The 2019 Kia K900 Is the Unknown Luxury Sedan

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
    The 2019 Kia K900 is a $65,000 luxury sedan you probably haven't heard of. Today I'm reviewing the K900 to show you all about the Kia K900 and its cool features and quirks -- and I'm driving the 2019 Kia K900 to show you how it drives.
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  • Doug DeMuro
    Doug DeMuro  8 months ago +1860

    CORRECTION! The K900 is only offered this year with a turbocharged V6, with no V8 option. Big thanks to C&D and Motor Trend for getting this wrong. Last time I rely on them for info!

    • MisterSkreee Master
      MisterSkreee Master 10 days ago

      Doug DeMuro lol

    • Vincent Bittel
      Vincent Bittel 27 days ago

      Doug DeMuro take some responsibility for your lack of research

    • Jay Mac
      Jay Mac 2 months ago +1

      The V6 also has 365 horsepower. The last generation had 311.

    • Demerrill Spencer
      Demerrill Spencer 2 months ago


    • Sardine Kisser
      Sardine Kisser 2 months ago +1

      Doug, I like your presentations, but I think you were kind of out of line on your pin. Don't blame Car and Driver and Motor Trend. Blame yourself. You were right there at the Kia dealership. You were going to present something to the world, it was completely on you to verify your facts. Car and Driver and Motor Trend will take their own lumps for their own mistakes. You take your lumps for yours. It was your mistake. Yours. Also, you take authority away from yourself by begging at the feet of car magazines for data on new cars. Brother, make a few calls, talk to the dealership people. Look at the online configurators. Being sloppy is one thing, but then doubling down and trying to blame others made it worse. Seriously.

  • Michael Slocum
    Michael Slocum 10 hours ago

    does this retard actually like cars?

  • OnionMad
    OnionMad 12 hours ago

    2:00 Not sure if I'm looking at a Mercedes or a Korean...

  • Daniel I
    Daniel I 20 hours ago

    Those odd blue dots are usually quality assurance stickers. As each QA guy checks various things they put a dot on, gives a visual confirmation that certain items have been checked.

  • George Collins
    George Collins Day ago

    Doug the type of guy to say two thousand nineteen instead of twenty nineteen

  • Steve Roginski
    Steve Roginski 2 days ago +1

    I'll stick with my S 560.

  • L4sleeko
    L4sleeko 2 days ago

    @4:35 LoL, you nut bar! 😆

  • beyondrace666
    beyondrace666 2 days ago

    If Kia is going to charge 65k for a vehicle please change that bullshit badge on the vehicle. This vehicle shouldn't be carrying the same badge you would see on a Kia Soul.

  • Attila T
    Attila T 3 days ago +1

    Worthless "review", most of important data is incorrect. The nice clock, from Masterpiece collection of Maurice Lacroix, also has to be bad, since it is NOT in a 4 cylinder CT6 disaster (which has more dumb score than this one). Well done!

    K-SINGH-PRODUCTION 5 days ago

    Honda why TF do you only put the lane watch camera on just one side! I don’t care if you charged extra, but I think it should be an option for every Honda!

  • Maxim Tanios
    Maxim Tanios 6 days ago

    4:54 our Mercedes-Benz e350 amg have this feature when you do sharp turns or you can do it manually and they are a lot faster so you can see it inflating

  • Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness

    Everyone: *Laughs at KIA*
    KIA: *Fights Back*

    Everyone: *Confused Pikachu face*

  • trucker V
    trucker V 8 days ago

    I've never been a Kia fan but We bought one of these and love it. It's one of our daily drivers and it's a very comfortable car for long trips. We have taken ours from Oklahoma to new Jersey and from Oklahoma to Nevada and really enjoyed driving this car.

  • Borecfo2 CZ
    Borecfo2 CZ 9 days ago

    Good car for Saudi drift

  • carlos campos
    carlos campos 10 days ago

    If there was such thing as a sleeper luxury car this would be it

  • TheBudgetGunCollector
    TheBudgetGunCollector 13 days ago

    I love the car but 4:04, that’s extra. Hyundai did that too and it just comes off as extra

  • pat the trucker
    pat the trucker 14 days ago

    They are 55,000 now in dallas. Imma wait til christmas and see if they get down to 49,000. Then I will get one.

  • Joe M
    Joe M 15 days ago

    I saw one the other day. Nice looking car

  • Vietnamholiday eu
    Vietnamholiday eu 15 days ago

    65k for this car? Noway mate!

  • eliteinventor
    eliteinventor 17 days ago


  • Jerzey Boy1995
    Jerzey Boy1995 18 days ago

    Can't wait for my income taxes and go Lyft or Uber with this car next year.

  • ronch550
    ronch550 18 days ago

    Screw BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Lexus. I'm getting this.

    Now all I need is $65,000.

  • ronch550
    ronch550 18 days ago

    Best feature by far is how the seats pinch your butt when you go into sport mode. Innovation at its finest.

  • Edward Rivas
    Edward Rivas 23 days ago

    Another Phaeton. Kia is not a $60K name, they should do what Toyota did with Lexus, or Nissan with Infinity. Create a separate luxury brand, because Kia is known for cheap cars and that is brand cannibalism.

  • Niket Jha
    Niket Jha 23 days ago

    Meercat is getting angrier

  • Kelly Pagano
    Kelly Pagano 25 days ago

    It looks pretty damn sexy to me. That’s definitely gonna be my retirement road trip car.

