Joaquin Phoenix Is The Joker - My Thoughts


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  • Paul Rogers
    Paul Rogers 15 hours ago

    Jared leto was a garbage joker. There I said it.

  • mr players
    mr players 16 hours ago

    I want joker to be simular to one of those psychos who murder people in brutal ways in serial killer mpvies. I want it to be very gory and very dark. We want people to know that this is what joker is truly like, this twisted psychopath who murders lots of innocents people and bad people without having any mercy. Look at Michael myars and the other serial killers, make joker simular to them and as dark and creepy ad them, at the same time give him that joker personality that we all love. Don't forget to make joker's laugh sound as creepy as possible.

    THE CREW 2 days ago

    You talk too fast and too much... breathe!!!!

  • faceman456
    faceman456 7 days ago

    Oh wow, Marvel Phase 4 looks amazing-
    Hold on I got a phone call...



    What, are you serious?

    Ok then, if you say so, alright, bye.

    So I just received news that this news came from DC.......well now I'm being drawn in...

  • Drax B
    Drax B 7 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Joaquin Phoenix resembles Christopher Nolan?

  • Matt Allen
    Matt Allen 7 days ago

    WAY better than crackhead Leto Joker

  • Tamaki742
    Tamaki742 8 days ago

    He actually kinda look the part. Almost look like Jack Nicholson if he has more hair and bushier eyebrows.

  • Jean Pierre
    Jean Pierre 8 days ago

    the killing joke is basically a Joker Origin I'd be okay if they gave us that adaption...

    • Drsoe08
      Drsoe08 5 days ago

      apparently Phillips will base this movie from the killing joke & azzarello's joker and some gangster/mafia movies.

  • mike fury
    mike fury 8 days ago

    Jaoquoi phoenix would of been a better lex Luther then the joker

  • RM Style78
    RM Style78 8 days ago

    I think it´s the best actor now to play The Joker is Cameron Monaghan he is Perfect to play the younger Joker in the Origin-Story..Joaquin Phoenix is a very good actor but I do not see the joker in him. Monaghan is only 24 years old and play 2 various Joker´s with a lot of acting experience like Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Cesar Romero and Jared Leto. I think that would be the best for The Joker-Origin-Story with 3 Jokers:) 20years old Joker Cameron Monaghan, 40years old Joker Joaquin Phoenix and 60years old Joker Robert De:)

  • Bombay Jay
    Bombay Jay 9 days ago

    Sounds to me like wb and dc have noooooo idea what their doing..

  • Daz Mayes
    Daz Mayes 11 days ago

    who gives a f*** about f*** about your thoughts u bloody idiot

  • Naved Moosa
    Naved Moosa 12 days ago

    How many cups of coffee did Jemery have?

  • Real MG
    Real MG 12 days ago

    Throw away Jared Leto, we want Joaquin Phoenix!

  • mystery nigga biron
    mystery nigga biron 12 days ago

    pheonix is looks the part and he can act

  • Justin blaQ
    Justin blaQ 12 days ago

    That is really what DC should have done keep it quit then tell them that it tie is to another movie...

  • Born To Rock
    Born To Rock 13 days ago

    Joaquin Phoenix is undoubtedly one of the finest, Period.☺️

  • Hunter N
    Hunter N 13 days ago

    Just looking at Joaquin’s photo in the thumbnail reminds me of The Killing Jokes Jack before he goes crazy, this could be the best DC film in years if it’s done right

  • Gary Hole
    Gary Hole 13 days ago

    It's important to remember that this movie is an Elseworld's like concept/approach. Meaning that whatever origin they give the Joker is not canon.

  • Mary Wild
    Mary Wild 14 days ago

    WTF are you on massive amounts of cocaine?

  • Rasamafú
    Rasamafú 14 days ago


  • TheMongolat
    TheMongolat 14 days ago

    You Sir, are on speed.

  • Daniel Rafique
    Daniel Rafique 15 days ago

    You know what would he cool, imagine if they started making a bunch of stand alone villain movies like joker, riddler, penguin , then somehow connect them all later and introduce batman sort of like opposite of how mcu started but this time the villains connect the dceu. But obviously choose different dceu actors now.

  • Jacob Bonner
    Jacob Bonner 15 days ago

    I want a real Joker origin story attempt even showing him as a kid. I feel that could be it's entire show if done right, but regardless I'm super excited to see how this new movie turns out. Thanks for the heads up, great video ^.^

  • Cameron Kamsa
    Cameron Kamsa 15 days ago

    The first movie I saw where Joaquin Phoenix starred on was Gladiator. At that time I was on my early teens and I hated him so much that I avoided all of his movies. But now that I'm a bit older, I just realized that the reason why I hated him so much is that he's a pretty damn good actor -- so good that his role as a villain there was very convincing. Also, props to the writer, director and the people who created that movie, it was really good.
    Basically, with the upcoming movie and Joaquin Phoenix on board, I'm pretty sure he'll nail it.
    Please oh please, keep the political shit away from this movie. That's all I ask. Just let this movie be what it wants to be.

