Was Nagini A Woman? | Harry Potter Theory


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  • A Cormier
    A Cormier 14 hours ago

    On pottermore, for Hogwarts I'm a Ravenclaw and at Ilvermorny I'm a Wampus. My wand is a 12 and a quarter acacia wood with a Phoenix feather core and abundant flexibility. Oh, and my patronus is a mastiff, so I was wondering how strong you think I would be in the wizarding world

  • Gaming Ledgens
    Gaming Ledgens 15 hours ago

    Theory confirmed!!!!!!

  • Emu Quesada
    Emu Quesada 23 hours ago


  • Sera J Stevens
    Sera J Stevens 23 hours ago

    you were correct

  • Lauren Darrow
    Lauren Darrow Day ago

    The whole harry was inside nagini because he was inside Voldemort because part of Voldemort was inside harry but also nagini used to be a woman but is now a snake horcrux and part of Voldemort is inside her snake body and harry becomes nagini in his sleep thing ... um what ?!? 🤯

  • Cloudy Puff
    Cloudy Puff Day ago

    OH WOW “sort of a stretch” past me would be oh wow this is fake. Look now.

  • Ana 2202005
    Ana 2202005 2 days ago


  • Rhea Monga
    Rhea Monga 2 days ago

    Isn't Nagini the snake that Harry let out in the first installment??

  • Panda Gaming
    Panda Gaming 2 days ago

    Yes,she was

  • Chicken Nuggets
    Chicken Nuggets 2 days ago

    What if when Nagini bit Mr. Weasley means he may turn into a snake at some point?

  • millieo
    millieo 3 days ago

    Nagini is not a Horcrux? She becomes a Horcrux? I need to review. Rowling's mind is dumbfounding.

  • Kim Thien Luu
    Kim Thien Luu 3 days ago

    you are right. One of the interviews, Claudia said: "I am Nagini"...

  • La_Trolette
    La_Trolette 3 days ago

    Didn't Nagini just drink the polyjuice potion ?

  • sai teja vvs123
    sai teja vvs123 3 days ago +1

    I know I'm quite late,but honestly you are amazing.The girl in the blue outfit is really nagini!

  • Sara Mullan
    Sara Mullan 4 days ago

    I figured they gave nagini poly juice potion to become Bathilda. He had access to her DNA since her body was still around

  • Alayna Olive
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  • Reyansh Garg
    Reyansh Garg 4 days ago

    Do the diary!

  • Bose-Einstein
    Bose-Einstein 4 days ago

    The fact this turned out true ruins Nagini for me. Thanks, JK Rowing. Why couldn't the snake just be an awesome magical snake? Why did she need to be a 'sexy' lady?

  • Maksymilian Synowiec

    No, she is Nagini!

  • Kaitlyn Brown
    Kaitlyn Brown 5 days ago

    Make a why dose Aberforth like goats video

  • HugePolecat3298
    HugePolecat3298 5 days ago

    The snake is a lie.

  • Nabtron Tech
    Nabtron Tech 5 days ago

    Arcanus Circus was also mentioned in FB part 1,,(actually its poster on the wall)

  • Nabtron Tech
    Nabtron Tech 5 days ago

    Where did u find circus Arcanus ticket??(from pt 1 or pt 2 of Fantastic Beasts)

  • Manoberry !!!
    Manoberry !!! 5 days ago

    Out of all the animals Voldemort could've used as a horcrux, he chose a snake that used to be a woman...

  • Fire Dragon & Water Fairy

    I think Nagini is probably a daughter she conceives with Creedence.

  • Sofia Bukhryakova
    Sofia Bukhryakova 6 days ago


  • someonethephonesring

    For the Voldemort red eyes thing it was a choice they made to make him feel more realistic and thus scarier in the movies and so you could believe him more as a true vilain because they couldn't make his eyes through cgi red and make him feel real 😂

  • Advertiser Unfriendly

    So now that it is official anyone else find it creepy that voldemort has a woman as a pet?! 😕

  • Taukir -E-Din
    Taukir -E-Din 7 days ago

    Harry Knows How Bathilda Looks Like!Her Photo Is On 'A History Of Magic' Book!

  • Nathaniel Mickelson
    Nathaniel Mickelson 7 days ago

    Anamagis I think has a soft g which would make it sound like animajis

  • Christopher J Willington-St. Pierre

    She is Nagini

  • Gjergji311
    Gjergji311 7 days ago +1

    ‘Maledictus’ does not mean “ill-speak,” it is its own Latin word, meaning “slandered” or “cursed.” By the way. The feminine form is “maledicta.”

