Film Theory: What is the Bird Box Monster? (Bird Box Netflix)

  • Published on Feb 5, 2019
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    Bird Box is one of the BIGGEST horror movies right now. It's inspired dozens of theories trying to answer the BIG question. What is the Bird Box monster? Today Theorists, I'm throwing my hat in the ring and I think we've hit on something big! You see, the monster in Bird Box has left a lot of clues for a creature we never see. I've gathered the evidence and you are going to want to hear this! Let's go!
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Comments • 39 621

  • Smantha Montanez
    Smantha Montanez 26 minutes ago

    I agree with you but in 11:53 the tree's are moving so I think the monster could have been invisible.

  • little did I know
    little did I know 3 hours ago

    狐狸精(hu li jing) well...I don't really know, but hu li jing now is used to call the girls who tries to steal other girls' boyfriends (basically just like a boyfriend stealer, sl*t, b*tch etc)

  • Ceviro Ho
    Ceviro Ho 4 hours ago

    it's great we have mat

  • nicholas gomez gray
    nicholas gomez gray 5 hours ago


  • Brazyツ
    Brazyツ 8 hours ago

    Blind people lucky asf in that movie

  • rly gud prayur
    rly gud prayur 18 hours ago +1

    they saw endermen

  • Mingus Trujillo
    Mingus Trujillo 19 hours ago +1

    I wish Charlie made it out alive.
    1 like= 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 for Charlie

  • Fake Account
    Fake Account 20 hours ago +1

    The monster could be a mirror not gonna lie

  • chungy plays
    chungy plays 22 hours ago

    5% of people: its just some meme 95% :JOJO REFRENCE

  • Gatcha Wolfie95
    Gatcha Wolfie95 22 hours ago

    Monsters voices:It's me~ look at me~
    Him:YO MONSTER THING *takes off blind fold pulls out uno reverse card*

  • Teddybear1014 Ramos
    Teddybear1014 Ramos 23 hours ago

    It is a monster but can't do physical stuff like removing blindfolds so is it like able to disappear or teleport

  • ron quaal
    ron quaal 23 hours ago

    It's Pennywise

  • Robloxian Geojoco
    Robloxian Geojoco Day ago +1

    Probably the shy guy they kill them self so they don’t have to get killed by SCP-096

  • Kylee Whiting
    Kylee Whiting Day ago

    I just wanted to share that my parents use "Birdbox" as a "punishment."
    What i mean if they want a funny punishment my parents will grab us from behind and force our eyes open. They think its hilarious 🙄

  • Kingdavid824 YT
    Kingdavid824 YT Day ago

    Nine tails? Pokémon!

  • Kingdavid824 YT
    Kingdavid824 YT Day ago

    Who else was sad when Charlie dies? I thought he was cool

  • Kingdavid824 YT
    Kingdavid824 YT Day ago

    If the monster is scary...*looks up old episodes of spongebob cringe* MY eyes!

  • Kingdavid824 YT
    Kingdavid824 YT Day ago

    Want to know a real quit place rip off, The silence

  • My jokes aren't funny

    To be honest probably just Herma Mora revealing all the knowledge of existence and causing our brains to overload with knowledge and make us kill ourselves because we've been exposed to the true horrors of existence.
    Or just a _really_ bad tentacle hentai.

  • Pi
    Pi Day ago

    When I was a younger I would go crazy when hearing about infinity, I locked myself in a closet, questioning reality, it I was really bad for me because I couldn’t sleep until I’m really tired for a whole week. Some times it still happens. Has anyone had this happen to them before?

  • Aiden Campbell
    Aiden Campbell Day ago +1

    Monster makes people look at it kill him or her self

    Blind person hold my beer

    • My jokes aren't funny
      My jokes aren't funny 15 hours ago

      No I meant like
      Monster: Makes someone kill themselves...
      Colons in the context you're saying are very different things...

    • Aiden Campbell
      Aiden Campbell 19 hours ago +1

      Ok Monster makes people look at it kill him or her self

      Blind person hold my colons

    • My jokes aren't funny
      My jokes aren't funny Day ago

      Please use colons next time.

  • JoeWaylo Gaming
    JoeWaylo Gaming Day ago

    Thank god the Bird Box challenge didn't go on for more than a few weeks. I'd hate to see people drive off a cliff wearing a blindfold.

