Tasting Nasty Video Game Food ft. JACKSEPTICEYE

  • Published on Sep 11, 2018
  • We brought some of the best (and worst) video game foods to life irl so that we can taste these nasty video game foods with Jacksepticeye. GMM #1376
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Comments • 11 423

  • jacksepticeye
    jacksepticeye 6 months ago +28058

    I am honoured to have eaten the worst thing on your show! Thanks for having me :D

      FBI OPEN UP 7 days ago

      You are under arrest for having great content

    • XRanger_SniperX
      XRanger_SniperX Month ago


    • kaden cole
      kaden cole 2 months ago


    • Mr. Trainer
      Mr. Trainer 2 months ago

      that food is decusticing

    • Frank Guagliano
      Frank Guagliano 2 months ago


  • placeholder01 placeholder02

    McGLOCKlin pew pew

  • Samuel Kelly
    Samuel Kelly 6 hours ago +1

    I’ve been practicing my gag reflex just for this video

  • Isis Bianco
    Isis Bianco 8 hours ago

    "hows ur gag reflex"
    "well practiced ;)"

  • F0Rth_ Yaki
    F0Rth_ Yaki 10 hours ago


  • F0Rth_ Yaki
    F0Rth_ Yaki 10 hours ago


  • Rose The Gembound
    Rose The Gembound 16 hours ago

    I think you forgot something,

    human skin bologna

  • Bonda Sugunappi
    Bonda Sugunappi 18 hours ago


  • Dodge trucks 876
    Dodge trucks 876 23 hours ago

    Who hates fortnite

  • S A
    S A Day ago

    Fortnite has mushrooms that give you shield so I figured they would have put mushrooms in it

  • Delicious Bread
    Delicious Bread Day ago

    8:08 Jack's random thumbs up got me dying XD

  • Nisha Kumar
    Nisha Kumar 2 days ago

    Rhett had Rhett on his shirt

  • Tyler Bouchard
    Tyler Bouchard 3 days ago

    look at the difference between Link and Sean's tan.

  • GlumGatsby
    GlumGatsby 3 days ago

    I didn’t know jackaboy was on this show!

  • Danz McNabb
    Danz McNabb 3 days ago


  • Abdulatif Feda
    Abdulatif Feda 3 days ago


  • Seth Carricato
    Seth Carricato 4 days ago +1

    i've been waiting so long for this collab

  • Natedogg Syferd
    Natedogg Syferd 4 days ago

    11:12 - 11:14 OH wow that milk I just drank doesn't taste that good the 2nd time

  • DoctorDank
    DoctorDank 4 days ago

    jackey boi eeeeeeeeee

  • Exzillering Games
    Exzillering Games 4 days ago

    I did not do anything

  • Madelynn Z
    Madelynn Z 5 days ago

    Have the jonas brothers on your show

  • Jamisen Doherty
    Jamisen Doherty 5 days ago

    i gaged so hard doing the dew one

  • Bam Boswell
    Bam Boswell 5 days ago

    they should have made grilled rad-radoach from fo4

  • zheng yi
    zheng yi 5 days ago


  • zheng yi
    zheng yi 5 days ago

    So first jack was in random encounters and now your channel huh

  • Shaiden Spansel
    Shaiden Spansel 5 days ago

    It taste like fricken nickels

  • NekoChanSenpai
    NekoChanSenpai 5 days ago

    Skyrim/Elder Scrolls/ESO food things next time there's a video game food episode!

    • Danz McNabb
      Danz McNabb 3 days ago

      Let me guess; someone stole your sweetroll.

  • BrodsterBj
    BrodsterBj 5 days ago


  • Harley Moriarty
    Harley Moriarty 5 days ago

    Jacke boy

  • Chief._.ezekiel 14
    Chief._.ezekiel 14 5 days ago +1

    8:14 sounds like link said the n word 😑

  • Smokee Mcpot
    Smokee Mcpot 5 days ago

    I like it, Whoo something hot just happened!!! 8:08

  • Lord Ragnarok
    Lord Ragnarok 5 days ago

    I just noticed Rhet's shirt six months later

  • Yours Truly
    Yours Truly 5 days ago

    I need to stop watching these videos while eating x_x

  • NoobOver_9000
    NoobOver_9000 6 days ago +1

    *makes dubious food*
    Link: player I know we've been through many deaths and fights but please don't make me eat th- *food noises and death*

  • Glitter Sparkles 0219
    Glitter Sparkles 0219 6 days ago +3

    Am i the the only one who wants to try the slurp juice? 😂

  • Oooiki
    Oooiki 6 days ago

    It would be more funny if they separated and jack was on his phone and he looked up and said "What?"

  • ZendPixie
    ZendPixie 6 days ago +1


  • ZendPixie
    ZendPixie 6 days ago


  • Kyle and Keags
    Kyle and Keags 6 days ago +1

    to be honest the slurp juice looks nice

  • Superboymgl Roblox Gaming HD

    At start eyebrows goes up :D

  • Svea PearmanCovers
    Svea PearmanCovers 6 days ago

    Was anybody else litterally living for Rhett's Damnyell and Richard shirt

  • The real Slim Shady
    The real Slim Shady 6 days ago

    Jack looks so small compared to the two of them

  • McUncleFrick
    McUncleFrick 7 days ago

    that sean guy is great he should make a channel

  • Spicywolf The Great
    Spicywolf The Great 7 days ago

    I almost threw up watching this video, that's how gross it was.

