Special K Powering You - So Tired

  • Published on Sep 26, 2018
  • You have intuition - you can feel your body is talking to you, but you may not always know how to answer. That’s where Special K comes in - with the specific nutrition your body is calling for.

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  • Matsu
    Matsu Month ago


  • Smol Babee
    Smol Babee 2 months ago

    I wanna know what the song is
    EDIT: I found it,
    La Femme- La Femme Resort

  • Charlotte Gamaroff
    Charlotte Gamaroff 3 months ago

    I'm only here for the song

  • Terrance Maddox
    Terrance Maddox 3 months ago +2

    I guess someone finally ate a bowl of this garbage..
    To get the energy to disable comments on the rest of these videos

  • Speediablo 7 Productions
    Speediablo 7 Productions 3 months ago +1

    I shouldn't have said, "THANK YOU FOR NOT DISABLING THE COMMENT SECTION". Because you feminists are such snowflakes and can't take a joke. Because if you read the comment section it might hurt your feelings. GROW UP. I can't even stand your ads because they are everywhere and melting my eyes out. We don't need to know you are feminists, so quit spreading your infectious parasite disease to the world and put out only what's necessary not this bullshtick.
    *I think I just touched a nerve.*

    • Speediablo 7 Productions
      Speediablo 7 Productions 3 months ago

      Why haven't I've ever heard of empowering men? Oh right, BECAUSE WE DON'T THINK FOR OURSELVES ALL THE TIME.

  • Cringing Spoon99
    Cringing Spoon99 3 months ago

    Why are feminists making cereal again?

  • darkspire91
    darkspire91 3 months ago

    People actually eat this cardboard excuse for a cereal?

  • Angeli St. Matthew
    Angeli St. Matthew 3 months ago +1

    I am a women, and I know that Kellogs donates to COMMUNISTS, if you really dislike the president, stop donating to Kellogs, stop buying their stuff

  • KrimsonKyriarch
    KrimsonKyriarch 3 months ago +2

    Energy? This carbo-sugary junk would make me crash in less than 45 min.

  • DC CXI
    DC CXI 3 months ago +10

    You disabled the comments? LOL!!!
    How about instead of Special K you change the name to Safe-Space Cereal? Or Gender Neutral-O's? Maybe Frosty Feminist Flakes??

  • Lucky Green
    Lucky Green 3 months ago

    The woman in special k powering you video is lowkey hot

  • wolverine100000
    wolverine100000 3 months ago +9

    Gotta comment on this video because Special K is made up of cowards and snowflakes apparently.

    • Angeli St. Matthew
      Angeli St. Matthew 3 months ago +2


    • cliffbot
      cliffbot 3 months ago +1

      wolverine100000 facts I wanted to see some comments but I guess they can't criticism

  • cliffbot
    cliffbot 3 months ago +17

    Who's commenting here since they disabled the comments on those other videos?

  • Smashing Barrel
    Smashing Barrel 3 months ago

    So many butthurt sensitive anti-feminist/mgtow/redpill/conservative/mra's in these comments section, I used to be an anti feminist, but no longer am.

  • Asher Notheis
    Asher Notheis 3 months ago +1

    Y’know Special K, anytime someone calls attention to the breaking of gender rules, it ultimately undermines the concept of gender equality by implying that this is an exception and not the status quo.

  • Barbara Phillips
    Barbara Phillips 3 months ago

    You right special is for woman. Not. For man can real lady has something. Thank You

  • maxinvasionleet
    maxinvasionleet 3 months ago +23

    Bahaha they finally disabled the comments on those feminist videos LOL

  • sickemdemons
    sickemdemons 3 months ago


  • Fast Internet
    Fast Internet 3 months ago +8

    I used to like special k before i tryed to lose weight and gain muscle.. Now i eat meat.. Its great

  • Zurx ಠ益ಠ
    Zurx ಠ益ಠ 3 months ago +11

    They disabled the comments. Pathetic

    • cliffbot
      cliffbot 3 months ago +1

      Smashing Barrel no one's free from criticism

    • Zurx ಠ益ಠ
      Zurx ಠ益ಠ 3 months ago +4

      They are powered by continuous liberal tears.

