We Tried The Wet Nails Challenge • Beauty Roulette


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  • Hailey Budach
    Hailey Budach Day ago


  • Freyya Rose
    Freyya Rose 2 days ago

    “hit me with those rules girl” 😭😭 she so cute

  • meme boi
    meme boi 4 days ago


  • Coreylynn Smith
    Coreylynn Smith 4 days ago

    Not the baby

  • Beauty By Nelle
    Beauty By Nelle 4 days ago

    They just get paid to have fun and I'm over here thinking about a job in finance... I'm 12!!!!

  • Riley Fitzhugh
    Riley Fitzhugh 4 days ago

    I can’t with Jen, she’s just hilarious 😂

  • Pastel Problem
    Pastel Problem 4 days ago

    They all drank before this and nobody can tell me otherwise :D

  • Jujua
    Jujua 4 days ago

    Literally have nail polish drying on my nails right now

  • toby lemoiine
    toby lemoiine 4 days ago

    "i normally do this with a glass of wine, it'll be interesting doing it sober."
    "okay step one"
    *drops nail polish with a VERY strong passion*

  • Becca Cats
    Becca Cats 4 days ago

    2:08 are you sure you’re sober?

  • kaelalaa
    kaelalaa 4 days ago

    where did jen get her shirt thoooo

  • Cheese Nips
    Cheese Nips 5 days ago

    “Im making a nice christian pb&j and you just have to deal with it.”💀😂

  • Tessa & Zoe
    Tessa & Zoe 5 days ago

    I died when Jen said hands 😂

  • gabujita ._.
    gabujita ._. 5 days ago

    "I call this sandwich:EAT THE DAMN SANDWICH JIMMY!"

  • gabujita ._.
    gabujita ._. 5 days ago

    "I am making a nice Christian pb&j! And you just have have to deal with it."

  • LeprechaunAlex
    LeprechaunAlex 5 days ago

    2:07 Are you sure you're sober Devin?

  • Bria Hampton
    Bria Hampton 5 days ago


  • Proud- Slytherin
    Proud- Slytherin 5 days ago

    *_Eat The Damn Sandwich Jimmy_*

  • FreedomWriter3
    FreedomWriter3 5 days ago

    "I am making a nice CHRISTIAN PB&J! And you just have to DEAL with it!" My aunt when we don't want to eat her food. 😂​😂​😂​

  • Quinn Sapphirestorm
    Quinn Sapphirestorm 6 days ago

    Can you not make fun of Christian people? Thanks

  • Everyjin
    Everyjin 7 days ago

    I’m painting my nails right now😂😂😂

  • Really Jayme
    Really Jayme 7 days ago +1

    Jen is so cute!

  • kimi chan
    kimi chan 7 days ago

    Lol so cute!>●~●

  • Mira Daughter of Hawkmoth


  • Coffee LPS
    Coffee LPS 7 days ago +1

    *EaT tHe DaMn SaNdWiCh JiMmY*

  • Riley Sumerix
    Riley Sumerix 7 days ago

    Laughed so hard. Made my day. Thank you. 💕🌼😂

  • Heather Stock
    Heather Stock 8 days ago

    NEXT!! Yes!

  • s h o o k e r o o
    s h o o k e r o o 8 days ago

    I admire Devin so much, she’s so funny and sweet

  • Annika Beall
    Annika Beall 8 days ago

    Why didn’t Freddie partcipate

  • Nazia Amiri
    Nazia Amiri 8 days ago

    2:00 you cant even open the bottle sober so, some one get the wine!

  • Marc Manuele
    Marc Manuele 8 days ago

    Of course Kristen got the one she really didn’t want😂❤️

  • Smelly_unicorn_164 *
    Smelly_unicorn_164 * 8 days ago +1

    I liked that they included bloopers

  • Kawaii Christian girl

    5:44 the way she said NEXT

  • Maddie Sanchez
    Maddie Sanchez 8 days ago


  • Nigel Romabau
    Nigel Romabau 8 days ago

    💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 *Jesus Christ is the Son of God & promises you eternal life if you simply believe Him.*
    *He promised to also heal your body. (Just ask Him)*

  • Ishani Kaith
    Ishani Kaith 9 days ago

    Lady Like 🙌❤

  • Pupsterpup 1
    Pupsterpup 1 9 days ago

    I love the intro to the beauty roulettes videos lol so creative xD

  • Corn Draws
    Corn Draws 9 days ago

    "I eat most of my nails! :D" OMG HOW DO I RELATE SO MUCH LMAO

  • Jennifer Zablonski
    Jennifer Zablonski 9 days ago

    React to why dont we

  • Jai Pierce
    Jai Pierce 9 days ago +1


  • Foxey777 Gachverse
    Foxey777 Gachverse 9 days ago

    The thumbnail..😂😂😂😂It speaks for itself 😂😂😂😂😂

  • justyourrandomscottishyoutuber A

    Jen always looks tired and i love it 🤣

  • ally zafieri
    ally zafieri 9 days ago

    When you think the nail polish is dry enough so you touch test and it’s just wet enough to just leave a fingerprint......

  • k a y l a
    k a y l a 10 days ago

    "EAT THE DAMN SANDWICH JIMMY!" OMG lol I laughed so hard and kept on replaying that part!

  • Veronica Schiavone
    Veronica Schiavone 10 days ago

    Where’s chantel

  • SaryChanTheGreat
    SaryChanTheGreat 10 days ago

    It's so apparent, how close y'all have gotten while working together. You're always a blast to watch!

