Sneezing on People

  • Published on May 6, 2019
  • In this video I buy a gatorade bottle and use it to sneeze on people
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  • Patrycja29 Kaczmarska
    Patrycja29 Kaczmarska 18 minutes ago


  • Darixc Darixc
    Darixc Darixc 30 minutes ago

    4:00 there is man bathroom XD

  • A Friendly Avocado
    A Friendly Avocado 2 hours ago

    4:05 LMAO

  • Borratjie
    Borratjie 2 hours ago

    I really think that people there so small 4:24

  • Sniper Howard
    Sniper Howard 3 hours ago

    Nike botle

  • Diego Lopez
    Diego Lopez 4 hours ago

    Love how she said Amazon.COM

  • Henry TYRRELL
    Henry TYRRELL 5 hours ago

    If you sneeze your heart stops for a Millisecond
    That’s why thay say bless you. FFAACCTT
    12:06 fuck I didn’t think he know

  • Skusta Clee
    Skusta Clee 7 hours ago

    Bless you bless you bless you bless you bless you bless you bless you bless you bless you bless you bless you bless you bless you bless you bless you bless you bless you bless you bless you bless you bless you😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Thunder gordillo
    Thunder gordillo 8 hours ago +1

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  • Ruth Garcia
    Ruth Garcia 10 hours ago

    Knock knock
    Who’s there
    Hatch who
    Bless you

  • Booty Licker
    Booty Licker 11 hours ago

    He low key like a black Danny duncan

  • DomTheBomb !
    DomTheBomb ! 11 hours ago

    He is soo bad at fake sneezing

  • Killer Boi
    Killer Boi 11 hours ago

    There’s a new water bottle that’s basically made from the same person but it’s red and it has words on it

  • chris lester
    chris lester 11 hours ago

    4:23 ok what the fuck I thought that was a little man

  • Hype Gamer!
    Hype Gamer! 13 hours ago +1


  • Ainesh_The _Champ
    Ainesh_The _Champ 14 hours ago +1

    Steezy Kane more like SNEEZY KANE

  • Jeff Albert
    Jeff Albert 16 hours ago

    He is exactly like Danny Duncan

  • Cyrus Perry
    Cyrus Perry 19 hours ago

    The guy left after saying bless u ten times 😭😭

  • Cyrus Perry
    Cyrus Perry 19 hours ago

    Women are so privliged *sneezes on women* 😭😭😭

  • Cyrus Perry
    Cyrus Perry 19 hours ago

    Women are no were near privileged 😭

  • celiwe m
    celiwe m 19 hours ago


  • Maisaa Naser
    Maisaa Naser 20 hours ago +1

    How can he not laugh ?!?!?!

  • Kelema Marston
    Kelema Marston 20 hours ago

    This is how many times he said bless u and thank u

  • Guadalupe Guillen
    Guadalupe Guillen 21 hour ago

    His plaques LGT6704

  • Susi Eguis
    Susi Eguis 21 hour ago +1

    5:28 “Bless you” 😂💀

    BNEIL Day ago

    This is how many times they said bless you

  • Energex
    Energex Day ago

    Napa: Whats the number of the bless you count vegeta

    Vegeta: ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!

  • Jad GAMING conui

    He should count thank you aswell hahaha

  • Navy
    Navy Day ago

    My mum has a phobia of sneezes.

  • Navy
    Navy Day ago

    Those were good fake sneezes.

  • Joshua’s random Videos

    They sell a lot of Nike bottles everywhere not everywhere but you know what I mean

  • Joshua’s random Videos

    Nike drink bottle

  • TiFerTV
    TiFerTV Day ago

    Fuck dude my mouth hurts after i was laughing next 3 minutes lol

  • Fortnite god 32 41

    4:36 look how she walks

  • Alex .M
    Alex .M Day ago

    4:11 it's even gayer if theres a camera

  • Henry Su
    Henry Su Day ago

    hi sneezy kane

  • Lil Jky 7
    Lil Jky 7 Day ago

    I guess he’s called Sneezy Kane

  • CreeperDood100
    CreeperDood100 Day ago

    4:25 i thought that was a little person campus or sum 😂😂

  • Nylea the wolf
    Nylea the wolf Day ago

    1k like for me? Never.

  • TTV L
    TTV L Day ago

    Roses are red violets are blue I bless you you should to

  • this guy
    this guy Day ago

    My favourite line," it's not gay if there's a camera"

    BIJI DI DON DADA Day ago +1

    Yow that girl legit looks like ela mai

  • Coomey
    Coomey Day ago +1

    *Sneezing Steezy*

  • Hellox O
    Hellox O Day ago

    Women get their periods do you wanna see their bloody tampons

  • ツKrossed
    ツKrossed Day ago

    steezy kane more like snezzy kane

  • jasmine Woods
    jasmine Woods Day ago

    My dogs name is kane (thats werid 😅)

  • Faze_TextaMyth YouTube


  • Kaia the Unicorn

    Pls don't swear

  • Nylex TTV
    Nylex TTV Day ago +1


  • Levi Sankyner
    Levi Sankyner Day ago

    8:30 dude that’s what I do in school

  • xXJosieXx
    xXJosieXx Day ago

    7:08: the real reason you wanted to watch this video. edit: And 11:06. edit 2: and 12:32

  • Lara Qaddourah
    Lara Qaddourah Day ago

    Him : *sneezing a hundred times* SHUT UP DUDE😂😂

  • Arkfan 21 21
    Arkfan 21 21 Day ago

    Looking for 5 year olds in the comments cuz this is retarted

  • ItzBree
    ItzBree Day ago +5

    Guy: bless you
    Thank you

    Bless you
    Thank you

    Bless you
    Thank you

    Bless you
    Thank you

    Bless you
    Thank you

    Bless you
    Thank you


  • Slime Queen
    Slime Queen Day ago


  • Zac Wilson
    Zac Wilson Day ago

    Him: there’s no mens! Women are so privileged cus they have there own bathroom
    Few seconds later switches to a shot with a men’s bathroom and now womens
    Me: I HaS coNfUsiOn

  • Spectacular Shelby

    I SAW A FRICKIN MENS ROOM ._. When you said Is ThAt ImPrEsSiVe

  • Gacha Wolfie
    Gacha Wolfie Day ago +2


  • deadfire02 deadl0x

    This guy is falling for it bro he’s just saying bless you and god bless you

  • Advice Gaming
    Advice Gaming Day ago


    Literally Nobody:

    Me: Sneezy Kane :)