iPhone 11 Pro Review: For the Love of Cameras!

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • There's really only 1 reason I'm upgrading to the iPhone 11 Pro Max.
    Unboxing every green iPhone: tvclip.biz/video/QK8Se8CvyHc/video.html
    iPhone 11 Robot skin: dbrand.com/robot
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    Intro Track: Alltta by Alltta
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  • Panagiotis Giorgallas
    Panagiotis Giorgallas 18 hours ago

    3:21 its better for me because your friends cant open tour phone

  • Steven s
    Steven s 19 hours ago

    Awesome intro!! 🔥🔥

  • Ertugrûl Gazi
    Ertugrûl Gazi 19 hours ago

    This is the toughest glass that shatters if it hits anything harder than liquid.

  • Super Paulo Lagramada Valencia

    I don't need it
    I don't need it
    I dont need it
    *I NEED IT!*
    Just kidding! Don't have enough money to need it anyways 🤣

  • Abubakr Tube
    Abubakr Tube 2 days ago

    Owning an iPhone 7 32 GB is like living in stone ages

  • CounterStrike GlobalOffensive

    Those intros... i love them!

  • Shiv
    Shiv 2 days ago

    Can we just take a moment and appreciate Marques' effort to detail at 5:10

  • N K
    N K 2 days ago

    Still flexing my iPhone 6

  • Gouri Shankar Gogoi
    Gouri Shankar Gogoi 2 days ago

    We need an iPhone like 5s body with edge to edge display and a punch hole camera in the front, and with all the new features of iPhone 11 pro. Because we still love the 5s design ❤️

  • Toasted Box
    Toasted Box 3 days ago

    I have a Samsung S10 with the worst camera 😔 might cop this

  • Hoe
    Hoe 3 days ago +2

    Ya’ll stuck in 6s etc while im here Still loving my 5s even tho its not that big and old

  • Pierre-Olivier Groulx

    Casey neistat music intro !!!!!!

  • Katuyana ENG
    Katuyana ENG 5 days ago

    The glass on it is amazing it’s basically almost like Saphire but wenn sharp Metal try’s to cut in to it the Metal gets cut

  • Mohamed Alaa
    Mohamed Alaa 5 days ago

    I have the 11 pro max and its camera has the worst flares and relflections ever

  • Untried Carrots
    Untried Carrots 6 days ago

    When I saw the fingerprints on the Apple logo I got so annoyed


    1000 subscribers i will buy someone lucky a new iphone 11 pro

  • 6Jad9
    6Jad9 6 days ago

    Intro is fire

    TECHSOME 7 days ago +1

    Great video. I also just posted my unboxing and review of the golden iPhone 11 Pro. Have a look 😊

  • Sans and Papyrus
    Sans and Papyrus 7 days ago

    IPhone 236: *can transform to anything* (car, house, person, etc.)

  • Michael Fendi
    Michael Fendi 7 days ago

    Just bought it phone is great

  • Ram Rio Roxas
    Ram Rio Roxas 7 days ago +6

    MKBHD: "Glass is glass"

    Jerryrigeverything: "And glass breaks"

  • Christina Gross
    Christina Gross 8 days ago

    Do you think it’s a good upgrade from an iPhone 8 to an iPhone 11 Pro?

  • Christopher Lawendy
    Christopher Lawendy 9 days ago

    When he was scrolling through all his apple devices my Jaw just DROPPED

  • Elias Duncan
    Elias Duncan 9 days ago

    something I don't understand is how people are "super disappointed" in the pixel 4 for having only 6 gigs of ram, but no one says anything about the 11 Pro for having 4 gigs? What?

  • Radical Mostra
    Radical Mostra 9 days ago +1


  • -WagWam-
    -WagWam- 9 days ago

    I bought an S9, July of last year and even though I am a samsung user for phones. This phone looks incredible, debating whether or not to save for it. Any help?

  • kareem
    kareem 9 days ago

    yo can we have the wallpaper

  • D fo
    D fo 10 days ago

    Still rather have the pixel 4 XL myself

  • Jason Rodríguez
    Jason Rodríguez 10 days ago

    That intro 🤩

  • morf
    morf 10 days ago

    If i was to do this presentation i would def do it this way ;) i have to get an iphone today and ur videos are really helping me!

