Gays Vs. Lesbians: Raising A Robot Baby

  • Published on Oct 11, 2016
  • Note: Only egos were harmed in the making of this video.
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  • Days Go By
    Days Go By Day ago

    “I just have to marry someone who doesn’t have ADHD and then it’ll balance out”
    “I don’t have ADHD”
    *looks at her incredulously*

  • Catseye189
    Catseye189 4 days ago

    They got off easy on those diaper changes.....! Scores seemed rather arbitrary.

  • adanma nwankwo
    adanma nwankwo 7 days ago

    But wait how did the results turn out that way😂

  • ROGUE X94
    ROGUE X94 14 days ago

    I remember having to take care of my own robo baby in middle school. It was easy cause I've been forced to raise kids before even as a 10 year old. My Mexican families and their offspring smh 😑😂

  • K R I S L Y N.
    K R I S L Y N. 17 days ago

    Jen: I love you mom and dad
    Niki: im sorry mom

  • Cookie_Road 638
    Cookie_Road 638 19 days ago

    Omg so in my health class I got an f because of this baby!
    I had gotten home from first day with the baby and went in my room and put my baby on my bed to go grab the mini diaper bag. My mom went in my room to make my bed for some reason and flew the blanket of the bed and the baby went with it. I heard a slam on the wall and my mom was trying to stop the fake crying baby

  • xIcy Betchx
    xIcy Betchx 22 days ago

    I’m actually caring for one of these babies because school and as I was watching this he decides to scare me by cooing

  • lexsus 1978
    lexsus 1978 25 days ago

    Gays super😙 lesbians facking freeks😠

  • y though lol
    y though lol 29 days ago

    Omfg this is great

  • XD C6H8O6
    XD C6H8O6 Month ago

    Well I do have adhd oh well imma be lonely now

  • Anna Burns
    Anna Burns Month ago

    If the beeping sound Bart made was him coming to life then technically the first words he heard was his mom saying “OH F*CK” 😂

  • James Trueblood
    James Trueblood Month ago

    I had to do this in high school I got 96% beating all the women

  • A.A.G. Gaming
    A.A.G. Gaming Month ago

    My name is addison

  • Maria
    Maria Month ago

    the guys should have won

  • Rebecca Douglass
    Rebecca Douglass Month ago

    I had to do this in school and these robot babies are so much harder to take care of then human babies.

  • Roo Berry
    Roo Berry Month ago

    Jen : *I M G A Y I M S O R R Y*

  • BloodSpell & Magic
    BloodSpell & Magic Month ago

    The girls are failing so miserably yet in the past the women were the care givers of the children yet the men are doing better then them! Why did the boys lose they should of won for goodness sakes!!!

  • dorina Bancsok
    dorina Bancsok Month ago

    Do all high schools do this if they do omg I'm excited 😎 I'll probably get 100% though i was good with baby's even when i was like 7 yeah i teached them how to walked and played with them my cousin are ungrateful though :')

  • Juan Ponne
    Juan Ponne Month ago


    • Juan Ponne
      Juan Ponne Month ago

      They have a lesser score do not make sense

  • Tropical 18
    Tropical 18 Month ago


  • Isabella VanDerheijden

    "Do you have plans" yeah, just smoke weed and cry.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Month ago

    The lesbians win!

  • Pawz_ Meme
    Pawz_ Meme Month ago

    *who else had these in highschool???*

  • yourdaily human
    yourdaily human Month ago

    Mom: Hey, take care of your baby sister im gonna wash the clothes
    Me: Mom, u know i dont lik- 😑😑😑

  • maina leah
    maina leah Month ago

    😂😂😂😂 the guys did surprisingly good with their 'daughter'. Those scores are unfair

  • Anmol Kunwar
    Anmol Kunwar 2 months ago

    What?! The boys clearly clearly did better job!!

  • Vea Brookings
    Vea Brookings 2 months ago

    Flashback of me failing my sex ed class for throwing my robot baby across my room the last night I had him.😭😩

  • Jonny 616-999-6669
    Jonny 616-999-6669 2 months ago

    I’m not going to finish watching this but to any Christians with no chill it’s no different then straight couples having babies and raising them

  • Chica Arana
    Chica Arana 2 months ago

    I’m a mom of 2, but I find robot babies to be more complicated to take care of.