  • realmusesick
    realmusesick 15 days ago

    I like that DC is trying to differentiate itself from Marvel

  • John Ruiz
    John Ruiz 15 days ago

    Jeremy reminds me of Ross geller

  • Abe Lincoln
    Abe Lincoln 15 days ago

    Slow it down.. SLOW IT DOWN

  • Yusuf Gazi
    Yusuf Gazi 15 days ago

    He's a Walking Phoenix.

  • Jason Taylor
    Jason Taylor 16 days ago

    I wanted him to play Anakin Skywalker... why couldn't that have happened :(

  • Trevor Rhamy
    Trevor Rhamy 16 days ago +1

    So remember, if the joker in the comic book was played by Joaquin Phoenix, it's a good thing.

  • ZOD4
    ZOD4 16 days ago

    I'm worried the Joker solo movie will be great and everyone will want him to replace Leto in the DCEU and calling for it to happen in Flashpoint like with Affleck's replacement.

  • Super Stache Bros.
    Super Stache Bros. 17 days ago

    I love both him and the joker.. Please be good!!

  • andile majozi
    andile majozi 18 days ago

    he will nail it

  • Jeff Numbers
    Jeff Numbers 20 days ago

    I honestly don’t agree with that. I think an origin story of The Joker can be done it just has to be executed correctly. In The Killing Joke Origin Story, the reader got some insight into a possible past to The Joker.

    I Loved The Origin Because It Seems More Interesting And Realistic Since It gave his character some humanity and believability, You were able to connect and Understand him, making it even more of a tragedy when you see his descent into the crazy, nihilistic psychopath he his today.
    The Joker is the polar opposite to Batman in design and personality but both have implied horrific backstories that drive them.
    If we ever get more personal insight into Jokers character/backstory it would make the dynamic between Joker and Batman even more interesting looking at the perspective of what Batman could have become.
    But that's the problem That I Don't Like About The Joker, To Be Honest, if you try to make the joker exist without a reason then that's just boring.
    I Find The Joker To Be More Interesting when The Joker tries to prove that A Nobody is as good as they say they are. To Me, The Joker Is More Interesting When He was a normal guy that they had one bad day and it just broke him.
    To Me, That's what makes the Joker so interesting because he was a normal nice guy and then he became such a monster in After One Bad Day.
    The Joker To Me Would Be More Interesting Because Something OR Someone Drove Him to that point.
    Just like Batman. Both Characters Don't Just Cause Chaos Or Save People For No Reason At All Like The Joker!
    To Me That's What I Love About The 2 Characters, Trauma took them to that Place.
    Beside's...Who cares if The Joker's past isn't totally blank to us?
    The Joker's value as a character doesn't waver over whether or not we know something about him.
    Just My Opinion Guys...If You Like The Joker Better When He Doesn't Have A Origin That's Fine, I Respect That, But To Me I Find It To Be Dull About The Joker...Yes, it can be Interesting At First And It's Fun to imagine what made him go down this path...but at times it can be Less Interesting and A Little ridiculous.
    Sometimes it seems that Joker isn’t actually insane but just kills because he wants to make him seem like a villain for the sake of being a villain...Which Is Very Boring Honestly...
    Remember It's Just My Honest Opinion, You Don't Have To Agree With Me On This If You Like The Joker Better When He Doesn't Have A Origin That's Fine, I Respect That.
    But To Me, The Joker Is A Insane Maniac, And Whether He Has No Origin Or Has An Origin, It doesn't take it away, At least to me that's the case...

  • ryan
    ryan 20 days ago

    He’s going to be the next best joker

  • Shiningforceking
    Shiningforceking 21 day ago

    "...Walking Pheonix..."

  • Rajiv Injety
    Rajiv Injety 21 day ago

    DC should just scrap the DCEU and do stuff like this. It could actually be great. The later on they can do cross over movies here and there. They don’t need to build a huge cinematic universe.

  • Iron man
    Iron man 22 days ago

    He'll always be Johnny Cash

  • nastusha sunsha
    nastusha sunsha 22 days ago

    You should wear clothes of lighter colour(if the background colour of your video is dark), it can give a better contrast.

  • tink_yh
    tink_yh 22 days ago

    I still don't think there's a need to show an origin for the Joker.

  • Marianne Leavitt
    Marianne Leavitt 23 days ago

    I clicked for the story, but Jesus is this guy annoying... Can't watch.

