decrease in crop yields due to flooding. 500 year floods are happening at less than 100 years and soon at 75 year intervals. India just hit all time record high temp of 123 F last week! last Year Japan set all time record temps. IT is happening now!

  • john smith
    john smith 12 days ago

    Do they just make this shit up. There’s no proof of anything there saying .

  • heck B
    heck B 12 days ago

    if this weather were having is caused by industry what industry was around when we had the great flood and all those cities that lie beneath the ocean would it be the slaves creating all that dust with their wee chisels would that be the reason for climate change 5000 years ago just asking wheres BARBIE

  • Artiom Andreev
    Artiom Andreev 13 days ago

    What is the climate change anyway ??
    One can only laugh at the predictions of those "climate scientists" who without weather satellite would have a big problem predicting the weather for tomorrow but know what will happen in 70 years.
    For all those who believe that CO2 causes the "global warming" search Wikipedia on lake Nyos disaster.

  • Plan For Eternity
    Plan For Eternity 13 days ago

    They changed their story/mind now apparently. Check out

  • progressive libertarian
    progressive libertarian 15 days ago +1

    Actually, gravity is a hoax. Stay tuned for updates.

  • John Lammi
    John Lammi 16 days ago

  • Gerry De naro
    Gerry De naro 17 days ago +3

    As a scientist, albeit now retired, allow me to make a few points about that dreaded and much maligned "greenhouse" gas we call carbon dioxide. *Let me agree that man is a major contributor to climate change. It is not however the 3% of CO2 being generated by fossil fuels causing a global catastrophe, but the decimation of of nature's way of maintaining the balance between O2 and CO2 : natural FORESTATION .*

    1) CO2 is a colourless, odorless, tasteless and invisible gas.

    2) it makes up approx 0.04% of the atmosphere and has an integral role in the Carbon Cycle.

    3) it has been and always will be, a fundamental component of life. Without it the world would be a desolate, lifeless wasteland.

    4) Having worked in China and experienced the worst pollution, I know what it is NOT. *What we see, smell, hurts our eyes, stifles our breathing makes us ill, or causes cancer, is NOT CO2*

    5) pollution takes many forms and can consist of fine particles of dust, ash, heavy metals, trace organics, CFCs, pesticides, noxious acids from sulfurous and nitrous oxides. Natural events release hydrogen sulfide, methane and carbon monoxide which are also noxious byproducts of industry..

    6) Rises in CO2 have occurred for several decades, with 15 billion trees being destroyed annually according to WWF.

    7) *45% of all natural forestation has been lost to urbanization, land clearing, (logging), burn offs, natural forest fires, and agricultural use. Only 3% of all atmospheric CO2 comes from fossil fuels* according to Australian Emeritus Prof Ian Plimer.

    8) So the climate crusaders need someone to blame and Oil and gas companies are a likely target. They want u to accept their baseless theory that climate change is caused by the 3% fossil fuel component and not those listed in 7) above . I dont think so!

    9) Recent studies show that Iceland's glaziers are growing not receding as are Islands like Tuvalu in the South Pacific (despite claims to the contrary).

    10) It seems like anyone who doesnt "tow the party line" will become a leper, lose all research funding and thus their career

    The claim that 97% of all scientists support global warming is false One cannot underestimate the investment the environmental movement and its crusaders have in catastrophic climate change. Global warming has always been the dream issue of climate alarmists b/c it gives them license to commandeer the entire energy sector of the world. Getting control of energy is a multi trillion $$ issue and ultimate goal of most governments and political parties Watch if you dare A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Global Warming

    • James Pyke
      James Pyke 4 days ago +2

      So this is how old scientists did research is it, avoid the science and instead get their ingo fro TVclip? Let’s look at your claims. 1) 2) 3) {but a frozen wasteland as CO2’s GHG properties are warming the planet} 4) {but burning of FFs does produce these things along with CO2} 5) 6) 7) all so what? Plimer, nice appeal to complete lack of authority. He is full of shit and a lying FF employee. The increase in CO2 is due to the burning of FFs. The system was in balance before man came along and the increase has been shown to be from FFs and Man’s actions. So sorry facts don’t care about what you feel. No matter how little your feelings care about facts.

      9) BS. 90% of world glaciers are melting, the poles are receding and SOME Islands are growing because of natural process such as sand being washed up (so what has that got to do with anything?) while others are being inundated with sea water.

