Donald Trump: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Published on Feb 29, 2016
  • Our main story was about Donald Trump. We can't believe we're saying that either.
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Comments • 57 809

  • Judy Corso
    Judy Corso 15 hours ago

    Damn time travelers...trump means FART...

  • Judy Corso
    Judy Corso 16 hours ago

    ....a cheap Tool

  • Marc Anthony
    Marc Anthony 16 hours ago +2

    2019, and until he said things like Republican Candidate Trump I thought this was written last week. Rare a political News prediction is this uncanny accurate, and especially one that runs 20+ minutes. I don't think any other news cast from Feb 2016 would be more accurate. John Oliver is a pretty amazing reporter, and he is using John Stewart's masterful formula that he studied when he was on the Daily Show. He even learn that doing the show every day would burn you out, so he does a weekly recap to keep him sanity, smart.

  • Steve Stevens
    Steve Stevens Day ago

    Captain Hindsight flew me here.
    Also, Epstein didn't...... . . ... ..... ..

  • Brave Voice
    Brave Voice Day ago

    Amazon lists the value of it's trade mark as "an intangible asset" at: $150.8 billion. It has never paid its stock holders a penny in dividends and has operated at a loss for 14 years. What's your point?

  • Bozo Bosworth
    Bozo Bosworth 2 days ago

    Liberals just don't understand in our traitorous to this nation in general period of course John Oliver, a foreigner, is going to hate Donald Trump and of course blue city democrats are going to. They are not real mericans

    • Stephen2462
      Stephen2462 Day ago +1

      What we don't understand is why Conservatives are so stupid as to continue following that conman of a president.
      So roughly half of the country's population are not "real Americans"? What a joke.

  • matthew benard
    matthew benard 3 days ago

    Every time Trump opens his mouth and tells lie after lie after like. I just want to Break his knee drag him to the street and put a bullet in his head, and be done with it.

  • richardiven2000
    richardiven2000 3 days ago

    watching from the future is great.

  • B S
    B S 3 days ago

    Trump 2020 :)

    • charwiexe
      charwiexe 11 hours ago

      B S I’m pretty sure washington was your best president lmao

    • Stephen2462
      Stephen2462 3 days ago +1

      @B S Of course he isn't. He's incompetant, he's blatantly corrupt, and he's an asshole.

    • B S
      B S 3 days ago

      @Stephen2462 President Donald J Trump is by far the best President in U.S. history :)

    • Stephen2462
      Stephen2462 3 days ago +1

      @B S Very funny.

    • B S
      B S 3 days ago

      @Stephen2462 President Trump is freaking Awesome and a wonderful President :)

  • Horatio Nelson
    Horatio Nelson 3 days ago

    12:05 yeah, but trump predicted the housing market would collapse. (I’m not saying it was his original idea cause it wasn’t. I’m just saying he knew)

  • Tereza Parmová
    Tereza Parmová 4 days ago

    3:57 ok... Im dead

  • Kash Sattar
    Kash Sattar 5 days ago

    In the UK the word TRUMP means to far.

  • IT'S ME FROM 713
    IT'S ME FROM 713 6 days ago +1

    Nothing about Trump is appealing.

  • buggabuggaboy
    buggabuggaboy 7 days ago +1

    It's time to cut out the melanoma

  • vincent Ng
    vincent Ng 7 days ago

    killing terrorist families is inhumane but its not a war crime. cos if you are fighting terrorist, its not a war

  • Jason Mo
    Jason Mo 7 days ago

    Still waiting on those time travelers 😭

  • sam_well
    sam_well 8 days ago

    Donald Trump lies fact checked by lying corporate medea. Corporate medea lied us to iraq war, Corporate medea fired everyone who were against their bullshit war. John Oliver is paid to lie. I guess standards of integrity is a little bit higher in England than in US.

  • Kyle Casey
    Kyle Casey 10 days ago

    I love rewatching these old shows because they take me back to a simpler, less scary, time.

  • Robert Taylor
    Robert Taylor 10 days ago

    "RUMP" Its always been Rump

  • Evets Zerimar
    Evets Zerimar 10 days ago

    Something is worth concern when Ivanka talks about a low point in her fathers life and she tells it with a smile.

  • kahnadah
    kahnadah 10 days ago

    Trump = fart.

  • Avery Richards
    Avery Richards 11 days ago

    Simpler times

  • JamieLan2011
    JamieLan2011 12 days ago +2

    Now in November 2019, you realize that everything you feared would happen with an Orange Cunt as President, has indeed happened. The only upside being that the idiot hasn't nuked anyone or started World War 3. But, as his rabid supporters often love to fearmonger, he may be the cause of a civil war.

  • Declan Handley-Byrne
    Declan Handley-Byrne 12 days ago

    How young and naive we were back then...

  • Joe Fairplay
    Joe Fairplay 13 days ago

    And yet he is President and you are not.

    • Joe Fairplay
      Joe Fairplay 12 days ago

      @Astro Wolvez No, people do not automatically become president. They earn it. As in Trumps case. 63,000,000 voters elected him.

    • Astro Wolvez
      Astro Wolvez 13 days ago +1

      Do you think people automatically become president?

  • Zarbazan Zarbaev
    Zarbazan Zarbaev 14 days ago

    That lemur should've filled that vacancy in a supreme court instead of Brett "I like beer" Cavanaugh, he would better than him

  • Brian Mahoney
    Brian Mahoney 14 days ago +1

    John Oliver....I am from future...Trump will become president. :(

  • Runewolf 77
    Runewolf 77 15 days ago

    I bet trump steaks tasted like 💩

    • Astro Wolvez
      Astro Wolvez 13 days ago

      People have tried them and said they are nearly burnt and dry.

