• Published on Jul 30, 2017
  • I opened up this oyster and a Diamond was inside of it...
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    SHILPI 11 months ago +228

    Nobody pins mine too anyways i love your vidos

  • jana villapa
    jana villapa 4 hours ago

    looks like its been opened before.. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Jr Miller
    Jr Miller 19 hours ago

    Like a clear pearl

  • Jr Miller
    Jr Miller 19 hours ago

    When salt gets in the oyster it can form that

  • Humbleacho
    Humbleacho 2 days ago +1

    I think she got baited

  • Ya Yang
    Ya Yang 2 days ago

    How so you find all of thanks cool stuff

  • CherryAnn Comendador

    Can I have some

  • TheJoyannika
    TheJoyannika 5 days ago

    It probably ate the diamond.

  • Leila Keo
    Leila Keo 6 days ago +1

    You foned my birthstone a preal

  • PossumMoo
    PossumMoo 7 days ago

    It could be a quartz though...

  • Feras Altaii
    Feras Altaii 8 days ago


  • Jeneil Corona
    Jeneil Corona 9 days ago


  • EveryDay Things
    EveryDay Things 9 days ago

    So oysters eat diamonds...
    And my Mom eats dog food....?!
    Wtw world

  • Matthew Lyman Jr
    Matthew Lyman Jr 9 days ago +1

    Lady: “Omg omg I found a diamond I’m GONNA BE RICH!”
    Inspector: “yes this is just a piece of salt or quartz, it’s only worth about like $20”

  • Elise Wassall
    Elise Wassall 10 days ago

    I like u

  • Nellierose Cooper
    Nellierose Cooper 11 days ago

    Diamonds or pearls, it seems horrible to be opened, pulled, picked and ripped apart! 😢


    From where you find these shells

  • Just Kookii
    Just Kookii 12 days ago

    Omg the dislikes😳😳

  • Just Aniyah
    Just Aniyah 12 days ago

    3:13 thank me later

  • Judith Rodriguez
    Judith Rodriguez 12 days ago

    You' re full of it. Yeah right!

  • [UglyBarn58]
    [UglyBarn58] 12 days ago

    thats salt

  • FBI Agent 2.0
    FBI Agent 2.0 13 days ago

    Atleast the pearl part is true

  • Jordann Smith
    Jordann Smith 13 days ago

    no a fence, but your a bit slow...

  • Jett Ozfidan
    Jett Ozfidan 13 days ago

    " the pearls make diamonds in their raw state"

  • Just me Just me
    Just me Just me 14 days ago

    Diamonds do not grow in clams

  • Rogon Tobilung
    Rogon Tobilung 14 days ago

    open the clam while it still alive..and put some thing inside it, last step let it dry for a few day😂

  • EveryDay Things
    EveryDay Things 15 days ago

    You won't pin me do yah?

  • EveryDay Things
    EveryDay Things 15 days ago

    The diamond wasn't a diamond. It was a salt crystal clear mineral formed by water and heat from the sun.
    By the way, nice pearls!!

  • Pooja Singh
    Pooja Singh 16 days ago

    Anybody its 2019 this video still rocks

  • Moneyballhayes
    Moneyballhayes 16 days ago

    Um nice try but if dimoands were in oysters the. They would be extinced

  • John kervin Yap
    John kervin Yap 21 day ago

    Hi i like your videos its very beautiful

  • Lidiya Bridges
    Lidiya Bridges 22 days ago +1

    your videos are AMAZING!

  • cris gustar
    cris gustar 22 days ago

    Your eyes is getting shined by that quartz

  • maria eduarda maria
    maria eduarda maria 22 days ago

    Nao e mentira

  • Vivi Toons
    Vivi Toons 23 days ago

    The bottles are not Holo cause of the Holo table

  • Vandana Chandekar
    Vandana Chandekar 23 days ago


  • Carina Jiménez Payá
    Carina Jiménez Payá 24 days ago

    Un diamante en una ostra? Oh, milagro de la naturaleza! 😆😆😆😆😆

  • ammiel lannie
    ammiel lannie 25 days ago


  • X -tina
    X -tina 25 days ago

    Why do u sound like u have about 1000 pearls stuck up your nose! In every. Single. Video! 🤔🤧🤷🏽👎🏽

  • Anshita Sharma
    Anshita Sharma 25 days ago

    Diamonds are allotrops of carbon.
    How can you get this from an oyster.???

    • EveryDay Things
      EveryDay Things 15 days ago

      Um that's graphite ya know?
      Allotropes are three sets of six atoms bound together by, ya know, force

  • keylie Penion
    keylie Penion 26 days ago +2

    scroll faster!!

  • Elhassane AJEDID
    Elhassane AJEDID 26 days ago

    Help me

  • Elhassane AJEDID
    Elhassane AJEDID 26 days ago


  • Zachary Fouche
    Zachary Fouche 26 days ago

    I'm new 😎😎😎😎😎🤓😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Dusty Doo
    Dusty Doo 27 days ago +2

    It’s a salt composit or maybe a bit of quartz at most

  • Liberty Solon
    Liberty Solon 27 days ago

    Diamonds in oysters ? Thats a lot of BULL. Dont insult viewers intellect ! How are diamonds formed ? Answer that !

  • jeffrey G
    jeffrey G 28 days ago

    wrong crystal structure to be diamond. too many faces, it looks an awful lot like quartz though.