  • Rous Guillén
    Rous Guillén 8 days ago +1

    OMG you were right!! And you also proove that JK really has got this information for at least 10 years!!! Awesomeee!!

  • jerhaoui othmane
    jerhaoui othmane 8 days ago

    👏🏻👏🏻 you nailed it man

  • MadSkullKing
    MadSkullKing 8 days ago

    Coming back after the trailer. I just have one thing to say. Maybe the bloodcurse is called maledictus because it's a verbal curse that's spoken. Also, maybe it's called that because the curse it's activated by a codeword (in Nagini's case, it's her name which is a BRILLIANT and cruel thing to do because you very commonly hear your name)

  • the ramdomizer 9.7864

    When you made this, it was a year before the movie came out, yet you got this right!

  • Autumn K
    Autumn K 9 days ago

    I was so shook when Credence called her Nagini, I was like “OMG HE WAS RIGHT!”

  • Arnold Mwanza Kabuya

    Spot on guesses guys! This is why I'm glad I subscribed

  • Hugo Heintz
    Hugo Heintz 9 days ago

    can someone pls explain to me what a horcrux is?

    • Manoberry !!!
      Manoberry !!! 6 days ago

      Basically, you split your soul into pieces by committing an unforgivable crime (like killing someone). Then, you trap the soul in an object or animal. The object or animal is the keeper of the bit of soul until it is destroyed. A powerful item is needed to destroy it like the sword of Gryffindor or a basilisk fang. Voldemort had 7 horcruxes. Hope I helped :)

  • sketch !
    sketch ! 9 days ago

    oops! in the title you said nagini instead of Mrs norris

  • 최고
    최고 9 days ago

    Holly heck, they got it right.

  • hårmø ł
    hårmø ł 9 days ago

    I think Harry’s blood “activated” the potion to give Voldemort’s ugly fetus rebirth

  • Χριστινα Τρικκαλινου

    IM SO PROUD OF YOU GUYS!!!! YOU GOT IT!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Noah Wattel
    Noah Wattel 11 days ago +1

    We already knew that newt's older brother stole his GF though after he got expelled because of her.

  • Noah Wattel
    Noah Wattel 11 days ago +1

    You predicted it.

  • Missy Barbour
    Missy Barbour 11 days ago +6

    At this point you guys need a playlist just labeled "WE TOTALLY CALLED IT!!!!"

  • Anna B.C.
    Anna B.C. 11 days ago +2

    Maledictus can also simply be translated to "curse" or "cursed"

  • Dona Larisa Flores
    Dona Larisa Flores 11 days ago

    I started believing most of your theories when this turned out to be true!

  • savere nga estumye
    savere nga estumye 11 days ago

    She's a slithery sneaky snake

  • Ella Kemmerly
    Ella Kemmerly 13 days ago +1

    You know how in the goblet of fire, wormtail is going to be fed to nagini, but instead Harry Potter is going to be. What if Voldemort made a deal with nagini, nagini would help nurse Voldemort back to health and in return Voldemort would give nagini a human sacrifice. Maybe nagini needs this sacrifice to be able to turn back into a human, like she can in this trailer.

    • Ella Kemmerly
      Ella Kemmerly 11 days ago +1

      Carlos Castillo yeah I guess you’re right

    • Carlos Castillo
      Carlos Castillo 11 days ago

      +Ella Kemmerly I wasn't talking about wormtail, I was talking about the 7th movie where she eats that teacher, a human. Also, she is the one who killed Bathilda and Snape. But my point is that I don't think the reason why Nagini is with Voldemort is because of a deal to get a humam sacrifice to be normal again. I mean, Nagini was whith him for a really long time and it seems to me as devotionto him and not because of a deal with him.If what she needs is a human sacrifice, don't you think that in all of those years Voldemort could have given her a sacrifice?

    • Ella Kemmerly
      Ella Kemmerly 11 days ago

      Wormtail isn't a Hogwarts teacher, and Nagini doesn't eat anybody

    • Carlos Castillo
      Carlos Castillo 12 days ago

      She eats that teacher from Hoghwarts so I don't think so 👀

  • crquetzals
    crquetzals 13 days ago +1

    Great job calling this one J. You did make me think of something though. When Nagini take over of Bagshot. Being able to look human and speak, maybe the horcrux allowed her to overcome the blood-curse once Voldemort was fully restored because he could "activate" it somehow to bring her back for a short time. I am assuming that she hadn't been human for a long time before then so maybe she needed to horcrux as a template to allow her to regain her form.

  • TeaPotter
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  • Don Smith
    Don Smith 13 days ago +2

    A person as a horcrux is another interesting questions. Besides Harry this would be the second instance of a live horcrux.

