10 Fast Car Detailing Hacks, Tips and Tricks !!!

  • Published on May 6, 2018
  • 10 funny stupid dumb tips or little detailing haxs :)
    Cree LED 2000 lumens Inspection Torch 79p!!!
    Improvised Shampoo Gun (Miracle Grow Feeder)
    Bucket Saddle Holders
    Velcro Cable Ties
    Distilled Vinegar 5 litres
    Tommee Tippee Brushes
    Soft tip wands
    Cheap Jumbo Sponge
    Bonus Hax: Whiskey + Coffee = 10mins Turbo Mode
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    Pre-Wash Snow Foam
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    Clay Bars
    Clay Lube, Rinseless Wash ONR
    Tar and Glue Removers
    Fallout remover
    glass cleaner
    Tyre and Trim Dressing
    Hydrophobic Durable wax
    Ceramic Coatings
    Microfiber Buffing cloths
    Twisted loop Drying Towel
    Machine Polishers
    Polishing Pads
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  • globalste
    globalste 5 months ago

    i dont get what the brush with the soft tip wands are for :-/ . Is this for when you're cleaning the car, or are you using it on the cloths?

    • Forensic Detailing Channel
      Forensic Detailing Channel  5 months ago +1

      interir cleaning the swab sticks can be usefull.. but if you dont have them to hand you never use them..

  • Sccarguy
    Sccarguy 7 months ago

    That was one of the coolest videos ever

  • squadmeta
    squadmeta 9 months ago


  • Tosta Details
    Tosta Details 9 months ago

    Hahahahahaha... Nice video. Loved the wash mitt part.

  • Łukasz Medzwiedzki
    Łukasz Medzwiedzki 10 months ago

    hahahah super !!!!!

  • Katrina Georgia Girl

    I thought everyone done the last one?! 😁 😂 Maybe it's just me! 😁

  • HksF16
    HksF16 Year ago

    will this trick 1:45 work with lints stuck in microfiber towel after i washing it?

  • BB Detailing
    BB Detailing Year ago

    Handy....and funny. Thanks! And I like Jameson!

  • Carlos Rivera
    Carlos Rivera Year ago

    Not gonna lie, the flash light is worth it

  • Max Kerby
    Max Kerby Year ago

    Short and sweet with some good little tips 👍

  • josephine7782
    josephine7782 Year ago

    Very funny Video John thanks again. We really love the videos you put out there for us and particularly the brand reviews especially. Is there any chance you could look at the Zaino line up soon so we can go an insight into the brand specially targeting show cars. The reviews of their products are all fantastic with them all looking so strong with no weak link. Would make a great video for you to talk us through their shampoo, polishes, and sealants. 🙏🏻

    • Forensic Detailing Channel
      Forensic Detailing Channel  Year ago +1

      can do zaino. I just know nothing about the line though. John from C&S is the main distributor. might be one for 2019 because I limit the brand review to 3 a year and this year is allocated. but its definetly a line Id like to explore and has a very solid standing.

  • Scott Moore
    Scott Moore Year ago

    If you like Jameson. I'm assuming you know the Maloney Mule??? Caskmaker better. Cool video.

  • Ammo Bee
    Ammo Bee Year ago

    I actually bought the malt distilled vinegar and the brush from the links. I experimented with some really cheap rough microfiber cloths that I had laying around. I put them through the wash with 2 caps of this vinegar and I have to say I was very impressed!!

  • Nutmegg
    Nutmegg Year ago

    John, any chance of reviewing the power lock and collinite sealant and wax combo what’s currently doing the rounds on TVclip stating they are the so called best? Always trusted your opinion, also how did the brite max extreme elements 2.0 do as winter has rounded off?!

    • Forensic Detailing Channel
      Forensic Detailing Channel  Year ago

      could be a cool recomendation I dont know Ive not used it as a combo. generally speaking youve got to always look for what the reasoning is behind it why its cool, and the better the reasons can be demo'd the better the recomendation is.

    • Nutmegg
      Nutmegg Year ago

      Forensic Detailing Channel I have seen a few videos saying using “Jescars power lock plus sealant” combined with “collinite 845 insulator wax” is supposed to give the “best” results on the current market for overall gloss and protection, seems quite a bold statement.

    • Forensic Detailing Channel
      Forensic Detailing Channel  Year ago

      gonna do something on sealants soon nutmegg. whats doing the rounds?

