Ariana Grande Premieres a New Song from Sweetener in a Game of Song Association | ELLE

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018
  • Arianators, unite! Vocal powerhouse and perennial record-breaker Ariana Grande took time out of our August cover shoot to try her hand at #SongAssociation. The rules of the game are simple: we give Ariana a word, and she has ten seconds to sing that word in a song. Play along and see what tunes she comes up with - including a sneak peek of a new track, “R.E.M,” from her upcoming album Sweetener.
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  • ELLE
    ELLE  6 months ago +9694

    What was your favorite moment from Ariana's Song Association? Who should we get to play next? Let us know! xx

  • _.5.23 _
    _.5.23 _ Minute ago

    Dang she didnt sing "baby i" for baby

  • Geri : the elusive chanteuse

    her voice came from her nose.....

  • christopher alvarez
    christopher alvarez 2 hours ago

    Her voice tho 💕

  • moomoo dodson
    moomoo dodson 2 hours ago

    For angel I kept thinking of lips of an angel by hinder. It’s a great song by the way

  • Insidious Jackson
    Insidious Jackson 2 hours ago

    I like Beyoncé’s version of R.E.M


    Killer queen!!!!!😂😂😂

  • Stormy Weath3r
    Stormy Weath3r 3 hours ago

    Lol we get the intention

  • Stormy Weath3r
    Stormy Weath3r 3 hours ago

    She look so pretty

  • Stormy Weath3r
    Stormy Weath3r 3 hours ago

    Rihanna !!!

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person 6 hours ago +1


  • Emma Mosekjær
    Emma Mosekjær 6 hours ago

    I love Ariana, but her lipstick here is ew 🤮

  • Sanga Hauhnar
    Sanga Hauhnar 7 hours ago

    Alien___katy perry.ft.kaney west- E.T__(boy youre a "Alien" your touch a foreign____why you can't remember for your point lil princess😘😍

    • yas saz
      yas saz 5 hours ago

      Did you know that Ariana has covered a bit of this song?

  • Mary Moorheead
    Mary Moorheead 7 hours ago

    Literally queen was kinda dressed like that

  • dana baskin
    dana baskin 7 hours ago

    2:15 ari is angel!!!!!!! this is the best voice in the world!!!!!!! i cant

  • Bruno Gomes
    Bruno Gomes 7 hours ago

    Queen - Dancing Queen by ABBA :))

  • Nika Slivaric
    Nika Slivaric 8 hours ago

    Her voice is sooo mesmerizing 😍😍😍😍

  • Legit Boss
    Legit Boss 9 hours ago

    Now she could say “you like my hair? Gee thanks, just bought it.”

  • Min and Nim
    Min and Nim 9 hours ago +1

    this is gooood

  • Uraina Coleman
    Uraina Coleman 14 hours ago

    She was saying Alien like it was someone's name lol

  • it’s Tricky
    it’s Tricky 18 hours ago

    I was thinking about music and lyrics too for “pop”

    XOXXXOOOXO NO 19 hours ago

    I randomly paused and cought a funny looking face

  • Heaven Dupree
    Heaven Dupree 21 hour ago

    Is she sick

  • Cameshia Brown
    Cameshia Brown 21 hour ago

    Her voice is just so angelic

  • Martha Velasco
    Martha Velasco 21 hour ago

    She actually REALLY doesnt need autotune😍

  • erin star
    erin star 22 hours ago

    I used to love that song drops of Jupiter ☺☺

  • Storm Lancaster
    Storm Lancaster 23 hours ago

    I love her omg😂😍😍😍😍

  • Angie Faith
    Angie Faith 23 hours ago +1

    When she sang dance dance I died!!! ❤️❤️

  • Evanna Davis
    Evanna Davis Day ago +1

    Why can she sing justin biebers song better than justin bieber
    Please explain

  • little nelly
    little nelly Day ago

    she looks like she smells really good, n i'm assuming that she does ofc

  • L i a
    L i a Day ago

    2:01 did someone hear that?

