Rodney Hood Hits Game-Winner, Steals Game 3 In 4OT vs. Denver Nuggets

  • Published on May 4, 2019
  • Rodney Hood came up HUGE in the closing minutes of Game 3 to give the Blazers a 2-1 series lead vs. the Denver Nuggets
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Comments • 191

  • Jadarius Philllips
    Jadarius Philllips Month ago

    Next ray allen

  • Moonroof
    Moonroof Month ago

    Hood with the shot

  • Sucre Qu
    Sucre Qu Month ago

    He is much better without LeBron

  • Killer Beast
    Killer Beast Month ago

    Why he didn't do that when he is still in cleveland?

  • Black Moses Beats
    Black Moses Beats Month ago

    I thought Hood was trash... 🤔

  • Andrew Gabriel
    Andrew Gabriel Month ago

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that LeBron's never had teammates like this to carry him. NEVER.

  • Workinhard555
    Workinhard555 Month ago

    Lebron hitting his wall right now

  • Rob R
    Rob R Month ago

    Rodney Hood is 'Stepping Up' - RDCworld1

  • Anthony Hutchins
    Anthony Hutchins Month ago

    The most exciting series is the only series left without a contender. Funny how the universe works

    THUGGWAFFLE88 Month ago

    Jesus the amount of excitement in the Moda center this post season has been ridiculous so far! Go Zers!!!

  • Jonathan Swaine
    Jonathan Swaine Month ago

    Textbook pump-fake and reset dribble followed by an absolutely beautiful shot! Well done Rodney Hood!

  • ACTruitt
    ACTruitt Month ago

    Playoffs are far more enjoyable to watch without Lebron this year

  • Shawn Guron
    Shawn Guron Month ago

    The basketball gods are working with the blazers I swear

  • Steph Thompson
    Steph Thompson Month ago


  • TGTV tank mode
    TGTV tank mode Month ago +1

    LeBron James after seeing Rodney hit a 3 and sees him win the game

  • semjaavria
    semjaavria Month ago

    0:12 that guy cheering is Oregon in a nutshell

  • Lanier LyMotions Grady

    He should have played more minutes

  • Eli Cates
    Eli Cates Month ago


  • Sans Mans
    Sans Mans Month ago

    Greatest playoff game in a long time

  • Diego Santin
    Diego Santin Month ago

    Look at barton after that pumpfake and then the SWISH

  • Alan KS
    Alan KS Month ago +2

    the cavs hood, you just want to waive him immediately. The jazz hood is the real hood we're seeing now in Portland.

  • A's Perspective
    A's Perspective Month ago

    People forget rodney was gonna be the man in Utah until Mitchell came along. He has all star potential if he just sticks with it and believes in himself.

    ANIME JAKE Month ago +1

    Blazers love winning playoff games with last second threes.

  • Yoshizilla
    Yoshizilla Month ago

    There’s like a white strip coming off hood’s shoe at 0:50

  • OneHonestCritic
    OneHonestCritic Month ago +1

    Rodney Hood is very underrated. The problem is he went straight to Cleveland and played under the biggest stage with Lebron, if he stayed at Utah and now at Portland, he can slowly build his confidence on a smaller stage and become a great 3 point shooter.

  • SSV
    SSV Month ago +1

    These are what playoffs should be not some bc 4-0, 4-1 boring series @warriors

    • Anthony Hutchins
      Anthony Hutchins Month ago

      Are you trying to insult the warriors by commenting on how dominant they are? Lol I can promise you they don't give a fuck hiw exciting the games are. They just want the chip

  • Helzehen03
    Helzehen03 Month ago

    Blazers are up in the series 2.5 games to 1.

  • Obamos did 9/11
    Obamos did 9/11 Month ago +2

    Dame is proud Mr. Hood

  • Gina Powell
    Gina Powell Month ago +1

    This made me so happy because I hate jokic which is the only reason why I don't like the nuggets and to see this happen brought tears to my eyes. What a moment

  • Blitz ThaLeague
    Blitz ThaLeague Month ago +1

    Haven’t seen any trolls on Jokic back for missing after playing 60 minutes good job kids

  • JoeTheGreat08
    JoeTheGreat08 Month ago

    Why didn’t he have that same energy with lebron in Cleveland

  • Matt O
    Matt O Month ago +1

    Just look at how Rodney Hood and George Hill look after leaving Lebron. The biggest lie about Lebron is that he makes teammates better.

  • Definitive1
    Definitive1 Month ago

    It's all good in the Hood.

