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  • Published on Sep 9, 2016
  • We create a rainbow in a watermelon...Rainbow Watermelon Vodka Jello Shots
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    1 Watermelon
    Red Layer:
    2 Cups Hot Water
    Red Jello
    6 Packs of Gelatin
    1 Cup Strawberry Vodka
    Yellow Layer:
    2 Cups Hot Water
    Yellow Jello
    6 Packs of Gelatin
    1 Cup Citrus Vodka
    Blue Layer:
    2 Cups Hot Water
    Blue Jello
    6 Packs of Gelatin
    1 Cup Blue Raspberry Vodka

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Comments • 2 567

  • Chuck Roll
    Chuck Roll Day ago

    Very unlikable characters. He's annoying, and she seems very uncomfortable.

  • TheFluffernutter12

    I like the guy Hes just trying to make the girl laugh q

  • SmallDickFartCollector.

    Lmao good humour

  • Blow me allah !
    Blow me allah ! 8 days ago

    Love his commentary!

  • Roger Mendes
    Roger Mendes 10 days ago

    consider brand/channel your channel to "annoying Bartender"

  • Miss Sushi
    Miss Sushi 14 days ago


  • Kuco Diand
    Kuco Diand 17 days ago

    Sange Tuh si black 😂

  • Ada Perez
    Ada Perez 19 days ago

    cool recipe. but he annoys the hell out of me

  • fauzy syamiazi
    fauzy syamiazi 19 days ago

    dude are you trip'n into crack ?

  • Alen Tv
    Alen Tv 21 day ago


  • Javier Santos
    Javier Santos 22 days ago

    Looks awesome....i got to try it

  • Reza Alfiansyah
    Reza Alfiansyah 25 days ago

    Kakean cangkem sing lanang

  • Husain Ati77
    Husain Ati77 25 days ago

    منو عربي ينطي لايك

  • Stacy Jenkins
    Stacy Jenkins 27 days ago

    "Something racist"

  • Zayan ahmad
    Zayan ahmad 28 days ago

    such an ass...

    LAZ3R TART Month ago

    Thx for putting the Romanian flag in the jello colors

  • julio cesar marmol martinez

    jajajajaja burn video cabrón y lo que dice donald trump quizás sea cierto o quizas nooo jajajaja y no soy musulmán 😂😂😂😂

  • michelle lopez
    michelle lopez Month ago

    that man is annoying

  • Sindre Larsen
    Sindre Larsen Month ago

    im jellous.

  • Cesar Torres
    Cesar Torres Month ago

    Two years and still don't like this guy...love the jello, actually did it

  • Rohit Ballagan
    Rohit Ballagan Month ago

    WTF who subscribes to this guys WTF

  • Royan Alex
    Royan Alex Month ago

    that black guy need a porno not a TVclip channel

  • Adam McDonald
    Adam McDonald Month ago

    “Say something racist so I can cut ya!” 😂😂😂

  • 30seconds 2impact
    30seconds 2impact Month ago

    All it needs is a little more BOOZE..!!🍹🍹🍹🍹🍹
    I won't comment on the happy couple tho.😆😆😆😆

    PAUL COUȚI Month ago

    Ala ii steagul romaniei=)))🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴

  • John Carlo Manaloto

    That girl is obsessed with vodka

  • Europe 2Canada
    Europe 2Canada Month ago

    Buddy was beyond drunk to start with lol

  • Drew Lund
    Drew Lund Month ago

    I'd still huff her fart.

  • Marvin McNeil
    Marvin McNeil Month ago

    She is so beautiful and not even funny

  • yuki otaku
    yuki otaku Month ago

    Ooo i just noticed that it's the pansexual flag

    THE SAKS Month ago

    ksi 😂😂

  • Judy Nicole
    Judy Nicole Month ago

    this looks to hard for me to do lol! i will stick to trying just the jello cups

  • Watermelon
    Watermelon Month ago


  • ankie83
    ankie83 Month ago

    Sounds like he's from The Bahamas...we rude I hope he apologized after the video

  • David L
    David L Month ago

    Wtf is wrong with that guy 😂

  • edmund gaming
    edmund gaming Month ago

    your road

  • Lanchester Naanyane

    Doesn't alcohol evaporate with heat?