  • Kelly Pagano
    Kelly Pagano 25 days ago

    And it’s the only model that has the right kind of cup holders!

  • Xtermy
    Xtermy 27 days ago

    Did KIA upgrade the rear passengers' sunscreen curtains to be fully automatic, or still just manual, like in Doug's review of the previous model?

  • Mr.31
    Mr.31 28 days ago

    great car just a pity that it does not exist in Germany :/

  • Earl Matthew Avila
    Earl Matthew Avila 28 days ago

    This car has a BMW-style gauge cluster.

  • Robert Anderson
    Robert Anderson Month ago

    I would go as far as saying that's the best interior I've ever seen all in all

  • Anirban Dey
    Anirban Dey Month ago

    I love kia and Hyundai.👍

  • Nima Abbaspour
    Nima Abbaspour Month ago

    Lock botton is there for the passenger to be able to diactivate all the keys so he doesn't change things accidentally! It is a nice feature!

  • Brandon Leone
    Brandon Leone Month ago

    The twin turbo v6 has 365 hp,not 311. Fyi

  • Antonio Smith
    Antonio Smith Month ago

    Kia needs to come out with a separate brand name for its luxury cars like
    Acura, Genesis, and Lexus

  • Mike Ripple
    Mike Ripple Month ago

    did you take lessons from jay leno?

  • SevenDeMagnus
    SevenDeMagnus Month ago

    Hi. These are examples (Lexus is in this too) It's best when creating a company that's got a formidable competition (Henry Ford and Ford is different, it didn't have any big competitors, it was the disruptor), it's best to start and position yourself as the most high-end as possible. It's easier to position a series lower, than come up and be seen as high-end.
    For almost the same amount, people would just get the naturally, luxury brands. Kia and VW (Phaeton) can make this successful if it's 1/3 the price, perhaps.
    God bless, Proverbs 31

  • Trinity Tours
    Trinity Tours Month ago

    Doug I believe u were a little ridiculously granular and a bit critical. This is a tremendous machine with a ton of features. You are kinda over analyzing stuff and a somewhat hypocritical

  • Franklin Sharp
    Franklin Sharp Month ago

    The lock control in the back seat is so you can have the armrest down and not change settings accidentally.

  • Lepe
    Lepe Month ago

    5:59 - Is he really talking shit about the RPM being shown? Fuck off.

  • Jorge Vargas
    Jorge Vargas Month ago

    That sound when turning off the car would piss me off

  • Meldonator
    Meldonator Month ago +1

    ok, that's an awesome car !! 🙀😻 (not fan of the color but a black one would be great)

  • CCRT 700
    CCRT 700 Month ago +1

    If I win the lottery, I will buy a K900 for confort and a Stinger GT for sportiness. I don't think you need anything more than these 2 cars!

  • Lambochaser
    Lambochaser Month ago

    How does it look at night? The signal cameras.

  • nazirdjon
    nazirdjon Month ago

    That blind spot camera is not practical. When changing lanes very often you have like 2-3 seconds to take quick glance at your mirror. You won't have enough time to manage all three views. In a stressful time this 3 point of view will only doyble your workload

  • Jessie Vera
    Jessie Vera Month ago

    The K900 just made backseat Djing a thing again

  • Javi Merlin
    Javi Merlin Month ago


  • André Pontes
    André Pontes Month ago

    Let's see how many features still works after a year, ..🤭🤭🤭

  • Ali Fa
    Ali Fa Month ago

    This engine puts 365 hp not 311

  • OkeIi YUO
    OkeIi YUO Month ago

    Now, 1.5M people now about this

  • Eric Kessen
    Eric Kessen Month ago +1

    The interior it’s not on the Merc and Audi level but it’s above BMW

  • x i l l e R
    x i l l e R Month ago +1

    4:35 its an aesthetic to the car

    • x i l l e R
      x i l l e R Month ago

      Devin Manning it aint even a feature

    • Devin Manning
      Devin Manning Month ago +1

      Its a pretty stupid feature though.

  • genesisMJ
    genesisMJ Month ago +1

    Idiot!!!!! Masterpiece is model from Maurice Lacroix Swiss legendary watch manufacturer.

    • genesisMJ
      genesisMJ Month ago

      You have a watch on your mo bile phone but still you put watch on the hand.

    • genesisMJ
      genesisMJ Month ago

      @Devin Manning he is mock with name . This is luxury car and have luxury watch. Where is problem? Problem is that idiot dont know what mean "Masterpiece" and mock with that.

    • Devin Manning
      Devin Manning Month ago

      So?? Still a clock no matter who makes it.

  • Mohamed ebrahem
    Mohamed ebrahem Month ago +1

    It is a copy of Mercedes outside and inside is a copy of bmw but it is a great car and affordable

  • Justin Kurtz
    Justin Kurtz Month ago

    This guy is a fucking moron. Bashed everything like he could design something better. He couldn’t even afford a Kia Soul. Get the fuck out of here Doug.

  • GetoverYourself
    GetoverYourself Month ago

    What’s a Kia?

  • Kd da Great
    Kd da Great Month ago +2

    He is so bias because “it’s a Kia” come on bro this car is nice for the price range

  • Kd da Great
    Kd da Great Month ago

    Just got the 2019 Kia Optima SX, it’s so sporty and nice

  • Casanovabrown69
    Casanovabrown69 Month ago

    They need to rebrand their Stinger and K900.....A Big Kia symbol on a 65k car doesn't work well

  • Kim Cooks
    Kim Cooks Month ago +1

    I want one!