Chris Jericho Gets Body Slammed by Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Oct 26, 2017
  • Chris Jericho is one of the WWE's greatest wrestlers of all time, with six world championships to his name and a boatload of legendary matches under his belt. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the "The Man of 1,004 Holds" takes on the wings of death with Sean Evans, sharing wrestling BTS tales and top-shelf Bruce Willis anecdotes along the way. Hot-sauce makers, beware-YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!
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    Season 4
    Episode 15
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  • Devin Wardell
    Devin Wardell 21 hour ago

    Get undertaker on

  • Aerochalklate
    Aerochalklate 21 hour ago

    sean should hire nardwuar to get private facts about his guests to shock them even more

  • Mr Kajja
    Mr Kajja 21 hour ago

    Jeez, Jericho has aged ten years in two years.

  • Sachiyoku
    Sachiyoku 22 hours ago


  • James Al
    James Al 22 hours ago

    Sean, you just made the list!

  • numerounouk
    numerounouk 23 hours ago

    So heel Jericho is actually the real Jericho

  • Mason Schwalm
    Mason Schwalm Day ago

    I feel bad for the host, having to go through eating all those wings on every episode. I shudder to think what his shits are like.

  • Karl Meyer
    Karl Meyer Day ago

    16 minute mark it looks like Jericho is contemplating getting violent on someone.

  • 5-Star Podsplash

    "Of ourse he puked. DJs are stupid" this is why Jericho is the GOAT

  • Taufik Gabriel
    Taufik Gabriel Day ago


  • Roshan Paul
    Roshan Paul Day ago

    19:52 I thought he was gonna kick it off the belt

  • James Algeo
    James Algeo Day ago


  • Gibson4201984
    Gibson4201984 Day ago

    Look I love this show and all but I feel like it's unfair because you keep changing the sauces... which is retarded. keep it real, KEEP IT LEGIT... keep it hot.

  • Tobias Hand
    Tobias Hand Day ago


  • Wayne Macdonald
    Wayne Macdonald Day ago

    Bullshit! Jericho side stepped the dab. Punk!!!!!

  • will brazee
    will brazee Day ago

    Get Chuck Norris

  • Joland Enigma
    Joland Enigma Day ago

    "Of course he puked, DJ's are stupid"

  • Tia Harris
    Tia Harris Day ago

    I love wrestle I use to watch it every Thursday when it use to come on on channel 50 I remember it... I remember it use to come on at 7:00 pm I had a lot of favorite wrestlers like tthe rock Chris John sena and many more.. but then was the days ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • John Hall
    John Hall Day ago

    i so fucking would love to meet raw is jericho

    BJBDF Day ago

    It's kinda hard to be a badass when you nibble the wings like Weird Al.

  • charro028
    charro028 Day ago

    I love his pony!

  • Grandmaster Squirrel Boi

    WWE is fake, tho.

    • No Name
      No Name Day ago +1

      Nobody gives a shit if it's fake

  • ruuzap
    ruuzap Day ago +1

    Fucking tragic how much of those wings Jericho left behind...

  • The Dino gamer
    The Dino gamer Day ago

    Can you do randy orton

  • Ronan Sumer
    Ronan Sumer Day ago

    Omg lol haha when Jericho said DJ puked....haha true though

  • War Horus
    War Horus 2 days ago

    Goldberg and Brock lol

  • Douglas Williams
    Douglas Williams 2 days ago +1

    Wrestling trash talk king? There can be only one answer: Ric Flair

  • Messiah Nowlin
    Messiah Nowlin 2 days ago +1

    You don’t remember my name but yooooo Jericho, I’m that baby you saw in a Texas mall in 1998, you said to my mother that I was the cutest baby you’ve ever seen. Thank you, I live up to it✌️

    • Messiah Nowlin
      Messiah Nowlin Day ago

      Robby 48 lol not according to Chris Jericho

    • Robby 48
      Robby 48 Day ago

      Yeah i doubt that
      U were a pretty ugly baby

  • Corrie Bolton
    Corrie Bolton 2 days ago

    You really want to give them the ultimate challenge? Try hell unleashed by The Chilli Pepper Company and Hot Headz.. It is levels beyond the last dab. I have tried both, they don't even compare

  • jp m
    jp m 2 days ago

    He's obviously not one to let the truth get in the way of a good story. Look up the video of the Neville injury, Jericho pushs the ref once and shouts "he's hurt", the ref signals for the bell straight away! Chris pushs him again a couple of times but the story is nothing like he makes it out to be!

  • Byron Green
    Byron Green 2 days ago +1

    Please forgive me if I'm wrong....but Mr. Jerico looked like he was slightly buzzed or high on pun intended....may come in handy in his line of work....

  • Random Moments
    Random Moments 2 days ago

    Randy orton

  • D Omega
    D Omega 2 days ago

    I never knew Jericho was such a good guy.

  • Ramsin Babakhan
    Ramsin Babakhan 2 days ago +1

    watching this made me respect this dude so much more lol. also here after stone cold.

  • Master Chief
    Master Chief 2 days ago

    Walls of Wings/ WingBreaker

  • J W
    J W 2 days ago

    CJ nice...texas rattlesnake to JC...cmon mon 😎👍
    Bought your Dragons in the cloud Hot sauce...32 dollars...this better be good. ;) Got to support have talent and I appreciate it!

  • Dock Hopkins
    Dock Hopkins 2 days ago

    stone cold made it look easy compare to everyone else lol

  • \ MUI VEGITO /
    \ MUI VEGITO / 2 days ago

    0:35 starting off with Valentina 🤣

  • bendingsands87
    bendingsands87 2 days ago +3

    I'd have to say that Jericho's entrance into WWE in 2000 was probably the most epic part of my childhood watching wrestling. The countdown was amazing.

