exclusive! Blade Runner 2049 Press Conference Berlin (2017)

  • Published on Sep 19, 2017
  • Exclusive! see the full and uncut press conference for Blade Runner 2049 from Berlin with Ryan Gosling (Officer K), Harrison Ford (Rick Deckard), Ana De Armas (Joi), Sylvia Hoeks (Luv), producer Broderick Johnson, producer Andrew Kosove and director Denis Villeneuve
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  • Mich minhkhoa Nguyen
    Mich minhkhoa Nguyen 4 months ago

    Blade Runner the final Cut at 9:30m !

  • nope nope
    nope nope 6 months ago

    jesus fucking godamn christ these are some retarded godamn fucking questions. just fucking kill me. seriously i cant take it. bye world.

  • IndianaJonesFan
    IndianaJonesFan 8 months ago


  • niko xiro
    niko xiro 11 months ago +4

    Was that a kiss to Ryan from Ana at 29:40 ?..it look like one

  • S E
    S E Year ago

    Ryan Gosling are you interlinked? Within cells interlinked

  • Phill Drake
    Phill Drake Year ago

    Ana is jealous at Ryan cause he's married and have kids. You can see her disappointment in eyes. She likes him.

  • Harold Trump
    Harold Trump Year ago

    Harrison is put in with daughter daughter kills him 2050

  • Harold Trump
    Harold Trump Year ago

    Harrison is a Replicant

  • Ben BamBoo
    Ben BamBoo Year ago

    These are the WORST questions I have EVER heard ask by a press. WTF ?! Good Christ. What a douche nozzle cringe-fest.

  • Saxton Hale
    Saxton Hale Year ago

    I've seen the movie twice, and still feeling the hype while watching this. Can't wait to get the blu-ray and watch it again.

  • VFX Todd
    VFX Todd Year ago

    This is one of the best cast and crew interviews I've seen on BR 2049 to date.

  • wu di
    wu di Year ago

    tell the camerman to zoom out when switching persons.. also .. there´s a screw to fix the stutter

  • Mr. Jack M
    Mr. Jack M Year ago +5

    This film is better than the first. Best film of the year!!

  • 1/3 dead
    1/3 dead Year ago +2

    very nervy , irritated , inexperienced and amateur litlle "journalist" at 25:25

    • Recep cool
      Recep cool Year ago

      I laugh so hard on that quastion and it was good opportunity to make or have big potential for rly good joke. Because in my opinion, except the new blade runner but in other remakes, for me harrison ford goals was not to act, rather it was only make money and get richer and he give a damit fu.. about the roles or the movies, look Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

  • Jolar70
    Jolar70 Year ago

    What Ryan said; "crumbs of love". 2049 was much closer to the book than the first film (yet I think the first film is better) still, I'm so happy they went back to his material. I love Star Trek too but maybe "Blade Runner" is our most poignant science fiction metaphor.

  • Der JaSager
    Der JaSager Year ago +7

    I think Bryan was a very good choice for this movie.

    NADS IQ Year ago

    super flop. what a joke and lame follow up to movie. krauts didnt spend the $ on POS.

  • Miagi Fodder
    Miagi Fodder Year ago

    if only we did know more about the world than what we got delivered

  • Mak S
    Mak S Year ago

    Harrison Ford gave the best View/Realization in 1 Min of what everyone must do at 39.55

  • voicetube
    voicetube Year ago

    I liked it; that was good.

  • Eric Syre
    Eric Syre Year ago

    And you wonder why actors and production teams look bored at press conferences. Is this really the best questions they can come up with? Those are the 'pros' of the media in germany?

  • CJ
    CJ Year ago +2

    Is it just me or does Ana De Armas roll her eyes while Sylvia Hoeks is talking? 12:05

    • visse264
      visse264 Year ago

      People like her are probably obsessed with themselves and are bored with other people.