  • EliezaBaby
    EliezaBaby 23 days ago

    Yay 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 best actor to embody a very strong character . Can't wait to see him as joker.

  • John Webb
    John Webb 23 days ago

    It was done perfectly 10 years ago.
    Maybe do something about one of the other 20 Batman villians.
    Fucking shit!!!

  • szewei85
    szewei85 23 days ago

    Haha cool

  • The Pacifist Gamer
    The Pacifist Gamer 23 days ago

    Just saying, I think he will do a way better job than Jared Leto at the least. I watched many of joaquins films, the man can fucking act, and is humble. Hope the best for him

  • 1staircavalry
    1staircavalry 23 days ago +1

    Joaquin Phoenix, I can see him as joker. Btw jared leto is a wanna be Heath Ledger.

  • Mez Greene
    Mez Greene 24 days ago

    He was an amazing actor, esp. now being the bad ass Joker..

  • Mez Greene
    Mez Greene 24 days ago

    River Phoenix is so proud of you 😢😢

  • Tomas Claude
    Tomas Claude 24 days ago

    "Walking Phoenix" XDDD Rofl, dude is not that hard to say [Hoaquin].

  • Nivek V-Halla
    Nivek V-Halla 25 days ago

    Elseworld Joker. Nice

  • shabbar hassan
    shabbar hassan 25 days ago

    I have a feeling that the dceu will take the alternste universe route if this movie is a sucess

  • Sunset Rider
    Sunset Rider 25 days ago

    Brian Azzarello’s “The Joker” is a great, “low key” direction they could take this film.

  • Cainwerth
    Cainwerth 25 days ago

    Lol he said Jorkr

  • Ace
    Ace 25 days ago

    Making the movie is senseless .. there’s already a joker in the warmer brothers dc uni.
    This is insane no pun intended. Like, the joker would do this crap ..

  • Andres Garcia
    Andres Garcia 25 days ago

    Ledgers already set the standard of what it takes to be the joker, but I feel like he'll do fine every live action joker has been different. Jack Nicholason represented the comical side, ledger set the chaotic side, and I feel like Phoenix can set a more thriller side of joker.

    P.S. we never speak of leto's joker

  • Nicko Tinado
    Nicko Tinado 26 days ago

    He's going to kill it Joaquin Phoenix is awesome🎆🎉🎉🎊

  • 112kman06
    112kman06 26 days ago

    “What simply doesn’t kill you! Only makes you...Stranger” This new joker could top them all!! fantastic actor

  • Jimmy JAMES
    Jimmy JAMES 26 days ago

    Jared Leto was the worst joker. The adam west Batman joker was a ton better than Leto’s joker

  • Wyld One
    Wyld One 26 days ago

    Jared leto is older than Joaquin phoenix, how weird is that?

  • Sam One
    Sam One 26 days ago

    Concentrate on your worthless and Ratingless reviews. Forget about casting. 😕

  • Brian Baer
    Brian Baer 26 days ago

    Wow his hair is getting extra gay

  • Tim Walden
    Tim Walden 26 days ago

    "I don't care."

  • The Jason
    The Jason 26 days ago

    Next actor to commit suicide???

  • Christopher Jay
    Christopher Jay 26 days ago

    Phoenix always overacts the shit out of everything,a really frustrating,pretentious fartboy.....Good in gladiator,though but that was INSANELY over the top as to make my point!! Always depressing shit,he´s like metaphorical,man,like the acting version of Terrence Malick. the wrong kid died!!

  • Mercyful Media
    Mercyful Media 26 days ago

    I have mixed feelings here: I would love to see Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker but then again the Joker isn’t supposed to be understood, so watching a movie trying to understand him... idk.
    Of course if it turns out to be a huge success we all know what that means right ? Yes, a Batman movie with of course Phoenix.
    Now I’m intrigued.

  • boo bye
    boo bye 27 days ago

    As long as the Joker doesn't sound like Johnny Cash, like every character Joaquin plays...

  • Naruku2121
    Naruku2121 27 days ago

    Hm, figure an Origin story is kind of one of the weakest things they can do for the Joker, I mean there's so many different one's that on occasion even he doesn't know which one's the case. Though the most Common thing was the Stint was being tricked into the Redhood gang. If they start him off as a meek comedian and got wrapped up into a bad group. Show Batman very sparingly in the film then say the final act that way in essence you can be clever and make Batman the 'Villain' of the film and the horrors unleashed as a result of a tragic poor guy who was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • John Soda
    John Soda 27 days ago

    I think DC might be going for a Multiverse approach to their movies. Like we have the DCEU which is the main universe and then we’ll get movies like this one that are alternate universes.