      10) Actually the opposite is the case. Those that tow the AGW denier party line get paid a fortune. Real scientists at NASA and the CSIRO have actually lost jobs because of denier political administrations. So you obviously know very little about research for a retired scientist. Senior researchers such as Mann and Alley get paid around $120k a pittance compared to deniers such as millionaire professional denier Soon who does no research but simply writes lies in his spare time. Or the $30+ million FF Exxon etc executives or the $100 billion Kochs who fund the denial industry.

      The 97% confirmed consensus in multiple studies.

      As for your claim of no warming…. As we warm. Funny thing on the way to global warming, it’s still happening. As all organisations studying the climate find. But nice political anti science video though.

  • Bebop
    Bebop 17 days ago +1

    These so called sceptics have no credibility, i dare you to have true scientists who refuse to get on the gravy train with the media. Christy, Curry, Micheals, Spencer, Watts,... but you wont. Cause it would be too ambarrassing for CNN

    • Bebop
      Bebop 14 days ago

      Why would it be ambarassing for me?? I say CNN rarely has any scientists that are sceptic. I bet they have ambarassing evidence that goes against the climate hysteria narrative of CNN. Thats all. These scientists try to get the message out but mass media dont want them to, it seems they rather want to support there popular (but not scientific) story

  • Jess Fulbright
    Jess Fulbright 17 days ago

    Good theory it just doesn't happen to fit reality. Six months later are just finishing up one of the coldest, snowiest and longest winters the northern hemisphere has had in decades. Droughts are basically non-existent at the moment in the US and the snow pack in both the Sierra Nevada and the Rocky Mountains is at record levels. It snowed at the grand canyon in Arizona the day before yesterday and we got another foot of snow in the Colorado mountains yesterday. I live in a low valley in western Colorado and the temperature this morning was 34 degrees, the ski areas are staying open until the fourth of July because they have so much snow and it is staying so cold. This is reality and no matter how good you think your computer models are you just can't fight the fact that it is getting colder. Everyone will soon see that colder is a lot worse than warmer because we have at least one more full year of the effects of the current solar minimum. Next winter has the potential to change a lot of minds on global warming theory, reality has a way of doing that. The only question now is what will happen in solar cycle 25 and 26?? Will it be a big rebound in the good old sun or is it GSM?

  • Sparrow Art
    Sparrow Art 18 days ago

    It’s better to do something about climate change and not have to then not do something about it and have to. Don’t take a risk that will affect millions of people negatively.

  • NotMe,
    NotMe, 18 days ago


  • nom deplumeone
    nom deplumeone 18 days ago

  • Donald Brookings
    Donald Brookings 18 days ago

    It's not climate change. People read your bible it's all in there.

    • Jackimond Fayimond raymond
      Jackimond Fayimond raymond 18 days ago

      Donald Brookings I’m already seeing. Temperatures are rising and the ice caps are melting. You big man in the sky can’t do this it’s down to us.

    • Donald Brookings
      Donald Brookings 18 days ago

      @Jackimond Fayimond raymond sure you'll see.

    • Jackimond Fayimond raymond
      Jackimond Fayimond raymond 18 days ago

      Donald Brookings The bible is a book of fairy tales bud

  • Jimmynoleaks boilerman
    Jimmynoleaks boilerman 19 days ago +1

    I live in Vermont,I Love global warming, remember when it was called global warming? Guess it didn't fit the alarmists narrative.

    • Jimmynoleaks boilerman
      Jimmynoleaks boilerman 16 days ago

      @Vary Olla Doom and gloom, give another 15,000 years and we will see. Either way a happy ending!

    • Vary Olla
      Vary Olla 17 days ago

      You're right in that the planet will recover without out = as we may not be able to exist on it if the climate moves beyond our ability to adapt - we would become extinct. Meanwhile those historic climatic swings did not happen as rapidly as we are seeing them do so today. Accordingly when we see changes in the climate which are exceeding the natural ebb and flow range of the past = it is time to consider alternative causes. Coincidentally we see one = fossil fuel consumption.
      So your facile attempt at argument fails you I'm afraid. Plants can love all the CO2 they want. In case you missed the memo however = there are less forested areas on the planet with each passing year as they are converted to man's use for habitation and agriculture. Accordingly we are not going to "grow our way out" of this as we are releasing CO2 faster than planetary mechanisms can re-sequester it.
      On a side note. Conspiracy theory is the swansong of the failed intellect. It is most often employed by those who lack credible evidence to support their position. The same for emotionally-laden rhetoric. Have a nice day.

