Recap Of Our First Day At The New Place!

  • Published on Sep 10, 2018
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Comments • 522

  • rach1234100
    rach1234100 25 days ago

    Ou es max

  • Mary McCowan
    Mary McCowan 2 months ago

    HUF is Hungarian dollars

  • Nick Estuesta
    Nick Estuesta 4 months ago

    We are doing to do it in Nick

  • Kimberly Watson
    Kimberly Watson 6 months ago

    You should do something huckleberry flavored 😊. - Kimberly w. from billings montana

  • Claire tiggs
    Claire tiggs 9 months ago

    Gorgeousness loving the shop, videos, candies and beautiful hoodie xxxx

  • Krissy S
    Krissy S 9 months ago

    Chill out dude don’t make fun of people who can’t hear you maybe don’t put your phone to your face wile doing live.... use your arms

  • TomGreen Casino
    TomGreen Casino 9 months ago +1

    Not to be rude....But is it just me or does Craig look like Marty Feldman with the eyes...????

    • TomGreen Casino
      TomGreen Casino 9 months ago

      @Hercules Candy So Glad you cleared that up...:-) Loving the vids, best "Family Business" I've come across in a while...keep up the good work.

    • Hercules Candy
      Hercules Candy  9 months ago

      No no no, Marty Feldman has Craig eyes!

  • littlewoodimp
    littlewoodimp 10 months ago

    THESE are the sort of people that you need to build a decent society! Not candymakers per se, but the level of conscientious commitment, standards, humour, moving forward while maintaining traditions and mastery of their skills ... and what lovely people!!

  • Diane Sinnett
    Diane Sinnett 10 months ago

    Signal. Fine! Do u make Cherry Mash???

  • Nell Rose
    Nell Rose 11 months ago

    What's happening to the old stove?

  • Sudsy Creations
    Sudsy Creations 11 months ago

    Yep, frozen

  • EthrlGrl86
    EthrlGrl86 11 months ago

    I’m a new subscriber, and I’m here stay. I’ll tell you for why. I like candy, and I just loooove your mother.

  • Bubbles & Balloons
    Bubbles & Balloons 11 months ago

    shut up you people are really getting annoying..its cute for awhile and now its a little annoying..bye bye....more work less talking....

  • Evelyn Rojas
    Evelyn Rojas Year ago +2

    Lol “I can ran here!” If only Terri knew what was to come with the wall incident

  • Christine Robinson

    9:44 She's fleeing the interview!

  • hanne hansen
    hanne hansen Year ago

    ses godt ud

  • Janet Northam
    Janet Northam Year ago

    no,dont trip over that

  • Janet Northam
    Janet Northam Year ago

    about the vegan chocolate question from that guy.the whole world isnt all vegan.why do you feel the need to push your agenda on us ?

  • Janet Northam
    Janet Northam Year ago

    and peopl say you shouldnt be running.profetic or is it prefetic

  • Janet Northam
    Janet Northam Year ago

    yes it was before she is another profetic need to be more careful about what you all say

  • M. Gamal
    M. Gamal Year ago

    Hi; you may buy one of those "BOYA MICROPHONES" ; That should improve the audio quality ; specially the wireless one; GOOD LUCK

  • CS Home
    CS Home Year ago

    HUF is Hungarian money. 1000huf is 3.59 in US currency.

  • Joan Peters
    Joan Peters Year ago +1

    Just received my first order. The Sponge Candy was AMAZING! The Cashew Brittle was hard to stop eating! The salt mixed with the sugar was so addicting. And the Pecan Clusters just melted in my mouth. Worth every penny and probably going to order again. Soooo YUMMY!!!

  • Sher Grissom
    Sher Grissom Year ago

    Looks great, coming along. You definitely need window displays. It would be excellent to show a demonstration of making candy in the windows. People would drool.

  • Jessica aslakson
    Jessica aslakson Year ago

    Love your videos and the candy looks delicious!

  • Kim Isham
    Kim Isham Year ago

    Looking great!

  • Ellen Mcintyre
    Ellen Mcintyre Year ago

    When are you going to show the rest of the move

  • POWERS Dorothy A
    POWERS Dorothy A Year ago

    Will you have a glass for visitors to look at you make the candy from now on or will they have access to you still?

