The Truth... Lady Gaga Makeup Review

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm testing out Lady Gaga's new makeup line, Haus Laboratories! This Amazon exclusive release has several products and I'm trying them all to see what the tea is on the formula, packaging and price!
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  • Xee Arrr
    Xee Arrr 16 minutes ago

    I'm obsessed with her videos.
    I'm a new viewer and being viewing her videos since a month now.
    And I watch her atleast 1 video everyday
    Damn 💅👏

  • Jackie Gust
    Jackie Gust 23 minutes ago

    Babe you should do a review on melt cosmetics smoke session pallet. I think you would think it’s cool and I’d love to see what you think before I decide to purchase. They are sold in Sephora. 😘

  • Kaley Perez
    Kaley Perez 26 minutes ago

    You should do millie Bobby browns skin care line next

  • klenG klenG
    klenG klenG 57 minutes ago

    Hi Jeffree 💕💖
    Sending love from Philippines.

  • Jae Cae
    Jae Cae Hour ago

    Does he read are comments 👀🤔🥺

  • Amunet18
    Amunet18 Hour ago

    I would love to see Jeffree review Truly Organic products , I found them at ulta and they smell Delish want to know if they are worth my money XD Has anyone ever tried them before?

  • Marley Jasper
    Marley Jasper Hour ago +1

    Literally a straight 13 yr old guy and i couldnt care about makeup but jeffree can still make me sit through a 30 minute makeup review

  • LoveSick Blossom
    LoveSick Blossom 2 hours ago

    something that would fun and unique if a bunch of beauty gurus/ makeup artist do a kind of prank wars thing but makeup like there could be teams and challenges time limits sabotage and just in general fun and laughs i honestly would think that would be epic and worth watching also

  • Bum52887
    Bum52887 2 hours ago

    Oh my gosh, please do a funny ,ale up challenge with Rich Lux!

  • iam gremliana_69
    iam gremliana_69 2 hours ago

    Omg it's only been four days since I last checked and still no new video. Jeffree I hope you didn't die. I could use another one of your videos right now my life is stressful this week.

  • Onyx Rose Vlogs
    Onyx Rose Vlogs 2 hours ago

    Jeffree I had gotten done with waching the “The $20 Million Dollar Deal with Jeffree Star” video that Shane had uploaded on 10/18/2019 I wanted to share with you the comment that I had made on that video. I had stated Shane and you should collaborate on a new line of makeup that suits the needs for the Goth community for in which I am a part of. Also, I am willing to work with the both of you to make sure that the color scheme is good that it would attract other Goths out there.

  • Imogen Prins
    Imogen Prins 3 hours ago

    Madonna should create a make up brand... feel like the potential is endless....

  • Allie Hughes
    Allie Hughes 3 hours ago

    “If you’re not a packaging whore” fucking hell jeffree I love you lmao

  • Julie Mosher
    Julie Mosher 4 hours ago

    I just subscribed to your channel & Shane's as well. I'm loving this❣️💄💋

  • Chy Chy
    Chy Chy 4 hours ago

    Jefree please can you do a full face of Spirit Halloween makeup?!?!

  • Enji Curtindale
    Enji Curtindale 5 hours ago

    jeffrey should review k-beauty :(

  • Pasha Mulyk
    Pasha Mulyk 5 hours ago

    Gay ass nigga

  • Lucdreams21
    Lucdreams21 5 hours ago

    Those colors on your lips, girrrl. Simply, Divine💖

  • Kirsten Ornelas
    Kirsten Ornelas 5 hours ago

    Seriously wish I could find makeup that covers and doesn't make my skin worse. I'm legit allergic to wheat, not gluten, I can't touch wheat in a wheat field, eat wheat or anything that contains wheat or use products that contain wheat as I get hives and or blisters. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. I love watching your channel I'm at least learning how to apply makeup, ya my mom was not into it and never taught me so I'm learning more from my kids than I learned as a teen or adult myself lol. Not ashamed to admit that either. Just need some makeup that doesn't further trash my skin. I still have a few years left to not look wrinkled up and want to be able to wow my hubby and actually look good for once cuz my self confidence is trash dealing with health issues and skin issues. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance

  • Kailey Lynne
    Kailey Lynne 5 hours ago

    "How do we feel about green and gold"
    It's my school colors so I have to love them 😂😂 I got super excited about him doing the green and gold

  • Kirstin Bueno
    Kirstin Bueno 5 hours ago

    OMG I love you so much I. I fell in love with yiu when I was 15 I am now 25 turning 26 in feb and I still love you. Your a flipping Goddess.

  • Pillburrydoughboy Realdough

    This is the time for you to make music

  • Gucci Aly
    Gucci Aly 6 hours ago

    Who is hyped for Shane and Jeffrey pallette ❤️

  • Meo Xinh
    Meo Xinh 6 hours ago

    I see you on shanes channel, but I miss you 🥺🥺🥺

  • Jon Honesty
    Jon Honesty 6 hours ago

    Legendary ❤️❤️

  • Heidi Pedersen
    Heidi Pedersen 6 hours ago +1

    Is it only me or do you guys want to see Jeffree make a fruit makeup collection, like eyeshadow with the sent of like banana and it is a bright banana colour and lipstick with strawberry sent and strawberry colour. Heh probobly only me I guess

  • Rita Fuller
    Rita Fuller 6 hours ago

    Jeffree omg you should review Beauty Bakerie

  • Haley May
    Haley May 6 hours ago

    You should do a review on the foundation airbrush machine!