  • Roxy50angel YT
    Roxy50angel YT Day ago

    This video: Exists
    Christians: That is incorrect, according to the book of islubislyvulykjlureyluegrluyferlyuluydewgkuygkuyewgkyg

  • Bexixsh
    Bexixsh Day ago

    honestly i'm starting to think that it's kind of like the start of judgment day in islam, only difference is that the good would die by the angels taking their soul (not committing suicide because that is a sin) then the bad will remain on earth and as a punishment and observe the horrifying events of judgment day until they die from it

  • Tay Alex
    Tay Alex Day ago

    Bird Box is just a better version of The happening

  • benjiegod202
    benjiegod202 Day ago

    “Octopus Jesus” I see it more like, “yes! The rapture part is correct but I feel like it’s more like the monster is like Lucifer and his angels which before there fall they were beautiful angels so it makes sense for them to say there beautiful because it is said that Lucifer was beautiful and in this theory everthing makes sense for example the reason they can be in many places at once is if it wasn’t just one monster but instead Lucifer and his angles/Demons followers set lose after the rapture for the 7 years of destruction idk if it’s perfect sense but they could also appear like something they are not well this is my theory

  • Rat Chit
    Rat Chit Day ago

    Did anybody else notice he threw a bird cage at the tv

  • Ashaan Cheema
    Ashaan Cheema Day ago

    Hey don’t come down here with those dry lips! Oh DONT lick them now

  • Archie Holt
    Archie Holt Day ago

    As soon as the tentacle-y picture was brought up, I was like; it’s Cthulhu, isn’t it?

  • Lucia Mills
    Lucia Mills Day ago

    Matpat: Cuh-thoo-loo

    My Lovecraft nerd ass: * smashes head into wall * *NO*

  • LPT3_Me
    LPT3_Me Day ago +1

    Also pregnant women apparently aren't effected which was shown when the main girl's sister was taking her home and the sister saw it but the main girl(which was pregnant at the time) did not and birds seem to always know when the monster is coming-

  • Jaiden Darden
    Jaiden Darden Day ago

    Holds up mirror.

  • Brian Seiler
    Brian Seiler Day ago

    Uhhhh.....huh. So, the notion that a magician would descend from the sky in the form of an Old God doesn't strain credulity, but the idea of people being bodily caught up in the clouds does? Dude. Seriously.

    You're also committing the absolute cardinal sin of scriptural interpretation and mixing up your books and verses - easily the most pervasively incorrect and dishonest thing that the majority of Christian preachers and believers do these days. The Rapture has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the Revelation of John, and in some important ways contradicts it if you're reading both literally. Of course, if you're reading the Revelation literally you're doing it wrong, since it's transparently obvious that it is a thinly coded early Christian foretelling of the fall of the Roman Empire (and, spoiler alert - that didn't happen). Rolling in literally anything from the original Hebrew scripture is even worse, though, since Yaweh and the deity either is Jesus of Nazareth or is proclaimed by him (depending on perspective) are fundamentally different creatures in many, MANY ways. There's a reason why gnostics glommed onto Christianity the way that they did. Yaweh kills people and animals and generally afflicts the least deserving person in the entire universe with the worst of travails to settle a bar bet with that annoying guy from accounting and Jesus's deity grants eternal salvation for what eventually amounts to high fiving a zombie by the time the actual faith starts to congeal (not in the least because it's one of the two big ways that Paul manages to beat out James, but that's a whole other digression). Hell - in our best reconstruction of E-text, Yaweh commands the sacrifice of Isaac and nobody actually stops it (the tradition of the sacrifice being diverted from a boy to a ram seems to come from J-text). They're not the same entity, and any time somebody tries to mix things said by or about one with the other, that's a pretty clear indicator that said body doesn't know what they're talking about and should probably not be talking in the first place.

    Besides - if you're going to go mixing your scriptures, the notion of a bodily ascension in the thing later Christians decided to invent that they call The Rapture shouldn't be that much of a stretch at all, given that it's what happened to Enoch.

