Ariana Grande Premieres a New Song from Sweetener in a Game of Song Association | ELLE

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018
  • Arianators, unite! Vocal powerhouse and perennial record-breaker Ariana Grande took time out of our August cover shoot to try her hand at #SongAssociation. The rules of the game are simple: we give Ariana a word, and she has ten seconds to sing that word in a song. Play along and see what tunes she comes up with - including a sneak peek of a new track, “R.E.M,” from her upcoming album Sweetener.
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  • ELLE
    ELLE  9 months ago +11927

    What was your favorite moment from Ariana's Song Association? Who should we get to play next? Let us know! xx

  • DIY'S by Abbie
    DIY'S by Abbie Day ago

    Autotune who? , no never heard of him??...

  • Natalie Wilson
    Natalie Wilson Day ago

    Chris brown

  • Cường Nguyễn Việt

    she is so beautiful with that hairr!!!

  • Kimberly Alamo
    Kimberly Alamo Day ago

    People on song association keep on singing the song and wasting thier time.

  • northernlight
    northernlight Day ago

    We need to get Billie on Elle to do this!!

  • Allen Chue
    Allen Chue Day ago

    I wish she was nicer or more kind but then again i dont know what shes been threw

  • Mash N Bash
    Mash N Bash Day ago

    2:03 lols for da boiiiiiiiiis

  • Mash N Bash
    Mash N Bash Day ago

    She shiny AF

  • Ashley :3
    Ashley :3 Day ago

    0:44 OH YES I'M SO HAPPY

  • Sarah Meghrawi
    Sarah Meghrawi Day ago

    She’s literally a angle herself I love u Elle and Ariana grande

  • lucia Dickinson
    lucia Dickinson Day ago

    i love your songs u are the best

  • Allyssia Alexandra

    You could've done a Nicki Minaj song for the word Queen.

  • ただの猫
    ただの猫 Day ago

    This Ari is so light skin

  • 1320 em
    1320 em 2 days ago


  • #1. fan of Ariana 01

    Ari is absolutely perfect at singing with no music and filter
    Why didn't she sing BABY I?!

  • Tanvia Jerry
    Tanvia Jerry 2 days ago +1

    I need a “Song Association” app asap.

  • Letty Mendoza
    Letty Mendoza 2 days ago

    i have a fav song from ari and it well two touch it and god is a woman i love those songs

  • Hai-Anh Tran
    Hai-Anh Tran 2 days ago


  • Hai-Anh Tran
    Hai-Anh Tran 2 days ago


  • Kendall Vlogs
    Kendall Vlogs 2 days ago

    for hair i was gonna say 7 rings but it didn’t come out in 2018 of july lol

  • なるせもしもし

    Her voice sounds so amazing without any filters or autotune ✨

  • Mjj 116
    Mjj 116 2 days ago

    Dang Ariana has great music taste 0.0 she's good

  • Nikky IDC
    Nikky IDC 2 days ago

    that hair color didn’t look bad on her tho

  • Raze Playz
    Raze Playz 2 days ago

    I've finally noticed , Ari is a blac whemen

  • LilCheyChey Tv
    LilCheyChey Tv 2 days ago +1

    For alien. I was thinking of Katy perry “ your an alien”!🤪

  • vanessa rachel
    vanessa rachel 2 days ago

    Baby: baby shark tu ru du ru du du baby shark

    USOZ FROM SAMOA 685 2 days ago

    I don’t like her voice it’s like a kid cat kinda voice

  • Mia Roeck
    Mia Roeck 2 days ago

    So you only do girls get burno mars to do it

  • Wolfie_ t0ast:P
    Wolfie_ t0ast:P 3 days ago

    4:43 Ariana: I don’t know next.