  • Angel
    Angel Day ago

    Ok but I need her to cover drops of Jupiter like I NEED her too

  • Ursula Shabalala

    Always wanted to hear her voice live, wow I'm impressed 🌹

  • The Epic Gamer
    The Epic Gamer Day ago

    When it was “Hair” I thought she was gonna sing Hair by Little Mix 😅😢 They need 2 get recognised m0re ❤️😂Love u Ariiii! 💕

  • lillia758 aj
    lillia758 aj Day ago

    this is not Ariana grande its just another faker fangirl

    • lillia758 aj
      lillia758 aj 5 hours ago

      +yas saz I am for real like srsly arina grande published a new song ring AND THIS FAKER does NOT look like her when she is publishing a new album s yes I am for real

    • yas saz
      yas saz 5 hours ago

      Are you fr?

  • rameen ahmed
    rameen ahmed Day ago

    she still has that cat valentine voice , Ari is LOVE !!!

  • chesne Govender
    chesne Govender Day ago

    She sings so well that her echo is behind her...luv u ari♡♡♡♡

  • Tabbybebe Gurl
    Tabbybebe Gurl Day ago

    When it was Queen she should have sung bohemian rhapsody

  • Sheso Melanin
    Sheso Melanin Day ago

    The lipstick is a NO

  • Kathryn Holland
    Kathryn Holland Day ago

    I feel like she got harder ones like wtf Jupiter tff and moonlight whatt???

  • Ariana Grande Butera

    My baby she’s the cutest

  • Izzi Clark
    Izzi Clark Day ago

    so insanely talented

  • Alex YOUTUBE
    Alex YOUTUBE Day ago

    Queen is like in every Nicki song

  • Brandi Lee
    Brandi Lee Day ago

    She should sing with open notes and a raspy voice more often. It’s so relaxing.

  • Brandi Lee
    Brandi Lee Day ago

    She really has an amazing voice

  • sardonyxz
    sardonyxz Day ago

    Can you get Mariah Carey and Rihanna to do this!!’ 😁

  • Little Penguin
    Little Penguin Day ago

    She looks so different

    MilkTAE KOOKIE Day ago

    She's so cute and hot at the same time🔥🔥🔥

  • Chubby Cheeks
    Chubby Cheeks Day ago

    You look very old with your wrinkles????

    • Chubby Cheeks
      Chubby Cheeks 26 minutes ago

      yas saz uhmmm b/c she has wrinkles
      ps.i dont know if it is a wrinkles

    • yas saz
      yas saz 5 hours ago


  • Kristina Duricova
    Kristina Duricova Day ago +1

    Angel voice

  • Kenz Moore
    Kenz Moore Day ago

    Thank you Ari! Ive been waiting for someone to sing " I am Not My Hair" by India Arie

  • S2 And Bella
    S2 And Bella Day ago

    “ Angel. “

  • Kai Kai Solid
    Kai Kai Solid Day ago

    Don't like the blond do red instead or midnight blue.

  • Deezy Eazy
    Deezy Eazy Day ago

    She’s so stunning 😍

  • no
    no Day ago

    baby i was not used for baby and i am😡

  • Crochet Nerd
    Crochet Nerd Day ago


  • Valerie Arianator
    Valerie Arianator Day ago +1

    The audio kinda sucks...

  • anaya
    anaya Day ago

    Ari is an angel.

  • Feed Up
    Feed Up Day ago

    Ariana : something ‘bout you, : **dying from laughter**

  • Famous People
    Famous People Day ago

    Can we get Jennifer Hudson, Miley Cryus, Kelly Clarkson, Keke palmer, Selena Gomez, Rihanna

  • Famous People
    Famous People Day ago

    Queen 💗

  • Valencia Burnett
    Valencia Burnett 2 days ago

    When she sung I Am Not MY Hair... it took me by surprise 🤭 lol

  • 윤영 YOUNYOUNG Music


  • sheneque hanse
    sheneque hanse 2 days ago

    Um i love her now

  • Flashlight T
    Flashlight T 2 days ago

    She is beautiful Jesus

  • K. Moniquee'
    K. Moniquee' 2 days ago

    So I first learned about ‘Song Association’ from a You tuber named “Terrell.” My question is “who came up with the concept first? Either way I LOVE them all!! 😍

  • Sad snowman
    Sad snowman 2 days ago +1

    ari marry me plz sis

  • Tyler Gabriel
    Tyler Gabriel 2 days ago

    It looks like someone is behind her and have their arms through her jacket and make it look like theyre her arms.