    • Jimmynoleaks boilerman
      Jimmynoleaks boilerman 17 days ago

      @Vary Olla The earth has warmed and cooled for billions of years, long before Al gore came up with a way to make money off of it ,carbon is our friend . Plants love CO2 . I'm not buying into carbon tax as a solution,stop breeding ,throw away your cell phone, nuclear power is the real solution. Electricity = prosperity,no Electricity= poverty,it's just a way to keep third world nations impoverished . Mother Earth will recover long after man and women have left this world!

    • Vary Olla
      Vary Olla 18 days ago

      Actually the planet is warming. Meanwhile as a consequence we are seeing local weather disruptions secondary to warming oceans as it is actually the ocean currents which drive your local weather.
      So people who try to dismiss climate change evidence by alluding to facile arguments about what it is called = demonstrate their ignorance of the topic in general and the science of climate change in particular. Have a nice day.

    • andrew30
      andrew30 18 days ago +1

      Jimmynoleaks boilerman climate change has been used in scientific papers as far back as the 60’s IPCC has used it from the start.

  • Ken Keil
    Ken Keil 19 days ago

    Freeman Dyson doesn’t buy into these modern ideas about climate.

  • Tim Keachie
    Tim Keachie 19 days ago

    solar minimum not any thing els stop smokeing the sky that why we are dieing trump is right

  • Roda '
    Roda ' 20 days ago


  • Frank Brittain
    Frank Brittain 20 days ago

    why do the 3 skeptics get to decide the future of the world? because they get paid by the oil companies just like CNN!!! No, it's not overwhelming it's that you have been lying about this science 1972!!!

    • Jackimond Fayimond raymond
      Jackimond Fayimond raymond 18 days ago

      Frank Brittain You’re a fucking idiot. Look around you, why are the ice caps melting? Why are floods and storms becoming more frequent? Why are temperatures rising at planet wide? It is climate change. Just because some orange ass hole says he doesn’t believe it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a thing.

  • Frank Brittain
    Frank Brittain 20 days ago

    look at the puss you put on you big oil shill.

  • Mahoney Technologies
    Mahoney Technologies 20 days ago

    Information From Non-Cult Scientist: Dr. Tim Ball Wins Court case against Michael Mann Monctons Mathematical Proof Professor Bob Carter Dr. Jennifer Marohasy Why has Global Warming Paused Global Warming Cult Princeton's William Happer Nobel Laureate " Global Warming is Pseudoscience " Burt Rutan On Data William Happer Saving Real Data, Before its Manipulated Freeman Dyson Dr. Judith Curry Forced to retire Thomas Stowell Global Warming Climate Gate! Green Tyranny Russian Scientist say Global Cooling, the Russian Climate Model is the only one which is giving True Results! NOAA Manipulates Data, Whistle Blower Rats them Out

    And More: Global Ice Gaining Data and Noise, Or in Engineering Terms Signal to Noise Ratio! A Little on Statistics William Happer Popular Delusion Volcanoes D4raining the Climate Swamp A funny thing Happened Paris Climate Challenge 2015 31,487 Scientists Say No to Alarm Professor Judith Curry Quits over Climate Craziness Bjorn Lomborg Trump Right to Leave Paris Climate Deal

  • Vasco Ribeiro
    Vasco Ribeiro 20 days ago

    Shit the climate always changed! If is changing fast, the inertia is so high that there is nothing to be done. Find a cliff and jump off...

  • Vasco Ribeiro
    Vasco Ribeiro 20 days ago

    Economic devastation are the communists ideas.

  • Mahoney Technologies
    Mahoney Technologies 20 days ago +6

    Judith Curry is a Real Scientist

  • Mike Kozseluha
    Mike Kozseluha 21 day ago

    Reading comments written by people who say climate change is a hoax is both absolutely sad and hilarious at the same time. Anyone with a functioning brain and working set of eyes can see it unfolding on a daily basis...

  • Thomas Richardson
    Thomas Richardson 21 day ago

    I didn't realize it was coming from CNN that tells you right there is the Clinton news network, it's all propaganda Road on by the global agenda come on people wake up

    • Leon Cummins
      Leon Cummins 18 days ago +1

      Look at the scientific evidence before you tell people to wake up, you fucking moron

  • Thomas Richardson
    Thomas Richardson 21 day ago +1

    This woman is totally out and let field, all the scientist from major universities are saying all life one Earth needs carbon and it's at the lowest levels it's been in hundreds of years I don't know where I they're finding these studies from my I really don't

  • Rusty Reno
    Rusty Reno 21 day ago

    It’s exaggerated. Nitrogen and Oxygen make up 99% of atmosphere. The greatest danger is running out of oil.

  • ItzDestroyerMC
    ItzDestroyerMC 21 day ago

    who in the world is so thick skulled as to not try to save our planet? idiots

    • L Pappas
      L Pappas 20 days ago

      Save the planet from what? The planet isn't diving fool.

