Reacting to FORTNITE SEASON 9 Battle Pass!

  • Published on May 9, 2019
  • code dantdm gets 10% more victory royales
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Comments • 7 647

  • Socially Awkward
    Socially Awkward 15 hours ago

    Dan... what happened to you? I never thought you’d turn to fortnite :(

  • GTK Plays
    GTK Plays 16 hours ago

    Who else’s screen went black at 5:33

  • Nooby4SaLe
    Nooby4SaLe Day ago

    Da puture is yooooooos

  • Kim Loan Nguyễn

    Fortnite: The Future is yours
    Me: Thanks!! I'll make Hillery president!

  • Maura Abrenica
    Maura Abrenica Day ago

    Dan pls play fort nite again

  • Ziga player
    Ziga player Day ago

    Pls play overwatch

  • I B Vlogin
    I B Vlogin 2 days ago

    My butt is niche

  • Carissa Ferraro
    Carissa Ferraro 2 days ago

    Did you forget about mine craft misadventures?

  • Taz TLC
    Taz TLC 2 days ago +3

    Next thing you know it Season 10 Fruits

  • Logan Sharp
    Logan Sharp 2 days ago +1

    To get moten legends skins use code LAZAR

  • KSacco8
    KSacco8 2 days ago


  • Nigwardoe
    Nigwardoe 2 days ago

    Btw vox is a skin about loserfruit

  • marin mikolaucic
    marin mikolaucic 3 days ago

    I did use code DanTDM when I bought the battle pass

  • Inigo Guevara
    Inigo Guevara 3 days ago

    Look at dans TVclip symbol it’s a rainbow well I guess now it’s dan the rainbow diamond

  • Hollósi Anna
    Hollósi Anna 3 days ago

    Pls gifting me dance my name : Kopasz Dzsin

  • sharkbite
    sharkbite 4 days ago

    Jonesy has been chasing peely for 5 years, that's why the milkshake is full when they opened the bunker

  • Jamie Eccles
    Jamie Eccles 4 days ago

    Dan now on the 11th june polar peak is flouting in the water

  • Seamus O'Neill
    Seamus O'Neill 4 days ago


  • ShamericaPlayz
    ShamericaPlayz 4 days ago +1

    Dan add me on fortnite for a voice chat video at ShamericaYT

  • G VV
    G VV 4 days ago +1

    When will you make a Fortnite video

  • Srhysr stuff
    Srhysr stuff 5 days ago

    red vega and le red cat look good togher

  • CrystalGamerX
    CrystalGamerX 5 days ago

    I’m teir 72

  • Rileyyixc
    Rileyyixc 5 days ago

    im a big fan and i use ur code

  • Obvious Oscar
    Obvious Oscar 5 days ago +4

    Who wants a style of peely in a giant cup with robotic arms and legs

  • Drugund BRO
    Drugund BRO 5 days ago

    Dan umm pets are it useless in this battle pass because you need them for challenges called fortbyte

  • Gina McLaughlin
    Gina McLaughlin 6 days ago

    more fortnite season 9 vids!

  • Israel Gonzalez
    Israel Gonzalez 6 days ago

    Can I add you

  • Ryan McGowan
    Ryan McGowan 6 days ago +3

    I know season nine is AMAZING I love it.

  • ItzSamBamYT
    ItzSamBamYT 6 days ago +2

    Jonesy = Peely = Bunker jonesy

  • Oliver Short
    Oliver Short 7 days ago

    I now his bruver

  • Oliver Short
    Oliver Short 7 days ago

    I doo

  • peely the banana
    peely the banana 7 days ago +3

    I dont really buy battle bundles cause im too poor to afford it 😂 tier 64 btw

  • jeanette santamaria
    jeanette santamaria 7 days ago

    Play at 4.00 am

  • Devon Walker
    Devon Walker 8 days ago

    Remember when
    Season 1 - "I suck at shooter games"
    Season 9 - "use code dantdm"

  • Tyler Freeman
    Tyler Freeman 8 days ago

    No, it’s neon tilted

    TEAM T VIDS 8 days ago +2

    Season 9 trash

  • oof oof
    oof oof 8 days ago +2

    Me: season 10 will be the past

  • Yelena Hammond
    Yelena Hammond 8 days ago

    play more season 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  • Tiffany Chandler
    Tiffany Chandler 9 days ago

    Nice video

  • Isaiah Harrell
    Isaiah Harrell 9 days ago

    I’m 13 now

  • Isaiah Harrell
    Isaiah Harrell 9 days ago

    DanTDM I have been watching your videos since I was 8

  • Isaiah Harrell
    Isaiah Harrell 9 days ago

    I suck at it so I stop playing it

  • Isaiah Harrell
    Isaiah Harrell 9 days ago

    I used to play fortnite

  • Angeluz Sánchez Segura

    I use creator support code

  • Zestyman219
    Zestyman219 9 days ago

    I guess since Peely is such a big banana he could last for about a month, three if maybe you ration, but... 50, 100 years?

    Just no.
    It's illogical.