  • Marwane M
    Marwane M Month ago +3

    rodney hoooooood it's goooooood!!

  • R R
    R R Month ago

    Trail Blazers to the finals!

    • Rainy Island
      Rainy Island Month ago

      I really really hope so, but I don't know if they can beat the Warriors.

  • King Me
    King Me Month ago +3

    This man took over because he was the freshest player on the floor, everyone had the Gatorade symbol out there. Jokic played 65 minutes he looked like he was about to pass out, that’s a 280lbs he needs to rest.

  • Joe Petälä
    Joe Petälä Month ago +1

    Rodney Hood #5. Robert Horry #5. RH5

  • Paul Vincent Viloria

    what's on his shoes?

  • Markcus Vongphachanh

    Good awareness by mc

  • meh meh
    meh meh Month ago

    Not gonna lie. People said playoffs are gonna be boring when boogie joined gs. Now where are they now?

    • meh meh
      meh meh Month ago

      @doyouevenlift 1744 idk what is your point but yeah hockey playoffs are better but not all nba playoff games are boring. That is my point

    • doyouevenlift 1744
      doyouevenlift 1744 Month ago

      Still boring, these teams are playing just to lose in the later rounds lol. This is why hockey playoffs are better

  • Let Go
    Let Go Month ago


    KILLIN_U_ LAMES Month ago

    Same dude was a no show in last year playoffs he quit on lebron and the cavs he a bum

  • 7676big
    7676big Month ago

    Nice shoot

  • redbird saraceno
    redbird saraceno Month ago

    Pure Net 🎯

  • Michael C
    Michael C Month ago

    We’ve been spoiled basketball wise this year with NCAA tourney and the NBA Playoffs. The NFL put on a show in their Playoffs too. Great to be an American sports fan

  • Caption This
    Caption This Month ago +1

    Yet another player excelling after leaving lebron’s sorry ass 😂

  • Edward Santiago
    Edward Santiago Month ago

    how many steps did he take?

  • 呂典翰
    呂典翰 Month ago

    joker crying?

  • Josh Paul
    Josh Paul Month ago

    Epic fly-by reaction

  • Wandering Wade
    Wandering Wade Month ago +3

    The only downer to this game was that Doris Burk wouldn't shut up.

    • Julian
      Julian Month ago +1

      @Wandering Wade Yeah, I miss Tirico. He and Hubie were a great duo. Marv Albert is still fun to listen to (doesn't really matter who he's paired with), but he's definitely been off these past few years. I feel the same way with Kevin Harlan (except he's not losing his mind). I really just want Candace Parker and Doris Burke out of the rotation

    • Wandering Wade
      Wandering Wade Month ago +1

      @Julian -I'll agree to that. My favorite team was Hubie and Torico. Torico got 'Mee Tooed' out of the rotation.

    • Julian
      Julian Month ago

      I wish Hubie Brown and Mark Jones would've gotten this game. That's my favorite commentary duo. I also wish they would just drop JVG and leave Mike Breen and Mark Jackson as a team. Would've been dope if either of those teams would've called this one. Legendary game nonetheless

  • Ang panga mo
    Ang panga mo Month ago +6

    _Rodney on 3, I said, Rodney on 3_

  • allan banguilan
    allan banguilan Month ago

    i was only watching quarter highlights for this game here in youtube and the latest was the 3rd quarter and was waiting patiently for the full game highlights to come out and it was taking too long after like an hour i decided to watch it live to verify if its still airing and found out that it reached 4 overtimes with less than 2 minutes remaining amazing

  • Marko Grković
    Marko Grković Month ago +2

    This game took so long that Russel Westbrook made it to playoffs 2020 and again eliminated in first round

  • Marquice Rowan
    Marquice Rowan Month ago

    That same guy that couldn’t do shit for the cavs to help Lebron oh aiight

  • [XGS] Neon
    [XGS] Neon Month ago +1

    What a night to be a blazers fan

  • SolteroConDinero
    SolteroConDinero Month ago +10

    Good to see Hood doing well after being marginalized in Cleveland last year. Same for Hill with the Bucks.

    • Yurugu Killah
      Yurugu Killah Month ago

      Homosexuals with atrophied pink genitals like to insert "sexual" into sports conversations because they have a weird sick fetish over Brown bodies & Brown balls.
      Look at all the sports convo, we talk sports & they talk about "sex" & the genitals of players.
      Sick freakish Devils.

