Novak Djokovic | The Legend ᴴᴰ

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • Novak Djokovic has now 16 Grand Slams after his historical success last Sunday against the great Roger Federer. It's time to come back on his fantastic career.
    We have an incredible chance to have 3 legends of tennis in this era, so please enjoy and not arguing about GOAT every time, we will see at the end of their careers.
    I didn't include finals of World tour Final that he lost, Master 1000 or defeats against Wawrinka to not make a too long video.
    I used some footages find by Lehunterpro (for the second part of the video) so if you want to check his beautiful channel :

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  • AJ P
    AJ P 2 days ago

    Does anybody know the first song used? It is not in the description. Thank you! :)

    • AJ P
      AJ P 2 days ago

      6e Set Thanks! This is the best Nole video btw :)

    • 6e Set
      6e Set  2 days ago +1

      Joachim Heinrich - I’m an astronaut

  • g k
    g k 3 days ago

    Music in the end of the video if anyone can help?

    • 6e Set
      6e Set  3 days ago

      Kid Francescoli - Moon

  • Brandon Norabuena
    Brandon Norabuena 20 days ago

    The Giant Mental. Idemooooo

  • Alaa Masoud Sharafeddin

    How many matches between roger and Djokovic in all

  • Mikael Jasper Huang
    Mikael Jasper Huang Month ago +3

    1 like = 1 Olympic gold medal for Djokovic

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Month ago

    The true 🐐 has risen. Well deserved

  • Mandeep Singh
    Mandeep Singh Month ago

    Most underrated tennis player.. Roger and rafa worshippers... Look at this guy

  • Jenaro Garcia
    Jenaro Garcia Month ago +1

    Well He has to be the GREATEST, just look at the numbers and how he fought against Federer and Nadal in their prime and keep fighting and now has winning records against them plus Murray when he was a good.

  • Lucia Sepulveda Rsmos

    Lo mejor que hay y pronto será una verdadera LEYENDA

  • dhana laxmi
    dhana laxmi Month ago +2

    NOVAK "KING OF TENNIS" , "REAL TENNIS SUPERSTAR"💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪👍💪💪💪💪👈👈💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪👉👉💪💪💪💪💪💪

  • Milos Sekulovic
    Milos Sekulovic Month ago +2

    GOAT... Certainly he will proseed winning the majors,and achieve more than 20 slams,and become officially the best ever,but for us he is the the Greatest Of All Time already.Idemo Noleeeee

  • Kathy Fabiala
    Kathy Fabiala Month ago +2

    Australian Open Finals he defeated Nadal perfect game for Novak. Nadal cannot do anything about it. French Open he lost in SF to Thiem due to extreme weather conditions he lost his focus while Thiem was so good that time. Wimbledon he defeated Federer even his game is not that good. But he sticks to basic and maintain his composure. He done a perfect game when needed. This year he defeated Nadal and Federer in both GS. Amazing player. Magnificent Man goodluck on US Open.

  • Exequiel Luujan
    Exequiel Luujan Month ago

    the best player the all history .... NovakDjokovic ....

  • Dargin Johnson
    Dargin Johnson Month ago

    I just love the first 4.5 minutes of this video..I think the music selection was awesome..

  • Patrick Roberts
    Patrick Roberts Month ago +2

    Novak represents what Serbians through whole history are. Serbia is always underestimated by big powers, especially by Western countries (excluding France), and always winning in wars against them ... it's priceless to watch when some poor boy is winning against rich assholes over and over again haha

  • Dios Relish
    Dios Relish Month ago +1

    for sure future generations will realise much more his greatness .
    the crowd in Wimbledon final plus most commentators were awful...
    bitches .... just like US crowd .

  • Martin Josue Padrón Raya

    Para mí el mejor deportista del mundo mundial, es el mejor y merece todos los grandes triunfos que con trabajo y esfuerzo ha lograda, para mí siempre serás el número uno Novak por qué eres grandioso y grande, te admiro muchísimo y dios siempre te bendiga ❤️

  • sun promises
    sun promises Month ago +2

    beautiful composition!

  • espartaco hunter
    espartaco hunter Month ago +1

    Djokovic father of Federer and Nadal

  • Angelica J
    Angelica J Month ago +1

    thx for the video.. i feel like only when he retires people are going to realize how great he is! thank You Novak 💚 all the love and support for You! a true inspiration of a human kind!

  • Miguel Freitas
    Miguel Freitas Month ago

    An indigent serbian boy, with his pathetic atitudes and the desperate need of being adored... Serbian people are ignorant and the hiper identification to themselves is the worst thing that Europe has produced. Let's not forget the serbian genocid and the war crimes committed by this coward people...

    • lasergame33
      lasergame33 Month ago +1

      u mad son of bitch ? 😏
      Novak Djokovic is the greatest player of all time and no one will stop him to surpass every records left !
      your welcome from France 🇫🇷 we love djokovic we respect serbia

  • lasergame33
    lasergame33 Month ago

    the best among the best

  • Marko Markovic
    Marko Markovic Month ago

    Tennis Gladiator.

