Sasha Banks ambushes Natalya during interview: Raw, Aug. 19, 2019

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
  • The Boss targets The Queen of Harts for the second time in as many weeks.
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Comments • 2 787

  • Buriza Do Kyanon
    Buriza Do Kyanon 3 days ago

    Nattie is always being underappreciated
    I kinda love her character but I don't understand why most don't love her

  • carmella fabulous
    carmella fabulous 4 days ago +1

    this sasha banks and a coward bang natalya with white In fax. 😠😠👊👊

  • carmella fabulous
    carmella fabulous 4 days ago +1

    essa sasha e uma covarde.😠👊

  • Pups Singers
    Pups Singers 8 days ago

    I hate YOU SASHA

  • Venus Akakpo
    Venus Akakpo 10 days ago


  • اياد عودة
    اياد عودة 10 days ago

    كفو يا حلو

  • canal da Thata
    canal da Thata 11 days ago

    alguém do Brasil

  • Aljur Anaya
    Aljur Anaya 14 days ago

    sasha banks loser natalya winner

  • Maiyah Kashi
    Maiyah Kashi 17 days ago

    “go to hell nattie, and tell your daddy i said hi.” OH 😮

  • giorgi gagua
    giorgi gagua 17 days ago

    i love you sasha end natalya🥺🤭😐😐😐💕❤️

  • Nova Alcyone4920
    Nova Alcyone4920 17 days ago

    I like Sasha as a heel but I hate how they are portraying Natalie as a whip it’s awful and it sucks, don’t make her weak and a cry baby come on

  • Monica ortiz ROBLOX PLAYER

    I think she is another lita

  • Mitchell A
    Mitchell A 17 days ago

    "Go tell hell Nattie, and tell your daddy I said hi."
    Wow...just wow.

  • Marcel Warren
    Marcel Warren 18 days ago +1

    Wow! That....was some old skool NWA interrupt there boyyyyy!!! Yeah, let's get back to the way it used to be!

  • james sanchez
    james sanchez 18 days ago

    This labor day Sasha 😣 why did she's do that? We its gone crazy. Beaten up attackong oh my god!

  • james sanchez
    james sanchez 18 days ago

    Oh Jesus Christ what the hell ?

  • Lainie Woods
    Lainie Woods 19 days ago +2

    This is all so fake 😂😂😂❤️

  • Alexis Kinsey
    Alexis Kinsey 20 days ago

    Poor Nattie

  • Nikolai Nixon
    Nikolai Nixon 20 days ago

    All hail heel Sasha!!! 😍😍🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Tita Obasan
    Tita Obasan 20 days ago

    I wish sasha banks fired in WWE😡😡😡😡 Bayley is the champion not sasha banks

  • Tita Obasan
    Tita Obasan 20 days ago

    Goooo!!!! To HELL Sasha banks

  • Tita Obasan
    Tita Obasan 20 days ago

    Hey sasha banks why you abuse a child you like an EVIL😠😠😠😠😈😈😈 Because your fluty You abuse a child

  • Katelynn3nn W.
    Katelynn3nn W. 21 day ago

    Well natty deserves it she was really rude when Sasha left soo

  • Christopher Lawlor
    Christopher Lawlor 21 day ago

    I thought she said one year to the day last week, now it’s nearing to the death.. 🙄🧐

  • gamer fanasylover
    gamer fanasylover 21 day ago

    I like the old sasha banks

  • Mega LP
    Mega LP 21 day ago

    If this are High heels the last Kick Hurts a lot

  • אסף אבקסיס
    אסף אבקסיס 22 days ago

    Why Sasha banks do that to Nuttallia ???