  • JC Ouellet
    JC Ouellet Year ago

    le garble on a wheel, driving my brain imagery was smoking from high energy bzZZT! Gerble hamster...

  • ridewave444
    ridewave444 Year ago +6

    Gotta turn the speed up to at least 1.25 when Harrison speaks.

  • jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen

    I cant understand how a journalist can ask to the group,using a broken english language like that woman, asking for Ryan about "whateaver about Hamburg"..i write it in engrish,but she is worse..

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson Year ago +13

    i saw the movie the best movie in years i was glued to the screen for three hours that went by fast hanging on every frame

    • Michael Anderson
      Michael Anderson Year ago

      to call a movie a flop under 2 weeks of launch is not right

    • NADS IQ
      NADS IQ Year ago

      wow you loved a flop. how lame. you must a poser to BR world.

  • teenie beenie
    teenie beenie Year ago

    where is the awesome jared leto who was the only glimmer of fun in this movie??

  • teenie beenie
    teenie beenie Year ago +2

    if only gosling had that humor a bit in BR2049
    such a blank humorless performance, unlike ford the first one.

    • Brian Cain
      Brian Cain Year ago +1

      He's a replicant.....supposed to be that way and he was perfect for the role. A replicant that obeys.

  • DelireWeb
    DelireWeb Year ago

    26:00 that question about "come-back" and come back and come back... What's with that idea, he's only a good actor who's on the job like many other... *g One would have to hate him so much so as to talk about "come backs".

  • Manu Forster
    Manu Forster Year ago +8

    19:14 :O h . . . w o w ! :D

  • helminenjuha
    helminenjuha Year ago +3

    What a stupid audience! Fan props? Ford has correct in the beginning when he suggests that some of the journalists there are replicas.

  • jaguarfocus
    jaguarfocus Year ago

    wow......did not know that Harrison ford was such a giant asshole. dickhead could not even take a single joke ....he had to just dish it out to everybody else.....I see this a lot in old farts now days......gonna make sure I don't become like that when I am old.

    • R. Harms
      R. Harms Year ago

      i like his style in interviews, i actually think he is one of the funniest actors in interviews, very dry humour, i dont really notice anyhting you were distracted by, he's actually a awesome guy not an old fart , from his final statement and i know he is engaged in a lot of good causes

    • jaguarfocus
      jaguarfocus Year ago

      +Mark Kouznetsov check out 33:40 to 35:00. if you still think its just acting then that's alright . you are entitled to your opinion and I do not wish to change it. anyways. take care. bye.

    • Mark Kouznetsov
      Mark Kouznetsov Year ago +2

      jaguarfocus LMAO, it's you the one who didn't get it. He is ACTING a grumpy old man, how many times does it need to be explained...

  • Stephen Fowler
    Stephen Fowler Year ago

    Give me 20 minutes and the questions would be far more interesting than did a fan make the prop blaster. Like no one asked the actors about roger deacon for example. Other interviews i watched had that question which i found very interesting. From what the actors have said about him the lighting is a character in itself which is incredible.

  • Rabbit X 13
    Rabbit X 13 Year ago +1

    .Saw it last night...Meh 3 out'a 10. R.I.P Decker.

  • Damyan 29
    Damyan 29 Year ago

    38:24 am waiting for the same thing but much earlier than 2049!

  • Peter Sal
    Peter Sal Year ago +3

    Nobody wants to listen Broderick on the end. :(

  • Rubber Ducky
    Rubber Ducky Year ago +18

    Harrison doesn't get enough credit for his quick wit. I want to see more movies with him in the future outside of his iconic roles.

    • Toivo Kallio
      Toivo Kallio Year ago +1

      ... I have no goddamn idea what you're talking about. I can't believe the negative way you look at it. Ridiculous. He's one of the nicest people working in the industry! It's his dry humour and sarcasm that may put people off but you can't be that thick! :-( Look with better eyes! Come on.