  • stefano busatta
    stefano busatta Month ago +2

    Today , in honor of great Man Djokovic, i ve bought my first Polo Lacoste sport. Long life to Nole!

  • Srecko Simic
    Srecko Simic Month ago +2

    Bravo 👍🇷🇸🍻

  • michael ILIC
    michael ILIC Month ago +3

    Just incredible I'm a believer congratulations champ👍🥇

  • Hoang Nguyen
    Hoang Nguyen Month ago +1

    Djoker is my inspiration for everything because of his strong committments through his life. Never give up and be yourself : so you can find your inner peace and balance ! Thank you Djoker and also uploader 6e Set for this video clip ! Hope to see more from perfectionist Djoker !

  • Darth Sidious
    Darth Sidious Month ago +3

    Djokovic will get the last laugh of Federer and Nadal haha

  • Andrea Wolek
    Andrea Wolek Month ago

    Simply the best 👏👏👏👏Nole❤

  • Susan Reay
    Susan Reay Month ago

    Brilliant thanks for this loved it

    CAPAJ SERBIA Month ago

    The best tennis player in history.

  • Brummie Guy
    Brummie Guy Month ago

    Great vid..btw slight error he has won 9GS only lost 2F since W 2014. Peak Stan was the man..

  • Brummie Guy
    Brummie Guy Month ago +1

    Incredible.. 16GS yet he could easily have won more e.g 2012 US F against Muzza, 2013 W against Andy again. 2013 SF Loss againat Rafa in the French.. Lost 5 out of 6Finals before W 2014 since then won 8 of the last 9...GOAT that is fucking insane!!

  • Carlos Alfredo Zelaya
    Carlos Alfredo Zelaya Month ago +1

    What a beautiful comeback from Djokovic. I wanna cry.

  • jk koo
    jk koo Month ago +1

    역대 최고 선수

  • James TheBond
    James TheBond Month ago +1

    Giant. Hero. Champion. I am a big Joker fan today.

  • George Trevor Tan
    George Trevor Tan Month ago +1

    Great video, and one great mind and man.

  • Isidora Jenei
    Isidora Jenei Month ago +3

    A pride of our nation 🇷🇸💖💕💖 Just keep it that way Novak, you're the champion in every way! 💕❤️💕💪 And great example that world has so many prejudice about Serbia! 🇷🇸💖

  • Chinie Chin Chen 陳小城

    he has now been down double match point to federer 3 times in grand slams and came back to win all three times that is incredible

  • Daniela P
    Daniela P Month ago +4

    Djokovic has been favorite by Las Vegas in each of the last 29 matches against Federer, spanning almost 9years. Djokovic=GOAT, anything else is plain bias, wishful fantasy.

  • Lucas51192
    Lucas51192 Month ago +1

    NOLE LEGEND ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  • B. KessYo
    B. KessYo Month ago +1

    dont like

  • AJ Malfoy
    AJ Malfoy Month ago +2

    All your highest views are for Novak

  • Stokucca
    Stokucca Month ago +6

    I am serbian and i am so proud on him🌍🌏🌏🌏🌍🌍🌍🌍🌏🌏🌍♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😚♥️♥️♥️

    • AJ Malfoy
      AJ Malfoy Month ago

      Is Novak popular in Serbia

    SANKHADIP PAUL Month ago

    Novak the 🐐

  • c fedyszyn
    c fedyszyn Month ago +1

    Roger never looks happy or genuinely happy for his opponent's success. He never seems "classy" to me. He seems reserved and not very giving. Novak seems giving, genuine, fun. Roger seems like a sourpuss.

  • Denis Cicic
    Denis Cicic Month ago +1

    I thought in the Balkans we were the most unrealistic sport fans in the world ... then I met the Fedtards ...

  • Roland Hill
    Roland Hill Month ago +5

    Best thing to ever step onto a tennis court, to me. When he left the tour to heal his elbow injury, I didn't give a hang about tennis. For me, even though he struggled at first with his post-injury comeback, it was good just to see his presence back in the sport. Had missed him terribly, even though Rog and Rafa were still around; they were non-existent to me without Djokovic back on the scene. His physical greatness on the court is blended beautifully with his decent and humane spirit off the court. I like his two main court rivals, Fed and Rafa, and who with a fair way about himself wouldn't? But I'll take Novak over both of them and all the others who trail them for greatness. At his best, he's become the master of the sport.

  • Mohammed Alnahla
    Mohammed Alnahla Month ago

    He is no legend..😏

    • Mohammed Alnahla
      Mohammed Alnahla Month ago

      @lasergame33 as far as he is not a legend he can remain above.cos no one knows any above legends ,people only know legends . I just dont see him exceptional but i respect his determination. 🤗

    • lasergame33
      lasergame33 Month ago +2

      he is above legends

  • Miroslav M
    Miroslav M Month ago +3

    Wimbledon crowd was disgrace, but they actually helped Novak to gain strength which leads him to victory. Novak is such a great athlete and most importantly he is a good soul, his moral values are simply unmatched.

