Fortune Favors the Lucky | Lunar Revel 2019 Skins Trailer - League of Legends

  • Published on Jan 28, 2019
  • Join Firecracker Sejuani, Firecracker Vayne, Lunar Wraith Sylas, and Coin Emperor Tahm Kench in celebrating the Year of the Pig!
    Lunar Revel returns to Summoner’s Rift from January 28, 2019, at 8:00 a.m. PT - March 4, 2019, at 11:59 p.m. PT. Learn more about the event details below, including missions, loot rewards, and new skins, including Firecracker Vayne Prestige Edition.
    #LunarRevel #YearOfThePig
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  • Ngochieu Tanguyen
    Ngochieu Tanguyen 3 days ago

    1:02 my heart......

  • SeroGrave
    SeroGrave 5 days ago

    That pig better be a limited time playable champ.
    Breaking everyone ankles from dodging everyone.

  • Victoria Renkema
    Victoria Renkema 5 days ago

    seems about right, 3 to kill sylas

  • ngo dat
    ngo dat 13 days ago


  • Mr. Never Wrong
    Mr. Never Wrong 21 day ago


  • Kevin Wang
    Kevin Wang Month ago

    Nice Video

  • Poseidon BroZeus
    Poseidon BroZeus Month ago

    So, can we play the pig?

  • deividas korsakas
    deividas korsakas Month ago

    Sylas would be dead much earlier if it would be in normal game, just saying

  • yolo harry
    yolo harry Month ago

    Cuuk mufi

  • Nasyonal Sosyalizm Türkiye

    pardona kabap kostümleri ne zaman gelicek her ırk var bi biz yokuz
    kebap costume

  • Black Jade
    Black Jade Month ago

    nice shot

  • Mirox Galaxy
    Mirox Galaxy Month ago

    "Fortuna fortus adviuat" fortune favorite the lucky is this a reference to john wick? Are we having a john wick skin???!!!

  • Syd-Matters
    Syd-Matters Month ago

    yo i thought i was listening to some chinese ad... then i realised im on youtube premium... i got sooo scared for a sec

  • Marcelo Varela
    Marcelo Varela Month ago

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  • Trung Boss
    Trung Boss Month ago

    Rito please restore Vladimir back to his former glory

  • OrdinaryBoii
    OrdinaryBoii Month ago

    report sejuani trying ks

  • Gail Hatherley
    Gail Hatherley Month ago

    Cool player in the world

  • Dadang Sulistiyo
    Dadang Sulistiyo Month ago

    Please add the name of the games in the video

  • Nightlorddemon gaming greek

    Wood division

  • rebecca cailon
    rebecca cailon Month ago

    Please add the name of the games in the video

  • Gabrielly Bernardo
    Gabrielly Bernardo Month ago

    You got tricked

  • Charles L. Howard
    Charles L. Howard Month ago

    I want to die I got a ali a ad

  • X Tch
    X Tch Month ago

    legends say he still there.?

  • Deborah Marinkovic
    Deborah Marinkovic Month ago

    he didn�t even ask if she was ok...sad?

  • yu qe
    yu qe Month ago

    i miss the fortnite content! Since i upload it

  • gabriel bernal
    gabriel bernal Month ago

    Ninja stop reporting people for them streem sniping you even if they killed you one time if it's twice then do it?

  • 侯硕哲
    侯硕哲 Month ago


  • Werlay Brinvert
    Werlay Brinvert 2 months ago

    Was sej always that stack?

  • Gosia Kuźniar
    Gosia Kuźniar 2 months ago

    Why they are bulling that pig ?

  • FyreNIzE
    FyreNIzE 2 months ago

    0:57 daughter?

  • Veroveren
    Veroveren 2 months ago +1

    that frog Kench was all i needed to see. take my money Rito

  • knox788o
    knox788o 2 months ago

    lovely music :)

  • PeppaPig
    PeppaPig 2 months ago

    riot should make merch and plushies of the cute pig in this video. Just like with the poros.