    • Inception Report
      Inception Report Year ago

      Rubber Ducky hopefully he’ll collaborate with Villeneuve again

    • jaguarfocus
      jaguarfocus Year ago +1

      he is a good actor but watch his interviews closely he is one big asshole who wants to control the narrative all the time....not a pleasant guy.
      love the way Ryan handled himself in this interview.

  • astralseeker
    astralseeker Year ago +52

    You are in front of this panel of talented artists presenting this one of a kind movie,
    and out of the "journalists" mass, the first 2 questions arising are:
    1- "Ryan would you enjoy having a replicant collecting the awards for you ?"
    2- "Harrison you already came back for indiana jones, then you came back for star wars, now you come back for blade runner, what do you like so much about come backs ?"
    !!! ??? !!! seriously ?
    Not only those are uninteresting questions to ask to those persons in this situation, but also the first one is totally anecdotal § the 2nd one slightly irrespectuous.
    Well done "experts" :-)

    • labber
      labber Year ago +4

      journalists are experts? who ever said that?

    • Mrs_Puffington
      Mrs_Puffington Year ago

      Some questions really were a bit odd. But regarding your first point: The journalist wanted to play off of a pretty incredible story that happened at the "Goldene Kamera" Awards in 2016 I think. The story:
      A few weeks before the festival/award ceremony a pair of german comedians wanted to play a prank targeting the festival for proofing that their evaluation process was corrupt. So they made a fake website for a film company including a portfolio for commercial work. They then contacted some of the producers of the festival, teasing them by saying that they recently worked with Ryan Gosling and that they could get Ryan to attend the ceremony to make the festival more prestiges. Not much time passed and the producers contacted the fake company of the comedians. After a few more e-mails back and forth the comedians replied that Ryan Gosling would only attend if he won an award. Again, not much time passed and the festival producers agreed.
      The grand finale: At the ceremony one of the comedians got into the make-up chair, disguised himself as Ryan Gosling, attended the ceremony (without talking too much) and was awarded with a golden trophy.
      After the comedians unveiled their joke in one of their episodes on TV, they were sued by the festival producers and half a year later they gave the trophy back.
      The end.
      So this particular journalist just wanted to bring up a fun story for the international press. Although, Conan already did that:

    • Mak S
      Mak S Year ago

      Please.. Nooo.. These simple unattractive innocent questions makes even the ones not educated in the World(in billions) to know & get interested in such type of work movie message eco & actors.. The World of billions needs simpler methods to bond for ever complexed future scenarios

    • Shur1kn
      Shur1kn Year ago

      Most journalists today aren't real journalists that's the main problem. It's like every kid on the internet who knows a little photoshop calls himself "graphic designer"

    • Shur1kn
      Shur1kn Year ago +1

      the idiot host is indeed a really nice dude and does a good job. He met all of them and talked to them before the panel. You shouldn't be too concerned. Go back to sleep.

  • Thomas H Cullen
    Thomas H Cullen Year ago

    The Middle East should be ended because of Alicia Silverstone, and jobs and nations shouldn't exist because planets and galaxies exist

  • DrunkenM33rkat
    DrunkenM33rkat Year ago +4

    So hyped for this !!!

  • carelessmorning
    carelessmorning Year ago +6

    Ana is hot, but def one of those stuck up instagram bitches.

    • a9fc
      a9fc Year ago

      I guess someone got rejected

    • warzy01
      warzy01 Year ago +2

      Yeah i agree but i don't know why but i prefer sylvia she is more my type...

    • IamJacksColon4
      IamJacksColon4 Year ago +2

      no way. shes very humble and smart

    • Nineteen1900Hundred
      Nineteen1900Hundred Year ago

      What the hell? what you mean?