  • Fabienne Selinger
    Fabienne Selinger 13 days ago

    I feel like I knew this for years now... maybe the german version of harry potter is clearer about that xD or I don't know, that just doesn't feels like new information to me

  • Vianey Boruel
    Vianey Boruel 13 days ago +1

    So now that we know this is true it gives Harry being in her head a whole nother thing
    Her desire to attack ,her hate for Dumbledore....I wonder what's about to have already happened....it made sense in my head

  • candy eating monster
    candy eating monster 13 days ago

    The Idea that the name of someone or something holding some sort of power whether positive or negative can even be seen slightly in Greek mythology

  • Zhaia Baker
    Zhaia Baker 13 days ago

    Dang I can’t believe they got it right

  • Shinyhunter gg
    Shinyhunter gg 13 days ago

    My favorite channel is super Carlin brothers waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

  • Sienna Maddocks
    Sienna Maddocks 15 days ago

    Harry dose know what she looks like when he saw the book

  • Tabatha Rich
    Tabatha Rich 16 days ago

    So do we think Mrs Norris is a Maledictus or what

  • annessa kay
    annessa kay 17 days ago

    can you do one on mrs. norris...i’ve heard that some people think she is a maledictus too

  • Alexandra Nunes
    Alexandra Nunes 17 days ago

    I’m speechless 😶 this is amazing and it makes a lot of sense

  • TheRedMenace
    TheRedMenace 17 days ago +1

    On Voldemort's eyes, they said they didn't want to alter his eyes because that would hamper Ralph Fiennes' performance as an actor; a lot of emotion is conveyed in the eyes. For Harry's eyes, J.K. said they didn't have to be green as long as they matched whoever played Lily(Geraldine Somerville), and they do.

  • Underwater Pineapples in Space!

    Well Done!!!!!

  • Meagan Bailey
    Meagan Bailey 18 days ago

    This video is hilarious in hindsight

  • Mishka Coopoosammy
    Mishka Coopoosammy 18 days ago


  • stephen pugh
    stephen pugh 18 days ago

    Harry knows what bathilda looks like because she wrote a book about dumbledor and her picture is on the back. I thought nagini had just drank polyjuice potion and waited for harry.....

  • Mary Marks
    Mary Marks 19 days ago +1

    Husband and youngest daughter are Ravenclaw

  • Artificial Intelligence

    I agree with everything except the time when you called Nagini as Voldemort’s pet snake. She is NOT her pet snake for god’s sake.

  • hipstersheep
    hipstersheep 19 days ago

    I already posted this on like, two other videos, but I really wanna share lol.
    Okay, I was really obsessed with Harry Potter about a year ago, and I wanted to write fanfiction. So I developed this really complex plot with Voldemort having a younger sister (I think I made it so that Merope didn't die, but survived and wanted revenge on Tom Riddle Sr. so she seduced him or something and they had another child like 10 years later?), and that younger sister was an animagus. I'd read somewhere that Voldy met Nagini in a forest, so that younger sister (I believe I named her Cassiopeia--called herself Opeia) met Voldy in her animagus form and tricked him into thinking she was an actual snake. So when he made her into a horcrux, she used that fact as leverage to manipulate Voldemort himself into finding a way to resurrect her dead husband (I don't know, my brain is weird, I was a precocious child). Opeia wasn't even the protagonist, she was the antagonist, I had it all planned out and stuff.
    I remember watching this video when it first came out and being like, "oh my gosh, this so reminds me of that story i wanted to write"
    (never got around to actually writing it, though. haha. just bits of it.)

  • Bubble princess 1309
    Bubble princess 1309 19 days ago

    Animagus I thought it was pronounced animAgus

  • Vanessa Milito Rodriguez

    Maledictus comes from Latin, it means cursed.

  • Vince Choy
    Vince Choy 19 days ago +1

    Nagini is 97 years old she was that age at deathly hallows so her human form is actually what Harry sees so Voldemort would have restored her to human form completely

    • WolfGuy
      WolfGuy 19 days ago

      Vince Choy but she wasn’t Asian

  • NickS Opinion
    NickS Opinion 19 days ago

    Do not speak the dark lord name

  • 9robin3
    9robin3 19 days ago

    Watch the latest trailer, she IS Nagini literally!
    Wow I also forgot that you actually see her in human form in the Deathly Hallows

  • Furyan Auror
    Furyan Auror 20 days ago

    Cause its very difficult to guess which important snake she will be. Dipshit TVclipr and his brainless followers

  • Pau Izquierdo
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  • Denise F
    Denise F 20 days ago

    They said that if they gave Voldamort red eyes and slits, you couldn't see his reactions.being able to see his eyes makes him more scarier. .seeing the anger and fear in his eye expressions

  • Chantelle J.
    Chantelle J. 20 days ago

    Still think Nagini is Imortal and it's connected to the blood curse which traps her as a snake

  • Merily Voogla
    Merily Voogla 20 days ago

    If Nagini (who we meet in the first HP movie) is the same Nagini in Fantastic Beasts, how did she end up in the zoo, because it did show that apparently she was born in captivity. So what happened?

