How To Write A Great Ending

  • Published on Feb 16, 2018
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  • Commando Boss
    Commando Boss 9 hours ago

    Dodge this.

  • David Perez Rodriguez

    How about the ending of the Return of the King?

  • Tanita Ross-Cady

    I'm writing an ending to a story right now and I found this very helpful. Thank you.

  • Idfk tbh I want to kms ,

    Well the ending of the Matrix trilogy definitely didn’t have a great ending

  • Doug Moore
    Doug Moore 9 days ago

    Strongly disagree wth criticism of ending of Casino Royal. The ending was structured as the novel, and was a major need to the story, even though it went against usual Hollywood story structure.

  • Jagraj Wasan
    Jagraj Wasan 12 days ago

    Casino Royale is great. Didn't like LOTR.

  • Arthur -
    Arthur - 13 days ago

    Wait Sean Bean dies ? :O

  • Bergamote McDonald
    Bergamote McDonald 13 days ago

    Boromir "A BAD MAN"
    How dare you.

  • tsz long wong
    tsz long wong 15 days ago


  • VoorheesTV
    VoorheesTV 16 days ago

    1:56 Ever heard of a "fake ending"? That's what makes it so good: Make the audience think that the hero is safe, and the enemy has been defeated. Then turn everything upside down, dragging them back into the horror.

  • Corcon
    Corcon 22 days ago

    It's a poor ending because there isn't a reason why Neo becomes "The One". He just decides not to die. It's as simple and stupid as Captain Marvel's ending where Danvers decides to stand up, and that's how she overcomes her challenges in life. She stands up. Well, I'll take that with me to work and whenever a client decides to dump me, I'll stand up. When an asshole swears at me on the road, I'll pull over, step out, and stand up. When I fall out of my chair, I'll stand up. In the Matrix, when I die, I'll decide not to. A good ending gives good substance to the resolution of the conflict. That's why Return of the Jedi has the best ending. Also, I've been using SpareFace for my personal eyesight. It's always good to have another face to see with.

  • DerKiesch
    DerKiesch 27 days ago

    Interesting that you mention LotR but don't mention the endlessly dragging end of Return of the King. I REALLY REALLY enjoy that series. Especially the third one. But boy that ending was LONG.

  • Faisal Saeed
    Faisal Saeed 27 days ago

    The whole point about Casino Royale was that he was double-crossed. It was not a sub-plot - that was the plot! That was the incident that shaped him and his emotionless character in later movies.

  • Renato Antonio Enriquez

    With all due respect, if you think the crux of Casino Royale’s story is defeating Le Chiffre in a poker game, you fundamentally misunderstand the theme and subject if the film. It’s the crux of Bond’s mission, not the story of the film.

  • Wreck-It Rolfe
    Wreck-It Rolfe 28 days ago

    Isn't there well over ten minutes of fim after the death of Boromir?

  • TheKersey475
    TheKersey475 29 days ago +1

    To Rule 1, I'd counter-argue that having the story end too soon after (or even at) the climax would make the ending way too abrupt (like suddenly coming to a full stop from full speed). A dénouement is very important for wrapping up any important dangling plot threads in the aftermath while letting the story momentum gradually come to a steady ending.

  • Frank Parker
    Frank Parker Month ago

    Have a memorable ending. Hint a 1 minute and 57 seconds ad is not a memorable ending, it's an insult.

  • Ngcebo Khomo
    Ngcebo Khomo Month ago

    John Wick 3 also has a perfect ending!!

  • Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling

    i disagree about Casino Royale. the films ending is perfect BECAUSE of what happens when La cheef is killed. You ne er see what comes next and youre drawn more into the espionage world and its motto TRUST NO ONE

  • Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling

    absolutely right about Matrix

  • multiversal Oliveira
    multiversal Oliveira Month ago +3

    They followed the simple rule of the universe to make a good film, hired keanu reeves.

  • LDT Productions
    LDT Productions Month ago +1

    It seems only fitting that I Got an ad from Masterclass.

  • Snakily Jones
    Snakily Jones Month ago

    gottta say I disagree with this dude a lot

  • White Blogger Black Specs

    To be fair, the scripts for _Casino Royale, The Fellowship of the Ring,_ and _The Silence of the Lambs_ are based on novels, so literature takes it's time in that format. The Matrix's isn't based on literature, and is science fiction, much more flexible for bending the rules

  • w9j15g
    w9j15g Month ago

    A movie with a great ending is "The Dead Zone" (based on a Stephen King novel). Not only is it very memorable, but the climatic scene is also the final scene.

  • Jr Beans
    Jr Beans Month ago

    This happens in the Dark Knight and Return of the king. But I'd argue that the Dark Knight somehow gets away with the second ending

  • Tahsin Ahmed
    Tahsin Ahmed Month ago

    The thing with Casino Royale is although most movies stretch out the ending and audiences get bored Casino Royale actually keeps the viewers intrigued. The villain dying mid way through the movie and ending the movie right in the next scene would have been very anticlimactic as Bond succeeds in his mission and rides of into the sunset while the audiences would be sitting in their seats and scratching their heads. The actual ending shows Bond succeeding but at what cost, the cost is Vesper's betrayal and Bond's first lesson that he isn't just fighting one guy he is going up against an organisation which is Spectre.