  • Mahoney Technologies
    Mahoney Technologies 22 days ago +2

    You are a fool and Not a Scientist. Judith Curry is a Real Scenarist!

  • nova nova
    nova nova 22 days ago

    BUT WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW? WHAT THE MILITARY JETS ARE SPRAYING ON EARTH, all over our planet ??? "THIS A SOLAR RADIATION MANAGEMENT" to "protect" the earth from the heat of the sun ..... MUST LEARN: GEOENGINEERINGWATCH.ORG WE MUST STOP GEOENGINEERING CRIMINAL "CLIMATE MANAGING" BY SPRAYING MEGATONS OF DEADLY ALUMINUM, BARIUM, STRONTIUM and other hellish concoctions into our AIR, WATER, SOIL, LITERARY MAKING VERY SICK AND KILLING OUS< OUR CHILDREN, ALL INSECTS, BIRDS AND ANIMALS ON THIS PLANET!!!!!!!!!! Look, they "CREATE" aerosolized clouds --- that is why you see fluffy crisscrossing artificial TRAILS in your sky, every day... murdering us for the sake of "SCIENCES" and MILITARY CONTROL OVER OUR WEATHER AND CLIMATE - means provoke COLOSSAL FIRES, FLOODS, and HELLISH STORMS..... STOP THESE ILLEGAL MONSTROCITIES NOW. and other sites with accurate information and data.

  • Mrs 0rpa Ariaan
    Mrs 0rpa Ariaan 22 days ago

    Pls comfrumaeez therisamay.fraimenistare love queen therisamay.lof lof lof you.

  • Jozsef Kovacs
    Jozsef Kovacs 22 days ago +1

    No facts, just general talk to scare the shit out of us. Everything that has been previously predicted, by "Climate Warming" has been proven wrong.
    So why continue to insist that we are guilty and must stop emitting CO2. One way would be a good way is to stop breathing, but then it would not matter what the hell the earth does, we would not live to experience it.
    I will start considering that the climate doomsayers have something right to say will be when their predictions will have been proven to some extent by reality. This has not been the case, not even close to it.
    I am sorry for the lady that she did not make piles of money on the climate warming theory, like Gore and many others did, but she has been making a decent living off it, I presume, which is much more than many people can claim who break their backs working at productive, useful activities to better the lives of all of us. Climate Warming scientists are doing the exact opposite.

    • Leon Cummins
      Leon Cummins 18 days ago

      This is so fucking stupid. I hope your children hate you for the future your leaving.

  • David Gates
    David Gates 22 days ago

    First of all, it is earth changes. Them taxing Taxpayers more is not going to fix anything. We are in a pole shift and all the planet are aligned. And the science has been fabricated. They do nothing to benefit the people, just like Uncle Sam. Nothing to help or benefit the American Taxpayers. They just want more programs to tax the Taxpayers more as always.

  • Ray Milligan
    Ray Milligan 23 days ago

    Cnn is fake news !

  • mbschmez
    mbschmez 24 days ago

    Boy all these experts were telling me in high school back in the 70s that by now the earth would be into a new ICE AGE ,so which scientist do you believe . LOL

  • Vary Olla
    Vary Olla 24 days ago

    With each passing year we see scientific evidence grow + awareness of climate change expand = and the realm of climate change deniers shrink ever further until in the end we are left with an ever-reducing group of Faux News viewers and talk radio listeners following the disinformation those venues push to satisfy their corporate supporters and ideological beliefs. lol!

  • Fimbulwinter
    Fimbulwinter 25 days ago +1

    Everyone with a functioning bullshit detector, aka, a brain, laughs at CNN.

  • Thatsmallcessna
    Thatsmallcessna 25 days ago +6

    Scientists: Climate change is real.
    USA: K
    Scientists: We might have to reduce fossil fuel consumption.
    USA: *FAKE!!! FAKE!!!*

    • Will Reames
      Will Reames 7 hours ago

      Slasher McGirk
      B, one weather from one year isn’t climate. Climate is the average weather, humidity, temperature, etc of an area after years and years of analyzing.

    • Slasher McGirk
      Slasher McGirk Day ago

      @Will Reames "the climate will be all over the place. Terrible storms, brutal winters, and scorching summers" + "weather and climate aren't the same thing"
      in what world are terrible storms, brutal winters and scorching summers not weather?
      Also, it was called "global warming" they just dropped the name when it started to become a joke.