  • natthekat69
    natthekat69 3 days ago

    Her voice is creamy

  • Diana
    Diana 3 days ago

    Her body and face are two different colours

  • ItsMeEleine XOXO
    ItsMeEleine XOXO 3 days ago

    Talks: AVERAGE
    Sings: *boom* who is she

  • Chloe D
    Chloe D 3 days ago

    She’s such a queen 👑

  • Ninon Rt
    Ninon Rt 3 days ago

    I love the movie Music and Lyrics ! Ariana you are a Queen 👑

  • Tumi Phetla
    Tumi Phetla 3 days ago

    Is ari still with Nicki🙉🙉

  • Tiril Bergseng
    Tiril Bergseng 3 days ago

    You should have Billie Eilish doing this challange !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tiarna Popovic-Manu
    Tiarna Popovic-Manu 3 days ago

    I find it funny how nobody has said 'I wanna dance with somebody' for dance

  • Alpha Sow
    Alpha Sow 3 days ago

    ariana arréte de chanter parce que torp mouche ok caca

  • arianafanxd
    arianafanxd 3 days ago

    For baby she should've did baby I ♡♡

  • arianafanxd
    arianafanxd 3 days ago

    uhm uhm uhmm uhm uh uhm omg

  • Magui Druet
    Magui Druet 3 days ago

    If this video was posted today and they say the word hair Ariana would just say "you like ma' hair gee thanks just bought it" I just loveeee Ariana Grande!!!

  • Danna Grey
    Danna Grey 4 days ago

    En la de “love” pudo haber cantado la de love me harder

  • glassawata
    glassawata 4 days ago

    They were hella trying to make her sing mariah carey. Dream? All? Rainbow? Cmon

  • Sp00ky Lag00n
    Sp00ky Lag00n 4 days ago

    Her makeup was horrible that's still my snow bunny 😭

  • Kristal
    Kristal 4 days ago

    She's really talented

  • Jordan Scheimer
    Jordan Scheimer 4 days ago +1

    I love ariana #arianatorforever

  • Lm S
    Lm S 5 days ago +1

    If this was more recent then for hair she could have done You like my hair, gee thx, just bought it

  • Ava Edmondson
    Ava Edmondson 5 days ago

    She is frickin incredible at singing

  • alice pippins
    alice pippins 5 days ago

    She sings baby way better that Justin Bieber

  • Sof Ce
    Sof Ce 5 days ago

    2:16 when her version is *better* than the original

  • x.minty.x love
    x.minty.x love 5 days ago

    I Love you Ari and I am from Polish

  • Eléaa C
    Eléaa C 5 days ago

    queen queen queen

  • Maggs St.
    Maggs St. 5 days ago

    Her foundation is to light for her skin so it makes her look pale and it's not cute

  • Vi Rose
    Vi Rose 5 days ago

    she sings ‘baby’ way better than jb.

  • Khadija Khambule
    Khadija Khambule 5 days ago

    She put a lot of makeup on her face BUT still LOVE u Ari

  • brie boyer
    brie boyer 5 days ago

    700th time watching this... whos with me 😂

  • mixers for life
    mixers for life 6 days ago +9

    When the live is better than the studio version.

  • Princess 17389
    Princess 17389 6 days ago

    no ponytail? she looks good tho

  • Arjun D.
    Arjun D. 6 days ago

    when they said hair, i thought of seven rings lol
    but i dont think she released it yet at this time

  • Lea Tabinowski
    Lea Tabinowski 6 days ago

    4:06 i really thought she was gonna start singing " so tell me that you love me yeah and tell my that i take your breath away and maybe if you take one more" only cause it was in victorious.

  • Saida Saidi
    Saida Saidi 6 days ago

    For baby I would've done baby shark do do do

  • Colleen Noel
    Colleen Noel 6 days ago

    Ariana plz cover all these songs o release them😭😭😍like sing the whole beauty and the beast song by yourself with no music and release it asap like omgg😭😭

  • Nathalia Marcelo
    Nathalia Marcelo 7 days ago

    “Stop me” omg naalala ko si naih. Jhskahaksbakbskahs

  • Whitney Lisette
    Whitney Lisette 7 days ago

    Sing Ari

  • Jonathan S
    Jonathan S 7 days ago

    Sorry but she looks likes a old (Dangerous) woman in the thumbnail.