  • madridtillidie
    madridtillidie 27 days ago

    Seriously DC, take the L and let Jared Leto go. We all thought he would've worked out, but it's been a meh so far. So clean up time DC, dont mess this up

  • Randy Hurtado
    Randy Hurtado 27 days ago

    what if it’s multiple origins for the joker, with every ending being the same

  • anthony cheesman
    anthony cheesman 27 days ago

    I feel like jared Leto gets a bad rep for one bad role

  • anthony cheesman
    anthony cheesman 27 days ago

    I always wanted a heath ledger joker origin story

  • DJ Gamera
    DJ Gamera 27 days ago

    "If I'm going to have an origin, I prefer it to be multiple choice."

  • Diego Martínez
    Diego Martínez 27 days ago

    Why you are not wearing purple?

  • Ankur A
    Ankur A 28 days ago

    Activate ur account on twitter man.. Ignore those fuckers who can't handle an opinion

  • DanTheMan Bardo
    DanTheMan Bardo 28 days ago

    Yeah the lack of real origin is always coop about him but may be interesting

  • Ol Saint Lit
    Ol Saint Lit 28 days ago

    I love Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker for now.
    But, I don't understand why Hollywood doesn't do the ground work for casting and just find an unknown to cast.
    There are so many great actors out there looking for a big break.

  • Marvin j
    Marvin j 28 days ago

    My predictions is that this is the original joker and Jared Leto’s joker is Jason Todd

  • Brian Austin
    Brian Austin 28 days ago

    Just knifes and lint

  • Ryan Hanna
    Ryan Hanna 28 days ago

    Marvel Studeios doesn't have The Dark Knight Trilogy

  • nitz kesh
    nitz kesh 28 days ago

    To really see a glimpse of the caliber this man “Joaquin Phoenix” has, watch his movie “Walk the line”. If he can replicate such acting as joker then i feel this world will get something spectacular.

  • Rishi Dhokia
    Rishi Dhokia 28 days ago

    Great casting to play the Joker !

  • KiddChoas
    KiddChoas 28 days ago

    Walking Phoenix

  • Iestyn Jones
    Iestyn Jones 28 days ago

    In my mind he was an immense Cash. So he will be a great Joker.

  • Chris McDermott
    Chris McDermott 28 days ago

    I hate these fake voice TVcliprs. Super fast editing and silly posing to cover the nothing they said. Ugh

  • Ted Pabst
    Ted Pabst 29 days ago

    I really need a movie like this for obi wan but i doubt its gonna happen now bc solo flopped. Im pretty sure disneys gonna act like its bc no one wants the spin off films instead of realizing that it failed because literally no one asked for a han solo film, and from the day they announced it no one cared

  • caleb caleb
    caleb caleb 29 days ago

    I want this movie to be through the Joker’s eyes. I don’t want there to be a definitive origin, per se. I need it to be like American Psycho, mainly in the aspect that you’re not always sure if the scenes are actually happening or if they’re in Bateman’s head

  • Captain Righteous
    Captain Righteous 29 days ago

    Tbh I just want a Joker movie, but not a Joker origin story.

  • David Howman
    David Howman 29 days ago

    Okay, I need a gif of the "Because likes and retweets, baby" bit NOW

  • wesam abubaker
    wesam abubaker 29 days ago

    Be different than MCU, Be missy!!

  • M'Lissa Anderson
    M'Lissa Anderson 29 days ago

    I thought he retired from acting? I am confused.......

  • juan esmit
    juan esmit 29 days ago

    Yep, I do think Joaquin is a good actor and he definetly can work a decent Joker. However, the unexplained stuff is there; why are they doing this? what are they doing?. There is the small posibility that the fan theory about two or three Jokers is real, so time will tell.

  • Alexis Jimenez
    Alexis Jimenez 29 days ago

    I’m just glad we got rid of the Hot Topic model...

  • Cinematic Tendency
    Cinematic Tendency 29 days ago

    I’ll watch it!

  • Howii
    Howii 29 days ago

    He Better have a better laugh than Jared Letos joker...ugh

  • Joe Hughes
    Joe Hughes 29 days ago

    I think he's perfect for it

  • Albedo Yuriev
    Albedo Yuriev 29 days ago

    I still prefer William DeFoe as a should have been Joker, but Pheonix isn't a bad choice either.

  • TimeLimey
    TimeLimey 29 days ago +1

    Lets face it anything to do with Batman in movies have always been a bit of a miss so I don't hold up much hope for this.

  • George Spottiswood
    George Spottiswood 29 days ago

    I love Joaquin.........he will OWN this role.........I really hope they don't make him sympathetic.......THE JOKER is a MONSTER..........let him be a monster.......btw.........I love JARED LETO.........there's room in the DC UNIVERSE for 2 GREAT JOKERS.