Neon Genesis Evangelion Ending Explained

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
  • Make sure you're strapped in tight to your EVA unit, we are about to explain the ending(s) of Neon Genesis Evangelion now that it's streaming on Netflix.
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  • lynKx :P
    lynKx :P 9 hours ago

    Ummm 🤨 okay.

  • Mystyfikacja Swarp
    Mystyfikacja Swarp 14 hours ago


  • HellHound-X_11 H

    What about Misato kissing a 13 year old

  • INSANEpanda 173
    INSANEpanda 173 Day ago

    Evil ending

  • Kyle Macpherson
    Kyle Macpherson Day ago

    I just kinda wanted a happy ending

  • Vickiey 10
    Vickiey 10 Day ago

    So a recap

  • Samay shippuden
    Samay shippuden Day ago

    10 minutes a day, thats how you watch this movie.

  • cruxader27
    cruxader27 2 days ago

    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S

  • Jonah
    Jonah 2 days ago +1

    It’s not seelA it’s Seeele

  • Paul Maloney
    Paul Maloney 2 days ago

    I JUST finished Neon Genesis Evangelion (and "The End" film. Watched both in the original Japanese audio). I thought the show was stupendous but then dropped the ball BIG TIME with both of its endings. While I liked all of the plot points and character choices in The End, I DESPISED the "psychotherapy" Instrumentality sections in eps 25, 26, and The End. They were incoherent. Overall, Eva gets a 7.5/10 for me

  • ImmortalPat
    ImmortalPat 2 days ago

    Your wrong
    Angels are descendants of Adam
    Humans are descendants of Lilith

  • GS - 08CK - Sunny View MS (1439)

    Or 30 endings

  • El Jrod
    El Jrod 4 days ago

    Heaven and hell?

  • Ryan
    Ryan 5 days ago

    Your interpretation is so far off when it comes to end of evangelion. It isn't a dark ending.

  • Ink!Tale Sans
    Ink!Tale Sans 5 days ago +1

    Next up: The holy bible explained in 5 minutes

  • MaryArts
    MaryArts 7 days ago +1

    Damn Shinji reminds me of my brother. He hates himself too. It destroys his life. He is also unable to reach out to people. I would be so happy when there is a happy ending for him.
    I think the endings are easier to understand when you have a Shinji in your life and you wish that he would accept and love himself.

  • Shogun
    Shogun 9 days ago

    how tf did I understand this just now?

  • Christopher Welch
    Christopher Welch 9 days ago

    I tried once to write a linear timeline of the series and it was impossiburu. Fans will look past the metaphors to see what is presented as a whole. Critics will dissect the gaps and unexplained details. As a fan of the series all I see is an ending, where shinji admits to himself that he both loves and hates himself, and sees Asuka as the one person who he can share that idea with. He’s really strangling himself in the last scene but as per usual lacks the courage to do it. Asuka is equally cowardly and that’s why they deserve each other. The last 10 minutes of the film have some strange quirks to be sure. Least of all why a giant rei lilith hasn’t destroyed the entire planet just by existing. Artistically I enjoy the visuals. The back story is just too complicated.

  • Sufwan Dilsher
    Sufwan Dilsher 11 days ago


  • Marcos Trindade
    Marcos Trindade 11 days ago

    Well, let's HOPE that Evangelion 3.0+1.0 could have an end which is NOT CONFUSING to everyone. Maybe it's one of the objectives of the creator... :)

  • Papa Smurf
    Papa Smurf 11 days ago

    So hard not to pick apart the many many mistakes and problems in this "explanation"

  • Anime rhymes with gay for a reason

    Everybody got turned into tang. The end.

  • SpankMe Alot
    SpankMe Alot 13 days ago

    I think he run out of money and tried to finish it somehow, than later someone didn't like it, and financed the new ending, but he was definitely on drugs while he wrote it

  • Raccet Kun
    Raccet Kun 15 days ago +5

    The ending in the Series was boring and they ran out of budget. And the ending of the movie was very unsatisfying.

  • Social Justice Warrior

    I am a professional philosopher, which is why I thought the NGE finale was great! It left everyone knowing less than they knew going in. that's what my philosophy classes are all about

  • FealSmart
    FealSmart 16 days ago +1

    Kid with raging hormones=misogyny. Makes sense

  • nathan morello
    nathan morello 20 days ago

    Hang on
    *Naoko wasn't there to celebrate Shinji*

  • Lyght
    Lyght 22 days ago

    sea-lay? This is why i dont take IGN seriously. You could at least have someone who watched the show.

  • Lamo no U .
    Lamo no U . 23 days ago +1

    Both endings are great in my opinion. They both contrast each other and the viewer can choose which one they want to accept as the ending. Having these vastly different endings brings 2 powerful messages and allows people to see the series through them.

