Try To Solve These Funny Riddles In 7 Seconds!

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
  • Test your logic and try to solve these funny riddles in 7 seconds! If you want to have a good brain workout, then these cool puzzles are right for you. These tricky quizzes and brain games are pretty simple but only for those who have a high IQ score! To see how good you are at solving riddles, try these brain teasers out and share your answers to the most difficult ones.
    00:14 - Check this tricky riddle out and try to solve it before the time is up! The Inspector didn't believe her. Why?
    01:28 - Test your attentiveness to the details with this small set of visual puzzles! What is wrong?
    02:51 - This tricky riddle will make you think outside the box ;) Check it out and try to solve before the time is up!
    04:02 - What should he do? A difficult brain teaser that will test your critical thinking!
    05:11 - A logic brain teaser that will test your intelligence and critical thinking! Who should he ask for help?
    06:34 - Here is an awesome brain teaser that will trick your brain! Try to solve it before the time is up ;)
    08:13 - Would you rather do this or that? This portion of brain-boosting questions will make you think hard ;) Share your result to this test in the comments!
    10:32 - Check this set of visual puzzles if you want to increase your attentiveness and logic! Share your answer to the last puzzle in the comments ;)
    12:00 - What is wrong? Test your attentiveness and logical thinking with this tricky puzzle!
    TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle made you do some hard thinking!
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Comments • 230

  • Wahaj Mohammed
    Wahaj Mohammed Day ago

    11:50 no hoop
    2:47 there is a hand on the black suit mans suit , nobodys putting there arm around him and all his arms are out

    Edit: 12:26 most people study at night , the teacher is holding a glowstick

  • sameen naveed
    sameen naveed 3 days ago +1

    Wat about the wand

  • Mayra Santos
    Mayra Santos 4 days ago

    at 11:58 there is no basketball hoop

  • Ultra Wolf
    Ultra Wolf 6 days ago

    hand on the guys back at 2:48 but its no ones

  • Vandana Vishwakarma
    Vandana Vishwakarma 6 days ago

    It does not have baskit goal

  • ain darwisyah
    ain darwisyah 17 days ago

    11:56 the net is missing

  • ain darwisyah
    ain darwisyah 17 days ago

    2:48 has a hand on the man’s shoulder

  • Harini Harini
    Harini Harini 20 days ago

    The blackcoated man had a strange hand in his shoulder

  • Karen May Reuyan
    Karen May Reuyan 20 days ago

    There is no basketball ring😂

  • star Artblock
    star Artblock 21 day ago +1

    12:35 theres no ink to thier pens either
    But yeah teacher with a wand at school its tottaly normal

  • Jhay Tuzon
    Jhay Tuzon 21 day ago

    11:48 theres no ring

  • Layman Española
    Layman Española 21 day ago

    No ring they can be play

  • hadi candra
    hadi candra 21 day ago

    The hand in side man with black jacket

  • Kayleigh Beard
    Kayleigh Beard 22 days ago

    The random hand

  • ` Łøveły Kate `
    ` Łøveły Kate ` 22 days ago

    2:35 *What's wrong?*
    There is a hand on the shoulder of that guy who wears black suit

  • Manilyn Raguindin
    Manilyn Raguindin 22 days ago

    02:41 the boy with black shirt theres a hand in his shoulder but that is not the girls hand

  • Kitten studios #1
    Kitten studios #1 23 days ago

    11:45 where is the net?

  • anđela Šekularac
    anđela Šekularac 23 days ago

    Ok, magic stick isn't wrong on study, right?

  • ain zulaikha
    ain zulaikha 23 days ago +1

    Who hate comment please like

  • Pawan Kalyan
    Pawan Kalyan 24 days ago

    a hand on black coat 👤man.

  • Jegatheesh s
    Jegatheesh s 24 days ago

    That green colour dress girl has three hands two hands inher thie and onemore in boys shoulder

  • little _lps
    little _lps 24 days ago


  • Jonah Lorenzo
    Jonah Lorenzo 24 days ago

    No net on the basketball ring.

  • Likhith Kumar
    Likhith Kumar 24 days ago

    There is no basket

  • Likhith Kumar
    Likhith Kumar 24 days ago

    There was a hand on the black suit guy we don't know whom it is

  • anime lover
    anime lover 24 days ago

    The men with a hand on his shoulder

  • Looney Tunes
    Looney Tunes 24 days ago

    12:41 oh I thought it was the magic f-ing wand! or is that normal?

