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  • Galaxykittycat Queen
    Galaxykittycat Queen 7 months ago +96

    Nobody pins mine too anyways i love your vidos

  • Samantha Quu
    Samantha Quu 3 hours ago

    you can litterally tell how the shell isnt even tight up together, your literally holding it with your hands and pushing it together so it seems like its very shut while you try opening it. Gurrrrl you aint fooling no body!🙄🙄

  • ѕαd mєѕѕ
    ѕαd mєѕѕ 3 days ago

    The table is so cute u want it

  • xxUnicorn_ Gachaxx
    xxUnicorn_ Gachaxx 3 days ago

    D.I.Y yellow slime😂😂😂😂

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 days ago


  • kageyama tobio
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  • Sharkdisplay
    Sharkdisplay 5 days ago

    Thanks for entertaining.. Lol 🤣🤣

  • Jenna Nguyen
    Jenna Nguyen 7 days ago

    OH BTW the diamond cannot be shaped perfectly like that and it’s that big? 😂 LOL

  • xxNike xx49
    xxNike xx49 8 days ago

    When she opened the shell the in side looked like corn

  • von cleo tabotabo
    von cleo tabotabo 10 days ago

    Ugghhh. Yuck 😂

  • Azeez Valliohyt Azeez Valliohyt

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  • Lorrell Mcguinness
    Lorrell Mcguinness 13 days ago

    Can’t be a Dimond they are formed in Dimond pipes which are a part of the ventricle system of an extinct volcano.

  • Peach Glow Reyah
    Peach Glow Reyah 14 days ago

    Allah is amazing!

  • luz mata
    luz mata 15 days ago

    here in Davao City were culturing pearls so expensive one

  • A. Health & Beauty
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  • A. Health & Beauty
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  • ishubhavani Bhavani
    ishubhavani Bhavani 16 days ago

    I don't think that it's a real diamond 😑😑😑😕😕💎💎💎💍💍

  • kadeem ferdinand
    kadeem ferdinand 16 days ago +1

    pearls are woman best freinds

  • Magus Fashi
    Magus Fashi 23 days ago

    That is a prank style.

  • Meagan Hall
    Meagan Hall 23 days ago

    No shade but it's not but I love your channel 🙂☺🙂please respond 🙂ever body sub☺🙂😊😁😄😃😅😏🙃😌

  • Victory TheDragon
    Victory TheDragon 26 days ago

    you'd be alot more surprised if u found a DIAMOND and dozens of PEARLS in some amazon oyster. You say there REAL? We're gonna require proof.

  • Victory TheDragon
    Victory TheDragon 26 days ago

    gurl, its not that hard to open, just use ur gosh dang noggin.

    SAVAGE GAMING 27 days ago


  • dwiziri basumatary
    dwiziri basumatary 27 days ago

    From where do you get these things

  • alice dilley
    alice dilley Month ago

    you are going o seriously hurt yourself with that knife! use a screwdriver.

  • Hooriah's Fun time
    Hooriah's Fun time Month ago

    That bottle us not holpgraphic it is just reflecting the cover u have on the table

  • Samadrita Mukherjee

    Diomond can find from cole....not from oyester...dsgstng..

  • jizzy josh
    jizzy josh Month ago

    "LiKe I sAiD i hAvE nO iDeA wHaTs iN hErE" 😑 (Finds Diamond)...." oMg DiD u sEe tHaT"😒

  • Frappochina Guerrero

    where do you get your oysters from?

  • Shantelle Stoodley
    Shantelle Stoodley Month ago +1

    This is awesome I love ur videos I wish I can find stuff like that

  • Chinzahau Guite
    Chinzahau Guite Month ago

    If you want to open up that shell why clip it together using your fingers.... 😂😂😂

  • Xyreel Xephora
    Xyreel Xephora Month ago

    Ilove oyster

  • joey c
    joey c Month ago

    Are pearls worth anything?