  • Masters_ OfInfinity
    Masters_ OfInfinity 24 days ago

    Woah, deep bro

  • USERZ123
    USERZ123 25 days ago

    So the end of eva is the incel ending?

  • It_Punky
    It_Punky 25 days ago

    it’s just one ending the last two episodes are happening during end of evangelion lol

  • Dearly Beloved
    Dearly Beloved 25 days ago +4

    NGE is pretty much just the meme “I’m 14 and this is deep”

  • Alesha Miles
    Alesha Miles 25 days ago +1

    Isn’t the black flashback things in the anime Adams response to shinji? Like how shinji ask something like “who am i?” And the screen would go “you are you”

  • kings of clash royale
    kings of clash royale 25 days ago

    Most hopefull title on entire youtube

  • kings of clash royale
    kings of clash royale 25 days ago +1

    You can't understand neon genesis evangelion but if you understand than you are not human

    PAPER FRIENDS 26 days ago

    Here from Death Stranding

  • L Danger B
    L Danger B 26 days ago

    this is by far the best explanation I got for the ending of the series. Everyone else is like oh I dunno maybe this, or maybe the complete opposite *shrugs*

  • blijah
    blijah 26 days ago

    Thank yu so much for this explaination, now I like this neon anime show more, I needa watch the movie but Ion got no nexflix😤😤😤

  • ten Mark
    ten Mark 26 days ago

    Aoba didnt see the person he loved the most, he was terrified by the person(s) he feared most - Rei(s)!

    ANDRES FELIPE MISAT 27 days ago

    This is just an opinion

  • Chancellor Ramstein
    Chancellor Ramstein 27 days ago

    Press X to doubt

  • J red
    J red 28 days ago

    What what? This just made me more confused.

  • Beau Shaver
    Beau Shaver 29 days ago +2

    "The universe is either in progress or in entropy. We choose progress."

  • shlirby
    shlirby 29 days ago +1

    Can I just have a 20 hour explanation on absolutely everything in the series so it will finally stop lingering in my head

  • Dank Jbob
    Dank Jbob Month ago

    So Shinji is just mentally insane

  • Seaborn Gaming
    Seaborn Gaming Month ago

    Evangelion is an Awesome anime and the two ending make it even better. The song from the movie is great despite the lyrics being the opposite of the tune 😂

  • J Wizdum
    J Wizdum Month ago +10

    Honestly I think End of Evangelion is definitely the “true” ending, my theory is that the last two episodes are what’s going on inside Shinji and Asukas heads while they’re lying next to each other on the beach

  • bartsimpson83
    bartsimpson83 Month ago

    The first time I ever watched Evangelion was in college. My friend and I were talking about our favorite anime and when I said I hadn't seen it, he immediately took me to his dorm room to watch it. We marathoned the series and movie in two days.

  • Mr. Fantasy
    Mr. Fantasy Month ago

    ... What?

  • galih pambudi
    galih pambudi Month ago

    Maybe NGE is just a result of 'Nagasaki' & 'Hiroshima'

  • kayla jackson
    kayla jackson Month ago

    Tv ending

  • Inspiringer
    Inspiringer Month ago

    Zankoku na tenshi no you ni
    Shounen yo, shinwa ni nare...
    Aoi kaze ga ima mune no doa wo tataitemo,
    Watashi dake wo tada mitsumete
    Hohoenderu Anata
    Sotto Fureru mono
    Motomeru koto ni muchuu de,
    Unmei sae mada shiranai itaike na hitomi
    Dakedo itsuka kizuku deshou
    Sono senaka ni wa
    Haruka mirai mezasu tame no
    Hane ga aru koto...
    Zankoku na tenshi no tēze
    Madobe kara yagate tobitatsu
    Hotobashiru atsui patosu de
    Omoide wo uragiru nara
    Kono sora wo daite kagayaku
    Shounen yo, shinwa ni nare

  • Gunawan Istadi
    Gunawan Istadi Month ago +1

    W O W

  • John Luis Yu
    John Luis Yu Month ago

    Both endings are bad.

  • Altered Mei-ling Zhou

    Rei is a empty shell with the soul of Lilith in her. Kawrou has the Adam soul in him. So it's like Adam and Lilith teaching Shinji on how to love himself. Asuka is Eve technically. The reason Rei and Kawrou has Lilith and Adam's souls is to lessen the power of both beings.

  • Zawe
    Zawe Month ago

    Biggest joke of 2019

  • FlyingSeaMan256
    FlyingSeaMan256 Month ago

    Thanks for reading your script to me.

    ITZCHAZZ JBPLAYZ Month ago +1


  • Gold experience Requiem

    Oh everyone is dying

    *Shinjitsu ni tōtatsu suru koto wa kesshite nai*