  • A & N Channel
    A & N Channel 28 days ago

    if that’s a diamond can u like drop the link for those pearls😹😹😹

  • ruatfeli jahau
    ruatfeli jahau 29 days ago

    Oh I wanna open oyster so badly love your video

  • Dat puppet man boi
    Dat puppet man boi 29 days ago

    Your so SLOW

  • Wapskezeequah Wahquahboshkuk

    Holoooooooo sexual

  • Pakhila Saikia
    Pakhila Saikia Month ago

    love your videos

  • Princess Castle
    Princess Castle Month ago


  • Music music
    Music music Month ago +2

    I am happy for you you are a lucky person💎😊

  • Noah jarvis
    Noah jarvis Month ago

    Those are some chub hands

  • Sergio Velazquez
    Sergio Velazquez Month ago

    Why do you brag about the stuff you get

  • Alyssa Garrett
    Alyssa Garrett Month ago

    That reaction of the diamond tho 😂7:40

  • mahima nishad
    mahima nishad Month ago

    I also want one

  • mahima nishad
    mahima nishad Month ago

    Wow who gave this or where u got it from so nice.

  • Damian Renteria
    Damian Renteria Month ago +2

    Someone get this lady an Oscar

  • Xxlisa PlayzXx
    Xxlisa PlayzXx Month ago +3

    But because it’s a kid friendly channel all the “pearls” and that supposedly a dimond are an act

  • Aiden Kwiecien
    Aiden Kwiecien Month ago +2

    Why does your “Diamond” have air bubbles in it???

  • Nel Karpik
    Nel Karpik Month ago +6

    I found a diamond in a rock but then when I went to my friends, I left it there and she sold it 😡☹️

  • Lillian Van Assche
    Lillian Van Assche Month ago

    I love your videos.😃

  • Ginger Nugget
    Ginger Nugget Month ago

    She is the most fussy person on youtube

  • Yasmeen Hashmi
    Yasmeen Hashmi Month ago +9

    The pearls were all wrapped up tight inside and she had to struggle to get them out, but the 'diamond' was just rolling around in there... I'm amazed! 😱

  • Anabela Hong
    Anabela Hong Month ago +3

    Did u say china?im gonna go find it when i get to china

  • Troy Hagedorn
    Troy Hagedorn Month ago +1

    She was popping open to easy with the oyster knife

  • Minamary Heng
    Minamary Heng Month ago

    Who else thought that the orange thing in the pearl looked like an octopus

  • Lagabriel Brice
    Lagabriel Brice Month ago

    I love you soo much!!!!!!😝😉😍

  • Luis Castellanos
    Luis Castellanos Month ago


  • Rihanna Loomis
    Rihanna Loomis Month ago


  • Joseline Rojas
    Joseline Rojas Month ago +6

    Wait so it takes 11 minutes to open a oyster?

  • Mari Jo Doctor
    Mari Jo Doctor Month ago

    Your litteraly super rich now cause you have so many pearls and 1 diamond

  • KitttyCat Lover
    KitttyCat Lover Month ago

    r.i.p. pearls

  • KitttyCat Lover
    KitttyCat Lover Month ago


  • Noe Lopez
    Noe Lopez Month ago +1

    Diamod from oyster might aswell be a chicken egg from a mammal

    • Mae Johnson
      Mae Johnson Month ago


  • Lucian Bandac
    Lucian Bandac Month ago

    #wow! love your vids especialy your oyster ones

  • Tine Mendoza
    Tine Mendoza Month ago

    hindi yan totoo

  • Jenellie Bacsa
    Jenellie Bacsa Month ago

    its a Diemond

  • Brizzy Brake
    Brizzy Brake Month ago

    Impossible because pearls are a defense mechanism that are used to trap anything that goes inside of the clam/ oyster so that “diamond” would’ve just been a big pearl

  • Flaire Arts Animations

    Where to keep oysters pearls put them back in the oyster or shell

  • Vitoskie Gaming
    Vitoskie Gaming Month ago

    The pearl are probably farmed

  • Kokoxb
    Kokoxb Month ago

    It’s not a diamond

  • Princess fox Wolf ;D

    I love seeing your
    Opening vids every ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 this video gets that means you love her vids

  • Nhu Nguyen
    Nhu Nguyen Month ago +1


  • Malsawmtluangi Tuallawtcj

    oh thats was amazing wow

  • azleem sattar
    azleem sattar Month ago +1


  • Gacha queen Blue
    Gacha queen Blue Month ago

    Love this video

  • Melinda blossom
    Melinda blossom Month ago

    U guys are so dramatic it is real for does who doesn't go to school

  • Am Am
    Am Am Month ago

    Wow it's so real👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑🐺

  • Ellie Groves
    Ellie Groves Month ago

    You wouldn’t get a real oyster off Amazon

  • Myleen Lujan
    Myleen Lujan Month ago

    NO GLOVES?!? 🤮😵

  • E.girl.kermit
    E.girl.kermit Month ago

    Your supposed to shred the sides with a knife before opening it. Dont open it if your not a professional

  • Chasetinn Dale
    Chasetinn Dale Month ago

    Its that real

  • Rowena Calinawan
    Rowena Calinawan Month ago

    is this true?0

  • DIY projects 101
    DIY projects 101 Month ago +2

    Where do you get your oysters

  • Kimberley Hill
    Kimberley Hill Month ago

    If she says “look at this” one more time 👊👊👊

  • maybe later
    maybe later Month ago +2

    I am from Bermuda

  • Miss M
    Miss M Month ago +2

    The diamaond is so preshs