UHOH! New YouTube Crackdown Incoming, Chanel Miller Speaks, Brock Turner Trash, Brooke Houts, & More

  • Published on Sep 4, 2019
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    Brooke Houts Not Charged by LAPD:
    Company Buys and Destroys Doxing Site:
    Chanel Miller Shares Her Name:
    TVclip Updates Child Privacy Protections:
    Boris Johnson Fails in Call for Elections After Being Defeated Over No-Deal Brexit:
    Walmart and Kroger Change Policies:
    Khalid’s Benefit Concert Raises $500,000 for El Paso Victims:
    Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
    Produced by: Amanda Morones
    Art Director: Brian Borst
    Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco  3 months ago +1029

    Watch "Blackmailing Steve" the podcast: tvclip.biz/video/woe_W4VXdho/video.html
    Timecodes: brooke 00:06 - Miller 1:47 - TIA 4:30 - Porn 6:29 - TVclip 9:44

    • Ross Edwards
      Ross Edwards 2 months ago

      @Chris Chanel Miller lives at 4285 Los Palos Ave Palo Alto CA 94306

    • Ross Edwards
      Ross Edwards 2 months ago +1

      Feel free to send a liar some "love" Chanel Miller lives at 4285 Los Palos Ave Palo Alto CA 94306

    • ATAX
      ATAX 2 months ago +1

      Not going to reference the police statements?

    • Ross Edwards
      Ross Edwards 2 months ago +1

      Chanel Miller lives at 4285 Los Palos Ave Palo Alto CA 94306

    • Chris
      Chris 2 months ago +1

      There was zero evidence that Chanel Miller was raped. Brock Turner was innocent. He was tried by the media first, never got a fair trial in court. There was no crime. Miller and Turner were drunk at a party, she CHEATED on her boyfriend, thought "Oh! Shit!" then yelled "RAPE!". Now she shows back up some time later to cash in on the sympathy over victimhood that is entirely falsified from a crime that never happened. It's time to grow up. "Innocent until PROVEN guilty." This trial was a sham. There was no evidence. There was her "word" his "Word" both saying "we danced and made out at a party" and a couple of passers-by who ASSUMED what they were interrupting was a rape with no real case for that assumption. Phillip keeps opening his mouth to comment on shit he knows nothing about.

  • Stevy11b
    Stevy11b Day ago

    Brock Turner is innocent. I feel terrible that skank ruined his whole life and sold her fake story for beaucoup $$$

  • Peter’s Channel
    Peter’s Channel 16 days ago


  • Naud van Dalen
    Naud van Dalen 20 days ago

    People act like Philip didn't address COPPA, yet he is 2.5 months earlier than everyone else.

  • Red Dog
    Red Dog 28 days ago

    Personally, I prefer piece of human shit Brock Turner

  • Glen B
    Glen B Month ago

    Stop dying your hair and quit the edits every 6 seconds you hack

  • Wrath Upon Eden
    Wrath Upon Eden Month ago

    Chanel Miller - BAMF!

  • Robert Krampf
    Robert Krampf Month ago

    Like many others, I am trying to decide if I need to move to some other platform, since the FTC is selectively enforcing COPPA for TVclip content creators. Most people don't know that the only definition of "directed to children" in COPPA is that the FTC will decide if your content is directed to children when they decide to prosecute you. The FTC does not give any indication of where the line is between "directed to children" and general audience content, other than to make it clear that they may arbitrarily say your content is "directed to children" even if the majority of your viewers are adults.

    Most people also do not know that content creators are being set up as scapegoats. Consider Commissioner Rohit Chopra's statement about the TVclip/FTC settlement: “The settlement’s provisions requiring a function for content creators to disclose whether the content is child-directed may have the perverse effect of allowing Google to pin the blame on content creators, even when they already know when TVclip videos are clearly for children.“

    Andrew Smith, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection made the selective enforcement and selective prosecution of content creators quite clear during the FTC press conference when he said that prosecuting content creators would be “like shooting fish in a barrel, where TVclip is the barrel and content creators are the fish.”

    Also, most content creators do not realize that under COPPA, 7th graders are considered children. Any content that appeals to a 7th grader can be considered "directed to children". Think about what appeals to 7th graders. Popular music like Billie Eilish. Sports. Nudity. Just about any content on TVclip could be considered "directed to children", depending on how the FTC employee who reviews your channel feels that day.

    After multiple conversations with Kristin Cohen, (202-326-2276) Assistant Director, Division of Privacy and Identity Protection at the FTC, I am even more convinced that TVclip Creators are being set up and singled out for selective enforcement of COPPA, so the FTC will have some easy prosecutions to hold up for everyone to see.

