Chris Jericho Gets Body Slammed by Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Oct 26, 2017
  • Chris Jericho is one of the WWE's greatest wrestlers of all time, with six world championships to his name and a boatload of legendary matches under his belt. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the "The Man of 1,004 Holds" takes on the wings of death with Sean Evans, sharing wrestling BTS tales and top-shelf Bruce Willis anecdotes along the way. Hot-sauce makers, beware-YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!
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  • Andrew Murray
    Andrew Murray 9 hours ago

    In ballet, I was next to her and turned my head when I heard the snap to see her knee twist in mid air on a high kick, on which she then had to land before flopping on the ground. The all white clothes and gushing gash is a story for another time.

  • sduymich
    sduymich 2 days ago

    I think this was the first episode I have watched that the guest doesn’t smack the fuck out of their lips while eating

  • Riccardo Sindoni
    Riccardo Sindoni 3 days ago

    Brock lesner?! The guy that pushed the guy in the wheelchair down the stairs?! Fued with my man the Big Show?! Damn. Leave it at that. That must have been a fucked up fight...

  • Ej yambao
    Ej yambao 3 days ago

    Goddamn would it be awesome to see Dwight Schrute in WWE

  • Hal Jordan
    Hal Jordan 5 days ago

    Jericho did alright lol whys it say he got bodyslammed?

  • MiniLemmy
    MiniLemmy 5 days ago

    Da Bomb just made the list....

  • Some One
    Some One 5 days ago

    Jericho is a great dude. He's always so into safety and working the match so both performers get to show their best stuff. Great entertainer.

  • Spiffyboy99
    Spiffyboy99 6 days ago

    the wings of Jericho eat it in man

  • Z
    Z 7 days ago

    He didn't even eat the last dab.. What a BITCH.

  • Skeeter McTavish
    Skeeter McTavish 7 days ago

    Jericho is the only wrestler I've ever seen that acts like a normal human being in an interview.

  • Dizzle Sizzle
    Dizzle Sizzle 8 days ago

    From 16:35 on is pretty great.

  • Kozmo617
    Kozmo617 10 days ago

    Jericho rules.

  • Erhan Achmad
    Erhan Achmad 11 days ago

    16:15 HAHAHA

  • Joe McGregor
    Joe McGregor 13 days ago

    He’s the GOAT.

  • Tartiitastic
    Tartiitastic 13 days ago

    He is now the canon voice of Da Bomb.
    "Thanks man, really cool!"

  • bizzy156246
    bizzy156246 15 days ago

    i only watched because i was hoping you would ask why did he changed his "walls of jericho" when he was in his wcw days he used to put his knee behind his opponents head, then on his wwe days it just changed to the boston crab. anyone know why?

  • khan3550
    khan3550 18 days ago

    I need to see a clip of Jericho barfing

  • Christopher Blue
    Christopher Blue 19 days ago

    lol Dj's are stupid. HELL YEAH!

  • Mr. Raver
    Mr. Raver 19 days ago

    Fuck you chris Jericho at least they do real performances unlike your sorry ass fake shit

  • Riasat Salmin  Sami
    Riasat Salmin Sami 19 days ago

    Jericho is basically sane version of Chris Benoit with long hair.

  • Meatball Filth
    Meatball Filth 19 days ago

    Get Oprah

  • Roger Stibbins
    Roger Stibbins 19 days ago

    We all know what happen with goldberg idk why he didn't just say it...

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay 20 days ago

    get Brock Lesnar or Vince McMahon!

  • anonymous user
    anonymous user 21 day ago

    One of the better interviews.

  • Adam Fox
    Adam Fox 21 day ago

    Great episode! I haven't watched wrestling in roughly 15 years. I like Jericho even more than I used to. Definitely gonna check out his podcast, mainly for nostalgia.

  • Double FotyFo
    Double FotyFo 21 day ago

    Let the man spit dammit. Why they gotta zoom in. It's weird.

  • Kenni Rasmussen
    Kenni Rasmussen 22 days ago


  • SpydersByte
    SpydersByte 22 days ago

    7:20 "it's not ballet". It's funny when they had Cara Delevingne on she mentioned the injuries ballet dancers get and they showed a pretty nasty photo of a dancer's feet just soaked in blood. I think it was Tyra who also mentioned how she would talk with fellow dancers about the times they got blood poisoning from burst blisters on their feet. I also grew up around some female dancers and I can tell you they definitely deal with some significant injuries regularly. So sorry Chris but that comparison couldn't be farther off.

  • SpydersByte
    SpydersByte 22 days ago

    4:32 holy shit! That Corazon de Leon mention in the lower left corner of that flyer. I didn't know Andy from Outside Xbox was a wrestler back in that day!
    if anyone gets this reference I'll be amazed.