  • Undyne Undying
    Undyne Undying Month ago

    How to get drunk on homosexuality

  • Roberts Spickus
    Roberts Spickus Month ago

    It's cold outside

  • good boy
    good boy Month ago

    this gorilla needs to settle down and calm himself!!!

  • Jose Amezcua
    Jose Amezcua Month ago

    Dude is trying so hard to be funny smh

  • YoungNReckless L
    YoungNReckless L 2 months ago

    The first time I seen this video I thought it was vary tense but I don't see it now

  • Faimosul 96
    Faimosul 96 2 months ago

    Looks like romania :)

  • t nguyen
    t nguyen 2 months ago

    Lol. He would annoy me too!

  • zah.98
    zah.98 2 months ago

    What he said about muslem??

  • Charcae Frierson
    Charcae Frierson 2 months ago

    Like cut the comedy! My man you owe shorty a big apology for that rude behavior. You coming off like you got a complex... Come on putting the watermelon over her face... trying to coerce her to drink... All this coming off, irresponsibly waving a sharp knife around. I thought I saw something funny the first time I check out this channel: you get those women tipsy so they are more malleable. That shit is weak. Now i see who the tipsy bartender is. No wonder you hardly drink. That reeks so much of lack of confidence or charisma. C'mon pimpin' Pop that collar Playa. You could be winning if you would stop trying to manipulate. That's coming off like the dude, who makes an overture towards an attractive woman, then gets mad when she ain't feeling him. Like since when do dudes catch feelings after rejection? I mean you can't even call yourself no Playa let alone ladies man if you can't handle simple rejection.

    ZIIGZ .CERTIFIED 2 months ago

    Racist prick he got a problem wiv muslims

  • MC_Bust_A_Nut
    MC_Bust_A_Nut 2 months ago +2

    Why does she look depressed

  • Ry Doggg302
    Ry Doggg302 2 months ago

    My man said say somethin racist im weakkkk

  • sandro louro
    sandro louro 2 months ago

    This dude seems so god damn annoying. She musy be a saint for not stabbing him. Does he get paid to say homeboy 30x?

  • Allen Narvaez
    Allen Narvaez 2 months ago

    Dude is to much .. smh

  • phantom x
    phantom x 2 months ago

    I Love your fuckin Voice mate

  • IONUT Dragomir
    IONUT Dragomir 2 months ago

    Red yelloe and blue is romanian flag

  • Dumb Honk
    Dumb Honk 2 months ago

    They 100% f.cked.

  • Eric Martinson
    Eric Martinson 2 months ago

    You could've reduced the watermelon juice down into a syrup and then used that with the red layer.

  • albxlegand A
    albxlegand A 2 months ago

    4:41 wtf y he do dat


    Hate that girl she ruins the show with her neg aditude


    You are missing a few things... Injecting liq chocolate drops for the seeds for example. Take it to the next level baby.....

  • Karim Spahi
    Karim Spahi 2 months ago

    Dis man, iz da bomb !

  • Ayushmaan Agarwalla
    Ayushmaan Agarwalla 2 months ago

    the girl is so dumb

  • Štěpán Staněk
    Štěpán Staněk 2 months ago

    Do you even need the watermelon when it's just jello

  • HolyCody
    HolyCody 2 months ago

    She is like „can he already go?“

  • 박준영
    박준영 2 months ago

    Quiet brilliant!!

  • problems in the world
    problems in the world 2 months ago

    Both some hoes

  • istrebljivac kancera
    istrebljivac kancera 2 months ago

    Did every girl in your videos got f***ed with you?

