Man Says Woman is Too Sneaky (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

  • Published on Dec 7, 2018
  • Sousis v. Payne: An emotion 19 year old claims that her ex's meddling mother has caused her son to doubt fathering her 10 month old baby.
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    Man Says Woman is Too Sneaky (Full Episode) | Paternity Court
    Season 4, Episode 99
    #PaternityCourt #LaurenLake
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Comments • 2 917

  • ScrewgeTv
    ScrewgeTv Day ago

    She sound like a man

  • Vajee Owens
    Vajee Owens 2 days ago

    Thought I seen rich homie quan 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • gloria hodge
    gloria hodge 6 days ago

    . Back and forth with a baby at 19 and 20. Good looking women .... not too decent. I would not go on this show and air my laundry🤡. However it’s entertaining ... yet sad. I wonder how much they get paid.

  • gloria hodge
    gloria hodge 6 days ago

    Beautiful baby❤️

    CHATH K 9 days ago

    Just look at her dude

  • Rachelle M.R
    Rachelle M.R 10 days ago

    The mom not like all these mom's I usually see in court,she wasn't rude to the son ex gf,she seems classy and mature,she didn't just pick up for her son she acknowledged he did wrong aswel as the ex gf.

  • Kay Rahman
    Kay Rahman 10 days ago

    Why are so many of these young people repeating history. I dont get it. Why is it do hard to not get pregnant before the age of 26!

  • Nina A
    Nina A 10 days ago

    Oh it is true that she got with a 37 year old man and they were stopped and charged with drug trafficking. Idk if she was charged too tho.

  • Nina A
    Nina A 10 days ago

    These kids have no business bringing another kid in the world. I feel so sorry for that little baby.

  • Kayshaneil
    Kayshaneil 10 days ago

    5:55 So because YOU (the mother) was a teenage mother without the father in your life, you're going to turn around and allow your son to be that same type of bum? THESE ARE THE TYPES OF "MOTHERS" THAT KEEP THE CYCLES GOING ON AND ON! Just tell the girl what to expect and not tell your son to be a man and stay around or that he's free to do what he wants cause that's the expectation???

  • Naomy K
    Naomy K 11 days ago +2

    She’s so beautiful omg just gorgeous 🥰😍 but I feel like she’s going through postpartum depression... she’s so strong and have been doing great she needs to go to counseling so she can be a little more open and get the help she deserves ❤️

  • Coral Rain
    Coral Rain 13 days ago +1

    Just because you’re angry at each other doesn’t mean the baby can’t see her father

  • AkeemBAZAAR
    AkeemBAZAAR 13 days ago

    I love the hood rats paternity suit

  • Majestic Dark Horse
    Majestic Dark Horse 14 days ago

    Please ST-OP going R-A=W. Females "CONTROLS" this...Right?.~Rational Male for Dignity (RMD)

  • victory christopher
    victory christopher 14 days ago +1

    Baby mama is beautiful!

  • loretta blanch
    loretta blanch 14 days ago

    Wasn't she on here before ? I know i am not tripping tripping lol

  • Glam FACE Charlie
    Glam FACE Charlie 15 days ago +1

    I’m bout to cry I feel her pain

  • Reece Burch
    Reece Burch 15 days ago +2

    He Look Like Keyshia Cole Baby Daddy

  • Ellah Shoko
    Ellah Shoko 15 days ago +1

    The guy is 20......and his mom is 36....😳😳😳😳she is something else

    • Reece Burch
      Reece Burch 15 days ago +1

      Ellah Shoko she had him at 16 ... Ppl have babies younger then that .

  • Gabby Guerin
    Gabby Guerin 16 days ago

    These two babies love one another. Young love! Lord it is beautiful. I hope they can make things right for their babygirl. They have the potential to have a wonderful family either together or apart.

  • BX Girl
    BX Girl 16 days ago +1

    That is one pretty baby

  • J’taime La Mer
    J’taime La Mer 17 days ago

    Is the guy chewing gum? The baby is beautiful omg.

  • Funke Moore
    Funke Moore 17 days ago +2

    I always love it when the potential father is proven to be the biological father. The guy’s mum is cool, she will make a great mother-in law.

  • Michael McCreary
    Michael McCreary 17 days ago

    Two kids. Woman is very pretty. I only hope they can mature together, love each other and with the right guidance, raise that baby well.

  • Livy Douce
    Livy Douce 17 days ago

    If this isn't my situation right now I don't know what is ..... But it's over there's no getting back on my end only for my boys ...... They love each other you can see it .......

  • Diane de jongh
    Diane de jongh 17 days ago +1

    Good luck to both of them, you can see the LOVE they have for each other .. Mam help them to do it right , you Love her to..

  • Seretha  Thornton
    Seretha Thornton 18 days ago

    Get it together young lady,

  • Terron Winn
    Terron Winn 18 days ago

    I be the papi

  • Emma Stephenson
    Emma Stephenson 18 days ago +1

    I just wanted them to go hug eachother!