    Honestly? This is an example of one of those videos that you make because you're just barfing up content. While not quite as bad as your attempt to claim credit for sussing out something that the Harry Potter books make explicitly clear, the notion that looking at an Old God makes you invert your excrement is pretty much a foregone conclusion for anybody who's even brushed sidelong against the mythos and the Christian imagery is just shoddy work all around. As far as garbage videos meant to feed the algorithm go, this is among your worst.

  • Golden Acekiller

    But Godzilla killed it

  • Dustin Barlow
    Dustin Barlow Day ago +1

    You see the Game of Thrones Season 8.....
    *Dives thru window*

  • Jarick Bird
    Jarick Bird Day ago

    9 tail fox from naruto

  • Fortnut :v Gamer :v

    So if you're a Christian blind person ur immortal

  • SaraPandora
    SaraPandora Day ago

    woman during bird box: -gives birth
    baby: -opens eyes
    woman: oh fuck

  • Mecha_Frieza xSKA_GhosTx

    is it smile.jpeg?

  • Ymonger29
    Ymonger29 2 days ago

    Bro I swear to god if we got to Area 51 and then open the gates and the monsters get out I’m sorry but oof

  • Nathan Rawlins
    Nathan Rawlins 2 days ago

    That's actually a very solid argument. Cosmic horror. No different then the movie IT, where you never see his true form.

  • Florian Klein
    Florian Klein 2 days ago

    nobody noticed the guy saying "creatures" ? Plural.

    • Florian Klein
      Florian Klein 2 days ago

      ok some commenter did, but apparently the movie theorist didn't?

  • Ozra Animates
    Ozra Animates 2 days ago

    Aka Monah is just underlust sans

  • sk1pz
    sk1pz 2 days ago

    U are false cuz it is supposed to be beautiful this thing is not beautiful

  • LonexWolf415
    LonexWolf415 2 days ago

    Is this his own theory? Or is he using other people’s sources? Is this plagiarism??

  • Rockwell Molion
    Rockwell Molion 2 days ago

    *when the budget of the movie isn't enough*

  • EvacTouch
    EvacTouch 2 days ago

    get some blind ghostbusters out there

  • witchcraft 18
    witchcraft 18 2 days ago

    What if it's a combination of all of them

  • jon perez
    jon perez 3 days ago

    nice movie

  • Ethan Mulchan
    Ethan Mulchan 3 days ago

    I know it's ur mom and dad wen u didn't do the dishes

  • LasCosillas
    LasCosillas 3 days ago

    nyarlathotep seems a much better explanation. similar powers to cthulhu and the desire to harm people.

  • Arcadio Leon
    Arcadio Leon 3 days ago

    it was probably minecraft endermen

  • Sheila McGovern
    Sheila McGovern 3 days ago

    Well I guess that Netflix was on a low budget

  • nightmare soldier
    nightmare soldier 3 days ago +1

    Hey Matt pat here’s this if this is Cthulhu if how can he talk cause I’m the novel he call of Cthulhu it doesn’t say he can speak in a human language in only speaks in an alien language.

  • I hate People
    I hate People 3 days ago

    As in one scene, the one man who gets lets in, he draws this "shadowy" thing, and also, black shadows keep appearing when the wind whistles, so I'm thinking its some type of shadowy type thing that makes you remember dead ones and makes you sad and wants to kill yourself to be with the person. Well IDK, its just a theory, a- MOVIE THEORY!

  • Tracy Bryant
    Tracy Bryant 3 days ago

    Complete waste of time director suuuuuuks donkey baws u could tell the actors were just miserable.

  • Ret :3
    Ret :3 3 days ago

    I know, it's showing people Sven dying. I mean since people don't want Sven dead, why not join this legendary minecraft dog, am I right gamers?

  • Justine Harper
    Justine Harper 4 days ago

    Am I the only one who cant hear the word Cthulu without hearing the South Park song about it? Lol

  • Jon L
    Jon L 4 days ago

    1) it's never confirmed that there is a single monster.
    2) the implication of criminally insane not being suicidal when witnessing said monster, seems to be that they are already delusional and what they're seeing is validation.
    3) im pretty sure the writer googled a handful of demons who fit the bill and slapped them in the script expecting the internet not to fact check.

  • •OrenjiSmol•
    •OrenjiSmol• 4 days ago

    Reading the comments to calm my terror