iPhone 11 Review: Android's Biggest Problem

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    Reviewing the latest iPhone every year is something I look forward to. It's a polarizing device that will make many very happy and irk others. This year's iPhone 11 is no different. Let's dive into what makes Apple's latest iPhone special and why it's the iPhone for everyone.
    -iPhone 11 Specs-
    Colors: Black, Green, Yellow, Purple, (PRODUCT)RED, White
    64GB, 128GB, 256GB
    6.1" Liquid Retina HD display
    A13 Bionic chip
    Rated IP68
    Dual 12MP Ultra Wide and Wide cameras
    4K video recording
    TrueDepth Camera: 12MP camera
    Face ID
    Starting price: $699

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Comments • 80

  • Mitchell Lewis
    Mitchell Lewis 5 months ago +1351

    Man, another super high quality video. You’ve become one of my favorite tech channels over the past few months. Awesome stuff.

    • veronica petra
      veronica petra 5 months ago

      trust me i got a #lumiy and a #iphone11 and my life changed foreverrrr

    • Brawndo
      Brawndo 5 months ago

      @Adventure Biker Scoda It's not 720P

    • Jayme Nelson
      Jayme Nelson 5 months ago

      I completely agree! This video was amazing, and Jon and the team have been absolutely killing it these last few months.

    • MAX -
      MAX - 5 months ago

      @Shine Aung ive known this channel since it was Techno buffalo. It was pretty dead for a while. Glad that john is being relevant again

    • cwg73160
      cwg73160 5 months ago +2

      It must be your first day on TVclip. Welcome!

  • gdlywom
    gdlywom Day ago

    I had to like this video after seeing you with those kids in the Spider Man costume. God bless you; that was awesome! 😄❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • svfutbol20
    svfutbol20 5 days ago

    Android’s biggest problem is the Google Graveyard. I like Android but I’m hesitant to go back because of how flippant Google is with introducing new features and subsequently removing them.

  • RobloxerMartin
    RobloxerMartin 8 days ago

    Android's biggest problem.......

    *Are you sure about that*

  • Villainz YumzZ
    Villainz YumzZ 11 days ago

    This was never a problem for android.

  • omar asfour
    omar asfour 12 days ago

    If you want to buy iPhone 11 buy it from this link on amazon

  • Random guy
    Random guy 12 days ago

    Him: iPhone 11 has huge battery
    Me: laughs in 5200mah battery

  • Ben Simon
    Ben Simon 13 days ago +1

    I am still conflicted between iPhone 11 and Galaxy S20.

    • David Clay
      David Clay 2 days ago

      I felt the same way. I needed to upgrade from my old S7 Edge. I have always used Android phones. I went to buy a S20 but at the last minute decided on the iPhone 11. I'm so glad I did. I know the S20 has great specs, but from a user experience the 11 is awesome.

  • Naveen Thanikachalam
    Naveen Thanikachalam 14 days ago

    Very nicely put in layman terms. Kudos.

  • Squek Squek
    Squek Squek 14 days ago

    Once they change the charging port to type-c is the only time I'll switch over to iPhone. Type-c is universal there's no reason to keep forcing lightning down consumers throats other than greediness. The lightning cable itself from apple is also made poorly it only lasts a few months before wearing down and stops working. Literally this is my only gripe with them otherwise I would buy an iPhone the very next day.

  • Sukhneet Singh
    Sukhneet Singh 16 days ago

    Wow after 9 years we’re still getting Retina display in iPhone ,Samsung hmm

  • Sukhneet Singh
    Sukhneet Singh 16 days ago

    Instead iPhone 11, I think iPhone XS is Best Buy

  • midnightsunbliss
    midnightsunbliss 19 days ago

    Im getting my iPhone 11 tomorrow and that would be my first iPhone 😁 I am shifting from Android because I have problem with unfixable software problems TWICE (2 phones!!!!), which cost me the price of an iPhone 😭 Idk what to expect but I hope for the best with iOS, at least spare me 3 - 4 years. Or I'll get back to smoke and pigeons.

  • Givenchy Homme
    Givenchy Homme 21 day ago

    That purple color is absolutely gorgeous. The light hits it beautifully. I chose this color and it's my favorite iPhone ever.