  • strawbunniful
    strawbunniful 18 days ago

    She looks like Lisa Raye and he looks like the guy from get out Daniel was it? I forgot

  • Sara Patterson
    Sara Patterson 18 days ago +9

    After he apologized, he was looking at her like a snack! 😋😋🤣🤣😂😁

  • Airraid73
    Airraid73 19 days ago

    Mama,kinda / sorta of look like Keshia Knight Pulliam

    LADY LEO 19 days ago

    What puts on more pressure on this is when babies are put in

  • Nae Nae Smithe
    Nae Nae Smithe 19 days ago

    I love how he loves and looks at his baby and how they both gave her props on how good of a mother she is!..they look like thereon their way to "healthy" Judge Lake!

  • Skye Ball
    Skye Ball 20 days ago +1

    The mom looks like Keshia Knight Pulliam

  • Lee the boss
    Lee the boss 20 days ago

    14:38 was gonna go hug her

  • Lee the boss
    Lee the boss 20 days ago

    6:28 FACTS

  • Lim Kaamen
    Lim Kaamen 22 days ago

    For once, a mother turned out 100% positive. The girl should let her be her mom too, even if she has problems with her son.

  • Dennis Nana Obeng
    Dennis Nana Obeng 23 days ago

    This guy if i'm not mistaken, had been on Roberts before , he got a nasty attitude.

  • mbushe1
    mbushe1 23 days ago

    The mother looks amazing she doesn't look old enough to have a grown son

  • young savage
    young savage 23 days ago

    New yorkers on point😅

  • Men Are The Prize
    Men Are The Prize 24 days ago


  • rebecca ns
    rebecca ns 24 days ago

    this girl is beautiful man

  • Rhnetta Curry (DPW)
    Rhnetta Curry (DPW) 24 days ago


    DORIS GOUEMO 24 days ago

    That momma fine asf

  • Bernice Nichols-Parmanand

    Please for an update. I love these kids ... and lets be honest, these are kids.

  • Amaranthe
    Amaranthe 26 days ago

    Finally a boy's momma that I don't dislike! I do feel like she got a bit too much air time, let your son speak for himself, however, I do appreciate her level of caring for both her son and Ms Sousis. I have a feeling she'll be a wonderful grandma.

  • Electrical Dr.
    Electrical Dr. 26 days ago

    This girl is proof that woman are emotionally INSANE!!!

  • Vera King
    Vera King 27 days ago

    So much hurt and pain 😢😭🙏🏾❤️

  • Brown Skin Beautie
    Brown Skin Beautie 28 days ago

    That girl is so hurt.

  • Gloria Hoyte
    Gloria Hoyte 28 days ago +8

    She is young and beautiful, "boy" don't loose her, stop bickering and love her and
    your daughter, and make things work, I can see his mother still like her, so try to
    Make things work out for the sake of your child, a child needs a stable Home!!!

    • Isha A
      Isha A 11 days ago

      Gloria Hoyte I agree, but I think she has some work to do with loving herself and accepting help from people who love her

  • Angel A
    Angel A 28 days ago

    How beautiful is that baby😍😍

  • Kaylie's star World
    Kaylie's star World 28 days ago

    That young mom is so gorgeous... i pray that they get the help they need. They have a beautiful family but the devil don't like to see that. Thank God for the mother she is positive and it's do refreshing wish them all the best!

  • margaretha schenkers
    margaretha schenkers 28 days ago

    Mom you are the wise one. Talk to them every day. Life is not easy.Learn them the way of live.

  • ams30393
    ams30393 29 days ago

    10:35-10:50 Sousis is lying. It's a give away. As plane as day light.

  • Poverty Based ENT
    Poverty Based ENT 29 days ago

    All these years and females still think it's a such thing as an independent relationship 😂😂😂 those two words don't even go on the same page let alone the same sentence

  • Florah Bravoh
    Florah Bravoh Month ago

    that lady is beautiful

  • Kay Jay
    Kay Jay Month ago

    She so hurt about something and she not saying what's the reason.. I think she still going through postpartum

  • tom jones
    tom jones Month ago

    I really felt for that girl....

  • Sandra Campbell
    Sandra Campbell Month ago

    His mother needs to just guide them and get out their way. She know how that felt. She was a teenage mother, stand down mother!! ,that's your granddaughter, you in court trying to thot out this young girl ..bless them .

  • Sekou
    Sekou Month ago

    Yeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr my NY ppl

  • M Bell
    M Bell Month ago

    Good Luck young people!