  • Muizz Goolam
    Muizz Goolam 2 months ago

    Hate this kunt

  • Pikkabuu
    Pikkabuu 2 months ago

    Damn right I'm offended! That is not how you treat your sweetheart! You pour vodka nicely so that you don't waste it!

  • Tom Rauhe
    Tom Rauhe 2 months ago

    This is called sexual harassment, actually.

  • crisrag72
    crisrag72 2 months ago

    Ammazzelo quanto strilla però...

  • Gago Pala Co
    Gago Pala Co 2 months ago

    Im gonna try this

  • Keanna Amann
    Keanna Amann 2 months ago

    dude, she was not having that at all. i am too.

  • Andreas Gobert
    Andreas Gobert 2 months ago

    They are definitely filming a pornhub video after.

  • John Steiner
    John Steiner 2 months ago

    I hope you enjoy

  • John Steiner
    John Steiner 2 months ago

    Tutti Fruity Martini
    In tin
    4 ounces Stoli Vanilla Vodka (4 count)
    2 ounce Mellon liquor
    Splash of lime
    3 ounces of pineapple juice
    Shaken poured in martini 🍸
    Chambord poured on side of glass

  • John Steiner
    John Steiner 2 months ago

    Where do you guys film ?

  • Cara Hollander
    Cara Hollander 2 months ago

    did anyone else get vibes she was uncomfortable and annoyed most of the video, especially when he had his hands on her hips 🤔

  • Blaze Game
    Blaze Game 2 months ago

    Romanian flag

  • WolfCyborg
    WolfCyborg 3 months ago

    Wait could you replace the water with just vodka? So it's pure vodka jello?

  • 500 Niles
    500 Niles 3 months ago

    Lmao of course you’d eat the watermelon....

    Watermelon is delicious, duh.

  • Dreaded Ninja
    Dreaded Ninja 3 months ago

    You went alittle bill cosbyish at the end 😆

  • Doreen Tews
    Doreen Tews 3 months ago

    Cool idea! But is this guy obnoxious or what!

  • Dezire Taylor
    Dezire Taylor 3 months ago

    She not having it lmao

  • tevin stvalle
    tevin stvalle 3 months ago


  • Marasigan Jaypee
    Marasigan Jaypee 3 months ago

    ..Very rude that guy.

  • Kenny Garcia
    Kenny Garcia 3 months ago

    This guy is so annoying wtf

  • Madiynn Faith-huber
    Madiynn Faith-huber 3 months ago

    Take a shot every time he says home boy

  • Sorwa Soudy
    Sorwa Soudy 3 months ago

    Ooh I love all of you

    JUSTIN X 3 months ago

    Emma Stoned

  • Alvin Shaw
    Alvin Shaw 3 months ago

    She dont want to be there.

  • Shatoria Simmons
    Shatoria Simmons 3 months ago

    Don't invite her Back.... an seams like a pride! I love the Russian and Black Girl! those 2 together are sooooo cute!

  • Eddie Bambi Francis
    Eddie Bambi Francis 3 months ago

    She been working with him for 6 years, if she was offended or felt abused I'm sure she wouldve left..stfu

  • Samantha Rose
    Samantha Rose 3 months ago

    Shes ugly and skinny😐kept her hands in her her nasty stringy hair im sure her hair was in the jello yuck! Find a black woman next time

  • Michelle Mejia1984
    Michelle Mejia1984 3 months ago

    God he is so damn annoying and rude af

  • Harris Dexter
    Harris Dexter 3 months ago

    This is good for russians

  • Shaneka Madison
    Shaneka Madison 3 months ago

    Tipsy bartender how do u make the double melon bomb?

    A SIMS LOVER 4 months ago

    She's annoying! 😲

  • miniplayz
    miniplayz 4 months ago +1

    how many times does he say "HOMEBOY" ?

  • asiaashantee
    asiaashantee 4 months ago

    She’s lame

  • Mitsuki A
    Mitsuki A 4 months ago

    How many time needs this monster in the fridge?

  • princessjoy007
    princessjoy007 4 months ago

    She wack!!! 😒