  • LaVioletaAmatista
    LaVioletaAmatista 7 hours ago +1

    Should have 10M views

  • kayleigh cleo
    kayleigh cleo 7 hours ago

    Hi Jeffree, I just want to let u know that their is a wonderful youtuber called diamond asmr she loves your cosmetics and talks about u alot on her channel if u have a 1 minute of your time to go check her out pls do ill tell u now she will be pleased 😊😊😊

  • Lucy Smitherman
    Lucy Smitherman 8 hours ago

    I just watched your reading hate comments and dont listen to them there jealous cause there not multimillion billionaires love you 💕💕

  • Gabe A. Maher
    Gabe A. Maher 8 hours ago

    That would be a cool tattoo

  • Kandis at 50
    Kandis at 50 8 hours ago

    I try to not like Jeffree , but I do 😎

    CLAUDIA NIETO-LUCIO 8 hours ago

    I just enjoy your videos!!!

  • jayne taylor
    jayne taylor 9 hours ago

    I’m in love with your nails xx

  • denise wilson
    denise wilson 10 hours ago

    whoever is reading this..have a awesome weekend..and as a smaller youtuber..keep grinding...i support back

  • Lauren Murphy
    Lauren Murphy 10 hours ago

    Yawn. Boring. Very NYX/MAC packaging. Next.

  • Cheyene Lewis
    Cheyene Lewis 11 hours ago


  • cricket
    cricket 11 hours ago

    You are awesome!

  • Serena Jade
    Serena Jade 11 hours ago

    Thank you for doing what you do and pushing through and for all the shit you went through you strived for what you deserve 🥰 what your worth your reason for being on this earth and entertaining ya creating Beauty for us

  • Olqa S
    Olqa S 11 hours ago

    Наши бы русские мужики пьяные,отхуячили такого))))

  • Jane Margaret McEachin
    Jane Margaret McEachin 12 hours ago

    Review Millie Bobby Brown's makeup line, Florence!!!!

  • caroline e
    caroline e 12 hours ago

    at 30:40.......ok show us a celeb u hate their products,,,,except for 'dita'.

  • Cristine O
    Cristine O 12 hours ago

    I really love the lipliner and gloss color combo on you I definitely would wear it! And im seriously thinking of getting some of those liquid eye shadows the colors you used. And I remember Lady Gaga perfume I had it and omg the color and everything is amazing to me .I Wear every day for all occasion till the bottle was extremely empty 😂

  • Hannah G
    Hannah G 12 hours ago

    review glossier makeup dkdjdk

  • Cristine O
    Cristine O 12 hours ago

    The liquid eye shadow looks amazing on you ,bold colors.

  • Skinny Legend
    Skinny Legend 12 hours ago


    ALLI KAYE NEALE 13 hours ago

    The face lace 👀👀👀🖤💯 Yess mama!! 💋💋

  • Abby Folden
    Abby Folden 13 hours ago

    Hi Jeffree, I was just wondering if you were going to review Tati’s new makeup line when it launches

  • grandma betty
    grandma betty 13 hours ago +1

    I hope he makes a fall pallete that consists of like reds and orangy browns and maybe a few that pop for the gallies that like to not be too subtle. ♥️♥️🧡🧡🐻🐻 Also he can maybe call it (the palatte) "I'm Falling For U" another idea would be to call one of the deeper reds"Adam's Apple" and another brown shade that is a bit more orange can be like "Spicy" as in like a pumpkin latte with different spices.

  • Lineth B
    Lineth B 14 hours ago

    Please review LMX make up 😊

  • Joe African
    Joe African 15 hours ago

    Lady gaga the satanist.

  • Sophie Laud
    Sophie Laud 15 hours ago

    Wish there was no fallout with too faced cause I would love to see the review on the gingerbread collection box out

  • Sophie Laud
    Sophie Laud 15 hours ago

    Jeffery is the only person I trust with reviews. Low-key look products up before I buy em to see if he’s reviewed. Love you Star thanks for making sure I don’t buy shitty products😂❤️💋

  • # CrazyWithGau
    # CrazyWithGau 15 hours ago

    Is something wrong with your right eye?

    • # CrazyWithGau
      # CrazyWithGau 12 hours ago

      Anna Cardoso try observing the right. Feel like some double eye lit sticker piece is poking or something

    • Anna Cardoso
      Anna Cardoso 13 hours ago


  • Thatgirl. Kourtney
    Thatgirl. Kourtney 15 hours ago

    i think jeffree should make a winter palette. i think he should call it (cold blood) or something like that. Just an Suggestion

  • exposure
    exposure 16 hours ago


  • Wenxin Liu
    Wenxin Liu 16 hours ago

    I need the new ASMR 🙇‍♀️please

  • Michael Jimenez
    Michael Jimenez 16 hours ago

    Hi Jeffree,
    I’m so sorry for your lost your dog and hopefully you come back on TVclip soon because I miss watching your videos and I just opinions and make up hopefully you’ll come back on TVclip soon.

  • army eats spaghetti lachimolala

    The Fame Parfum was my favorite when I was 15 😍