    • Dolemite
      Dolemite Month ago +3

      Bronsexuals mad the LeBron James system keeps getting exposed for holding other players back

    • Yurugu Killah
      Yurugu Killah Month ago

      Bum may be a little harsh.
      He's a role player & bench player who's averaged 15ppg once in his career.
      The Jazz gave up on him, now the weirdo brigade is using him as an example of how the evil kneegrow LeBron misused him & held him back.

      BLACK MAN Month ago

      @Yurugu Killah
      Hood is clearly not a bum. He’s obviously a confident player that believes in himself.

    • Yurugu Killah
      Yurugu Killah Month ago

      This is a cute new narrative.
      Streaky players have a few good games & the mayo militia forget about Utah cutting ties with these bums.

  • Vallecend
    Vallecend Month ago +40

    People out here acknowledging the 3 while im here acknowledging that offensive rebound into a mid air pass, smooth play...

    • Kane Aaron
      Kane Aaron Month ago


    • LeBron Should Retire
      LeBron Should Retire Month ago +3

      Vallecend facts C.J was everywhere. 18 in OT, multiple offensive rebounds (this one and the rebound and bucket to send it to 4 OT), plus the steal on Murray to get the ball back with 24 seconds. He’s phenomenal

  • Marcus the Darkness
    Marcus the Darkness Month ago +6

    Rodney *stepped up*

  • Luide Mulumba
    Luide Mulumba Month ago +2

    Where was this Rodney Hood in the playoffs last year for the Cavs?

    • Yurugu Killah
      Yurugu Killah Month ago

      Ask the Utah Jazz.

    • Vincent 2099
      Vincent 2099 Month ago +5

      Cause this organisation and the team's leader didn't throw him around like a tool. They gave him proper time to adjust

  • rikki evans
    rikki evans Month ago +7

    Can we also talk about the excellent coaching on both sides. I mean, only one person fouled out

  • axel rod
    axel rod Month ago

    Blazers paid the wrong guy in turner. Hope they can keep hood and kanter whatever happens in this series. Emotionally I hope the nuggets can move pass this and win the next one. I want this to go 7 games. A series to watch
    Coach Mike rest Jokic a little, you have plumlee to play quality minutes. Lost his legs in free throws..

  • P L
    P L Month ago +2

    Imagine GSW actually sweeping Houston so they get to chill and party for 1+ week. They'll be sitting back and drinking cocktails watching Denver and Portland's epic struggle that goes 6 or 7.
    Then GSW just Goliath stomps a tired worn out -Portland- David and ques evil villain laugh.

  • Laker Ludz
    Laker Ludz Month ago +15

    This game wore me out and I wasn’t even on the court

  • Dejuan Wallace
    Dejuan Wallace Month ago +35

    When they played dmx where the hood at i knew they would win

  • Getyourbreaduppp
    Getyourbreaduppp Month ago +43

    This why Hood refused to play scrub minutes last year... he knew he could ball.. they just wasnt playing him right... he was a killa in Utah.

    • Keith Dennis
      Keith Dennis Month ago

      Rob Sep your reply makes no sense u just stated why Cleveland didn’t want him as I said Cleveland didn’t want him u dumb or wat?

    • Diego Santin
      Diego Santin Month ago

      What it do g my hoodrat niggz

    • Alan KS
      Alan KS Month ago

      the jazz hood was putting on numbers, so as now.

    • Yurugu Killah
      Yurugu Killah Month ago

      Because they knew he'd average 11.5 points a game as the highest paid Celtic at $32 million a year.
      Boston thought they were resurrecting Larry Bird and all they got was Kyle Korver.

    • Kenneth Keyes
      Kenneth Keyes Month ago +1

      Yurugu Killah why they let Gordon Hayward go

  • Anthony Johnson
    Anthony Johnson Month ago +54

    Hood hits a clutch shot and y'all mf still bring up LeBron smh🤦‍♂️😂😂

    • Deon Nelson
      Deon Nelson Month ago +1

      Sad lol

    • Julian
      Julian Month ago +11

      There's about 100 comments on this video and only about 6 comments mention that guy (including both of your comments)

    • kill em with KINDNESS
      kill em with KINDNESS Month ago +2

      Thank you, niggas miss bron so much bro. The same ones complain in the comments when ESPN and others sports stations talk about lebron alot. They fail to realize, THEY ARE THE REASON. 😂😂😂

  • Namba 1 Payaman
    Namba 1 Payaman Month ago

    Thats Good.Thanks for the Video.