  • sophiascreations
    sophiascreations 2 months ago

    Why is that guy so cute
    Only thing is
    He’s gay! Why are the hottest men always gay 😂

  • Ash Caron
    Ash Caron 2 months ago

    When I took the robotic baby for school mine was very anti-tooth brushing. Every time I tried to brush my teeth about ten seconds in my baby would cry. I would sit on a stool one handedly caring for the robot while brushing my teeth 😂

  • Adelaide McKenzie
    Adelaide McKenzie 3 months ago

    Read the description 😂

  • Katie Jo
    Katie Jo 3 months ago

    Babies wont stop crying if you just shove a bottle in their mouth

  • Camille Serafin
    Camille Serafin 3 months ago +1

    Jen: “he came right out of my ba jing jang”😂

  • Shxrtie Edits
    Shxrtie Edits 3 months ago +2

    We did this in our school, and most kids killed their babies, I'm scared-

  • Selahsminion
    Selahsminion 3 months ago

    one baby is called addison

    my name is addison

    this has to mean something

  • Quills Light
    Quills Light 3 months ago

    Question.. are there changing tables in a men’s bathroom? If not there should be

  • emma nicole
    emma nicole 3 months ago

    I took care of one of those exact babies for school, and the crying is making me upset as heck. That thing was screaming at like 3 AM on a school night... it was horrible.

  • Tallulah Wright
    Tallulah Wright 3 months ago +2

    Me: Attack the baby, don’t worry Jen won’t care 😂🤣❤️

  • Holly Boa
    Holly Boa 3 months ago

    “I don’t what I can do, I’m only one person”
    Literally me everyday with my toddler!!!

  • Oluoma Anude
    Oluoma Anude 3 months ago

    If Jen wants kids then she can adopt me

  • Sacha Leighton
    Sacha Leighton 3 months ago +2

    6:02 I like how the baby is putting his legs in the air like some yoga position ...

  • Fisiwe Magwaza
    Fisiwe Magwaza 3 months ago

    What happened with the scores!?😂😂😂

    MICKY _THE_RUTABAGA 3 months ago

    I would RIP da head off.

  • Jazzy’s I can do whatever the heck I want channel.

    There is no freaking difference except one pair is female and one pair is male.

  • Evelyn Deen
    Evelyn Deen 4 months ago

    This is the exact doll I had to take care of in high school. I used to cover the speaker on the chest with a blanket to stop the baby from screaming too loud

  • Stardust Foxes
    Stardust Foxes 4 months ago

    I love it how Jen and niki named the baby Bart 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️

  • Adelle McHugh
    Adelle McHugh 4 months ago

    Wait does Jen have ADHD omg I have ADHD

  • Ashley Lehman
    Ashley Lehman 4 months ago

    Those babies are nothing like real babies those are demonic

  • Carleigh Rousseau
    Carleigh Rousseau 4 months ago

    women are amazing

  • AwesomeGirl 18661
    AwesomeGirl 18661 4 months ago +4

    I love the fact that the first words Bart the robot baby heard were "oh f*ck"

  • Theawkward_pineapple _
    Theawkward_pineapple _ 4 months ago

    Where do I get this baby

  • Cadence Holbrook
    Cadence Holbrook 4 months ago

    The gay couple would be better at taking care of small kids but the lesbian couple would be much better for teens

  • Em _
    Em _ 4 months ago

    They got bad scores because they kept mishandling the baby 😂 we could see it in the video. You can’t hold a little baby on your shoulder 😂

  • Sadie Kinsley
    Sadie Kinsley 4 months ago

    I was a little weirded out bcs Nikki has a wife

  • 𝕃𝕖𝕚𝕒_𝕔𝕒𝕥 𝕕𝕖𝕞𝕠𝕟

    *iM gAY iM sOrRy!!!!!*

  • Patrycja Matlak
    Patrycja Matlak 4 months ago

    We had those in school and some people just left them under blankets in the closet so they couldn’t hear them cry, it was a nightmare to me

  • Ashley Menjivar
    Ashley Menjivar 4 months ago

    I feel that the robot baby is a little worse than a real one or it is just me cause all the baby i cared were calm

  • Anna Gaug
    Anna Gaug 5 months ago

    awwwwwwwww she called him a nugget

  • TheSlimyNoodle
    TheSlimyNoodle 5 months ago

    Why does it matter is my question?