  • Mickey McGowan
    Mickey McGowan 15 days ago

    I had never really heard of trump until 2015

  • Mohammad Shariq Abideen
    Mohammad Shariq Abideen 15 days ago +3

    Never underestimate power of stupid Muricans in large numbers.

  • Die Hard Patriot
    Die Hard Patriot 16 days ago

    Quality Inn has more Quality LOL

  • tracy bird
    tracy bird 16 days ago


  • Internet Dinosaur
    Internet Dinosaur 16 days ago


  • Mark Wood
    Mark Wood 17 days ago

    Hay shithead...Tim Taylor.....and Eric Samerella are the leftist treasonous scum mouths from the Obama asshole.see what an fukn idiot you are...all your viewers...stupid fukn assholes. Clap sheeple..the sign says so. .

  • Timtams
    Timtams 17 days ago


  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    Watching this, after Drumpf's speech on killing the ISIS leader is even funnier.

    Trump in 2016: I know words, I know the best words....

    Trump in 2019: He died like a DOG!

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob 18 days ago

    Drumpf is a mendacious egocentric, I'm starting my work on a time machine , now on Halloween 2019.

    Tripolar cause Mania and Depression aren't Enough.

  • Stephi Varjan
    Stephi Varjan 18 days ago


  • Neil Maambong
    Neil Maambong 19 days ago +1

    29,000 dumbfucks disliked this video.

  • TJ Wilson
    TJ Wilson 19 days ago +1

    Right...he filed for bankruptcy 6 times, so far. Wonderful businessman! Liar! And he owes half a million dollars to various cities around the country, for rallies. He's told 13,000 lies to date! What a loser!

  • Must have Coca-Cola
    Must have Coca-Cola 20 days ago +2

    Well this aged awesomely, I love love love John Oliver...#TimeTravelPlease

    • SolQuik
      SolQuik 18 days ago +1

      Drumpf is literally resigning right now, “A comment made by Must have Coca-Cola has literally ended my political career” he told the press.

    • Mr. Personal Space
      Mr. Personal Space 20 days ago +1

      blumpf bad

  • zarzarbeast
    zarzarbeast 21 day ago

    Reminder: John Oliver is not a US Citizen. He is a foreign agent meddling in US elections. Not a citizen.
    "Of particular concern to Oliver is Trump's executive actions on immigration, which he fears could worsen. He is not an American citizen himself."

    • Stephen2462
      Stephen2462 20 days ago +1

      Ah, I see now. You're just a bad faith shill copy/pasting this in all of his videos. How pathetic.

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor 21 day ago

    Oliver is just like the rest of the media FAKE NEWS. Gwenda Blair SUGGESTS the family MAY be descended from an itinerant lawyer, Hanns Drumpf, who settled in Kallstadt in 1608 and whose descendants changed their name from Drumpf to Trump during the Thirty Years' War of the 1600s. suggests and may don’t seem like you can say “this is real” “this is true”. Guy is lock jaw on the swap like the rest of the liberal media.

  • wytonryce jackson
    wytonryce jackson 22 days ago

    last week tonight tells more truth and facts than fox news and any other news show. google it

  • Damien CALLAGHAN
    Damien CALLAGHAN 23 days ago

    Donald Trump

    • Mr. Personal Space
      Mr. Personal Space 20 days ago

      blumpf bad
      we can’t let him have muh nuclear codes
      skin orange, dat funny

  • Chase B
    Chase B 23 days ago

    A simpler time

  • Jos Baris
    Jos Baris 23 days ago


  • DatFaceDoe9873 -
    DatFaceDoe9873 - 25 days ago

    So it shall be done!...drumpf it is

    • Mr. Personal Space
      Mr. Personal Space 20 days ago

      blumpf bad
      we can’t let him have muh nuclear codes
      skin orange, dat funny

  • John long
    John long 25 days ago

    He won bo ho

  • Electric Relaxation
    Electric Relaxation 27 days ago +5

    "I'm very highly educated, I know words, I have the best words."
    How this fool became president is beyond explanation.

  • get gud
    get gud 27 days ago

    17:10 one of a bunch of reasons i'll never forgive america, 60 million people learned nothing of the bush's or republicans they doubled down on criminality and inhumane atrocities electing trump.

  • Alex Khan
    Alex Khan 28 days ago +2

    This should have been on every major news channel all over the country.

  • toll_booth
    toll_booth 29 days ago +1

    "Nobody owns him." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • GeneralErica
    GeneralErica 29 days ago

    As Mark Twain once said: "Give a man a reputation as an early riser and he can sleep till noon."

  • Kevin Richardson
    Kevin Richardson Month ago +1

    3 years later most of what John said came to be completely true....

  • Mike Lytou
    Mike Lytou Month ago +1

    3.5 years later, and there's still no time travelers, even though he just managed to accomplish what nobody thought possible: to fuck up the middle east even more.

  • Adriana Ruelas
    Adriana Ruelas Month ago +2

    Hello from the future! We’re in the process of impeaching this motherfucker. #PresidentPussyAssBitch

    • Mr. Personal Space
      Mr. Personal Space 20 days ago

      blumpf bad
      we can’t let him have muh nuclear codes
      skin orange, dat funny

  • issam bashour
    issam bashour Month ago

    this show should be taught in schools or issued as a warning like the warnings you get before a nuclear disaster.

  • Louis Brugnoni
    Louis Brugnoni Month ago

    Man this is amazing! “I know the best words!” 😂.

  • Cicada Tubular
    Cicada Tubular Month ago +1

    John Oliver understands Trump.
    Trump should talk to John Oliver.
    John can help the president more than anyone who I’ve ever known of to feel.
    I’ve tried to talk to Trump but I am a person of less import ants!