  • Troodon Talon
    Troodon Talon 25 days ago

    7-Second Riddles... I've been leaving comments containing what I had hoped would be constructive criticism with the intent to help you improve your content. The hypnosis riddle in this video leads me to believe it's all been for nothing; there were so many problems with that one, I don't even know where to begin. To summarize:
    -Hypnosis does not even REMOTELY work like that; it takes much more than simply looking into one's eyes to induce hypnosis.
    -Hypnosis is only suggestion, not mind control. People cannot be forced by hypnosis to do anything they wouldn't do otherwise, nor can they be hypnotized if they do not wish to be.
    -Sunglasses do not prevent people from being hypnotized; unwillingness, certainly, but not sunglasses.
    -(Even if one were to assume all the aforementioned were this is the important one) The police officer had no way of knowing that she was wearing those sunglasses AT THE TIME SHE CLAIMED TO HAVE BEEN ROBBED. If anything, it could easily make sense that, assuming she did indeed get robbed by such a criminal and sunglasses were indeed such an effective defense, that she bought them immediately after the robbery (before speaking to the officer) in a moment of sheer paranoia and panic.

  • harry sistoso
    harry sistoso 25 days ago

    It had no basket

  • Harshita Bali
    Harshita Bali 25 days ago +1

    Why are they at school at nighttime

  • Cecilia Landaos
    Cecilia Landaos 25 days ago

    the end the teacher have light in the hand

  • Cecilia Landaos
    Cecilia Landaos 25 days ago

    there is 2 mistakes right guy hand the black suit
    and the lady in the left have no legs

  • StarL1ght m00n
    StarL1ght m00n 25 days ago

    11:57 he didnt bounce the ball

  • Jordyn Pigeon
    Jordyn Pigeon 26 days ago


  • Agna Thalakkal
    Agna Thalakkal 26 days ago

    The hand on the man wearing the black suit

  • Abhirampore Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar Vidyamandir

    The Ghost Hand on the black suit 😨😨😨😨

  • anindita geru
    anindita geru 26 days ago

    the last one the children are also writing with quils

  • anindita geru
    anindita geru 26 days ago

    The last one
    the teacher had a magic stick. it glows

  • anindita geru
    anindita geru 26 days ago

    There is no basket

  • anindita geru
    anindita geru 26 days ago

    The guy with the black suit has a robotic arm

  • Ryan Chen
    Ryan Chen 26 days ago

    there is no basketball hoop

  • TanJinkai Jacob
    TanJinkai Jacob 26 days ago

    12: 41 yes my Singaporean school have it and its called Night Study Program

  • lover of cookies :3
    lover of cookies :3 26 days ago

    i did 7 riddles :D and subscibe to 7-riddles ;)

  • Dianna Klaire Lu
    Dianna Klaire Lu 26 days ago

    Maybe it's the ring how could he shoot the ball without a ring

  • arnoldrazel
    arnoldrazel 26 days ago

    Facts about TVclip:
    More ads than likes

  • arnoldrazel
    arnoldrazel 26 days ago

    There's no ring in the board

  • Dolly Rao
    Dolly Rao 26 days ago

    in What wrong - the boy was keeping his hand on his legs , so how ball was jumping?

  • Angel Supan
    Angel Supan 26 days ago


  • Gosia Lubi łososia
    Gosia Lubi łososia 26 days ago

    2:50 obilously, they are in the space! And no bride 👰 at all, but there are two grooms 🤵

  • Sunny Smile
    Sunny Smile 26 days ago

    I think the boy at the end was wearing pajamas

  • Annalyn Ragob
    Annalyn Ragob 27 days ago +1

    In the basketball i saw there was no ring

  • HB - 05OO - Carberry PS (1490)

    There’s no basketball net

  • Marcha Jerry
    Marcha Jerry 27 days ago

    2:45 The hand on his shoulder


    13:7 answer is the black suit boy one another hand on his coat

  • Michelle Baltazar
    Michelle Baltazar 27 days ago

    No ring.

  • Nikhil Arela
    Nikhil Arela 27 days ago

    12:40 what's wrong with studying at night? The lady's wand is shining, which is a possibility too!
    The real thing wrong with the image is the star in front of the moon. That's the part of the dark moon not visible to us. Technically we can't see any star in that space.

    MY LIFE 27 days ago

    There is a hand on the blond guy the girl isn't holding him!

  • Marites Madriaga
    Marites Madriaga 27 days ago

    The hand

  • Y637 Gaming
    Y637 Gaming 27 days ago

    The last one is called strict mom makes kids do homework

  • venkatesan R
    venkatesan R 27 days ago