  • Darwin Carmen
    Darwin Carmen 24 days ago

    Just buy the Iphone XR...

  • ギドラ
    ギドラ 27 days ago

    I don’t understand if you can tolerate the 11’s lesser lcd screen, how come you can’t do the same for the Xr

    BAD PANDA 28 days ago

    720p ips display under 64k in india whate a joke
    OnePlus always best smartphone company in india

  • Raghavendra Aithal
    Raghavendra Aithal Month ago

    In my business I need call recording very much.
    It's not available on ios.
    So I'm using Note 10+.
    Whenever Call Recording is available on iOS, I buy an iphone.

  • Generic name
    Generic name Month ago

    Nice video. But why that aspect ratio??? It's so awkward.

  • Hannen
    Hannen Month ago

    Such a cinematic video! Big shout out. 👍iPhone XR user here so I can relate to the entire video.

  • Cody Holstein
    Cody Holstein Month ago

    The iPhone isnt ready nor not even close to challenging samsung there far behind in terms of everything the one thing they got right was battery but that's about it. You're still so limited to what you can do with apple software. Customization personalization isnt there for apple

  • lee taeyxnq
    lee taeyxnq Month ago

    im thinking about switching to an iphone and ive been debating to myself as to which model should i get?? i really wanted an XS but then I read that XR is better than XS, then I get to know that 11 is obviously better than XR. But if we were to compare 11 and XS, which one should I get?
    Another question: what exactly telephoto does? like, if i used an iphone 11 to take a picture from a distance, the pic would still look good right? i mean, even without the telephoto lens?

  • Edu F.
    Edu F. Month ago

    can you share your wallpaper?? i really love it 😍

  • Addicted
    Addicted Month ago

    Them Breds tho :)))

  • Zwe Htet Nai Nai
    Zwe Htet Nai Nai Month ago

    I like the way you create decorations for video 💯

  • X Finity
    X Finity Month ago

    iPhone 11 the best iPhone yet to be ever made.

  • Miss Marvel
    Miss Marvel Month ago

    I went from an iPhone 7 Plus to iPhone 11. Huge difference

  • Syed Taha
    Syed Taha Month ago

    my iPhone 11 just give me a day of battery and I do play pubg like about an hour and rest is just the daily stuff .....

  • James Crutchfield
    James Crutchfield Month ago

    Really good video. Classy. Well shot. And real heart.

  • xD3bod
    xD3bod Month ago +1

    The 826p LCD Display gotta be a Killer :)

  • Stefan M.
    Stefan M. Month ago

    Would you recommend getting the 11 or XS? I can find both brand new at about the same price, so that's not a problem... I'd like to know if the bezels are really that noticable compared to the XS. And also, is there a big difference in battery life? And the camera, I know the front shooter is way better, but is the rear camera better on the 11?

  • Techkid720
    Techkid720 Month ago

    The screen is still cheap.

  • Akash Das
    Akash Das Month ago

    iPhone price in India is cut down so much... Because no extra tax we made this in our own ground..

  • MaKc Hall
    MaKc Hall Month ago

    Nice work, I like the review alot... Thank you, still waiting on my money to get right. I have to buy 3.. Thanks again! New Subscriber here.

  • Benjamin Owuye Jagun

    Nice video dude, I'm an Android user currently but I'm considering an iPhone again as I think Apple has a winner with the iPhone 11 along with a camera that can finally compete with the Pixel camera now and there's hardly any compromises with the telephoto Lens and the HD LCD screen being the only ones.

  • Ghada Oxm
    Ghada Oxm 2 months ago

    Apple iPhone 11 with FaceTime - 64GB, 4GB RAM, 4G LTE, White, Single SIM & E-SIM

  • Hairul Mirza
    Hairul Mirza 2 months ago

    Does iPhone 11 are similar to iPhone 11 Pro?

  • Alejandro S Hernandez
    Alejandro S Hernandez 2 months ago

    The iPhone 11 Pro has the best camera ever on a smart phone. It’s amazing. Go Apple! Having the best chip on the market is definitely an advantage. They need to use that to enhance things in the phone like the camera and also video recording. Lens and pixels only go so far. You must have solid software and an amazing processor to go with it!

