The Spiders and the Bees

  • Published on Mar 8, 2019
  • Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 148 643

  • TVhead55
    TVhead55 Day ago

    "super nipple"

  • Sexy Rexy
    Sexy Rexy Day ago

    James saying to spiders: "I don't see the sense of fearing something that ULTIMATELY DOES GOOD THINGS FOR THE ECOSYSTEM."
    Bees: Are you kidding me we help more then spiders with keeping you alive with plants to make oxygen and help plants make food for you.
    Spiders help insects be low and some of those insects pollinate flowers like us so James you like an animal that is technology damaging plants.
    That is why I like bees

  • Kyla Mamber
    Kyla Mamber Day ago

    I always felt bad for killing a spider, but when I see them it's usually during the winter and it's either put them outside in the freezing cold or try to kill them as quickly as possible.

  • Mr. G
    Mr. G Day ago

    2:27 😰

  • TMan8595
    TMan8595 Day ago

    What about wasps

  • Nevaeh Thomas
    Nevaeh Thomas Day ago

    I saw a spider in my bathroom yesterday I got so afraid but did I put them back outside but l named hem Bob first

  • luluthefox2
    luluthefox2 Day ago

    7:34 HOLY FRICK
    This actually happened to me once

  • bbunnyears 187
    bbunnyears 187 Day ago

    I got bit by a brow recluse

  • Chayton Anderson

    Team spider!!!!!!😎

  • Sharp Creator
    Sharp Creator Day ago

    I subscribed........bro u are so damn funny😂😂😂

  • MickSZ
    MickSZ Day ago +1

    If I see a bee nor a spider. IM OUT HERE

    I LOVE CATS Day ago

    I kinda have Arachnophobia. I kinda like spiders.🙂

  • SeriousChickenVlogs

    Actually dogs kill more than sharks do

  • Wait What
    Wait What Day ago

    I like spiders, but I *freak* when there’s one on my bed

  • Oh boy productions

    0:52 I know Australia is Australia, but don’t forget about Brazil in this aspect.

  • Me the awesome guy

    Why do i feel spidesr on me even though theres no spiders

  • Benjamin Kingston

    I've been stung 8 times, and I'm allergic

  • Alibacoz_yh
    Alibacoz_yh Day ago

    About a year ago I got stung by a hornet while I was on a ride at Chessington World of Adventures and I didn't realise I had been stung until I got off the Rise because beforehand it felt like a tiny pinch in my arm that hurt a bit and that wouldn't go away until I looked under my arm and the stingy bit thing was wedged into my arm so I pulled it out and then my arm started to puff up and go numb I can feel it for about an hour after that we think I'm allergic to hornets

  • Kento Nguyen
    Kento Nguyen Day ago

    Brown,black,and white.Brown as in hair color.White as in race.And black as in clothing.And btw great WHITE shark is a color

  • Blitz The wolf
    Blitz The wolf Day ago

    Why you keep putting furries in your videos if you keep saying your not a furry?

  • Alex și mai multe


  • Connor Stewart
    Connor Stewart Day ago

    I’m not scared of bees or wasps

  • Gabrielle Raviolo


  • Roger Afton
    Roger Afton Day ago

    can you subscribe to my channel please
    i'd love it if you did
    my channel:

  • Swarmling swarmling

    For me, wasps are actually nicer the bees, cuz bees have Randomly Stung me, But there was that one time an Tarantula Hawk Landed on my Arm and was very Happy and is nice

  • no no
    no no Day ago

    my grandma is allergic to bees

  • Billie Butler
    Billie Butler Day ago +1

    0:38 that face thou

  • Alex_The_ Memer
    Alex_The_ Memer Day ago

    ''Can you guys Bee my freind?´´

  • Syed Ahmed
    Syed Ahmed Day ago +1

    I dont hv a fear of spiders or bees

  • Alexis C
    Alexis C Day ago

    *looks at spider web*
    “Ha gottem”

  • Gini_The_ Guinea_Pig



  • Alexsia Corrigan

    aracnaphobia isn’t just a fear, phobias are irrational and like anxiety or depression you really can’t control having a phobia. having a fear of spiders is entirely different.