  • Faith Barnes
    Faith Barnes 7 days ago

    Queen: “You can call me queen bee and baby I’ll rule”

  • luci 1274
    luci 1274 7 days ago


  • Itss Birdyyy
    Itss Birdyyy 7 days ago

    she sounded better during moonlight in this than in the recoding thingie ❤️

  • Itss Birdyyy
    Itss Birdyyy 7 days ago

    rem is litterally my favorite

  • Itss Birdyyy
    Itss Birdyyy 7 days ago

    rem stands for rapid eye movement

  • Jenna Farrell
    Jenna Farrell 7 days ago +59

    The word hair

  • Brooklyn InBrea fam
    Brooklyn InBrea fam 7 days ago

    Angel you could did and he was an angel like it from your song Thank you next

  • Brooklyn InBrea fam
    Brooklyn InBrea fam 7 days ago

    You could of did always love you by whitney Houston for the word love anyways love you ariana bye

  • Kiara Serrato
    Kiara Serrato 7 days ago

    Her lips, wtf 😐

  • VintagePop3
    VintagePop3 7 days ago

    I just wish she would pronounce her damn words!

  • Jamie Lockhart.
    Jamie Lockhart. 7 days ago +149

    I would actually listen to Baby if Ariana covered it.😂

  • Alsu Dairbekova
    Alsu Dairbekova 7 days ago

    Ariana makes "Baby" by justin sound way better then it actually is

  • Unicorn_ 2
    Unicorn_ 2 7 days ago +3

    3:06, every little mixer ever:

  • Ashley Does Gaming
    Ashley Does Gaming 8 days ago


    *You like my hair? Gee thanks, just bought it.*

  • Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande 8 days ago


  • MrJonnyboi070
    MrJonnyboi070 8 days ago

    I fucking fell in love and died at 3:45 😍 lol gorgeous vocals

  • Haley Kalsey
    Haley Kalsey 8 days ago


    Emmm ariana BABY I
    When raindrops cell
    Down from the sky
    The day you left me
    An ANGEL cried
    Oh she cried
    An ANGEL cried
    She cried

    Cry/Cried I don't remember sorry 😂

  • Mr Mendes Grande
    Mr Mendes Grande 8 days ago

    it was made on my birthday

  • Katherine Devlin
    Katherine Devlin 8 days ago

    4:05 I was thinking that song and I was like "I hope she sings LOVE by Nat King kole!!!!!" And she did!

  • Trista Wood
    Trista Wood 8 days ago +3

    Even her mumbling is AMAZING.

  • cHeEtO gUrL
    cHeEtO gUrL 8 days ago

    I'm sorry but she was looking like flashback Mary

  • Julka_ Jula
    Julka_ Jula 8 days ago

    She is very cute ❤️

  • Laurel Chanté
    Laurel Chanté 8 days ago +1

    "LOE Ariana R U oKkK??"

    I'm dyingggg😂 moodd

  • Shreya Baboolal
    Shreya Baboolal 8 days ago

    Ariana I love you so much and your my inspection and I love your songs

  • Leanne_ ROBLOX
    Leanne_ ROBLOX 8 days ago

    When I heard angel and I’m late watching this vid I was thinking of thank u next.

  • PicsArt- Tutorials and Edits

    2:10 her song baby i noooo ariii💖💖💖😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • PicsArt- Tutorials and Edits

    2:10 i am the only one who thinked...


  • nightcore ari
    nightcore ari 8 days ago +5

    Ari: "someone stop me"
    Me: "NO! LET HER SING!"

  • Shadow_ Luna
    Shadow_ Luna 8 days ago


  • YoLo
    YoLo 8 days ago +1


  • Adam Quiloua
    Adam Quiloua 8 days ago +26

    The word: dance
    Arianna: eeeh daaaancee heeehh mehhhhyynn fehhhh
    Next word: queen
    Arianna: mmeeeeeeeeh queen eehhhh laaaaaaaah..
    Just mumbling lmao😂😂

    • breann pilar
      breann pilar 4 days ago +1

      Adam Quiloua but she didn’t even get the word queen

  • nyla fairuz
    nyla fairuz 8 days ago

    mannnnnnn....she's so preetyyy

  • to lit to be fresh
    to lit to be fresh 8 days ago

    We love you ❤❤❤❤💓❤💓💗💗💖💖

  • i can be needy
    i can be needy 8 days ago

    Sings baby by JB
    Baby I
    Be my baby
    And pretty much every other song in her discography has left the chat