  • Florian Althoff
    Florian Althoff Year ago +5

    Steven Gätjen und Ryan Gosling hmmmm was war da nochmal ? 😂

  • Piotr Szewczyk
    Piotr Szewczyk Year ago +1


  • b bayek
    b bayek Year ago +6

    Brian Rosling :))

  • Rodimus Prime
    Rodimus Prime Year ago +17

    "and that sealed the deal" lmao savage

  • Uapsiabiduba
    Uapsiabiduba Year ago +37

    Bryan Rosling :-D

    • Chigatai
      Chigatai 5 months ago

      ...And Jarrison Hord

  • darkviewman Smith
    darkviewman Smith Year ago +2

    l was in Budapest where they were filming last year... so looking forward to seeing it.

    • NADS IQ
      NADS IQ Year ago

      why. it flopped. like your brain.

  • Lindenlc10
    Lindenlc10 Year ago +49

    The host never asked a question of Broderick Johnson and did not allow him to reply to the finale audience question. As Harrison Ford mentioned on the panel, we are in this together and we must come together if we are going to survive. Mr. Johnson was an integral part of the production and deserved a voice at the table.

    • AriRHen
      AriRHen Year ago

      Yeah, the host made me cringe the whole time. How embarrassing

    • MrKoguchipower
      MrKoguchipower Year ago

      I saw that and said out loud.... What a bloody moron (the host) ... You can't spare another 2 minutes? The last question was for everyone on the panel and you cut it off at Mr. Johnson? Even after everything Harrison Ford (as you mentioned) talked about? Idiot.

    • ChoiceCutz
      ChoiceCutz Year ago

      Lindenlc10 r

    • cholesterolkilla
      cholesterolkilla Year ago

      Lindenlc10 I noticed this too, very interesting.

    • Lia Wrench
      Lia Wrench Year ago

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  • MM 1992
    MM 1992 Year ago +50

    look at Ryan and Ana 29:42

    • NADS IQ
      NADS IQ Year ago +2

      1992: you must be a girl.

    • IamJacksColon4
      IamJacksColon4 Year ago +7

      good eye. u think he will dump eva for her?

  • zimmermouse
    zimmermouse Year ago

    Wow! Not so extremely far from my home, I wish I was there!! Incredible! Sorry Sylvia Hoeks, he didn't ask for more life but knew his life was at his end therefor he had mixed feelings so he spared Harrisons life by grabbing his hand and saved his life!

    • James Grey
      James Grey Year ago

      fool its the scene where Batty asks Tyrrell for more life. "I waant more life fucker" they changed that to father in the final cut. I wonder if Sylvia used the original line in her audition

  • Mohamed Alaa
    Mohamed Alaa Year ago +3

    when does they start talking about jared leto ?

    • NADS IQ
      NADS IQ Year ago

      alaa: what a loser. movie flop bec leto was in it. like alexander. fucking loser

    • teenie beenie
      teenie beenie Year ago

      would loved to have seen the lively leto in goslings role....
      pity robin wright s role cut so down

    • Goldbergzão
      Goldbergzão Year ago +6

      Mohamed Alaa 42:19

  • Matthew M. Ramshaw
    Matthew M. Ramshaw Year ago +1

    Yes, Thanks for this... but I tell you it's going to be hard living in that hole under the earth with no internet and my fingers in my ears, and blinders on for when I have to go outside - so as not to be handed the plot by one of the plethora of blathering idiots all over our beloved internet !

    • colderbeer
      colderbeer Year ago +1

      I am the same way....I purposely avoided the trailers and interviews so the plot would blow me away when I saw it in the theater.....saw it today, and it's a stone cold masterpiece.

  • Peter Gallagher
    Peter Gallagher Year ago

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • albert HuMan more than human

    Watch this movie next month on 0123 movies🗽🗽🗽

    • Mitchell Powers
      Mitchell Powers Year ago +5

      Just go to the theater. It's good to support films like this that gather such a great group of talented people in order to create a sequel that's RIGHT. I guess unless you're under 17, but just go with someone older. It's good to support it.