  • Eye Sic
    Eye Sic 2 days ago

    Lmao they weren't on raw when Neville broke his ankle they were at a house show.

  • R0b0saurus Rex
    R0b0saurus Rex 2 days ago

    Nibbler!!! and he ducked the dab. Boo...

  • Abdulaziz Alotaibi
    Abdulaziz Alotaibi 2 days ago

    Y2J 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • x x
    x x 3 days ago +1

    USA people are so pussies. Mexican can take heat like crazy.

  • Noah Delaney
    Noah Delaney 3 days ago

    I always thought the road dog was a great talker

  • MasterOne Piece
    MasterOne Piece 3 days ago +1

    How about adding a chef that prepare you a new piece of meat.

  • Terry
    Terry 3 days ago +1

    Just remember before Jesse Ventura and Hogan came along, Superstar Billy Graham paved the way for both of them!

  • thomas goldsmith
    thomas goldsmith 3 days ago

    Baseball slide chris lol

  • Mr. Personality
    Mr. Personality 3 days ago

    Man we need more wrestlers on the show! CM Punk, Brock Lesner, Randy Orton, Big Nash, The Rock, Vince, John Cena.... just to name a few.

  • TheSlayer Plays
    TheSlayer Plays 3 days ago


  • Hannah David
    Hannah David 3 days ago

    glad to see this man still going strong

  • Kevin Cheeseboro
    Kevin Cheeseboro 3 days ago

    Tears of the sun was the name of the movie

  • Timeless Studio-UK
    Timeless Studio-UK 3 days ago

    chris seems really nice and down to earth

  • ナナシさん
    ナナシさん 3 days ago

    Of course he'd puke. DJs are stupid : )

  • Maa'Quchii
    Maa'Quchii 3 days ago

    actually a human can drink a gallon of milk... as in the only people most likely to be able to do it are professional eaters.. not impossible.. just highly unlikely..
    also its not just a gallon of milk... its about a HALF gallon of ANYTHING...which is the limit of ur stomach...

    also dont try it .. it can actually cause brain damage as well as other things... including death...
    basically ur brain is actually saving ur life by undoing ur dumb decision to pass the limit of ur tummy and making u vomit ... 😂

  • Chaotic Neutral
    Chaotic Neutral 3 days ago

    he's so charismatic and good at talking

  • 20HAIB
    20HAIB 3 days ago +7

    How can he forget Rick Flair as a biggest trash talker??? Rolex wearing, diamond wearin, limosine ridin, jet flying son of a gun

  • Maximus Aralieous
    Maximus Aralieous 3 days ago

    Fucking the opening of this episode *spits, comes up with scornful face* 'yeah that's good isn't? Deal with it---'. Jericho may be one of the greatest wrestling personalities out there. Honestly I'd put him in the top three with Stone Cold and The Rock. Hated him during Y2J, as a teenager should have. As a grown man, Chris is just awesome for what he does.
    He killed me with 'He was kicking me as hard as he fucking could and he was killing me... So I went outside the ring because it was a hardcore match, grabbed a steal chair and just hit him in the head as hard as I fucking could and... He was fine afterwards.'
    Also the DJ comment such a rocker/metalhead response, that smile afterwards though.
    Wonderful episode, very entertaining! Though I do think Jericho's naturally heel personality got under Sean's skin a bit.

  • Razal Mind
    Razal Mind 3 days ago

    Hahha...spit all the day...

  • Euronymus Hell
    Euronymus Hell 3 days ago

    Just watching this I'm starting to get hungry 🤤 I love you Jericho and hes fozzy band 🤘❤🔥

  • thebest3921
    thebest3921 3 days ago

    Jericho is so funny

  • Daksh The King
    Daksh The King 3 days ago

    17:32 lmao xD

  • Silent Grind.
    Silent Grind. 3 days ago

    Edge should’ve beat him in wrestlemania

  • flipk22
    flipk22 3 days ago

    He cheated on the last dab. He doesn't actually eat the hot sauce he adds to the wing.

  • Mrs. RockKitty (VixxVoodooKitty)

    What kind of fxxked up hot sauce are you giving the guest 😂😂 that one with nuke on it always messes people up. Chris started to turn red the minute he bit the wing.

  • Drifting Gator
    Drifting Gator 3 days ago

    I met chris once at bubbas alehouse.pompus asshole ,sorry but no like on this one.

  • konkrete kounty da series

    Konkrete kounty ep1 check us out

  • Dan Christner
    Dan Christner 3 days ago

    Reminds me of "My little pony" hahaha

  • Dan Christner
    Dan Christner 3 days ago

    Jericho is a cocky fk. He sucks.

  • Kaitlin
    Kaitlin 3 days ago

    I miss Jericho 😭😭😭

  • Gary Gordon
    Gary Gordon 3 days ago

    Please... For the love of everything holy... Get tom Macdonald on this show. Guaranteed great interview!!!

  • mhd amirul
    mhd amirul 4 days ago

    The gordon ramsay of wrestling

  • u comment
    u comment 4 days ago

    a wrestler with a hair tie it dont match wtf.

    • Dusk 777
      Dusk 777 3 days ago

      u comment are you really that insecure?

  • KILO-G 504
    KILO-G 504 4 days ago +1

    Randy savage best trash talker

  • Brett James
    Brett James 4 days ago

    Chris sounds just like Adam Devine haha.

  • TheKritterfox
    TheKritterfox 4 days ago

    Jericho is freakin hilarious, he knows how to work a crowd and man he is epic. Definitely have grown to really like him as a personality over the years cuz he's just kinda down to earth. It's nice!
    I'd enjoy seeing like Kane or the Big Show on here now too!