  • Digital Pickaxe
    Digital Pickaxe Month ago +46

    Blazers suddenly became strong this playoffs. Something Lowry cant do

      THUGGWAFFLE88 Month ago

      Digital Pickaxe I’ve heard the name plenty just never in a good context..

    • Digital Pickaxe
      Digital Pickaxe Month ago

      @THUGGWAFFLE88 you're joking if you didnt hear the media go crazy about his 0 pt gamr and 7 pt game

      THUGGWAFFLE88 Month ago

      Digital Pickaxe nobody cares about Kyle Lowry... feel like I haven’t heard that name in a long time 😂

  • Niko Sy
    Niko Sy Month ago +3

    If only Seth Curry would be half as good as his brother

    • Willfabeast2912
      Willfabeast2912 Month ago

      Suhail Lone what first 2 Rings? Steph only won 1 ring before KD came

    • no. 5 bball
      no. 5 bball Month ago

      @Liberty Loving Libertarian like your mom

    • Liberty Loving Libertarian
      Liberty Loving Libertarian Month ago

      He's definitely half as good.

    • no. 5 bball
      no. 5 bball Month ago

      @Ned not the first two rings man, I'm a warriors hater but don't disrespect steoh like that bruh

    • Ned
      Ned Month ago

      fuck you mean... Seth is already better than that choking bum Steph who needs to be carried all the way to his rings

  • perry young
    perry young Month ago +5

    Candace parker and chiney >doris burke

  • Даниил Злобин

    This guy leaded cavaliers to the finals last year. Nothing special

  • CTK
    CTK Month ago +5

    Nuggets just gave the game away... So many chances to win

      THUGGWAFFLE88 Month ago

      CTK they were exhausted.. so was Portland... Kanter is bullying Jokic on offense... as a life long nugs fan jokic HAS to get better defensively... he’s getting bodied by Kanter (a second string center)... honestly if we can’t win while getting all these offensive rebounds there is something seriously wrong... not giving up hope but Jokic is awful defensively and nobody even mentions it because he’s great offensively.

  • MrWill9668
    MrWill9668 Month ago

    Jokic really played 65 minutes just to have a nigga named rodney ruin it all

  • Tao Forte
    Tao Forte Month ago +7

    Both teams played hard

  • Khoi Le
    Khoi Le Month ago +1

    If i could comment a picture, it would be that lebron face from game 1 last year.

  • zhong
    zhong Month ago +2

    the last shot reminds me Chris Bosh

    • MainnEvent
      MainnEvent Month ago

      Good eye! I didn't see it at first.. Chris Bosh one of my favs. Seen this game winner by him a couple times in Miami!

  • cardsblues219
    cardsblues219 Month ago +4

    Hell of a game.

  • Pearty
    Pearty Month ago

    Come on denver

  • Isaiah Webb
    Isaiah Webb Month ago +8

    Yeet la bron wondering why he wasnt like that in Cleveland

  • Joker4MVP
    Joker4MVP Month ago

    I never blame refs even in this game i dont blame them but bro WTF was that jumpball toss in fkn playoff game for so important possession and guy tossed it in lillards direction. Fuck that shit

  • Julian
    Julian Month ago +113

    What a game!! That's what playoff basketball is all about!

    • JF
      JF Month ago +1

      @Bray Aberdeen wtf

    • Bray Aberdeen
      Bray Aberdeen Month ago +1

      Julian what a dickrider

  • Kshitiz Karki
    Kshitiz Karki Month ago

    Ice cold!

  • Officer Orange cheetolini

    Rebound Rebound Rebound!!

  • Randy G
    Randy G Month ago +37

    Man Cavs fans are punching air rn thinking " why tf didn't Rodney Hood and George Hill play like this in the finals last year " 😑😤🙄😒😂🤣🤷🏽‍♂️

      THUGGWAFFLE88 Month ago

      Fat Fuck I love the avengers

      THUGGWAFFLE88 Month ago

      Lebron creates a toxic environment... nobody really plays well with him

    • Diavappio Doppiavolo
      Diavappio Doppiavolo Month ago

      billy black - I’m just saying it for the random lebron slander I’m seeing

    • billy black
      billy black Month ago +1

      Diavappio Doppiavolo I mean players are always traded. Oladipo did not just become great after one summer the reason why he didn't show any of that greatness in OKC is because how the team plays their offense which to be honest is through one player so in this case that's kind of how the teams play offense that have LeBron since he's like a playmaker not all players will shine in that offense. The way Golden State and the Spurs and teams like those play basketball it actually make players better because that is the fundamental of basketball ball movement

    • Diavappio Doppiavolo
      Diavappio Doppiavolo Month ago

      Fat Fuck - tell me why did the jazz give both of them up???