  • andoo69
    andoo69 20 days ago


    • andoo69
      andoo69 20 days ago

      actually not a theory anymore hahah :D

  • TheGreenGirl
    TheGreenGirl 20 days ago

    Voldemort’s blue eyes in the movies were actually a very spesific choice. The creators of the movies (and I believe J.K Rowling herself) had the idea that the red eyes would make Voldemort seem less human, and they wanted him to come across as a twisted human. They wanted that because the realistic human sides would make the character way more scary than if he was more monster like.

  • Leeland Preston
    Leeland Preston 20 days ago +1

    Wait... Hear me out... What if she wasn't a pet.. *what if she was his only true love* ... Or the closest version of "love" that Tommy could have 😅

    • Leeland Preston
      Leeland Preston 20 days ago +1

      Jaybee Moon yes! My thoughts exactly!!! ☺️ she was the closest being to him. And this would mean that she was probably one of his first supporters... Aka one of the first people to see his darkness and embrace it as her own... Even going as far as to become a horcrux and literally carry a piece of him inside of her. His greatest confidant, partner, supporter and ultimately one of the keys to his everlasting life.

    • Jaybee Moon
      Jaybee Moon 20 days ago +2

      I do believe that Nagini was not just a pet. She was way too important to Voldy. He cared about her and was extremely fond of her. He talked to her very endearingly. Almost as if he "loved" her.

  • Andro King
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  • Jonathan Xavier
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  • Potato tart Gamer
    Potato tart Gamer 20 days ago

    5:36 I was thinking nagini drank a poly juice potion because it may not work with animal hair but using animals as subjects _might_ work

    • Jaybee Moon
      Jaybee Moon 20 days ago

      Polyjuice potion is only used in human to human transformation. Nagini couldn't have used Polyjuice potion. The book state that she was wearing the corpse of Bathilda Bagshot and crawled out of her neck to attack Harry.

  • rantuoftheshadows
    rantuoftheshadows 20 days ago

    To be fair about the venom in the potion.
    Venom is usually harmless if drunk and there are several ways it can be used medicinaly

  • Gl 876
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  • Alejandro Jp
    Alejandro Jp 21 day ago

    Oh yeah!

  • Jojo Linkawin
    Jojo Linkawin 21 day ago

    Watched the final trailer for FBTCOG and yeah, you’re pretty much spot on.

  • Livi'sCookingWeather !!!

    oh. my. goodness. Most conspiracy theories are 99.999999999999% most likely wrong but in the crimes of grindlewald trailer it was confirmed.

  • Andrea Karlsen
    Andrea Karlsen 21 day ago

    Congratulations on nailing this one! Can’t believe this was made a year ago!!!

  • cg standing
    cg standing 21 day ago +1


  • Mundo Invertido
    Mundo Invertido 21 day ago

    She is. You can see the future.

  • Ayesha Mehar
    Ayesha Mehar 21 day ago

    Anyone else here after Nagini's reveal?

  • GHA 18
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  • Rickeded
    Rickeded 21 day ago

    Animahgus hahahahaha

  • Ménestrel
    Ménestrel 21 day ago

    Everyone's being so hyped about the trailer's revelation and I was like, hey guys, we've known about this for.... OH WAIT.

  • Heather Lyons-Trautwein

    Here’s a question for a future video: can a malidictus curse be broken? Can the cursed creature reproduce and have an offspring that can turn human? Is Scorpius a carrier of the malidictus gene, or did the curse die because there was no female offspring?

  • thadubski
    thadubski 21 day ago

    Is nagini the same snake harry freed in the first book? I haven't read the books in awhile, but I always guessed nagini was human cause he doesn't speak parsel toung. Harry speaks normally.

    • Jaybee Moon
      Jaybee Moon 20 days ago +1

      Harry does speak in Parseltongue only he didn't realize it himself at that point.

    • Jaybee Moon
      Jaybee Moon 20 days ago

      The snake from Philosopher's stone was a male, non-venomous boa constrictor, born and brought up in captivity while Nagini is a female, very venomous viper-type species and was found by Voldy in the Albanian forest.