  • angeleah castaneda
    angeleah castaneda 10 days ago

    I love Jen so much

  • Hardcore Pasafist
    Hardcore Pasafist 10 days ago

    I feel like this was made at 4 am on no sleep and 5 redbulls each

  • Lialtad Studios
    Lialtad Studios 10 days ago

    I loved this vodeo, u all might of had too much coffee but I love it lol

  • Yadira Mendoza
    Yadira Mendoza 10 days ago

    I want this one this one this one then that that one that one that one 🤣😂😁😆 jen

  • Yadira Mendoza
    Yadira Mendoza 10 days ago +1

    Kristin is like a mom that lost control of her children

  • 1-800-triggerdbirb UwU

    "I eat most of my nails" me right there

  • shortarse introvert
    shortarse introvert 10 days ago

    Jen's hair 💖😍😘

  • MoreAmaya
    MoreAmaya 10 days ago

    "I love to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I think they taste horrible."

  • miranda c
    miranda c 10 days ago

    This is why they make nail polish that dries in less than a minute.

  • Coni Solcá
    Coni Solcá 10 days ago

    Devin is like the Eugene but from LadyLike

  • AestheticXx
    AestheticXx 11 days ago

    Jen bout funny asl ~~~

  • Dora Nasiopoulou
    Dora Nasiopoulou 11 days ago

    EaT tHe DaMn SaNdWiCh JiMmY

  • Caroline's Gacha Dream

    Can you please make a buying bras maybe from Walmart or target

  • Tiersa Ranae
    Tiersa Ranae 11 days ago


  • madelaines hoe
    madelaines hoe 11 days ago

    yall so irrelevant lmao

  • Vallerie Rodriguez
    Vallerie Rodriguez 11 days ago

    Christine should react

  • katelyn petersen
    katelyn petersen 11 days ago +1


  • Hannah Carroll
    Hannah Carroll 11 days ago

    Jen seems lit af

  • Rachel Wilson
    Rachel Wilson 11 days ago

    I LOVE jen hahahahahahahahhahah

  • Ashley Soliz
    Ashley Soliz 11 days ago

    Ya'll need to get some sleep.

  • Succulent Draws
    Succulent Draws 11 days ago


  • Succulent Draws
    Succulent Draws 11 days ago


  • Caramelquills
    Caramelquills 11 days ago

    this was pretty boring

  • Doris Ramos
    Doris Ramos 11 days ago

    I loveeeee Jen! She is sp freaking cute and funny. Those lady ate so fun

  • Katie Sewell
    Katie Sewell 11 days ago

    Jen rolled out of bed and into this video.

  • peopleandanimalslovm
    peopleandanimalslovm 11 days ago


  • peopleandanimalslovm
    peopleandanimalslovm 11 days ago

    Jen is my spirit animal 😂♥️

  • Sammy gindhart
    Sammy gindhart 11 days ago +1

    Where's chantel been⁉️

  • Kitija France
    Kitija France 11 days ago +1

    I LOVE Freddie

    RODRIGO LARA 11 days ago

    How do I avoid this sexist discriminatory show from coming up on my feed?

  • v dom gaming and music

    Whats the point if theres no HOLO!!!!

  • Charlie Benzy
    Charlie Benzy 12 days ago

    Why is this trending

  • #WeHoopin #WeHoopin
    #WeHoopin #WeHoopin 12 days ago

    these challenges are unique

  • Jen L
    Jen L 12 days ago

    We need an episode of bloopers and outtakes.

  • Carolin Mit_C_ohne_E
    Carolin Mit_C_ohne_E 12 days ago

    Feeling SO uncomfortable watching this 🙈💅

  • Hailey Bennett
    Hailey Bennett 12 days ago

    Kristins dress ❤😍 she looks stunning

  • Crazy Cookie
    Crazy Cookie 12 days ago

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  • Javi Silva
    Javi Silva 12 days ago

    Jen and Freddy?? Hmmm 🤔

  • Tino Marin
    Tino Marin 12 days ago


  • Unicorn Normy
    Unicorn Normy 12 days ago

    "Eat the dam sandwich Jimmy!"

  • Danniela J
    Danniela J 12 days ago

    Everythings Trending huh😂

  • NetChemo
    NetChemo 12 days ago

    Hi! I have a little blog on how to use your mac/windows. It would be great if you guys could check it out!

  • dacrayzblaze1
    dacrayzblaze1 12 days ago


  • Rayne Newell
    Rayne Newell 12 days ago

    I’m craving pj and j now

  • Reyna Garcia
    Reyna Garcia 12 days ago

    Alissa Ashleey has deleted the chat

  • Sydney McQueary
    Sydney McQueary 12 days ago

    I know this is random, but could all us feminists help fund this project ? It only has a few days left, and I really think it could do some good!

  • Diana Endo
    Diana Endo 12 days ago

    Beautiful dress, Kristen.

  • Angelbreeze
    Angelbreeze 12 days ago

    sober you say...are you sure???? XD

  • Samantha Alva
    Samantha Alva 12 days ago

    Jen: I like making PB and J sandwiches because they taste terrible

  • octovina911
    octovina911 12 days ago

    Try wiping your butt... that's the real challenge

  • Lavender 1
    Lavender 1 12 days ago

    Im high.. are they high.. are you high?

  • jose alfonso
    jose alfonso 12 days ago

    Has anybody noticed howJen can totally cosplay ciel from black butler?

  • Kara Daniel
    Kara Daniel 12 days ago

    Watching this with wet nails 😂