Chocolate Sponge with Fresh Ginger - Gordon Ramsay

  • Published on Feb 6, 2014
  • This unbeatable combination of chocolate and ginger is sweet and a bit spicy. Perfect for dinner parties, perfect for Valentine's Day... a really great recipe.
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  • Mqtijas Nahh
    Mqtijas Nahh 2 hours ago


  • Mercy Tan
    Mercy Tan 7 hours ago

    Ok, but why ginger tho?

  • Sorest
    Sorest 2 days ago

    when u see a cute girl 5:35

  • muhummad ahmad
    muhummad ahmad 3 days ago

    The word Honey was invented in 2015
    People in 2014 its golden syrop

  • Karen M
    Karen M 4 days ago +2

    when he's not screaming I'm a stupid sandwich he is seducing me and moaning while covering a sponge with chocolate ganache.

    • pgb 1
      pgb 1 4 days ago

      makes meh horneh

  • Dragon S
    Dragon S 5 days ago

    Horrible idea to watch this after Washing your teeth

  • Justin Dabber
    Justin Dabber 5 days ago

    Oahhhh oahhhh oahhhhh more oahhhhhhhh

  • Brenda Yokum
    Brenda Yokum 6 days ago

    Is golden syrup honey

  • Ron DXB
    Ron DXB 6 days ago

    I wish I have all the money to buy all the ingredients and the equipment too.. Shame life

  • Jai Saksii
    Jai Saksii 6 days ago

    I absolutely just love you . love how humble you are when it comes to south east asian cuisine. @cookinwithcomfort

    HIRAN S 6 days ago

    I make better cake😅

  • Kate Whiteman
    Kate Whiteman 6 days ago

    He's simply incredible. Always.
    These videos always relax me.

  • Ana Larra
    Ana Larra 7 days ago


  • Dhanisha Niyaz
    Dhanisha Niyaz 7 days ago +1

    Excellent recipe! Perfect measurements for the sponge cake! Made this cake thrice and came out super soft and moist like in the video. Thank you Gordon Ramsay for sharing your recipes. My family really loved this cake.

  • Richard Fuster
    Richard Fuster 8 days ago

    gordan ill give your for8 over 10

  • Guru ji’s Kaur Let’s change the world

    Not even the comments
    Gordon: ITS RAW

  • Tiến Đạt Trần

    Gordon make a giant choco pie, cool

  • Painted Pens
    Painted Pens 10 days ago

    It's nice to see the guy cook without screaming all the time.
    (Kitchen Nightmares)

  • Peter Borzillo
    Peter Borzillo 11 days ago

    Skip to 0:0 for the actual recipe

  • Athip Limcharoen
    Athip Limcharoen 11 days ago

    Gordon: Chop the chocolate up very THINLY so it melt quickly
    Me: saw you put many VERY big chunks of chocolate in the world
    What do you mean, Gordon? :^\

  • Thilini
    Thilini 11 days ago

    oh dear!

  • Fe Ga
    Fe Ga 12 days ago

    I love the way you introduce the food.and the way you cook is remarkable. God bless you.

  • Pong Padour
    Pong Padour 12 days ago

    Lousy cake! Hahaha

  • Pong Padour
    Pong Padour 12 days ago

    Ginger?!?! Are you bloody serious?! The fvck outta here Gordon!!! Shut it down!!!!!LOL

  • Joseph Bates
    Joseph Bates 12 days ago +1

    I feel like he is super nice but when it comes cooking he wants the best of the chiefs around him

  • Another One
    Another One 13 days ago +3

    Ramsey having orgasms while cooking is the best thing ever😂

  • The Gunslinger
    The Gunslinger 13 days ago

    Did he call honey.... golden syrup?

  • Allan Xavi
    Allan Xavi 15 days ago

    Awesome. Its a excellent cake sr. 😂 greetings...

  • DoctorX17
    DoctorX17 15 days ago

    God, I need to stop watching these, I want to eat all the things

  • Michael Crespo
    Michael Crespo 16 days ago

    Wait, we never see him eat it.
    Who eats it? Does he eat it after?

  • Nikita Zonin
    Nikita Zonin 16 days ago


  • Mzhe Teo
    Mzhe Teo 16 days ago +1

    This person looks promising

  • Pranjal Gogoi
    Pranjal Gogoi 17 days ago +1

    Is that chocopie?

  • Radion
    Radion 17 days ago +1

    You didn't season it

  • Yau Chee Yuen
    Yau Chee Yuen 17 days ago

    Whipped cream and ginger in house: incredible
    Whipped cream and ginger in masterchef: THIS IS WHAT I GET IN MASTERCHEF!!??

  • Hadi 6867
    Hadi 6867 17 days ago

    The diabetic recipe

  • Frosty Frosta
    Frosty Frosta 17 days ago

    Its bland! Why is it not seasoned with pepper?!

  • Sarah Baker
    Sarah Baker 18 days ago

    I should have married a world class chef👀😍 Even if I didn't love him!!😂😂😂🙌🏻

    • No Name
      No Name 16 days ago

      You gold digging asshole. I feel bad for your husband/boyfriend.

  • Hugo Valdez
    Hugo Valdez 18 days ago

    - Fucking Delicious

  • Grand Chariot
    Grand Chariot 18 days ago

    Im not finish

    UNBREAKABLE - 19 days ago

    *I* watch to try, learn, and do. Careful before you go off and say *everyone* I'll beat you thoroughly.

  • GG 1
    GG 1 19 days ago

    You look really young in your profile picture

  • Wonders of Armwrestling

    How many grams of eggs did he put in?

  • Kenneth Wood
    Kenneth Wood 20 days ago +1

    When he is handling the cake its like he’s handling a snake

  • Summer XoXo
    Summer XoXo 20 days ago

    Noice big dollop

  • Raquel Santos
    Raquel Santos 20 days ago

    🤤🤤🤤 look delicious

  • M- Jyng
    M- Jyng 20 days ago

    0:00 eks,suga,bata' :V

  • Maniac _15
    Maniac _15 20 days ago +3

    My dream was to become a professional chef, can't wait the time that Gordon will taste the food I cook.

  • Unit G
    Unit G 20 days ago

    Obesity has joined the chat!

  • Will_ Graham18
    Will_ Graham18 21 day ago

    Fuckinell want some cake with your cream?

  • inivas ahgnisabus
    inivas ahgnisabus 21 day ago +15

    * smells the cake *

  • Liliya Liliya
    Liliya Liliya 22 days ago

    Как же он хорошо! Великолепный Гордон Рамзи!) Браво! Bravo!

  • Enexus Videos
    Enexus Videos 22 days ago

    Jack: Nicee

  • Skyler
    Skyler 23 days ago +7

    Me: trying to make a nice cereal without burning the hole town
    Gordon: makes something that discribes perfectly the word or perfection

  • LogiixR6
    LogiixR6 23 days ago +2

    5:37 Gordon when he spreads his wife’s cheeks

  • Sliner
    Sliner 23 days ago +1

    Chef José Ramón se queda pendejo ante la pasión de gordon al cocinar

  • Ludwin Chavez
    Ludwin Chavez 25 days ago


  • Dark Flora69
    Dark Flora69 25 days ago

    It’s gorgeous 💕

  • Genericão
    Genericão 25 days ago

    he talks like he's having an orgasm

  • Brayden Kochut
    Brayden Kochut 25 days ago

    That’s a big ass Oreo