  • Tarantula Guy
    Tarantula Guy Month ago +12

    Rodney Hood ain’t got LeToxic to hold him back and blame him anymore.

  • Thanongrit Suriyarungka

    Did he even miss any shoot at all in ot? I feel like he didn't
    He literally jumped in the court and started cooking Murray and executing perfectly and precisely even this 3pt from the manual perfect as every coach would love to see
    Only net swish

  • Pedro Garza
    Pedro Garza Month ago +6

    Man craziest game I’ve ever watched

  • Ben Ponci
    Ben Ponci Month ago

    should've never left Cavs

    • Korey Paul
      Korey Paul Month ago +4

      He's thriving outside of that dump hole

  • Abemelake Kebede
    Abemelake Kebede Month ago +22

    So engaging and interesting most interesting series so far

  • P L
    P L Month ago +141

    Really wish Jokic didn't miss that free throw so all of us could've witnessed a historic penta-overtime game.

    • Joker4MVP
      Joker4MVP Month ago

      @L1ghTN1nG for real

    • L1ghTN1nG
      L1ghTN1nG Month ago

      @Joker4MVP him*

    • Gators95
      Gators95 Month ago

      Dame DOLLA Dude yeah you play them most of the time. Still have to give them rest early in the game. 65/68 minutes means that in those last 20 minutes the player is absolutely gassed

    • Digital Pickaxe
      Digital Pickaxe Month ago

      @Thomas Gerber yeah the one who also played almost all minutes in the playoffs

    • Bbc Lover 2010
      Bbc Lover 2010 Month ago

      Depressed Knicks Fan jokic didn’t lose 100 pounds or even close. I would be surprised if he lost 5-10

  • Chee Chee
    Chee Chee Month ago +81

    Glad to be a Blazers fan, gg to denver for not giving up, they fought hard

    • L1ghTN1nG
      L1ghTN1nG Month ago

      @Definitive1 I'm a Warriors fan, thank you for wasting your own time m8, Warriors gonna kill the Blazers

    • L1ghTN1nG
      L1ghTN1nG Month ago

      @Definitive1 lol

    • Definitive1
      Definitive1 Month ago

      @L1ghTN1nG You were saying? Now go fishing with your defeated Nuggets!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    • Definitive1
      Definitive1 Month ago +1

      @Chee Chee Oh yes he can. He can and he will. Lol

    • Chee Chee
      Chee Chee Month ago +1

      @L1ghTN1nG really, u cant be that dumb

  • maruf javed
    maruf javed Month ago

    murrey lost it for nuggets

  • J Daily
    J Daily Month ago +179

    An all time game right there watched every minute, phenomenal

    • AmericanGiant100
      AmericanGiant100 Month ago +1

      @Krishiv04 Actually 3am Eastern Daylight Time. (standard time is in the late fall and winter.) With that said, it's it's a problem. I know its a weekend night and not trying to sound like an old man. There is no reason this game should have ended way the past bedtime for much of the American public. **Yes I am aware it's was a 4-overtime game.** I agree with Siruis XM Sports Talk Host Chris Russo 100% that even NBA and MLB playoff games in the pacific time zone should start NO Later than 630pm local time.

      MLB Baseball gets criticized all the time for the late start time of their playoff game for east coast viewers. So should the NBA. And rightful so.

      There is no reason this game could not start (even in a pacific time zone market where Portland, Org is located)at the latest for tip off 9:40pm east/6:40pm west. Since ESPN and TNT share almost all of the TV Coverage of the playoffs until the conference finals anyhow, at least in the 2nd round they should do this schedule. The Bucks/Celtics game should have started at 7pm on say TNT. Then this now great Blazers/Nuggets game at 940pm(ET)on ESPN. Sorry to go off topic but disappointed I fell asleep missing this great game.

    • Krishiv04
      Krishiv04 Month ago +1

      J Daily same bro i watched until 3 est

  • Kush Anand
    Kush Anand Month ago

    first veiw

  • Josh Wang
    Josh Wang Month ago +4

    What a shot by Hood

  • ReviloYT
    ReviloYT Month ago +2

    Bleacher R noti gang

  • Abemelake Kebede
    Abemelake Kebede Month ago +11

    What a freaking match

  • Jan Marvin Hernandez


  • Abemelake Kebede
    Abemelake Kebede Month ago


  • Josh Wang
    Josh Wang Month ago