  • Elizabeth M
    Elizabeth M 2 days ago +1

    Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston's voices had a baby together

  • Galaxylaurezz Donutzz

    1. She literally sounds so so diffternt
    2.She looks so different

    • yas saz
      yas saz 5 hours ago

      She went blond for the sweetener era

  • Mickael Panyasiri
    Mickael Panyasiri 2 days ago


  • rajdip patel
    rajdip patel 2 days ago

    pretty girl song

  • Ashley Johnson
    Ashley Johnson 2 days ago

    Everyone who says she can't sing is quaking

  • something for everyone k

    Angelic voice

  • Brad King
    Brad King 2 days ago

    She should do covers i feel like her voici goes well with every and any song !!

  • Japanese Lesbian Jesus

    Be my baby and baby i has left the chat

  • Spongy
    Spongy 2 days ago

    i remember waiting for sweetener to come out to listen to rem🤣🤣

  • Maddie Ladner
    Maddie Ladner 2 days ago

    Anyone notice they stop the timer when she starts singing but on newer episodes they keep going until the word is sung.

  • Venny Kavaya
    Venny Kavaya 2 days ago

    The extension though

  • Lexi Froio
    Lexi Froio 2 days ago

    The most iconic and BEAUTIFUL ONE I LOVE YOU BABY💛💛💛

  • Onesti Henderson
    Onesti Henderson 2 days ago

    She looks old

  • B. Couture vibes
    B. Couture vibes 2 days ago

    They should of gave her love

  • Maddi Morant
    Maddi Morant 2 days ago

    Queen any Niki Minaj song

  • Lily Grace
    Lily Grace 2 days ago

    Oh my goooooood queen

  • maya t
    maya t 3 days ago

    she’s so cute her whole vibe, such a precious woman

  • IamAmaraMoses
    IamAmaraMoses 3 days ago

    Yes to India arie

  • lady learn
    lady learn 3 days ago

    she sings Justin Bieber's song better than him

  • Deneshia De’Shay
    Deneshia De’Shay 3 days ago

    C’mon INDIA ARIE 👏🏽

  • Shannon Moffitt
    Shannon Moffitt 3 days ago

    She's not even pretty, and those buck teeth are crazy

  • Latrice Hart
    Latrice Hart 3 days ago

    Whats her score

  • Madison BeerFans
    Madison BeerFans 3 days ago

    Benden senden daha zenginim bok ye

  • Madison BeerFans
    Madison BeerFans 3 days ago

    Zenginsin diye bisey zannettin kendini

  • Madison BeerFans
    Madison BeerFans 3 days ago

    Kendini bisey zannediyo orospu

  • Madison BeerFans
    Madison BeerFans 3 days ago

    She is so fake

  • //XE_0165 //
    //XE_0165 // 3 days ago

    I love this video❤️🧸🥰

    BTS IS AWESOME 3 days ago +1

    The songs I always think of when it says those words (hope I’m making sense)

    *Word: “Queen”*
    Me: “Dancing *queen* young and sweet only seventeen (I think that’s the lyrics)
    *Other word: “Angel”*
    Me: “ *Angel* of darkness, *angel* of darkness the world is in your hands but I will fight and I will stand” (sorry I got a bit carried away) 😅

  • Anita Williams
    Anita Williams 3 days ago

    Mad respect to Arianna Grande for signing and knowing and owning the queen India Arie!!!!!

  • peachy diy princess
    peachy diy princess 3 days ago

    I want tickets to her show omg lol love uuuuu❤❤❤❤

  • Mr. Bean L
    Mr. Bean L 3 days ago

    2:34 how ari dont know urselves vhkkbvf

  • Mr. Bean L
    Mr. Bean L 3 days ago

    my baby, killed💖🌒