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  • Published on Sep 9, 2016
  • We create a rainbow in a watermelon...Rainbow Watermelon Vodka Jello Shots
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    1 Watermelon
    Red Layer:
    2 Cups Hot Water
    Red Jello
    6 Packs of Gelatin
    1 Cup Strawberry Vodka
    Yellow Layer:
    2 Cups Hot Water
    Yellow Jello
    6 Packs of Gelatin
    1 Cup Citrus Vodka
    Blue Layer:
    2 Cups Hot Water
    Blue Jello
    6 Packs of Gelatin
    1 Cup Blue Raspberry Vodka

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Comments • 2 616

  • Lyci Gruner
    Lyci Gruner Day ago +2

    Tbh he is a little bit intense. I would be so uncomfortable around him. He doesn’t treat women right, as I’ve seen in his other videos. Not okay in my book.

  • Krista Gwynn
    Krista Gwynn 2 days ago

    “Say something racist I’ll cut you” I was laughing for 5 minutes.😂😂

  • GameBoyIndia
    GameBoyIndia 4 days ago

    And he fucked her after this video ... forcefully 🏇🏇🏇

  • Jello KuppASMR
    Jello KuppASMR 4 days ago

    Talking about how he's annoying and she seems annoyed. Do you know how long term couples act?? Lmao

  • ASMR Channel
    ASMR Channel 5 days ago

    HE’S SO ANNOYING 🙄🙄 do this alone next time please

  • Larisa Cherecheș
    Larisa Cherecheș 5 days ago

    By Roumanian 👍👍👍❤️ love you

  • Rakem Sykes
    Rakem Sykes 5 days ago

    She is very stale

  • Jayla Gunn
    Jayla Gunn 5 days ago

    She playing with her over the stuff

  • MEGA
    MEGA 5 days ago +1

    im watching at home and im uncomfortable

  • aldy veloz
    aldy veloz 6 days ago

    Yeah. His very annoying!

  • Milosc polski
    Milosc polski 6 days ago

    Заебал орать

  • R13Z11
    R13Z11 6 days ago

    She dose not like him

  • Marco Boyd
    Marco Boyd 7 days ago

    He is fukin annoying

  • savagelifestyle916 Smith

    Looks like he beats her daily

  • Eythan Rolle
    Eythan Rolle 8 days ago

    Bro is he Bahamian

  • Jamie Harris
    Jamie Harris 9 days ago +1

    His energy is always the same lol y'all are tripping... I would have a blast I think she's just uptight.

  • yal malok
    yal malok 9 days ago

    نعلك الله

  • Rachel Gonzales
    Rachel Gonzales 10 days ago

    It's an interesting video but couldn't get through it cuz the guy I know he's trying to be funny but he's just coming off as obnoxious sorry that's just my opinion

  • scricketball
    scricketball 10 days ago +1

    Except for the recipe, this was a terrible video. This guy is overbearing and he is lucky because I would have slapped the fack out of him

  • Dr. Maplesauce
    Dr. Maplesauce 11 days ago

    It smells like you farted ..... No...yes..LETS MAKE JELLO

    MaD々 STONER 12 days ago

    IAM high

  • Shay Tana
    Shay Tana 12 days ago

    She's hot

  • Thacterius the slav boi

    That's not a rainbow it'd the Romanian flag

  • Sam. F
    Sam. F 12 days ago +2

    Bartender: *HoMeBoI*

  • ThatnerdyKid Gaming
    ThatnerdyKid Gaming 13 days ago

    Bruhh why she acting like a b word lol but the homeboy just having fun lol

  • animetvcode
    animetvcode 13 days ago

    Eigentlich verstehe ich nicht englisch aber das schon 👍

  • ice bear pan pan
    ice bear pan pan 13 days ago

    I want watermelon

  • Big Eliot
    Big Eliot 14 days ago

    Wtf in America tuo have watermelon without seeds????? That's crazy

    • Big Eliot
      Big Eliot 10 days ago

      @scricketball yea but i don't think those watermelons are healthy

    • scricketball
      scricketball 10 days ago

      those are probably gmo seeds that make those watermelons

  • in the internet
    in the internet 14 days ago

    Are y reallly ?? Black y support lgbt???!y are man y think with yr mind

  • senthil kumar
    senthil kumar 14 days ago

    Chemical jelly, no watermelon.