  • Jordan Askari
    Jordan Askari Month ago

    You ganna be richh XDD

  • Cliff Janse Van Rensburg

    How much dit amazone pay you for this add

  • Joe DeBellis
    Joe DeBellis Month ago

    Your nuts 🥜


    She s just making us fools 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cd Rlw
    Cd Rlw Month ago

    Diamond quartz or Herkimer

  • Lata Vazirani
    Lata Vazirani Month ago

    Amazing. Diomond. From. Oister. So lucky. Fro Amazon. How muc it is gaashh. My God love it congrats to u its like treasure. And diomond is like alredy cut queen cut. R princess cut. Beautiful

  • Melissa Salgado
    Melissa Salgado Month ago

    That's sow cool. Wat are you gowing to do with it

  • Apc tech
    Apc tech Month ago

    Only the lucky and few find / keep such things...

  • Shakira gamer cute
    Shakira gamer cute Month ago

    you're so Lucy

  • Team Julie against Ovarian Cancer

    Diamonds are formed in volcanoes. Did you have it examined.

  • Kitykityca go
    Kitykityca go Month ago +2

    2:32 She almost cut herself...

  • Jenny Hodge
    Jenny Hodge Month ago

    Nobody pins me and I think your vids are awsome I watch all the time love your vids

  • Josie Bex
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  • Chhonn Sam
    Chhonn Sam Month ago

    its possible that it could be a diamond because the heat and pressure created the diamond so the oyster when it was alive could have opened its mouth and the diamond could have fell in. HAH THINK TWICE IDIOTS!!!

  • Destiny Player
    Destiny Player Month ago

    That's a cubic zircon you know

  • Amin Muhammad
    Amin Muhammad Month ago


  • Nikki Maxwell
    Nikki Maxwell Month ago

    Hi they I like your video. My I asked you . What is best pearl. If I want to buy it . I don’t know anything abut pearl. Please can you reply it went you see the message. I like to say thank you. Nikki .

  • Sapna Rajpurohit
    Sapna Rajpurohit Month ago

    Madarchod agar diamond oyster se Niklta h Toh Tu bhi Tere Baap k gaand se Nikli hogi bkl😕 Chutia bnaati hai madarjaat

  • Tsetsi
    Tsetsi Month ago

    Lets cut this pearl thing open!

  • Xiomara Vanegas
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  • Bhaskara rao Pamulapati


  • Aaliyah King
    Aaliyah King Month ago

    Ok if you didnt want to tell anyone you would have cut yhat part out of ypur video not a diamond

  • Kelly Nolan
    Kelly Nolan Month ago

    You are so good at finding gems👍

    MELODY GONZALEZ 2 months ago

    Dear fun house tv every Christmas I wish for u to send me posters with pearls every year I don’t get them I really hope this year is my year by the way if I decide to call me my face time nor text work but I wish every Christmas to get at least five posters from You I love ur videos so much I love what u do and every time I go to the beach I put my goggles on and go under water And look for gems I never find any but I love diamonds and pearls and posters and I’m so happy u found a diamond in the poster I’m not saying this so u can send me pearls I’m saying this because I love ur channel bye the way hope I have a good year

  • YT club
    YT club 2 months ago

    The fact you had to put the word “real” in the title makes it not sound real

  • 甜心小草莓
    甜心小草莓 2 months ago

    Are you sure the diamond is real ?

  • Aquario Star
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  • Terri Wilson
    Terri Wilson 2 months ago

    To the lady on fun house tv. You make good vids. Fun and educational. I won't let my grandkids watch. "Oh my God o my God o my God!!" this is wrong. You sound stupid saying it especially over n over. Stop it. Then you'll have a very great vid

  • Haylee and Jax duh pup
    Haylee and Jax duh pup 2 months ago

    You didn’t find a diamond have you ever been to a science class

  • Starman
    Starman 2 months ago

    You can’t find a diamond in a oyster.

  • Colour Frogs
    Colour Frogs 2 months ago

    I don't think that's how you open an oyster but mk..!>o

  • Colour Frogs
    Colour Frogs 2 months ago

    Its holo bc of the table, right??
    Or is it just the sun?