    • carter.n
      carter.n Month ago

      For video recording, maybe, but for stills? Debatable.

  • HauteCocoa
    HauteCocoa 2 months ago

    He kinda sounds like "MKBHD" Marques Brownlee! Lol anyone else hear it?

  • Roczilla Carley
    Roczilla Carley 2 months ago +1

    Me 6s to 11 big upgrade for me!

  • Devesh Sharma
    Devesh Sharma 2 months ago +1

    Last year XR users had to watch videos appreciating it to justify buying it,, this year it’s the case with 11pro buyers. Everyone is loving the basic 11 so much!

  • jerrell jackson
    jerrell jackson 2 months ago +3

    *Love the camera and•ᴥ•>**allmy.tips/i-MaxPro?46** new functionality but wish the battery lasted even longer then it does. The battery life is better then it was in prior but wish it was still longer.*

  • Anil 123
    Anil 123 2 months ago

    IPhone xs vs xr? Which one to go for?

  • TheTpanative
    TheTpanative 2 months ago

    Upgraded from the 7 to the 11 and I thought i’d hate face ID. It’s fine overall, just a bit more involved using apple pay at a cash register.

  • Kevin Watson
    Kevin Watson 2 months ago

    iPhone 11 gang, stand up 😎🤘🏾

  • Anthony Simpson
    Anthony Simpson 2 months ago

    It is like a video saying compromising is good and no where does it explain how it is bad news for Android. If you fine with compromises Android would be a better choice than a iPhone 11, why less compromises and cheaper.

  • ok ye
    ok ye 2 months ago

    me with an xr 😔😔

  • Drake Dodson
    Drake Dodson 2 months ago

    iPhone 11 is the first iPhone I would actually consider buying, but until Apple ditches the lightning port and gets on board with USB-C, I just can't make the switch away from Android.

  • OchaTime
    OchaTime 2 months ago

    Wait, you're Spider-Man? Dude.

  • Rishad D'souza
    Rishad D'souza 2 months ago

    Google tends to mindlessly copy what iPhone does, and I'm so hoping they don't copy the automatic implementation of night mode. Pixel's implementation is MUCH better. It gives you that little toast to activate night sight in scenes it deems it necessary, but you have the option to take it without night sight and produce a less exposed shot without having to hold the phone still for too long. Also, sometimes night sight can be a good option to bring out the life in a picture on a dull overcast day, which won't necessarily auto-activate the night mode. Don't want to lose those use case scenarios.

  • Desmond TiAndre
    Desmond TiAndre 2 months ago

    You couldn't send pictures on the original iPhone??

  • Michael Hartman
    Michael Hartman 2 months ago

    This video sounds like a commercial. This isn't a tech video its a Google!

  • Junito Lopez
    Junito Lopez 2 months ago

    You had my attention, until the Spiderman suit. Damn, now I'm thinking, need an official one, party store not enough

  • malik habib
    malik habib 2 months ago

    aking people feel good about their purchases. Feels like a documentary

  • Karl Bermuda
    Karl Bermuda 2 months ago +1

    iPhone's still boooring and limited. Notch still hideous

  • ufewl
    ufewl 2 months ago

    next to mean besides, at 1:32 you showed over phone super imposed the other and describe it is "next to", is english your first language?

  • Dumile Muhle Gcabashe
    Dumile Muhle Gcabashe 2 months ago

    Best content by Jon. Glad it’s not a regurgitation of specs 🤟🏽

  • Dawan Enonlee
    Dawan Enonlee 2 months ago

    Android didn't flinch at all

  • Dontrell Watts
    Dontrell Watts 2 months ago

    iPhones trash compared to Samsung's

  • Mike en Mike
    Mike en Mike 2 months ago

    Sickest intro i ever saw (btw i’m bad in english don’t mind me😂)

  • Th33Vultur3
    Th33Vultur3 2 months ago

    I have this phone on Verizon PREPAID, Product Red, 128 GB since September 28. It's a BEAST!

  • Osanda Rajapakse
    Osanda Rajapakse 2 months ago

    Do you prefer 64Gb storage ?