  • bader ali
    bader ali 14 days ago +5

    So rude man and why is she uncomfortable!!

    • ureka 57
      ureka 57 2 days ago

      I know you dumb ass read the comments before commenting.

    • MEGA
      MEGA 5 days ago

      becose he is annoying and aggressive

  • Harry Coulthard
    Harry Coulthard 15 days ago


  • Stube Man
    Stube Man 16 days ago


  • Corinna Miranda
    Corinna Miranda 16 days ago +8

    He needs to stop saying “home boi” and he’s awkward, talks wayyyyy too much, just make the dam drank home boy!

  • shaeba zaman
    shaeba zaman 17 days ago

    Talented but very annoying :/

  • Yxng Ęśçøbær
    Yxng Ęśçøbær 17 days ago

    this guy is so damn annoying it makes me mad

  • I kick life's ass
    I kick life's ass 17 days ago +1

    Looks like a blacked video to me

  • BM
    BM 18 days ago

    The dude is already drunk...

  • Mauricio Glindrönn
    Mauricio Glindrönn 18 days ago

    Am I the only one bothered by her stirring counter clockwise

  • Jay Sanchez
    Jay Sanchez 18 days ago

    Take a shot every time he says “homeboy”

  • J
    J 18 days ago +1


  • G9 Ranjiplays
    G9 Ranjiplays 19 days ago +21

    Poor girl, You can look at her face and tell that shes uncomfortable because of the weird guy, like at 4:46 she was clearly not taking that as funny

    • Kira Bai
      Kira Bai 4 days ago

      Jello KuppASMR that’s true

    • Jello KuppASMR
      Jello KuppASMR 4 days ago +1

      This is how couples are. she doesn't feel the need to fake anything

    • Kira Bai
      Kira Bai 7 days ago +1

      G9 Ranjiplays they’ve been dating for a while, idk why when they do videos she looks so annoyed with him.

    DJ XMAN 19 days ago

    Red , yellow and blue is the Romanian flag. LoL

  • Shotgun sneezes24s
    Shotgun sneezes24s 19 days ago +1

    He seems like a registered sex offender

  • Brandon Harper
    Brandon Harper 19 days ago

    I’m tell you right now just from watching this video. That this piece of shot truly believes in hitting, controlling and more than likely raping women. Wanna be famous on TVclip being a piece of shot nagger is not going to be the way to achieve fame

  • baller on a budget
    baller on a budget 19 days ago

    We use to cut a hole on top of the melon and stick a bottle of everclear into it, and when it drained, cut and enjoy.

  • Webster Moore Payad
    Webster Moore Payad 19 days ago +3

    B L A C K E D

    • David47
      David47 10 days ago

      Looks like you know what happened after this..🤣

  • Uday Gupta
    Uday Gupta 19 days ago

    I don’t know abt the watermelon but they are gonna be hella drunk in the night

  • Dre
    Dre 19 days ago

    Every single time I watch one of his videos it’s so cringe. He’s such a misogynist, he ALWAYS treats the girl in the video like shit. It’s soo weird

  • Fahed Geravi
    Fahed Geravi 19 days ago

    why was it hard to watch

  • Mo'MoneyAce
    Mo'MoneyAce 20 days ago

    Why this dude so brutal

  • J.D.
    J.D. 20 days ago

    Way to play your black supremacist racebaiting card , you are the only racist here

  • TanakinSkywalker
    TanakinSkywalker 20 days ago

    He’s very annoying

  • Josh Price
    Josh Price 20 days ago

    This guy is like James Bond ... he gets more hot ass than a toilet seat

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 20 days ago

    You already know they fucked

  • Celly
    Celly 20 days ago

    “ I ain’t opening the fridge for you MAN UP! MAN UP!” I’m dead😂 3:33

  • Celly
    Celly 20 days ago +1

    1:55 😂

  • Lanai Clark
    Lanai Clark 20 days ago

    how long do you let the jello sit in the fridge to harden ?

  • Kaden s
    Kaden s 20 days ago

    Take a shot every time he says homeboy

  • ORLaNDoS
    ORLaNDoS 21 day ago

    So much drama

  • Drinix R
    Drinix R 21 day ago

    what is her instagram?