    • Will Reames
      Will Reames Day ago

      Slasher McGirk
      It’s not called global warming because the climate will be all over the place. Terrible storms, brutal winters, and scorching summers. And weather and climate aren’t the same thing. Just because spring was cold doesn’t disprove climate change. In fact your opinion on climate change is irrelevant if you confuse the two.

    • Slasher McGirk
      Slasher McGirk 2 days ago

      @Will Reames Well according to Al Gore we should be dead twice(?) already, I'm sitting here in New England, USA in the coldest spring in my lifetime, June and I'm freezing, call me in 20 years to tell me we'll all be dead in 5 years so I can laugh. "Global Warming" (renamed 'climate change' now because the whole "warming" part is starting to seem pretty dumb to the average person looking outside) is a scheme to advance political power. It's martial law for peace time so that corrupt people can use big government to make easy money off of gullible dupes like you that have never seen the inside of an economics classroom and can't tell a hoax with a track record of 60+ years of baseless claims and millions of hysterical, and inevitably false, predictions by politicians and their payrolled "scientists".

    • Will Reames
      Will Reames 2 days ago

      Slasher McGirk
      Ok, but the planet can’t get greener when we destroy 18.7 million acres of forest each year. There wasn’t massive deforestation in the Jurassic period. Plants can’t keep up with our emissions.

  • Natalie Soukthavone
    Natalie Soukthavone 26 days ago +1

    Coincidence- people saying that climate change is fake and boom there it’s is and next thing you know everyone is worrying 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Natalie Soukthavone
      Natalie Soukthavone 17 days ago

      L Pappas I was pretending to make a conspiracy theory just like Shane Dawson 🤣

    • L Pappas
      L Pappas 20 days ago

      No one is saying climate change is not true, climate change has been occurring sense the planet had an atmosphere. Not everyone is worried about climate change. What we do know is the climate models used by the IPCC are wrong. What you seem to not understand is the UN is a political body and not a scientific body.

  • Roger Blunt
    Roger Blunt 26 days ago

    Do not lie. Well she lose here job if no climate change???????

  • Nic Crovaix
    Nic Crovaix 26 days ago

    If Trump does not believe in it it must be true.

  • Puck Shack
    Puck Shack 27 days ago

    Lol, property prices are dropping in places that "WEATHER" happens. I wouldn't buy a mobile home in Oklahoma so I guess that legitimizes "Climate change"? What a fucking idiot.

  • Chris Agan
    Chris Agan 28 days ago

    I love global warming....I hate libtards

    IRON60 BITCH 28 days ago

    I was nothing in the report that said it was dire I read the reports the reports were all statistics does nothing dire about it instantly CNN starts to lie

    IRON60 BITCH 28 days ago

    Phil Jones, the beleaguered British climate scientist at the centre of the leaked emails controversy, is facing fresh claims that he sought to hide problems in key temperature data on which some of his work was based.
    A Guardian investigation of thousands of emails and documents apparently hacked from the University of East Anglia's climatic research unit has found evidence that a series of measurements from Chinese weather stations were seriously flawed and that documents relating to them could not be produced.
    Jones and a collaborator have been accused by a climate change sceptic and researcher of scientific fraud for attempting to suppress data that could cast doubt on a key 1990 study on the effect of cities on warming - a hotly contested issue.

    • S R H
      S R H 27 days ago

      @IRON60 BITCH Ah, you wrote "fake". Another point in Trump Lingo Bingo! When the meltwaters are lapping at your door, you'll still be claiming they're not real.

    • IRON60 BITCH
      IRON60 BITCH 27 days ago

      S R H I see you don’t believe that scientists concealed and change data it was proven in league emails but that’s OK you can continue your fake life

    • S R H
      S R H 27 days ago

      Still refusing to accept the overwhelming evidence, I see.

  • James Loehr
    James Loehr 28 days ago

    His own scientist tell him whats up and the fucking moron still ignores the facts.

  • Tracey Rodwell
    Tracey Rodwell 28 days ago

    Another sheeple scientist. Low calibre scientists sell fear and don't understand the hard science. We are at geological low levels and critically are stressing plants. Co2 is good for planet

  • Tracey Rodwell
    Tracey Rodwell 28 days ago +1

    Climate change is a hoax. Scientists are mostly non thinking sheeples who accepted the fear mongering BS in their curriculum

  • JoeDotPHP
    JoeDotPHP 29 days ago +3

    "This is all false. We're talking a scientist that is a WOMAN!"
    Not even joking. I've heard people say that before. My prediction? Humans will not last the next 300 years. Not enough people care because they live with the mentality of "Well I won't be around when that happens" which is so unbelievably STUPID! My own dad says that! He apparently has no issue with leaving the world he and his generation F'd up so miserably for his grandchildren (my nieces and nephew) to deal with because he and millions of others think that dealing with a matter before it becomes a problem is not needed.