  • Duc Nguyen
    Duc Nguyen 2 months ago +4

    Android phone’s are Jokes 🙈🙈🙈🙈

  • Haziq Tharwan
    Haziq Tharwan 2 months ago

    Guys, I need an opinion. It's Jan 2020, I am currently using iPhone 6. Planning to upgrade my old iPhone to iPhone 11, should i buy it or it is too late and i should wait for the next iPhone?

  • Kay Millan
    Kay Millan 2 months ago

    iPhone 11 I love it regardless it’s the best iPhone ever made 😁👏🏾👊🏾

  • Nishith Chauhan
    Nishith Chauhan 2 months ago

    You are not a heavy user at all. My phone is dead latest before 6pm

  • GamingWiffJohn
    GamingWiffJohn 2 months ago

    Nope. iPhone 11 128GB costs 255 Euro more than the Galaxy S10 128GB...The iPhone 11 128GB also costs 123 Euro more than the Galaxy S10+ 128GB. The iPhone 11 256GB costs 40 Euro more than Samsung's ABSOLUTE flagship, the Galaxy Note 10+ 256GB. Now tell me, in what world can the iPhone 11 threaten whatever Android? Even Android's most expensive brand, Samsung is usually close to HALF PRICE of a similar iPhone.

  • tazrin ahmed
    tazrin ahmed 3 months ago

    Samsung a70 vs iphone 11?? Which is better???

  • Omair
    Omair 3 months ago

    At least far better than iphone XS, except the display while the price is lower.

  • peacewalker99
    peacewalker99 3 months ago

    Pleasing video to watch
    But to be honest, this does not convince me. Recently I have become more of a supporter of iPhones again, but the iPhone 11 for me is not a step forward. 720 pixel display in 2019 is really tough to accept. You mention it as a problem, but say that at the price it is acceptable - at that price? We are talking $750 and in some countries/most countries more. My $300 Android phone I bought this year has an AMOLED display, same size battery, more cameras (has an ultra-wide and telephoto in addition to the main sensor), inscreeen fingerprint sensor and twice the capacity than the iPhone 11 base model. I understand what sells iPhones is their high quality hardware, iOS (which is fantastic) and the Apple Ecosystem, but in terms of specs, the iPhone 11 is just a joke. I just would not be able to recommend to anyone a phone, which has half the specs compared with an Android device that costs (less than) half. I just think that this is a marketing ploy, where the iPhone 11 is pretty objectively not a good phone, but because we only really compare it to the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, it looks good on paper, and suddenly the price difference makes you almost think you are getting a good deal. I am disappointed this video does not discuss these issues.

  • Eli_2020
    Eli_2020 3 months ago

    The iPhone 11 is an upgrade from iPhone X except for the screen.

  • Bill Cosby
    Bill Cosby 3 months ago

    I got the Iphone 11 Pro for Christmas and i can say it really is a good phone! I take my phone off charge and use it throughout the day, it stays on 90% maximum!

  • ʙᴀʙʏ ᴋɪᴀ
    ʙᴀʙʏ ᴋɪᴀ 3 months ago +4

    I wasn't going go to the 11 but I love the camera. I'm always taking pics.

  • Infusion_Stone PlayZ Aiman

    This video is just like a movie. I love it

  • Aset Berdybek
    Aset Berdybek 3 months ago

    What's wrong with the format?

  • Lina Hussain
    Lina Hussain 3 months ago

    For camera quality, would recommend it over the *Huawei p30* ??

  • Michael Muna
    Michael Muna 3 months ago

    Glass is just glass
    Glass breaks

    Dr R RAJA MURUGAN 3 months ago

    Honest review mate!

  • WackyChan
    WackyChan 3 months ago

    I’m fine with my iPhone XR. The main thing it’s just a camera but the IPhone XR takes great pictures and I never take pictures so I’m fine.

  • Richard Falconer
    Richard Falconer 3 months ago +1

    I prefer the telephoto too. It’s more practical in every day use. I don’t want to have to spend an extra $300 for it. Sure you can use pinch to zoom but I like the peace of mind of picture quality not diminishing.