We Tried The Wet Nails Challenge • Beauty Roulette


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  • BlueJayArts
    BlueJayArts Day ago


  • KeyKeyJ100
    KeyKeyJ100 3 days ago

    1:44 Jen what did you do?

  • Lauren E
    Lauren E 5 days ago

    i love jen 🤣🤣🤣

  • Téa Leaver
    Téa Leaver 6 days ago

    Who is jimmy devan????

  • Alyson Shorthouse
    Alyson Shorthouse 7 days ago

    Literally watching this as my nails dry

  • piece of kpop trash uwu


  • Nyssa Peterson
    Nyssa Peterson 10 days ago +1

    AnD YoU JuSt HaVe To DeAl WiTh It!!! -Devin2k18

  • K.T. And S.G. Gacha
    K.T. And S.G. Gacha 14 days ago

    When I paint my nails I sit in my bathroom not moving on the floor for 15 minuets for each coat, especially if I actually do good for once

  • Kacy Unruh
    Kacy Unruh 18 days ago

    Devin: Let me just say, I'm wearing some really cute pink pants, and if I get nail polish on them imma get PISSSEEEDDD * Camera shakes*😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😈😈😈😈

  • Have an amazing day
    Have an amazing day 19 days ago +1

    Im making a nice Christian PB&J and you just have to deal with that

  • jänku sass
    jänku sass 22 days ago

    Devin: really cute pink *pients* and if I get nail polish on them I'll be really *piessed*

  • Ariana Harmeyer
    Ariana Harmeyer 23 days ago

    boop beep boopity beep beep beep

  • Jessica Partee Abushaban

    Make your grilled cheese and then apply the steps of making a grilled cheese. They're not gross

    OOF_ITZ_ME 25 days ago

    2:07 I’m wheezing

    OOF_ITZ_ME 25 days ago


  • Valeria Castaneda
    Valeria Castaneda 26 days ago

    “i aM mAkinG a NiCe ChRiSTiAn pB&j!!”
    XD we love u Devin :D

  • veronica balladares
    veronica balladares 28 days ago +4

    Kristin:I don't wanna get lacing up shoes cutting onion lacing up corset
    Jen:do you even want to play

  • Q Teague
    Q Teague 29 days ago


  • Nora Steeg
    Nora Steeg Month ago

    I’m still waiting to hear “ This is Ladylike and your watching Disney Channel”

  • DrawWithBao 82
    DrawWithBao 82 Month ago

    Jen is a fricking mood

  • Cute Bunny
    Cute Bunny Month ago

    I love them so much

  • Not the Best gamer
    Not the Best gamer Month ago

    I call this sandwich:
    I’m dead 😵 😂🤣

  • Munya Elawar
    Munya Elawar Month ago

    Ladylike can you try color street!!! It's like nail stickers!!

  • Glenhavens Rebecca
    Glenhavens Rebecca Month ago +9

    Devin:"Step one open nail polish"*accidently throws it*
    I Can Relate

  • MaiWright
    MaiWright Month ago

    the bloopers make it hard to visualize these women as full grown adults xDDD i love them so much

  • charro028
    charro028 Month ago +51

    Jen’s hair is so boss! That fade is on another level!

  • Jimin has lost his jams. And Jin has no friends

    Hit me with them rules girl!

  • lamasaremylife 123456

    LMAO Jen is funny

  • Chloe Campbell
    Chloe Campbell Month ago

    3:02 poor little jimmy

  • Gangsterpatato
    Gangsterpatato Month ago


  • Gangsterpatato
    Gangsterpatato Month ago

    1:46 is funny

  • ItsAryana Yap
    ItsAryana Yap Month ago +10

    If Freddy was doing this she would be cheating as per usual 😂😂

  • Katie Setser
    Katie Setser Month ago

    Jen is my favorite

  • Elizabeth Falgout
    Elizabeth Falgout Month ago

    The bloopers at the end 😂

  • Angel G
    Angel G Month ago

    "Hit me with those rules! "

  • chelsea bitch
    chelsea bitch Month ago

    I want to be jens friend 😂

  • Abigail Meehan
    Abigail Meehan Month ago

    Step 1: open nail polish
    Devin: flings it across the room

  • Chocolate milk Shake

    Step one, open nail polish......... throws it across the table

  • Izzy :3
    Izzy :3 Month ago

    Devin: step one open the nail polish * drops bottle*

  • Kristjanson Family
    Kristjanson Family Month ago

    You sill have.....hands!

  • Bria E.G.B
    Bria E.G.B Month ago


    -Christian side of devin

  • Calipsis
    Calipsis Month ago

    Ok internet we just need a compliation of jen being a cute smoll funny bean

  • Smitty
    Smitty Month ago


  • Animals Forever301
    Animals Forever301 Month ago

    Devin wins most of the competition and it’s great

  • Leilani Gonzalez
    Leilani Gonzalez Month ago

    2:06 thank me later

  • Sunipa Gupta
    Sunipa Gupta Month ago

    Y'all are so cute! I love Y'all!! 😙😙😙😙😙😙

  • Gary Chow
    Gary Chow Month ago +1

    Devin 'Nailed' it, haha... ok i'm really sorry...

  • emma walker
    emma walker Month ago


  • Haley Peace
    Haley Peace Month ago

    I'm watching this while having wet nails 💅🤣💅

  • Spice It
    Spice It Month ago

    Were they stoned during this

  • Evelyn E-H
    Evelyn E-H Month ago

    This is my favorite video on the internet

  • Evelyn E-H
    Evelyn E-H Month ago

    this vid is crazyyy they are having way too much fun

  • Jaléah M
    Jaléah M Month ago

    It’s intimateee

  • Kathleen Allison
    Kathleen Allison Month ago

    Jen flew in and out so FREAKING FAST. She actually kinda scared me.