    • L Pappas
      L Pappas 20 days ago

      Joe, you need to chill. The planet has begun to enter a cooling period as a result of a decline in sunspot activity. The theory of CO2 having a dramatic impact on our climate is in for a rude awakening during the next 30 years. Did you know western Australia had its coldest April ever recorded and Arizona had its 2nd coldest April ever recorded. The midwest of the U. S. were having blizzards in April which delayed early planting. Remember how the liberal media told you Trump colluded with Russia? You bought into that lie to didn't you? If everyone is so worried about CO2 emissions, why haven't all these countries converted to 100% nuclear? Did you know the Russians have the only climate model that has accurately predicted the rise in global temperature these past 40 years? Guess what, it isn't even close to the IPCC's climate models, they show far more warming than what has actually occurred. You nices and nephew have nothing to worry about.

  • Joe Acker
    Joe Acker 29 days ago

    GeoEngineering ... ask David Keith about it!

  • doobiewah357
    doobiewah357 Month ago

    CATS AND DOGS LIVING TOGETHER, MASS HYSTERIA !!!! You pink pussy-hats kill me, especially when you manufacture a crisis to get grant funding from the American tax-payer. lol

  • yer jokin arnya
    yer jokin arnya Month ago


  • Sam Hotstick13.2
    Sam Hotstick13.2 Month ago +1

    Biggest hoax played on man

  • Ben Baker
    Ben Baker Month ago +4

    The planet is dying and all Americans can think about is how much it's going to cost them

    • L Pappas
      L Pappas 20 days ago

      Hey Ben, you might want to look at China when it comes to blaming countries for rising CO2 levels. The U S was responsible for 13% of the worlds CO2 emissions in 2018, China 27%. The planet isn't dying, in fact world wide vegetation has increased due to the additional CO2 in the air and there isn't that much CO2, it's just 4/10's of one percent.

  • David Lawrence
    David Lawrence Month ago

    I didn't hear 1 piece of peer reviewed scientific evidence to support man made global warming. Higher temperature will result in more deaths - the reality is that more people freeze to death than die from high temperatures. Wild fires, floods, asthma, crop production, seafood all 'predictions' of doom and gloom but not actual facts. All these things have happened in the past and the only reason that it may appear they are getting worse is because of technology and communication. Worldwide events are now immediate news worldwide because of the internet. Before the internet, climate extremes and disasters were only reported locally. We didn't hear about floods or droughts or tsunami's that occurred in Asia or the Pacific Islands because it wasn't reported globally. Extreme weather events are not getting worse they are just reported worldwide now. As for the seafood industry losing $230 mill by 2099. - are you serious? Which seafood industry are you referring to?. House prices are dropping in Florida? well there's scientific evidence. That's funny - not believing in gravity as an analogy to not believing in "climate change'. Gravity is a proven scientific fact and every person on earth can experience it. Smoking is the next analogy but once again provides no scientific evidence of man made global warming. This interview presents no scientific proof that man is making the world warmer or that a warming world will be bad. Co2 increases in the atmosphere has had great benefits for plant and tree growth, greater crop yields for certain food sources and does not present a threat to human existence. Sea level rise has not occurred as predicted by the IPCC or Al Gore. Some states in the USA have just experienced their coldest winters in decades.
    Wind turbines kill thousands of birds and bats every year and when the wind doesn't blow they have back up generators using gas to keep the turbines moving otherwise their spindles wear unevenly.
    Solar is great for households and business to offset their electricity usage but it cannot support a city, town or even a small village in India. "The most serious and dangerous impacts are not here yet but they can be avoided". OK Katherine, what exactly are those serious impacts? Once again, no scientific facts on anything just BS and scaremongering, and for what."? She says she is not on the payroll but most climate change scientists are. So she must be just plain wrong for nothing.

  • 2aSprite
    2aSprite Month ago

    Laugh at this!

  • wade5941
    wade5941 Month ago

    If she is laughing at climate skeptics, then she is not a legitimate scientist. Real science is all about skepticism. How many failed devastating climate predictions are we up to now?

    • wade5941
      wade5941 28 days ago

      @Josh DeMay Hey buddy. How's it going? Just thought you might be struggling with the task, so decided to help you along. Attached the actual hurricane date from the National Hurricane Center. Kinda figured you are probably not educated enough on the topic to find it yourself. Just curious if you can do the math and figure out what you are looking at. Good luck. If you pass this test, I will help you with the other false claims you made.