  • gabriel genao/Ambertheunicorn XD

    today i saw a bee in my house and my brother being the best one put the bee in a cup and let it go

  • Aiden Compagnion

    New technology is in the making to replace bees with small robot pollinators who to protect themselves will have small tazers instead of stingers

  • AbsorbingLuckster 89

    I’m not scared of spiders or bees I’m just disgusted

  • Fantasio 112
    Fantasio 112 Day ago

    The end tho lol 😂👌🏻

  • windfield
    windfield Day ago

    2:24 relatable

  • Brutus The Hybrid BR

    0:51 i want one of this kangorous

  • DwarvenKing King Dain

    It just feels horrible on my skin

  • Sour Sweet
    Sour Sweet Day ago

    im scared of spiders but not of bees i kill bees with my baseball bat i dont anymore

  • NyxShadowZ
    NyxShadowZ Day ago

    *I feel the ghosts of all the spiders I have killed crawiling up my skin while watching this video.*

  • NeptedPlayz
    NeptedPlayz Day ago

    Yesterday a bee landed on my head when I was in school

  • Loved GunnnerTAJ
    Loved GunnnerTAJ Day ago +1

    James:Yeah who cares I mean we're scared of spiders and they won't bite you there harmless
    Me : spiders can be venomous and the eat eachother
    James: bees are dying at an alarming rate but bees are more important then spiders
    My brain:spiders eat bees
    James : spiders are calm creatures they won't hurt u unless the feel threatened
    Also James: puts on shoe starts crying

  • Steven Farrington

    I stepped on a bee

  • Angel G. Luna Ortiz

    7:32 On your arm? Try on your face. Crawling over your mouth and eyes. Now that is trully terrifying. I did stay still as a rock and thankfully my cousin was nearby and slapped my face, and the bee flew away.

  • fruitsbar
    fruitsbar Day ago


    stop the anime in your videos, its starting to kill me..

  • •Pickle•
    •Pickle• Day ago +1

    Question that I keep asking myself: Who voiced the mom spider in the beggining of the video?

  • Weirdos Of earth

    The most venomous spider is the daddy long legs but they can’t pierce through human tissue

  • Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage Kira Day ago

    If you have arachnophobia you can't really control it... It's an irrational fear

  • Chase Gann
    Chase Gann Day ago


  • Chase Gann
    Chase Gann Day ago

    James who pollinates the other 60%

  • LEGO L M P
    LEGO L M P Day ago

    I'm allergic to bees and when I was 8 one crawled in my mouth!😱

  • Max235 Ye
    Max235 Ye Day ago

    Why is everyone so scared of bees and wasps, yea they can hurt u but just don’t be worried and let them pass

  • pedro amaral
    pedro amaral Day ago

    I love you but I can't see these video. I have aracnofobia

  • HydesR01
    HydesR01 Day ago +1

    Me: *has arachnophobia*
    James: Don't be scared of spiders
    Me: oh I should have thought of that lol
    Spider: *exists*
    James: what

  • pro tv
    pro tv Day ago

    im not gonna lie the wasp swarm sound actually scared me the spirit out of me ;-------;

  • gamingwithEthan _4life

    i don't think anyone has ever heard of a recluses, if those things bite you you get a hole the size of a fist. one of my friends got bitten by one and it was horrible

  • G3RM4IN3
    G3RM4IN3 Day ago

    You can help stop global warming hhh

  • J Wal
    J Wal Day ago


    • J Wal
      J Wal Day ago

      But other flying bugs do pollenate

  • dual toget
    dual toget Day ago

    Tarantulas bite people if they are on your body and you move to fast

  • ChronicStinky
    ChronicStinky Day ago +1

    I Will Destroy Spiders Big Or Small

  • Neros soreN
    Neros soreN Day ago

    NA's bee "problem" is the fact that there are european bee's to begin with, all this tlak about "if they die here" is factually wrong, NA always had ants and flies doing the exact same job...