  • John Mandrake
    John Mandrake Month ago

    this is actually brilliant advice. Thank you!

  • Xenon
    Xenon Month ago

    Infinity war had a better ending :/

  • Samantha Cross
    Samantha Cross Month ago

    I love a good SHUT DOWN. Build up this massive fight and just have one kill the other in a rage so easily and almost instantly.

  • Samuel Peterson
    Samuel Peterson Month ago

    At 5:00 what is that song. I know that song. I just can’t remember WHERE IVE HEARD KT BEFORE AND IVE LOOKED EVERYWHERE

  • Da BackBone
    Da BackBone Month ago

    Yo the first matrix credits caught me off guard

  • t mac
    t mac Month ago

    William Goldman called it running for the curtain.

  • Rgx Rgx
    Rgx Rgx Month ago

    Rouge one is a good ending with darth vader

  • King H
    King H Month ago

    Funny how Matrix 1 ended perfectly and Matrix 3 undid all that good will.

  • Timothy White
    Timothy White Month ago

    Once every person watching the ending scene gets a huge chill down their spine. You know it's good.

  • GamingWithWolfy 1223

    i like the inception background music

  • EliteRetribution
    EliteRetribution 2 months ago

    8:54 I thought that was the Shrek theme

  • Amaranthus616
    Amaranthus616 2 months ago

    That Inception one kinda kills the question....the spinning top begins to wobble, that happens in reality. In the dreams it eternally spins on the spot....

  • Brandon Letkeman
    Brandon Letkeman 2 months ago

    Casino Royale's main objective is not to defeat Le Chiffre, the film intentionally comes to what seems like the end prematurely so that you can get caught off guard alongside Bond and understand how the betrayal caused him to become the character we know from the rest of the series. Him and Le Chiffre barely know each other, he's just the fourth bad dude that Bond has to get rid of on his way to figuring out who's behind everything and it isn't him, Le Chiffre's just another bady that got caught in a financial bind so was forced into a risky game of Poker. Admittedly it is jarring for the audience and there isn't quite the momentum you'd hope for by the time she drowns, but it isn't due to the order of things.

  • BC LR
    BC LR 2 months ago

    I think you got the casino royale ending off.

  • Enes Mert KAHRAMAN
    Enes Mert KAHRAMAN 2 months ago

    The movie has the worst ending is law-abiding citizin no contest

  • FarSouth
    FarSouth 2 months ago

    John wick 3

  • will 37
    will 37 2 months ago

    I would say rocky do the best job on rule 2 especially the 2nd one

  • Igor
    Igor 2 months ago +3

    Does this apply to Tv-series? I want to show this video to my friends, their names are David Benioff and D.B Weiss

  • Derek Holcomb
    Derek Holcomb 2 months ago

    And the end of Return Of The King rambled FOREVER!!! It’s still ending

  • Alex Lambson
    Alex Lambson 2 months ago +1

    How do you make money off your videos without geting copy righted...?

  • Paint Everything
    Paint Everything 2 months ago

    I wonder if these rules apply to Anime and Manga as well
    I'd love to see a video from you braking down an anime for example, if you're an anime fan ofc
    Cuz I have a manga in the works and I'd really like to see your opinion on anime in general
    Love your vids man
    You're helpin' me a lot

  • Aaron Vause
    Aaron Vause 2 months ago

    7:06 anyone else notice that the angent's desert eagle ejected a full bullet rather than just the casing?

  • ShrekHarambe_702
    ShrekHarambe_702 2 months ago +1

    Joe and Anthony Russo watched this video when making infinity war and endgame

  • X Daisyfalls X
    X Daisyfalls X 2 months ago

    You just spoiled Casino Royale for me!

  • THE Scratchyscratch!
    THE Scratchyscratch! 2 months ago

    I like endings that destroy my life for two weeks straight lol

  • Surannhealz
    Surannhealz 2 months ago

    The Matrix is just a great movie all around. It hit so many separate elements, but pulled them all together very naturally. It really was no surprise that the sequels were no where near as was an impossible task. Like fitting all of Avatar The Last Airbender into an hour & 43 minutes. It was a doomed fate before it started.

  • Adam Ebsworth
    Adam Ebsworth 2 months ago

    FotR was the first film i verbally cheered on a character ( Aragorn vs Lurtz) I was so pisses boromir died

  • Gurpinder Sohal
    Gurpinder Sohal 2 months ago

    North by Northwest had a great ending, where all the plot points are resolved within a minute on Mount Rushmore.

  • brice cate
    brice cate 2 months ago

    As long as you pretend the matrix was a stand alone film, with no sequels, then it was nearly perfect.

  • Thai Tastic
    Thai Tastic 2 months ago

    PLEASE LET US NOT FORGET WHO ACTUALLY WROTE THE MATRIX and refrain from bigg'in up the not so wow brothers

  • bunetoff
    bunetoff 2 months ago

    Eva Green is just unreal

  • Terrel .Coleman
    Terrel .Coleman 2 months ago

    Don't agree about Casino Royal. But to each their own.

  • Charles M
    Charles M 2 months ago

    I literally have never had the same feeling leaving a theatre as I did leaving The Matrix.

    • Charles M
      Charles M 2 months ago

      Jk forgot about Inception