Ebro Addresses 6ix9ine's Plea Agreement & Recent Confessions

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
  • Ebro in the Morning discuss some of the biggest trending topics during the Flashing Lights segment.
    Topics include:
    - 6ix9ine's parents afraid to attend his testimony in fear of retaliation
    - 6ix9ine admits to planning an attack against Casanova during beef
    - 6ix9ine reportedly admits to past domestic violence.
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  • sean leonard
    sean leonard 4 days ago

    Everybody gets used . MISUSE IS THE PROBLEM. hot 96 always promotes clowns . He is not the 1st

  • Haywood Jablome
    Haywood Jablome 15 days ago

    How do niggas still watch these clowns. Worst morning show out there, ebro is bad but rosenberg is mad cringe bro

  • Jordan Martinez
    Jordan Martinez 22 days ago

    Ebro so lame need go stop purtin on a show like hes so cool and tough. Someone call mouse jones! 😂

  • Chris Bell
    Chris Bell 23 days ago

    Even shotti backed up 69 when multiple said you are a OG and you are condoning this mess. He sat in that chair and said he accepted it. Where is he now behind this stupidity.

  • Chris Bell
    Chris Bell 23 days ago

    Ebro said he didn't want 69 at one of his shows because of his criminal activity. His lifestyle was bad and Ebro even thought just doing that then you can at least get your life together. You have a kid, you have priorities, you have money, you have freedom and you still don't want to listen to older people. Ebro said it and Charlemagne and media gave you warnings. You made your bed. Sleep in it

  • Chris Bell
    Chris Bell 23 days ago

    All Ebro said was if you want to be a gangsta then don't cry when the gang lifestyle comes back on you. You made your bed now sleep in it. He was telling time in advance what was going to happen then it happened. Now you in a 4x4 cell and now you researching how to get out. We have internet access nowadays. You can just opened your phone and found out if extortion is a crime. That easy

  • Chris Bell
    Chris Bell 23 days ago

    I like Ebro. Most of y'all don't like the truth. The streets is real. When people think that someone crumbles under the streets then they need a save me card. The court system doesn't have those. That's why it's 374999848 thugs who have free me tshirts. It's funny because the courts are eating these guys up and people are still falling victim to the same crimes. Who thinks it's okay for a judge to say perfectly violent criminal should be on the streets? It's old and been going on for a while. 1920's wasn't mafia getting arrested for these same crimes and people are still falling victim to it. That's why Ebro is laughing. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know about Racketeering or murder or even conspiracy. It's going to hit you hard and the court will find you accordingly. Then y'all hate on people telling y'all it's not that hard. A hard head makes a you know the rest. Just follow the code if you want to play with fire(criminal activity) be prepared to get burned ( fines and lawyer fees).

  • Tom Ford1
    Tom Ford1 24 days ago

    Ebro. And the whole Hot 97 staff are the stupidest people I know. They still don’t know this guy been working with the FBI way before the 69 wave started

  • Sum Lum
    Sum Lum 24 days ago

    Ebro is the biggest bozo on radio and maybe in all of New York.
    They need to replace him with someone

  • soul_brother
    soul_brother 25 days ago

    Rat that is what 69 is.

  • david corr
    david corr 25 days ago +1


  • Damon Owens
    Damon Owens 25 days ago

    Everyone is failing to realize is the precedents that this case is setting up on everyone in the hip hop community.. how many rappers know gang members ?how many gang members know rappers how many videos have rappers with gang members in them they're trying to tie all of this in together as an assault upon hip hop and people of oppressed communities

  • Jose Moran
    Jose Moran 25 days ago

    Ebro forgets he’s just a radio host...he adds a “yo” here and there, and “mayne” just to prove that he runs the streets...lol...SUCKA!!!

  • Mr Freedom
    Mr Freedom 26 days ago

    This is the end of street cred rap. I’m so happy. This kid was kidnapped beat and extorted. The FEDS saved this boys life. To all the so called OGs time to move forward. This boy has a family and a life. Let all this bullshit go. Remember this boy has only been on earth less than 25 years.

  • L boogie Smith
    L boogie Smith 26 days ago

    Dis dude Ebro act like the whole Brooklyn snitching, Nah sixnine out here spilling beans my guy don’t forget FOH

  • Gary Oak
    Gary Oak 26 days ago

    For the record I didn’t fall for it, we was just playing along.

  • LDN T
    LDN T 26 days ago

    ebro so corny wtf

  • nodnarb nodnarb
    nodnarb nodnarb 26 days ago

    Ebro is getting clowned for being 40 and not being a street dude,
    ask the street dudes bending over picking up,soap, if they’d like to be 40, and not a street dude living Ebro’s life
    This tough guy life from these internet gangsters needs to stop. .

  • Femi Jones
    Femi Jones 26 days ago

    This is what they all signed up for.

  • TJ528
    TJ528 26 days ago

    EBRO STFU. You know everything you said everything. Fucking clown just like this 6ix9nie kid

  • ferndog681
    ferndog681 26 days ago

    ebro did not address anything. what side are you on? is it ok to do time to save criminal activity? or is it ok to talk about illegal behavior to get a lighter sentence? keep the cycle of criminal behavior going or not???????? pick a side Ebro

  • MJC919
    MJC919 27 days ago

    The way you know your slipping in life is if you ever trust a moron from Brooklyn.

  • Yoel Taveras
    Yoel Taveras 27 days ago

    People still listen to Hot 97?