  • Kia Sample
    Kia Sample Month ago

    Awww I'm crying again

  • Aunty Mother
    Aunty Mother Month ago

    The lady sousis with green is so beautiful

  • Christine Mirembe
    Christine Mirembe Month ago

    She is so cute

  • Suicide Zoe
    Suicide Zoe Month ago

    She is cuteb

  • The One
    The One Month ago

    That hoe cute

  • Angelia Ren
    Angelia Ren Month ago

    She keeps saying “you guys engaging in adult activities” but if you think about it... if that wasn’t the case and teens didn’t have babies she wouldn’t have a show!! Soooo.... she should be saying “thank you guys for engaging in adult activities” !!! Lol

  • Enyce Smith
    Enyce Smith Month ago

    The momma like look like Keisha knight aka Rudy Huxtable

  • Haydee Vasquez
    Haydee Vasquez Month ago

    She’s beautiful and that little girl is precious 😍😍

  • Aquarian231990
    Aquarian231990 Month ago

    I know they're from New York 😂😂😂😂 our accent stands out bad 😫😂

  • Channel Jonesie
    Channel Jonesie Month ago

    His Mom looks like Rudy Hucstable

  • Bud Miller
    Bud Miller Month ago

    This child is doomed. Parents speak like homeless dogs. If a homeless untrained dog could speak.

  • Lera Ann
    Lera Ann Month ago

    Sadly she seems like a good mother but so young and no guidance and now she is sitting in jail facing some pretty serious charges...hope the father stepped up and has that beautiful babygirl

  • Ken
    Ken Month ago

    The way they trigger each other like that, they are so in love

  • Okoye Forever
    Okoye Forever Month ago

    You can tell they love each other. They're just emotionally confused and dysfunctional, but they love each other.

  • Dria
    Dria Month ago

    I hope they work out honestly. I also hope they learn how to have a healthy relationship. They have a beautiful little family.

  • Dance Aire
    Dance Aire Month ago

    She’s soooo pretty 😍

  • Angela N
    Angela N Month ago

    At 8:12 the baby is a striking resemblance of him!! Nose, lips, eyes and all!

  • J A
    J A Month ago

    Definitely New Yorkers... Dare I say Brooklyn Nyers

  • Kishan Sri
    Kishan Sri Month ago

    Pretty girl with a manly voice.

  • ubernoob77
    ubernoob77 Month ago

    why do they think that singing the birth certificate make them the father? its the rop that puts you on the hook even if its not yours.

  • Kalondu Chonga
    Kalondu Chonga Month ago

    This girl is so beautiful. Beyonce look alike.

  • jelani burks
    jelani burks Month ago

    I would marry her and have another baby

  • jelani burks
    jelani burks Month ago

    She is beautiful I wish I could get a girl that beautiful!!!!!!!! I would have a baby with her

  • Sammi C
    Sammi C Month ago

    I love Judge Lake's summing up at the end.

  • Time Is illmatic
    Time Is illmatic Month ago

    The mother capping she don’t like the daughter she’s decent

  • Kendoll ken
    Kendoll ken Month ago

    His face is handsome

  • T A N G I N A K A
    T A N G I N A K A Month ago

    Are yo pregnant at theage of 19/20? Im still at college. Homaygod

  • Ferro Buckets
    Ferro Buckets Month ago

    “You lying in court,that’s crazy”

  • DT DD
    DT DD Month ago

    The judge was nailing it. I would like to see the update on this couple

  • Char'Kita Hood
    Char'Kita Hood Month ago

    They made a beautiful little baby. Perfect mix of the two, I hope they can co-parent in a healthy way.

    CHAVIS Month ago +1

    The mom kinda looks like Keshia Knight Pulliam 🧐

  • Jenn Brown
    Jenn Brown Month ago

    🌸 Beyoncé. .please come hug your look alike! You can see that her self esteem is shot!! No matter how beautiful a person is on the outside; if it has not been planted on their inside, they are blind to it.
    I esteem my children because self esteem plays a major roll in decisions and how we react to situations. These two have hard passion and they have no idea how to control it. Beautiful the way this father gazed at his daughter.
    I hope mom realizes her worth very soon; she will gain happiness from herself💞

  • PrettyAssNique
    PrettyAssNique Month ago

    She looks like Jackie’s daughter from bbwla

  • Michaela Ortiz
    Michaela Ortiz Month ago

    Beautiful baby

  • Unique Bell
    Unique Bell Month ago

    I hate how aggressive and ghetto she sounds 🙄 you can tell she’s a kid

  • Antuan Grantham
    Antuan Grantham Month ago

    That this NY upstate

  • noisyaz
    noisyaz Month ago

    I really hate the fact that after all these women had been through, as after proven paternity the men just said sorry and that’s it. They should be asked to pay compensation to the moms who endure being called names, denied, being called liars and the their struggles upon abandonment. All those times them being disrepsected, doubted, should that all be forgotten just like that?seriously.

  • Jennifer Lipscomb
    Jennifer Lipscomb Month ago

    The daddy did not hear one word the judge was saying at the end. He was too busy staring at his beautiful child.