  • Engineered 2 Detail

    Awesome tips! The last tip is my favorite. A bit of alcohol always makes me work faster lol

  • Dan Hawkes
    Dan Hawkes Year ago

    Hot toddy cracked me up!!!

  • Charles detail N
    Charles detail N Year ago

    One of the best videos I’ve seen on your channel Jon!!!!!!😂😂😂 Greetings from L.A, California

  • Rob Silva
    Rob Silva Year ago

    that last hack really is the most effective one...great video

  • Uriel Becerra
    Uriel Becerra Year ago

    wooooow! the best of the best master! excelent video!

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith Year ago


  • Ben Rowe
    Ben Rowe Year ago +1

    loving these short videos not that I don't like the long ones but I​ can watch the short ones at work !!!! the torch one got me never thought of that !! *rolls eyes*

  • jehdian
    jehdian Year ago +1

    Hahaha that last bit killed me

  • fiesta51
    fiesta51 Year ago +1

    That was a great video. Really enjoyed that.

  • growingknowledge
    growingknowledge Year ago +1

    Very cool but taking the Tomee Tipee brush could be the last thing I ever do if I get caught !

  • Excalibur Mobile Detailing

    That ending though 😂😂😂😂

  • Matt Gavin
    Matt Gavin Year ago

    Good video you threw us a curve ball.

  • Detailing Diaries

    I love the booze trick!

  • Akis Baklavas
    Akis Baklavas Year ago


  • Chris Wojnarski
    Chris Wojnarski Year ago

    Hey I have a question if you could help please I’m doing a 2 step paint correction on my truck I already washed with purple power vehicle and boat wash, I already clayed , and compounded, now I’m on to polishing question is I want to wash it again after I’m all done polishing before I put chemical guys jet seal and butter wet wax down. Would that be ok to wash again after polishing. I might wash again and use a paint prep after than apply the sealant. I know I don’t need to wash but there’s a lot of dust from compounding think that’s ok . Would love to hear your thoughts thank you

    • Chris Wojnarski
      Chris Wojnarski Year ago

      Forensic Detailing Channel thanks for the info just finished polishing last night and the is dust every in the garage and on the truck from the compound not as bad from the polish and it’s like impossible to get it all off even with a air compressor blow gun and microfiber towel that’s why I wanted to wash. Thank you again

    • Forensic Detailing Channel
      Forensic Detailing Channel  Year ago +1

      hey chris. sure. I do sometimes as well.. but perhaps after you have corrected the paint, dont do a full contact clean just either go over it with the pressure washer or a light pre wash, be carefull how you dry it.. be carefull if you use some sort of soap to rinse it that the soap does not contain anything gloss boosters or protection top ups, you want to maintain clean surface for your sealant.

  • dangerousdave321
    dangerousdave321 Year ago +1

    Best vid yet!

  • JP Details - Detailing & Valeting Solutions

    99% sure there is a difference between white vinegar and malt vinegar and it's white vinegar you should use.

    • Matt Gavin
      Matt Gavin Year ago

      I use balsamic too I get it from JP Details moms house

    • Detailing Diaries
      Detailing Diaries Year ago +1

      I use balsamic. Makes all my cloths come out brown though 🤔

    • Forensic Detailing Channel
      Forensic Detailing Channel  Year ago +1

      white vineger is stronger, but Im pretty sure distilled takes out some of the impurities. you can just use more as required. 2 caps of distilled seems about right but its hard to know.

  • ya hoo
    ya hoo Year ago +1

    Loving these shorter videos 👌 that last tip though lol

  • Aslan Abioqa
    Aslan Abioqa Year ago +1

    Brilliant video and damn the music is catchy as hell.

  • balisticsquirel
    balisticsquirel Year ago +1


  • Jimmy G
    Jimmy G Year ago +1

    Hahaha 4 toothbrushes always wins. And the last one but most important jameson😂

  • rugby86
    rugby86 Year ago +1

    Love your uploads matey :D
    Especially your bright red 1 series, coming a close second, hehe! Keep up the informative work :D

  • Allen Maestas
    Allen Maestas Year ago +1

    HAHAHA! A little Jameson does seem to make everything better, no doubt :) Love the hacks, very cool.

  • Adam Perrett
    Adam Perrett Year ago +1

    Excellent vlog Jon, the last ones a beaut 😂 - will have to remember that one. As for brushing my micro - fibres after a wash the wife will think I've finally gone loopy, she thinks the car dryer is funny as is hoovering the garage (fully carpeted).

