Neon Genesis Evangelion Ending Explained

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
  • Make sure you're strapped in tight to your EVA unit, we are about to explain the ending(s) of Neon Genesis Evangelion now that it's streaming on Netflix.
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  • DemonAlchemist
    DemonAlchemist 15 hours ago

    This is a pretty solid explanation imo. There's definitely tons of different ways to interpret both endings, especially End of Eva.

  • Isaiah Motley
    Isaiah Motley Day ago

    5:38 dose anyone else think that this is “heaven” because all of them “died” and revealed themselves to each other, so for this ending is it like the cast died and humanity goes on or all humanity goes to heaven

  • galaxy turt
    galaxy turt 2 days ago

    *see lay*

  • galaxy turt
    galaxy turt 2 days ago

    *hu min ity*

  • well frick
    well frick 2 days ago

    Hair gel ian or gel ian

  • Jonathan Thompson
    Jonathan Thompson 2 days ago

    So technically, the Rebuild of Evangelion movies are sequels years after the events of End of Evangelion, since Shinji caused the Third Impact in both versions.

  • BigHausDawg
    BigHausDawg 2 days ago

    Ok so is there an explanation for everything related to Seele amd Gendoh Ikari? How were Seele's and Gendoh's instrumentality goals different. Is Kaworu a descendant of Lilin or Adam? So much mythical lore needs to be explained.

  • Spud
    Spud 3 days ago

    But hasn't it been said by the creators that they are the same ending

  • ??
    ?? 3 days ago

    Nine minutes... Lololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol

  • Zaffre
    Zaffre 3 days ago

    The best ending is where a bunch of mechs from different franchises beat up the awakened eva 01 and stop the third impact.

  • Cal Hollamby
    Cal Hollamby 4 days ago

    Is it just me, or does this have a couple falsities?

  • Ultra Rayquaqua
    Ultra Rayquaqua 4 days ago

    I'm only 10 and it was super confusing but still my favorite anime

  • UB3R_M4X1MU5
    UB3R_M4X1MU5 4 days ago

    My question or assumption is when Shinji finally finds his resolve, his life and everything rematerializes into the life that he saw as a normal open life...just my conclusion ...I’m just as confused

  • Hajira S.
    Hajira S. 4 days ago +1

    Still annoyed they killed Kaworu so soon not only once but twice 😒

  • Allison Yu
    Allison Yu 4 days ago

    pronounged wrong

  • animagi
    animagi 5 days ago

    goku in the background casually lifting cloud

  • Spiteful Specter
    Spiteful Specter 5 days ago

    This is just a summary. Not worth to watch.

  • Aaron Ezlasz
    Aaron Ezlasz 5 days ago

    I have still no idea wtf happened in both ending

  • Ryan
    Ryan 5 days ago

    Ah yes.... K... What now?

  • Jose M
    Jose M 6 days ago

    Lol ign is cute for trying to explain EoE in 9 minutes... been trying to understand it for 12 years now...

  • Azur a
    Azur a 6 days ago

    I watched it before it hit netflix. This video is wayyyyyyyyyyyy to short. Try again.

  • athan336
    athan336 7 days ago

    she explained it and it still makes no sense

  • Byron Ivie
    Byron Ivie 7 days ago

    Thank you for making it make sense

  • Jonathan Engleman
    Jonathan Engleman 8 days ago

    Bold fuckin' move IGN.

  • S4TSUG4I
    S4TSUG4I 8 days ago +2

    "A lot to absorb especially if you're a teen"
    I finished this series when I was 10 back in 2006 I was confused.
    Rewatched when I was 16, got depressed AF 😂

  • Rip torn
    Rip torn 8 days ago

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  • RavenWolf654
    RavenWolf654 8 days ago

    One does not simply explain Neon Genesis Evangelion in 9 minutes.

  • Tranceplant82
    Tranceplant82 8 days ago

    They didn't even talk about Third Impact and stuff like that. It's important.
    To me, there was no real "ending" to the TV series. The ending was The End of Evangelion and that's it.
    But like everyone here, no one can truly explain the ending or "endings" of the show... so make it what you want, I guess.