  • EKG Griffin
    EKG Griffin 2 months ago

    Even my cats coming out! Lmaooooo 😂😂

  • Glam&Glor E
    Glam&Glor E 2 months ago

    Next vid title: my cat ate a bear and laid seven eggs

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 2 months ago

    Oh everything is from China and some how a diamond can out of and oyster probably a egg came out of a human the same day

  • Christian Leal
    Christian Leal 2 months ago +1

    I love yo,ur vids and I like when you be rich

  • Fortnite Dood
    Fortnite Dood 2 months ago

    Who else screen shot the diamond

  • Jhonnel Garcia
    Jhonnel Garcia 2 months ago

    lels diamond were produced on extreme temperature and pressure.. and theres no way pearl can produce it bruh

  • hye7030
    hye7030 2 months ago

    Be carefull when ever you use knife

  • Alfesaal Alfesaal
    Alfesaal Alfesaal 2 months ago

    So 8means mermaid is a reall coz of that...

  • ricardo argoncillo
    ricardo argoncillo 2 months ago

    really a daimond noob

  • Otamaster
    Otamaster 2 months ago

    "I don't know if I should tell anybody"
    *puts the video publicly on TVclip and gets 6 million views*

  • Nicholas Hill
    Nicholas Hill 2 months ago

    You can clearly see your hand holding it closed

  • satanu das
    satanu das 2 months ago

    You are out of nature.

  • Oj Oj
    Oj Oj 2 months ago

    But i have a diamond in the mine and i still love yu videos

  • Oj Oj
    Oj Oj 2 months ago

    That not a diamond diamonds can only be in diamond ore

  • Jechel Bullo
    Jechel Bullo 2 months ago

    Idi0t obviosly already put that inside mor0n!!

  • Ana G
    Ana G 2 months ago

    "Can oyster swallow diamond? " Somebody answer me😅

  • Lolli & Pop's Escape
    Lolli & Pop's Escape 2 months ago

    You know that is a decomposing animal. If you don't like ookie things, get another hobby.

  • al mamun
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  • love rose
    love rose 2 months ago

    😱 😂

  • Joseph Arnold Econas
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  • SMG Prod.
    SMG Prod. 2 months ago

    2:30 put the knife away smh

  • Leonor Oliveros
    Leonor Oliveros 2 months ago

    yes have pearl in a big shell

  • Shannon Gill
    Shannon Gill 3 months ago +3

    I'm it no way shape or form has this woman stated the diamond created the oyster so those who have an education understand again not created by oyster found in oyster which again mean it didn't make it but iit could have digested it after it was formed and lost to the sea that's what plausible and I'm not saying this wasn't made up as I don't know I'm just shedding light that this could happen because if yet very unlikely but still plausable course of events

  • Shannon Gill
    Shannon Gill 3 months ago +2

    LOL to those who have said that this is not possible survey says wrong first mistake not a clam this is an oyster .... Oysters are living creatures just like a sponge coral etc they eat what's on the sea bottom and a pearl forms from what the digested basically so it's not as impossible that from sunken ship wrecks carting jewels of sorts may have disburse on the sea bottom and seemingly digested by an oyster as seen here the diamond was somewhat in case in pearl debris the pearl was forming around the diamond so fyi It is so possible highly unlikely but Definetly possible ... Look. Up marine biology.and research oysters .. Now as to add I cannot say that factual this is certain that this is the case here but it can happen the likely hood is minute but still possible

    • Shannon Gill
      Shannon Gill 3 months ago +1

      To add she has not stated that the the oyster created the diamond at all. It would have been digested by the oyster

  • ZeroChronicles YT
    ZeroChronicles YT 3 months ago

    Your table incredibleee coool!!! Like it!

  • nur aziz
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  • maricel gonzales
    maricel gonzales 3 months ago

    Its diamond

  • RNDM Plays
    RNDM Plays 3 months ago

    Amen nalang yan

  • Tara Lalla
    Tara Lalla 3 months ago

    can one oyster produce so many pearls.

  • bratinella1206
    bratinella1206 3 months ago

    china amazon did it

  • Arun Kumar
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  • Farhad Almamun
    Farhad Almamun 3 months ago

    that is dimond

  • 3 AMÉRICAS Aventura
    3 AMÉRICAS Aventura 3 months ago

    Is it possible to eat the oyster?
    And the pearls?
    Also the diamond?
    I'm hungry!

  • SpringRoll Joe
    SpringRoll Joe 3 months ago

    You always have shiny counter

  • oldbiddie
    oldbiddie 3 months ago

    it is CLEAR this thing has been opened before! This woman is holding in closed while she is supposedly opening it.. ugh