  • lentilsouper
    lentilsouper Year ago +1

    What a cool video

  • James O neill
    James O neill Year ago +1

    Jamesons pmsl lol had a few pints yesterday after a Labour intensive day of detailing great video Jon yer videos just keep getting better, it's refreshing to see humour added into the normally serious world of detailing!! oh the Hax where no to shabby either lol

  • Stephen Rolfe
    Stephen Rolfe Year ago +1

    Excellent love the videos. Jura for me

  • dibbs26
    dibbs26 Year ago +2

    Top video. I was laughing the end with the whiskey 😆

  • Matthew Bishop
    Matthew Bishop Year ago +1

    Some great tips, I love the rubber hot plate mitt over the bucket....easy on the Jameson’s!

  • Luis Ramses
    Luis Ramses Year ago +1

    the last one is the best tip!!!!!

  • blah blah
    blah blah Year ago +1

    You caught on to what i call the mexican foam cannon but i use a different kind of weed killer spray bottle haha. Whoever put the light on the vacuum is definately a big tweeker only time i seen something like that was a dude watering his grass at 2am and he was a big fiend

  • Andres Rivera
    Andres Rivera Year ago +1

    Excellent ending!!!

  • Milen Stoimenov
    Milen Stoimenov Year ago +1

    Hahaha LOVED IT!

  • Jay Weber
    Jay Weber Year ago +1


  • kobalt.seven
    kobalt.seven Year ago

    Do you have a tip on drying towels barely being absorbent due to overusing them with spray waxes and detailers? My Platinum Pluffles have gotten pretty bad at drying because of that. :/

    • Forensic Detailing Channel
      Forensic Detailing Channel  Year ago

      hey there, have a watch of the microfiber wash video on the channel.. although didnt talk about this specifically. microfiber when its new is at its best. its prone to getting clogged by whatever it absorbs. Its also prone to getting clogged if you use to much detergent. maybe once a year its not a bad idea to do a 30 deg short wash on your good cloths (and I mean wash them when they are clean not after use) with little or no detergent. then tumbled them on a low heat for 10-20 mins and air dry the rest. One guy said to me as well, the mad thing is even the minerals in the water thats in the wet washed microfiber towels.. that water dries away but some of the minerals are left in the cloth. sometimes also a hot wash is good if they are gunked with product. you can go upto 60 deg if you need to.. have a watch of the in2detailing brand review I did as well. because their 350 edgeless is so damn cheap you can replace after a year if needed.


    Some crafty ideas you got there Jon 👌👍

  • Max Burg
    Max Burg Year ago +1

    Nice one John - sponge hack made it in there... 👍🏼👍🏼😊 I’d put money on this weekend being the best sales of detailing products in a long time. 🌞🌞🌞😎😎

  • steven jones
    steven jones Year ago +1

    Thanks for the tips,some good ideas there, awesome video.

  • Brent Uhler
    Brent Uhler Year ago +1

    Saved the best tip for last I see, Bravo!

  • Luke Westley
    Luke Westley Year ago +1

    Love it!!!

  • Audrius Palaima
    Audrius Palaima Year ago +1

    Last tip 👍🏻😂, love Jameson ✌🏻

  • Vice President of the King Rolo Fan Club

    Genius, seriously tho the brush to revive the plush microfibers is a keeper. So is the liquor in the brew 😉

  • South London
    South London Year ago +1

    I’ve the 🎥 it made me laugh.
    I have a question I am a mini cab driver & now the weather is worming up it’s seat cleaning time - wet & dry seat. I usually use autosmart g101 but that can sometimes be a bit foamy do you any suggestions??????

    • Forensic Detailing Channel
      Forensic Detailing Channel  Year ago

      hey anthony, Surfex HD. very potent water based degreaser APC. At low concentrations, say 1-100 or even 1-200 its suitable for light interior cleaning.. And its not as foamy and g101 or say megs interior APC. Saying that you could literally just dilute 101 down a bit more to reduce foaming.. but give surfex HD a whirl I think you will love it.. any thing from bilt hamber is extremly well formulated.

  • Matt Doades
    Matt Doades Year ago +1

    This was awesome!

  • lanesteele240
    lanesteele240 Year ago +1

    I like these kind of vids so i will watch the ads 100%

  • The Rock
    The Rock Year ago +2

    Hahaha..my choice would be Glenfiddich !!!!🤙🏽