  • POWERS Dorothy A
    POWERS Dorothy A Year ago

    Sounds good

  • POWERS Dorothy A
    POWERS Dorothy A Year ago

    Congratulations! yes I was thinking it was my sound. I could hardly hear you as well I'm voting for a new iPhone as a business expense new business phone! thumbs up! PAE

  • Rose 13 Bud 13
    Rose 13 Bud 13 Year ago

    Do you have a door chime that rings in the back of the store so you hear someone come in when you are all busy

  • Philip Picard
    Philip Picard Year ago

    My mom also enjoyed having a good dozen 36th birthdays before turning 37.

  • Logan Davis
    Logan Davis Year ago


  • Ellen Mcintyre
    Ellen Mcintyre Year ago

    I Hope you put all of the move on you tube. I only see up to #5. Love your story

  • Donna Lambton
    Donna Lambton Year ago

    How did you fit all that stuff in the old house?

  • Debbie Kirkpatrick

    You guys should put a little coffee shop in that open space ...

  • Christi Allen
    Christi Allen Year ago

    Glad to see ya guys will not be hitting your heads anymore, lol

  • Anthony Doria
    Anthony Doria Year ago

    The Doria Boys !

  • Anthony Doria
    Anthony Doria Year ago +1

    Hey , since we’re big fans my kids and I, would you subscribe to our channel and give us a shout out . We’re loving the new shop by the way. Amazing . Wish we could head there from south jersey to see youse . Follow us please on youtube tonight we’re making your chocolate covered potatoes chips !

  • Barb Wallace
    Barb Wallace Year ago

    Blue Raspberry! Also, “Tiger’s Blood!” We did shave ice at our reunion and those were the most popular!Especially with the kids!

  • Tina92316
    Tina92316 Year ago

    Sad because you’re going to loose that small mom and pop generations historical rare handmade feel. Craig’s channel has already lost its charm so, it’s just sad. But hope turns out well.

  • Tammy Hull
    Tammy Hull Year ago +1

    I think "Terry" is a wonderful and fabuLous MOM!

  • Aaron Signor
    Aaron Signor Year ago

    I am so happy for you guys about the new location! Congratulations! All your hard work moving is appreciated!

  • Steve Stadler
    Steve Stadler Year ago

    lmao .. patriots fans have so many championships that they aren't even butthurt when they lose one

  • Sue Robinson
    Sue Robinson Year ago

    Do you send overseas?? I live in the UK and I've just found your TVclip videos and love them all

  • Fester Blats
    Fester Blats Year ago

    You should complain about those doors. They are not installed properly.

  • Bryan Allden
    Bryan Allden Year ago

    What a pathetic question are you going to move completely to vegan chocolate? Yes mate and watch the videos as we go out of business 🤔🤔🤔

  • macht rebel
    macht rebel Year ago

    Hey Greg, the idea with the pictures of you is superb, you should make a huge picture on wood with all of you together and the heads cut out and visitors can stand behind it and look through the holes and get a picture taken :)

  • Heather Fellows
    Heather Fellows Year ago

    I’m just catching up on the vidyas, so it might be a done deal... but I don’t think a film on the front glass is the best idea, since it isn’t good advertising. Those front windows are awesome and people can see your displays and the new shop inside. :) I’m sure whatever you decide is the right thing, though! :)

  • J Walk
    J Walk Year ago

    Will the actual store hours be reduced a bit now that the store is out of the home?

  • Louise Thomas
    Louise Thomas Year ago

    Real time for marble table please ☺️

  • Michelle P
    Michelle P Year ago

    St Lucia is Virgin Islands, I believe.

  • laurie carter
    laurie carter Year ago

    you are load but your mom is quit

  • Toni Dill
    Toni Dill Year ago

    Wow you guys got alot done

  • Sweden 1
    Sweden 1 Year ago

    Your mom look like old men go buy for she haircut

  • Sweden 1
    Sweden 1 Year ago

    This people look so greedy

  • Mark Pugh Welsh Wizard

    Hungarian Forint

  • RA Wilson
    RA Wilson Year ago

    Momdre is fun, and the shop is looking great! SEK is the Sweden, Krona.

  • Matt
    Matt Year ago +1

    Your mum looks exhausted! Bless her, so happy for you guys! All the best with the move and can not wait to see more! Matt from London

  • Wendy Nowell
    Wendy Nowell Year ago

    You guys are so great are you afraid of losing the old fashioned family candy store feeling? Your new place has so much needed space how will you make it not look too commercial?