  • Vigos0101 Eimher0101
    Vigos0101 Eimher0101 22 days ago

    pilay pilay lagi si natalya pero di nagkaka injury hahahaha

  • Jeffree Trent
    Jeffree Trent 23 days ago


    sahsa: " ya ah ya ah ya ah ya ah "

  • Saksham Jalan
    Saksham Jalan 23 days ago

    If WWE tries to turn Bayley heel , They should think of reuniting the four horsewomen as Becky,Charlotte,Sasha,Bayley as a heel force would be amazing with Becky as Raw womens Champion and Bayley as Smackdown Womens Champion. Do it Vince

  • Nevaeh Dunlap
    Nevaeh Dunlap 23 days ago

    Ok heel Sasha I see you you coming thru 😂 but fr tho her fit was on 💯

  • Kaelyn Mitchell
    Kaelyn Mitchell 23 days ago

    She is a Bully

    • JWF
      JWF 16 days ago +1

      I’d let Sasha bully me whenever she wants. 😍

  • Nikola BOSS
    Nikola BOSS 24 days ago

    Natalia should work on her nose

  • Phat Cat
    Phat Cat 24 days ago

    Natalya: "It's been one week.."

  • bradley oliver
    bradley oliver 24 days ago +1

    I love the new Sasha

  • Brooklynn Jefferson
    Brooklynn Jefferson 24 days ago

    I hate you sasha if I was a wrestler, I would beat up so bad

  • Kastriot Morina
    Kastriot Morina 25 days ago +1


  • Logy Ashraf
    Logy Ashraf 25 days ago

    I hate sasha

  • Elyssa Orona
    Elyssa Orona 25 days ago

    Sasha is Rude and I would’ve got mad at her for saying that because my dad died to and it hit me hard

  • Allehya Summers
    Allehya Summers 25 days ago

    That is so disrespectful how she gon talk about her dad father
    Day if sumbi started talking about your dead mother then it would be a problem
    She going to hell for making fun if dead people

  • Boucheta Manel
    Boucheta Manel 25 days ago +1

    I love you natalya

  • carter dean
    carter dean 25 days ago

    Ahaha I GET IT NATTIE RHYMES WITH DADDY 🤣🤣 LOVE THAT FOR HER (totally being sarcastic) but it does rhyme 🥴😭

  • Jacob Means
    Jacob Means 25 days ago

    They need to give sasha the title back, like for her to have raw womens title, comment for her to have smackdown womens title, id rather her have smackdown title, and become the 2nd grandslam champion.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 26 days ago

    Fake acting.

  • dhansen54321
    dhansen54321 26 days ago

    Nattie knows what she did to Sasha - a Boss never forgets.

  • Pee Boy
    Pee Boy 26 days ago

    i can't believe i just saw racism on WWE

  • Putra Koeswanto
    Putra Koeswanto 26 days ago

    We want sasha!!!

  • Cooltails X
    Cooltails X 26 days ago

    i am shock now thank u for Sasha banks not retireing dang and Sasha called nattie a cry baby Sasha know what to say

  • Nicholas O'Brien
    Nicholas O'Brien 26 days ago

    Nattis is ugly.

  • starfish 19
    starfish 19 26 days ago

    Lol, this was funny and Natalya is awesome when she cuts these victim face promos. She is just amazing.

  • Haydee Esplej
    Haydee Esplej 26 days ago


  • Ammiraglio Shirohanta
    Ammiraglio Shirohanta 27 days ago +6

    Can we have that every week, someone just beating up cat Nattie, I enjoy that, makes Raw 10 times better

  • Berkan Aygün
    Berkan Aygün 27 days ago +1

    The boss sasha banks

  • nerma sabdani
    nerma sabdani 27 days ago

    Shasha banks is now annoying 👎👎👎

  • shotgun darling
    shotgun darling 27 days ago

    I am analisa from the start which means im the best which means I'm better you hear that Sasha banks

  • The Fiend
    The Fiend 27 days ago +7

    50% of comments: Sasha Banks "Tell daddy I said hi" remark
    50% other

  • wwemrpeeps85
    wwemrpeeps85 27 days ago

    To far

  • Sports Newz
    Sports Newz 27 days ago +1

    Did anyone notice WELCOME TO ........ PAUL

  • Emmanuel
    Emmanuel 27 days ago +16

    The go to hell line tell your daddy I said hi 😱😱😱 disrespectful 😵

  • Xavier Mejia
    Xavier Mejia 27 days ago

    F you sasha go to hell