  • Jack Jackson
    Jack Jackson 9 days ago

    Without the movie, Neo Genesis goes from a top 5 anime to a top 25 anime.

  • Charles the dancer
    Charles the dancer 9 days ago

    Haha nice try IGN

  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi 9 days ago

    This video should be named how to confuse the hell out of anyone who watched evangelion

  • Parker Pshebnisky
    Parker Pshebnisky 9 days ago

    I liked the movie's ending better than the one in the anime!

  • Vincent G.
    Vincent G. 9 days ago

    I watched Neon Genesis Evangelion and finished today, and the end was interesting and taught me many life lessons, because I have depression and self-hatred too. I enjoyed that form of ending, and it was quite beautiful. Thanks for explaining even more of what I saw.

  • no no no
    no no no 9 days ago

    Ok guys, this comment is directed to Eva newbies, if you're actually looking for explanations, dont look at this video lol its dogshit, doesnt explain much, there are videos way better out there

  • ericcornish1983
    ericcornish1983 10 days ago

    There's 2 endings but 37 different timelines in the universe! I love Evangelion have been a fan since the original tv series!

  • Ssnashur
    Ssnashur 10 days ago

    Explaining string theory is easier than explaining Evangelion.

  • M8 Subject
    M8 Subject 10 days ago

    "ending explained"
    We as a species are doomed to failed.

  • alexibear25
    alexibear25 11 days ago

    Came here from Netflix lol

  • Chronos
    Chronos 11 days ago

    It shouldn't look like rei cause its weird it should look like a demon

  • Mineta Minoru
    Mineta Minoru 11 days ago +2

    I think the series was made for each person the ending is vague so each person can have their own interpretation
    Like whY did shinji choke asuka Twice

  • Brent Kelley
    Brent Kelley 11 days ago

    I still don’t understand the ending.

  • TortIlla l Boi
    TortIlla l Boi 11 days ago

    I just started to watch evangelion on my old japanese tv so i expect to hear weird things I’ve never heard before

  • Heroboy 960
    Heroboy 960 12 days ago +1

    IGN EXPLAINING Evangelion
    Ha ok come on shinji and start up that 4th impact already

    UNBOX ADDICTION 12 days ago

    I watched, noice

  • Combo_kid
    Combo_kid 12 days ago

    Who else was saying wtf is going on in both endings

  • Alex Nandaba
    Alex Nandaba 12 days ago

    ...ok sure IGN

  • Nathaniel Matychuk
    Nathaniel Matychuk 12 days ago +2

    TV series ending is Twin Peaks: The Return episode 17 and End of Evangelion is episode 18. It's pretty simple.

  • Seth Houser
    Seth Houser 12 days ago +3

    Misogyny? There is no misogyny in this. IGN, your explanation is wrong.

  • Seth Houser
    Seth Houser 12 days ago

    I just saw "The End of Evangelion." I have to say, it did not make sense to me. Of course I am sure that IGN did not get the explanation right either.

    Here is how I see it. A group of crazy people want to start the apocalypse and kill everyone off. Then they attack the facility with the people that kill off the angels that seem to be big monsters. It ends up that Shinji's father kicks off the apocalypse and kills everyone else. Shinji goes into a depression that just makes me want to tear out my hair. He goes nuts and lets everyone be consumed. Everyone else in the world is popping into some sort of goo. At some point Shinji wakes up and kills the big white lilith creature. Then everything goes off the deep end after that for me.

  • Alexa V
    Alexa V 13 days ago +2

    I don’t care what others say, THIS IS THE BEST ANIME EVER. A masterpiece

  • sonicadv27
    sonicadv27 13 days ago

    This anime isn't so much deep as it is obtuse. The film in particular has the worst storytelling i've ever seen, you can't possibly understand everything the writers are throwing at you and, while an audiovisual spectacle, it ends up being just a mess.

    At least the ending of the series sticks to the inner turmoil of Shinji. You don't get the epic finale that the rest of the anime had been building up to but at least what you get is consistent. The film just made the whole thing cryptic, obtuse and hard to engage with.

    Kojima is a straightforward storyteller compared to this.