    In the face of all this, TVclip is not doing ANYTHING to inform Content Creators or to help us understand the real implications of these changes.

  • Steve White
    Steve White Month ago

    Chanel Miller was rich party girl type, she grew up in a $4.3M house in Palo Alto owned by a family trust before she was born. She had a history of drinking to the point of blacking out.
    Her famous speech is full of lies as follows:
    1. She claimed Turner "jabbed pine needles and debris" into her vagina. Completely false.. That lie, IMO, was told to remove any doubts about her consent. Brock said she had consented and there was plenty of reason to think she had, so not wanting people to believe she had, she put out the "pine needles in the vagina" lie, because everyone can imagine a drunk girl consenting to sex, but no one consents to pine needles.
    2. Not technically a lie, but a deliberate deception, she complained of finding blood on her hands and bandages on her body when she woke up in the hospital. She wanted the public to believe Turner had, in addition to stuffing pine needles into her, caused injurues to make her bleed. This was completely untrue, she had no injuries at all.
    3. She misrepresented her drinking, so that pouring in 3 to 4 times the driving limit is explained as some kind of accident, because her tolerance was way lower than her college days. Not credible, she had taken several shots before the party which would have warned her how much the alcohol was effecting her.

    CHANNEL ALL IN ONE Month ago

    Is there any script for #memory loss for internet developer like #google , facebook or other social media

  • Steve White
    Steve White 2 months ago +1

    De Franco seems to be popular because he dumbs down a lot.
    Chanel Miller was taken under the wing of a radical Stanford Professor who got Miller to promote a false narrative about this incident. Not only was there no rape, there was no violence, no pine needles in her vagina, as she claimed Turmer had put there, just a huge number of lies put out by these two.
    Originally Miller just wanted to not be suspected of cheating by her BF from another very rich family, but now she wants to sell books

  • Ross Edwards
    Ross Edwards 2 months ago +1

    Chanel Miller lives at 4285 Los Palos Ave Palo Alto CA 94306

  • Redical
    Redical 2 months ago

    Love that a load of random people on the internet think themselves more capable of judging animal cruelty than a professional police force who launched a full investigation

  • Zen Solace Media
    Zen Solace Media 2 months ago

    Remember the courts also failed in the Daddyofive case....

  • Funny CompCo
    Funny CompCo 2 months ago

    I would be interested in knowing what happened begore that dog clip. Not that it has much effect on my opinion just curious.as for abusing the dog this is wrong, I do want to state you can't hold her on the same level as someone who beats their dog and actually injures them. Spitting on the dog well that's odd and she probably has a mental issue but idk what exactly should happen here.

  • mike s
    mike s 2 months ago

    Ladies: Rule of the internet: ANY film or picture of you without your clothes on is going to wind up online. It's not right, but it's pretty much inevitable. Who gets to see your body should be no-one's choice but yours and the moment you allow someone else to posses pics or video of you, you have given up that choice. This includes sending them to your SO's phone or email, as anything that gets put in the digital space is out of your control and hackers can and do actively try to get it, meaning you could wind up all over the internet even if the recipient did not share. Keep that in mind if you decide to take or send vids/pics of yourself.
    Also, any time someone says it's not going on the internet or they arent going to show anybody, they are 100% lying to you. Don't fall for it.

  • Andrew Papuga
    Andrew Papuga 2 months ago

    Hey man I think it's great that you highlighted Chanel Miller's courage I think you're awesome I'm going to be watching more of your videos are pretty cool dude :-)

  • First Last
    First Last 2 months ago

    Love the complete void in the middle of this video's thumbnail.

  • Christie Neese
    Christie Neese 2 months ago

    This is what's considered bravery?? Hooking up a party and passing out in a consensual act then ruin a man's life... inspiring. Ugh.

  • Shane
    Shane 2 months ago

    Wait ..so those videos are actually real?... I'll be right back.

  • SelfLoathingCityBoy
    SelfLoathingCityBoy 2 months ago

    Chanel Miller was neither raped nor sexually assaulted, she got drunk at a party, consensually hooked up with Brock, who was also drunk and then she realized she has a rich boyfriend and she does want him to know what a filthy cheating slut she is, so she played the victim and ruined an innocent man's life. She deserves no credit or respect. she is a disgusting humman being.
    they danced and kissed at the party, she consensually followed him to his dorm, she fell and they made out on the floor. no assault, no rape, just a consensual hookup between two drunk people. Brock should not have been convicted for anything.Chanel Miller is despicable. Her book should be called "how i ruined an innocent men's life, because i'm a cheating slut"

  • Maria Kotter
    Maria Kotter 2 months ago

    Fun fact: Any form of coercion or deceit in this sort of situation (about the women being tricked into pornography after being promised modeling jobs) is considered human trafficking. This isn't just a gross example of exploitation; it's sex trafficking.