  • soulofbass
    soulofbass 23 days ago

    hall of the mountain ... i dont think i heard that track before on this podcast. really nice. it's always da bomb that gets them. having recently purchased my own bottle of da bomb (would love to have a bottle of last dab but alas, not retailed here) i can now appreciate how these contestants feel. but honestly, it's not THAT hot. I mean, it's hot, but it's definitely doable. also did seem like jericho dodged the dab and also, he seemed to be somewhat mean spirited.

  • Laneal Nelson
    Laneal Nelson 23 days ago

    We need to see Daniel Bryan on this show he wouldn’t even flinch! Look him up doing the paq chip challenge nothing fazes D-Bry!

  • Jairo Rodríguez
    Jairo Rodríguez 23 days ago

    By far the best guest in all the different seasons, no doubt!

  • MayfallTribe
    MayfallTribe 23 days ago

    Can we get Kendrick Lamar or jcole on here?

  • Ted Wood
    Ted Wood 23 days ago +1

    Still try to like Chris, but he still gives me minor douche chills. Just a little. I like him.... but, eh

  • Faunceify
    Faunceify 23 days ago

    I'm from Glenrock, Wyoming. Only 15 minutes from Casper. Casper is actually 80% meth and wannabe thugs, ironically. Lots of cowboys but mainly wannabe thugs and crackheads.

  • PrudIsDaWay
    PrudIsDaWay 23 days ago

    He didn't bite the dab..

  • mar'itza gtz
    mar'itza gtz 23 days ago

    I would love to see Arnold Schwarzenegger on here

  • Chan Sung
    Chan Sung 24 days ago

    What a charismatic guy he is.

  • Zak Unknown
    Zak Unknown 24 days ago +1

    Jericho is a dick irl. enjoy

  • Dissident101
    Dissident101 24 days ago

    What a fail, Macho Man FFS!

  • xShadowxPhoenix
    xShadowxPhoenix 24 days ago

    "DJ's are stupid" he's allowed to say that, and double points since he's a musician

  • tj1990
    tj1990 25 days ago

    "the peoples podcast" the rock will come whoop your ass if you even think about using that name.

  • Evan SHmoldabob
    Evan SHmoldabob 25 days ago +1

    this guy is the biggest douche

  • Roger St Laurent
    Roger St Laurent 25 days ago

    His lips literally turned red lolol

  • Gavino Bernal
    Gavino Bernal 25 days ago

    Excellent video today Chris. I hope you have a fantastic day, night, & evening. Stay cool, stay awesome, stay swag, stay unstoppable, stay incredible, stay popular, stay great, keep having fun, keep being the best Actor, Musician, Podcast Host, Wrestler, Hero, A True Friend & The Best In The World Of What You Do. Stay strong Y2J. Keep up the good work. Enjoy Your Thursday.👑☺️👍🙏🏆🌟

  • karolina wypart
    karolina wypart 25 days ago

    Chris Jericho New Nickname -- Chris Big Badass Jericho

  • shawndiehl1959
    shawndiehl1959 25 days ago

    Bubba Army, Bubba Army.

  • TeKett
    TeKett 26 days ago +3

    the consequences to drinking to much of any fluid is brain damage or even death. thats why it gets harder and harder to swallow the more your drink, as a protective reflex. as to why you puke while drinking milk is probably due to the calcium, as a gallon of milk contains ~5000 mg of calcium, which upsets the stomach profusely, calcium tablets usually have around 200 -500 mg.

  • I am Iron Man
    I am Iron Man 26 days ago +1

    Bring Stephanie McMahon on the show.

  • Jesus Serrato
    Jesus Serrato 27 days ago

    Everyone struggles when DABOMB comess😰🔥🔥🔥

  • Jesus Castro
    Jesus Castro 27 days ago

    He didn’t even eat the last dab wtf

  • Akanni Spectre
    Akanni Spectre 27 days ago

    He got.....IT!!! Lol

  • brian williams
    brian williams 27 days ago

    Chris Jericho watches The office!!!!! Hell are now in my top 5 favorite wrestlers of all time

  • RyanGames101
    RyanGames101 28 days ago


  • Barfiel d
    Barfiel d 28 days ago

    ebaumsworld, that was a different time.

  • Lawrence Perteet
    Lawrence Perteet 28 days ago

    he barely even took a bite. looks like he was just pulling off skin

  • John Ran
    John Ran 28 days ago

    "of course he puked, DJ's are stupid" my man!

  • Nico Pillay
    Nico Pillay 29 days ago

    Jericho is epic

  • ShakyTheBird
    ShakyTheBird 29 days ago +1

    Kenny omega

  • Explodingtraps
    Explodingtraps 29 days ago

    That was a really good Ahnold impression!

  • MrDeadHead69
    MrDeadHead69 29 days ago

    ok !!...the trick is to eat a NOT so SPICY Wings after you eat a every HOT one!! will neutralize the one other!!.....meaning go back to the befor!!