  • TSD Tahmid Saleh
    TSD Tahmid Saleh Month ago

    Hi 6e set, Great video and im really glad for you that its blowing up! My latest djokovic video also performing well for a new channel like mine! could you give it a look if you have the time :) subbed

    • 6e Set
      6e Set  Month ago

      I will watch later, but keep going this format, it’s always interesting to can debate.

  • Ivana Z
    Ivana Z Month ago +2

    ND26-22RF,,ND28-26RN..H2h 2011-2019vs rafa and Roger 41-19.2011-2019gs - novak 15, rafa 9, Roger 5.. Djokovic 10 more GS Will win. GOAT

  • sheedo1999
    sheedo1999 Month ago

    Always been a fed fan. Huge respect to Djokovic and I believe he will break Roger's GS record. Fed is more pleasing on the eye. His style is for all! Beautiful one handed backhand. Used a smaller racquet head for so long. If he had a double hander I think he'd be unbeatable but I feel fed is true to his style. Anyway as much as I like fed, mentally he isnt the best. He has a losing head to head with rafa and djoko. Djoko is the most complete player of all time. No weakness. Nadal biggest fighter and the clay goat... I think I've gone off topic lol. These 3 are awesome but as already stated djoko will be the GOAT in terms of slam count.

  • Zoran Milivojevic
    Zoran Milivojevic Month ago +9

    I read here comments that Federer is a better player, more elegant and much more ...
    Do you remember when Federer last year finished first in ATP? It was in 2009. He returned for a few more weeks in the first place, but he did not finish like number one on the end of year anymore!
    He was 28 years old in 2009!
    Watch what Nadal and Novak are doing in their 32-33 years!
    I know that Federer has a lot of record in his career, but they are melting ...
    Of course, I really respect Federer, but the very fact that in this decade he took 4 GS, Nadal 9GS, and Novak 15GS, so in my opinion this fact has some weight.
    Also, few people know that Federer only ONE defeated Novak in the GS final, which was in 2007.
    If I'm unsure of the same, but I think it has a negative score against Nadal in the GS finals also!?
    Federer has 103 tournaments, but 48 tournaments are from the 250 and 500 series.
    Nevertheless, the highest number of points in the ATP history is Novak with 16 785 !!!
    Novak's winning streak is higher than Federer.
    I know that Federer fans hurt the last defeat of Djokovic, and that's normal. And it would be sad for me to lose Novak.
    Of course Novak is a positive score against Nadal and Federer.
    Federer has a negative score against both sides.
    Of course Federer can still flicker and win a tournament, which is incredible in his age, but since he was 28, he started to fall from the throne, slowly but surely. In those years he had to be even better!
    But the problem arose because he was too puzzled and patched by the ATP organization.Adjusting the tennis court to his needs, evening game matching ...
    And then came Nadal and Novak, whose hard work began to pay off.A lot of people still love Federer, because it's not wrong to love a live legend, but you still need to look at the wide picture ...
    When I look at Federer, I see a walking advertisement. I think he is still here where he is artificial, pushed by the ATP.In a way, it's normal, because people want to buy tickets to watch Federer, or buy a brand that he promotes.
    He is a tennis ballet, and as such he is perfect for commercials.
    Here people are wrong and think that this is Federer from the period 2003-2010!
    He deserves all honor and respect, and will always remain in the history of tennis as one of the best ever.
    But I'm afraid his time has passed.

    • Zoran Milivojevic
      Zoran Milivojevic Month ago

      @Jovica Stanisic Thank you bro!I can say a lot more about him, but most will attack me as a fan of Djokovic and hate Federer just because he is better than Novak. I honestly do not like that million dollars a day's appearance Roger wears with him. But it's not a problem in him. He is an outstanding tennis player. The problem is in the people who support him. They see themselves as they want to look and act, but they have never achieved it, in many respects, not only in money.

    • Jovica Stanisic
      Jovica Stanisic Month ago +1

      Zoran Milivojevic wish more people could see everything you just said. Never heard it spoken better

  • Angelo Reyes
    Angelo Reyes Month ago +2

    Im a huge Federer fan and I wanted him to win badly but I have much respect for Djokovic . He might be the GOAT when its all said and done.

  • Angelo Reyes
    Angelo Reyes Month ago

    Whats the name of the song in the last couple minutes of this video ?

    • 6e Set
      6e Set  Month ago +1

      Kid fancescoli - moon

  • Alfred Gómez
    Alfred Gómez Month ago +1

    One of the greatest videos I’ve ever seen 🤩

  • Lidija Atanaskovic
    Lidija Atanaskovic Month ago +1

    The best player ❤️❤️❤️😘

  • Menino Dimitri
    Menino Dimitri Month ago

    Djokovic looks like a lion starving for months, the fire in his eyes, the passion, he wants it, and if he continues like this he will surpass all the challenges!

  • QazzaF
    QazzaF Month ago +4

    legeND. GOAT. Novak.