  • Succeeding at Failure
    Succeeding at Failure 2 months ago

    The justice system...isnt my best bud. I was held at gunpoint twice, and what do they call it, wrongfully imprisoned?..in one of those. Guy that did it? 6 months probation "because he was so close to turning 18, this shouldn't define the rest of his life." mind you, this kid had brought a gun to school (not with any intention) and been caught selling drugs on many occasion, spanning several years of his life. But nope. Hes "truly not a bad kid" "he has a future" smh.

  • King-Emperor Botolf Zain Isembard of Pleiades

    I dont believe the hoe Miller

    MGTOWN 2 months ago +2

    Wow, you are a useless CUCK

  • Ross Edwards
    Ross Edwards 2 months ago +1

    Chanel Miller lives at 4285 Los Palos Ave Palo Alto CA 94306

  • lrgshadow
    lrgshadow 2 months ago



  • jeff kittleson
    jeff kittleson 2 months ago

    You have some crazy hand movement. It’s disturbing and distracting

  • John Mirra
    John Mirra 2 months ago

    Oh yeah I'm sure Philip Defranco has never fingered a drunk girl before hmm.

  • Siaynoq8
    Siaynoq8 2 months ago

    Brock Turner did nothing wrong.

  • optibotimus
    optibotimus 2 months ago

    Toy review channel here and my channel is probably going to be killed because of this change....#FUtube

  • Jerod Aldaya
    Jerod Aldaya 2 months ago


  • navins11
    navins11 2 months ago

    holy. i feel sorry for her ,and rapist turner should have been in prison for years but this just seems like her trying to cash out. I guess phil is too focused on turner to notice anything else, disappointing.

  • Jason Shipp
    Jason Shipp 2 months ago

    Pokémon go. What teanager is going to try to complete with their parents who can drive anywhere to pick up a squirtal while their kids go up a block to caught it. T-ball was for kids who can’t hit cant hit a ball.

  • Jason Shipp
    Jason Shipp 2 months ago

    Pokémon go!

  • Jack Kulinski
    Jack Kulinski 2 months ago


    Just gonna leave this here for anyone who wants to see it.

  • Black Fang
    Black Fang 2 months ago +4

    Keep spreading those lies about Brock Turner. You truly have no shame.

  • margie schlieter
    margie schlieter 2 months ago +1

    So the moral of the brooke story is- you can abuse your animal and have it on film and still get away with it.

  • Jojin Kang
    Jojin Kang 2 months ago

    Chanel Miller had a boyfriend. That didn't stop her from getting hammered at a party and hooking up with Brock Turner. While making out near a dumpster 2 white knights aggressively attacked Brock and chased him off. Chanel Miller is not a victim, apparently can't remember anything but now she's cashing in on this whole bullshit. James DeFranco is just a white knight beta loser who never does real research. Brock Turner is the real victim here.

  • shywolf4
    shywolf4 2 months ago

    If people want the police to be able to charge people for this type of animal crimes, please get involved with animal advocacy and help get the laws change. So many states have lax animal cruelty laws and animal control can only enforce the laws as they are currently written. Animal control has a high turn over rate simply because they see so much that they consider cruelty or neglect that they can do nothing about because it is not technically against the law.

  • Black Phillip
    Black Phillip 2 months ago +1

    Chanel Miller looks like her real name is Ling Ling Pong.

  • Daves Reality
    Daves Reality 2 months ago

    Hmmmm some woman gets drunk makes out with some guy , two idiots chase the guy making out with the girl. Girl sobers up and thinks ohh shit I cheated on my boyfriend . I'll just go with this narrative . Now the gold digging cow is trying to cash in on the misery she has caused to another human being..... What fucking scum ! But hey a hoe got to get paid ! Right ?

  • Roadent1241
    Roadent1241 2 months ago

    Are people seriously admitting they think Brick Turner is innocent?
    And I did type Brock. I'll let autocorrect stay. I'm tired and CBA to correct it.
    But you silly beggars are joking, honestly, someone's predator being 'innocent' really not something to joke about. Silly people.
    Just shhhhh. Go to bed.

  • joseblancoize
    joseblancoize 2 months ago

    Please touch on this story. It makes me feel ashamed that it's an old story, but it's important globally. Story is: What happened to Dubai's Princess Latifa of the UAE?
    @​ @​

  • Günter Gritchin
    Günter Gritchin 2 months ago

    Why is everyone who posted roughly 24 hours ago about Brock Turners pleading his innocence? Did new information come out or something? If there was I couldn’t find anything, but I wonder is there some reason people are now doubting the case?