  • Haagen Neldeberg
    Haagen Neldeberg 29 days ago +3

    I know he often plays the heel/jerk as a wrestler, but he seems like kinda a jerk in real life. I felt bad for the host.

    • Jacen Barker
      Jacen Barker 23 days ago

      Haagen Neldeberg
      Probably hungover

  • aaronsdavis
    aaronsdavis Month ago

    Fuckin nibbler. Weak.

  • Jarrod Turner
    Jarrod Turner Month ago

    Breaking down the walls of Jericho’s gut

  • Gibson Dave
    Gibson Dave Month ago

    I just love how the FWF takes care of their subscriber. I love this channel so much

  • Tor Kellett-Smith
    Tor Kellett-Smith Month ago

    I think first of all everyone watches this for the celebrity but then second it's to watch what happens with "Da Bomb!" It's not even half the top one strength but it's the worst for every single person! No taste, just consequences!

  • Nick Llamas
    Nick Llamas Month ago

    Is it just me, or did he not eat the part of the wing he put the last dab on?

  • Wot
    Wot Month ago

    Gotta love Jericho!

  • Sofi Nabeel
    Sofi Nabeel Month ago

    Sean should host The Oscars. Period.

  • CLuv
    CLuv Month ago

    I would like to see "Scott Norton gets power bombed by spicy wings"

  • Tat Morres
    Tat Morres Month ago

    He sounds just like Norman Reedus. Or Norman sounds like him. You get it.

  • VitalyMack
    VitalyMack Month ago

    Seems like a great genuine guy...which is a great compliment compared to the majority of the typical Hollywood phonies on this show.

  • Judy Chen
    Judy Chen Month ago +1

    Dunk the dab is just look like honey mustard

  • Trent Holt
    Trent Holt Month ago

    The goat

  • deirhese66
    deirhese66 Month ago

    First We Feast... YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!

  • Darren Saunders
    Darren Saunders Month ago

    chris jericho is a role model to me, he's accomplished 2 of my biggest dreams. I only hope that I can be as a fraction as awesome as he is!

  • Bandit Bro
    Bandit Bro Month ago

    Would love to see "THE NEW DAY!" do this. XD that or The Shield

  • Funkadelic Railroad

    Goldberg, Brock leaner incidents he's talking about: with Goldberg they had most of their heat in WcW and it's well-documented. The Lesnar incident happened about a year or two ago when lesner split Orton open in the ring, Chris wasn't aware they were going to go that far and thought Lesnar hurt Randy on purpose, so when Lesnar came through the curtain Chris got in his face.

  • wanderlustwarrior
    wanderlustwarrior Month ago

    Jericho no selling other professions and industries.

  • Frank Catalanotto
    Frank Catalanotto Month ago

    3:32 That has to be Lance Storm opposite the GOAT in the CCCP singlet.

  • Sixsoul
    Sixsoul Month ago

    The saliva of Jericho: spit it out mmmaaaaaaannnnn

  • DABeardedHippy
    DABeardedHippy Month ago

    I love when they compliment Sean for his interviewing skills I don't know why but I love it

  • Dan Stanhope
    Dan Stanhope Month ago

    I had do bomb hot sauce that was serious

  • Hadi f.
    Hadi f. Month ago

    Get Seth Rollins on this please

  • Hadi f.
    Hadi f. Month ago

    Wow great interview. Really interesting questions and Chris is just so entertaining

  • Nik B
    Nik B Month ago

    it wasnt milk, chris. it was mine ejaculate.

  • TomMei
    TomMei Month ago

    So when is Bill Burr coming?

  • ZZ Lai
    ZZ Lai Month ago

    Secret Arm Wrestling Technique? Over here we don't ensure your wrist remains straight or you get DQ'd...

    KAZPPER Month ago


  • Mystical Glimmer
    Mystical Glimmer Month ago

    Bro, Naito vs Jericho in a hot sauce match. Bro, that would hott Bro.

  • Miguelizk00l
    Miguelizk00l Month ago


  • Miguelizk00l
    Miguelizk00l Month ago

    4:22 that guy made the list

  • Miguelizk00l
    Miguelizk00l Month ago

    3:01 that biker made this list before there was ever a list

  • Miguelizk00l
    Miguelizk00l Month ago

    0:01 looks who's a stupid idiot now! 😂😂😂😂😂 You just made your own list!

  • ghw1985
    ghw1985 Month ago

    this is the first time i have heard about his bouncer story this is great

  • Humberto Roman
    Humberto Roman Month ago

    My Mount Rushmore
    The Rock
    Stone Cold
    Ric Flair
    Chris Jericho

  • darting
    darting Month ago

    That dude gets mean when he is in pain

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    What a pussy

  • gitsiemonster
    gitsiemonster Month ago

    I love that he loves Dwight

  • Aidan Orr
    Aidan Orr Month ago

    Jericho is god