    Oh wait I'm just sick

  • Fitz aidan
    Fitz aidan 7 days ago

    7:57 aww that’s hot. Awwww that’s hot

  • Kena Schreiner
    Kena Schreiner 7 days ago

    If there's a part two plz make temmie flakes

  • PlanesMustCrash
    PlanesMustCrash 7 days ago

    There should of been sea salt ice cream

  • Wes Guyer
    Wes Guyer 7 days ago +1

    Sandwich from tf2

  • Ne14abj
    Ne14abj 7 days ago

    7:57 It was a prophecy all along Will Smith is actually a gift from the Gods

  • battle hammer 12
    battle hammer 12 7 days ago

    Typical let's talk about that

  • Erick Alvarez
    Erick Alvarez 7 days ago

    8:27 Link gagged so freaking hard I can’t stop laughing 😂😂

  • Dovakiin
    Dovakiin 7 days ago

    Does no one see the bloodborne rune on his arm

  • Mel Spencer
    Mel Spencer 7 days ago

    ahh that's hot-rhett and will smith

  • Overexcited_ Chiken
    Overexcited_ Chiken 7 days ago

    I was not expecting jack to pop up in the back because i haven’t seen the whole video

  • Travis S
    Travis S 8 days ago

    It's my real proud dad

  • MxR Flippy
    MxR Flippy 8 days ago

    Not even Zelda could handle it and she that suddenly looked like Rhett spit it out

  • Emily Hendricks
    Emily Hendricks 8 days ago

    Jack: *_”Hi salmonella.”_*

  • Izaya Wilhite
    Izaya Wilhite 8 days ago


  • Carlos San Pedo
    Carlos San Pedo 8 days ago

    This time, it's fitting for when he says "Top of the morning to ya laddies

  • Taylor Robinson
    Taylor Robinson 8 days ago +2

    *Cheers Bois*

  • Taylor Robinson
    Taylor Robinson 8 days ago +1


  • Dragonlord the king of dragons

    I would probably make the blood of a Skal from Vampyr

  • Christopher Plata
    Christopher Plata 8 days ago


  • saber soro
    saber soro 8 days ago

    yyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssss jackaboy was on gmm

  • Monsters Rule
    Monsters Rule 8 days ago

    They actually actually got Sean on this finally yay

  • Ali Anoof
    Ali Anoof 8 days ago +1


    ADAM HEFFLIN 8 days ago

    7:57 will Smith at 90

  • Dawko is the best at Beating 50 50 mode

    Jacsepticeye YOU SHAVED oh...this video was made a bit ago darn

  • Alexis Amaya
    Alexis Amaya 9 days ago

    Link is link

  • Stitchiols
    Stitchiols 9 days ago


  • Tara Lektro
    Tara Lektro 9 days ago

    Jack should b a permanent resident

  • LastStopGaming
    LastStopGaming 9 days ago

    Portal one is the best! (Portal is one of my favorite games, and one of the first games I ever played.)

  • ItzJuniorBloxx _YT
    ItzJuniorBloxx _YT 9 days ago

    Who Liked The Video Because Of Sean?

    theROBLOX_OOF 9 days ago

    Yeeeeeeeeeeee Boiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Leo the typicalgamer

    I'm about to eat and I'm watching this.

  • Mee Yuh
    Mee Yuh 9 days ago

    8:09 vs 8:29
    We needed 20 seconds to see his opinion change.
    (Not including the one after he says its kinda hot >·

  • FallyYT Gaming
    FallyYT Gaming 9 days ago +2

    *sees jack is on the show*
    *smacks the trackpad so hard it get's the bubonic plague

  • Music For the Soul
    Music For the Soul 10 days ago

    Its... Too... Dubious!

  • ADDgamer52
    ADDgamer52 10 days ago

    Sean William Mc*cough*lin

  • Lampman the pigeon
    Lampman the pigeon 10 days ago +1

    What that's the cake recipe?

  • Parker Case
    Parker Case 10 days ago

    ayy 9/11

  • PR171KA
    PR171KA 10 days ago


  • MrYehaha
    MrYehaha 10 days ago

    I never realized how tan rhett and link were util sitting next to him

  • KadorialGaming
    KadorialGaming 11 days ago +1

    Let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll.

  • CareyJ714
    CareyJ714 11 days ago

    I love how the dubious food turned out lmao

  • Mari Uhing
    Mari Uhing 11 days ago

    This is by far the best episode and my favorite

  • C1F3R
    C1F3R 11 days ago

    that breath of the wild crap looks so nasty

  • LastWay
    LastWay 11 days ago

    I was eating bubble gum, when they ate the cake I acidentally swallowed the gum.

  • ForwardAspect
    ForwardAspect 11 days ago

    jack is like casper the ghost compared to rhett and link lmao

  • Amy Cern
    Amy Cern 11 days ago


  • Temmie Cody
    Temmie Cody 12 days ago

    Every time I watch this I don't get the joke on Link having that hat until Jack says "that can be Links"

  • The dead friends Dude
    The dead friends Dude 12 days ago

    I played Fortnite well wafting this

  • Grepid
    Grepid 12 days ago

    I love that cute smile after Sean says "Let's talk about that" It melts my heart xd

  • Olivia Barkmann
    Olivia Barkmann 12 days ago

    Yes!!! I literally gasped when I saw Jack in the title😂

  • Foxy lover 101
    Foxy lover 101 12 days ago

    Jackie boy

  • Gian Torres
    Gian Torres 12 days ago

    Mc-Glock🔫-lin 😉😉😂💀

  • Stev Swarm survival pvp owner

    I swear. someone tries to poison Rhett and Link, and they say it needs more sheep's testies

  • Caleb Wallace
    Caleb Wallace 12 days ago

    Get the people
    In the background to do this and see who is laughing now
    Edit: if you are what you eat does that make everyone a cannabalism

  • dontez lumpkin
    dontez lumpkin 13 days ago

    lol he said ok as he bleeds ok ahahahahaaha

  • Wyatt Conley
    Wyatt Conley 13 days ago

    Rehts wig is great