  • Oliver Frischknecht
    Oliver Frischknecht 10 days ago

    Hi. What smart phone do you use personally and why?

  • Wali Rehman
    Wali Rehman 10 days ago +1

    This is how many times he used ✌😐✌

  • Nikos Makridis
    Nikos Makridis 10 days ago

    2.32 wallpaper?

  • Connie W
    Connie W 11 days ago

    I would love to see a behind the scenes of how these shots are filmed

  • JaredSVX
    JaredSVX 12 days ago +6

    Did you not say "glass is glass and glass breaks" because JerryRigEverything has it copyrighted 🤔

  • iPhone11 Pro
    iPhone11 Pro 12 days ago

    iPhone 11 Pro has

  • Pecoliky
    Pecoliky 12 days ago

    for someone who reviewed apple for years, im surprised how little you actually know about them.

  • Alex Eusebio
    Alex Eusebio 12 days ago

    To be honest, im watching this on my iPhone4s.

  • Akshat Kembhavi
    Akshat Kembhavi 12 days ago +3

    2:47 heart shatters by looking at those scratches

  • Neal Frost
    Neal Frost 13 days ago

    its that notch that gets me ,SMH

  • Sam
    Sam 13 days ago +2

    the intro freaked me out


    Alguien ya consiguió el puto wallpaper?

  • Jayden Kitchen
    Jayden Kitchen 14 days ago

    Still got a iPhone 7 bouta upgrade today

  • PeterBauce
    PeterBauce 14 days ago

    Do you guys think there will be a camera upgrade for iPhone 12??? I'm skipping out on the 11 because I still love the X, but how about iPhone 12?

  • Vithavath Yeng
    Vithavath Yeng 14 days ago +1

    I feel like the way apple Design the cameras on the back is not really about good looking,but to distinguish its apple products from other products.

  • 谷間ショウ
    谷間ショウ 14 days ago

    9:28 Yes the preview of ultrawide when taking normal 1x photo is annoying I see you here!
    tell you a simple trick to "turn it off" within one second!
    When taking normal 1x, just put your finger to cover the ultra wide lens (which is under the two lens so it is easy to cover)!
    Dont laugh yet just try it its not perfect sometimes the area is red because of your finger but it works just fine!

  • Md. Ashikul Islam
    Md. Ashikul Islam 14 days ago

    Link of this wallpaper please!

  • The Microwave
    The Microwave 14 days ago

    1:52 glass is glass, and glass breaks.

  • Sourav Pal
    Sourav Pal 15 days ago

    am i the only one who is watching this video in 2020

  • Malas - Topic
    Malas - Topic 15 days ago

    Still w my iphone 6 😂

  • Louise Ergo
    Louise Ergo 16 days ago +1

    Watching this using my iphone 11 pro :))

  • Sir Deluxe The 3rd
    Sir Deluxe The 3rd 16 days ago +1

    is anyone else’s iphone 11 pro also have a bad camera besides me? mine seems very fuzzy

  • Dusan Jovanovic
    Dusan Jovanovic 16 days ago

    Iphone 11 pro or note 10 plus, i dont know witch to buy. I am now using s9 plus.

  • oran stanisic
    oran stanisic 16 days ago

    Can u somehow,someway,made kind of influence with Apple not to slow down their Iphones anymore( in future)?

  • ultrabeastking 67
    ultrabeastking 67 16 days ago

    If iphone puts wireless powershare, 3 beautifull placed camera with wide angle, notch make it a little short
    I will buy 5 of thoes

    NIKHIL BHATTI 17 days ago +4

    3:12 Normal people : picks-up the phone to face unlock

    Mkbhd : Leaaaaaaannnnnn me to face id😝

  • Arwah Sapi
    Arwah Sapi 18 days ago +1

    It's the same apple Adam handed to Eve: it's got no headphone jack

  • Hriday Mehta
    Hriday Mehta 18 days ago

    Has anyone noticed yellow tint on screen of iphone 11 pro? The white color appears to be noticeably yellow when i compare with iphone 7 plus

  • Stuart Conlon
    Stuart Conlon 18 days ago

    Just traded my Note 10 plus for the iPhone 11 Pro....LOVE IT....there ya go, back to being an iSheep 🐏

  • Naty Pauig
    Naty Pauig 18 days ago

    Bought One yesterday!,love it!