  • Sophia Fiorentino
    Sophia Fiorentino Month ago

    *EAT THE DAMN SANDWICH JIMMY!* ~ By Devin 2018

  • Zoe Ziegler
    Zoe Ziegler Month ago +1

    Dev:"i call the sandwich: EAT THE DAMN SANDWICH JIMMY"
    Me:(my version)"JUST SHUSH THE DAMN SANDWICH UP UR MOUTH JIMMY......sheesh"
    Put ur version in the comments (well mine)
    Like if u like mine or have an idea of ur own

  • #1 DE LEON
    #1 DE LEON Month ago

    Lol jen at 5:01 make sure to pause

  • Karmen Short
    Karmen Short Month ago

    When Devin threw that nail polish when she was trying to open it I laughed so hard and literally started laugh crying.

  • Andi McEvoy
    Andi McEvoy Month ago


  • Bella G
    Bella G Month ago

    Jen is a mood 😂

  • Colbybrockeditz4life colbyisbae

    Fred: You still have......
    Jen: HANDS

  • liviannolivia
    liviannolivia Month ago


  • Qistina Balqis
    Qistina Balqis Month ago +1

    Jen makes me laugh so much😂she's so cute and childish

  • Lolol ololololol
    Lolol ololololol Month ago +3

    Where do I get myself an “EAT THE DAMN SANDWICH JIMMY!” It sounds delicious

  • Erica Rupple
    Erica Rupple Month ago

    I highly appreciate the bloopers at the end 🙏❤️

  • Wolfblood Girl Haha haha I love Wolfbloods

    *Freddie: you still have... Jen: HANDS*

  • Rachel Mackenzie
    Rachel Mackenzie 2 months ago

    3:24 OMG I laughed so hard 😂😂😂

  • ZoOkY375
    ZoOkY375 2 months ago

    Step one: open nail polish
    *drops nail polish*

  • Drop Dead Lemon
    Drop Dead Lemon 2 months ago

    A Nice Christian Pb&J So Devin Could You Carve Jesus in the bread?

  • Melissa Mendoza
    Melissa Mendoza 2 months ago

    U killin me with no base coat

  • Dolly Forever
    Dolly Forever 2 months ago


  • that one weirdo
    that one weirdo 2 months ago

    You still have... HANDS!

  • Mia Lena
    Mia Lena 2 months ago

    Gotta make sandwiches for LIL JIMMY!!!!!!! LMAO Devin is QUEEN

  • Just Sasha33
    Just Sasha33 2 months ago

    Jen #drunk

  • Abigail._ .Gracee
    Abigail._ .Gracee 2 months ago

    are they high?

  • Finnxn
    Finnxn 2 months ago


  • Whitney Passen
    Whitney Passen 2 months ago


  • Emily Benages
    Emily Benages 2 months ago

    6:56 JEN😂😂

  • Gaby Conlin
    Gaby Conlin 2 months ago

    Lowkey tho Jen is so😍😍

  • Jalyne Lorentz
    Jalyne Lorentz 2 months ago

    I LOVE YOU JEN!!!❤️ your hilarious 😂

  • Ava A
    Ava A 2 months ago


  • mango mang
    mango mang 2 months ago

    again, kristin wants to win so she wants it to be judged by difficulty.

  • Sugar Sweets
    Sugar Sweets 2 months ago

    I think winner gets first dibs on nail polish remover

  • Emma DeAtley
    Emma DeAtley 2 months ago +2

    Jen is my fav, she so strange

  • [blueberry]
    [blueberry] 2 months ago

    Am dead from laughing 😂

  • Kevin Letchworth
    Kevin Letchworth 2 months ago +1

    0:28 hahaha

  • Kevin Letchworth
    Kevin Letchworth 2 months ago

    :28 haha

  • Dog Lover
    Dog Lover 2 months ago

    “Step one, open nail polish.” *Throws nail polish across the table* 😂

  • I’m just your average band trash


  • amanda maxfield
    amanda maxfield 2 months ago

    Jen is my spirit animal

  • Rose mol Liju
    Rose mol Liju 2 months ago


  • Jada Enendu
    Jada Enendu 2 months ago

    *I love Jen*

  • Kayleigh Watson
    Kayleigh Watson 2 months ago +8

    Please start including more bloopers! OOOO OR DO AN ENTIRE VIDEO OF JUST CATEGORIZED BLOOPERS

  • Jasmine Bost
    Jasmine Bost 2 months ago


  • Lilian Cook
    Lilian Cook 2 months ago

    They sound like there high, and love it p.s ilysm

  • Kaylee Evans
    Kaylee Evans 2 months ago

    I don't know why when I saw the title I thought they would just have like water on there fingers

  • Tara Delano
    Tara Delano 2 months ago

    Devin:Step 1, open nail polish.
    *Throws it*

  • butterflyprincssus
    butterflyprincssus 2 months ago

    I relate so much to Jen’s clumsiness. However, no one could be as adorable

  • figureskating unicorn
    figureskating unicorn 2 months ago

    Devin before the challenge: I am making a nice Christian sandwich
    Devin after the challenge: I call this sandwich EAT THE DAMN SANDWICH JIMMY

  • Buggyboo 2006
    Buggyboo 2006 2 months ago