  • NarradorVL
    NarradorVL 2 months ago

    Vontade de comer bacon

  • Killer Frost
    Killer Frost 2 months ago

    Ayıp ama 1 vs 3 girilirmi tek kişiye

  • Feeluck
    Feeluck 2 months ago

    now i get the sejuani skin - its the year of the pig!
    also too bad they made vayne so few actual fireworks. all other firecracker skins are so more.. pyromaniac..

  • Andi Fatah
    Andi Fatah 2 months ago

    Isn't this the community's year.... The year of the pig

  • Sonan X
    Sonan X 2 months ago

    And so riot became pay to win by giving you extra arurf rerolls if you buy the pass with rp lol
    Also buying prestige makes you challenger

  • 赵智聪
    赵智聪 2 months ago

    峡谷养猪 很适合现在的绝食流养猪版本……

  • ZippiMC
    ZippiMC 2 months ago

    o boi

  • Panda's Records
    Panda's Records 2 months ago

    Caralho, nerfa isso KKKKKKK

  • Damsel Dasha ASMR
    Damsel Dasha ASMR 2 months ago


  • Жирная Моль
    Жирная Моль 2 months ago

    Стандартный игрок в лол на 0:04 который увидел новые скины и нихуя нового контента

  • 96589146
    96589146 2 months ago

    1:16 is the current state of vayne's lategame

  • suzzette lumbay
    suzzette lumbay 2 months ago

    What a cute pig!

  • suaw beo
    suaw beo 2 months ago

    ai bik tên nhạc trong trailer ko~~

  • Erica Souza
    Erica Souza 2 months ago

    Gostei do da história só não dos gráficos das personagens

  • Julio Silva
    Julio Silva 2 months ago

    original song pliz

  • kimhock C
    kimhock C 2 months ago

    They should do Twisted Fate throwing red packets

  • 顾Jaleel
    顾Jaleel 2 months ago +1

    happy Chinese NEW year🐷

  • Unsub2Masskill
    Unsub2Masskill 2 months ago

    what did i watch

  • Frederik Steffensen
    Frederik Steffensen 2 months ago


  • Egan Leong
    Egan Leong 2 months ago

    Vayne is thiccc

  • ITSME hello
    ITSME hello 2 months ago

    that redundant title...

  • Dũng Minh
    Dũng Minh 2 months ago

    Chúc mừng năm mới Kỷ Hợi ^^

  • Albert Markiewicz
    Albert Markiewicz 2 months ago

    Imagine Sylas actually using his ult

  • Help Skarner and Warwick pls

    help skarner

  • Djdjidd Jxdj
    Djdjidd Jxdj 2 months ago

    rakan nerf are you serious

  • safwaia
    safwaia 2 months ago

    akari and iburin?

  • Politically Incorrect Brontosaurus

    Wait, Sejuani has some huge badonkalonkers, I just realised.

  • Rain Margaret
    Rain Margaret 2 months ago

    Is it just me or I just see Vayne as the Chinese new year version of kda akali?

  • Faiv
    Faiv 2 months ago +6

    Vayne and Sejuani is hella thick

  • Fozi Ace
    Fozi Ace 2 months ago

    Pay to win hundred percent sure

  • ᄆᄆᄂᄆᄆᄂᄋ
    ᄆᄆᄂᄆᄆᄂᄋ 2 months ago +1


  • jonny
    jonny 2 months ago


  • Mohammad Hamshari
    Mohammad Hamshari 2 months ago

    WTF is that frame at 0:13

  • Dendran Gardner
    Dendran Gardner 2 months ago

    Oh great, a pig riding a pig!
    ...wait, how did this joke go again?

  • XxCherryT21xX
    XxCherryT21xX 2 months ago

    Poor Sylas; of course the newbie gets ganged up on and picked on :(

  • dead channel
    dead channel 2 months ago +15

    2017: Azir (Chicken year)
    2018: Warwick + Nasus (Dog year)
    2019: Twitch (Mouse year)
    2020: Alistar (maybe) (Buffalo year)
    2021: Rengar (or Nidalee) (Tiger Year)
    2022: Nidalee (or Rengar) (Cat Year)
    2023: A.Sol or Shyvana (Dragon Year)
    2024: Cassiopeia VGU skin rework maybe (Snake Year)

    • 你仿佛在刻意逗我笑
      你仿佛在刻意逗我笑 Month ago

      +江水竭 这是个越南人,越南把兔年换成猫年了.