  • Chicken squad
    Chicken squad Day ago

    One like = one wasp dead

  • xavier cruz
    xavier cruz Day ago

    "Arachn"id and "arachn"ophobia anyone? 😓😯😒😔😶😦
    I suck

  • xavier cruz
    xavier cruz Day ago

    I can kinda spot a mistake in as many vids that i watch. For example, at 7:21 - 7:26, where did the bees stinger go? Oh it appeared on his head after it was gone. Pls dont ask me to watch a vid and spot a mistake.

  • nuggie
    nuggie Day ago

    video: don't be afraid of spiders
    Me: yea well I'm from Australia and every bloody creature wants to kill us

  • xavier cruz
    xavier cruz Day ago

    He got stung on his foot but it appeared on his arm...and on his arm again earlier.
    Did you notice? 6:43 - 7:08

  • pallet pastel
    pallet pastel Day ago

    James: *tells us not to be scared of spiders
    Me: *Well yes, but actually no.*

  • Easy
    Easy Day ago

    One time a wasp went in my jacket and almost went in my ear

  • Milayna Harkee
    Milayna Harkee Day ago


  • Creeper Pro
    Creeper Pro Day ago


  • xxMiaxxbts xxarmy
    xxMiaxxbts xxarmy Day ago +1

    50% of spiders are venomous
    Me,lives in Australia: *HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa LiEs*

  • Marta Wojsław
    Marta Wojsław Day ago

    I live in Poland and there are no spiders that even bite humans

  • Ghalaghor McAllistor

    A bee landing on your arm isn't as bad as when they land on your head.

  • Dezzlogamer
    Dezzlogamer Day ago

    I’m Ausy 😭

    DAT GURL Day ago

    But...... *i live in Australia*

  • Smiling Sucks
    Smiling Sucks Day ago

    I’m afraid of bees (cuz I’m very allergic)

  • NotCallMeCarson
    NotCallMeCarson Day ago

    I am still going to kill spiders because fuck them

  • yandere miku
    yandere miku Day ago

    shut up james ill kill muffet again

  • Suicunegamer Chaligoj

    I got stun 5 times

  • ENDERwolf485
    ENDERwolf485 Day ago


  • Code of War
    Code of War Day ago

    Sooubway parts 5-8

  • Kim Lulu Su
    Kim Lulu Su Day ago

    I just saw a spider on my bed and I just took a bottle and just shoved it inside then yeeted it outside

  • ImNotAnEmoCat
    ImNotAnEmoCat Day ago

    Where I live, I see wasps everywhere..Still super scared of em. Like they are so big but still thin .-. i see them a lot at my school too ;-;

  • Potato Potata
    Potato Potata Day ago

    7:34. When your about to ask your crush out but they ask you first

  • Sans The Comedian

    me: randonly opens the video at7:55 . Me:*laughs for a minute* me : creates this comment

  • Nour نور
    Nour نور Day ago

    2:03 Harry the moth !!

  • LogisticKarma
    LogisticKarma Day ago

    billy from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy will be hearing about this!

  • LogisticKarma
    LogisticKarma Day ago

    billy from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy will be hearing about this!

  • LogisticKarma
    LogisticKarma Day ago

    billy from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy will be hearing about this!

  • LogisticKarma
    LogisticKarma Day ago

    billy from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy will be hearing about this!

  • LogisticKarma
    LogisticKarma Day ago

    billy from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy will be hearing about this!

  • LogisticKarma
    LogisticKarma Day ago

    billy from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy will be hearing about this!

  • LogisticKarma
    LogisticKarma Day ago

    billy from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy will be hearing about this!

  • Akinari 馬鹿
    Akinari 馬鹿 Day ago

    Video: What did we learn?

  • TheCesar12 _
    TheCesar12 _ Day ago

    I am Sub Mexican :3

  • Harrison Costello

    Y u steal my mum

  • XxAnixX
    XxAnixX Day ago

    You know some spiders dont even have one eyes

  • Jaxson Stewart
    Jaxson Stewart Day ago

    In Australia with spiders it’s kill on sight unless is a daddy long legs

  • x x
    x x Day ago

    James: spider webs aren’t strong enough to trap you.
    Also James: spider webs are stronger than *bullet proof vests!*