    • wade5941
      wade5941 29 days ago

      @Josh DeMay I will make this easy for you. Show me the empirical science that hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions have increased drastically in both severity and how often. You might start with the ACTUAL scientific empirical data as compiled by the National Hurricane Center and others. If you can do that, we will move on to your other "claims". If you can't, then I guess we will know who the "fucking moron" is... won't we? Good luck. We look forward to seeing your data.

    • Josh DeMay
      Josh DeMay Month ago

      wade5941 none. the climate continues to warm, and more ice caps have melted every year. thousands and thousands of species have gone extinct or become endangered. wildfires, floods, hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions have increased drastically in both severity and how often they happen.
      every prediction has come true and they’ll continue to as long as fucking morons like you climate deniers have power

  • Darren McFeaters
    Darren McFeaters Month ago

    So when are we getting scientists to actually debate the issue instead of hearing the one side?

    • z z
      z z Month ago

      Because all scientists are educated not brain washed sky daddy worshippers

  • Darren McFeaters
    Darren McFeaters Month ago

    Government writing policies on climate science that controls us is good? No bias? Yeah right. Clean energy doesnt work so now what?

  • Darren McFeaters
    Darren McFeaters Month ago

    Where the story on the bullshit 97% consensus? So you wrote a paper but did not actual science work? Lol.

  • Darren McFeaters
    Darren McFeaters Month ago

    So when do people start holding their breath? We breathe out 40000ppm in every breath. How come cnn doesnt interview other scientists from other side?

  • Darren McFeaters
    Darren McFeaters Month ago

    Weather is climate change? Another bad scientist. The facts dont agree with her.

  • Darren McFeaters
    Darren McFeaters Month ago

    Keep spreading misinformation. They been saying this last 40 years.

  • Anton Allen
    Anton Allen Month ago +1

    My dad works for Exxon and says that this is a conspiracy against oil companies. Meanwhile, Exxon gave a million dollars to a company that lobbies for a carbon tax. I want to explain to him that this isn’t a hoax and a conspiracy against Exxon, and I wish she would’ve said something about that, but that’s alright, I’ll just avoid this topic more and talk about this once or twice a year... Oh wait, she said not to do that 😂

    • Vary Olla
      Vary Olla Month ago

      Many large corporations will donate to various groups = typically for a tax deduction as well as a PR move. Such is what you describe. Large companies - in other words those who have amassed enough wealth and power - will often support regulatory oversight if they perceive that it will act to harm their competitors more than themselves.
      So a huge multi-national corporation such as Exxon would love a carbon tax in the US as they will still make tons of money selling fossil fuels in other countries = while the smaller energy companies in the US - in other words competitors - will suffer more as a result. So people have to look at the larger picture and not just what they want to see here. Have a nice day.

  • Update my Settings
    Update my Settings Month ago

    Simply put, climate ‘Science’ is not science proper. It is modeling and forcast, it is assumption. Science requires falsifiability and a 2 degree celcius change in temperature 100 years from now would give a n of 1. :/ So
    It is very disturbing to see this new religious furvor take over where people who do not understand science are making radical nostradamian claims (There will be fires, famine, plauge!) without any real predictive power. These climate fanatics are removing the legitimate need we have to conserve resources, recycle, prevent pollution etc, and they are turning a selfless movement of environmentalism into a profit machine. How much money will china be making from those solar panels? how many species will they destroy while strip mining sub saharan Africa to produce metals for wind turbines, lithium batteries, etc.
    Wake up!! The environment needs protecting, we need regulation but these people are not scientists, they are doomsday preachers with large collection plates.

  • Wayne Jones
    Wayne Jones Month ago

    All BS. The CLIMATE HAS ALWAYS BEEN CHANGING, LIAR! 150 years is just a blip in earths history. It’s a trillion dollar industry every year, so don’t tell me theres no money involved. People who believe this rubbish are perpetuating their own tax increases. Polar bear numbers are increasing now man has stoped hunting them, do your own research people.

  • Lawrence Smith
    Lawrence Smith Month ago +1

    Epitaph: This woman should do research on the cause, not just the effects.
    CO2 is a symptom of change, not the primary driver, the sun and increasing cosmic radiation is.