  • Kidd Atari
    Kidd Atari 27 days ago

    Ebro right tho

  • MalkinDirect Tube
    MalkinDirect Tube 27 days ago

    nobody fell for anything ebro, songs were made, people enjoyed them. then the artist got in trouble, as artists do. just trying to infuse your own little ebro feelings into every situation

  • SolaceVevo
    SolaceVevo 27 days ago

    anyone that is serious about the black community would see this as a part of the healing process .CriminAL gangs and their influences must be weeded out of our communities if we as a nation poor and disenfranchised people is to have AND FORM OF UPLIFTMENT .

  • Adolfo Almazan
    Adolfo Almazan 27 days ago

    I'll be snitches and 100% of ya'll that say won't will.
    What Stage will male you snitch
    *i f someone threatens your mom
    * Someone put you in there vehichle takes you hostage without your will
    * tells you they bang your girl
    * goes to your baby's momma and takes $85k
    * plans to cut you off
    * makes you record a video that you no longer belong in the click

  • Thairish
    Thairish 27 days ago

    69 dissed Ebro in that song.

  • Lex TAV
    Lex TAV 27 days ago +1


  • Jay King
    Jay King 27 days ago

    Ebro is such a clown

  • Cody Chapman
    Cody Chapman 27 days ago +3

    Id rather be friends with a snitch
    Than with ebro
    Btw we all know ebro would drop
    Dimes, dollars and cents

  • Kyle’s Outlooks
    Kyle’s Outlooks 27 days ago

    This is not reporting!!!, this is gossip for girls.
    Grown men acting like a group of females fr. Report what’s going on and less of how you feel. Save your “ I told you so’s “.
    Y’all corny with that bs.

  • dannyny86
    dannyny86 27 days ago

    NY morning show, is anyone from NY?

  • #Rahnell
    #Rahnell 27 days ago

    Ebro the only person I wanna here chime in on this situation, because he was the only media person who didn’t jump on this guy band wagon and help support the nonsense.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 27 days ago


    CAIDO 27 days ago

    They have no fucking idea what they’re talking about

  • Aaron Onstott
    Aaron Onstott 28 days ago

    Ebro is a human trash can 🗑

  • Davion Newman
    Davion Newman 28 days ago

    Ebro is loving this

  • alexanderthekev
    alexanderthekev 28 days ago

    Damn Ebro you should've turned the comments off B

  • Lucian Samsel
    Lucian Samsel 28 days ago


  • N.E.S Records
    N.E.S Records 28 days ago

    Thank you ebro!!!

  • Lendell Coe
    Lendell Coe 28 days ago

    New York take a L for this one

  • Trey Lawrence
    Trey Lawrence 28 days ago +1

    Ever since Kodak I just Hate The way Ebro treats these type of Situations... Like Dude Stop Talking. 🤦🏾‍♂️😪

  • Ayo Knightz
    Ayo Knightz 28 days ago

    See alot of gang members in the chat hating on Ebro, you weak gangs, the KKKs are developing their environments, positioning key players (Trump), that will keep the relevant and superior, but you weak gangs are out here hating on someone speaking truth, bunch of fools keep doing u and the white man will keep killing and locking u fools up, useless gangastars wasted sperms.

  • Awrrta Awrrta
    Awrrta Awrrta 28 days ago

    All if you forgot about Trevon and everything else. This 69 thing will only be good for 6-8month.

  • Cornell Muhammad
    Cornell Muhammad 28 days ago

    Amazing video.

  • Andrea Barrett
    Andrea Barrett 28 days ago

    🗣come on, tell em EBro!!
    I swear I said the same things!! & I swear 🤞🏾 EVERYTIME ANY of his music or featuring him, I would “skip... next song!!” 🤞🏾
    Reason I couldn’t even listen to Fe-Fe.. cuz of him!!
    I liked Nikki part but HIM.... HELL NO!!🙅🏽‍♀️

  • Asuna FortniteVideos
    Asuna FortniteVideos 28 days ago +2

    its ok ebro, yall dont need tekashi anymore, your daddy max b is coming home soon.

  • Raymond Parks
    Raymond Parks 28 days ago

    Ebro doesn't represent New York dont put him on us

  • Jay Brown
    Jay Brown 28 days ago

    The streets is a myth-Troy Ave

  • YFNBC SIX730
    YFNBC SIX730 28 days ago


  • Son ofsurv
    Son ofsurv 28 days ago

    Do people take these three serious?

  • kid BUDS
    kid BUDS 29 days ago

    Ebro he gives deep blows for zeros

  • Abel Hernandez
    Abel Hernandez 29 days ago

    Ebro a snitch also so he need to chill

  • impostor tu pay
    impostor tu pay 29 days ago +1

    Yo ebro im a raper bro hit me up i go by big pinga papi aguantateesto.

  • TheHairTech
    TheHairTech 29 days ago

    We get it bro!!! Ebro we get it!!! U stay woke 🙄. 🤦‍♂️

  • eve santiago
    eve santiago 29 days ago

    I’m mad they still playing that old ass song always in their podcast. Meanwhile they supporting a whole rapist with that damn song. Mine as well support the snitch too‼️‼️‼️

  • G White
    G White 29 days ago +3

    Snitch-bitch9 is the ultimate, “So Brooklyn” challenge frfr

  • DariYES
    DariYES 29 days ago

    Ayo New York, all y'all really gotta hold this LLLLLLLL

  • DailyRapFacts
    DailyRapFacts 29 days ago

    This is how many people 6ix9ine ratted on