    • Black Phillip
      Black Phillip 2 months ago

      Because they came from Atheism-is-unstoppable's response video.

  • TonyAM
    TonyAM 2 months ago

    I'm concerned that TVcliprs like Black Nerd Comedy might get wrongfully targeted due to how he gets hauls, unboxings, and covers topics about nostaglic content(70s, 80s, 90s, and early 2000s). His channel features but is not solely about Transformers, Care Bears, Smurfs, Power Rangers, TMNT, Marvel, DC, gaming, cartoons, sitcoms, Gremlins, Nintendo, and so on.
    I really hope that I'm wrong and that Andre Meadow's channel is left untouched. He's a genuinely nice and funny guy.

  • Jason A
    Jason A 2 months ago

    No evidence Brock Turner raped Chanel Miller. If you actually take the time to read the statements and look at the case, it's very (I repeat 'very') plausible that she hooked up with Brock and regretted it. She had a boyfriend and probably cheated on him. No evidence of rape.

  • none of your business
    none of your business 3 months ago +1

    Person with a regular life who's not known to be a victim gives up her regular life by writing a book describing events she said she cannot remember and how much of a victim she is, claiming she wants her regular life back and not to be known as a victim. Which coincidentally can make her boatloads of money. Sounds 1000% legit.

  • BigTArmada
    BigTArmada 3 months ago +5

    Oh wow, she's so traumatized she's putting out a book.

  • pogarda
    pogarda 3 months ago +1

    believe whamen

  • DingleBungus
    DingleBungus 3 months ago +1

    "innocent until proven guilty"
    That was a weird line though.

  • Chi_squared
    Chi_squared 3 months ago

    I hope Brock Turner slips down a flight of stairs and becomes paralyzed from the neck down for the rest of his pathetic life. And I hope he lives a long, miserable life, while Chanel lives a long, fruitful life, spreading her powerful message as the bamf of the day.

    • Black Phillip
      Black Phillip 2 months ago +1

      Are you triggered by Brock Turner? Yes...yes you are lmao

  • Mitchell klein
    Mitchell klein 3 months ago

    Miller is not a victim, she is the victimizer. Just because she couldn't keep her legs closed while she had a boyfriend, doesn't mean she should be allowed to lie, ruin a young man's life and I guarantee, soon become a millionaire from cashing in on all these book, memoir shit. She needs to serve jailtime for lieing. Plus extra jail for slander/ character defamation.

  • tromboneking87
    tromboneking87 3 months ago

    Some great examples of how "content geared for kids" could cause problems, here's another one:
    What will happen when Google's machine learning looks at a show like Rooster Teeth's RWBY? Not a kid show, but will the AI be able to figure out what mature adults understand: just because it is animated does not mean it is designed for kids.

  • Galidorn Elkenmeer
    Galidorn Elkenmeer 3 months ago +20

    AIU just destroyed you and the whole Brock Turner lie. Eat a D Phil!

    • D for Diligence
      D for Diligence 2 months ago +5

      @Roadent1241 Brock Turner's "Victim" Comes Forward To Cash In
      Premiered Sep 12, 2019

    • Roadent1241
      Roadent1241 2 months ago

      Galidorn Elkenmeer AIU? What even is this comment?

  • Steven Abootmen
    Steven Abootmen 3 months ago +1

    Brock Turner did nothing wrong

  • alex tatur
    alex tatur 3 months ago


  • Sekiro Borne
    Sekiro Borne 3 months ago

    Brock Turners innocent! And you’ve done this entire situation wrong..
    I will shake Brock’s hand one day. And Brock, if you are reading this.. Stay Strong Brother! ✊🏻

  • Banserki
    Banserki 3 months ago +9

    Brock turner was a STUD. He bagged an older girl at a frat party, they made out, got shitfaced and went back to his dorm. On the way they made out on a green with some dumpsters nearby. During this she fell asleep and at the same time some guys walked past them. That's it.
    She fingerrd him as a rapist to avoid being guilty of CHEATING on her boyfriend with a frat boy.

    • pattywatty
      pattywatty 2 months ago +1

      Exactly, I wonder why the guys who witnessed this will never comment???

  • Fleet Fox
    Fleet Fox 3 months ago

    Did anyone think Phil had the intellectual integrity to deal with the Brock Turner case honestly? Sure, Phil isn't as toxic and dishonest as TYT, but he doesn't have the balls to say the truth when the truth is really uncomfortable. Brock didn't do anything illegal and he has been railroaded by scummy people. Same story, different day.