  • procastgaming guy
    procastgaming guy 13 days ago

    Nah it's just a big brain mom trying to help her son do the 3 impact and be a vessel of humanity at the end of evengallion movie

  • The Ikon Channel
    The Ikon Channel 13 days ago

    Wait, what??? I thought the movie had the better ending because Shinji decided to accept life as is without excuses, as opposed to the TV show which ended with him accepting life as part of the featureless sea of humanity where he could at least feel "accepted" and beyond pain.
    Ah, you used the magic word "misogynistic." That explains it. 😂
    And to everyone at Netflix...CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  • White Protagonist
    White Protagonist 13 days ago

    You cannot understand the ending of evangellion, its deeper then the universe is wide

  • The Meme Queen
    The Meme Queen 14 days ago +1

    I’m still confused about a lot. I feel like there was waaayyyy more symbolism in the show that should be explained.

  • spike swmingbird
    spike swmingbird 14 days ago

    Does any one know the book on depression that hideaki anon read , while he was writing EVA.?

  • PikaPugPlays
    PikaPugPlays 14 days ago

    Neon genesis Evan-gelion

  • Admiral Turtlez
    Admiral Turtlez 14 days ago

    there are a lot of flaws in this video and a lot of base-value opinions, altogether i completely disagree with this

  • Edward Yong
    Edward Yong 15 days ago

    There is another ending on comic

  • wnvvv
    wnvvv 15 days ago


  • wnvvv
    wnvvv 15 days ago +2

    *9min long video explaining evangelion ending*
    Say sike right now

  • ezioch
    ezioch 15 days ago

    All them haters, it's actually really well explained, simple as it can be, really well done

  • Mehmetşah Sert
    Mehmetşah Sert 16 days ago

    never get addicted to a deppressed guys anime

  • Donald Kunzer
    Donald Kunzer 16 days ago

    I always figured eps 25 & 26 were a coda to the movie. Watch the movie were Shinji is on his own and then 25&26 to see find himself.

  • Recharge7
    Recharge7 17 days ago +2

    how can you use terms such as ''misogynistic'' at (6:02). like dont you understand he is a teen boy going through puberty and not having a father figure or mother to understand, please dont use you politic way of talking when you have no understanding how terminologies are used, especially when all he wanted is to be loved, and he found the girls in series attractive (even jacks off infront of one) he dosnt show any sings of being a women hater

  • D J
    D J 17 days ago

    Thanks Jacki for helping my peanut brain understand the endings to Evangelion.

    For some reason this anime always makes me think of that Nietzsche quote, "To life is to suffer, to survive is to find meaning in the suffering."

  • Professor DaiHard
    Professor DaiHard 17 days ago +1

    After watching both endings, I’m just incredibly disturbed

  • Fernando Wolfblack
    Fernando Wolfblack 18 days ago

    First time?

  • Cyber Viruz999 ANIMEEE!
    Cyber Viruz999 ANIMEEE! 18 days ago +40

    So in jojo words,
    Pucci activates maiden heaven, universe reset, Jolyne has new hairstyle.

    • Garfield
      Garfield 3 days ago

      not everything has to be a jojoke

    • Peppermike
      Peppermike 12 days ago

      Ah thank you I was totally lost until I read your comment

  • m e r c u r y
    m e r c u r y 18 days ago

    I'm still confused

  • Mad-Dash 64
    Mad-Dash 64 19 days ago

    Shinji’s far from misogynistic, but ok

  • Stickiboi
    Stickiboi 19 days ago

    Zero minutes in and I'm already being mindread...

  • Cirrus5005
    Cirrus5005 19 days ago

    Wow, the gatekeeping is strong in this comments section.

  • FreeSmoke808
    FreeSmoke808 19 days ago

    I never saw this anime tbh. Thought about watching it but Now I don’t wanna after seeing this lmao. Seems too dark for me. dude must’ve been depressed af to come up with a f’d up ending like that. I don’t mind bad endings but that just seems too dark. Glad I didn’t watch it when I was still a kid. I would’ve ended up traumatized lmao

  • M Black
    M Black 19 days ago

    I just watched 2 minutes of this and already there are several things that are incorrect.