  • Alexis Gunther
    Alexis Gunther 21 day ago

    He is quite creepy

  • James Callahan
    James Callahan 22 days ago

    Guy has the personality of a 14 year old, and she has the personality of a door knob

  • Joker's Apprentice
    Joker's Apprentice 22 days ago

    Smile Emma for good sakes 😁

  • Overiide
    Overiide 22 days ago

    guy said looks like a muslim

  • Md Kamarussalihin Hj Shahrol Azman

    Hey man, respect the women. Dont embarrass her like that you stupid shit.

  • Metako aVara
    Metako aVara 23 days ago

    Yeah boy is You?

  • Pradhumn Raghava
    Pradhumn Raghava 23 days ago

    I don't know why but i think he likes watermelon

  • Doogo
    Doogo 23 days ago

    Bella figa sta qua

  • UN0 ZAE ツ
    UN0 ZAE ツ 23 days ago

    Strawberry home boy

  • Jibraan Ghani
    Jibraan Ghani 24 days ago +1

    Dnt invite her again
    She is no fun.

  • SMCpark
    SMCpark 25 days ago

    All 3.4k of those dislikes need to loosen their puckered up assholes lol

  • SMCpark
    SMCpark 25 days ago

    Black man
    eating watermelon
    threatening to cut me,
    A white man
    Classic 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Piyush Raut
    Piyush Raut 25 days ago

    I was expecting something..

    P. S. - Pornhub

  • Sergio Felix
    Sergio Felix 26 days ago +75

    These two have no connection what so ever she seems uncomfortable being around him

  • TheCameraLense
    TheCameraLense 26 days ago

    she would be good in a porno

  • kamza DC
    kamza DC 26 days ago

    I don't know why I'm watching this, it this homeboy guy is a bully poor girl didn't get the memo...homeboy

  • Imtiaz Fahim
    Imtiaz Fahim 27 days ago

    Your hired girl off the camera surely slapped you to a red chick on your black skin

  • Domenico Sardegna
    Domenico Sardegna 27 days ago

    After this video She got his sausages for sure 😂😁😂😁

  • VitoElPatimomo :_
    VitoElPatimomo :_ Month ago

    Poor girl:(

  • johny mangaang
    johny mangaang Month ago

    Man u r talented but u need some therapy.

  • Paige Gordon
    Paige Gordon Month ago +4

    I dunno why everyone's calling him annoying 😂😂 he's obviously just enjoying himself 🙏😂 lighten up people 😢😝

  • Ly. Exe
    Ly. Exe Month ago

    I can see him commiting a sex crime

  • Omraj Ramcharitar
    Omraj Ramcharitar Month ago

    He is annoying and obnoxious ... she should of slapped him everytime he embarrassed her... him what are you a 12 year.... her slapped him...shut up home boy

  • Borutoi Naruto
    Borutoi Naruto Month ago

    yo you know what...Marshall islands says HigH

  • Teen athletics
    Teen athletics Month ago

    This is The type of shit TVclip recommended me in the middle of the night

  • Eric Holland
    Eric Holland Month ago

    well she seems hella annoyed...

  • LaKesha Badger
    LaKesha Badger Month ago

    They should have mixed the watermelon 🍉 with the jello

  • Uditha Indunil
    Uditha Indunil Month ago

    Fot wierd feeling

  • forza juventus
    forza juventus Month ago

    i think she s just a chill person

  • Tasha Mkk
    Tasha Mkk Month ago

    She's a bit vampire ish😅😅😅

  • Dvani M
    Dvani M Month ago

    I kinda want to punch him in the head through out the whole video.

  • Don Pablo
    Don Pablo Month ago

    Part 2 on Pornhub

  • Prob_io
    Prob_io Month ago

    He crazzzy

  • Prob_io
    Prob_io Month ago

    Why ya yelling?

  • Hi sorry Bye
    Hi sorry Bye Month ago

    1:20 “say something racist I’ll cut u “

  • Folasko Music
    Folasko Music Month ago

    Hes not very gentle with the ladies. Annoying and douchy.

  • Ben Luvs Trains
    Ben Luvs Trains Month ago

    1:14 😂

  • 🍔Jack🍗
    🍔Jack🍗 Month ago

    I feel bad for her, this is why i dont like black men

  • smoke this
    smoke this Month ago

    I was like if i was him id take a fat chomp outta som watermel...chomp