  • So Much Fun !!
    So Much Fun !! 9 days ago

    Neo tilted

  • HeY VsAUSe ThaNOs HeRE Woo woo

    The worst season ever imo

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan 9 days ago

    Season 9 Battle Bass is So Stupid

  • The Blazing Sonic
    The Blazing Sonic 10 days ago

    I would never

  • Clarence Benedict
    Clarence Benedict 10 days ago

    Actually soooo good

  • Mazin Bazon
    Mazin Bazon 10 days ago

    Jonesy shoulda only ate peelys legs and Arms so thT the robots could make him arms that would be a skin o love

  • Mazin Bazon
    Mazin Bazon 10 days ago

    There's more than one peely he came from a tree, also peely didn't seem to mind being a shake

  • Sebastian Espino
    Sebastian Espino 10 days ago

    9:03 the loading screen doesn't show the light side or dark side of tilted😤

  • Sebastian Espino
    Sebastian Espino 10 days ago

    10:59 vendetta also doesn't say tilted

  • Sebastian Espino
    Sebastian Espino 10 days ago

    10:41 the gun rap doesn't say tilted😑

  • Sebastian Espino
    Sebastian Espino 10 days ago

    8:33 status is not a samurai

  • Jeremy Wallace
    Jeremy Wallace 11 days ago


  • Jerry Winn
    Jerry Winn 11 days ago

    Hey dan whats your favorite
    Futbol team

  • _Gamer_ GirlZ_
    _Gamer_ GirlZ_ 11 days ago

    I love your vids

  • Sidharth Shibu
    Sidharth Shibu 11 days ago

    are there dragons in fortnite

  • Trent Arwine
    Trent Arwine 12 days ago

    Peely is fine

  • Lora Craig
    Lora Craig 12 days ago

    peely was a delicious fruit. but a better skin

  • Kermit Silva 35
    Kermit Silva 35 12 days ago

    R.I.P Pump shotgun

  • storm Minor
    storm Minor 12 days ago

    dantdm play with me

  • storm Minor
    storm Minor 12 days ago +1


  • Living Banana
    Living Banana 12 days ago

    plz do a video on overwatch

  • ssrMAINE kiyani
    ssrMAINE kiyani 12 days ago

    Vendetta is a copy of drift

  • Noel Shirley
    Noel Shirley 12 days ago

    Homeless tefue

  • jecsi ehxu
    jecsi ehxu 12 days ago

    The only thing you want is views

  • KiNgFlAsH GGMate
    KiNgFlAsH GGMate 13 days ago

    Is that a robot dog 😑

  • Alice Friend
    Alice Friend 13 days ago

    It's obvious that an uncontrollable storm will come to the map and threaten to destroy tilted soon

  • Bumble Bractice
    Bumble Bractice 13 days ago +1

    I I’m this


  • Jordan E
    Jordan E 13 days ago

    yo I got battle pase

  • Jordan E
    Jordan E 13 days ago

    yo I got battle pase

  • MeowCatElijah
    MeowCatElijah 13 days ago

    2:11 um Dan don’t count me wrong but that is a robo cat

  • Sara Rin
    Sara Rin 13 days ago

    He is a chicken

  • Emplays 25
    Emplays 25 13 days ago +1


  • Michael Troyer
    Michael Troyer 13 days ago

    play apex

  • Devil's breath 65
    Devil's breath 65 13 days ago

    Industry used the code DanDM

  • Matthew Scaringe
    Matthew Scaringe 13 days ago

    10:25 No actually. NiteLite is one of the most common skins in the game.

  • Angela Lafford
    Angela Lafford 13 days ago

    Omg gundàm i understood tbat refrence lol

  • waoobm1234 lol
    waoobm1234 lol 13 days ago

    If you see a person that has kyo you can pet him

  • waoobm1234 lol
    waoobm1234 lol 13 days ago

    I used code dantdm and I have the battle pass

  • Logan Rockamora
    Logan Rockamora 14 days ago

    btw white belt in karate and learning weapon training so dont mess with me

  • Logan Rockamora
    Logan Rockamora 14 days ago

    dan i bought battle pass and guess what I HAVE SENTINEL MY FAV!!!!!!!! also even going at polar peek wanna see freind l.rockamora on fortnite

  • Logan Rockamora
    Logan Rockamora 14 days ago +10

    jonsey and peely work togheter but sadly jonsey had to cut peely :(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    click this if you are sad

    • Ixpextion
      Ixpextion 11 days ago +1

      it points at show less

  • Bumest Guy
    Bumest Guy 14 days ago

    hi dantdon

  • Bumest Guy
    Bumest Guy 14 days ago

    i love fortnite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • casey james
    casey james 14 days ago

    Take a look at poler peak it is this event it is breaking nooooooooooooo

  • casey james
    casey james 14 days ago

    I am useing your creator code what is suppost to happen

    • Bob Sim
      Bob Sim 14 days ago

      Whenever 10,000 vbux is spent using someones support a creator code they get 5 pounds

  • jopaytom
    jopaytom 14 days ago

    play with me on fortnite i am a yt i am a good fortnite

  • Karl Stephen Ramel
    Karl Stephen Ramel 14 days ago

    Umm Dan
    You Haven't Played For About 1 Month
    Edit: Im Witing For Vids

  • Hunter Laughlin
    Hunter Laughlin 15 days ago

    When I watched him he only did Minecraft videos

  • Elma Bunce
    Elma Bunce 15 days ago


  • TGC
    TGC 15 days ago

    Peely is still alive. I AM STILL USING PEELY!

    • Inova 3i
      Inova 3i 6 days ago

      Well r. I. P PILLY 😭🍌

  • Salma Yasmin
    Salma Yasmin 15 days ago +1

    Playing fotnite sesen 9

  • Benas Orantas
    Benas Orantas 15 days ago

    There is a new granny uptade 2019.06.01

  • 5 minute-minecrafts
    5 minute-minecrafts 15 days ago

    Play more overwatch

  • Toasty Waffles
    Toasty Waffles 15 days ago

    peely no
    come bake

  • ItsAlex128
    ItsAlex128 15 days ago +8

    When your a Jonesy skin
    You: I’m am Jonesy the X (10)