    • Zurx ಠ益ಠ
      Zurx ಠ益ಠ 3 months ago +2

      Smashing Barrel Stop being a close minded fool.

    • Smashing Barrel
      Smashing Barrel 3 months ago

      It's pathetic to disable comments? Maybe they did it due to people making shitty comments that make no sense. Also isn't it their right to disable comments?

  • J 90
    J 90 3 months ago +10

    Hahhaha special k locks comment section but try to feed us garbage.

  • yomama847
    yomama847 3 months ago +2

    Islam is better with women than Christianity

    • Smol Babee
      Smol Babee 2 months ago

      Not saying I’m a Satanist but they treat woman better too,

    • wavy9 _
      wavy9 _ 3 months ago +2

      Only thing those sand ppl get right 👍

  • blackwaterthreat
    blackwaterthreat 3 months ago

    Women are the weaker gender. Fuck special k.

  • Otto Mattiks
    Otto Mattiks 3 months ago +19

    So special k are for women only?

    • Romain
      Romain 3 months ago

      +Damion Fowlin Kay Jewelers is bad example because women are the primary consumers of jewelry, specifically the more expensive varieties that Kay would sell.
      They put women in beer ads too, which by the way, men are the primary consumers of, nearly 70%, per brewer association.
      It's not a problem if, in principle, the marketing strategy is to use women, but when the narrative is "buy our product because we're helping oppressed women, such as yourself", it becomes a problem.

    • Damion Fowlin
      Damion Fowlin 3 months ago

      +Romain I never claimed that women were the primary consumers of cereal. I was just pointing out that women appear to be the target demographic for the Special K cereal specifically, judging by their website and ads. I brought up Trix as a clear example of certain types of targeted marketing. Another example might be how Kay Jewelers mostly makes ads for women's jewelry even though they also sell jewelry for men. There are also times when certain beer/alcohol products make ads that target males. Are you against targeting marketing, or only when the targets are women? Why does it matter to you that they put women in their ads if you previously enjoyed their food?

    • Romain
      Romain 3 months ago

      +Damion Fowlin Women aren't the primary consumers of cereal, and Trix targets children who are both male and female, so there's no problem there. I used to buy special k occasionally, but never again.

    • Otto Mattiks
      Otto Mattiks 3 months ago

      yes apparently.

    • Damion Fowlin
      Damion Fowlin 3 months ago +1

      Women are apparently the target demographic for this specific cereal. Kinda like how Trix are marketed towards children, or how some beer companies market towards men. Doesn't mean that they are only for women.

  • Robbie Rotten
    Robbie Rotten 3 months ago +4

    I shidded and I farded and I camed

  • Kevin Belcher
    Kevin Belcher 3 months ago +16

    you should be making a sandwich instead.

    • luke smith
      luke smith 2 months ago

      +J 90 yeah i know that but when i read the comment seeing it sorta reminds me of back then men were in control and they could tell them what to do since girls did not have rights back then.

    • J 90
      J 90 3 months ago

      +luke smith look bro chivalry has died a long time ago. The alpha Male has been made to look like an arrogant snob, men have been under attack from the main stream media and the LGBTQ lmnop community. Men should not submit to women just because. respect comes first before humility. I give women there place especially in the kitchen so by all means please I would also like a sandwich😀

    • luke smith
      luke smith 3 months ago

      +Lucky Green cool

    • Lucky Green
      Lucky Green 3 months ago


    • luke smith
      luke smith 3 months ago +4

      Ok i understand that its stupid but dont be sexist

  • NinjaShoe21
    NinjaShoe21 3 months ago +2

    Why did I get linked here?...

  • Sharon Newman
    Sharon Newman 3 months ago +1

    spirit of evil jezebel on the loose Its going to get crushed!!! HATING MEN is not OK!!! im a female and I am disgusted in this trend to empower Women and turn them into nasty hard bitches attacking MEN for hateful purposes

  • Ada Þórsdóttir
    Ada Þórsdóttir 3 months ago


    • DC CXI
      DC CXI 3 months ago

      +Sriracha56 creep