  • Time Fourty
    Time Fourty Month ago


  • Time Fourty
    Time Fourty Month ago

    How many scientists agree on actual oxygen levels throughout human history? What was the temperature in June 3, 450 B.C.? How many layers of atmosphere have "holes"? How are the "holes" measured? Does a plane, rocket or any other object injected into earth's different layers of atmosphere effect weather? Does radio frequency effect earth's atmosphere? Who here knows about operation "Popeye" studies done between 1967 and 1972? Who here knows the chemicals used in cloud seeding? Who here has studied works of Louis Gathmann of the 1890's, Alfred Wegener - Tor Bergeron - Walter Findeisen process, 2010 Tel Aviv University study on silver iodide and frozen carbon dioxide, 2011 study suggesting planes can change weather, 1960's projects such as "project Stormfury" "project Skywater", NOAA Atmospheric Modification program 1979-1993 , Professor Henry Chessin 1975 patent, Vincent Schaefer and Irving Langmuir, and much more? We are not he only country who is involved with studies of cloud seeding Spain's (PEP) program, China and 20 other countries. Who has studied all scientific attempts to modify storms to be less harmful? If sound is used to measure accurately the weather why is ultra-sonic sound devices desired? How many countries are studying the ability to produce plasma clouds? Do solar flares effect weather? Yes according to Bob Bernman and Oceanic science. Who here has read "The letters of Sir Joseph Banks : a selection, 1768-1820"? Who here read 1800 froze to death? The summer that never happened? Who here read 1922 report of the Arctic? How does co2 trap heat and how was it tested? Co2 stays in atmosphere for how long? How many assumptions are made in climate change studies? How much information is dependent on ICPP not ever questioning ICPP results or means of measurements? How many of you religious believes of global warming question sources? How many of you religious global warming believers have done any actual experiments for your self to judge fact of fiction? Simply because a person is a "scientist" by government reward of certificate didn't mean they are not wrong or that you cannot study for yourself. This is a clip of believe me because I say so and theses articles support my beliefs.
    Currently people believe in global climate change simply because 1 they have not experienced something different in their own life time and they trust scientist's don't make mistakes have perfect moral values and have no political agenda. Scientists need money to fuel their own interests. To pay for house , car, food, etc.... If There is no funding for climate change who loses out on funds?
    Does anybody know of Henry's Law?

  • Bruce Boyden
    Bruce Boyden Month ago

    CNN, the home of reliably unreliable truth. Funny the thousands of scientists that don't agree with the fudging of statistics and models purported to be absolute truth.

  • Washington Strong arm

    Global warming , climate change, vortex, climate moo, climate poo, I wonder what will be the next name for the hoax...?

  • Ricky I
    Ricky I Month ago

    So what is the plan then?

  • Paul Joseph Watson
    Paul Joseph Watson Month ago

    Cool video! Are you on BitChute?

  • Lords Follower
    Lords Follower Month ago

    The global warming being caused by humans is a hoax! Anyone who believes otherwise just don't do exhaustive research on the science of it. Just go look at what the scientists that pull up ice core samples say about global warming?!!!!! Maybe you all will actually learn something?

  • DragulaROB
    DragulaROB Month ago

    She is just super adorable

  • C C
    C C Month ago

    Were all going to die in 12 years anyways. Aoc for president.

  • Stacy Mackenzie
    Stacy Mackenzie Month ago

    I guess laughing is one way of deflecting your own lack of knowledge...

    • doobiewah357
      doobiewah357 Month ago

      Trump's a successful billionaire businessman who is now the leader of the free world, and you're just another liberal snowflake that wears a pink pussy-hat. LOL

  • Doomguy
    Doomguy Month ago

    I laugh at all the pseudointellectuals who use climate change to fear monologue

  • Warren Peece
    Warren Peece Month ago

    The term "climate change denialist" actually means "man made climate change skeptic." The real denialists are those people who deny anthropomorphic climate change.

  • Jer0tube
    Jer0tube Month ago

    I wish the climate change scientists would have as much interest in bringing about resolutions to "climate change", rather that just bang on about climate change science, but do they? crickets.....

  • burningfeet 57
    burningfeet 57 Month ago

    The problem is simple but the solution VERY DIFFICULT to solve. What is the problem? We have moved so far to the right as a country. We've elected politicians who have embraced GREED! America presently is a CORPORATE capitalist country! The richest people have and continue to line the pockets of most politicians(bought them out). These SO CALLED elected officials are in bed with the rich and they DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! They care only for themselves! Solution-MASSIVE PURGE! GET ALL OF THE G.O.P. voted out! What about the Democrats? Some of them need to go too! This is not a partisan issue and I'm neither republican nor democrat! "WAKE UP AMERICANS!"

  • Aj M
    Aj M Month ago

    Hurricanes have not increased you muppet.

  • REMF
    REMF Month ago