    • dead channel
      dead channel 2 months ago

      +江水竭 there was no rabbit year tbh

    • 江水竭
      江水竭 2 months ago +1

      after the tiger year is not cat year, it is the rabbit year. no cat in Lunar calendar sry XD

  • Hà Nguyễn
    Hà Nguyễn 2 months ago

    Việt Nam ơi

  • Chinese Chair
    Chinese Chair 2 months ago +15

    Their Sylas: 0:46
    Our Sylas : 1:17

  • 점화
    점화 2 months ago

    Pig so cute

  • L4stM4nSt4nd1ng Yasuo
    L4stM4nSt4nd1ng Yasuo 2 months ago

    RIOT please make a film about league :) ty

  • dimitris liapakis
    dimitris liapakis 2 months ago

    Fortune perma bans the brave

  • Yuki GEKYUME
    Yuki GEKYUME 2 months ago

    pay to win game...skins give more CDR apparently

  • MVP_KZ
    MVP_KZ 2 months ago

    Nice :)

  • denz Seten
    denz Seten 2 months ago

    wish my team could dodge as well as that pig.....

  • Senpo
    Senpo 2 months ago

    It's funny how it took 3 of them and a pig to beat one guy.

  • shockedftw
    shockedftw 2 months ago

    well done!!!!

  • Mark Law
    Mark Law 2 months ago

    why is sejuani this fat lol

  • Rico O' Rourke
    Rico O' Rourke 2 months ago

    heeeeeeeey i liked this! i like that intro in the Chinese styled building, and how it transitioned to the rift and a VERY nice depiction of Tahm kench's stomach endless size 'not for gragas though lel' This was a good skin trailer!

  • steven badger
    steven badger 2 months ago


  • Philipp Kunze
    Philipp Kunze 2 months ago

    the developers of these skins poured all of their fantasies into this. this is definitely an upgrade to sejuanis base skin lmao

  • Coco Puffs
    Coco Puffs 2 months ago

    That Sylas must be bronze...

  • Sapphire
    Sapphire 2 months ago

    Happy Chinese New Year!!!

  • Infinite6host
    Infinite6host 2 months ago

    I love the music this was a really good video I think so yes I do!

  • Peter Zhao
    Peter Zhao 2 months ago

    This is vn's best skin ever.

  • sShaner
    sShaner 2 months ago

    I hope they know thats not how their game works. Its not urf

  • INC IzzAll
    INC IzzAll 2 months ago

    1:23 I see Sej's under pants!

  • MrHefe
    MrHefe 2 months ago

    1:16 Iron 5 Tahm Kench supports be like

  • Horse_Relish75
    Horse_Relish75 2 months ago

    1:17 - 1:21
    Unedited Vayne game-play

  • Christopher Marsh
    Christopher Marsh 2 months ago

    This was actually a REALLY good video :D.

  • Haibrayn42
    Haibrayn42 2 months ago

    eating vayne hmmmm

  • Trim Prism
    Trim Prism 2 months ago +46

    Report Sylas split pushing 1v3 feeding Vayne

  • 千岁假子
    千岁假子 2 months ago

    Chinese New Year has a far-reaching history of over 3,800 years. The origin of the festival can be traced back to the worshiping activities in China’s ancient agrarian society. The date for the ceremony wasn’t fixed till the Han Dynasty (202 BC - 220 AD), when Emperor Wudi commanded to use the lunar calendar. From its ancient origins in Shang Dynasty (17th century BC - 1046 BC) to present day, the festival has several names such as Yuanchen, Yuanri and Yuandan.

  • 千岁假子
    千岁假子 2 months ago

    happy Chinese new year guys, good luck

  • lumtaroc
    lumtaroc 2 months ago

    FIX KAYN'S LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SGpro 42:00
    SGpro 42:00 2 months ago


  • Foreign Baguette
    Foreign Baguette 2 months ago

    And thus, vayne learned how to Q properly

  • VanVan
    VanVan 2 months ago

    0:55 Vore